06x04 - Dead and Buried


WOMAN: Hey, someone!

You better come!

You better come now!

Something's not right!

WOMAN: Oh, Rayleen!

Give it a rest!

You better come!

You better come now!

Shut up!

You better shut up, Rayleen, unless you wanna (SINISTER MUSIC)



Don't look at me.



BREEN: I hate prisons.

SIMS: Well, I think, my friend, that's the whole idea.

People come here for a long time, not a good time.


# Your lies fall like honey # off of the silver spoon.

# Oh, and I've bet all my money Hello, Detectives.

It's nice to see you again.

# . .

and it's the love of the chase, # not the final prize, # and at the expense of this race, # I might just lose my mind.

# And I know # you're good for me.

# Oh, but wild fires Hello.

Angela Lafferty.

I'm Superintendent here.

Detective Kristin Sims and DC Breen.

Welcome to Brokenwood Women's.


Why aren't you in the yard?

I found her in the library.

You know I love a good book, ma'am.

The yard, now.

Yes, ma'am.

Come this way.

# Light it up, let it burn.

# Pray it all gets through to her.

# Light it up, let it burn.

# My ladies are unsettled - losing one of their own.

Even hardened criminals aren't immune to grief.

There you are.

Trudy, kitchen duty is cancelled.

Get her to the yard, please.

And what about Jonesy?

She's still in solitary.

I want her in the yard too.

Move it, Neilson.


Like I said - unsettled.


I'm sure you'll see ifs all rather tragically straightforward.

Corina Doyle.

She was seven years into a 15-year sentence.




Get Gina in here.



Hey, come over here.

I've got something I need to ask you.


You OK?

Yeah, suicide by pencil?

I've seen everything now.

I suppose in here, one's options are kind of limited.


Do you have everything you need?

Uh, who found the deceased?

My senior guard, Denise Karawa.

She was alerted by one of the ladies, who raised the alarm.

OK, can we speak with Denise?

I sent her home.

It was the end of her night shift.

Did she fill out an incident report?

Of course.

It's in my office.

Come this way.

I'm surprised you didn't keep the guards here so we could speak to them.

With overtime rates as they are, it wasn't an option.

Welcome to my pleasure dome.

Please excuse the mess.

Quarterly report time.

I feel I am forever reassuring shareholders the sky is not falling.

You like fish, Detective?

I like your office.

Maybe it's time for a makeover down at the station.

Reckon the boss would go for it?

I do my best to remind the ladies that outside these walls lies beauty and hope.

Whenever they're brought before me for discipline or reward, I see it as an opportunity to remind them of that by hosting them in a room that evokes nature and a sense of harmony.

There was a second guard - Kasey Biden?


Has she been sent home too?

Well, as I said, there was a shift change.

Is there a problem?

We will need a statement from Denise and Kasey as soon as possible.

I will put them in touch.

You said Corina was seven years into her sentence.

Had she spent all that time here?


She was transferred here from City Women's about a year ago.

But she settled in nicely.

Initially she roomed with Rayleen Hogg but asked to be moved.

Rayleen can be a little intense.

We're familiar with Ms Hogg.

And she raised the alarm?


She woke most of the wing.

Was Corina generally well liked?


And happy?

Well, so it seemed.

But troubles run deep, I suppose.

Now, I'd like to walk my ladies through D Wing for a karakia and some reflection to start the healing processing and clear the negative energy.

How soon can I do that?

The pathologist won't take long.

She's Russian.

Very efficient.


Here we go - a Breen special.

Where are we at?

Uh, so the deceased is one Corina Doyle, aged 35 years.

Originally from up these ways, but she moved to the western suburbs of the city in her 20s.

Corina Bennett is her maiden name.

She was married to a Jayden Doyle for three years before killing him in their garage with the blunt end of an axe.

She was sentenced to 15 years - two less than a life sentence - for an early plea.

Clearly I've just wasted my time.

Do you know her personally?

I know her from my time as a DI in the city.

I'm the one who put her away.

When I met Corina, she was a young woman who suffered terrible spousal abuse.

Jayden Doyle was notorious in crime circles for being a violent thug.

Police were called in by neighbours several times.

Please babe, no.

But he always managed to persuade her to drop charges.

Please, babe, don't.


But then one day, she struck back - fatally.


She was apprehended, but after days of interviews, she refused to divulge what she'd done with the weapon or his body.

If there was no weapon or body, how did you get a conviction?

She confessed - right off the bat.

He's dead because I killed him - with one big fat whack.

She told us how and why and with what, just not where to find the body.

You can ask all you want, I'm not saying.

What about his family?

For their sake?


They stood by and let him do what he did.

They knew.

Yes, but they didn't do it.

Didn't they?

Give them closure, Corina.

They don't deserve closure.

I think we're done here.


If you tell us, if you cooperate, I'll talk to the prosecutors - we'll see what we can do.

I'm going to jail for a real long time anyway, doesn't make much difference.

Gotta keep something for myself.

As you can appreciate, this feels somewhat personal.

We should keep an open mind.

But the report said she was found bleeding and unresponsive in her locked cell.


Which suggests suicide.

Does it?

So, Breen, get back to the prison, grab all the CCTV.

Kristin, we need to talk to the guards to get more detail.

I wanna know the truth about Corina's fate.


It must have been a traumatic morning.

Mm. .

Put me off my cornflakes, that's for sure.

Did you ask to be stood down?


I'm working tomorrow.

Back on days for a bit.

After a week of nights?

Iâm covering for a colleague.

Could use the cash.

Though I prefer nights - quieter normally.

Had Corina Doyle shown any signs of distress or been involved in any fights with other inmates?


Not more than anyone else.

You know, tensions boil over sometimes.

Was she liked?


One of the popular ones.

Good-looking, confident.

She seemed at peace with where she was at and why.

How often do you check on the prisoners?

We do walk-bys every hour.

I did 1am, 3am, 4, then nothing til 6.

30 when we wake the women up for their morning routines.

Then you discovered Corina at 5.



That doesn't fit with your patrol time.

Oh, one of the prisoners was making a disturbance.

Rayleen Hogg?


So I went to check it out.

You need to come now, now!

Shut up!

You better shut up, Rayleen, unless you wanna To be honest, Rayleen's hard work.

So I just expected it to be her acting up, but then Yeah.

Yeah, it's not the first time I've found an inmate.

Probably won't be the last but Were there any other prisoners awake?

All of them.

Couldn't have slept through Rayleen's carry-on.

Thanks, Denise.

We're checking with CCTV footage, so we'll be back with any further questions.

Good luck with that.


Well, there isn't any.

I've seen the cameras mounted on the walls.


You have to understand one thing about Brokenwood Women's - money's too tight to mention.

Me and the others have been trying for years to get them back operational - for our own protection, let alone the inmates'.

Well, this may be a prison, but human rights cannot be breached.

Have you considered it puts your staff at risk?

My staff are capable of looking after themselves.

Look, am I missing something here, Detective?

Uh, well, we like to keep an open mind.

There are operational cameras monitoring external exits if that is of any help.

Yeah, well, DC Breen's already on his way, so if you could furnish him with what you do have, that would be appreciated.

Of course.






I'm ready to receive you.


We're on our way.

Hi, Corina.

How the hell did you end up this way?

The fatality was caused by a single stab wound, 2 inches deep, passing between the third and the fourth ribs and the pericardial cavity, tearing open the right ventricle of the heart.

The victim bled dry.

Which is why there was such a high volume of blood?

Exactly, Mike.

Also caused by the curiously shaped wound.

In what way?


I think the blade was improvised.


So it wasn't caused by the pencil'?


But not conclusively.

And what about this?

Is this bruising?


Of some kind.

Very strange.

Perhaps she dropped herself on to the blade, and this was caused with another point of impact.

I will conduct some tests.

Something else unusual.

When I was walking outside the prison, one of the women said something very strange.

I need you to tell Mike Shepherd something.

I know Mike very well.

He's a busy man.

He's about to get a lot busier.

Too busy to talk to you.

Tell him Trudy Neilson knows where the body's buried.

These prisoners are not very bright.

Of course the body's not buried yet.

It is right here.

ANGELA: Look, sorry, your name again?

DSS Mike Shepherd.

Mr Shepherd, I'm unsure why you need to interview witnesses.

There were none.

We're yet to determine the exact cause of death.

But if someone saw or heard something, that could be helpful.

If one of my ladies takes her own life, then sadly, that is the cause of death.

And it is something we will handle internally.

But if it wasn't?

Are you really suggesting foul play?

Well, we need to keep an open mind.

Open mind.

Yes, you said.

Brokenwood Women's has a clean slate in that regard.

Inmates have only very rarely died by their own hand or through an unfortunate accident.

It's very hard to fall on a pencil.

Have you read Nietzsche, Detective?

Uh, not to any great extent.

I have.

'If you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.

' Very good.


If you look hard enough for long enough, you will find things that aren't even there.

Or you find things that are there.

Which is always more satisfying.

Trudy Neilson is waiting for you in the Lawyer's Room.



Been a while.


How are you?

Oh, you know.

Staying out of trouble.

You look well.

Oh, it's all the crap food and fluorescent lighting.

After three years, it does wonders for your complexion.

Your cell was next to Corina Doyle's.

Yeah, she was one of the good ones.

Did you hear anything unusual last night?

Nothing till Rayleen started whining.

Whatever Corina did to herself, she didn't make a bloody sound.

We understand you might have some information about a body.

What body are you referring to?

Corina's dog breath husband - Jayden Doyle.

We got friendly.

She opened up, trusted me.

Talked about how she ended up in the can.

Told me the whole story of what happened with her husband.

Sounds like he deserved what he got.


Did she say what she did with his body?

Buried him.

Did she say where?

She explained it in detail.

She even drew a map.

That's all I can remember.

This map was in a book?

Can you recall the title?

Like I said.

That's all I remember.

If I talk to my lawyer, I'm sure that'd jog my memory.

There's no such thing as a free lunch, Detective.

You will need to prove the existence of this 'map' before I could involve higher-ups.

In the presence of my lawyer, tomorrow.

Sooner the better, I'm sure.

Why did you think Corina entrusted you with this information, after all these years?

She was scared.


Same thing everyone's scared of.

If I die You're not going to die, hon.

No way.

The girls won't let it happen.


but if I do I can't take this secret with me.

What did she think she might die'?

Shaz Doyle.

When she heard Shaz was coming in to do a stretch, she knew her time might be up.

Guess she wanted someone to hold that secret safe.

Jayden Doyle's sister is here in Brokenwood Women's'?

She was.

Doing three years for GBH.

Did you know of the family connection between Shaz and Corina Doyle?

As a privately run prison, I am expected to be operating at capacity.

I'm not in the business of being choosy.

So you knew.


Which is why she was eventually segregated over to C-Wing.

Eventually' suggests that they did have contact.

Well, not after the craft class incident.

MRS MARLOWE: Knit one, purl one, knit one, Purl one.

Rayleen, We're knitting scarves not a bikini.


Maybe you'd like to model it, eh, Corina.

Dream on, Rayleen.

You're gonna die, bitch!


Shut up!

Don't speak!

Well, that's a sure way to drop a stitch.

Shaz Doyle was segregated then transferred to another prison.

When was this?

She was moved away the night before last.

And then Corina supposedly takes her own life.

You don't think that's a coincidence?

Shaz was a threat removed.

She wasn't here.

We're gonna need to speak to all the women in D-Wing.

And we're yet to talk to Kasey Biden - the other guard working with Denise Karawa.


It'll be lockdown soon.

I'll make all my ladies available tomorrow after visiting hours.

Kasey will be working then as well.

For the record, knitting classes have been banned.

Sadly, it only takes one bad egg.

Angela Lafferty runs a very liberal prison.

Limited CCTV, knitting needles.

She's a New Age bureaucrat.

I'm surprised she doesn't offer ladders and angle grinders.


Too many seminars, none of them in common sense.

What did you make of Trudy Neilson?

She seemed genuinely cut up about Corina.

But still prepared to play hardball with Corina's personal information.

Yeah, well, she knows she has leverage.

I mean, what other hope does she have?

Trudy gets leverage, Corina dies.

That can't be a coincidence.

Hello, Mike.


Oh great.

Just what I always wanted (!)

A slab of raw beef for the office.

It is best to simulate human flesh.

I thought pork was your preferred cut?

At this time of year, beef offers a closer density.

Are you giving us a demonstration?


You are.


Stab the beef as best as you can.


Please, Mike.

You know you want to.

A for effort, Mike.

You broke it.



You may have penetrated, but if you look closely you have no lead in your pencil.

I conducted this test myself 48 times.

Every time, the pencil mostly snapped and the lead broke.

The weapon found at the scene had its lead intact.

Therefore, I conclude it was not the instrument that killed Corina Doyle.

Any idea what did'?

It's a prison.

An improvised device.

A sharpened plastic spoon?

Too weak.

The arm of a pair of glasses?

Too thin.

A knitting needle.

Too round.

Macrame hook.


No one does macrame these days.

I will conduct my tests.

Leave it with me.

We can be certain that Corina didn't die by her own hand.

But that someone wanted us to think that she did.

And we also know the women on D-Wing had serious form.

Most notably her immediate cellmates.

Trudy Neilson poisoned her neighbour and strung him up like a scarecrow.


Brenda White stabbed the woman her lover was flirting with.


And Rayleen Hogg electrocuted country music singer Holly Collins.


And stabbed Holly's boyfriend, Waylon Strings.


As we say in Russia, I think it's a case of vishlok, vlavstok, vushka,voe.

Eenie, meenie, miney, moe.




This is a bit awkward, isn't it'?

Having to visit one's sister in the big house.

No one wants that.

What about Doug.

Was he not up to it?

Dougie's moved on.

Having a missus in jail wasn't really working for him.

So it's down to me.

Anyway, best be off.

Good on you.

MRS MARLOWE: We both do our bit as prison visitors.

I've always had a soft spot for Brenda White, as you know.

SIMS: And how's she doing?

Very well.

She's truly remorseful for what she did.

And I visit Rayleen Hogg because, well Well, she'd have no one.


A real Nancy No-Mates.

However, she's doing very well with her Bible studies.

She's found God?

Quite born-again.

Even a double murderer deserve a second chance.

As Jesus said, 'Let he who is without sin' and all that.

Terrible news about Corina Doyle.

I take it foul play was involved?

A murder investigation?


Are you sure?

In so far that we know it wasn't suicide, then yes.

And do you have a murder weapon?

A motive?

We're in the process of obtaining that.

Does this Trudy Neilson business have anything to do with this?

We'll know more when we've interviewed the other women.

Her lawyer is due later.

I trust she's not wasting your time.

Anything of interest in the CCTV?

Not as yet.

My point proven.

An invasion of privacy with no useful outcome.

And an unnecessary cost.

Best we get on with it.

Detectives I hope you're right.

Because if you're not, but the news gets out that Brokenwood Women's has had a murder on my watch, that genie will never get back in the bottle.

Rayleen, you raised the alarm.

Everyone else was asleep.

But you weren't?


I mean I'm actually a heavy sleeper, but I wake early, around 5.

30, to get extra time with my Bible.

Yes, Reverend Greene told us that you'd found God.


He found me, actually.

Which was pretty lucky.

I was lost.

I admit that.

When I met you both back when Well, I wasn't at my best.

God's word is of great comfort and offers a clear path on my journey to redemption.

And I really like the stories.


READS: And then Jesus said 'Hi, I'm Jesus, and this is the way of light, 'and I am the torch of truth, 'and I can do magic tricks.

'Look how I can turn my wine into blood.


Hey- Hey, somebody!

Had you heard any unusual noises before that?

I really liked Corina.

She was really nice.

And she really liked me.

Holding the tummy in and She used to flirt with me in yoga.


Turning onto your left side for the 'scissor Buddha by the pool' position.

Couldn't keep her eyes off me, actually.

So I wouldn't want to hurt her, if that's what you're thinking.

We're just trying to get a clear picture of how everyone related in your wing.

Oh, real well.

Eh, Kasey?

Except for that time Corina smacked you.

That was a mistake.

You know that, Hogg.


Yeah, true.

It's a real shame Corina's dead, but as Jesus said, 'There's plenty more fish in the sea.

' Oh, I'm not sure he quite said that.

Someone hasn't been reading their Bible, Detective.

Well, um, thank you, Rayleen.

We'll leave it there.

Uh, tell me, I seem to remember that your mother was unwell.

Does she manage to visit?


She died.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I wasn't there for her, you see.

I was stuck in here.

And whose fault was that?


Come on, Rayls.

Like I said, slept through the whole thing.

A woman dies two doors down from you and nothing?

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

That's how it works around here.

Choosing not to hear anything doesn't mean nothing was heard.


If a tree falls in the forest and all that, right?

You didn't hear or see anything?

I feel like you're wasting my time.

Funny, I get a similar feeling.

No offence, but I'm only interested in talking to the big guy.


Well, yeah, me too.

At least, you know, he might've heard something.


Your senior.

My boss is busy.


Oh well, his loss, then.

Because what I have to say is way above your pay grade.


You and Denise Karawa were on watch when Corina died.

Did you do a walk-by that night?

I did 12am and 2am.

And anything out of the ordinary?

How long does a walk-by take?

10 minutes.

If everything's all quiet, five to be honest.

And the rest of the time?

Doing what everybody else does these days.

There's nothing much else to do.

That came from Corina?

I was trying to break up a fight between her and Shaz Doyle.


Hey, hey, hey!


Corina took a swing, I got in the way.


It wasn't meant for me.

So nothing personal, then?

Occupational hazard.

But you didn't put Corina in solitary'?

It was Shaz's fault.

She'd been targeting Corina for weeks.

She'd even tried to steal my keys.

Grow a brain, Doyle.


I take it she wasn't successful.

I wouldn't have my job if she had been.

Has it happened before?

Prisoners stealing keys?

Not on my watch.

Do you get on well with the prisoners?

I like to think so.

And the Superintendent?


Could do with a bit less of the whale song and yoga and namby-pamby stuff.

I mean, it's not supposed to be a holiday camp, is it?

Any ideas on how a woman dies in her locked cell?

I thought it was suicide.

Other than suicide.


All these women are bloody crafty.

You turn your back for a minute, and they'll be up to something.

Now, I actually like some of them.

But I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.

I hate this godforsaken place.

It's not meant to be a picnic.

I was guilty of one spontaneous mistake.

You stabbed an innocent woman with a pair of scissors.

She walked into them!

She died, Brenda.


And that was wrong.

I'm glad you can see that.

It was wrong, and she died.

I get it.

But I'm a changed person.

I lost everything.

I didn't just loose my freedom.

I lost Declan.

I even lost my baby.

I'm sorry to hear that.

But my anger is under control.

It won't happen again.

It was just a jealousy thing and jealousy is ugly.

I know that.

I'm not sure why this declaration was above DC Breen's pay scale.

I know where Jayden Doyle is buried.

Trudy Neilson may say that she does, but she doesn't.

What makes you say that?

I'm the one with the map.

I'm not interested in playing games, Brenda.

Your loss, then.

How is it that you know this information and Trudy doesn't?

Because Trudy's lying.

Corina told me, in confidence.


For all I know, both of you are wasting my time.

You sure about that?

You try to get it, and it'll be sexual assault.

You better believe that I'm holding all the aces right now.

Brenda White could be playing you.

I suppose it's a bad time to ask about my pay grade?

So what happens now?

I talk to Hughes.

I get that finding Jayden Doyle's remains is important to you, but is it helping us figure out who killed Corina?

Well, if they're linked, it's two birds with one stone.

And if they're not?

Then we get another stone.

The other two women on the wing the night in question - a C J Walker was in the secure hospital unit with blood poisoning from an infected tattoo caused by the other, known as Jonesy.



Apparently Jonesy scratched Walker across the tattoo.

She went to solitary for that?

Jonesy was already on her last warning after a violent outburst against Shaz Doyle two weeks prior.


Shut your mouth, Doyle!


For someone who wasn't here very long, Shaz Doyle certainly made an impression.

That's the Doyle way - punch first, forget to ask questions later.

Find out what that fight was about.

On it.

Regardless, Walker and Jonesy weren't on the wing.

So Trudy, Brenda and Rayleen Hogg are our key suspects.

Chase up Gina on what object was used as the murder weapon.


Gina hates me.

No, it's an act.

Uh, actually, it it's not.

Seriously, if I ask Gina to do anything, guaranteed she won't do it.

I'll have to tell her it's a personal request from you.

Tell her anything you want.

Just get it done.



We have an issue.

Brenda White stole my map.

The map you told me about yesterday?

I've been totally ripped off.

I would normally handle a property violation internally, but How did Brenda know about it?

When Shaz was being moved to another prison I'll be back for you!




WHISPERS: Hey, um What?

Corina told me where she buried her old man.




When was this?

Few nights back.

Before lockdown.

She whispered it as if she was letting it go.

So where'd she put him?

She didn't say.

She wrote it down.

So, what are you gonna do?

Keep it safe.

What else?

I thought nothing of it until the other morning.

So much for the sisterhood.

'And Jesus said I can set fire to bushes 'and walk on the backs of fishes 'and on the seventh day he rested.

' I can't betray her like that.

But this is your passage out of here.

I can't do that.

Come on.

You said, according to Corina, the cops were begging for her to tell them.

She can't do that now, but you can.

Look, you lucked in, girl.

It's like finding that golden ticket.

Only better, because freedom tastes way better than chocolate, my friend.


Oh, you stupid cow.

She must've gone through every bloody book, because I had it well hidden.

SHEPHERD: Not that well hidden.

If you didn't know what it was, that map would mean nothing - just lines on a page, few letters, X marks the spot.

So Brenda won't be able to interpret it'?

I told her too much.

I thought I could trust her.

But ifs my property.

I want it back.

Given it was left in the library, it's hardly anyone's specific property.

Well, that's easy for you to say.

In this place, there's no privacy.

I don't think that's fair, Trudy.

We do our best to preserve your rights.

You keep what you can where you can.

That's just the truth, ma'am.

I'm not sure how this involves me.

You're the detective.

Find it.

How do I know you're not appropriating Brenda's story?

No way.

Corina told me!

Trudy, from my point of view the knowledge of where Jayden Doyle lies actually belongs to his family.

If I can help them with that closure, I will.

Wait, you're gonna let her get away with it?

I need to look at the bigger picture.


Don't trust Brenda White, Detective.

You'll regret it.

I did.

Thank you, Denise.


Let's go.

Life sucks sometimes, eh, girl.

There is one way to get to the bottom of this.

Hope you're going to put this back the way you found it.

Nothing, ma'am.

There's a thousand places to hide stuff round this joint.

But don't worry, Detective, the secret's safe with me.

So, um, how about you call my lawyer and we get this show on the road?


Prisoners can file these down on the rough stone walls.

It takes many hours, but they have plenty of time.

But it's not a fit?

Not conclusively.

It's probably a little difficult to smuggle into a prison.

Mike would understand.

So no clear indication yet?

You think this is easy'?

Pathology's both an art and a science.

Well, all I'm saying is we're just keen to isolate a murder weapon so we can move things forward.

And what am I, chopped liver?


Oh, I forgot to mention - Mike said something about wanting you to come over for a meal.

When is this?

I guess once he wraps up this investigation.

I mean, you know how he is - busy, busy.

He works very hard.

He does.

Go away.

I need to focus.

Of course.

If it isn't legal counsel Miranda Temple.



I can't believe you're representing that back-stabbing piece of trash Brenda White.

Lawyers tend to have more than one client.

At least the good ones do.

I was booked to come here at 3pm, as you know.

Regardless of who I see, I'm here.

Could you be my lawyer too?

Do you require representation?


No, I guess I don't.

I like it here.

Well, if things change You owe me big time.

Call me if you need formal assistance.

In the meantime, my client is waiting.

Oh, I'll be calling.

Don't you worry about that.


I have sighted the property belonging to my client.

SHEPHERD: I understand 'belonging' is a term that's up for debate.

Finders keepers, Detective.

Ms White, please.

I believe it is what the police are interested in.


'Gagging for' I think is the term.


Let's keep things factual, shall we?

My client is nearly four years into a seven-year sentence for manslaughter.

And congratulations again on a fine piece of lawyering, getting that down from murder.

Some of the facts were unclear.

I didn't mean to do it.

And Scarlett Ming just walked into those scissors.

That's how I remember it.


With the standard reduction for good behaviour, my client is due for release in 18 months.

I propose that when you successfully locate the remains of Jayden Doyle, thanks to the selfless help from my client in locating the missing document Stealing, I think, is the term.

It was lost.

I found it.

Some credit, please?

l propose that my client has the rest of her sentence commuted.

I doubt very much that the powers that be will agree to that.

Well, I presume that depends on how important it is to police to give resolution to the grieving Doyle family.

It's worth asking the question.

Then I suggest you get back to us with your best offer and quickly.

It seems this vital information has a tendency to go walkabouts.

So the question remains - how does a prisoner get murdered in their locked cell other than by someone with a key?

Or a talent for walking through walls.

What about those two guards?

Perhaps there's a motive we're missing.

I'm talking with Denise tomorrow.

I have some more information for you.


But I can't be seen talking to you fullas by any of the inmates.

It breaks trust.

Yeah, got it.

We can meet when I'm off duty.

Maybe something will come of that.

Any progress with Gina'?

Yeah, she's getting pretty close.


I told her that you love her work There you go, not that hard.

and that you'd have dinner with her.


Well, you said whatever it takes.


So are you still following through on Corina's missing husband?

I'm heading to the city first thing.

If the Doyles are as bad as you say they are, why are you bending over backwards for this?

It'll lead us to our offender.

You sure about that?


Are you sure about this Jayden Doyle revelation?

As sure as I can be.

So someone got this intel and iced Corina, making that information their asset?

That's how it feels.

This Brenda White certainly has form regarding the lethal use of sharp objects.

And she has the map.

You've sighted it?

She has a clear motive, then.


But if we close in now, that map disappears as quickly as it surfaced, and Jayden stays in the ground forever.

Three days, we pressed her.

She didn't even get close to giving it up, then eight years later she moves to Brokenwood Women's and spills the beans?


Whoever said prison doesn't have positive outcomes?


So, I will talk to the District Commander, and she'll line up the Crown Solicitor to seek an Appeal Gut of Time.

It's that simple?

Until it's not.

But, Mike, we put this in motion, we're exposed.

Dangling it in the wind, if you know what I mean?

You're a long way from home.

Are you missing the Big Smoke?


I've got other business to attend to.

Thanks, Ronnie.

You remember Ronnie?

I do.

Thanks for the tea, Ron.

It's coffee.



I reckon it tastes just like fancy plunger stuff in these cups.

I like the feel of the china on my lips.

Thanks for the coffee then, Ron.

He doesn't speak anymore since his larynx got smashed in an altercation.

# Pretty girl, can I take you home?

# Jeez, will you shut that bloody fish up?


So spit it out.

You're here to talk to me about that little bitch Corina.


I heard she topped herself.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Your daughter Shaz is in the prison system now.

Yeah, poor love.

Got in a bit of strife.

Did you put her up to it?

Make a move on Corina?

I wouldn't know anything about that.

But if she did, all power to her.

Corina took my boy.

And I hope she rots good, long and good, in hell.

There may be a development in finding Jayden.


Go on.

Shaz succeeded on one level.

She scared Corina into telling someone her secret.

No promises, but I believe I have a genuine lead.

I wouldn't be here otherwise.

I wanna be there when you find my boy.

Hey, Kimberly, how long have you been working teaching yoga at the prison?

Around six months.

It's a bit of extra cash.

Kinda rewarding seeing the women improve.

Pretty bummed about Corina Doyle, though.

You liked her?

Everyone did.

Did you know that she had a thing for Rayleen Hogg?

Did Rayleen tell you that?

She did, yeah.

I'm not so sure Corina saw it that way.

Holding the tummy in and breathing out.


Turning onto your right side for the 'scissor Buddha lying by the pool' pose.

Back off, Rayleen.

Was there any sense that Rayleen felt rejected?

With Jesus on her side, she feels fine about most things.

I bet Jesus was good at yoga.

Holding the tummy in.

He had to be flexible to pan the Red Sea the way he did.

Shut up, Rayleen.

And breathing out.

And it was Moses.

It was Jesus!

After he read the Ten Commandments.

Ask Corina.

It was Moses, hon.

Definitely Moses.

It was Moses, Rayleen.

Who's all going to hell, then?


Not you, Corina.

You're nice.

Coconut flat white coming up.


I've always loved watching birds.

I can't see anything.

Because you're not looking hard enough.

Men, you're all the same.


Oh, OK.

Oh, it's just a mynah bird.

They're not native.

But they're clever and loyal.

They mate for life.

Just two little birds sorting out the world together.

Tui on the other hand Denise- Shh.




A korimako - bellbird.


You said you had some information.

When I found Corina, there was something weird that happened.


Don't look at me.

What the hell have you done?

Why didn't you mention this before?

Well, any way you look at it, me and my team were gonna look lax, like we're slack.

Were you?

Come on, you've seen the place.

It's old and the company that runs it puts profit before upgrades.

So how do you explain it?

Prisoners have been known to fashion handmade keys, in bids to escape or just to be with one another.

Out of what?

A sturdy hair clip filched from a visitor, a bit of wire worked off the perimeter fence.

You know, we really could have done with this info two days ago.


I took matters into my own hands.

On the down-low.

Where is it?


Don't play dumb, Hogg.

What are you hiding?


I don't know anything.

We'll see about that.

I know your game.

You want me fired, is that it'?

No way.

I like you, Denise.


I didn't find anything.

Those women can be bloody sly.


Well, thanks for your insight.

Detective Breen, do with it what you will, but don't tie anything back to me.

If the boss finds out, I'll be fired.

We'll be discreet.

And another thing, and don't take this the wrong way, but I like Rayleen.

She's OK.

A bit crazy, but she's OK.

We now know that one of the prisoners, Rayleen Hogg, had access outside her cell that night.

And potentially to inside Corina's cell too?

But that may not have even been necessary.

If my lovely assistant would step inside?



Easy, tiger.

Less of the David Copperfield.

This isn't magic.

It's simple brute strength.

Rayleen coaxes Corina to the front of cell.

Corina's going to be curious.

What's she doing out?

Now, Rayleen's strong.

She could've pinned Corina just long enough to deal a single fatal blow.

With what though?

Yeah, still nothing from Gina.

She's taking her time.


Well, maybe the object used as the key and the one that stabbed Corina are the same.

Could've been a knitting needle.

Hasn't Gina discounted a knitting needle?

Maybe something similar.

Well, at this rate, whatever it was will have long since been disposed of.

We're actioning the Jayden Doyle lead tomorrow.

Follow this up.

Get me something.

When we find his remains, I want the hammer to come down on Brenda White.

I need a weapon.

He's stressed out.


Can you let me out?





Under urgency, a judge heard the appeal and has agreed to the reduction of Ms White's sentence.

With a five-year probation.

Not up for negotiation.

And once Mr Doyle's remains have been verified, we send a report to the Crown Solicitor.

They talk to the Judge.

And then I walk free?


Take it or leave it.

Now, you sign this and pass over the document.




She drove three hours north to bury him.


Out at Brokenwood Bay.


As a volunteer prison helper, I've tried many things over the years to keep the girls stimulated.

Sewing circle lasted for a while.

But they started stealing the needles to tattoo themselves.

Guys, Check it out.



Um, what does it say?

Ugh, can't you read?

It says 'Paulie 4 eva'.

Father of my children.

I love him.

Yeah, nah, it says 'ave + eiluap'.

No, it doesn't.

Oh, dear.

You did this in the mirror, didn't you?

Walker, you bloody idiot.


You stupid egg!

It's gonna look that way forever too.

There was flax weaving, until one of the inmates fashioned a rope and tried to escape over the fence.

And, of course, there's knitting, until that Shaz Doyle got uppity.

Did any of the knitting needles ever go missing?

Oh, no.


They were always counted in and out by the guards.

Of course, they loved singing.

# I took him by # his big strong hand.

# I dragged him down # the banks of sand.

# I pushed him in, # where he floated down.

# I watched him sink, # as he sure did drown.

# Another coffee, Mrs M?

Ooh, yes.

A bit more turmeric this time?


Now, recently we've moved into drama, and we're currently putting on a nativity play - which is both safe and wholesome.

Hello, Innkeeper.

My name is Joseph and this is my girl, Mary.

She's hot and wild, and we are weary.

Rayleen - not 'hot and wild'; it's 'she's with child'.

Oh, yeah, sorry.

She's hot and wild, and she's with child.

We need a bed.

My baby's nearly cooked.


Alas, my inn is fully booked.

But I have a farmer, whose name is Pete.

He has a shearing shed which is pretty sweet.


Yeah, gidday, I hear you need a bed?

I have a manger where you can rest your head.

Ah, yass.

Where is it?

It's nice to give it a modern twist.

And a few rags from home, it gives the girls you know, a real lift.

And they take it very seriously.


Of course, all that stopped with the baby Jesus incident.

Knock, knock, it's only us.

Here to see the new born king called Jes-us.

We are three wise women.

In the East, we saw a star, and we come bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and 'mrah'.

Oh, thanks.

You know, I've been so blown away, since I had to push him out on that bundle of hay.

Look, Joseph.

Guess Bloody hell, Rayleen.

What are you doing?

Jesus, Rayls!

You can't kill baby Jesus!

I remembered he was going to suffer on the cross.

Oh, what?

I wanted to save him all that pain.

Hey, hi.

Yeah, look at me.


I want you to take a deep breath.


You all right, now?


You don't want to add infanticide to that double murder rap, eh?


All right, all right.

If someone would pop Jesus' head back on, we'll take it from the top.


That's enough for today.


All costumes back in the case.

Of course we'll have to find a new Mary now that Corina is no longer with us.

She was very good.


Once we establish the excavation site, some of you have jobs to do, others may want to grieve.

All will be given their own space to do what they need.


Given the uneven ground, I think those might pose a hazard.

Don't even think about trying anything stupid.

You think I'd screw this up now?

I've got that golden ticket.

I'm already outta here.


# We light fire to not forget.

# We fall too easy, afraid of our last regret.

# Send the light out into the dark # to cast the shadows away from a wounded heart.

# We light fire for the tears in our eyes.

# We don't know Breen.

# that ifs always gonna feel this way.

# But we're here today # with our hearts aflame.


Keep going.


Mike, something smells very fishy.



You disgusting, heartless bitch!

How dare you drag me out here!

It's not my fault!

It's not my fault!

There's been a mistake.

The only mistake is you, you piece of sh1t!

DENISE: Walk her away now.


You might want to give a copy of that to your client.

Don't even think about it.

This can't be happening!

You played a dud hand, girl.

You're better off back where you came from.


So you were searching for a human body but you found a fish?

Like 'the one that got away' except it didn't.

What kind of fish was it'?

A dead one.




I don't know.


Yeah, was a kingi.

And this fish, it was quite intact, right?

So Iâm thinking (INHALES)

it was only a couple days old?

Now, that's what's bugging me.

How does someone in prison bury a fish on Brokenwood Beach?

Well, that's a question you might want to ask the fisherman.




And it was a kingi.

It was a bloody decent size too.

But in the light of what you're saying, Ray did say something kind of odd.

Nice work, Ray.


Trudy will be pleased.

Fancy a drink at the Toad & Lion'?

She told me it was to feed the meridians.

Feed the what?

Part of the spiritual wellbeing course she's been doing.

It's part of her therapy in the clink.

And you believed her?


Well, to be honest it sounded like bloody New Age hocus pocus, but I was on board.

You know, anything to help her sort herself out.

And all that digging too.

You need me to bury a fish with its head facing north?

Feeling that energy will help me get well.

And the sooner that happens, the sooner I'm back pulling pints, pulling my weight, putting all this behind me.

Well, I better get fishing, then.

And don't forget the crystal.

That's the key to the meridian channels.

I promise you the next time I visit her, I'll be giving her a serve.

I can assure you, Ray, that will be taken care of.

Look, fellas, on behalf of my wayward sister, the drinks are on the house.

Good morning, Mike.


Good morning.

I think you are very glad to see me.

Do you notice anything different about me today?

Uh, you're not wearing your usual work clothes?

One of the many things I like about you Mike - very observant.

Hard to miss, really.

You are too kind.

And this is because I have surmised the murder weapon.


First, you must lie on the floor.


Or you could just tell me?

No, no, no.

You'll not understand otherwise.

Please, Mike.

On your back.

Did you get it yet?

I will be gentle.

I promise.

Should we just come back later or?


Uh, Gina has identified the murder weapon.

A stiletto.

You mean the blade was hidden in the heel shaft?


With the heel cap removed, the end sharpened on a rough surface, the right angle and force, with the full weight of a human bearing down, it could have punctured the victim.

After all that's what they are modelled on - the stiletto blade.

And this explains the bruising on the sternum.

It was caused by the toe of a shoe.

Size 40, I think.

Slight problem - prisoners don't wear high heels.

Prisoners, no.

But who does?

Are you asking me for an alibi?

Well, we need to place you at the time of Corina Doyle's death.

I wasn't here, if that's what you're asking.

So you were?

At home, 40 minutes away in Riverstone.

You can check with my husband.


His number.

He didn't appreciate being woken.

ls that all?

I like your shoes.

ls that a compliment or are you being facetious?

It's a compliment.

Other Superintendents might not go for the corporate look but, as I mentioned, I see it as setting an example for my ladies.

Do you wear them to work or do you leave a pair here to change into'?

It depends whether I have a meeting in town before work.

I keep a spare pair in that cupboard.

May I?

It's locked.

You keep it locked at all times?

This is a prison, Mr Shepherd.

Why the sudden interest in my footwear?

The post-mortem suggests that the murder weapon was a stiletto shoe.


That's probably the most ridiculous thing I've heard.

In case you hadn't noticed, standard issue prison garb isn't high heels, nor do my ladies have access to them.

Jesus, Maw and Joseph.



I, um, have to get back to the station.

I have a, um, follow up witness statement thing.

Keep me posted.


I need to speak with Trudy Neilson.


Go get 'em, Trudes.

That was a cruel trick you played on the Doyles.

I think you're mistaking me for Brenda White.

You set her up.

It was a test.

For what?

To see if she was prepared to stab me in the back.

She was.

She got what she deserved.

I had his mother out there devastated all over again.

According to Corina, they weren't nice people.

The thing is, Detective, if you'd trusted me in the first place, like I suggested, I would have led you to the right place, first time.

Are you saying that can still happen?


So can you verify you haven't opened this case since the last time you rehearsed the nativity play?

I haven't.

Oh, would you like me to swear on the Bible?

Uh, that won't be necessary.

So everything that the women used was placed back in here?


It was checked by the guards in and out.

Nothing was out of place, as I recall.

I mean, if it had been, they would have been strip-searched, and that's always, well, a bit awkward.

Urn, you mentioned that Corina wore a pair of high heels.


An old pair of mine.

A lovely blood red.

Well, they're not in here.


Oh, the little minxes.

So you knew that Brenda couldn't be trusted and you set her up with a decoy.

And she went for it hook, line and sinker.

No pun intended.

Actually it was.

Why go to all that trouble?

I needed to see what you lot would offer and that you'd honour your word.

What makes you think we'd be inclined to cut a deal after that display?

You offered Brenda three years off.

I want four, which means I'm outta here in six months.

It's very reasonable, considering her conviction was for manslaughter.


Another of your triumphs.

Ms Neilson's neighbour ingested poisoned honey.

Ms Neilson wanted to warn him.

She put it in his house.

A regrettable mix-up the jury decided, as I recall.

I assume there is another map?

No way.

I wouldn't trust any of the women in this place.

It's all up here.

The map is in your head?

I made a mistake.

I've done time, and I want out, so let's cut to the chase.

I've got what you want.

My client has leverage, and she's prepared to offer that to you.

I'm not going to drag Jayden's mother out into the middle of nowhere, only to have her suffer bitter disappointment again.

I don't care if it's just you and me.

I don't need an audience.

I just want a deal.

Four years and early parole.

Take it or leave it, Detective.




SIMS: I'm interested to know if you've seen this pair of shoes before.


Corina wore them.

And did you or her or anyone you know remove them from the activities room?

I never wore them.

They're as ugly as sin.

I didn't wear them.

Corina did.

And she looked real pretty.

Can you think a bit harder, Rayleen.



What would I do with them anyhow?

ls that a no?

Read my lips.

They're not moving.

Cos Iâm not speaking.

So they're not in your possession.

I wouldn't be seen dead in them.

But I've never been good with heels.

I fall off them.

You have no idea where they might be?



# I pressed a rock ls that a Norfolk pine tree'?

I believe so.

# against his head.

# I watched him fall.

# Thought he was dead.

# But he did stir.

Which way's north?

# How can this be?

# Please, my love.

That way.

# Don't murder me.

# I plunged a knife # into his heart.

# I said, 'It's now # 'that we do part.

' Boss.

# Oh, murder sweet, # what is this for?

# I cried, 'So you This time, Gina.

'wonât hurt me more.

' We need to get Nancy Doyle on site.

Are you sure?

Who else would it be?

My client was only too happy to help bring resolution to the grieving family.

We need to match dental records and DNA if necessary to make sure it's not an oversized fish.

Of course.

In the meantime, I want to discuss a more favourable arrangement for my client.

The undertaking was more than generous.

Immediate release.

Dream on, Ms Temple.

That is if you want to know who killed Corina Doyle.

It's a brave prisoner who's prepared to nark.

Maybe she has a conscience after all.

Trudy Neilson?

An undertaking for immediate release with a five-year probation, subject to a confession.

That's better than a kick in the pants.

I'll make the call.

Looks like we're in business.

SHEPHERD: When you're ready.


Rayleen Hogg killed Corina Doyle?

And how'd she go about that?

She used a homemade key to unlock herself and Corina's cell.

And you know this because?

I heard it.

And what was this key made from?

Some sort of crochet hook that she scored back when we had sewing circle.

And what did Rayleen use to kill Corina?

With the sharpened end of a high heel shoe that she nicked from drama class.

These things were killing me.

Take good care of Jesus.

He's got a lot to achieve.

Look at that.

He'd lose his head if it wasn't screwed on.

Why didn't you speak up about this when we were first called in?


Narks don't last long in that place, and besides, Rayleen's a bit of a loose unit.

It feels safer out here.

What did Rayleen have against Corina?


Look, all I know is she's a bit of a jealous type.

Corina and I were close.

She envied that.

Why didn't you call out to the guards?

So I could be next?

What was done, it was done.


I'll be requesting my client is kept in solitary confinement for her own safety while you gather any necessary evidence.

READS: 'I then unlocked my cell with a key I had made and then unlocked Corina's cell.

'I made her get down on the floor and lying on her back.

' Can you add that she wanted to get on the floor?

For cuddles.

She liked me.

If she liked you so much, why did you kill her?

She was getting flirty with Trudy.

I really like Trudy.

And the thing is you can't have too many fish in the ocean.

Jesus taught me that.

'I placed a pillow over her face and stamped down on her chest with my heel.

'She died really quick.

' And can you put 'painlessly?

She didn't suffer.


It's her statement.

Not like Jesus.


He really suffered big time.

'I then placed a pencil near Corina's hand 'and removed my shoes and tiptoed out, 'locking Corina's cell and getting back into mine, but I couldn't lock my own.

'I was buzzing out too much.

'Later, I raised the alarm so as it didn't look like I'd done it.

' Rayleen Hogg.

You just need to sign at the bottom there.

Rayleen, I need to advise you that you do not have to sign that document.

If you are in any way unsure that it is 100% correct.

Oh, that's very official.

That's what lawyers are for.

Yeah, nah.

It's all good.

Rayleen, you told me you never wear high heels.

I lied.

Where is the homemade key now and the shoe?

If I tell them will I get a reduced sentence?



Then Iâm not saying any more.


Rayleen, I feel let down.


Me too.

I gave you latitude, creative outlets, and you repay me like this.

Were you trying to embarrass me?


Well, you've succeeded.

Well, looky here.

The shoe.

Don't touch it.


Does this look familiar?

It belonged to my Mary.

And that would be who?


It's the one Corina wore.

And where is the other one?

Come on, Hogg.

Where is it?

Did you flush it?

It's often how they like to dispose of contraband.

Break it apart and flush it bit by bit.




Could you show us how you unlocked yourself from the inside?


You've gotta hold your tongue right.

Don't waste the detectives' time, Hogg.


The dental records are a match for Jayden Doyle.

The police have a written confession.

According to the terms of the undertaking, my client Trudy Neilson is due to be released.

I'll get the paperwork underway.

She'll be a free woman tomorrow.

As free as probation allows.

I'll be sorry to see her go.

The ladies liked her and the staff.

It's a pity there aren't more like her.

BREEN: Well, I guess a leopard never changes it spots.

Rayleen Hogg is one dangerous unit.


Think she'll ever see the outside of a prison?

I very much doubt it.

Two birds with one stone.

Well done.


It was always the hope.

Solving the Jayden Doyle issue must feel good.

Laying it to rest, so to speak.


I've never been a fan of loose ends.

You know, I never thought I'd say this, but here's to Trudy Neilson.

She did the right thing for once.



What are you doing?

Who put the shoe in your cell?


You've gotta hold your tongue right.

It wasn't you.

Talk to me, Rayleen.

Talk to me Rayleen!

They're killing me.

Maybe I lied!





Seemed to do the trick pretty good, actually.

That sounds illegal.


Sorry, mate.


What's up?

I need you to do something.


Can I help you?



Uh, I need to buy some stilettos.

4½-inch pencil heel.

Um, a close match to this as possible.

And they're not for me.

Not that you'd be thinking that, but just, you know, in case you were.

OK, sweetie.


You'll be back.

Can't see it somehow.

See ya.


I wouldn't wanna be ya.

This is a restricted area, White.

Move it.

Good luck, Trudes.

Might see you round.


I had a dream about you last night.


Not too sexy I hope.


No, it wasn't that kind of dream.

The thing about dreams is they rarely provide you with answers but often leave you with questions.


I know the feeling.

It's like, 'Whoa, what was that dream all about?' Uh, so to help me better understand my dream, I was hoping we might be able to go over your confession again.


Oh, no, I don't think so.

I'm quite busy.

Got a lot on.

It's OK.

Take a look at the guard behind me.

Who is it?


Denise isn't here.

That's probably a good thing, right?

I want you to try on some shoes.

Oh, they're nice.

Would you try them on for me?


Call me Cinderella, why don't you?


Hey, Cinderella, why don't you give me a twirl?


BREEN: Denise.

Our boss wants a chat down at the station.

Give me a break.

I'm on lunch.

We have also got a warrant to search your house.

It was something that your boss, Angela, said that got me thinking.

About how all the staff liked Trudy Neilson.

But the way you laid your hand on her Life sucks sometimes, eh, girl.

it suggested something a bit more than 'like'.

Compassion perhaps?

And when you escorted Brenda White in my car on the way to the beach, you kept her handcuffed, complying with Corrections protocol.

But on the way to exhume Jayden Doyle with Trudy beside you, you didn't feel the need.

You obviously trusted her.

And when it was revealed that Brenda White had duped everyone, dragging them out to the beach for a buried fish You disgusting, heartless while everyone else was devastated and angry You dragged me out here!

you weren't.

You played a dud hand, girl.

Was that compassion?


Rather, relief.

You were simply pleased that everything was going to plan.

And I've read up on magic and illusion, and the only way into a locked prison cell without making a hell of a noise is with the key.

And you had access to the clothes in Mrs Marlowe's suitcase.


WHISPERS: lt's time.

No, I can't.

I can't do it.

You want to get out of this place so we can be together, properly?

You have the golden ticket, but while she's alive, it's not yours to use.

We need to remove that problem.

I think I'm gonna throw up.

I'm doing this for us.


I don't want 'us'.

I don't.

Oh, Trudy.

We're just two little mynah birds, sorting out the world together.


I wondered for a bit why she didn't yell out.


But, of course, she was being told what to do by a person in authority, someone she both trusted and feared.

Lie down.


Do what I say, unless you want to end up in solitary for a month.



What's with the shoes?

Please, I don't wanna Wait.

What are you?


Wait, what are you- (SQUELCH!)



This sounds like some kind of fantasy of yours, man.

You don't have any evidence of this.

But I do.



Can you take one foot off the ground?

Maybe take your hand off the table as well?


Maybe there is something I want to add to my statement.

Do you love her?

Hell no.

She's a complete psycho.

I made a deal with the devil, Rayls.


That's never good.

Which is why which is why I need you to take the rap, hon.

Sol can get out of here.

And get away from her.

Well, what about me?

You don't want to leave.

You said so yourself.


I quite like it here.

And you need to spread the word of Jesus.

You're like a missionary.


l am.


I'm a missionary.

But I thought you liked Corina?


I did.

It was never meant to happen this way, hon.

It wasn't.

I swear.


Oh, I'll miss you, Trudes.

And I hope you'll visit.

Every day.

Every day.


That's not evidence.

That's the word of some crazy, convicted killer.

You're going to believe Rayleen Hogg?

Normally I wouldn't.

Then you're wasting my time here, man.

But ifs not just her word.

Even though I told you not to, tests show your fingerprints all over it The shoe.

Don't touch it.

as well as Corina Doyle's blood.

Neither Trudy's nor Rayleen's fingerprints are present.


And this was found in a rubbish bag on your premises.

She told me we would be together.

Of all the girls, that outfit suits you the most.

Is that so?

You look like someone who could do with a friend.

When you're ready, Detective Sims here is ready to take your statement.

I wanna see Trudy.



Hello, Ray.

I could murder a beer.

Oh, come on.

You're not still angry about the fish, are you?

It was just a bit of fun.

I'm here now.


It's not that.

Trudy Neilson, I'm arresting you as party to the murder of Corina Doyle.


You have the right to remain silent.

You do not have to give any statement No, you don't understand!

but anything you say will be recorded, and may be given as evidence in court.

No, please!

Ray, she's crazy.

Come on, Trudy.




I'm sure we'll be able to get a double cell.

I know people.

Hold my hand, my love.


Neilson and Karawa, eh?

Two peas in a pod.




That was Hughes.

Legals say the charges won't stick.

But She wasn't an accessory.

She had no practical involvement in the murder.

She didn't procure or hide or even touch the weapon.

Yeah, she didn't try and stop it.

Yeah, it would be argued that she was coerced by a person in authority.

The only thing she did do was hold up her end of the bargain in locating Jayden Doyle.




# Sitting down here in the pouring rain, # power gone out, don't know my name.

Are you gonna get me that beer or what?

# Storm beating down, down, down, # washing away.

No Roxy?

Oh, she sends her apologies, but she's got a ju-jitsu competition.

Yeah, she's a tough wahine, your Roxy.

# Cut out the deadwood and make me new.

# I can't remember what I saw in you.




Uh, please tell me that's not beef.

Waste not, want not.

Does Mike know you were all coming?

Uh, yeah, he, uh He invited us.

Is that so?

Anyway, where is he?

Oh, he's running late.

Had some business to attend to, but he said go ahead without him.


MAN: Through our Lord Jesus Christ, we commend to Almighty God Corina Doyle.

We commit her body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes.

The Lord bless her and keep her.

The Lord maketh his face to shine upon her and be gracious unto her and give her peace.


# washing away # the sins of the town, town, town, take me away.


# Darling, say # that you'll be mine.

# In our home, # we'll happy be, # down beside # where the waters flow, # on the banks of the Ohio.