01x04 - Mistaken

♪ Oh, yeah, candles burning low ♪
♪ Lots of mistletoe ♪

Hey, uh... two adults and one furry little monster.



Here you go.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Enjoy the show.

♪ Right outside my door ♪

Hey, I'll get a seat. Come on, okay?

Hey. Max, Max, Max.

Honey, honey.



He's got a gun!

Gun! He's got a gun!

Lucy! Lucy!

[panicked yelling]





I got you, Max.

Come on! Let's go!


[indistinct yelling]

Get out of the way, lady!






[muffled] Mommy!

[panicked yelling]


Korean Spanish fusion?

Oh, yeah, the short rib and chorizo burrito is delicious.

What if you're a vegetarian?

Then I would go with the tofu kimchi quesadilla.

Can I have a garden salad, please?


What? You said get anything I want.

April, order up!

Yes! Pork and chili taco.

Mmm! Gonna post this.

Yes. Thank you, Dr. Rhodes.

You are very welcome, April.

Hey, Will, you sure you good?

Yeah, I brought something from home.

It's $65.50 total.

Hey, thanks a lot, man.

I'll grab you some change.

Nope. No, we're good.

Thanks, man.

Thank you.

You brought something from home?

I've seen your fridge.

What'd you bring, expired yogurt and baking soda?

All right, we get it. He's rich.

He's just new. He's trying to be nice.

What is that?

It's some cabbage kale thing.

I promised my mother-in-law I would try it, so...

Oh. Ugh.


You got, uh...

Let me get you a napkin.

Thank you.


I think I'm seeing something.

Easy, April, we're just friends.


If you say so.

Here you go.

Thank you.

[beepers sounding off]

Shooting in a movie theater.

Mass casualties. About to get crazy.

EMT four minutes out.

[ambulance siren wailing]

Check that, they're here.

Let's go, let's go!

Let's go, I need two.

Another maniac going crazy in a theater.

This the world we live in?


Trigger disaster plan, get ortho, neuro, walk-ins can wait.

Got it. What do we got?

23-year-old male, trampled, shoulder dislocation, GCS 15.

Trauma 7, yellow.


Talk to me.

20-year-old female trampled.

Scalp avulsion.

All right, Treatment 6.

Thank you, Maggie.

What do we got?

Lucy Simms, 34, unresponsive.

Flaccid, agonal breathing.

Tubed her without drugs.

Trauma 2.

The boy hurt?

He was never touched.

Mom was literally a human shield.

Dad's in the ambo behind us.

Maggie, take him somewhere until Dad arrives.

I got him.

On my count. One, two, three.

2 epi. Pulse is weakened. Ready.

I'm having trouble bagging. Lot of resistance.

[heart monitor beeping steadily]

BP 70 over 40. Heart rate 130.

Stats are dropping.

No breath sounds on the left.

She's bradying down. No pulse, she's coding.

[heart monitor flat lining]

Milligram of epi.

[dramatic music]


No official ID on the perpetrator, but witnesses report he looked to be in his late teens to early 20s and was laughing as he sprayed the theater with bullets.

As soon as the labs come back call me.

Yes, Doctor.

But from my vantage point I can see paramedics.

The police say the shooter's in custody.

They're bringing him here now.

Multiple gunshot wounds.

A civilian shot him.

A high school algebra teacher.

He's on his way here too, and the press is gathering outside.

"The media is the most powerful entity on Earth.

"It can make the innocent guilty, and the guilty innocent."

Gee, who said that?

Malcolm X.

Right on, sister.

Mr. Miller, you're being lauded as a hero for taking down that gunman.

What were you thinking in that moment?

Uh... I didn't think.


People were in danger.

I just acted.

Excuse me, ma'am, um...

Is there someone I... My wife is just...

Excuse me, can I help you?

Yes, uh...

I'm Bill Simms.

My wife, Lucy, was just brought in here and my little boy, Max...

Okay, Mr. Simms, I need you to take a breath.


Your wife is being treated right now, and your little boy is fine.

I'm gonna take you to him, okay?

Yeah, okay. Thank you.

Follow me, please.


Okay, this way.

[heart monitor flat lining]


[heart monitor flat lining]

Slide over so I can needle the left chest.

Hold compressions.

[air whooshing]

[heart monitor beeps steadily]

Got a pulse. Get a pressure.

100 over 78, heart rate 120.

How long was she down?

23 minutes.

Last patient I had down that long... it didn't end well.

Let's get a chest tube in her and then get her up to CT.

We'll take it from there.

Can you take a deep breath for me?

[inhales deeply, exhales]

How about another one?

[inhales, exhales]

Were you part of the crush?

Did you get the wind knocked out of you?

Is that why you passed out?

No, I got dizzy before anything happened.

What about the vomiting?

I don't know why.

Did you buy candy?

Or that horrible buttered popcorn?

You know, that's not even butter.

No, I didn't eat anything.

Everywhere you go, junk food.

When I was a teenager, I thought I could eat whatever I wanted.

Of course, I got fat.

All right, well your heart's regular, your lungs are clear.

How's the nausea now?

A little better. Maybe.

I don't know, I just always feel kind of blah.

What about that meal I packed you?

Did you eat that?

I make her healthy options, she won't eat them.

They're gross.

Besides, they make me feel bad too.


Let's run some tests and see what comes back.

Food allergies, infections...

These could lead to extended periods of nausea.

Nurse will be in to draw your blood.

Get me some baseline labs.

CBC, CMP, prealbumin, Mag, UA, HCG, a urine tox, and I need Dr. Charles. Thanks.

What do we got?

17-year-old male.

GCS six, multiple GSWs to the abdomen.

Two large bore IVs.

Tachy's at 160. Pressure's marginal.

Baghdad turned over?

Yeah, it's all yours.

Reese! Stay with us.

[indistinct chatter on EMT radio]

All right. On my count.

One, two, three.

All right, check for breath sounds.

This the shooter?

Don't know yourself out over this one.

Yeah, we got it from here, thanks.

Breath sounds bilaterally.

[heart monitor beeping steadily]

Can't even go to the movies anymore.


[heart monitor flat lines]

No pulse. Reese?

On it.

He's bleeding into his belly.

We need to clamp the aorta to keep whatever blood he has left going into his heart and brain.

[heart monitor flat lining]

You're gonna crack the chest here?


It's futile.

What, are you just practicing your thoracotomy?

Actually, trying to save his life.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Aw, the heart's empty.

Pump the blood with the level one now.

Give me the tubing, I'll run it through the groin here.

All right. Aorta's cross-clamped.

Clock starts now.

We have 30 minutes to find out where he is bleeding from.

Call the OR, tell them that we're on our way up with an open chest and a gunshot to the belly.

Good luck.

I'll let you write it up in JAMA when he pulls through.

Let's go.

[heart monitor flat lining]

Yeah, headed up with an open chest, gunshot wound.


She's not responding to pain.

[heart monitor beeping steadily]

Pupils still non-responsive.


No corneal reflex, no gag reflex.

Not over-breathing the vent, failed the first apnea test.

We get a miracle?

Not today.

Catastrophic intracranial hemorrhage.

Too many kicks.

God, this shouldn't have happened.

What, you want a why?

People suck. That's why.

[heart monitor beeping steadily]



Lucy Simms was a registered organ donor.

Her husband has given permission for her to be taken off the ventilator and her organs harvested.

The Gift of Hope transport vehicles will be here soon.

I'll alert the OR.

Thank you.

Hey, it's you, Rick Miller.

You're the guy that took out the gunman.

Thanks, man.

Thank you so much. I will never forget you.

I'll never forget you. Thank you.


Thank you, Mr. Miller.

We need more guys like that.


[applause continues]

Mr. Miller?

If you would follow me, please.

Thank you!

You're a lifesaver.

Quick thinking, cracking open his chest.

I would've used the REBOA, though.

And for a second, I thought Dr. Zanetti was about to give me a compliment.

The kid's alive, that's your compliment.

Okay, let's pack him up, see where he's bleeding from.

Yes, Doctor.

Open belly, open chest.

Kid's gonna have a hell of a set of scars.

Huh. Serves him right.

Keep the commentary to yourself, okay?


Didn't peg you for a bleeding heart.

Didn't know you were trying to peg me.

Bleeding's coming from the portal vessel high up in the liver.

A year at Chiraq and I've already lost count of how many Pringle Maneuvers I've done.

Chicago and guns. Winning combination.

And making us all very good surgeons.

[monitor beeping]

Damn it.

The bullet decimated the portal vein and common hepatic artery.

We take the clamp off, he bleeds to death.

We keep it on, we sacrifice his liver.

Well, then we can't let him bleed to death.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Nurse will be with you in five minutes.

Dr. Charles.

Poor fellow in here.

Agoraphobic, picked today of all days to go to the movies.

I know you're busy, I just need a quick consult.

I've got a 16-year-old patient emaciated, persistent nausea, but her blood work's normal.

No food allergies, she's not pregnant, and her mom's all over her about food.

She has all the indicators of anorexia.

Eating disorders is so tricky to diagnose.

I've seen it before.

My best friend in college, she was anorexic.

Starved herself to death.

Her mom? Just like this one.

Terrible disease.

You pretty sure that's what we're dealing with here?


Let's take a look.

Great, this way.

Ashley, Mrs. Cole, this is Dr. Charles.

I've asked him to consult.

I am so sorry about the awful day you've both been having, but...

Ashley, I understand you're not feeling well and haven't been for a while?

Some tummy issues?


So you and food not on the best of terms right now?

I love food. I just can't eat it.

Why is that?

It makes me throw up.

Any food in particular, or...


Well that's no fun.

Makes me nervous just thinking about eating.

I don't blame you.

Are you a gastroenterologist?

No, I'm a psychiatrist.


No, no... This isn't that.

It's her body that's in trouble.

What if I were to give Ashley something to make her not feel sick?

Do you think you might be able to eat then?

I guess so.

Yeah, FDA's just approved a new anti-nausea drug.

Remarkable results in clinical trials.

You should be able to eat anything you want.


A hamburger with fries?

She can't take all that grease.

The cafeteria grills a pretty mean burger.

We could give one a try.



Mrs. Cole, could I get you to go with me on this one?

[sighs] Okay, I suppose.


I have some samples up in my office, I'll have them sent down, and then we'll order you that burger.

Nice to meet you both.

Just hang tight.

Hey, what's the name of that medication?

I've got a board member in my office in five seconds.

Page me at burger time.

Well, there she goes.

Something doesn't make sense.

What's that?

Shooting in a movie theater, and we've only had one GSW, and that was the shooter.

Where are the rest of the gunshot victims?

You look very island-y.

Are you sure you're not Jamaican?

Yes, I am sure.

Well, you look just like the girl who cleans my house.


Mrs. Kovach, I'm Dr. Halstead.

Says you were in the movie theater.

Oh, no, I just said that so I wouldn't have to wait.

You see all those people out there?

So, just the headaches, then?

Oh, I get tired sometimes, and I cough a lot, and I don't always remember where I put my things.

Bring me a cup of chamomile tea, will you, dear?

Oh, I will let your server know, ma'am.

150 over 90.

Let's get a CBC, CMP, EKG, and a CXR.

You bet.

Your symptoms are pretty varied, Mrs. Kovach.

Once we get you lab results back...

Who is that?

Dr. Choi?


I want him.

Excuse me?

Oh, no offense, dear.

The Orientals make the best doctors.

It's their math skills.

So, did you ever lose consciousness?


I think, um...

I have a little headache now, but it's probably just from the adrenalin.

All right, I'll talk to my attending about ordering a CT, just to be safe.

[cell phone chiming]


My phone's been blowing up with texts and emails ever since my name got in the news.

That's a tweet.

This morning, I had 120 followers.

Now I have 96,000.

I'm one of them.

That video of you getting into the ambulance, saying you didn't think, you just acted?

It's trending.

Mr. Miller.

There are a couple of detectives here that need to ask you some questions.

Is he all right to come with me?

Yeah, just finished.

Just waiting to get him to CT.

All right, Mr. Miller.




I already spoke with the officers at the scene.

We're just here to clarify a few things.

You said you saw the gunman enter the theater, is that right?

Yes, from the emergency exit by the screen.

And what was he carrying?

Um, an assault rifle.

You saw the weapon?

Yes, he was, uh, waving it around.

Can you describe the weapon?


I couldn't tell if it was a Kalashnikov.

I couldn't see the banana clip, you know?

I think it was an M16A1.

Did you hear him fire the weapon?

Yes, that's why I pulled my gun.

Is it possible that the shots you heard were actually coming from the movie?



What's, uh... what's going on here?

Peter, the kid that you shot is a prankster.

He thinks it's funny to scare people.

He posts videos on the Internet.

I don't understand.

He didn't have an assault rifle.

He didn't have a rifle at all.

He had a leaf-blower.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

So, they're gonna charge Mr. Miller?


The gun was legal, he had a license to concealed carry.

He thought his life was in danger.

The prankster, Peter Wallace, is another story.

He could face some serious time.

If he lives.

So, her name's Gertrude Kovach.

72 years old, presented with general discomfort, fatigue, headaches, forgetfulness.



She knows exactly what she's saying.

You sure you don't mind?

No worries.

Always glad when someone gets it right.

Oh, good. Finally.

My assistant, Dr. Halstead, showed me your blood work.

Your ACE and calcium levels are high, and your chest X-rays revealed the lymph nodes along your lungs are enlarged.

It could be symptomatic of something serious, but before we go there, let's do a biopsy and see what comes back.

Oh, thank you, Doctor.

I knew you'd be the one to help me.

You're too kind, but humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.


Really? Confucius?

You're Korean.

All the same to her.

Hey, call me after you do the biopsy and make a diagnosis, so I can take the credit.


Hey. You hear?

The kid at the theater, the one who got shot, he didn't have a gun, he had a leaf blower.



It was some kind of prank.

[indistinct intercom voice]

[heart monitor beeping steadily]

We have clamped the entire blood supply to his liver.

It's keeping him alive for now, but it's a temporary solution.

He needs a liver transplant to survive.

Which he won't get.

Peter'll stay at the bottom of the list, won't he?

How long does he have?

A day, maybe two.

He did a bad thing, but he's not a bad person.

He's just a boy.

Please... save my son.


Rumor's floating around, you're gonna want to hear it.

The kid, Peter Wallace, he has a website for his pranks.

Look. Look at this.


Like he's an escaped convict.

Oh, nice little baby!

They got Peter Wallace-d!



Amazing no one's popped him before now.

Check out my blow cam.

[wacky music]

The leaf blower.


Wait a second.

Mr. Miller?

Excuse me, can I help you?

Um... How's he doing?

Peter, the kid.

I'm sorry, Mr. Miller, we can't give out patient information.

Is he alive?



An hour ago, everybody was clapping for me, and now, um... [laughs]

It looked so real.

There's one patient ahead of you for the CT.

It shouldn't be long.

I'll come get you.


I could swear he had a gun.

This is so good!


Honey, please.

Don't eat so fast.

Mom, I'm fine, really.


She's gonna be sick.



I knew all that grease would make her sick.

So much for your magic pill.

You okay? Has it passed?

I'm sorry Ashley's having such a tough time, but uh... her response has actually tell us a great deal.

I should hope so.

Dr. Charles.

Dr. Manning will be right back.

Okay, honey.

You're gonna be okay.

What did you give her?

A Tic Tac.

A Tic Tac?


You gave my patient a placebo?


That's not ethical.

Oh, balls.

Look... Nausea, no nausea.

I now have a much clearer picture of what's going on.

I needed to get around mother and see that girl eat.

I could report you. I should report you.

Dr. Manning, have you ever heard of "bias confirmation"?


Bias confirmation.

Interpreting information so that it conforms to one's preconceptions.

Look, you walked in and saw a thin 16-year-old girl with an overbearing mother, who reminded you of your college roommate.

Who, very tragically, died of anorexia, so voila, the patient has anorexia.

She has the indicators.

She also has the contra-indicators.

If the mother were that overbearing, she never would have allowed Ashley to choose that particular meal, and if Ashley were anorexic, she never would have eaten it, let alone with such gusto.

The mother is right.

It's Ashley's body that's in trouble, and that is your department.

Thank you.

Is it true?

Lucy Simm's liver is on its way back to the hospital?

The intended recipient died in pre-op.

Peter is an HLA match, it can go to him.

Yeah, there are names ahead of him on the list.

None of them are in this hospital.

It has already been three hours, livers are viable for less than 12.

By the time the list gets sorted out, the patient prepped, organ shipped, it may be too late.

Lucy's husband can direct donate to whomever he chooses.

Ask him to give it to Peter.

You're talking about the man responsible for his wife's death.

And he has done a horribly stupid thing, I know, but he's a kid.

Peter deserves a chance to turn his life around.

Dr. Charles.

We have a patient that I think you might want to have a chat with.

Oh. Thank you.

I got... I got mugged a few years ago, so I started carrying a gun for protection, and I took the classes.

I passed the background checks.

I'm not a vigilante.

I don't go out looking for trouble.

It was dark in that theater, you know.

People were running around yelling, "Gun."

I completely understand why you thought he would have had one.

That's right.

I did what anyone would have done.

But tell them.

"My buddy pranked me with a whoopee cushion, so I shot him."

"Another genius gun nut, shoots first, and asks questions later."

"Save the rest of us, shoot yourself, hero."

Those are the nice ones.

Oh, the Internet, right?

I mean, people use it to vent anonymously.

None of them were in that theater.

Yeah, well, uh...

People believe what they want to, and because I'm the only one that had a real gun, I'm the bad guy? That...


That kid did this.

I shouldn't be the pariah.

[knock at door]

Sorry to interrupt.

Mr. Miller, your CT results are negative.

You're fine.

The stitches will need to stay in for a week, but you're free to go.

Thank you.

[whispering] Could have waited.

We got a few more minutes...

No. No.

Look, I got to go.

You sure?

Um, why don't you let me call you in a mild sedative, you know?

Something to maybe help you sleep, just so you have it.

I'll be okay.

Well, here.

Let me at least give you my card.

My cell's on it.

Give me a call if you feel like it.

Really, I'm fine.

It's the world that's messed up, but, um... if you want me to, okay.

I'm here.


Oh, there he is, there he is, there he is.

Mr. Miller!

Mr. Miller!

Mr. Miller, do you have anything to say to Peter Wallace's parents? No, no.

Detectives have confirmed you were the only person armed.

[indistinct yelling]

I did what I thought was right!

And I don't regret anything, and I'd do it again!

Get out of my way!

And there you have it, Mr. Miller...

Are you kidding me?

Mr. Simms, I am not condoning what he did, but Peter Wallace will die without a transplant.

If the liver doesn't come from your wife, he won't get one.

Lucy and I met at a Cub's game.


I heard this... this crazy laughter coming from, like, five rows behind me and... it just...

It just reached out and grabbed me.

I'd look at her, and it would just make me happy, and then, this afternoon, just watching the life get stomped out of her... you know, his site has gotten more hits in the last hour than it's every had before, I mean...

It's disgusting, it's all disgusting.

So, no.

No, my wife's murderer does not get her liver.

I understand.

[somber music]

♪ ♪

Can I at least talk to him?

No, you cannot.

There has got to be something we can do.

And we've done it.

Let it go, Dr. Rhodes.

[door opens]

He signed them.

At this time, I don't know what the nature of those injuries are, but rescuers must be working with blunt-force traumas, fractures... We were right there.

Honey, put that away.

Mr. Miller, you're being lauded as a hero for...

Your abdominal X-rays are normal.

Ultrasound looks good too.

I'll call GI, they'll want to schedule an endoscopy and probably a colonoscopy.


Tests are unpleasant, but they're necessary.

I'm sorry.

Ashley, come on, sit up straight.


She's always slouching.

Can't help it, I'm almost a foot taller than all my friends.

Ashley, after you eat, does your stomach hurt less when you sit with your knees to your chest?

A little.

What about if you lay on your side and put your arms over your head?

Will you do that for me?

Actually... this feels better too.

You know what, before I call GI, I'd like to run one more test... a CT, and don't worry, it is nothing like a colonoscopy.

[thermometer beeps]

The boy who shot up the movie theater, was he black?

He didn't shoot up anything, and no, he's white.

Hm. How about that.

Biopsy's back on Gertrude.


Not cancer.

Non-caseating granulomas.

That's good news.

You want me to tell her?


I'm waiting for one more test to come back, and if the results are what I think they are, I'd like to deliver the news.


Hey. I need a CT for 6.


Yeah, that's fine.

Hey, Nat.


I'm thinking, I only live a mile from you.

When you go into labor, call me.

I'll drive you here.

Thanks, but... you know it could be three in the morning.

Sleep's overrated.

We're just friends.


"I want to take you to the hospital."

Liver's in. We're up.

Abdominal wall's really swollen.

What do you think, VAC pack closure?

Or a Wittmann Patch.

Always creative, aren't you, Rhodes?

We'll do it my way.

Transplant surgeon's got the easy end of this one.

I say that loud enough?

I think they heard you.


Ashley's problem is right there.

Superior mesenteric artery.

The fat pad that supports it has shrunk, and it's now constricting the duodenum, so food passing through her stomach gets stuck in this pressure point.


You were right.

It is physical.

You still could've told me you were gonna give her a placebo.

Long time since my last GI rotation.

What are her options, anyway?

Well, Ashley can wear a nasal feeding tube for the next few months.

Not the most attractive thing.

There's also a surgical option which comes with some risks.

Knowing how the mother feels about appearances, I'm pretty sure I know what the choice will be.



Ladies, on me.

Reese, what do we go?

Blunt trauma. Open pelvic fracture.

Got a King airway and a 16-gauge IV in the right AC.

Still got a radial pulse.

Wait a second.

Oh, no.

You know him?

It's Mr. Miller, the guy who shot the prankster.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

On my count.

One, two, three.

If he had a pulse, I can't find it now.

Damn it.

What happened?

He stepped right in front of a car.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[heart monitor flat lining]


[defibrillator whirring]



Epi. Charge.

[defibrillator whirring]



Another round of epi.

Yes, Dr. Choi.

We've done three.


[defibrillator whirring]


[heart rate monitor flat lining]

Any objections?

[hear rate monitor flat lining]

Call it, Dr. Choi.

Time of death, 22:47.

[somber music]

♪ ♪

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace?

This is Bill Simms.

It was his wife...


Her name was Lucy.

It was Lucy's liver that was transplanted into Peter.

Thank you for saving our son.

What you've done for our family...

I didn't do it for your family.


I did it for mine.

Death isn't justice.

Can he hear me?

Yes, he can.

My wife...

My wife died because of you.

And now she keeps you alive...

And that's gonna haunt you for the rest of your life.

Mr. Simms, please.

No, no, no, I can't...

Look, you wanted a following, right?

Kids today, everyone wants a following.

I'm gonna give you a following every day on every social media site for the rest of your life.

I'm gonna be there to remind the world of what you did!

You will never be able to go anywhere or do anything without people knowing who you are!

You will never be able to hide!

Not quite the happy ending I was hoping for.

Take the win, Dr. Rhodes.

Take the win.

Mrs. Kovach.

Hi, Mrs. Kovach.

We have some news for you.


Oh, where's Dr. Choi?

He's with another patient right now.

Yes, your diagnosis.




What's that?

It's an inflammatory condition that causes your immune system to attack healthy tissue.

It's very treatable.

Does Dr. Choi agree?

Oh, absolutely.

Oh, then... that's it, huh?

Not quite.


Your diagnosis was intriguing.

See, sarcoids predominantly affect a specific demographic.

You didn't seem to fit the profile, so I ran one more test.

What am I looking at?

A graph of your genetic makeup.

You're part African-American.


Come on, sister, put it here.


Give it here.

We got to stick together.


How'd she take the news?

A little surprised.

You're really getting off on this, aren't you?

Oh, come on. Didn't it bother you?

The bigotry?

What do you think?

But, you know, glass houses, cast the first stone, maybe it's not such a great idea to get worked up about other people's faults if you happen to have a couple of your own.

Is this because of her diet?

No, her growth.

No matter what you eat, right now your weight cannot keep up with your height.

So she either walks around with that tube in her nose or she has surgery?


There are less risks involved with the feeding tube.

Honey, come on. Can you see it?

Going to the Homecoming dance with a tube sticking out of your nose?

You know how kids are.

One day, standing out will be an asset, but not in high school.

Trust me.

I'll take the tube.


I want the tube.

Is that all right?

[sighs] It's her life.

Okay, great.

I'll send a GI resident down to put one in.

See you later.

Hey, your transplant patient.

How's he doing?

He's gonna make it.

I suppose you think he didn't deserve to get that liver.

Who am I to judge?

[melancholy music]

♪ ♪

Bill Simms exiting Chicago Med after deciding to donate his wife, Lucy's, liver to help save the life of movie theater prankster Peter Wallace.

What an amazing act of forgiveness.

I don't know if I would've made the same choice.

Bill Simms, thank you for your example.

Coming up, we're gonna meet a figure skater from Hyde Park who may be the USA's next great hope...

Turn that off.

Then we'll go behind the scenes at the Shedd Aquarium and meet the newest additions to the...

Witnesses saw Mr. Miller place his cell phone on the curb, then step into oncoming traffic.

On his phone, a final message:

"It was an honest mistake."

A tragic to a tragic day.

Think he killed himself 'cause he felt guilty?

Or because he was humiliated?

I don't know. I mean, does it really matter?

The time we live in, it's crazy.

No. Look, The Crusades, the Mongol Conquest, World War I, World War II, that was crazy.

We're actually living in the most peaceful time in human history, but not that you'd know it.

You know, every dumb, mean, stupid, vicious thing gets a light shown on it.

The world would be a much better place...

A much safer place if people'd just shut up.


I'm serious. I hate these things.

Here, take it.

I'm done with it.


I don't want it.

I could use an upgrade.

[phone rings]


Give me that.

Hi, honey. You're up late.

[phone ringing]


You had a bad dream? That sucks.

I'm so sorry.