02x09 - Pieces of Eight

I thought I asked you to change the filter!

Oh, I'm sorry. I was just about to do it.

Well, chop chop!

Don't talk to her like that.

Oh, look who's up before noon!

I'm serious. She's a cleaner, not your slave.

Oh, please, I pay her enough, don't I?


Be useful, then you can criticise.

I told you, I've got a job.

Oh, yeah. A whipping boy at a local pub.

A real, honest job. Do you know what that is?

Yeah, but you're worth so much more.

If you just tried, you could be someone!

What, like you -- a bully?

No wonder Mum left.

What did you say?

You know, he's right.

It's not my job to make your breakfast.

No, you're right.

Cleaning... is your job.

You have some serious issues!

You know what else your mother left behind? You!

What did you say?

Ah! You want to hit me, huh?

You see, that's what I want to see! I want to see some fight in you!

Where you going? Kass!

Avast, me hearties!

If you're looking for freebooting fun for all the family, head to the Black Dog! Ha-ha-harr!

Free grog at the Dog.

And a leaflet for you.

And one for you, sir.

And one for you, madam. Have one of these.

Thank you very much, sir. Ha-ha-harr!

Hey. Where's your gusto, hearty lass?

Look at me. It's embarrassing!

You should've thought of that when you took my money.

Drop anchor at the Black Dog, ma'am! You'll love it!

Go on, heave to!

Show me what you've got. Come on!

Want to know what scurvy feels like?

Come and try our food at the Black Dog Inn!

Maybe you should carry on getting supplies.

Thanks for all your help. Brilliant(!)

Come to the Black Dog!

Come one, come all! Come have a ball!

All your liver could require and more! Ha-harr!

Get out! Get out! Don't make me hurt him!

Get out!

Come on, get out! Go, go! Go, go!



Where does it go?!

Go! All right, go!

Do as you're told, get in! Get in!

All right, people, look lively.

I want the van's exact location radioed through en route, please.

Jen you're with me. Let's go, let's go!

Don't worry, short cut!

Get out!

Easy! Easy!

Go on, then, move!

Now, open it!

All right, all right!

Don't you look at me! Do it!

Get your hands through! Don't you fight me!

Keep still!

Stop wriggling, or I'll have you, boy!

Don't look at me!

Come on, we got to go! Come on!

Check out that camper for me, Jen, will you?

You all right, my friend?

Yeah, yeah. They went out the back.


Mike Oscar Two, suspects have fled out the back of the old fish market on foot.

Do you have eyes on them? Over.

Sorry, sir, there's hundreds of pirates out here.

So, who am I looking for exactly?


Jane Kennedy.

Hi. Thanks. Right.



Good morning.

Oh! Why's it always the gruesome ones in the morning?

Right. White male, mid 40s.

No other clothes or ID. And no face.

Most likely cause of death, severe blunt trauma to the head.

That's going to make it harder to identify him.


Come on, Clint, it's your job. Make yourself useful.

What do you see?

Er... well, he's definitely dead.

You're a natural(!)

Look, a tattoo on his forearm.

It's like a skull crossed with arrows. That could help us.

See anything else?


There. There's a laceration on the lower leg.


Like maybe something was tied around it.

Oh, like a kill-switch for a jet ski.

Yeah! He... he takes a midnight jaunt at high speed, falls off and bashes his head, then comes loose and drifts to shore?

Very good.

Except, why's he in his pants?


Why's he not in trunks or a wet suit?

It's a mystery.

That's what makes this job so interesting.

It's too early for mysteries.

Jane Kennedy.

Is she all right?

No, I'm... I'm on my way.

I'll be back, I'll be back!

Where are you going?


Right, get statements from the tourists, will you?

And I need CCTV from that shop.

Oh, and do us a favour, make us a decent cup of tea, I'm coughing feathers here.

Beth! Are you all right? I was so worried!

I'm fine, don't stress.

How come whenever there's trouble, I always find you in the middle of it?

I just wish I could've done something. It happened so fast.

You did the right thing, you kept your head down.

You wouldn't have. You'd have seen something that would have them locked up.

Oh, sweetheart, it's all right to be scared.

None of us know how we'll react under pressure.

I do.

You never saw your mum get caught sneaking down a drainpipe by my old man.

Talk about a rabbit in headlights.

What?! Mum!

Er... can I take her home?

Yeah, we're done.

Can I just finish this tweet?

I really want to get us trending.

Come on.

Oh, no! Oh!

What's wrong?

It's Annette. Wants me to pick up some lamb shanks for dinner.

Not a chance of that now, is there?

Have you got any leads?

I could try the butcher's, I suppose, or the supermarket.

No. How do you find three pirates in a town full of pirates?

Open it!



These need your signature.


And how's Beth?

Yeah, she's OK.

Any news on our John Doe?

Er... not yet.

There aren't any matching missing persons at present.

No hits on DNA comparison?

Nothing from police database or Interpol.

Also, nothing on fingerprints or dental records.

You've misspelt "excoriate".

What about cause of death?

Er... not yet.

They're testing the blood for... microbial DNA?

Microscopic life forms.

They're usually present in the bloodstream if you've drowned.

Lovely. Well, we'll get the results in a few hours.

He's a genuine mystery.

You know what this means?

It means we've already got three open inquests that have names.

Can't we just pop this one to the bottom of the pile?

No. I'm on it!

Hold still, or I'll have your eye out!

We don't want that, now, do we?

You've got longer lashes than I do.

I'm jealous.

They were here, on the table.

I'm off now, Mr Shapur.

Remember? I asked to leave early for the festival.

Yeah, yeah. Go.

You lost something?

What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing. Forget I asked.

Kass? It is time to get the apple keelhauling set up.

Shouldn't you be curled up at home?

Why? Don't think I can handle a few kids?

I heard you had it rough, is all.

I'm fine, OK?

Mum and Gran are already treating me like I'm the victim.

Yeah, well, they're not tough like you and me, are they?

A little scare don't keep us down.


Go on, then, weigh your anchor.

Davy Jones' pinata won't fill itself.

Aye-aye, Captain!


Ah. You don't miss a trick, do you, Mick?

Those poor tourists don't see him coming.

I'm just proud of our cultural heritage, that's all.

Here, have you seen the parrot I got in?

Ho-ho-ho! The kids love him!

£5 a photo. My beauty!

Just don't try the grog.

Bottom-shelf booze he can't get rid of.

Tastes like paint-stripper.

Nonsense! That's fine Latvian cherry brandy.

And a healthy and refreshing soft drink called Digest.

I'll pass, thanks. I'm here for work.

You ever seen anyone with that tattoo?


Here, well, I'm not sure I can say.

I mean, people are entitled to their privacy in their local.

They'll steer clear if they think I'm passing on information to you lot.

They won't be coming at all if Food Standards find out you have a parrot for a bartender.

Well, now I look at it, the Bull's-eye Buccaneers have a similar tattoo.

They're a darts team who play here sometimes.

Got any names?

Yeah, Dick, Tony, I think.

And old Blackbeard.

He's always hanging out on that rust bucket of his down Catch Quay.

Why don't you go and bother him?

Thank you(!)

Pieces of eight!

Pieces of eight!

That's the one. She's a nasty lady, ain't she?


Hey, hey, Davey!

Jane thought you might recognise this tattoo. It's from our John Doe.

No idea, no. Sorry.

How's it going?

Yeah, it's all right.

It's a shame.

This place used to be the soul of the town.

My uncle used to work here.

When I was a kid, he used to bring back fish heads and hide them in the garden.

It gave me nightmares.

Look at that! I didn't think the press would be so bothered.

Hey! You want to tell me what you're doing walking on my crime scene?

Oh! Er... Don Shapur, Corporate Acquisitions. I own this.

DS Davey Higgins. I called your office hours ago.

And here I am. Um... if we could get this done quickly, I want to chat to the hacks, get some free advertising.

What, for an armed robbery?

No publicity is bad publicity.

All right, you want to tell me why they used this building as cover?

How would I know? I've only been here a couple of times, with potential buyers.

No regular maintenance staff or builders, or...?

No. I bought this dump for the real estate and I'll flip it, turn a cheeky profit, then move on.

That's a shame, isn't it, for all those locals you're throwing out of work?

Oh, please! What about the jobs at the new holiday resort?

Well, you want to tell a third-generation fisherman to wait tables, you be my guest.

So, what sort of compensation am I looking at?

They broke into my property, I'm a victim here.

No-one broke in, they just came straight through the front door.

They had keys?


And as the owner, you're responsible for who has access.

You don't think...?!

Anyone who worked here could have a copy.

Er... no. All the external locks, they use restricted keys.

Can't be cut by just anyone.

So someone made off with a key.

Do I have to do your job for you?

Rest assured, I'll be covering every angle.

Actually, could I see your set?

Um... I don't have them right now.

Oh. Missing?

Misplaced. I don't have time to search for keys, that's your job.

Now, if we're done here, I'd like to chat to the press.

Thank you, David.

Ahoy there! Welcome to Captain Blackbeard's boat.

Well, as I live and breathe, young Jane Kennedy!

How are thee, luvver?

I'm fine, thanks. How are you, Mr Fraser?

You know to call me Blackbeard. Come aboard!

Whatever happened to that snaggletoothed little girl who stole my pipe?

Your old mum'll never forgive me for letting you have that puff.

I'd stay clear still. So, what's all this?

You moved into children's parties?

Well, I'd be twiddling my thumbs else.

No demand for my catch.

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.

I used to love my dad's stories of your adventures on the high seas.

I'd complain, but who'd listen?

Shane! Betty! Stop running around, or you'll fall in!

That's Ruby. I'll introduce you.

Nothing sordid. She's the wife of a dear friend.

We've teamed up to get the grockles aboard.

Ruby, come and meet Jane, our coroner.

I used to fish with her old man, God rest him.

A pleasure.

I won't stay long. I was told you're part of a darts team?

I'm asking after a man with this tattoo.

Well, look no further.

And your team-mates have the same design?

We got tipsy one night after checking out on a nine-dart finish.

Woke up with one apiece.

What's this about?

I'm sorry to say, but a body's been found and they have this tattoo.

When did you last see Dick and Tony?

Well, last night. We played a game at the Captain's Pipe.

I haven't seen either since.

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

I'm Dick's wife. What's this about a body?

Er... when did you last see your husband?


He usually gets in around dawn, but I didn't see him this morning.

Ms Kennedy, where's my husband?

Robbers dressed as pirates...

There you go, my love.

And remember, only £5 for a photo with Princess Polly.

Polly? Where are you, girl? Polly?

Where are you, girl?

If they'd have hurt our Beth, I'd have shoved a cutlass where the sun don't shine.

Clever, though, dressing like pirates.

Looks like they took a leaf out of your book, Mick.

Here, come on, that's enough of that.

Come on. We've got work to do.

Come on. Come on!

Going somewhere?

What? No.

You're holding a bag.

Yeah, er... yeah. I'm going to go see my mum.

Oh. Is your dad letting you out, then?


And if he finds out, I'm going to be stuck, so keep it between us, yeah?

Well, I normally report on your every move(!)

I mean it. Keep quiet!


I'd just like to take a minute to explain how this works.

It will be disturbing.

Can we just do it?

Please. I have to know.

Of course.

What happened to him?

I'm afraid we don't know.

But we will find out, I promise.

Is this your husband?


Yeah, that's him.

You don't think he...?

Oh, God, I can't even say it!

Think he what?

He's been so depressed since he lost his job.

He was a shucker down the fish market.

When that shut, something inside him just turned off.

If we step outside, we can take a moment to...

It's all right, I can manage until I get home.

Sorry, I meant just a moment to complete the paperwork.


Yeah. Course.

Thank you. This way.

I'll just be a moment.

Clint? It's me. The wife just confirmed.

Let's get a DNA match as soon as we can.

We've got the who, just not the how.

She gave me a photo of him.

OK. Just keep your eye on the place, will you, in case he comes back?

Never far behind, is she?

Fancy seeing you here.

If you're looking for the elusive Tony, he's not in.

I am. He's one of the last people to have seen my body.

Not my body, obv... Davey!

Whatever you get up to after hours is none of my business.

Grow up!

Haven't you got work to do?

Yeah. I'm on the clock.

Tony was the caretaker at the fish market.

So, who better to have a key than him, eh?

Why, do you think our cases are linked?

You'd like that, wouldn't you? Then I could solve it for you.

Oh, please! I got here first.

But there's no Tony.

Yeah, I know that, but did you know Tony had a sweet old nan who passed away recently?

And she had a cottage sitting empty.

Perfect hiding place.

What are you doing?

Oh, I'm just, er... just taking notes.

Don't touch anything.


Don't let him touch anything.

He's coming with us! Clint?


Come on, my lovely bird. Come on.

Or you'll be Sunday's roast!

Come on!


Another customer's come back with a dickey tummy!

I told you, it's that vegan hot dog stand across the road.

Who knows what goes into them?

It's your bleedin' grog, and you know it!

We've had another throw-up.

All right, all right. Close up shop and get rid of the grog.

Can't you see I'm in serious negotiations here with the talent?!

Pieces of eight!

Right, now, come on, beautiful.

Come on.

Are you running away?

So what if I am?

Well, where are you going to, to your mum?

If you know where she is, you have to tell me.

I don't!

I don't know where she is.

But why did she leave, hm?

What did you do?

I don't know. She left without a word.

She wouldn't do that.

No. She wouldn't just leave me, unless you made her.

Don't you think I want to know why, huh?

I can't sleep. I keep thinking, "What went wrong?"

You can blame me, but she is the one that walked out on us.


What did you do? Did you hit her, or did you cheat?

What did you do? What did you do?!

Kass! Stop it!

Now that Mum's gone, I've got nothing left here.

How are you getting signal out here?

It's my alarm.

I forgot to pick up those lamb shanks for Annette yesterday.

I don't want to let her down again.

Right, when we get there, I want you to stay on the boat.

I don't need the paperwork if you get hurt.

What, and miss out on all the fun?

How are you so sure Tony's inside?

Hey! Looks like someone's triggered the dye pack.

Wait a minute, that's not Tony.

That's... that's Richard Hamilton. That's Ruby's husband!

He's dead, isn't he?

Just pull in over there for us, will you?



You see this area, get around the back there and cut him off!


Dick! I'm getting too old for this!

I'll take that!

Out of the way, out of the way!


Move! Move!

Out of the way! Not now, not now! Out of the way!


Did you see where he went?



Any joy?

Oh-ho-ho-ho! Whoa!

This is an actual thieves' hideout!

Oh, it's amazing.

Can I take a selfie?


Well, it looks like there's only one cash security box here.

We're still missing £50,000.

It's not much use to them now they're covered in paint.

No, the dye packs are randomised.

I suspect the others will be clean.

Hey, could you put that down, please? This is a crime scene!

I need to call Forensics.

So, if we just chased off Dick Hamilton, who's lying in the mortuary?

My guess is Tony.

He's the only member of the darts team unaccounted for.

Yeah. So that puts your Buccaneers well and truly in the frame.

I don't think Blackbeard would be capable of anything so violent.

Well, none of them are, really.

The kind of fellas you tick off for being drunk and disorderly, not playing Ocean's Eleven.

Er... guys?

Hey, put that... What are you, part-magpie?

Look, I think there might be details of the robbery written on the back of these.

Oh, yeah.

I'd recognise that handwriting anywhere.

Yesterday's heist... your handwriting.

What are you on about?

Come on, Mick, don't play games!

Give over, Davey, Mick wouldn't hurt a fly.

This is like having a smoking gun that's signed, "Love Mick".

You've got it sideways.

Look, it is possible that I may, I say may, have got a bit mixed up with it.

You what?!

Look, I didn't mean to, all right?

I was having a couple of drinks with the boys from the darts team a couple of weeks back and we got talking about the perfect crime, like you do.

Yours was playing pirates.

It's only bloomin' worked, ain't it?

And what about the kill-switch? That's confidential.

You want to try telling that to the guards, gossiping over their pints.

You never know who's listening.

It were pub talk. Just drunken banter with the lads.

I didn't think they'd go out and do anything!

You know me, Davey, I mean, I might bend the rules a bit here and there, but I... I'd never hurt anyone.

I'm sorry!

Come on, Davey, it's me.

All right. But I'll be watching you.

And if I want intel, I expect your help, otherwise you're going straight to the top of Lighthaven's most wanted. Fair enough?

And I'll be watching you an' all!

Oh, good(!)

Davey, I think I can help.

Ah, no, I've got enough of your family involved already.

I'm serious. It's Kass. Something's not right.

Go on, then, lead on, Nancy Drew.

So, we're saying this is Tony now?

No. Not until we get a DNA confirmation.

But the pathologist confirms the cause of death was a blunt trauma to the head.

And then the crabs ate his face.

We can't be blamed for not identifying this.

Not this, him.

We should've waited for DNA confirmation.

Now we've got two families in distress.

Well, look at it like this, now Dick's family are going to be over the moon he's OK.

Ugh! It's disgusting!

It's not a freak show.

He's not here for your amusement!

All right, don't be annoyed at me for your mix-up.

No, I'm annoyed because you're being disrespectful.

This is a human being!

Yeah, a really dead one.

Look, I didn't sign up for this.

Yes, you did! We don't just push paper around, it is our duty to find out how and why someone died.

Yes, I know, we speak for the dead.

Right, and do you know what that means?



It means he was someone's son.

Someone's dad.

And it's for the family.

No-one deserves to die forgotten or ignored.

Are you calling me a thief?

Do I need a solicitor?

I don't know. Do you?

Only if you've got something to hide.

Typical pig.


You ever heard of due process?

I bet you miss the good old days, where you beat your confessions out of people.

Ask me one I do know.

Did you take a set of market keys from your house?

They're my dad's keys, why aren't you asking him?

Why are you packed up, ready to leave?

You told him!

Look, if you suspect anyone, it should be my dad.

He acts like the big man, but he's broke.

All he's got left is that dump in town.

You might want to redefine your definition of broke.

I've seen his car.

It's all a con.

All he cares about is his image.

Now he's lost his cash and my mum, he's got nothing.

He's got you.

Why should I care?

It's not like he ever did.

What's in the files?

Mr Shapur's business history.

Might as well be written in Latin, for all the good it does me.

Why? What's up? I've got to brief the top brass, then I've got to pop by the butcher's.

Er... pathologist report.

Tony, if it is Tony, died of a severe head injury, not drowning.

Right, so, we can add murder to the list, then.

Yeah, but there's more.

He's been dead for over 12 hours, which means...

He can't have been part of the robbery.

So you're looking for two more thieves, not one.

And I still need an explanation on how Tony died.

Right. Well, I need to speak to Blackbeard.

I know how you feel about him, but if the tattoo fits...

Yeah. I'll come with you.

I've got an uncomfortable conversation to have with a premature widow.

You must be barmy, I'm no thief!

There's three Buccaneers. One's dead, one's on the run.

Where else am I going to go?

If you want a real pirate, go and arrest the jackal who bought up our livelihood!

He's living it up while the rest of us suffer!

Suffered enough to steal £60,000?

Mrs Hamilton, I'm so sorry, there's been a mistake.

Your husband is still alive.

But I saw him.

So did I.

About an hour ago, running away from the police.

But he had the same big gut, the same tattoo.

It's understandable, you were in shock.

It's not your fault.

No, it's yours!

You come down here, you get me all worried, what am I supposed to think?!

I'm... I'm truly sorry.

Oh, you're sorry?

Oh, well, that's all right, then(!)

I just had to tell my kids their dad's dead.

Can your sorry make up for that?

We've searched the boat, we're satisfied there's no illegal materials.

What did I tell you?

Ruby... your husband's a suspect in a robbery and he's on the run.

So if you've seen him or heard from him, now's a good time to tell me.

All right. You ready?


Don't leave town, eh? By land or sea.

You should be ashamed.

Protecting them in their ivory towers.

But they laugh at you!

Take off that uniform, you're just the same as us, Davey!

He's in the food! Stupid bird!

Ah, Mr Shapur.

I wondered if you wouldn't mind accompanying me to the station, please.

Answer some questions about the robbery yesterday.

Keep your voice down. I've got a reporter from the Lighthaven Gazette here.

Oh, right. You're still profiting from the crime, then, I see.

Perhaps more than I first thought.

Are you so desperate for leads that you've come here to harass me?

Well, I don't know, you tell me.

It's just I've done some homework and you're near bankrupt.

Do I look bankrupt?

Oh, no, you've got the nice clothes and the fancy car, but I've seen the debts.

How dare you go snooping...?

You've even sold this house, haven't you?

On condition you'd rent it back.

I'd have downsized, myself, but, you know, I'm a simple man.

How do you know...?

My own son.

And I work night and day to give my family everything.

It's what a man's supposed to do, you know.

Where did I go wrong?

Am I under arrest?

Well, you've got motive, no alibi, access to the market.

Found your keys yet? No?

No? OK, then.

Let's try jogging your memory down the station, then.

Don't touch me!

You can't wait to tear me down, can you?!

Whatever I've lost, I will make back again!

You and your pathetic little town, I will buy you a dozen times over!

You might want to keep your voice down.

I'll see you on the front page.

Um... look, look, I didn't mean any of that!

Come on, never mind. Like you say, no publicity is bad publicity.

Do you think Dick's left town?

Gut instinct? No, I don't. I think he's lying low somewhere, panicking.

He's going to need the rest of the money and I was thinking, couldn't Ruby have taken the market keys?

Er... what's that now?

Her reaction to her husband's body, it didn't feel right.

She was straight back on the boat the same day.

And at the morgue, it was all really rushed.

Well, I've seen my fair share of widows, too, and no two people react the same way.

Now, could you get out of here, please, and let me do some police work?

Jim, could you make sure Mr Shapur has had the chance to speak to his solicitor, please?

I doubt someone like Don would stoop to burglary.

I can't see him getting his hands dirty.

Well, I won't know until I ask him.

What, you really think he'd risk it all for £60,000?

That is why I'm the cop and you're the coroner.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, it's easy to see the good in dead people, innit?

I know that man. He thinks his money can protect him, he thinks he's safe. He's wrong.

But is he guilty? You can't convict a man just because you don't like him.

Oh, can't I?

What is that?

I don't know, sir.

I picked up your lamb shanks for you.

I didn't want Annette thinking you don't listen to her.

Hey, love. How are you feeling?

Mum, I'm watching Kass Shapur by the old slipway.


Can you just listen? He's met some woman.

She's older, um... about your age.

Oh, thanks for that(!)

She's got two little kids with her.

Oh, they're kissing.


What does she look like?

Beth, what's happening?

She's left her kids with Kass.

OK. Stay there, I'm on my way.

Right, well, I think we'll leave old Don to sweat a bit.

Hey, I thought I told you to sit outside Mick's place?

I've got to eat sometime, Guv.

Don't worry. I need to find out more about Don and his son from Mick, anyway.

Don't get indigestion, will you(?)

And don't forget your siesta(!)

What do you think you're doing, hm? Are you stalking me?

I'm not the one sneaking about.

Yes you are!

Beth, I told you to mind your own business.


You called your mum?

I'm done. Both of you, leave us alone.

Fine. I'll let your dad handle this.

What do you...? Don't call my dad!

What are you doing with Ruby's children?

I love her. She's kind and she's caring, and when my mum left, SHE was the one that was there for me.

We're running away together.

We're in love.

Oh, gross!

You're 17.

Did Ruby ask you to take the market keys?


Kass, either she stole them, or you did.

And if it was you, you can forget about running away!

Fine, it was me.

I took the keys, but it's not what you think.

Her husband's a monster. He said he'd kill her if she doesn't take them.

Kass, you idiot. She's manipulating you!

Beth, call Clint.

We'll get him to look after the children while we clear this up.

We ain't going anywhere. She's coming back.

She promised us.

I need to call Davey.

Well, I think you just have to admit that you're not always right.

Look, Ruby's involved, I know it.

Get out! I'm warning you!

Davey, did you hear me?


I think you may be way off beam this time.

Yeah? What makes you so sure?

Cos I'm in the Black Dog now and I'm looking at Dick, Blackbeard, and they've both got knives.


All right, that's enough! Now, you give me that phone!

All right.


You take it easy.


Emergency services. Which service do you require?


What seems to be the problem?

Yes, there's someone with a knife at the Black Dog pub.

All right, put the knives down and we can talk.

Not until Mick gets us out of the country.

I told you, I can't!

Everyone knows you're the biggest smuggler around.

He says he's the biggest smuggler around.

You keep her quiet. It was all part of the plan.

You said you know every cove and cranny around, that you'd get us past the coppers and away.

Oh, did he now?

Please, Davey, Mick finishes what he started and then we're gone.

For the last time, I'm not involved!

All right, fellas, think, I've got you for robbery and murder.

You're just going to make this worse.

We didn't kill anyone!

I know about Tony.

That was an accident!

Shut up!

You know what I think?

I think you three Buccaneers met the day before the robbery, Tony got cold feet, you argued, it got physical and you killed him.

We were scared! We didn't mean for anyone to die!

Shut your teeth! This is what he wants!

Your mate's head was smashed to a pulp.

How could that have been an accident?

He fell overboard.

He got tangled up in the fishing lines.

I tried to winch him up, but he got bashed against the hull!

That's what did him in!

Oh, right. So you panicked.

You panicked, you threw him in the sea, hoping it'd wash him away.

Some friends you are!

What choice do we have?

All I wanted was to ply my trade, do right by my family!

And they snatched it away!

Three generations working the sea!

And now what are we?

We're clowns, performing for scraps!

The whole town's become a three-ring circus!

Is that how I'm supposed to raise my kids, Davey, eh?

Scraping and bowing?

Come on. This isn't you.

What would your kids think if they saw you now?

What would Ruby say?

Come on, put the knife down, Dick.

Put the knife down.

Come on, it's over.

Give me the knife, Dick, come on. Give me the knife.

Good man.

It was her idea we came here. A fine mess she got us in!

Stop your yabbering, you old fool!

Ruby knows?

She was in on the robbery, too!

After Tony, we needed a third man, and she obliged.

Just shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!

All right, all right!

Let go of me! Let go!


Richard Hamilton, you're under arrest for robbery and suspected murder.

You don't have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be given in evidence. You understand? Come on.

Come on.

X marks the spot.

Nice touch.

Well, I thought so.

How'd you find out?

Kass told me about the keys, but really, it was your reaction to the death of your supposed husband.

I didn't buy it.

There's still time, you know, to let me go.

Why would I do that?

My daughter could've been hurt because of your greed!

Look, I'm the victim here. It was Dick's plan.

He killed Tony and forced me into it.

Well, you could've told me that when you lied that your husband was dead.

Well, I was going to.

And then I thought, "How often do you get a chance like this?

"A fresh start?"

See, it's all right for you.

With your high-flying career and your money, freedom.

I've been trapped here all my life.

You've no intention of going back for Kass, have you?

So, it's all right to use a vulnerable boy?

To abandon your own children?!

I never wanted kids!

And guess who got stuck with them?

Besides, they don't deserve a life on the run.

Look, I'll split it with you!

£25,000 to walk away.

I'm not for sale.



Your greedy ways have caused nothing but trouble.

I am relieving you of your command, Captain Mick!

You're lucky I didn't make you swab out the toilets.

This is still my pub.

Tell that to your parrot.


Winged devil!

The crew has spoken!


You made it to the front page.

I haven't got that many chins, have I?

Please! There's nothing of you.

Their last pic of me looked like a grumpy giraffe.

Yeah. Huh! I've got that one framed.

A group of local entrepreneurs agreed a deal to buy back the market and return it to its former glory.

Well, let's hope they got a decent discount.

I thought that would cheer you up.

Well, it won't be the same, will it? Things never are.

No? It might be better.

Well, aren't you the sunny optimist!

I just think things have a way of coming back around.