02x08 - The Foxby Affair

Me again. Your party's still going strong. Call me back, yeah?

Or better still, get down here.

Hey, hey! Where're you going?! Uh?

The night is young!

All right. All right, well, maybe not, but I say... I say we push on through!


'It's the undisputable sound of summer '94.

It's the lead single from their new album Parklife.

'Here's Blur with Girls And Boys.'

Oh. Just you and me left, sweetheart.

How about another drink?

I've got to go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Don't I even get one last goodnight kiss?

I don't feel well.

Give that back!

You're stealing from me?

So? It's not like you need it!

Give it back!

I don't think so.

Maybe I should call the police?

No, no -- just...


I'm sorry, sweetheart. Mm?

Look, look, I didn't mean to...

Oh! Well, that was a waste of time!

Rebecca Henson, the woman, she left that message?

Yeah, sorry. My head's in this Army case.


Refused to speak to me.

Thinks her information is "for the coroner's ears only."

Did she say what it was about, at least?


Well, if she's that desperate to see me, she can come here.

I told her that, but she says she can't leave her house.

Maybe she's agoraphobic.

As if I don't have enough to do!

It's not my fault.

I told her I was the coroner's officer but it's like she's got no faith in my professionalism.

I can't imagine why.

Mrs Henson? It's Jane Kennedy, the coroner.

Mrs Henson?

Er, no, thanks.

So, Mrs Henson, you said you have some information?

I'm afraid I don't have long.

Do you remember the Foxby affair?


Professionally speaking it was before my time, but I know what happened.

Do you now? Go on, then.

The Earl of Solberry, known as Jerry Foxby to his friends -- rich, handsome, party animal -- makes a 999 call from his yacht claiming he thinks he's killed a prostitute.


He hangs up and disappears off the face of the Earth.

What do you think happened to him?

Consensus is he killed himself.

I asked what you think.

I don't know. His body was never found.

Neither was the... escort's.

This was over 20 years ago. Why now?

Oliver Foxby. That's...?

Jerry's younger brother.

He's applying for court recognition of his brother's death.

He wants Jerry's title.


Let's say it jogged my memory.

See, I know what really happened on the yacht that night.

How? The police spent years investigating.

They never got anywhere.

The years haven't exactly been kind, I know.


I don't want money or nothing.

I just... want people to know the truth.

Why don't I read up on the history of the case?

I can come back tomorrow morning and we can go through your version of events?

S'pose I've waited this long.

Would you mind if I took that photo?


I'll see you tomorrow.

Excuse me. Is Oliver Foxby at home?


Local coroner. Jane Kennedy.

Auntie Peggy! This one's here to see Mr Foxby.

You'd better come through.

Excuse the mess.

Is Mr Foxby having a clear-out?

This all belonged to the Countess, his mother.

She passed a couple of months back.

May I ask your business with His Lordship?

I'd like to discuss with him the application for his brother's death certificate.

Oh. About time it was all sorted.

Sorry, you called him "His Lordship"?

Mr Foxby hasn't inherited his brother's title yet.

It's only a matter of time.

Behind closed doors, he's considered himself the lord for years.

Were you here when Jerry disappeared?

I've been here since Jerry was in nappies.

I was nanny to the boys before I became housekeeper.

And before you ask, no, I don't know what happened to him.

Some people believe he went abroad.

Jerry was like a son to me, but he had the devil in him, too.

Wherever he is, I only hope he's finally at peace.

Well, you can wait in the morning room.

I'll see if he's free.

Thank you.

I was under the impression that the death certificate was now a matter for the High Court.

Well, the case involves an unexplained death on my patch.

I may be asked to supply relevant material.

So, how can we help?

I was just wondering why you haven't applied for the certificate before now?

Mother wouldn't allow it.

I understand she passed away recently. I'm sorry for your loss.

My mother refused to accept Jerry's death unless she could see his body for herself.

I am more prepared to act on faith.

And, presumably, a death certificate would clear the way for you to claim the family title and your place in the House of Lords?

It doesn't work quite like that.

Hereditary peers don't get to just stroll into Westminster nowadays.

Oliver already has a distinguished career.

Yes, the Home Office, I believe?

It's where we met.

Thank you.

The thing is, someone's come forward claiming they have new information about Jerry.

You must forgive us.

We've heard every ridiculous conspiracy theory going.

Believe me, Jerry killed the girl, threw her body overboard and jumped in after her.

And you're certain of that?

Well, I suppose he might have fallen in.

He was always so drunk it's possible he didn't intend to kill himself.

Either way, the only way I'd believe Jerry is still alive is if he walked in here and poured himself a drink.

What if she walked in?

Work meeting, is it?

Yes, as it happens. I need to pick his brains about a case.

No, no, no, it's all right, I'll pick something up on the way home.

It's fine.

All right, then. Got to go. Bye. Bye.

Sorry. That was Annette wanting to know what time I'll be back.

So, come on, then, what's this new lead you've got on this mysterious case?

The Foxby affair.

Why does everyone keep doing that?

We've got a filing cabinet at the station, right, a whole cabinet, full of possible sightings of Jerry Foxby.



Have you seen Jerry Foxby recently?

Yeah, course I have. He was in last week.

Yeah, playing a round of darts with Elvis Presley.

Jane reckons she's got a new lead.

All right, there's no need to take the...

Mick knows all about it, don't you, Mick?

Oh, yeah.

Well, he didn't throw himself in the water, I'll tell you that much.

His body would've washed up somewhere.

I was on the lifeboat, remember?

Like you'll ever let us forget. So?

Well, he was murdered.

And you know this because?

Well, rumour has it he'd just had a big win at a high-stakes poker game, hence the party.

Walked out of there with 200 large, but the money was never found, not on the yacht or at the house.

I reckon his gambling buddies bumped him off to get their money back.

And what about the girl?

Well, collateral damage, isn't it?

I say he went abroad. Living like a king in Rio.

An army of policemen and every reporter in the country investigated it for years.

You clever girl. What do you have that they didn't?

An eye-witness.

Come on!

Come on!

How did you talk me into this?

Beer. Lots of beer.

Yeah, that was it. So, why do you want me there?

Because I think she's going to confess to killing him.

She's either lying or deluded.

Still, we should hear her out.

Besides, what've you got to lose?

If it really is Helen Boyd, you can go down in history as the copper who finally cracked the Foxby mystery.

Yeah, well, beats doing paperwork, I suppose.

Look, she's a bit strange, so just hold back until I know she's all right with you being here.

Mrs Henson? It's Jane Kennedy -- we met yesterday.

Where are you going?

She's not in.

Davey, she's just... Davey.

All right -- let's have a look.

Let's have a look.

Mrs Henson!

So much for your eye-witness.

We don't even know if that was Helen Boyd.

According to that woman's passport, her name is Rebecca Henson.

Why would she lie about being a woman everyone thought was dead?

Because she was obsessed with Jerry Foxby. You saw the scrapbook.

What if she really was Helen Boyd and somebody didn't want her spilling the beans?

I say she killed herself. A hoax.

Her way of sticking up two fingers before she killed herself.

By contacting you she made sure someone would find her body.

I'm not sure.

Well, as much as your input's always appreciated...

You're telling me to butt out?

Yeah, it is a police matter. For now, at least.

All right, I'll take a back-seat on Helen Boyd.


On one condition.

Ah! Here we go.

I get to see all the police files on Jerry Foxby's disappearance.

You just can't help yourself, can you?

It's why you love me.

Yeah, must be.

Right, I've got to get on.



Start reading.

I want a list for any alleged sightings of Helen Boyd or Jerry Foxby since they disappeared.

That'll take days!

Not if you work quickly and once you've finished, go online -- I want conspiracy theories, rumours, anything to do with the Foxby affair.

As long as they don't mention alien abductions, write it down.

Why am I doing this? We don't even have a body.

Because if we find out what happened to Jerry Foxby, I bet you a fiver we'll find out what happened to Helen Boyd.

Mrs Boyd?


I'm DS Higgins, South Dart police.


I was wondering if I could have a word with you about your niece.


I didn't think we'd be seeing you here again.

What makes you say that?

His Lordship don't like people snooping around.

Normally he sends them packing.

I'm not snooping. I just...

Just want to know what happened to Jerry.

Yes. Do you know anything?

No. Before my time.

I've only been here since the old groundsman retired a few years back.

Are you all right?

Yeah. Old knee's playing up, that's all. Occupational hazard.

So, your predecessor, does he still live nearby?

You could say that. He's buried in St Bernadette's Churchyard.

Any other staff members around from that time?

No. Only Auntie Peggy. She got me the job.

Oh, here y'are, speak of the devil.

His Lordship's not at home.

Oh, well, his car's here.


That's to say he's unavailable.

You were Jerry's nanny.

The last thing we need is you reopening old wounds!

I understand how you feel, but circumstances have changed.

Peggy! At last! I...

I thought we answered all your questions yesterday?

I'd just like to confirm a few details.

Such as?

I was reading through the witness statements.

Some of the guests on the yacht claimed that Jerry had just won a lot of money at cards. Is that true?

Possibly. Gambling was one of Jerry's many sins.

That said, there was no money found and I wouldn't consider his friends reliable witnesses.

Drunken degenerates, the lot of them.

Sorry, excuse me.

Davey, it's not a good time.

Now, look, I'm down at the mortuary now with Helen's aunt.

She's given us a positive ID on the body, but I get the impression they weren't exactly close back in the day.

I think we should probably do a DNA test to be sure.

Yeah. Makes sense, given the circumstances.

Listen, I'm with the Foxbys now. Do you think I should mention it?

Yeah. Yeah. I think they've got a right to know.

OK. I'll speak to you later.


Sorry about that.

A woman was found dead in a caravan in Lighthaven this morning.

We have reason to believe it was Helen Boyd.

Helen Boyd died in 1994.

How can you be sure? No body was found.

This changes what we know about your brother's disappearance.

It changes nothing.

If Jerry didn't kill himself that night, he'd be dead by now anyway.

What my husband is trying to say is that Jerry was emotionally unstable.

He was a known addict with a history of self-destructive behaviour.

He was a disaster waiting to happen.

Trust me when I tell you my brother is never coming back.

Were you home last night?

Yes. All night. We both were.

That's right.

Now, will you please leave my property?

You can address any further questions to my solicitor.

Hi. Headlines?

Well, we know she'd been drinking, but the blood screening also showed opiates in her system.

We're still awaiting tests to confirm levels.

And there was also this injection puncture in one of her arms.

Now, I'm thinking it might be an accidental overdose.

Except the police didn't find any syringes or drug paraphernalia at the scene, so if she was injected, somebody else did it.

Was there any bruising? Or defence wounds?


Maybe they... I dunno, snuck up on her when she was asleep?

Thanks, Clint.

You spent years hiding away and the minute you talk, this happens.

But I never told anyone where you were.

So, whoever did this knew where to find you.

You said you wanted the truth to come out.

Well, I'm going to do my best to make sure that happens.

Peggy? What's wrong?

I shouldn't be here.

No, wait. Please.

I can't pretend I didn't see anything.

There have been too many secrets.

Go on.

Not out here.

Thank you very much.


I take it the Foxbys don't know you're here?

I'd be fired on the spot.

In my job, loyalty and discretion are everything.

Whatever you tell me will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

I don't want to testify.

I couldn't do that -- stand up in court and betray the family?

Let's just worry about the facts for now.

He wasn't at home the whole night. His Lordship, I mean.

I heard an engine starting in the early hours --

I've always been a light sleeper -- looked out the window and saw his car driving off somewhere.

It came back about an hour later.

An hour would've been more than enough to get to Helen's place and back.

So, you think Antonia is covering for him?

Possibly... but they do have separate bedrooms so he could've come and gone without her noticing.

She came to me! All I'm asking is for you to tread carefully.

She's worried she's going to lose her job and there might be a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Yeah, but you don't think there is?

I think you should bring Oliver Foxby in for questioning and leave Peggy's name out of it for now.

Well, whilst I don't have problem arresting a senior civil servant and soon-to-be-earl, I think my governors might want some evidence.

He lied about leaving the house.

Well, according to a witness I'm not allowed to mention!

Anyway, he could've been going anywhere.

I'm not asking you to strip search him, just bring him in!

His solicitor will tear us to shreds before we get the first question out.

Fine. We need to find another way to prove he lied.

All right.

That petrol station where we stopped on the way to Helen Boyd's place.


It had CCTV on the forecourt.

There's just a chance it may have picked up what went past last night.

Genius. Worth a try.

All right, then. You can get the popcorn, though.


Same make as Oliver's.

All right, let's have a look.

Oh, yeah.


Surely that's enough to bring him in?


Davey, this proves he was in the area and he's got motive.

If word got out that Jerry was still alive it would scupper his plans to become the next Earl of Solberry.


Yeah, yeah, I'll pick him up. There's something I got to do first.

Your pension fund?

I wish.

The lads found a key attached to the back of the sink in Helen's place.

We traced it to this bank, so I got a warrant.

You thinking what I'm thinking?


We should pocket this and jump on the first flight to Mexico.

This is what's left of Jerry big win.

Could be.

According to Helen Boyd's landlord, her rent's been paid in cash for as long as he can remember.

It looks like she's been living off this for years.

So someone bought Helen's silence.

Oliver Foxby works at the Home Office.

He could've hidden Helen away, created a new identity for her as Rebecca Henson.


Then when she decided to come out of hiding, she had to be silenced.


He seemed pretty sure that Jerry was dead. Maybe he killed him, too?



As soon as I mentioned her, it would've set alarm bells ringing.

He knew where to find her. If I hadn't said anything...

Come on, come on, don't do this. You couldn't have known.

This isn't on you.

Maybe. Maybe not.

But if it was him, then the least I can do is make sure he ends up in prison.

Right. How often do you get the chance to arrest a member of the aristocracy?

Not often enough.

You do realise you're making a career-ending decision here?

You're just doing your job. He can't do anything.

Don't be so sure about that.

But then you always did like getting me in trouble.

Wait! I called the solicitors. Andrea's on her way.

She said not to utter a word until she gets there.

I never left the house.


So, this isn't your car?

It must have been stolen.

Absolutely. And then returned to you?

Possibly. Or it's another car with false registration plates.

Or, and go with me on this one, it is your car, being driven by you, on your way to confront Helen Boyd.

About what?

About what happened to your brother. You wanted her to keep quiet.

She refused, so you killed her.

And why would I do that?

It depends.

Was she going to tell us that Jerry is still alive?

Or that you were involved in his murder?

Look, as far as I am aware, Jerry's dead.

But I didn't kill him and I didn't kill that woman.

An opiate was found in Helen Boyd's blood.

This syringe contains traces of morphine.

I bet it will test positive for the victim's DNA, as well.

And what has that to do with me?

It was found in the boot of your car, underneath the spare wheel.

(Say nothing more.)

I have nothing further to say.

All right, then. Why don't you sleep on it?

Wow. Late night?

Mum and Mick spent half the night arguing about wallpaper, and the other half "making up".

Tell me you've got good news.

No. Nothing, no. Oliver's still denying everything, Says he was in his bed all night, doesn't know what happened to Jerry and he's never met Helen Boyd in his life.

At least he's consistent.

That's exactly what he told the police in '94.

So, what now? Are you going to charge him?

No. I've got a warrant, actually. I'm going to search his house, see if that turns anything up.

Mind if I join you?

Why? What're you hoping to find?

A postcard from Jerry saying, "Venezuela's lovely, wish you were here."

I want to lean on Antonia, find out how much she really knows.

You're not going to let this go, are you?

Not with Helen's death on my conscience, no.

All right, come on, then, fellas -- you're with me.

Right, you're here as an observer, remember?

Is all this entirely necessary?

I'm afraid so.

This is madness. It wasn't him!

I love the man, but he doesn't have the imagination to be a murderer.

So, who was it, then?

How should I know?

Don't believe that "butter wouldn't melt" look.

Jerry was a trouble-maker even then.

You didn't like him?

He didn't make our lives easy.

Antonia, if you know something that could help your husband, then...


Excuse me.

Up here.



Morphine. In the name of Elizabeth Foxby.

That's the Countess. Yeah.

We've got syringes and latex gloves, as well.

Right, I'm going to head back to the station.

What, already?

Yeah, with all this evidence, I've got enough to charge him.

Fairly solid case, I'd say.

Can you give me five minutes?

What for?

Antonia knows something, I'm sure of it.

About Jerry or Helen?

I dunno. Maybe both.


Jim, can you bag all this up for me, please?

OK, Sarge.

He's going to prison for a long time.

We've got motive, means and opportunity.

The family will be disgraced.

Oliver didn't go anywhere. It was me.

I went to offer that woman more money to keep her stupid mouth shut.

You knew Helen was still alive? How?

The night Jerry disappeared, I went to his yacht to see him.

The phone records.

There were calls from the mobile, Jerry's mobile, to your house.

But you told the police you never spoke to him.

I didn't.

But he kept calling, leaving messages, asking to see me.

Were you two...?

We'd had a brief, foolish fling.

I only went there to convince him it was over, but when I arrived...

'I don't know what to do! I didn't mean to hurt her!'

What are you doing?

Do you want to spend the rest of your life in jail?

It was my fault. I pushed her and...

Sh. We're going to sort this.

I'll get rid of the body, and then you need to disappear.


Go abroad. As far away as possible.

For how long?

Jerry, you're a murderer. You can never come back.

'And you knew he hadn't killed her.'

It was the perfect opportunity to get rid of him, wasn't it?

So he didn't spill the beans, destroy your marriage.

What happened next?

Jerry went on the run.

He said he'd go to Kenya he had friends out there.

I persuaded him to leave his winnings, said it would look more suspicious if the money was gone.

I waited for Helen to come round, then I made her a deal.

Who are you?

I'm here to help you.

In fact, I'm going to make you rich.

I wasn't just thinking of me.

The state Jerry was in back then, sooner or later he was going to push his luck too far.

Better he started a new life away from all these temptations.

As for the woman, she was a drug-addled prostitute scared witless by the gang who controlled her.

I used some of Jerry's money to offered her an escape.

So when Helen resurfaced, you were worried she'd tell the truth, so you killed her.

No! I didn't kill her and neither did Oliver.

Is this the gratitude I get?!

Why should I be grateful to you? You ruined my life!

Tell the authorities and we'll both end up in prison!

You think this is funny?

You made my life a prison for 20 years.

Nobody will believe you. My lawyers will make sure of that.

They'll say you killed Jerry yourself and stole the money.

Is that what this is about? Money?

I can get more.

Get out.

Get out!

Tell a soul and you'll regret it.

When I left, Helen was still alive.

Bang goes your solid case.

My gut says she's telling the truth.

Well, my gut says she's lying, trying to cover for her husband.

And, let's face it, my gut is bigger than yours.


Oi! You're not supposed to agree.

Maybe they're both involved?

We'll take fingerprints for anyone who had access to the medicine and compare them to the ones we found in Helen Boyd's place.

In the meantime, I'll take a formal statement from Antonia, see if her story stacks up.

Catch you later.


The only prints found in Helen Boyd's place were her own.

Antonia's still insisting that she was the one driving the car and she hasn't seen Jerry since that night on the yacht.

What's Oliver saying?

On the advice of his solicitor, he's now not saying anything at all.

So I don't know how we're going to prove it one way or the other.

There must be something in here.

What's this?

Hm? Oh, that's nothing.

Just a receipt the lads found in the medicine cabinet.

I think they took my "bag it all up" thing a bit too literally.

Have you got the PM results yet?

Yes. Helen was actually really ill.

She had advanced lung cancer, metastasized to her brain so she wouldn't have had long.

Would she have known?

Probably. I'm guessing that's why she came clean.

Didn't want to take her secret to the grave.

Come on.

Why? Where are we going?

There's something I want to catch on telly.

Freeze it there. Zoom in.

That's no good.

OK, go forward.

We've been through this over 100 times already.

Just humour me.

Stop there.

That looks like Peggy's car.

I heard Mrs Foxby sneak out of the house.

After that coroner's visit, I knew something was up, something to do with Jerry, so I followed her.

It took me ages to summon up the nerve.

By the time I knocked, that poor woman was already on the floor with a syringe next to her.

I imagined she must have overdosed.

So, I took the syringe back home and I hid it in his Lordship's car.


Because this proves they were behind what happened to Jerry!

Well, not necessarily.

Antonia says Oliver had nothing to do with what happened to Jerry, so why frame him and not her?

He must've known!

So, what did you do with the gloves?

We found fingerprints on the syringe, but they weren't yours.

I-I threw them away.

In that woman's bin.

Right, so you drove back to the house to plant the evidence, and then back to Helen Boyd's place to get rid of the gloves -- is that right?


No. I-I don't remember.

Look, I've already told you I did it, so can we just get this over with?

It's not as easy as that, I'm afraid.

I'm not going to pretend I'm sorry, if that's what you want.

Imagine what it's done to Jerry, all these years thinking he's a murderer.

All these years? So, Jerry's still alive?

I don't know.

Interview suspended at 14.30.

Thanks, Peggy.

Clint, it's me. Those old files I gave you...

Were there any fingerprints in there?

Can you scan them and send them over to me as soon as you can? Thanks.

Looks like we're just in time.

St Christopher. Seems appropriate.


Hello, Jerry.

You leaving us again already?

I don't understand.

Oh, I think you do.

How did you know?

A chemist's receipt.

For, among other things, black hair-dye.

You're the only one here with black hair, and you don't look the sort of person to worry about a few greys.

Not unless you're hiding something -- that your natural hair colour is the bright Foxby red.

Quite a leap.

We checked your fingerprints against the original police files.


Peggy's covering for you, isn't she?

She never went anywhere near Helen Boyd's place.

In my defence, it was her idea.

When our plan to stitch up Oliver went south, she wanted to buy me time to get away.

Soppy old thing.

So, convinced you were a murderer, you fled the country, changed your appearance, waited for the dust to settled, then returned.

Until one day, you discovered you didn't kill Helen after all.

All those years hiding away for nothing. You wanted revenge.

So you killed Helen and framed Oliver.

All because Antonia lied to you.


I never intended to come back.

A few years ago, I was in a nasty car accident, needed facial surgery.

During those weeks in the hospital, it occurred to me that I no longer cared whether or not I was caught.

I'd spent so many years hating myself for what I'd done, what I thought I'd done. I couldn't believe how different I looked.

Soon after, I read in the paper that my mother was seriously ill.

Dying, in fact.

You wanted to say goodbye?

Just see her one last time. Be nearby when it happened.

Then I'd hand myself in. When I showed up, Peggy was the only one who recognised me.

She passed me off as her nephew and got me the job so I had an excuse to stick around.

Your family didn't realise who you were?

Just another servant, not even worthy of their gaze.

Anyway, Mother clung on for years.

She always was a tough old bird.

When she finally died, I couldn't quite bring myself to come clean.

I guess I'd got used to a simpler life.

So, why did you kill Helen?

Because of her role in Antonia's deception?

No, no, no, no.

I killed Helen because she wanted me to.

Peggy told me what you said, that Helen might still be alive.

I wanted to see for myself.

'So that night I followed Antonia in Peggy's car then waited until she left.'


It's really you, isn't it?


All right, all right.

I'll call an ambulance.


You're sick!


Who are you?

I'm a friend of Jerry's.

There's something I need you to do.

'Helen begged me for help,' so I made her comfortable, then went back to the house to get the morphine.

This was a woman you barely knew, and yet you helped her to die?

She was in so much pain -- she was threatening to throw herself off the cliff!

I couldn't just walk away. Especially not after seeing what my mother went through.

Anyway, it has a certain pleasing irony.

I spent two decades feeling guilty for killing Helen, and now that I've finally done it, I feel no guilt at all.

So, why did you frame Oliver?

I watched him strut around for years telling everyone I'd killed Helen in cold blood.

My own brother!

I decided it was his turn to be called a murderer.

For a while, at least. Then I'd come clean.

I thought perhaps I'd find a tropical beach somewhere and write it all down. Call it my memoirs.

Well, why don't we go to the station and you can write it all down there instead?

Yeah. You're right.

Might I at least finish up here, get dressed?

Yeah. Can I?

OK, then, on you go.

Thank you.

Congratulations. The copper who finally caught Jerry Foxby.

Yeah. With a little help from his friend.

You might even get a medal.

Well, I'd settle for a pay rise.

I'll buy you a drink.

Yeah? You feeling all right?!

Yeah. We'll celebrate.

All right, then.

You all right in there, Jerry?



What the hell?!


You let Oliver go?

Yeah. All three of them.

I think Peggy and Antonia might still face charges, though.

Do you think they'll catch Jerry?

Well, we've circulated a recent photo, alerted Border Force, but I can't say I'm overly optimistic, no.

Bang goes my place in the history books, doesn't it?

Sorry. Maybe it's for the best.

How do you work that out?

Well, I can't condone what he did, but he spent years punishing himself for a crime he didn't commit.

Anyway, if we finally found Jerry Foxby, what would Mick's punters have to argue about?

That's very true.

You might have a point there.

To Davey Higgins, the copper who let Jerry Foxby get away.

Davey boy.

Cheers, cheers.

Cheers. Very kind.