02x06 - Life

Emergency services.

What service do you require?

Police, ambulance?

It's about that girl, Sophie Marks.

The one that went missing.

You need to look up at Salt's Quarry, on the moor.

Sorry, sir. Police or ambulance?

Listen! Under the Three Hares.

That's where she is.

I'm sorry, that's all I know.


Call that tea?

I've tasted better rainwater.

You need to let me past.

Sorry, ma'am.

That might be my daughter!

Sorry, ma'am, you can't go down there.

Oh, no.

What's she doing here?

Is nothing in that office confidential?


Yvonne, you can't be here, love.

Is this it? Is this is where she is?

We've had an anonymous tip-off, that's all.

This is the place.

I know it is.

Don't get your hopes up, love.

Found something, Phil.

Guv? Yeah?

I think we've found something.


No need to renew, Charlie.

Won't be needing these any more.

Judge Farley, isn't it, in charge of the appeal?

I'd hang on to those, if I were you.

I've looked that judge square in the eyes and he knows an innocent man when he sees one.

I'm sure he does.

So, like I said, best hang on to them.

I reckon you're the one who's going to be ending his days in here, Mr Arnold.

Not me.

Get back to your cell.

What you got for me?


I will catch the joker that phoned this in, Yvonne. I promise.

I thought this was it.

I thought we'd found her this time!

Well, we won't rest until we do.

This is your fault! The lot of you!

If you'd done your job in the first place, she'd still be alive!

He's not breathing!

Get an ambulance!

Step away!

Get him off him! Get him off!

Step away! Step away!

I've... I've got my bellybutton pierced.

Last week, actually. It really hurt.

You carrying anything sharp?

Anything that could be used as a weapon?

Couldn't they, you know, like, file it down and use it as a knife?

Ms Fordham-Bryce?

Oh, please, call me Mags.

Thanks for coming so quickly.

If you'd just follow me?

I understand it was a suspected overdose?

Heroin. It's the governor's curse.

Can't keep the damn stuff out of the place.

It's tragic. He was eligible for parole next year.

Was he, like, super dangerous?

Not unless you were a jeweller or a pawnbroker.

Charlie Macendrick was serving three years for burglary.

And, between ourselves, it sounds like he was bloody good at it.

There's even a rumour he had a secret stash hidden on the outside.

Did he?

In my experience, drug addicts aren't known for their financial prudence.

Keep moving.

If there's, like, an emergency, or I need to, you know, get out now, what do I do?

Shouting, "Help" usually does the trick.

Wouldn't you say, Mr Arnold?

Works a treat. Right.


This was their cell.

That was Charlie's bed.

Malik Negasi said that he was unconscious when he found him.

You don't believe him.

26 years, I've been doing this.

You learn to take everything with a pinch of salt.

Wow, that's ages. That's, like, before I was born.

My mates call it a life sentence, but without the free meals.

I knew he was a dead man the minute I laid eyes on him.

Dead men all look the same, don't they?

Er... Jane?

It's addressed to you.

Dear Ms Kennedy.

Sincere apologies, I'm not able to meet you in person today, but I have a prior engagement.

I wish to share some information relating to Charlie Macendrick's death.

If you could return of your earliest convenience, I'd be most obliged.

Yours sincerely, Sidney.

Who's Sidney?

Sidney Sutton, Charlie's cellmate.

The Sidney Sutton?

There's only one, thank God.

Isn't he in the middle of an appeal?


So whatever it is he's so desperate to tell you, it'll have to wait till the morning.

Creepy, him knowing you'd be there like that.

It's what all the papers said about him, one step ahead.

He was convicted of murdering one of his pupils, wasn't he?

Yeah. Sophie Marks. That's it.

She used to live around the corner from us when I was a kid.

What, you knew her?

Yeah. Everyone knew Sophie.

She was one of the cool kids.

She used to hang around the pub and smoke dope on the beach.

They never found a body, did they?

No, but somebody did see her getting a lift with Sidney the night she disappeared.

And then the police found that strand of her hair in his car.

Circumstantial evidence. That'll be why he's appealing his conviction.

Hey, have you got Charlie Macendrick's PM results yet?

I've got the DCI breathing down my neck. They rushed them through.

It was a heroin overdose, as we suspected.

But he had a needle puncture in his upper arm, which is unusual for an addict.

Also, significant amounts of opiates in his bloodstream.

Over four times the normal amount.

And also, it noted bruising to his ribcage, but they think that's from when they tried to resuscitate him.

I'll e-mail it to you.

Jane's got a pen pal -

Sidney Sutton.

Ah. What's that about?

I don't know. He wants to see me.

Well, you be careful.

He's a nasty bit of work.

Excuse me.

Lights going out!

Have you seen the car keys?

Haven't you got a spare?

That was the spare.

Still going, then?

Oh, Mum, not this again.

I'm a grown woman, a respected professional.

I don't need anyone holding my hand.

I don't want that man getting into your head. He's evil.

He is.

Poor Yvonne. Imagine not knowing what happened to your daughter for all these years.

Beth, have you seen the car key?

Mum! Can't you use the spare?

If he gets off and shows his face around here, I might not be responsible for my actions.

Hey, Gran, look, it's Stace.

She cracks me up.

Morning, all. Morning.

Charlie Macendrick's records. Ah.

So you're up to speed. Thanks.

I put some selfies up like that.

I got 23 followers now.

Don't tell me you're on Instagram, too?

All the kids are doing it.

Oh, I give up. I'll order a taxi.

All the way to Hamley Moor?

Why not let Davey drive you?

He can sit in on the interview an' all. Mum!

No, I don't think Jane wants me sticking my oar in. Hm!

But if I could just sit in on the interview, it might be beneficial to our investigation, as well.

You know, only if you're OK with that?

Er... yeah, but it's my interview.

Is that clear?

Yeah, crystal. Good.

Oh, look. They were under my nose the whole time.

We'll take my car.

He was a good man.

First cellmate I've had in years, which was a joy.

He'd worked so long in the prison library, there was nothing he didn't know.

So it was a meeting of minds.

But he was weak, and, er... he couldn't kick that junk habit.

Heroin? Cocaine?

He'd lick the polish off the floor if he thought he'd get high off it.

And the dealers in here, they, er... they knew how to play him.

When he was desperate, he would do anything.


Could I have some water, Mr Arnold, if you don't mind?


All right, Mr Sutton, we haven't got all day.

So, if you do have any information, perhaps you could tell us?

His dealer knew.

About Charlie's stash.

And they weren't going to stop until they had every last penny.

Charlie didn't have any money.

How would you know?

Well, he spent everything he robbed.

Why do you think he carried on doing it?

You're wrong. He had some put by for when he got out.

Only, his dealer wanted it all for himself.

Are you saying Charlie Macendrick was murdered for his money?

Not a very clever move, though, is it? Killing your best customer.

You'll have to do better than that, Sid.

I might be out of here in a few days. I don't need this aggravation.

I simply want justice for Charlie.

If you have any concrete information...

I know what I know.

That man will stop at nothing. Who?

Malik Negasi, of course.

The one who found him.

Where's your proof? He's already done his due diligence on you, Ms Kennedy.

Smuggled a phone in yesterday.

He knows all about you.

And your daughter.

Sorr...? Hang on. No. My daughter?

Beth, isn't it?

All right, that's enough.

I think that's what I heard him say.

"Know your enemy", that's his motto.


And once he's tracked her down online, who knows what he'll do?

What, to Beth? Stop this!

He'll find out all about her, go through her photos, share them with his mates.

That's enough!

Pretty soon, she'll be a pin-up for all the weirdos in here.


You need to calm down, Sergeant.

You see, this is what they're like.

They'll do anything to get a conviction.

They will use their fists, plant evidence.

They don't give a damn about the truth.

Yeah? Why don't you start talking about the truth? Davey, stop it!

I need you to leave. What?

Get out. You serious? Get out!


Beth. Hi, it's me. Um...

Just checking in to see how your day's going.

Give me a call back if you get a chance.

Otherwise, I'll see you tonight.

OK, bye.

You promised. That was my interview.

He was playing games, Jane, that's what he does.

He wasn't going to tell you anything.

You think the thought of that lot knowing about Beth doesn't get to me as well?

But the minute we let them push our buttons, we may as well give up and go home.

I mean, did he say anything after I left? Huh? Did he?

No, of course he didn't.

Oi! Oi!


Prohibited item!

That's got nothing to do with me. You've disappointed me, Malik. I believed in you.

This is the one.

Segregation unit.

Removal of privileges for one week.

This is a stitch-up!

You can shut up!

Get your hands off me, man!

Come on, son.

Don't let them pin this on me.

This has got nothing to do with me!

Ms Kennedy? I'm Yvonne Marks.

Mrs Marks. How can I help?

They're saying you've interviewed Sidney Sutton.

Who's saying?

There's not a lot about that man that gets past me.

Is this to do with the appeal?

Is there new evidence?

Oh. Er... no.

Mr Sutton's helping us on an unrelated case.

It has nothing to do with your daughter.

I thought... When I heard...

He didn't even mention Sophie?

There was an incident at the prison, that's all.

He's going to get off, isn't he?

Well, that's for the court to decide. It's not right.

He'll be walking free and I still won't know what he did to my Sophie.

She used to think she was so grown up.

But she was still a kid deep down.

She must have been so scared.

It's the not knowing I can't live with.

I really wish there was something I could do to help.

But anything he says could give a clue to what he did with her.

Or what he might have done with her.

I'm sorry.

If none of you will help me, I'll have to do it myself, won't I?

It's Maggie Fordham-Bryce on the phone.

Can you put her through? Yeah.


Have you got any idea how long I had to wait out there?

Maggie Fordham-Bryce called.

They found a phone in Malik's cell.

He'd used it to download some of Beth's Instagram photos, so Sutton was right.

About that, maybe.

I'm looking at the facts.

You're the one whose judgement's all over the place.

Meaning? Meaning I saw the look on your face when he said police planted evidence.

Was the evidence tampered with to get a conviction, yes or no?

Like I said, it was before my time.


Between you and me, the way the evidence turned up that late in the day...

They'd been through the car twice, they found a strand of hair the third time.

It never really felt right.

What a mess.

But he did it, Jane, he did it.

Sidney Sutton was sacked from his last two jobs because of inappropriate behaviour.

There was just never enough evidence to convict him.

But he did it.

And I won't rest until I've put him away for good.

I need to talk to Beth.

Are you going to tell her?

You think I want to?

Well, she doesn't need to know.

It might only scare her.

OK, I'll text you when I've had a look.

OK. Got to go. Bye.

Everyone's gone crazy for Stacey's new photos.

She's got, like, er... 300 likes already.

Can you believe that? Yeah, I can.

I was looking at your photos earlier.

You know anyone can see what you put up there?

You've been spying on me?

No, I'm being a responsible parent.

Yeah, same difference.

I don't want you putting photos up for anyone to see. It's not safe.

It's just a few photos.

Can you just chill out?

Beth, I'm serious. Either make your account private, or I'm taking your phone away.

No-one else's mum is like this!

No-one else's mum knows what I know.

Hello. Hiya!

The police have sent over the CCTV.

An hour before he died, Charlie had this massive argument in the library.

Oh, that smells really good.

Any going spare?

Clint, who did he argue with?

Ah. Malik Negasi.

I think it's time we had a word.

Malik Negasi, serving life.

Member of a gang that stabbed a kid outside a multiplex for dealing grass on their turf...

Huh! Judge said he was the ringleader.

With a taste for teenage girls?

Well, no, not according to this.

So, what if Charlie wasn't killed accidentally, like Sutton says?

Come here a minute.

Oh, no, here we go.

Come on, stand up.

All right, all right.

Turn around. Look, I know we've had our differences, but I'm sure we can work it out.

Just do it, you idiot.

OK, so the PM said that there was a puncture wound in his arm, which is unusual. Right.

So, what if Charlie was approached from behind and someone got him in a headlock...?

Oh, hang on. So... like that?


OK. Reminds me of the time we played Twister, minus the vodka.

OK, so they squeeze until he loses consciousness, which means he'd fall back. Argh!

They pin him down, that would explain the bruising on the ribs, while they administer the drugs.

Yeah, but by who, and what's the motive?

Maybe Sutton was telling the truth.

About his mythical stash of money?

The only thing that matters is if people believe it exists. That's motive enough.

Maybe they didn't mean to kill him.

Maybe they just wanted information and it went too far.

Well, there is one way to find out.

As long as you promise not to step out of line again.

Is that clear? Crystal. Ohhh!

Could you let me up, please?

So, you want tell us what the argument was about?

My books were overdue.

Malik, you're really not helping yourself.

If you ever want to get your privileges back, you'd better start cooperating.

You're not going to listen to a word I say either way.

And that phone has got nothing to do with me.

Is it true you dealt drugs to Charlie Macendrick?

Drugs? Me? Yeah. We read your file.

Old habits die hard.

I left that all behind.

How Charlie got his fix has got nothing to do with me.

We also heard you were sniffing around Charlie's money.

His what?!

Where you lot getting this from?

Sutton's been stirring the pot again, hasn't he?

This money he had put by on the outside, you wanted a slice of that for yourself, did you?

You people! Sutton is who me and Charlie were arguing about.

Charlie Mac was terrified of him.

I was trying to get him to transfer to a different cell, but he was too scared to even do that.

Oh, so, you were trying to protect him? Yeah. Yeah? Really?

It's true. Yeah, there was money.

He even offered me some to try and protect him. Said he'd pay my fam.

But the truth is, in here, you got to look out for yourself.

Ain't nobody can do that for you.

Good doggy.

Reckon they bought that?

Charlie Mac had money on him all right.

And the fool gone and spilled his guts on where he hid it.

And why should that interest me?

It's no secret you're short on cash, Mr Arnold.

Old threads, battered old motor.

Everybody in here knows about this custody thing with you and your kid.

I'm thinking you might want a piece of the action.

Get in.

Yes, sir.

The police are reporting to us every half an hour and we've alerted the media.

Yes, sir. Of course.

What a mess!

When did you realise he'd gone?

He failed to answer the wake-up call.

I thought this place was virtually watertight?

Director of Prisons said exactly the same thing.

I put my neck on the line for Malik and this is the thanks I get.

Any idea where he'd go?

There's a rumour on the wing that he's heading for Charlie Macendrick's money.

All right, well, we've alerted the ports and airports in case he tries to leave the country.

I'm going to need a list of his contacts, any phone calls he's made, visitors he's had in the last three months.

Looks like Sutton was telling the truth. Yes?


What is it?

Officer Ben Arnold was here last night.

He hasn't turned up for duty this morning.

A few days ago, Malik and Charlie are having a pop at each other, now Malik and Ben are planning the great escape together.

Greed makes strange bedfellows.

Is that Shakespeare?

Game of Thrones.

You hear that, Ms Kennedy?

That's what victory sounds like.

In a few hours, I'll be a free man.

You should have paid attention when I told you about Malik, don't you think?

If we're going to find out what happened to Charlie, we need to find him.

My bet is he's spending all of Charlie's cash with that bent screw.

You'd better keep that daughter of yours locked up.

Things that are precious break so easily.

Haven't you got to be somewhere?

Hm. Hmm...

Here's the list of visitors you were after.

Was all that ruckus was for Sutton?

He seems confident he'll win his appeal.

God help me if he does.

The atmosphere in this place is febrile enough.

Guess who visited Malik twice in the last week?

Beth! Can you call me as soon as you get this message? It's urgent.


Well, you can't say urgent, she'll never call.

I'm busy. So are we, love.

Malik Negasi. That ring a bell?

'Course. He's escaped.

It's all over the news.

Yvonne, we know you went to see him.

Is there a law against that?

A week ago, Malik Negasi may have murdered another prisoner.

A man called Charlie Macendrick. If you know anything... Malik didn't murder anyone.

Can't you see Sutton's playing you all for fools?

Well, why don't you help us, then?

Tell us what we're missing.

I think I've found it!

Get out, get out!

26 years looking after you lot, I deserve every penny of this!

Thank you.

So, you were saying Malik e-mailed you?

I run a support group.

It's kind of victim support.

We help each other through.

He got my address off the website.

What did he say?

He said he was going to help me find my little girl.

I thought it was some sick joke.

But when I found out he was on the same wing as Sutton, I paid him a visit.

He wasn't happy about that, that's for sure.

He said if Sutton knew I'd gone there, he was a dead man walking.

But I told him, I've waited too long for this.

I needed some answers.

All right. And...?

He told me to be patient.

Told me to trust him.

And I did.

So, that's why you were so convinced about the tip-off at Salt's Quarry.

I really thought she would be there.

But she wasn't, was she?

Which is why you went back a second time.

I was ready to have it out with him!

But he was a changed man.

Told me about this friend of his, this Charlie.

Said Sutton had murdered him and that he was next.

Malik was scared. Really scared!

Yeah, but that don't make any sense.

Why would Sutton take the risk?

Because he talks in his sleep, doesn't he?

Charlie heard him talking about burying something.

He told Malik and the two of them tried to piece it together.

But Sutton cottoned on to what they were up to.

He could have gone to the governor.

She would have protected him.

Malik doesn't trust anyone.

Said he'd prefer to sort it all out himself.

Did you know that Malik was going to escape?

You really don't want to be lying about something like that.

You see, Malik broke out of prison this morning with the help of a prison officer, and we think they were after Charlie's money.

No. Malik wasn't like that.

He wanted to help me.

If he really knows where Sophie's buried, we can help him.

But you need to tell us everything you know.

I left some supplies up at Ballan Tor.

Oh, Yvonne! You could get into serious trouble for something like that.

I don't care.

For eight years, you lot sat on your hands.

Malik is the only one who has ever done anything to help me find Sophie.

So you can do what you want to me, but I don't regret it for a second.

Yeah. Up near Ballan Tor.

So at least we know which direction they're travelling in.

Just let me know if you hear anything. All right, thanks.

Do you think Malik really wanted to help her?

I've been coming at this all wrong.

Sutton knew I'd get distracted with a story about Beth, and that's exactly what he gave me. Why didn't I see it?!

There is one way to find out.




Is that you?

All right. All right, thanks, Maggie, thanks.

Bingo. She's listened to the recording we got of the tip-off.

It's Charlie Macendrick.

So, Malik's escaped to the right location? Yeah.

And she thinks Sutton may have planted the phone in Malik's cell to frame him.

So she was right about Malik after all.

Have you heard? They've overturned Sidney Sutton's conviction.

He's been released.

All right, thanks.

Ssh! Ssh! I'm not going to hurt you.

All right?

I just need to speak to your mother.

Please, just calm down. Ow!

Argh! Argh!

Emergency. Which service do you require?

Police! There's a man in my house!

Help! Angel Cove House!

It's like a kick in the guts, isn't it?

He's going to get away with it -

Sophie and Charlie, and I can't touch him.

Malik should have called.

Wherever he was going, he should have been there by now.

Maybe he got it wrong, decided to keep on running.

I knew I had one somewhere.

Mum uses it as a doorstop.

This was the book in Malik's cell, his only book.

He'd been underlining, taking notes.

I think Yvonne was right.

I think he was trying to work out where Sophie was buried based on what Charlie was telling him.

I get you. Well, we could start back at Salt's Quarry, other quarries around there.

What did they say about Three Hares?

Also known as Tinners' Hares.

An ancient symbol native to Devon depicting three hares chasing each other's tails in a never-ending circle.

I know how they feel.


Mum, what's wrong?

Get down. Get down!

Stay there!

All right, just, please, let me know when you get something. OK.

They're trying to find out where Sutton went after he left the court.

It's Sutton, isn't it?

He was the one looking at photos of Beth on that phone, it wasn't Malik!

Sidney Sutton's got Beth?

Sutton knows Malik's on to him.

If he's got any sense, he'll be on the first plane to South America.

I was so stupid not to warn her.

Look, I've got everyone on this.

I won't let anything happen to Beth.

I promise you.

I promise you that.

Come on. Out!

What do you want?

I'm sorry, all right?

Your mother is the only person who can help me. Hm?

She'll hear me out.

And she'll know that I'm not a murderer.

What did you do?

It was an accident.

They have to know it was an accident.

Right, call her.

I want to speak to her. Call her.

And just her!

No police. OK?

There's a rumour that he's booked on a flight tomorrow morning.

So, you don't think it's him?

I'm hoping Sutton's got too much to lose.

Jane Kennedy.

Mum? Beth! Where are you?!


Down, down, down!

Mrs Kennedy, this is Ben Arnold.

Now, first, you have to believe me when I say I never wanted any of this to happen.

So no police. Understand?!

Ben, what have you done with her?!

She's OK. Just do as I ask, OK?

Salt's tin mine.

You come alone and she'll be safe, just as long as you come alone.

So no police. Understand?!

Not until I've told you the truth.

Who's Ben?!

It doesn't matter.

Beth's at Salt's tin mine.

Call Davey. No!

He said come alone.

We have to think of what's best for Beth.


Mum! Mum! Shut up!

Beth! Mum! I told you to come alone!

Stay back!

I'm just here as a friend.

Ben, please let her go.

Not until you hear me out!

Argh! Hey-hey-hey-hey.

Please. Please. Now, listen to me!

You look for the good in people, hm?

So you have to understand it was an accident.

Malik, he... he told me that we digging for Charlie's stash.

He promised me!

This isn't Charlie's stash!

What is this?!


Her mother has a right to know what happened.

We're giving her peace after what Sutton did.

Oh! I need money! I need money!

I've given up everything for this!

We're doing a good thing.

A good thing?!

What are you talking about, a good thing?!

She's dead! No, no, no, no!

The girl is dead!

You fool!



Please let her go. I promise, I will give you all the help I can.

We both will.

You don't care about me.

You'd only care about me if I was dead!

All the time and the millions wasted trying to find a dead girl.

Just a few thousand pounds would have sorted me out, hm?

Oh, but no-one listens until it's too late.

No, no, no. We're the same, Ben, you and me.

You think I don't get hacked off with the system?

Where's the breaks for the man on the street, eh?

Exactly. No-one cares.

Oh, I care. I care, Ben.

That's why I'm saying, mate, you've got to let her go.

Stay back, stay back.

Because if you don't, you're no better than those cons you lock up every day.

And how are you going to look at yourself in the mirror knowing that, huh?

Come on, eh? Come on, Ben.

Too late.

Are you sure? Are you sure, Ben?

Oh, Davey. It's too dangerous.

Yeah, I know, I know that.

Not a lot of choice, though, is there?

Be careful.

Really slow.

Be careful!

I've got a faint pulse!

Yeah. Yeah, he's alive!

All right, young man, come on.

Come on, hang in there.

Hey. You get any sleep?

Yeah, some.

I'm fine, Mum, really.

It could have been a lot worse.

Yeah, I know. I just can't believe he tracked me down like that.

So stupid. You should listen to your mum once in a while.

You can talk, uploading all those selfies.

Yeah, well, Mick's put a stop to that.

Some of my followers went a bit too far.

Hey. Hey. Davey.

Thanks for yesterday.

Ah, it's all right.

All in a day's work, innit?

So, thought you'd want to hear this first hand.

The remains were Sophie Marks', weren't they?

Yeah. DNA's come back, it's a match.

And they arrested Sutton at the airport, so it's over.

Thank God for that.

Do you want to stay for breakfast?

There's plenty to go around.

Er... no, I can't.

Annette's bending my ear about cutting the grass.

And it looks like rain later, so...

Maybe another day.

Yeah, another day.