01x09 - Critical Mass

Julie: Please help me.

Holden: My name is James Holden, speaking for the five survivors of the Canterbury. Our ship was destroyed answering a bogus SOS from a ship called the Scopuli. We recovered a false beacon and identified it as Martian Naval technology. It was a trap.

Amos: Torpedo launch!

Those weren't meant for us.

Canterbury, burn like hell. You got incoming.

Miller: Juliette Andromeda Mao.

You crewed her up on a ship called the Scopuli.

That would explain your interest in her, huh?

Pock mark: Sayonara, Ceres. That's my going-away present to you. Onto bigger and better things.

We're gonna retire to Mars and the Mariner Valley Circle of Life.

My diplomatic credentials have been revoked.

I've been banned from Mars for life.

Frank Degraaf was found dead in his home this morning.

Suicide. I'm so sorry.

Holden: This is the ship. The one that killed the Cant. It has to be.

Someone forced their way out of this.

Holden, behind you!

I think it's absorbing energy from the reactor.

[Sighs] Anyway, what do you know about this kid? Why she's on Eros.

I believe in her.

Kenzo: You're going to Eros, aren't you? Let me help you find him.

Holden: I'm looking for a friend who checked into a room here.

Lionel Polanski.

Hey! [Gunshot]



sh1t just follow you around, don't it, kid?

Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here?


Everything going on out there, all this sh1t storm that we're in, it's all got to do with her, Julie Mao.

You know that memory crypt that we took out of that stiff?

Yeah? All right. Go 3-D.

It had an unregistered flight path for a ship called the Anubis.

The Anubis left Phoebe Research Station, and it was headed for Eros, okay?

Now, I'm thinking, hmm, maybe something's being transported on this ship.

I'm thinking Julie's ship was sent out to intercept it.

And then, suddenly ships start blowing up...

The Canterbury, the Donnager... It's got to be connected.

What do you think is on this Anubis?

Something. Something worth spilling a lot of blood over.

Ladar's really flaky.

Wan: Ah, scopes on this bucket suck.

It's nothing bigger than a light transport, nothing we can't handle, gova gut.

I'm not worried.

You gonna lock up from the adrenaline.

I know how to fly.

Easy. I'm not trying to pet you the wrong way.

I'm trying to help.

I'm sorry. It's just been a long time coming. A long fight to get here.

If I had your kind of money, I'd be sitting in a penthouse at the Shangri-La...

It's my father's money.

I see. And that's his weapon on that ship.

Belters need to know what it is, so it can't be used against us.


You are a true believer.

Darren: That she is.

You may not share our brittle bones, but you're definitely one of us, Beltalowda.

I saw you race once.

Beautiful ship. The, uh...


Hot ship. Hotter pilot.

Prepare to intercept.

Matching course and speed.


Boarding team check, Komang Gutegow?

Wan: [Over intercom] Ya, Bosmang, grappling team, standing by.

Soon as hooks are in, we drop charges, breach, subdue crew, grab the cargo then.

Mowsh Ando Natet, Beratnas, they're scientists, not soldiers.

They work for my father. They'll fight.

Where did that come from?

That's the Anubis.

That's a gunship.

[Rumbling] Breaching pod, amidships!

Seal all compartments! All hands! We're being boarded!


[Men shouting in distance] [Banging]

[Man gasping]


Stinking Belters. Always trying to take what isn't yours.


How'd you know we'd be here? How?

[Julie crying]

Hands off that one. She's a complication.

Put her in here until I figure out what to do with her.


Male voice: [Over intercom] Ma'am, the distress beacon has been planted on the Scopuli.

Canterbury should be picking it up soon.

Woman: Let's hope they take the bait.

The sooner we get Earth and Mars at each other's throats, the sooner we get their eyes off Eros.

[Woman coughing]

Does it feel hot in here to you?


Well, I'm hot. Check climate control and make it cooler.

[Woman coughs] Yes, Ma'am.

[Breathing heavily]


[Weakly] This is Lionel Polanski. I repeat, Lionel Polanski.

[Speaks native creole]

The crew is dead.

I'm being held captive, I'm alone.

Please help me. Somebody come and get me.

Please! Somebody help!

Somebody help, please!

[Breathing heavily]

Man: [On intercom] All hands to action Stations!

[Heavy boots crescendo]

Man: [Intercom] Prepare to fire.


[Breathing heavily]

Julie: [Crying] Please! Get me out of here.



[Breathing heavily]


Julie: This is Lionel Polanski. Mission has failed.

Scopuli has been lost.

I'm aboard the Anubis, alone.

There's something in the reactor.

It looks like it consumed everyone else.

If it's a bio-weapon...

I've never seen anything like it.

I have to get off this ship.

I'll set up an O.P.A.locator beacon, and park it where no one else can find it.

But I just have to leave.

Eros Station is within range of the Anubis shuttle.

I'll be there, waiting for you.

Miller, you asshole. Long time.

How they swinging?

So, listen, that ship you were looking for...

Anubis, whatever, it never showed up here.

But the funny thing is, a short-range shuttle from that ship did.

Anubis 1-A is still here on Eros, racking up dock fees.

Kinda interested to know what's in this for you, amigo.

[Indistinct shouting]

Julie: I tried...

[Indistinct chatter]

I tried to keep a low profile, but it wasn't as easy as I hoped.

I had to get off the streets.

[Blows punch] [Grunting]


I left a trail of bread crumbs.

A way for you to find me.

And I waited...


And I waited...

[Continues coughing]


You didn't even answer.

Dawes on screen: Give the Martians their water.

Julie: Why didn't you come?

[Speaking native creole]

Dawes: You have every right to be angry.

You should be angry.

[Breathing heavily]


[Lights continues buzzing]

[Breathing heavily]

[Light buzzing]


[Continues crying]

[Continues crying]


[Screams] [Hand terminal shatters]

[Breathing heavily]

Please, Mummy, don't let him sell the Razorback.

I want to see it again.

[Whispers weakly] See you...

[Wings fluttering]

Proud of me...

[Wings continue fluttering]

When I come home...



Miller: Julie?

Holden: Ugh! God, what's that smell?

Amos: Sweat, sick.

Holden: Nobody touch anything.

Wait. Wait!


Oh, my god.

Holden: Don't touch her.

She could be contagious.

Alex: Come on, boys, we gotta go.

Cavalry's on its way.

If he wants to stay, let him.

There's nothing you can do for her.

And if you stay here, you'll never find out who did this to her.

[Footsteps approaching]

[Gun clicks] Drop 'em!

Not happening.


Jesus, Miller.

What the hell you got yourself into?

Ain't no way I can clean all this up.

You got that right.

We're not asking you to do anything.

We're just gonna walk out of here real easy. We didn't see each other.

Look, you stay right where you are!

Miller, you tell me what the hell is going on here.

She's gone.

What, the girl?

Room 22, don't touch anything in there.


Just lay low.

Don't leave this Station till we talk.

[Indistinct chatter]

Let's keep moving.

Holden: We need to find out what he knows.

Naomi: Don't push him too hard right now.

He's having a tough time dealing with what we saw.

The girl meant something to him.

It was a shock finding her like that.

Amos: Miller, in here.

Seal off this tenement. No one in or out without my say-so.

Inspector Sematimba, CPM, what the hell are you doing here?

This is my crime scene.

Dresden: CPM works for me.

I'm looking for this girl.

Amos: Doesn't look like we were followed.

Naomi: That's a relief.

Holden: Okay, I'd say we're all in a bit of trouble here, so why don't we just figure out...

What were you doing following Julie?

Holden: We didn't know who we were looking for...

Who were those thugs back at the hotel?

Holden: We don't know.

Any goddamn thing you do know?

All that stuff on her, we saw it before on the Anubis.

The Anubis.

What happened to her? What happened to her?

Holden: Settle down!

Naomi: Back off! Back off!

Alex: Hey, easy there!

Amos, for god's sake, do something!

What we should be doing is leaving.

The cops are gonna be all over us.

We need to get back to the Roci and off this rock now.

He's right.

We shouldn't separate.

I'm going to prep the ship for dust-off. You guys meet us there.

[Exhales deeply]

We both followed Julie here. We both have part of the story.

I want the truth as bad as you do.

[Elevator bell dings]

Thank you for letting me come.

Craig, I'm devastated.

I never would have thought he's...

You weren't here.

I heard he was doing consulting work for the shipyards, which I took as a good sign.

That make you feel better about betraying him?

There was no consulting work.

I found out he was paying for those trips himself.

He was ashamed of sitting around the house, so I played along.

I let him keep his pride.

It was the only thing he had left.

He had you.

He loved you more than anything.

Frank always said, "it is damn near impossible to stay properly mad at that brat."

I'm not Frank.

Would you mind if...

I need to say goodbye.

Rutger: Should I be wearing a mask?

It's not airborne.

But if it's wet, don't touch it.

Unless you want incredible things to happen.

She's got more than enough in her.

Tell the crew to prepare the injections.

Give us a moment.

Dresden: I'm truly sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but your daughter is dead.

We still don't know what exactly happened on the Anubis, but it looks as though Julie was the lone survivor.

Somehow, she managed to pilot the shuttle to Eros.

The only thing that I can say to temper this terrible news is that I was able to obtain a viable sample of the protomolecule.

The injections have been prepared. We're ready for lockdown.

The irradiation units are in place.

We can still do what needs to be done.

We may not get another chance.

We've come so far since that incredible revelation on Phoebe.

Now we stand on the precipice.

We can only learn by letting it learn.

All you need to do now is to give the word.

I'll be waiting.

[Device beeps]


We got lucky.

Proceed as planned.

Holden: We didn't hang around on the Anubis long enough to figure out what that stuff was.

We got off and nuked the ship behind us.

What was Julie doing on the Anubis?

She was O.P.A. She found some new bio-weapon they were putting together on Phoebe.

So did we.

Miller: She wanted to steal it.

They couldn't use it on Belters.

And they used it on her.

She was an Earther.

She died for the belt.


[Crowd screaming]

Holden: What the hell was that?

[Crowd screaming]

Female voice: [On PA] Attention.

Eros Station has experienced a radiation hazard breach.

For your own safety, please proceed...

You guys feel that?

Holden: We sure did.

Female voice: Nearest hard shelter in an orderly fashion.

Son of a bitch.

A ship just blew up in the docks.

The Roci?

Alex: No, it wasn't in that bay.

Alex: That's the good news. The bad news is, the ships are all locked down tight.

[Indistinct announcement]

We're stuck here.


[Indistinct announcement continues]

[Crowd clamoring]


The drives that match these serial numbers, what ships were they installed in?


Include black ops.

Locate the drives.

Where are they right now?


[Indistinct shouting]

Female voice: [On PA] For your own safety, please proceed immediately to the nearest hard shelter in an orderly fashion...

What are you looking at?

Miller: When I see them cops, they're CPM Station security.

They're gangsters with badges.

One team rounds 'em up, the other shakes 'em out.

This was planned. They have assignments.

[Indistinct shouting]

They knew it was gonna happen.

How could they know a ship was going to blow up in the docks?

[Indistinct announcements on PA]

They blew it up themselves.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hey! Where the hell are you going?

Let him go!

Miller's onto something.

It's all connected. The Cant, the girl...

It's not your problem.

And it's not your fault.

None of it is.


But now I'm making it my problem.

Meet me back at the Roci, I'll be a few hours, tops.

We're better when we stick together.

If I'm not back in three hours, leave.

Female voice: [On PA] Attention.

Eros Station has experienced a radiation hazard breach.

For your own safety, please proceed immediately to the...

[Announcement in native Creole over PA]

[Indistinct shouting]

Female cop: Iodine supplement. Protects from radiation. Mandatory.

[Indistinct shouting]

Pick it up!

Move along.

No. No. No. You do not want to be around me right now, okay.

This is gonna get ugly. I'm getting used to ugly.

Those two in the middle.

The guys who took out the Donnager had body armor just like that.

Not who I'm aiming at.

Holden: Who is he?

One of the guys who do what they did to Julie.

You need to go back to your friends.



If he killed Julie, he killed my ship too.

I need you alive!


[Both grunting]

Cop 1: All right, Sabakawala.

Cop 2: Hey! Break it on your feet!

Cop 3: Towalda supposed to go to shelter.

Hey! You go quiet and go now, else we throw you in there, ourselves.

Help me up. My neck. Come on.


Here's your problem, asshole.

That just made me feel better.

Turn around.

My name is Frederick Lucius Johnson.

[Exhales deeply]

Many of you know me, one way or another.

My name is Frederick Lucius Johnson.

[Clears throat]

[Exhales deeply]


My name is Frederick Lucius Johnson.

Many of you know me, one way or another.

I come before you today not as a member of the Outer Planets Alliance, though I am proud to call myself one, but as citizen of the system.

At this moment, the UNN Nathan Hale is headed for Tycho Station to arrest me because the UN believes I was involved in the attacks on the Donnager.

That is not true. And I can prove it.

This datacube was recovered from the wreckage of the Donnager, in the armor of a Martian marine.

I'm broadcasting the raw data with this message.

Anyone can examine and authenticate it.

It's a detailed analysis of the ships that destroyed the Donnager.

They were advanced stealth fighters.

They didn't come from the Belt.

I didn't build them.

No Belter did, or could.

Some people won't believe that coming from me, because of who I am.

I accept that.

None of us can change the things we've done.

But we can all change what we do next.

I've seen battle.

I've taken many lives.

I've been the oppressor, and I know his mind.

And now I hear the drumbeats of war.

It's the sound of lies and the love of power, and I cannot stand idly by.

The belt has served the inner planets for generations.

Belters give, Earth and Mars take.

Our language has changed, the things we care about have changed, even our bodies have changed.

We look upon each other as different and we've grown to hate each other for that.

And now someone, somewhere, for some ungodly reason wants the whole, sad lot of us to fight and die.

Well, this is not the Belt's fight.

This evidence proves beyond a doubt that the ships that destroyed the Donnager were built at the Bush Naval shipyards.

They were built by Earth.

All right, who is the guy you're guarding?

The scientist?


He was a scientist.


Dresden. I heard them call him Dresden, that's all I know.

What's this, huh?

It's a Ceres Griega tatt.

I used to run with them back there, so what?

So that makes you a gangster, you see.

But you're wearing a cop uniform. Why is that?

I went straight.


I'm gonna count to one. One.

CPM offered a bunch of Griegas jobs here, a few months back.

Sweet salary, fat bonus, no questions asked.

And it wasn't just us. All the Ceres crews, Ggolden Bough, Dos Arriagas, Sohiro's... They hired everybody.

What for?

Tech stuff, mostly, it turned out.

They had us hooking up cameras and science gear all over the Station.

Holden: Why are you herding everybody into those shelters?

'Cause that's what they asked me to do today!

Their scrip spends.

If these assholes want people in those shelters, we should let them out.

Hey, you're welcome to try.

You said you were a cop.

You a cop like him?

You're going take me to the nearest shelter, and you're gonna help me get in.

CPM sees me with you, they shoot us both.

Oh, he's got a point.

[Gunshot] [Groans]

Holden: Jesus, Miller!

[Muffled screaming]

Let's get this poor officer some help.

As far as I can tell, all the transit pod lines are shut down.

Why would they do that? All the ships are locked down, nobody's going anywhere.

First things first. The Roci.

There's gotta be other ways to get to the docks, so we need to find one.

Naomi: Wait...

Holden, we're on the move...

Comms just went dark.

Alex: This ain't an accident. It's a plan.

[Indistinct announcements on PA]

Please! I'm sorry I was late.

The transit pods have been shut down! The shelters are full.

Please! I just want to get to the shelters.

Go home.

Cop 2: Stay where you are!

Move along now, or we will use force.

[Indistinct shouting]

Are we just gonna stand here?

We can't just charge in and start shooting.

Pretty sure we can.

Hey, keep your hands off these people.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Guard: Following orders.

That's Miller's pal.

Yeah, I didn't get any orders anything like this. You stand down.

I've got rank here.

Not today, you don't.

[Panting] Sir, sir, we're trying to...

[Crowd screaming]


Miller: We got a man down!

What the hell is this?

He needs medical attention.

I can see that, but who the hell are you?

Miller: Hey, some of your guys are taking fire down that connector shaft.

You want to check it out.

We'll take care of him.

Woman: You stay right there.

Open the door.

They said, once it's shut, it stays shut.

[Blows punch] [Groans]

All right, all right. You'll be all right.

[Crowd groaning]

Holden: Jesus.




Get out!

Get out!

[Continues beeping] What...

Miller: What the hell was that?

We just got hit with a mega-dose of hard radiation.

How bad?

We're dead.

Female voice: [Over PA] Attention. Eros Station has experienced a radiation hazard breach...