01x10 - Leviathan Wakes

Emergency system voice: Eros Station has experienced a radiation hazard breach. For your own safety, please proceed immediately to the nearest hard shelter in an orderly fashion.

[People groaning in distance]

Sematimba: They're Miller's friends.

That's a stretch.

Where the hell is he?

Naomi: No clue. He's got his own agenda.

This emergency is bullshit.

There's no radiation in the tunnels.

Sematimba: That's not the only thing that stinks.

These CPM guys are a bunch of gangsters from Ceres.

I don't know what game they're playing, but they're working for someone else, hard-core mercenaries.

We're getting off this rock.

All ships are locked down.

Yeah, well, the Roci ain't "all ships."

Sematimba: Yeah, well, even so, they've shut down all access to the docks.

Look, I can find you guys a place to hole up, ride this thing out.

Something terrible is happening here, and we're not sticking around to find out what.

Help us get into the old mech shafts.

They'll lead us to the docks.

The mech shafts? [Scoffs] Half those things are collapsed.

I've been a cop here for years, I can't even find my way through that maze.

Which is why the OPA uses them as smuggling routes.

On every station, Eros included.

Get us into them, and I'll get us through them.


Okay, I got a CPM override.

I can unlock your ship.

Man: Take us with you. Please.

Please, we won't be any trouble.

[Emergency system voice repeats indistinctly]

Holden: All right, grab anything that looks like a painkiller, stims, anti-nausea.

We're going to need it. It'll give us time.

You a medic?

Ice hauler.


Miller: Uh, Mephedrone.


Emergency system voice: Eros Station has experienced a radiation hazard breach.


For your own safety, please proceed immediately to the nearest hard shelter in an orderly fashion.



I'd say we're cured then.

At least we'll be sharp while we melt from the inside out.

What the hell did we just see back there?

We saw a bunch of people getting cooked by radiation.

Yeah, in a radiation shelter.

Uh, you, uh...

How long you figure we got?

Couple of hours maybe.

You got radiation meds on that ship of yours?

I hope so.

Couple of hours. We can make that.

[Grunts] Yeah, couple of hours till we're bleeding out of places you don't even wanna know about.

Half that time till our ride leaves.

You told your crew to take off without you?



What's the fastest way to the docks?

It's my first time on Eros, all right?

First time anywhere.


[Device whirring]

Dresden: Hmm.

Do you have children?

Not as far as I know.

Sooner or later, they disappoint you.

Few are as fortunate as Julie Mao.

She was blessed.

She touched the unknown and it touched her in return.

She'll make her father very proud.

She's gonna save us all.

[Miller coughing]

[Emergency system voice announcing in other language]


Transit pods are down.

[Gunshots in distance]

[Sniffles] You any good with a tool?

[Gun cocks]

I've never shot anyone.

Half the system thinks you're some kind of outlaw hero, but you're really kind of clueless, aren't you?

Well, then, thank god I got you here.

[Gunshots continue]

Man: Move, move. We're on a clock.

This should be an interesting day for you.

Woman: All right. Let's move it.

Got us a simple space down right here.

[Vehicle approaching]

Holden: In here.

Man: This way. Let's go.

[Arcade console chiming]

Get over there.

[Indistinct conversations]


Miller: [Whispering] Please don't stop here. Please don't stop here.

Please don't stop here.

Let's go. Over there.

[Engine turns off]


[Equipment clanging]

How long until your girlfriend takes off?

Holden: She's not my girlfriend.

She ain't gonna leave you here, is she?

You don't know Naomi Nagata.

What the hell are they building out there?

Miller: Let's go ask 'em.

Wait! There's six guys! Heavily armed!

All right, the math sucks.

Got a ship to catch, right?

Hey. Why is everything so half-cocked with you?

You want to stay here, huh?

Rot in the corner and whimper? Go ahead.

Maybe there's another way out of here!

A conduit, something behind the walls.

Look around.


I grew up in a goddamn pachinko parlor, okay?

And I sure as sh1t don't want to die in one.

Your optimism is inspiring.

Optimism is for assholes and Earthers.


And Belterss?

We know what's up.

We know the game's rigged.

It's been rigged from the start. Always has been.



You know, me and Semi, when our hands were small enough, we used to reach into these machines, grab the chips that got caught in the chute.

It was enough to feed a couple of street rats for a week.

But you know, one day, your hand gets too big and it gets stuck.

Had a hell of a beating out of it.

And naturally, you evolved into cops?

That was Semi's idea.

He said, "you wanna be an ass or you wanna be a boot?"

And which one are you now?


Julie: Yeah.

Which one are you now?

I'm sorry, kid.

[Indistinct conversations]

Holden: Miller! Miller!

Get down! Get down!

Someone's coming! Get down!

[Door opens]

CPM goon: Come on, come on where are ya?

Ha! There you are.

Protogen Merc: All right. That's it. Let's move out.

CPM cop: Wait. Where's Anudo?

CPM goon 1: Oh, I love this game.

[Coin clinks into console]

CPM cop: Anudo?

[Arcade chimes] Anudo?

[Muffled cough]

Protogen Merc: We're not waiting for any of you CPM rent-a-cops.

He's on his own. Now move out.

CPM goon: Come on. Come on.

[Arcade game chiming]

Ah, come on.

Ah, yes, yes!

[Casino chips clattering]


Come on, come on!

Yeah! Attagirl!




[Bone cracks]

CPM cop: Anudo?


[Over radio] Anudo, you asshole. Just meet us at the docks.





Souther: Of course Fred Johnson is lying.

It's his back-handed way of getting retribution against Earth.

Chrisjen: What if he's telling the truth?

[Scoffs] You believe him?

I believe we need a full investigation of the fusion drives in question.

And you'll see it all in the intel briefing later tonight.

Those drives were built at the Bush Shipyardss, but for private contracts and not for us.

And for the last two years, every last one of them has found its way to Tycho Station, and Fred Johnson.

Chrisjen, your investigation into the OPA smugglers was instrumental in uncovering all of this.

And in fact, our people have been tracking those exact fusion drives for some time now.

For how long?

Several weeks.

I just reviewed the entire report myself.

Are you all right?

Yes. I'm sorry.

Frank's death has been a strain.


Well, then, if that's the case, we warn Mars that they exploit the situation at their own peril, we crack down hard on Ceres and the OPA, and then we expose the truth and nail Fred Johnson to it.

I always liked this side of you.

The Secretary-General's convening an emergency meeting with our key contractors to discuss security, and you need to join us.

Of course.

Ah, there you are.

Right on time as usual.



Chrisjen Avasarala, I trust you remember Jules-Pierre Mao.

It's a pleasure to see you again, Madame.

For me as well, Monsieur.

Make sure your kid keeps up.

She's not my kid.

Take care of her.

Man: Don't slow me down.

Look, if you're in over your head, you better say so now.

Shut up. I'm thinking.

Hey, kiddo.

Check this out.

This always used to make my kid laugh.

Keep your eye on that. I'm gonna make it disappear.

Oops, dropped it.

Guess I got to keep practicing, huh?


Alex: Wanna see how I did it?

Sematimba: What you got there?

When they first dug these tunnels, they put markers down so the workers wouldn't get lost.

The OPA uses them to mark the route to the docks.

You're full of surprises.

I've heard that.

This way.

Holden: All the CPM patrol routes are in the guy's comm.

We'll be able to stay out of sight.

Or know just where to shoot.

Transit pods are out.

It's a long way to the docks.


You hear that?


The emergency system, it stopped.

Well, everything must be okay, then.


Cameras, transmitters, monitors.

What the hell is all this?

[CPM comm chirps]

The pods are online.

[Door beeping]

[Pod approaching]

[Pod powers down]

[Beeping stops]

Recorded announcer: Please exit the pod.

Oh, god.

[People groaning]

Please exit the pod.

Miller: They're all like Julie.

They're spreading it deliberately.

Man: [Whimpering] Help. Help.

It's an experiment, the whole goddamn station.

[All groaning]

Holden: We gotta find out who did this. Let people know.

We gotta get off this rock first.

Sematimba: You sure you know where you're going?

Alex: Zip it, buddy.

She knows what she's doing.

Naomi: sh1t.

[Device powers up]

Sematimba: All right, enough.

You're lost.

We're not all dying down here.

We need to go back topside, take our chances up there.

We're going the right way.

We're so close.



Stay back! Don't touch anything!

Naomi: Come back, Mali! Come back!


Come back, Mali.


Man: I'm good. No, no, I'm good.

Let's go.

Naomi: Mali?


[Groaning in distance]

Where are you?

[Woman coughing]

Where are you, Mali?

I need you to come back with me.

We can't stay here.

What was wrong with that lady?

She was sick.

Will she be all right?


But we will be if we go, but we have to go now.

You have to be brave.

You are brave.

Setara Mali.


Alex: We've got company.

[Footsteps approaching]

Watch a hundred thousand people die, just like bugs in a dish.

That's why they picked Eros.

They don't even consider these people human.

Mars will accuse Earth of using a bio weapon.

Earth will claim it was Mars.

The Belt will blame the other two.

It's a good way to start a war and to cover it up.

This look like any bio-weapon you ever heard of?

[Comm beeps]

Holden: We've got company.

No way. No way. I did it. Yeah.




Let's get these guys' gear. [Grunts]

Help us get past these other assholes.

[Rattling in distance]

I got it.

Mali: Nalida!


Shukri? What are you doing here?

Naomi: She was lost.

We're going to our ship.

Kom wit Milowda, we have room.

You can't get to docks that way. Tunnels all blocked.

Nalida: You come with us.

There's a hospital on level nine.

Her uncle is a doctor there.

Naomi: Whatever it is, it's not a sickness.

It's something else.

We can get you off this station.

This is our home. We'll be safe at the hospital.

There is no safe place here!

We're going with them.

Let us take care of her.

Her place is with her family.


Be brave.

Come with me.

We need to go, now.

Naomi: Please. You'll die if you...



[Sighs] [Footsteps]

Kenzo: Whoa! Hey, hey!

Holden, it's me.

You're going the right way to the docks, okay?

I'm heading that way myself.

I'm sorry about what happened.

I thought I was helping you guys.

They tricked me.

Come on, I almost got blasted getting out of that lobby, too.

You were saying something about "help."

All the ships are on lockdown, but I can backdoor those codes. You know I can.

When we help each other, we survive, just like against the Mickies, right?

We've been in the trenches, we've been through the sh1t together.

Fine. Kick my ass when we get out of here, turn me in, but right now, you gotta think about your crew.

Okay, okay.

I'm putting my life in your hands.


You're not a killer. You are a good man.

Tell me why I'm a good man.

Say something.

Your life depends on it.

Because you believe in mercy.

Because you know that sometimes a man is pushed so far that he does things that he doesn't recognize.


That way.

I have a family.

A wife and little kids and a goldfish.

You tell me about them the next time I see you.

You can't leave me here.

You've seen what's happening. This is a death sentence.


[Gunshot] Holden!


[Gun clicking]


Does this look like the right way to you?

This was the way.


This is it.

This is it!

Watch that first step, it's a doozy.

Do you realize our son would now be older than you were when we first met?


But he'd probably be twice as handsome, thanks to you.

You need to go to Luna for a while.

Take the little ones.

Frank knew those drives were stolen.

He didn't commit suicide.

If Errinwright really did have Frank killed, then you're not safe here either.

I will be, for a time.

So long as I play a familiar role, the stubborn old woman, eyes locked on yesterday's game, too blind to see the world has passed her by.

We're good.

The Roci's here.

Where's the scruffy guy?

He's gone.

I think he might've been infected.

We're better off.

What did you do?

We're better off.

[Alarm blaring]

What you mean we don't leave from here?

This is where we told to be!

Your rendezvous point has changed.

You men now leave from dock 4, berth F.

Filat: That's other side of the dock!

You already moved most of your people, yeah?

You got some room for us?

Rutger: Look, this ship has been designated off-limits to CPM.

Your signing bonuses will be increased by 10%, but only after you report to berth F.

That's just the way it is.

I have nothing else I can say right now.

You don't do this to us!

Look, what happens when we take too much of this stuff.

[Indistinct argument]

Possible anxiety, skin rash, sudden death.

Filat: We keep our part of the contract!

Look to me like you're not keeping yours!

Stay where you are!

Rutger: Calm down. We're all on the same team.

Holden: Fastest way to my ship is through all of them.

Miller: Elevator's more of a run, but less people to shoot through.

Holden didn't make it.

Not yet.

Passengers are all tucked in below.

How the hell did you guys get your hands on a Martian gunship?

Legitimate salvage.

Yeah? Well, that's fine by me.

Let's get the hell out of here.

Look, point me to a console, so I can override the clamps.

We're not leaving yet.


You heard me.

Sematimba: Hey, hey! These mercs, they locked down all these ships so that... [Chuckles]

So that no one could leave.

All right? They got cameras on all the docks.

They could be here any minute. We gotta push off!

I promised Holden three hours.

He still has time.

He didn't make it, end of story.

We're waiting!

All right, all right, look, I understand how you feel, all right?

Everybody that I give a damn about is on this station, including Miller, and they're all either dead or dying.

So, if we stick around here, we run the risk of getting killed.

He's right.

We owe Holden.

I don't owe him a goddamn thing.

Shooting me isn't going to get you out of here.

Get me access to the console so that I can unlock the clamps.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Settle down, y'all.

You stand by to drive us out of here.

Alex, you don't do it.

Amos, fire up those consoles.

You don't think I'll shoot, do...



You say wait, so we wait, Boss.

I'm just going to put this below.

Filat: This some real bullshit!

Hold the line.

Yeah, hold this line, big man.

You already moved most of your people, yeah?

You got some room for us.

Miller: Beratnas, these Earthers ain't gonna let us out, man.

They ain't never gonna let us out.

We're just meat for their machine!

[CPM guards shout in approval]

Man, just like all them other Beltersss back there, yeah!

[CPM guards shout in approval]

You ain't gonna kill us.

And you damn well not leaving us!

Blood's on the wall, Beratnas.

[All clamoring] And we just rise up!

We gonna rise up! [CPM guards shout]


Miller: [Shouts] Milowda Na animals!

Filat! Filat Kothari! Come on!

Come on, come on!

He had it coming.

It's a long story.



[Liquid pattering]

What does rain taste like?

I never thought about it.

How could you ever leave a place like Earth?

Everything I loved was dying.


Holden: Hello? Anybody down there?


Well, we made it.

I was never worried.

[Panting] She's gone.

Good girl.

[Sighs] Thought if I could find Julie...

[Sighs] I'd finally know something.

You did find her, Miller.

[Elevator halts]

[Sighs] It's beautiful.



You guys look like sh1t!

Amos: You're pretty messed up.

The machine keeps trying to switch to "hospice."


Was that Sematimba down there?

Yes. I shot him.


They might be infected with that crap.

Holden wouldn't do that to us.

He might not know.

He wouldn't do that to us.

I hope you're right.

[Device chimes]

You waited.

Knew I was right about you.

Being in charge is a sh1t job.

You can have it.

Alex: Son of a bitch!

I can't get the clamps to release.

I've tried every code in the book.

Alex, deal with it!

Right. I'll deal with it.

You are a gunship and I am a Navy pilot, so...

To hell with this gas-hauler bullshit.

Free and clear.

[People groaning on video]

Merc pilot: Station is sealed.

Quarantine beacons active.

Top bay has confirmed uplinks are good.

Send it all to Thoth.

Transmitting now.


People, I think we just got a fix on the bad guys.

You have blood on you.

Not mine.

We saved a few. We should've saved more.

Holden: We will.

[Breathing heavily]


[Muffled grunting]