02x05 - The Captain's Pipe

You're late.

On the beach. Lost track of time.

You want to take a leaf out of your stepbrother's book.

Labouring all day and then off to night classes. Proper grafter.

We can't all be perfect.

Congrats, Dad.

Cheers! Did you see the plans?

Yeah, it'll be good.

Blimey, I hope my clientele's more enthusiastic.

Don't worry, the Look At My Enormous Yacht brigade will love it.

I just miss the old days.

A lot's changed since you and your mother lived here, I know, but there are good times ahead, trust me.

Here, take these.

Been trying to do DIY again?

Cheeky cow!

Here you go.

To the West Country Pub of the Year!



This award's just the start.

I've got a surprise for the reopening that'll get the punters flocking from all over.

I'm so proud of you, gorgeous!


Put him down, Mum!

Don't you worry, you're still my special little man.

Hm. So, come on, how are we celebrating?

I vote we keep it simple.

Quiz night at the Black Dog.

Hey, Roz! Where've you been hiding?

I've been busy with work. Ah!

Ah! I hear you've been fraternising with the enemy.

You want to watch yourself, Brian, working for Tam. Cant be trusted.

The way business is, builders can't be choosers.

And it's a high-profile job for us, what with the award...

Sorry. If The Captain's Pipe is the best pub in the West Country, I'm Harry Styles!

You and Tam still not kissed and made up, then?

No. Not even until hell freezes over.

Love what you've done with the place, Mick!

Those damp patches on the walls give it that authentic spit 'n' sawdust feel!

What you doing here, Tam?

Can't I drop in on an old friend?

You ain't got no friends here.

Charming! You heard about the award?

I don't like to rest on my laurels, so I thought we'd come and check out the competition.

If you can call it that. You can't!

This is a proper pub, unlike your overpriced gastro garbage.

Ha-ha! Fierce one, isn't she?

You keep talking, you'll see how fierce.

How'd you pull a woman like her when you can't even pull a proper pint?

By not being a two-faced, perma-tanned Judas like you.

Now, get out my pub! So much for the Black Dog's legendary warm welcome(!)

Want a warm welcome from my fist?

Maybe we should go somewhere else.

Listen to your wife, Tam. Turns out she's got a brain under all that hair.

Don't you talk to Claire like that.

Just cos you chose the wrong landlord!

Right, that's it! Get out of my pub!

Calm down, mate! I'm not your mate.

And if you come around here again, I will smash your head in! Out!

I didn't see you, you didn't see me, right? Deal.


OK, I accidentally fell asleep on Freya's sofa.

It wasn't my fault.

You're grounded!

Go upstairs, get some sleep and...

But... We'll talk about this later!

Where've you been?

None of your business.


Any ID?

They're still digging him out now.

Coastguard called a couple of hours ago.

Maybe he went for an early-morning walk, or something.

Can't have been that early. There's no access to this cove at high tide.

I go surfing all around this coast.

All right, I'll check the tide times.

At the moment, to get here by foot, you need to be here before midnight or after 6:00am, give or take.

I knew you were useful for something.

Maybe he came by boat.

So, where's the boat?

And if he did get here by boat, he'd have to swim the last bit.

You see, these rocks, they form a barrier all around this cove.

Kerry Bliss tried to catch a wave through them once and broke her boogie in three places.

Sounds painful.

Well, the body's too high up the water line to have washed up.

Something's not right.

Pretty unlucky dude to be stood underneath a rock fall.

Unlucky's one thing. This whole area should've been cordoned off.

There's construction work going on on the pub up on the cliff top.

You're thinking that's what caused the collapse?


Hence your invitation to the party.

Here's me thinking it's for my scintillating conversation(!)

We have to prove negligence for corporate manslaughter.

I'll talk to the owner.

Sarge? Yeah.

I'll go and check those tide times.

Come on, lets have a look.

I don't think the owner's going to be much help.

I hope you don't mind my colleague, Jane Kennedy, sitting in.

She's working with us to ascertain the cause of death. Cause of death?

I thought you said he was buried under a load of rubble?

Sorry, Mum.

As far as we're aware, this was a tragic accident, but we would like to know if anything triggered the rock fall and why Tam was on the cove.

So, when was the last time you saw him?

After the pub.

We walked Lucy to a friend's house.

Lucy, she's your stepsister, is that right?

Yeah, that's right.

It's Tam's daughter.

And then we came back here.

Tam insisted that we open up another bottle.

We were up until about 1:00.

And when did you realise he'd gone missing?

I heard him on the stairs around 3:00.

He often doesn't sleep well.

Sometimes, he'll go down the bar to watch telly.

Sorry, 3:00, are you sure?

I checked my phone.

Er... I must've nodded off.

Then I heard a sound, like thunder.

Yeah, I heard it, too.

I guess that was the rock fall.

All right. And then?

Woke up again around 6:00.

Only Tam wasn't back in bed, so I went downstairs.

But he wasn't there either.

It's all right. Take your time.

We'd only been married a few months.

I know people think I'm some gold-digger, but I loved him so much!

And when I heard the sirens and saw you lot on the cove, I just knew!

Right, I-I think that's us for now.

I'll show you guys out. All right.

OK. Thank you.

Who's doing the extension?

Teddern Construction.

Brian Teddern?

Isn't he going out with...?

Roz and Tam divorced a long time ago. It's all amicable.

I've been working for Brian as a labourer.

I'm hoping to build houses of my own one day. It's all good experience.

Yeah. Any problems onsite? No, none.

Did you get on with Tam? The stepparent thing isn't always easy.

My real dad scarpered when my mum was still pregnant.

She was amazing, but it was tough.

The past couple of years, it's been like I had a proper family, you know.

Oh. One sec.

Bit cosy, getting your ex-wife's new man to renovate your pub.

Modern families for you, isn't it?

Claire and Scott seem close.

Close or not, they're either mistaken or lying.

Because if they were together until 1:00, there's no way.

Tam could've made it to the cove before the rock fall because of the tide times.

Oh, hello there. This is my colleague, Jane Kennedy, she's...

Yeah, I know who she is, Judith's girl.

Let me save you the trouble.

As operations manager, I guarantee there's no heavy machinery onsite.

Ground disturbance was minimal.

None of us would've been here when the cliff collapsed.

Jane's just trying to establish...

Whether it was our fault.

Well, it wasn't.

It's still our job to inform the Health and Safety Executive.

I'll need your risk assessments and details of any work undertaken to date.

Paperwork's back at the office.

I'll send it over ASAP.

Great. Thank you.

Look, no-one's here to accuse you of anything, but a man has died.

I know. He was my dad!

Come on.

Clint. Hi, Jane. Coastguard says rock falls along this stretch are unusual, but not unheard of.

Oh, and he confirmed there's only access to the cove at low tide.

OK. Can you go to the council planning department?

Get copies of everything they have on the building application and then talk to HSE about Teddern Construction.

See if there's any history of complaints, or safety problems.

Yeah, yeah, OK.

Great. I'll talk to you later.

Cheers. Bye.

What do you think?

Have they been cutting corners?


Roz seemed pretty confrontational.

Well, you can have that effect on people.

Excuse me! Ow!

Here you go, love.

To think they used to be best friends. Who?

Mick and Tam. Really? What happened?

You know men.

Always a woman involved.

Where was Mick last night? Nowhere.

What do you mean?

No, nothing. I just...

Oh, I must've got my wires crossed.


Guess what we found up on the cove?

Er... a treasure chest? No.

Giant turtle?

No. A tunnel, or so we think.

The lads found the entrance while they were digging out Tam's body.

Where does it lead? Don't know yet, they're still clearing the rocks.

But I have heard talk there was an old smugglers' tunnel up there.

But if you believe folklore, every coastal town in Devon has one!

True, but how else did Tam get on the cove?

And why go snooping around in tunnels unless you're up to no good?

So...? So maybe it wasn't an accident after all.

Well, technically speaking, we're not supposed to be in here.

No-one's made sure the tunnel's stable yet.

I'm only having a peek.

Oh! There goes that theory.

It's a dead-end.

No, no, no. That earth's fresh.

So if the tunnel collapsed, that might have caused the rock fall.

And if Tam was on the cove...

So we need to find out who else knew about this.


If Tam was up to no good, it's a police inquiry.

You're telling me to butt out? Yeah.

Fine. But I would like to talk to Claire again.

Yeah, wait for me.

So, you had no idea it was there?

Tam never mentioned it?

A tunnel? No. I've heard stories, but I didn't believe them.

Not that I'd want to go in it.

I get claustrophobic in a phone box.

I knocked, but, er...

After how you treated him last night?!

Look, me and Tam, you know, we...

I don't want you here!

Please! You threw him out of your pub, now I'm throwing you out of his!

This history, do you...?

Before my time.

These stories, did they ever mention where the tunnel came out?

It could be anywhere.

Well, assuming the tunnel wasn't built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, it can't be that long.

And as it's been kept secret all this time, I reckon the entrance must be somewhere in the grounds.

Ow! That's lethal!


Tam had a cut on his hand, actually.

All right, let's have a look.

Hey, have a look at this.

Old grille, new padlock.

Yeah. I'll see if there was a key found with the body and get all this dusted for prints.

If you got someone to build on your land, wouldn't you mention there's a tunnel running underneath it?

Is that your way of trying to convince me this is a corporate-manslaughter case so I don't send you packing?

Did it work? Hm!

Brings back memories, doesn't it?

Our kingdom. You, me and Tam, the three musketeers.

Three stooges, more like.

Daft kids jumping into rock pools.

Smoking cigarettes we stole from my mum, snogging.

You and Tam were the ones doing the mouth-snorkelling.

What went wrong between you two, eh?

I thought you'd last forever.

Tam was a hopeless romantic.

Reality could never live up to the dream.

Especially after I got pregnant with Lucy.

And now?

All good between you and Brian?


Looks like our secret's out.

Tam applied to buy this strip of land from the council.

Said he wanted to build it into a new car-park.

And what's this? Oh, a local surveyor drew it up for me.

Look, it's a bit of a guesstimate, but it shows the tunnel's likely path, based on the underlying rock formations.

The Captain's Pipe.

And are these the plans for the building work?

Yeah, so you've got this one on the left. It's the original footprint for the conservatory and this one is the revised plan, see.

Why was it moved?

Doesn't really say, sorry.

What about Brian's safety record?

It's clean.

Ideally, he would've cordoned off this section of the cove, but the work wasn't happening right on the cliff-edge and it's not a busy stretch.

Just a freak accident. It's one man, wrong place, wrong time.

Maybe not. Who are you calling?

I want to see what Tam has to say for himself.

Right, according to the pathologist, he was probably killed by a single blunt-trauma injury to the skull.

And it looks like all other injuries were post mortem.

So Tam was dead before he was covered by the rock fall?

And the grille was locked from the outside.

So this is a murder inquiry?

Yes, all right, I'll back off.

I promise.

But just keep me in the loop.

I mean, unless you want to bounce ideas around.

Did you find Tam's keys?

Yeah, in his jacket pocket.

But we're not allowed down the well until they declare the tunnel safe, so...

Having said that, though, I've done a bit of digging of my own.

See what you did there?

Erm, yeah.

Now we couldn't find Tam's mobile phone, so we pulled his phone records.

He got a call in the early hours.

Who from?

Unregistered pay-as-you-go.

So someone's phoned him, arranged to meet him, killed him and left his body on the cove.

Where he was buried under the rock fall.

So who else knew about the tunnel?

You know, I think the conservatory was going to be built over the tunnel, but the plans were changed, so, maybe Tam warned Brian it was there.

Yeah. Could have just as easily have been Roz.

Maybe their divorce wasn't as amicable after all.

Or Claire could have lied when she said Tam never told her about it.

I mean, she stands to inherit the pub.

There's someone else you need to talk to.

He's not going to be happy about it.

This a sick joke?

Mick's done nothing wrong.

I'm sure he hasn't, Judith, but I've also got witnesses saying that he threatened to smash Tam's head in.

He was just mouthing off!

This is ridiculous! Tell him.

He also doesn't have an alibi.

Course he does! He was with me.

Oh, you told him? Cheers.

Told him what?

What was I supposed to do?

Stick up for me. Told him what?

I saw Mick sneaking back into the house in the early hours of the morning. So did Beth.

Mick? I wasn't sneaking anywhere!

I went for a walk. That's it.

And you think that means he killed Tam?

No, of course not.

Mick, just come with me down the station.

Can't we do this here?

No, I've got to do this by the book.

That means you making a formal statement.

Wait here.

You haven't told anyone, have you?

Course not. And if anyone asks, you didn't see me. Obviously!

I'm not exactly going to shout it from the rooftops, am I?

Look. I can't do this any more.

Why not?

I don't need the hassle.

What about what I need?

My dad's dead, Scott!

I know. I'm sorry.

My head's all over the place at the minute.

Have they figured out what Tam was doing down there yet?

Dunno, but I just saw them carting off Mick Sturrock.

Mick? Why?

Must think he was involved.

So where did you go?

I told you. I went for a walk.


Here and there. Nowhere special.

Anyone see you?

I dunno.

Look, you're not helping yourself here, Mick! I need details.

I was at Judith's.

I woke up early, I went for a walk, I came back.

End of.

You sure you don't want a solicitor?

I don't need one.

Yeah, you do. You do, Mick.

A word of advice - not as a copper but as a mate.

This is a murder investigation.

You might want to cooperate.

Can I go now?

Sorry. I'm going to have to place you under arrest.

Nobody answered the door, so...

Oh. How can I help?

I didn't know whether I should go to the police.

Is this about Tam?

I heard that Mick Sturrock got taken in.

Well, the thing is... I saw them.

A few days ago. Mick and Tam.

When will it get through that cider-addled skull of yours it was a stupid misunderstanding!


You tried it on with Judith.

You don't do that to a mate!

I was drunk! It was years ago!

And you know what they say, Mick takes two to tango.

You watch your mouth.

And anyway, I'm not here about that.

I want my cut. What cut?

The three of us had a deal.

We said that whatever happened, that tunnel was ours.

Oh, grow up! That's ancient history.

I don't owe you nothing.

You'll regret this.

Mick knew about the tunnel?

I guess so. I didn't really understand at the time.

But I just thought that someone should know.

Yeah, thanks. Leave it with me.

Whatever you say. To be honest, I'd rather not be involved.

Can I have a minute, please?

Here to stick the knife in?

Did you know about the tunnel?

Why? Do you think I killed him?

No, of course not!

Mick, I shouldn't even be here.

I had to convince the custody sergeant I was family.


Yes, I knew.

It don't prove anything, does it?

Whoever killed Tam used the tunnel.

Plus there's the threat it poses to the Black Dog, the additional trade it would generate for Tam's pub.

That's motive.

If the police found...

Davey can only protect you for so long.

Oh, is that what he's doing?

You haven't been charged yet, have you? Cos there's no evidence I've done anything!

Then help me find out what really happened.

Or do you like it in here?

I saw the notice saying Tam wanted the land to extend his car park.

From the moment he bought that pub and changed the name, I knew it'd come to this.

Come to what?

He wants to turn our tunnel into a tourist attraction!

YOUR tunnel?

As kids, Tam, Roz and I were close.

You know, real close.

One day, messing around in the cove, we discovered the tunnel.

You didn't tell anyone?

Would you? Three teenagers, got their own private cove.

High-tide, we'd nip across the wall from the pub, go down there and it was all ours.

No-one else's.

No-one knew we were there or what we were up to.

You kept it a secret all this time?

Yeah, and over the years, we kept it a secret, even when Tam and Roz split up.

You know, making sure the entrance was covered up.

And then Tam and I had our falling out.

What was that about?

Years ago, I...

I told him I liked your mum.

I REALLY liked her.

This was before he started going out with Claire.

And what did he do?

Went straight over there and tried it on with Judith.

Unsuccessfully, I might add!

But he and I - we've barely spoke since then.

Where were you this morning?

Did you go and see Tam?

I can't tell you that. Aw, Mick!

Look, I know we've had our differences, but Mum's never been so happy, and that is down to you.

I want to help you.

OK, I went to see a supplier.

Things have been a bit tricky recently thanks to Tam's place and I got offered some cheap booze.

And I didn't want to do it, but seeing that smug grin on him...

Fell off the back of a ferry?

What's so funny?

Everyone knows you do dodgy deals.

Davey's turned a blind eye before.

It's different. These aren't the people I normally do business with.

They're a gang.

Really nasty pieces of work.

If they found out that I'd been blabbing to the cops, well... they wouldn't be happy.

I see. And then when I let slip who I was doing the business with, Judith told me to back out.

And if she thinks I'd... gone back...

Oh, come on, Mick. She'll understand. So will Davey, if you give him a chance.

If I tell Davey, it has to go on record.

I will lose my licence.

The Black Dog is my life.

That and your mum.

I'm scared I'd lose her.

You'd sooner be charged with murder?

I don't know what choice I got.

Brian's already e-mailed the paperwork.

Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Tam.

It wasn't an accident.

Is it true you knew about the tunnel?

You've been talking to Mick?

Yeah, I knew.

And what about Brian?

Did you tell him?


Even though he was building on the cliff above it?

Why do you think I got Tam to move the conservatory to the other side of the pub?

And for your information, I was at home all night with Brian and our Lucy was at a party.

Oh. Bad time?

No, it's fine. We're done.

I kept getting your machine.

I wanted to make sure Brian will be back on-site in the morning.

I thought... We were planning to take a couple of days off.

Out of respect.

Tam would've wanted his pub finished and reopened for business.

We'll see you tomorrow.

Why is Da...

Look what you've done!

I've got a DCI breathing down my neck.

He's got wind that Mick's not exactly a stranger.

So now they're ransacking my house!

This is where he was last night Judith. I've got no choice, love!

Well, you won't find anything, so you might as well bog off.

And don't think of stepping into the Black Dog, cos you're barred!

Mum, you can't bar him.

I'm in the Black Dog darts team!

You step one foot in Mick's pub and I'll throw darts at you!

I need to tell you something.

But you've got to promise me you'll keep this to yourself for now.

All right. What is it?

Mick knew about the tunnel.



Two seconds.

Mum... Don't!

It's your fault Mick's in trouble!

I'm trying to get him out of trouble, but I need you to calm down and help me.

How can I calm down when he's locked up?!

Mum, you've known Tam for years.

Can you think of anyone who would wish him harm?

I dunno.

Have you spoken to his daughter?

Lucy? I thought they got on.

They did, but I've seen the people she hangs out with.

If she got into trouble and Tam got involved...

He'd do anything to protect her.

She was at a party all night.


Not all night.

Well, she was at Freya's, but she left early to meet some bloke.

What time?

Don't know. About two?

Found this in the bins outside.

It's Tam's.

I can't get hold of your mother.

Let her know what's going on, and tell her I'm OK.

'Yeah. Of course.'

Listen, Mick, how did Tam's phone end up in Mum's bin?

I've never touched his phone.

My prints on it? No.

So then why was it in Mum's bin?

I'm being set up!

Then tell Davey the truth.

What, and risk losing your mum and my pub?

I need you to prove it wasn't me.

Look, I'm trying!

Is there anything you're not telling me?

You still think I'm guilty.

How long have you known me?

I believe you.

Why am I not convinced?

You're an idiot, but you're not that much of an idiot.

So, find out who killed Tam and get me out of here.

Look, I've got to go.

Hey. Hey.

Custody sergeant's keeping Mick in while we investigate.

Yeah, I know.

I phoned the station earlier.

What you doing out here?

Hiding from Mum.

You want to go and get a coffee or something?

Actually, there's... there's something I need to do.

OK, I'll catch you later then.

So, the night your dad died...

I was at the Black Dog with him, then I went to Freya Taylor's house for a party.

It was lame, but most things are around here.

I was there all night.

All night?



A witness saw you leaving.

Well, they must've made a mistake.

To meet a man.

You mean Beth?

She weren't exactly compos mentis.

I'm aware she'd had a couple of drinks.

More than a couple.

That's why she stayed over.

Scared you'd notice.

I was hoping we could talk off-the-record, but maybe you should talk to the police.

All right!

I popped out to see someone - but only for a bit.


You can't tell anyone.


Your stepbrother, Scott Poole?


Not like that!

Scott's labouring all day, then he's going to his night classes.

He's too tired to go out, so now he's miserable cos he's never seeing his mates.

A friend of mine sells...

You know... Drugs?

Legal highs.

Well, they used to be legal.

Something to perk him up a bit.

I dread to think.

You're not going to tell my mum?

I've told Scott I'm not getting it for him no more.

Do you know, right now, my priorities are elsewhere.

But I've seen enough dead drug addicts to last a lifetime, so if I even suspect you're dealing, I will get the police to come down on you like a tonne of bricks.

Is that clear?

Surveyor reckons this tunnel's showing no further signs of stress.


Don't you have specialist teams for this sort of thing?

Yeah, we do - if you want to wait all week.

You're the one who wanted to be kept in the loop.

Or are you scared?

Any intelligent woman would hesitate before climbing into a confined space with you.

Beats going home and facing Mum.

I think.

In that case, ladies first.

You're so kind.

Why are people so obsessed with secret tunnels anyway?

Must be something kind of Freudian about the whole thing.

It's like... Sh!

I just meant... No, no, shush!

I think I heard something.

No, maybe not.



Whose idea was this anyway?

What do you think you're doing?

We're already behind schedule!

The police have told us to stop work.


They're searching the tunnel.

All right, just mind your step there.

You all right?

Yeah. You just seem a bit quiet.

You got something on your mind?

Come on, I know you.



Hey, look!

That's a footprint.

If the surveyors marked that out, that means that's not one of theirs.


No, he was wearing trainers when they found him.

That is a boot print.

And a big one, too, by the look of it.

It wasn't Mick.

End of the line.

Smells like fireworks.


Hey, you don't think...?

Oh, hello.

Fuse wire.

The tunnel didn't collapse by itself.

It would've taken someone with expertise, access to the right materials.

I didn't know the tunnel existed.

Why would I blow it up?!

Cover your tracks.

But it didn't work.

We found a footprint, so, I'm going to need to examine your work-boots.

I'm not taking the blame for this.

Not after what she did.

By she, you mean?


I heard her sneaking out of the house during the night.

I was worried. She's not been herself so I followed her.

To the pub?

I saw her climb down into the well.

I had to know what was going on.



It was a mistake.

I'm sorry.

Look, I love you!

What're you going to do?

It's OK.

You don't need to say anything else.

In fact, we're never going to talk about this again.


Go home. I'll sort this.

Everything's going to be all right.

So, you blew the tunnel to cover for her?

With the tunnel sealed off, people'd think the body washed up there.

Nobody'd link it back to Roz.

Only I didn't count on the rock fall.

So what was she doing there with Tam in the first place?

I think we can all take a stab in the dark.

So you covered for her, even though she was cheating on you?

I love her.

Not like Tam. He snapped his fingers and women came running.

I guess she tried to end it, they argued, he slipped, fell, I dunno.

Hard to be jealous of a dead man.

Where's Roz now?

She went upstairs for a lie down.

Said she wasn't feeling well.

Don't forget your toothbrush.

Your old boyfriend caught you red-handed!

He's lying!

Hidden in a book in your bedside table.

Fits a padlock to the tunnel entrance - a padlock with your fingerprints on it.

And we also found this.

It matches the call that you made to Tam's mobile.

You'd arranged to meet him.


Why? Because...

When I walked out on Tam, I meant it.

I hated him.

Working together behind that bar all day, all night. I mean, it got to the point when just the silliest little thing annoyed each other.

But recently... seeing each other every day, it was... it was like we were kids again.

Couldn't keep our eyes off each other.

Tam was planning to divorce Claire.

Then, when that was sorted, I was going to move back into the pub.

Only Brian killed him before we had the chance.

Brian killed him?

Well, he must. He must've found out about the affair.

Did you see him?

No, but he must have. He was there.

Then why didn't you call the police?

Because I was scared!

Brian freaked out when he saw your lot heading down the tunnel earlier.

I didn't know what he was planning.

Right, so you're saying that Brian killed Tam and he's saying that you did it.

So, who do I believe?

And if you're planning a romantic liaison, why choose the cove?

Not exactly convenient, is it?

Or comfortable.

It's where we fell in love.

The first time.

On my 18th, Tam promised that one day he'd buy me that pub on the clifftop, so we could have that view for ever.

I thought he was joking.

Try to leave everything where you found it.

I will, of course.

Hey. Got your message.

Have you told Claire about the affair?


I want evidence that Roz is telling the truth first.

The lads have picked up Brian, but he's sticking to his story.

Not exactly the happy ending Tam and Roz were hoping for.

You know what they say about relationships.

You can never really go back, can you?

You know, they're both assuming that the other one did it, but what if it was someone else?

Like who?

Well, maybe Tam told Claire he was divorcing her and she didn't take it very well?

Claire's got a history of panic attacks brought on by claustrophobia.

So, even if she wanted Tam dead, she wouldn't have followed him down the tunnel.

Lie on the bed.

Well, I'm very flattered, but...

Lie on the bed!


Hear that?

Er, yeah.

And that?

Yeah, same.

Claire said she heard Tam's footsteps on the stairs at three, but, according to Roz, Tam would've been dead already.

Well, maybe she got the time wrong.

Or it wasn't him leaving.

It was someone else coming back.

But there was only one other person in the pub.

All by yourself?

Yeah. The rest of the lads have packed up till they know what's happening with Roz and Brian.

Oh, right, so you're just taking the initiative, huh?

Looking out for your mum?

I mean, after all, all this is hers now, right?

Sorry, what...

You found out about the affair, didn't you?

Between your stepfather and his ex-wife.

You were coming home from buying your little pick-me-up when you saw Tam sneaking down the tunnel.

You knew what he was up to...

You've lost me.

We found a footprint.

We thought it might be Brian's, but his feet are the wrong size.

Yours, however? Perfect fit.

You went to my mum's house to plant the phone.

Keep the police focused on Mick.

Wow, you must really love your mother.

Scott Poole, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Tam Bryant. You do...

Davey! Agh, agh.

Yeah, get him.

Whoa! Whoa!

Down! Put it down!

Put that down!

You don't want to hurt anyone.

It was his fault!

What did he do?

My father treated my mum like dirt.

It took her years to get over him, to trust someone again.

I thought that Tam was different, but he wasn't.

When I saw him and Roz...

All right, you were angry?

I just wanted to tell him what a mistake he was making.

What are you doing down here?

How could you do this?

Do what? You swore to me that you would never hurt her.

You've got this all wrong.

Don't touch me. I saw you!

If you say a word to your mother...

It just happened.

Back off! Scott, you don't want to do this.

I said stay back!

You're not thinking clearly.

This is the pills.


Stay back!

Get off me!

No! Get off!

Scott Poole, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Tam Bryant.

If it's more of that slop, I'm not interested.

How about a pint then?

Look, Davey, you were right.

I did have something on my mind.

Mick asked me to keep a secret and... It's fine.

No, I don't want you to think that I...

Listen, I don't... I trust you.

It's fine. Really?

Yeah. We're good?

We're good.

Ah, Mick.

Only kind of bars you want to be behind, eh?

Listen, mate, I'm sorry about, you know...

Oh, yeah. You were only doing your jobs.

What'll it be?

Oh, well, I can't actually.


On the house.

Go on, then, I'll have a pint.

I'll have a white wine, please.

Er, since we're doling out the forgiveness, can I be off the hook?

Er, when I've decided you're truly sorry for staying out all night without permission.

Hey, I remember you sneaking out once or twice.


First, that's gross. And second, you are such a hypocrite!

Right, yeah. Well, clear those away and we'll call it quits.

I said you're barred!

I told him... And as for you...

Look, Mum, I'm sorry...

While this lump had his feet up in that cell, I had to pull a triple-shift!

Well, never mind all that, how about my plan about winning next year's West Country Pub of the Year?


Teams answer trivia questions and get points by singing their favourite songs!

Great! Love it!



Right, well...

To Tam, the shameless old heller.

Every man needs a good enemy.

Tam! Tam! Tam!