01x05 - Back to the Butcher

Chrisjen: Previously on The Expanse...

Miller: Show me incident reports for the docks for Juliette Andromeda Mao.

Hold it right there.

How much are they paying you to find her?

Come on, Gia's down there.


She kind of needs us here, pal.

You want to take it? Go.

Yeah, all right.


Remember the Cant?

Chrisjen: You're an OPA terrorist.

You were carrying contraband stealth technology.

What was it for?

Get those sensors pointed toward the Donnager.

I need a full report.

Muss: But judging by the file names, these are government records.


This guy was a data broker.

Miller: Well, whatever he brokered, must have been important enough to get him killed.


Authorize full operational control of all systems for everyone now on board.

Man: (OVER PA) Dr. Omari to Intake, please.

Dr. Omari to Intake.

You're an idiot.

Nice to see you too, Miller.

Havelock, you don't listen.

I told you.

I said, keep your head down, keep your eyes open.


Especially in the Medina.

I told you I was going there to...


Please tell me this is just a get-well present for yourself?

Please, put it on my tab, huh?

You don't know what you're talking about, Miller.

She's been teaching me.

I'm getting pretty good, too.


Ka na te nada, Dmitri...

You think all this is gonna help you?

Man, the next spike's gonna go right through your skull.

Yeah, coming from a real fountain of police wisdom.

You know, look the other way, take your bribe, do as little as possible.

Hey, you see any extra holes in me, pal?

'Im was brave for come check on me.

Other police no come down to the Rosse Buurt.

Come on.

You think she cares about you?

What's the name of the scumbag that paid you to lure him down to the Medina, so they could jam up a cop?

Pashang fong, zakomang.

Oh, and me without my wallet.

Too bad.


You put your hands on her again and you see how fast I get out of this bed, Miller.



Amos: Look who's up.

Did you get enough sleep, Princess?

Come here and help me.


Do you know what you're doing?

I fix ships, not people.

(GROANS) God damn it!

Just hold him still.





Where's Alex?

Alex: I'm comin', I'm comin'.

Oh, Jesus!

Holden: Oh, patch him up.

I'm not Shed, I don't know what I'm doing.

Neither did he.

Just give him the shot.

Which one do I use first? The antisep' or the...


That solves that.



Good as new.

Whatever you say, boss.

Holden: What's our status?

Oh, hoss. She is one beautiful lady.

She purrs like a kitty at 12 Gs.

No, no, no, no.

Is anybody following us?

No, sir. Scope's clear.

I shut down the drive and the transponder as soon as we'd cleared the debris field.

And right now, we're just a tumbleweedin' piece of scrap metal.

So, as far as we know, nobody made it off the Donnager...

That's correct.


And no one knows that we're alive?

Alex: That's right.

Then who just sent us a message?




Belu is your favorite color.

Try that one first.


Woman: (ON TERMINAL) Uh-oh.


That's okay, Hinekiri.

Try again. You can do it.

Woman: (ON TERMINAL) Try again.


Woman: (ON TERMINAL) That's a match.

You ta ge im.

Vedi. Vedi ere wango.



Kom wango.

You keep practicing.


Woman: (ON TERMINAL) Try again.

This is Anderson Station.

Go ahead.

Man: (OVER PA) Anderson Station, this is UN1.

Are you ready to surrender?

Fred: Survivors of the Donnager, my name is Fred Johnson, Director of Operations at Tycho Station.

I don't know who you are, or what your intent may be, but unless you're trying to start a war, you need to contact me.

I can help you.

He shouldn't have been able to track us.

But he did.

Hey, isn't he some kinda big-shot for the OPA?

Yeah, what does it matter?

(SIGHS) He offered us help.

We have to go somewhere.

Well, I say we fly to the nearest Mars base and turn ourselves in.

Amos: That's an excellent idea.

We'll just roll up in a stolen Mickey Corvette, with a dead Martian in the trunk.

I'm sure they'll roll out the red carpet.

Alex: Hey, smartass.

A lot of good Martians died saving our lives, so we get the truth out.

Holden: The comms on the Donnager were jammed during the attack.

The only Martians who'd believe us are dead.

So, let's just burn hard to Ceres and we'll take our chances.

Holden: No port is going to let us dock with our transponder off.

And the minute we turn it on, every Martian ship in the system will know it.

Think about it, we're the only survivors from the Canterbury and the Donnager.

We look like terrorists.

No one's gonna believe our story. I wouldn't believe us.

Fred Johnson just offered us a lifeline.

I say we take it.

We're not going to Tycho.

You got any other ideas?

You can't trust Fred Johnson.

We all know what he's capable of.

That was, like, 10 years ago. People change.

The Martians said you were OPA.

Stop talking about stuff that you know nothing about, because...

I vote "no."

Holden's got a point.

We gotta go somewhere.

Naomi: Amos?

I'm with you, boss.

Naomi: Then it's two against two.

We're not going anywhere.


Heard it was Golden Bough that took out the Donnager.

OPA's got gunships now, too.

Commuter: Things just getting started.

Dirtsiders won't pay us no mind, unless we make them.


Star Helix, guys. Just calm down, okay?

The power will be back on in a minute.

Course it is.

Belter: No Earther's pet gonna tell me to calm down.


Belter: It's over, cop...

Hey, what're you doing? Are you crazy?

Belter: He don't deserve to breathe the Belter folks' air.


Belter: Watch your eyes, cop.


Man: I wanna kill that guy.

Pock Mark: (OVER TERMINAL) Remember the Cant?

His name's Filat Kothari, Loca Greiga muscle.

Pock Mark: (OVER TERMINAL) Sayonara, Ceres, that's my going-away present to you!

Onto bigger and better things.

It was posted a couple minutes ago. It's everywhere.

Muss: Does Miller know yet?

He didn't show today.


Show me this, uh, ship's flight path.


Show me...

Julie's projected flight path for the Scopuli.

Go 3D.


In the wake of the riots, the Governor's orders were to proceed with extreme caution when dealing with any known OPA members...

Luckily, this asshole's not OPA.

So, if he resists, take him out.

If he runs, shoot him.

And if he accidentally falls out an airlock, that's life.

Havelock is one of us. This is still our station.

Let's make sure that people don't think otherwise.


Semi. Long time, partner.

Listen, I need a favor.

I need you to run down a transponder code for me, okay?

It's for a ship called the "Anubus," or, "Anubis."

I'm going to spell it. A-N-U-B-I-S.

Thanks, buddy, I owe you one.

Or, are we even?


What're you doing here?

Could ask you the same thing.


Figured you'd be out hunting down the guy who jacked up your partner.

Yeah, yeah, I'm just finishing up a few things, um...

What's that smell?

It's called, uh, coffee.

That's what I mean.

Since when do you drink coffee?

Have you seen the footage of Havelock and Kothari?


Planning on doing anything about it?

Miller: Yeah. I was planning on hunting the guy down and killing him.

Real slow.

Where's the guy going to go?



Right after you find your little rich girl, shake down her daddy for a big payday.

Yeah, that's it. You got me.

All right. Well, Miller. I'll, I'll leave you to it.

You know, everything going on out there, all this shitstorm that we're in, it's all got to do with her.

Julie Mao.

Okay. I'm listening.

You know that memory crypt that we took out of that stiff?


All right. Go 3D.

It had an unregistered flight path for a ship called the Anubis, Anubis.

The Anubis left Phoebe Research Station, and it was headed for Eros, okay?

Now, I'm thinking, "Hmm, maybe something's being transported on this ship."

I'm thinking, "Julie's ship was sent out to intercept it."

And then, suddenly, ships start blowing up, the Canterbury, the Donnager, it's got to be connected.

Does Shaddid know about any of this?

Miller: I told her about Julie, I told her about the Scopuli.

I don't know, she didn't bite.

I need more...

I need more pieces to the puzzle.

What do you think is on this "Anubis"?


Something worth spilling a lot of blood over.

Miller, maybe this is above your pay-grade.


You don't think I can do it, huh?

You don't think I can crack the case?

No, I mean, you need to take this upstairs.

Yeah, well, maybe.

Until then, I'll just, uh...

I guess I'll do my pathetic best.

Yeah, we hear you loud and clear, UN1, but we don't think that you're hearing us.

The terms we've outlined are clear and simple, and until they're met, we're not giving up control of this station.

We want to negotiate peacefully...

Un Command: (OVER PA) Mr. Marama, I need you to listen very carefully.

We will not listen to threats.


We do not negotiate with terrorists.

Is that clear?

Yes, I understand.

Think about your children. UN Command out.

Anderson Station out.

We've taken this as far as we can.

Aw, the hell we have!

It's only been a few days.

They're not going to attack a bunch of civilians.

They're calling us terrorists.

Of course they are!

Gero, we need to surrender now.

I'll take charge if you're losing your nerve.

You can't tell us to stop.

You don't speak for all of us.

We voted together, and we're all in this together.

Gero: We're not giving up on this.

We should've dumped a few more bosmain into space, when we had the chance.

The station manager was an accident.

Is that the kind of people we are now?

No, that's the kind of people they made us.

We have to fight back.

With what?

We're not soldiers.


Gero: If we surrender now, it's as good as killing our own children.


What the hell was that?

They've taken out the generators!


Don't be scared, okay?

Shh, shh, shh.




You know I'm an engineer?

Show me drive diagnostics and core levels.

Life support.


What's going on?

Oh, I don't know, ask the ship, it seems to know everything.

It sure beats the buckets that we've been on in the past.

There's nothing to fix.

You fixed my leg.

Why not go to Tycho, if we got nowhere else to go?

It's a long story.


I always back your play because you always do the right thing.

But usually, I can figure out why.

It's not the place. It's the man.

Fred Johnson? You know him?

I've known guys like him.

Guys with causes.

Causes that get people killed.

So where should we go?



Tell Fred Johnson to clear us a berth. We're good to go.

You talked Naomi into it?

With our track record, we'll probably get Tycho blown to smithereens, too.

Miller: Run through the files on the dock incident.

Slow down. Mmm.

Give me a better look at the people.

Now hold it there.


You knew him.

Identify that man.

Dark rum, Javier.

And, uh, whatever the detective's drinking.

Javier: Right away, Mr. Dawes.

Nothing for me.

Strange times, indeed.

Call it a conflict of interest.

Whatever gets you through the day, beratna.

To keeping the peace...

You know, the holding cells are full of OPA tats.

Street trash and radical factions are not OPA, despite what their skin tells you.

Good answer.

I'm sorry about your partner.

An appalling injustice.

And I assure you, the piece of trash who tried to crucify him is not one of our ranks.

What's worse, he's not even remorseful.

How would you know that?

Because, as we speak, he's in an OPA safe house.

He believes he's under my protection.


Open your eyes, Detective. Look around.

They're as open as I can manage.

Yet, you don't see what I see.

What do you see?

A Ceres for Belters. Run by Belters.

Run by you?

If I live that long.

Right now, the OPA controls most of the grids.

Air, power, water...

The very lifeblood of the station.

And if the Earthers don't play nice...

All we've ever known is low-g and an atmosphere we can't breathe.

Earthers get to walk outside into the light, breathe pure air, look up at a blue sky, and see something that gives them hope.

And what do they do?

They look past that light... Past that blue sky...

They see the stars, and they think, "Mine."

What's your point?

Earthers have a home.

It's time Belters had one, too.

It's important we don't get distracted from that goal...



There's a single contact in that unit.

Call it, and you'll get Filat Kothari's location.

He's yours, to do whatever you think is right to...

Sounds like a bribe.

I haven't asked you for anything.

Yet. What do you want?

A simple exchange of information.

Julie Mao was one of ours.

I want to find out what happened to her just as much as you do.

You think a man like Filat Kothari deserves to walk free?

Because he will.

Far away from here.

Nobody wants that.



Go get your justice, Miller.

Make it pretty.

Let's do this again real soon.


They're done talking.

Have they been jamming our communications this whole time?

The only patch we have is the tight-beam to their negotiator.

So, no one outside of the station knows this is happening?

That's why we need to surrender.



Do it.



Gero: We're surrendering to the Marines.

Crowd: (SHOUTING) No.

We did everything we could...

Hinekiri, show Daddy how smart you are, okay?




UN Command, this is Anderson Station.

We're issuing our unconditional surrender.

We're unarmed. We have women and children with us.


I repeat, we surrender.

UN 1, please respond.


Reporter: Emergency in the Belt as Ceres Station is ravaged by violent riots.

Fifteen police officers were hurt and dozens were arrested as security clashed with Belter extremists.

It all centers on accusations...

Holy crap.

...that the Martian government was responsible for the destruction of The Canterbury, a Pur & Kleen contracted water hauler, on its way...

Amos, get over here, check this out.

...to the already parched Asteroid Belt Station.

This was the scene as police were assaulted, businesses looted and innocents trampled, while the wave of anti-colonial outrage tore through the station's impoverished Medina District.

Holy sh1t.

Protests demanding justice for lost ship Canterbury and her crew gave way to violent mobs who targeted Martians...

Looks like we're not the only ones who remember the Cant.

Retaliation for what some are calling a massacre, and others dismissing as a mere industrial accident.

What the hell?


It can't be...


What's up?

Hey, um...

I just hooked into a feed from Ganymede and uh...

Hey, when you sent that message to Fred Johnson, you didn't give him our names or anything, did you?

No, of course not.

Well, partner, it's gonna be kinda hard for you to stay anonymous now.


Let me know if you want your face to look a little different.



Woman: (THROUGH PA) Attention. Any ships without Earth or Mars issued DC-14 clearance must submit to inspection upon arrival.








Julie Mao. You know her.

You never asked a girl down at the docks if she was looking for some drilling work?

That's the last stupid thing you get to say to me during this interview.


Julie Mao chartered my ship, but that was a couple of years ago. It was nothing.

Why? Why would she charter a piece of sh1t like this?

She wanted to tour the Belt. Figured her for a dirtsider, slumming.

Flirting with the OPA, sticking it to her old man at the same time...

You were trying to recruit her...

My days of giving a damn are long gone, pal.

OPA throws me work from time to time.

Happy to wear their tat, take their money.

Happy to take Julie Mao's money, too, huh?

Babe in the woods, long way from home...

You're as wrong about her as I was.


A month into the trip, we stopped over at the mines on Callisto.

News was that a tunnel collapse had torn open veins of cadmium, and people were dying from the vapors.

After two days down at the aid camp, I begged Julie to get out of there.

But she said she was okay. She said she felt safe.

She stayed down in the mines, breathing the same poisoned air as those Belters, eating the same contaminated food.

She was helping kids who'd lost their parents, folks who were choking on the blood in their lungs.

I never saw her shed a tear over the fact that she had to take anti-cancer meds for the rest of her life...

Only time I did see her cry was, uh...

These Belters at a rally, they told her, "You're one of us now."

You admired her.

And how long were you sleeping with her?

Is that what you came here to find out?

I'm done talking to you, badge.

You can take it out on me if you want to, but...

The Scopuli.

You know, that ship that started that whole mess out there?

Julie was on it.

Jesus... Jesus Christ.

You were trying to stop her from getting involved in something ugly.

I want to know what it was.

She was hanging around some hardcore OPA.


Anderson Dawes.

What for?

I don't know.

A few weeks before she shipped out, she asked me to hook her up with a data broker.

This guy.

Where can I find him?

I don't know.

Where does he work out of?

Come on! He'd... He'd kill me if I told you.

I just saw him at the morgue.

He's on his way to the recycler.

He's mushroom food.

You want to join him?

Tech Noir, Level 14.

Ask the clerk for a Sherpa.



Do you think Julie's dead?

You should've stopped her.

Nobody could stop Julie from doing anything she wanted to do.

You should've protected her.

But you didn't.


She still got on that ship, huh?

You don't understand Julie.

(SIGHS) She went out there, and probably got herself killed over some stupid cause she barely understood anyway.




We surrender, do you copy?

UN Command, we surrender. Do you copy?


Everyone's ready.

They're not listening.

What do you mean?

Imalowda na listening!

(STAMMERS) What do we do?

(SHOUTS) What do we do?



No. If we have a voice, we can still be heard.


There's an auxiliary tight-beam transmitter mounted on Toro 5.

I think it's just outside their jamming range.

I should be able to relay the station's camera footage and broadcast out.




My name is Marama Brown.

Four days ago, the miners working for the Anderson-Hyosung Corporation took control of this station, in an effort to protest the treatment of our children.

Sitara mali.


This is my daughter, Kiri.

She and, uh...

She and the other children have been diagnosed with what the medics are calling hypoxic brain injury.

It's due to the low-oxygen working environments.

She got it when she came to live here with me.

But the company is refusing us medical assistance, and they're denying that a problem even exists.

We're not a violent people.

We didn't intend for anyone to be hurt during our protests, and for that, we...

And for that, I am sorry.

We have tried repeatedly to surrender to the UN Marines. But...


We just wanted to be heard for the sake of our children.



Man: Anderson Station is secure. All terrorists have been subdued.

Well done, Colonel. Well done.

You have my solemn promise that you will not be harmed.

And you will be granted safe harbor on Tycho.

Since you've chosen to remain anonymous, I can only hope you have no hostile intent.

Regardless, you will need to change your transponder code in order to avoid detection.

The instructions are embedded in this message.

Do not deviate from them in any way. Safe journey.



Have you done this before?

Yeah, about once a week.

Well, you're doing great.


Transponders are designed not to be tampered with.

Civilian models fuse themselves into lumps of molten graphene if they get messed with.

We could be a supernova a few seconds from now.

Well, we won't have to worry about Tycho, will we?



We need to give the ship a new name to complete the override.

Screamin' Firehawk.

Yeah, let's advertise that we're a gun ship.

Flying Alamo.


Give me something, please.



It's Spanish, for...

Amos: Workhorse.

I like it. I knew a lady named Rocinante.

She was good to me.

Whatever. Punch it.








Woman: How many times do I have to tell you I don't want any?

Man: Yeah, we're good. That's good.



What you need, Mister Star Helix?

Runnin' a special on some fine new digital duster sims we just got in stock.

Inners of the Inners 9 & 10.

I'm looking for a Sherpa...

(CHUCKLES) Sherpa...

Na sasas...

So, a guy comes in, says he wants a Sherpa, you come back here, tell this dude he's got a customer. Is that right?

Yeah. Him worked back here. That's all I know.

Okay, go.




















Hey! (GRUNTING) Hey!