02x01 - Series 2, Episode 1

Now what?

I'd just like to run through it one more time, if I may.

Who is this?

That's John.



And who is John Luther?

My friend.

How did you and John meet?

When I was suspected of killing my parents.

And, after that, you became friends?

We grew close.

And how exactly would you characterise this closeness?

Well, we were... simpatico.

And I pitied him.

How so?

He always seemed lost to me.

Paddling furiously, just to keep afloat.

I wanted to help him.

And what form did this help take?

Well, John had any number of vexations, and I helped him in several ways.

Tell me about lan Reed.

He was the friend who betrayed John and hurt him very badly.

So I killed him, two barrels of his own shotgun.

Boom, boom.

And did John?

And this is very important, Alice...

Did John ask you to do this?

Good heavens, no.

He was absolutely livid.

We had quite a tiff.

Things were said.




You're not going to penalise John for my misdeeds... are you?

No, Miss Morgan.

Is he still a police officer?

Yes, he's one of ours.

♪ Love is like a sin, my love ♪
♪ For the ones that feel it the most ♪
♪ Look at her with her eyes like a flame ♪
♪ She will love you like a fly will never love you. ♪



What about you?

Ah, a bit better.


I'm going back to work.

You ready?




Attempted burglary, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer.

What's your name?


He tried to rob a house in this state?

Not a house, a dojo.

He tried to rob a karate school?

Right, let's get him interviewed.

We thank you for your custom. We know other police stations are available.

The thing they don't tell you about the drugs is that it makes you smell like a dog's arse.

It's not very Keith Richards, is it? Not very rock 'n' roll.


I've never seen you in your uniform.

Look like you're on work experience.

Yeah, my good uniform got vomited on.

It's all very soul-destroying, isn't it? Actual police work.

Burglars, junkies.

Well, I'm working off my sins, aren't I?

Your major sin being that you, er, were loyal to me.

That'd be the one.

So, what, you're in here because you picked up a shoplifter?

They set up a new unit.

Serious and Serial.

You not fancy staying in Cold Case? Revealing the identity of Jack The Ripper.

Let's just see if you're going to be as cheeky as that when you have to pick me up at 8.00 in the morning.

Cos at 8.00 in the morning, I am grizzly.

I was told I'd be in uniform for two years, minimum.

Tried to make you resign, didn't they?

Humiliated you. Bullied you.

You're a bit of an embarrassment.

But you didn't leave.

No... No, you didn't.

See you in the morning.

See you in the morning.



DS Ripley. Morning.


Excuse me.


Or is it Guv'nor?

Whichever you prefer.

Sergeant Ripley. My old comrade-in-arms.

Good to see you back where you belong.


I fancy DCI Luther forgot to tell you I'm heading up this unit.

Er, he may have omitted that detail, sir, yes.

Blitz attack, last night.


The victim is Sadie Buckingham.


I'm listening.


She was strangled... and...

Throat slashed. From right to left, very sharp blade.

Do you think he's having a joke?

What do you think?

What kind of joke?

Well... slaughtered like cattle, right next to a meat market.

Let's have a look at him.

Mr Punch.

Welcome on board, sir.


Good to see you, sir.




Morning, all.

Morning, guv.

DS Gray.

Oh, er, DS Ripley. Justin.

Nice to meet you.

Benny, can you play back those phone calls?

The victim first managed to dial 999...

All right.

After which, the killer made this call to the victim's mother.

He is the sunrise. He loves everyone.

He then called several of her contacts, her sisters, her friends, her colleagues, her vet!

He... is... the sunrise.

He... loves... everyone.

All right. First thing we need to do, Justin, is run background on the victim's friends, acquaintances.

Make sure this isn't an ex-boyfriend that's gone nuts. Erin...

I'll source the sunrise chant, see if it ties in with a specific belief system.

Good place to start, but this... (SIGHS)... this isn't a cult murder.


All of this is for effect. Murder by theatre.

I bet the same goes for "I am the sun that shines".

He's designed it to give him prestige.

People are already talking about him.

That's right, and if he's that desperate to be noticed, then this was opening night.

There'll be a lot more where this comes from.

I'll source the chant and the mask, check websites, collectors.

See who's is buying, who's selling.

All right.

How's this looking?

It's early doors. We'll get him.


John, I, um...

I know you had great loyalty to Rose Teller, and rightly so, but often it's the good coppers who shoulder the blame for the bad.

Things between us... historically, have sometimes been...

You had a job to do.

You did it well.

If I was your adversary then... I'm not your adversary now.

I have a new job to do, and part of that job is to police you and to do that properly, I need your trust ...and your candour.

No secrets.

No agendas.

And no Alice Morgan.

No secrets. (SIGHS)

No agendas.

So, what was it like being bumped back to uniform?

I was never ashamed to wear a uniform.

What about working for His Satanic Majesty?

Sorry, who?


Is he really as dirty as they say?



All the people who've never worked with him?

I'm just saying - you know the pitfalls, you can tell me what to look out for.

Where are we, Justin?

Nothing of interest, so far.

She's got an ex-boyfriend, was done for affray, but that was back during the G7 riots.

No restraining orders. Nothing, really.

What about the sunrise stuff?

You were right. No specific reference.

Sunrise imagery seems general to just about every religion or cult.

What about the mask?

It looks antique, maybe theatrical.

If that's the case, there's a market for it, which is good.

Problem is the internet. Collectables flow back and forth over international borders, barely leave a trace, so I'm hitting the talk-boards, see if anybody can ID it.

Well, stick with it, see what comes up.


DCI Luther.


Um, DS Ripley.

Caroline Jones.

Caroline, now's not a good time for me.

It's all right, boss. We can give you a minute.

How long have you and DCI Luther known one another?

Since my husband accidentally killed a prostitute.

How is she?

She was self-mutilating at 14.

She cut herself with a razor.

Top of the arms, top of the thighs.

Places I couldn't see.

Before you know, she's stealing from me. Lying.

Threatening me with a knife.

And she just runs away.



OK, listen, I'm gonna stop you here, cos what... what you're gonna tell me...

I can't help.

She was selling herself at 17.

I might not like it, you might not like it, but...

Well, Jenny's made her choices.

You ever hear of necro-porn?

This is what they're going to do to Jenny. This afternoon.

Explain to me how this isn't rape.

Men who do this aren't actors. They pay for it.

Do you understand what that means?

Men are paying to rape my daughter.

So many times I've tried to help people by doing things I shouldn't have done, and...

(SIGHS)... it's only made it worse.

You think?

(SIGHS) You didn't need to treat her dad the way you did.

Degrading him in public, humiliating him.

It was the only way I knew how to stop him.

Look what you did to me, to her dad... it messed her up.

So this is your fault.

As much as her dad's, this is your fault.

For what you did to us.

I'm a policeman.

What did you want me to do?

And your wife?

Is she proud?


All right, I'll talk to her.

Can't promise I'll change her mind.

Got an address?

No... This is all I've got.


All right.

No jokes, OK?

There's no joking about this sort of thing.

Is that wee girl OK?

She is now, apparently.

But, Benny, I need to find her today or that is gonna happen to her, or worse.

You've worked vice.

Any laws you have to break to help me do that?

Well, people like this like to keep a low profile, for obvious reasons.

But if there's a revenue stream, there's a paper trail.

So I'll make a few phone calls, see what I can dig out for you.

All right. Just let me know as soon as you know anything, all right?

No problem.


Excuse me.

Are you an art student?

Am I that obvious?

No, no, no. (LAUGHS)

Where do you go?

Um, Saint Martin's.


Me too. I went to Saint Martin's.


Yeah. It's a small world, or what?


What are you doing? Um... Fine art... or?

No, textiles.


Yeah, we have to, um, design a print that somehow evokes London.

Oh, well... you came to the right place for that, eh?

I mean this, this is... is... London.

It used to be a quiet little lane, lined with elm trees and so on, but they've been selling stuff here since 1608.

Then in the 17th century, the Huguenots arrived.

18th century, it becomes, like, a centre for cloth-making, and then in 1830, they tried to change the name.

"Petticoat" was considered too raunchy for the Victorians. But it didn't work!

Petticoat Lane endures.

Are you, like, a local historian?

No, no, no, no. I just...

I love the place. You can feel the time, like layers of time, strata of time, a big cake of time.

No, it's magic. It's got magic to it.

Hey... do you wanna see something really cool?

No. Um, no, I'm fine, thanks.

The most London thing ever.


Most London thing you'll ever see.

I'm fine! Thank you.




(DISTORTED VOICE) He is the sunrise. He loves everyone.

He is the sunrise.

He loves everyone.

Smithfields. Petticoat Lane.

He's a London boy, ain't he?

We know he likes the attention, so, erm...

Do me a favour, confiscate every one of those mobile phones.

On what grounds, legally?

Find grounds.

We need to start collecting data on all the crowds that show up at the crime scenes.

Comparing faces, see if the same face doesn't show up more than once.

Sometimes serial offenders return to the scene, enjoy the chaos they've caused.

Makes them feel omnipotent.

I know, it's just...

When he says "confiscate", he means appeal to the owners of the phones, OK?

Fine, but that's not what he said, is it?

I'd like you to speak to my detectives. Anyone else, can you just give us a little room, please, er, so we can work. All right.

You can go home, if you can, please.

Ripley: Move back and make some space.

Gray: Can you move back, everyone, please.

Ripley: No more photos.

Gray: Thank you.

Excuse me.

Message for DS Ripley. Chasing suspect, Northbirch Estate, south side.

Thin, IC1, brown hair. Hurry up.









Don't ruin it!







Go, go, go. Check it outside.

Through there.

What, what do you want?

Evidence bag.

(THROUGH WALKIE-TALKIE) He must be coming your way.

Here. In here.

Yeah, DNA.





Helicopters after him. Uniform, dogs, the lot, but he got away.

Yeah. He's fast.

He's more than fast.

Had a getaway route scouted out.

Bet he did.


It's been expedited, imminent danger to life and so on.

Can you even see anything?

Cheers, mate. Erm, listen, call me as soon as that DNA result comes in, all right?

Where are you going?

To hospital.

Permission to be here, sir? Thank you.


What's this?

Permanent solution to a temporary problem.

How many times have you tried it?

Fewer than a hundred.

Sadly, each attempt ended in failure.

So they gave me no choice, but just to... phhh... keep on living.

And to keep you safe, they put you in here.

Well, it is a secure hospital, John.

As secure as a prison?

One can only assume so.

You seeing anyone?

None of your business.

Because I'm not.

Most of the people in here are women.

Not that I mind per se.

Needs must.

But they do tend to veer on the mentally ill.

Child abuse, spouse abuse, alcohol abuse.

It's all just breathtakingly unerotic.

What about you?

What about me?

Have you left yet?

Left where?

Police force.


Will you?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm leaving.



Just got a couple of things to take care of.

Getting Ripley back on track.

And there's this girl...

What girl?

Just a girl.

I said I'd help.

Which is exactly the problem.


But then I'm done.

Good, because the people around you are vampires.

They'll suck your veins dry, crack open your bones and lick out the marrow.

You've done enough for them, so step away and find yourself a life worth living.

Well, that's the plan, anyway.

Where will you go?

I don't know.

I always wanted to see somewhere hot.


I've never seen the desert. Perhaps see some sharks.

Oh, I'm a great fan of sharks.

Daddy took me snorkelling once for my birthday to see them in their natural habitat.

Did you see many?

Enough to realise I prefer them in aquariums.


I've always wanted to see the Very Large Array in New Mexico.

It's not the biggest in the world, of course, or the most modern, but it is iconic, and I grew up wanting to see it.

It's quite spectacular.

Out there in the desert.

We could go together.



Want some?


I've gotta go.

Madmen to catch.

Need any advice?


Pretty up to speed with my... lunatics.

Well... don't be a stranger.



The death p0rn is produced by a foreign registered offshoot of Hemina Films.

It's run out of Mile End.

So, bad news - for obvious reasons it's all kept a bit "entre nous". Good news... that means they have to draw from a very small pool of technicians and locations.

So have you got an address?

Give me an hour.

DS Gray, I've been thinking...


He said to me, "Don't ruin it."

"Don't ruin it."

What does that say to you?

That he's on a mission?

Yeah, but what is that mission?

Celebrity. Infamy.

No, it's more than that, isn't it?

Something else he's trying to achieve.

Erm, have you got that file for the...


Can I have a word?

Off the record, type thing?

Yeah, of course.

Luther: Oah!

Erm, I'm guessing you've read my personal file?

So... you know how hard I have worked to get here.

Now, my point is, and please don't take this the wrong way...

Promise to try.

But today you asked me to confiscate people's mobile phones when there was no actual...

Gray, Gray. ...no real legal grounds Gray, it was a figure of speech.

Yeah, I know, I get that... really.

It's just... well, if I had just confiscated them, would you have minded?

Honestly, no.

But I would have protected you from any circumstances.

That's my point. I don't want to have to need that kind of protection.

With the best will in the world, I don't want to end up like DS Ripley.

He was like this rising star.

And now, he's...

He's what?



Tarnished, sort of.


Sorry. Erm...

I don't want to risk my career when it's only just getting started.

It's just...

This is my job, you know?



Benny, have you got that address?

Surely do. Question is, do you want it?

Give it to me.

Can I help you?

Yeah. You can shut up.


Who are you?


So what you're telling me, your mum has no right to be worried about you. Hmm.

Listen, Officer Whoever, I see stuff you wouldn't even believe, so best not patronise me, eh?

Of course.

Of course.

I don't mean to.

Anyway, it's just s*x.

Letting someone have s*x with you while you're unconscious, that's not s*x only, is it?

I'm a s*x worker.

So, yeah, I do some funny things, but at least I'm my own boss.

I don't have to believe a load of bullshit that people shove down each others' throats about love and marriage and monogamy, blah, blah, blah.

You married?

I was.

Exactly - "was".

How long?

(SIGHS) 18 years.

And how many times did you do the dirty on her?


Well, it's my life, and actually, I really like it.

Oh, yeah, so what about the drugs? The meth?

I think you've got one... maybe two months before your teeth start falling out.

Come on, Jenny.


See, the thing is, I don't think you're doing this by choice.

Not really.

That's just a cuddly thought so you can sleep at night.

Nah. Need the coinage, rent to pay.

What do you want?

All right. I can tell I'm not gonna change your mind, so I'm going to just call your mum, let her hear your voice.

It's not my voice she wants to hear.

She's no different from the freaks that get off on these films.

It's not who I actually am that matters.

It's who they wish I was.



Tell her I'm fine.

All right, that's it, the show's over! Come on, show's over.

Oi, oi, oi. Jenny Jones...

Get off me! ...I'm arresting you on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.

Get off me!

You do not have to say anything, but if you do not mention...

Agh! Help!


What did I do? Didn't find any drugs! Search me, I don't take drugs.

I'm clean.

Can you do me a favour?


Can you shut up for one second? Vi I'm clean! I'm clean! I'm clean!


Did you get a beat on that DNA?

Er, yeah. Cameron Pell, artist. Well, failed artist.

A history of mental illness?

No. The man's got serious issues.

Five years back he was arrested for gate-crashing some modern art exhibition.

He's burst in wearing a clown mask, slashed a load of paintings with a flensing knife.

When they tried to throw him out he's gone completely tonto.

Cut up two doormen. Lucky to escape an attempted murder charge.

Right. Did you get an address?

We'll send it to you now.

All right, erm...

I'll see you there.

Yeah, see you there.

You off to arrest someone?


You're screwed, I'll do you for false arrest.

I had reasonable and probable cause to think you were committing a crime.

One more peep out of you, yeah...

(LAUGHS) and it's with intent to supply.

You're a liar.

And you're a junkie hooker. I'm a copper.

Do that, would you? Stitch me up?

In a millisecond, just to shut you up.

Do you even know what they'll do to me for this? Break my ankles, if I'm lucky.

Listen. Look at me. Nothing's going to happen to you, all right?

Yeah, who says? You?

Yeah, me.

They do know where I live, you know.

People like that, they always do.

Come on.

Mark, I wouldn't do this unless I absolutely had to.

Do what?

John, who is this?

Where am I?

What part of London is this?

Well, if I tell you that... it wouldn't be a safe house, would it?

And you wouldn't be in protective custody. And besides, it's only for an hour.


You do know what they'll do when they find me, don't you?



Woman: Pick up, come on, come on. Bitch, pick up!

All right, now listen. Now, have you done as you were asked? Have you?


Ripley: No sign of Cameron. Flat's completely empty.

Luther: Why the empty flat?

Luther: It's almost like he's never been here before.


Hello, your call cannot be taken at the moment, so please leave me your message after the tone.


I know you're there.

Benny, it's Ripley, mate. I need you to trace a call going to this number.

Hello, Cameron.

How's your arm?

(DISTORTED) You think because you tasted my blood that you know what I am.

Well, to be fair, I am standing in your flat.

You don't know what I am.

And you don't know where I am.

Where are you?

Everywhere! I can walk down any street. I can peer...

He's close, less than a mile.

I can knock on any door. I am the shape at the window.

I am the hand under the bed.

So what's the play, Cameron? Cos that's what it is, isn't it? It's a play.

With Cameron Pell starring as Mr Punch.

Do you know anything about this city?

Well, I know it smells a bit funny when it gets hot.

This, now, everything, this place, this time, this cretinised culture.

We are the richest, most decadent...

Less than three minutes.

People that ever lived. And still we're dissatisfied.

We have lost our history. We have lost our myths.

You see kids in Whitechapel play video games in which they score points by killing prostitutes.


They're totally indifferent to the spectre that walks past their window.


This is a dead city.

It's an unreal city. Do you know why?


No, why don't you tell me why?

We are so indifferent, we don't care.

It's like we're medicated.

How are you going to make us wake up?

I'm going to remind people what it's like to be really scared.

Have you ever heard of Spring-Heeled Jack?

(LAUGHS) Spring-Heeled Jack? I've heard of Spring-Heeled Jack. Victorian bogeyman.

Mask, red eyes.

Are you cribbing your ideas from penny-dreadfuls?

They called him the Terror of London, and do you know what made him terrifying?

He could do whatever he liked to whomever he chose, wherever he chose, whenever he chose, and he was never caught.

He just disappeared, passed into folklore.

Oh, yeah?

Is that what you want to do, eh?

I've already done it.

You just don't know it yet.

Are you sure? Because the last time we spoke you were scared I was gonna ruin it.

Thanks, mate.

Yeah, I was, but not any more.

Why should I be scared? I can take anyone I choose. You can watch.

Later tonight.

What do you mean?

I hope you're excited, because I am.

Watch what, Cameron? Hey, Cameron, what are you going to show me tonight?


How long?

Less than a minute?

Too late.

He's gone.


What time is it?

Well, it's late.

He said he'd only be an hour.


I need the loo.

No key.


Aren't you tired?

Opposite. You?

I'm absolutely knackered.

Get some sleep.

Lie down, chill out, make yourself at home.

Yeah, wake up and find all my credit cards gone.

How do you know him? That gavver?



Billy Filth.

Cos you're obviously not one of them, no offence whatever.

No offence taken.

Well, erm... it's a long story.

So give me the edited highlights.


OK, long story, short version.

I was going to marry his ex-wife.

(CHUCKLES) Seriously?!

What, and now you're mates, and everything?

(CHUCKLES) Well, mates is probably pushing it.

So where is she? His ex, your missus?

She died.

Ouch! Sorry.

Mouth on me sometimes.

That's all right. You weren't to know.

What about you? How do you know him?


Not really.

As far as I'm concerned, he's this random smurf popped up out of nowhere.

So why the?

Long time ago... my dad killed this girl.

It was by accident and everything, but... he panicked.

Cut her up and whatnot.

Put all the bits in wheelie bins.


I'm sorry.

So this bloke, Luther, was one of the coppers that put him away.

And your dad?

Killed himself in prison.

Jenny, listen, I know how hard... how hard it can be.

Losing someone that way.


Where is Cameron?

I haven't seen Cameron for two years.

I don't know what you expect me to tell you.

No offence, but I think you do.

So, you were at art school together?

Well...I was at art school.

He'd hang around the refectory.

Sort of, you know... talking art.

Luther: Did he ever talk about... this?


Spring-Heeled Jack?


About ten zillion times.

Yes, it was his childhood obsession.

Spring-Heeled Jack's in the cupboard.

Spring-Heeled Jack's waiting at the bottom of the garden in the bushes.

He had to see somebody about it.

A psychologist or a psychoanalyst.

Anyway, they teased him about it.

Made him feel like a freak.

I suppose he was a freak, really.

Still is.

A freaky little freak.

Did Cameron ever hurt you?


Why did you hesitate?

Because sometimes... he'd get this look in his eyes.

What look?

Like he wanted to.


Boss... sorry, this is urgent.



It's him. You're gonna wanna see this.

What is it, Benny?

This has just come in.

Luther: Is this live?

Yep, it's happening right now. It's live.

Jesus, some sort of hand-held webcam, or something.

It's being sent to us directly.

He's taunting us.

Luther: Do we know the street?

Can't tell.

I want everyone on this. We need to find that street.

Partial plate.

Dig it up. Give me an address.

Benny, can you send it over?

It's with you now.

Luther: Gray, quick as you can. Come on. Erin!

He's knocking on doors.

Gray, come on!

It's coming!

There's 80 vehicles with that partial. Can you narrow down the model?

It's a light-brown... gold BMW 5 series.

Please don't open that door.

Late '80s, early '90s.

Luther: No answer.

Benny: Thank God.

Got it! Registered to Grant Morrison...

Benny: He's gone to the other house.

37 Eastmead Street.

Ripley: Wait, let me double-check.

Erin: What?

He might be parked on the next street.

Could be outside his girlfriend's house, might have lent his car to a mate.

Eastmead Street runs alongside a canal.

Then where the hell is this? Come on, find it.

Check every street within half a mile north to southwest of Eastmead Street.

Luther: Don't open it. No!

No, no!

Erm, it's Egmont Terrace, two streets southwest.

All right, call it in.

This is DS Gray, SSU requesting urgent armed response to Egmont Terrace, E1.

And send an ambulance.


Did something happen?

DS Gray...

DS Ripley, please escort Miss Calvert home.

This way, please.

Right, this way, please.

How are you feeling?

I'm angry.

Too angry?

Just angry enough.

I can't have the wheels coming off this thing, John.

They won't, Martin.

I fought tooth and nail to get you back into the fold.

I fought hard and I fought dirty.

Don't squander it now.

I was just wondering...


Would you mind just coming up with me? Just to check under the bed.

I just keep thinking...

Of course, that's not silly at all.

Officer on radio: All units, Sierra Oscar 52, IC 1, dark clothing, medium-length light-brown hair.

Suspect at large.

In the town centre, please.

I live just upstairs.


It's the shop.

Do you want a cup of tea?

I'll just check upstairs.


Sorry, it's just a fuse.




All clear on the house. I'm just going to make sure Miss Calvert's all right.

OK, copy that.


It has come back on you like the hand of God!

♪ Come on, now ♪
♪ With time slipping away, yeah ♪
♪ How do you say what I do? ♪
♪ You've got nothing to say ♪
♪ Oh, no, no ♪
♪ When I tell you who's who ♪
♪ Cos I'm the big, bad wolf What you say? ♪
♪ I'm the big, bad wolf What you say? ♪
♪ I'm the big, bad wolf... ♪