02x02 - Series 2, Episode 2

You ever hear of necro-porn?

This is what they're going to do to Jenny. This afternoon.

Jenny Jones.


To keep you safe, they put you in here.

Well, it is a secure hospital, John.

As secure as a prison?

One can only assume so.


We know he loves the attention.

You're gonna want to see this.

It's happening right now. It's live.

No! No!



Schenk: He fought.

Yeah, well. He's tough, isn't he?

John, our anger's got no place here.

I need you to be functioning fully in the moment, or not here at all.

We owe that to Ripley.

Making a body disappear is not that easy, especially in the city.

Cameron took a risk. Was it worth it?

Worth it how?

This, all this... circus.

No, this is staged.

Justin's alive.

Cameron wants him, needs him.

If Justin knows how to read Cameron, then he'll know how to stay alive.

♪ Love is like a sin, my love ♪
♪ For the ones that feel it the most ♪
♪ Look at her with her eyes like a flame ♪
♪ She will love you like a fly will never love you. ♪






A huge police search for a missing officer is under way.

Significant resources are being employed to find 32-year-old Detective...

Let's go over it again.

... allegedly abducted last night...

So what do we know?

OK, Pell works long hours, minimum wage.

He cleans corporate offices in the City.

That makes sense, doesn't it? Big office, midnight.

He's got all of London to stare at and fantasise about.

Spending patterns.

Bit weird, lives very frugally.

Actually manages to save a bit every month, and then eight, nine months ago, he gets a huge cash injection, we're taking 65 grand.

Cash arrives in his account nine months after his mother dies.

Right, so it was mother's estate. What did he do with the money?

Withdraws it.

What, all of it?

Every penny.

He wasn't saving up for a rainy day. He was saving for something to do with this.

Talk to me about this artwork.

Ex-wife gives it to us. We have...

Answer To A Job, The Integration Of The Personality,

(MISPRONOUNCES) Die Anima Als Schicksalsproblem Des Mannes, Aion.

So his room's not just empty. It's in his work too.

An absence. It's empty... rooms.

Ripley's gone, empty car.

Empty roads.

Spring Heeled Jack, disappeared into folklore because he was never caught.

Jack the Ripper, he was a myth too.

I think Cameron is gonna try and disappear and haunt us with his absence.

We need to stop trying to predict what he's gonna do next and work backwards instead.

It costs money to make a new identity. So we follow the money, the missing 65 grand.

We follow that and we find him. Start off with the contacts he made in prison.


Ah, the whore's mummy.




Paul Hoby's his name.


Shut up!

Shut up! It's Ripley's phone.




(DISTORTED) I'm sorry you made me hurt your puppy.

He's a noisy little customer, isn't he?







Luther: Don't answer that.


Don't answer that!

He's trying to make contact. He might be trying to reach out, to stop.

No, he's not gonna stop.

How do you know that?

Listen, if you answer that phone, Cameron's got our attention.

He's thinks he's setting up a relationship with us.

As soon as he thinks that, he doesn't need Ripley.

This is...

DS Gray, do not pick up that phone!

That's it!


(DISTORTED) I know you're there.

I know you're listening. I don't know what you're trying to achieve.

I'm opening up a dialogue here.

Trying to find a way through this, trying to find a way you can get your friend back in one piece.

What happens to Ripley if you ignore me will be on your head.

And I'll send you pictures of every cut , every burn, every incision.

I will send you every second of him screaming.



How much more of this can you take?

You have ten seconds to answer this phone.

If you do not answer, then Ripley here will regret it.

Nine seconds. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.

Four. Three.



(SHOUTS IN DESPERATION) Pick up the phone! Pick up the phone!

I am here!

I am...

No. That man, that voice, those voices, that's the man we're gonna leave on the streets if we do not do our jobs properly.

This isn't about DS Ripley It's about Sadie. It's about Abby. It's about Jason.

It's about all the others that will be next if we mess this up.


Listen, DS Ripley knows that and he wouldn't have it any other way, so if you respect him at all... just get back to work.

What if Pell regards your silence as weakness rather than strength?

He won't.

From DS Gray.

He cancelled his mobile phone contract a few days after his mother's death and then, ten days after the funeral, he was contacted on that number by an ex-cellmate, Paul Hoby.



Hi, erm...

You have to come to mine now.

I can't.

You have to.

All right, I'll see what I can do.

Your boss is throwing you to the wolves.

Why would he do that, huh?

Why would he do that?

Huh?! Why would he abandon you like that? Why? Why?

It's me! Doesn't he know the real thing when he sees it?!


You must know that phrase, "the banality of evil".

I've heard it mentioned, yeah.

It's a platitude. Bourgeois fatuousness.

Do you know what the problem really is?

No, I'd like you to explain that, Cameron, yes, please.

It's about the evil of banality.

Nothing means anything.

Everybody is numb. This is a dead city. In a dead country. Do you know why?

Because we've become disconnected from our own myths.

We have lost our own shadows.

The Ripper.

Crippen. Christie. Hindley.

Brady. Sutcliffe. Neilson.

Fred and Rose.

They weren't myths. They were people.

They were people, and their victims were people.

In the beginning. But murder transfigured them.

Made them numinous.

We needed them.

They told us stories about ourselves, about... about our fears and our desires.

They cast a shadow. Shadows give us depth.

And I have worked so hard to become shadows.

I do not want them to ruin it now. So... the reason you are here, what I want you, what I need you to tell me... is how much do they know?

How much do they know about what?

How much do they know about what I am about to do?

What are you about to do?



Well, I know who you are.

Frank Hodge.

You were a copper.

Different life, John.

All right.

All right, John, you know how...

What are you doing? No!

Get on that chair!

I said stop pointing!

All right!



All right.

Oi! No!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

No! Oi!

No! Argh! Argh!


I gather you're the policeman that stole my property.

Jenny's not your property.

You don't know what you've done, do you?

Got my daughter back.

Jenny is... very... low on your food chain. This time last night, you didn't even know she existed.

Let a man steal an egg, tomorrow he'll steal an ox.

Yeah, but you set me up, didn't you? You set me up to steal from you.

You talked to Caroline. You knew she'd come to me. You knew what I'd do.

No matter how much temptation I put in your path, the fact remains you stole from me as an act of free will.

This is Toby. My grandson.

He has a friend.


Andrei Kolchak. One of our licensees.

Arrested for people trafficking, he's currently in witness protection, finalising his deal.

Baba: And when that deal is completed, he intends to implicate Toby here in a number of unlawful acts and sundry violations.

I'd be grateful if that didn't happen.

I'm sorry.

All right.

But I can't do anything about that.

Well, then, Caroline here dies.

And the slut child dies.

I could step outside, make one phone call and have a thousand coppers abseiling through your windows.

I'd make my one phone call, have my one conversation and in eight hours, I'd be out.

The whore's mother would still be dead. And the whore would still be dead.

Look, this sort of thing I can't do it overnight. It needs time.

Nah, it has to be done today.

And if I do help?

Slate's clear.

Streetwalker's all yours.

The mother's all yours.



Benny? Yeah, I need you to do something for me.

Yeah, it is one of them, yeah.

All right, yes, it is.

Erm, Andrei Kolchak. Arrested in the last week or three.

Find the safe house where they're keeping him, cover up your tracks.

You don't want no one sniffing around you, all right. Oh, God!



Morning, officer.

I don't believe we've met before.

Well, I'm familiar with the species.

DS Gray, this is Paul Hoby.

Paul used to own a little factory for converting replica weapons into working guns.

Yes, and Paul did his time.

What is it with boys and knives, I wonder?

These knives are sold for recreational and hobby purposes only.

Yeah? How's the stockroom looking?


Everything in order?

Everything in order? Ha!

Seriously, Mein Herr? Ja, everything is in order.

Would you like to see my papers?

Would if I could.

Right now, I'll settle for a full inventory and a glimpse at the books.

Please yourself, love.

Goose-step over here, take a look for yourself.

DS Gray is a little testy today, Paul... because of Cameron Pell, your former cellmate.

Pell's been killing people.

He may have killed a police officer.

Do you have any idea of what your life would be like if every London copper holds you responsible for that?

All I did was point him in the direction of a few names who might have been able to help him with what he wanted.

What names?

You need to talk to a man called Ronald Bryson.

Radio: As speculation mounts as to why the search for the missing officer has been so quickly scaled down, police sources are refusing to comment...

They've stopped looking for you. Why is that?

If they target the manpower in certain areas, you'll know how close they are to finding you.

Do you think they're close to finding me?

Do you?


Do they know where it goes next?

I don't know.

Do you know where it goes next?


Any idea? Any inkling?

No. No.

Would you like to know?

I'd love to know.


Because you're one of a kind.

If this situation was turned on its head...

I'd want your permission to write a book about you.

A thesis maybe.

I think you'd be of interest to a lot of people in my field.

Law enforcement psychology.

The first thing I'd ask...

Why the mask? Why do you need a mask?

Because wearing a mask makes it easy.

How you feeling?

Like a freshly squeezed zit.

Do you want something? Water or painkillers or something?

Got any temazepam?


Could do with some of that myself.

How many? I'll sort you out.

Call my mate, Fuzzy Rob.

I'm gonna ask you a question.

Don't ask me questions.

I hate questions.

Do you want out?

Of what?

Of this.

Dream on, dreamer. These people cut off your ears for 50p.

Say I can make it happen?

I'd have to do things that... (SIGHS)

I shouldn't don't do, but if I'm gonna do it, then I really, really need to know you want this to be different.

You lying?

Cos if you're lying, I swear I'll throw up.

No, I'm not.

Is this some sort of rescue type thing?

Don't ask questions.

I don't like questions.

You're just totally disco.

Yeah, he is totally disco.

So you're all right with this?

Nobody gets hurt, right?

No. Not if we do it right.

You can't think of another way?

Not in time.

So let's disco.


What was that?

Oh, you're joking!

Keep an eye on him.




Is it yours?

Yeah, it's mine.

I'm really sorry.

How on earth have you managed this?

I was doing a three-point turn...

How fast were you going, for God's sake?!

No speed at all. A squirrel came out right in front of me.

What you talkin' about? A squirrel!

Honestly, it wasn't my fault.

I'm really sorry, but it really wasn't my fault.

Look at the angle you're parked at.

How the hell is this parked at an angle?

This is parallel parking!

(WHISPERS) Andrei, get to a safe position. Now! Hurry!

You've been telling stories out of school, haven't you, Andrei?


Take back whatever you said about your friend Toby.

Withdraw your statement.

I can't.

I don't want to swap details. Take this.

Are you sure?

Look at me. Look at this face. Do I look sure?

I found you and it took me ten minutes. I can find you again, just as easily.

Only it won't be me who pays you a visit.

It'll be your friends. And I don't need to tell you what they'll do to you, do I?


I think you know that.

Andrei, are you in there?

(WHISPERS) Say yes.


What are you doing?

What do you think I'm doing?

I need you to open the door.

I can't.

Why not?

Because I don't like women to look at me when I'm on the lavatory!

I need to come in.

Please don't!

All right.

Right, just hurry up.

What are you - sick?

You like to watch men do this?

Where is he?

Erm... on the toilet.

I wish to amend my statement.

How do I make that happen as soon as possible?

Woman: Oh, sh1t!

Woman: Bastards!


Luther: There you go.



All right.

Look, erm... I've gotta go. Heavy day.

Can you just drive her around until I can confirm this has blown over?

Yeah, sure.


You OK?



I... I'm OK, yeah.

What exactly did he do?

I don't want to know. Come on.

Ronald Bryson.

You sold forged documents to this man.

Cameron Pell.

Your full bespoke service, driving license, birth certificate, passport.

Education and employment records, fake referees.

Everything he needed to start life with a new identity.

How are we doing?

Boss has got his game face on.

He's got a face on like Wayne Rooney's smacked arse.

You going in, taking over?


I've been on the other side of that desk with Schenk.

He knows what he's doing.

But this is different.

Policeman is missing.

Think he's still got the juice for this sort of thing?


I understand you like to play cards?

Every so often.

Have much luck?

My share.

Because I think I should tell you, your poker face needs some work.

There's a tell.


Corner of your mouth. Oops.

There it goes again.

Did you see that, DS Gray?

I did, guv.

Couldn't miss it, really.

Intriguing, isn't it? How our faces betray us.

I'll show you later if you like, Ronald.

It's all up there... on Britain's Funniest Police Videos.

I know men like you, the way you know men like me.

And I know you wouldn't have done this if you believed there was the least chance of it coming back on you.

Well, guess what?

It's come back on you like the hand of God!

And the next words from your mouth will determine the weight and velocity of the staggering tonnage of sh1t that's about to plummet onto your head.

It weren't just bank accounts and driving licences he was after.

He wanted to buy a bus.


What are you planning, Cameron?

It's too late for them to stop you now.

God knows I can't stop yous.

(GASPING) So, please, just tell me what it is.

Do you really want to know?





I'm dying to talk about it.

Panic and you suffocate.

Benny: Good work, boss.

How did the lead pan out?

It didn't.

Right. We followed the money.

Cameron's using a contact of Bryson as a kind of one-man front organisation and supplier.

We're talking one car, one Commer-style van, huge amounts of sodium hydroxide and a second-hand bus.

Go on.

He's making a bomb.

Quick paint job. Stick a sign on the front that says, "Sorry, not in Service."

Drive wherever you like. Ka-boom.




You don't think it makes sense? We know he's planning his spectacular.

He's got a large vehicle, explosives...

No, a bomb's... loud, it's about sound. It's about fury.

Cameron is the opposite of a bomb. He's about silence, emptiness and absence.

If he's not making a bomb, why does he need 3,000 gallons of sodium hydroxide?

The opposite of an explosion is an implosion. Black hole.

3,000 gallons is enough...

A black hole consumes matter and crushes it beyond existence.

When I first heard that, I thought... that's evil at its most pure, isn't it?

Something that drags you in and crushes you to nothing.

Maybe he wants to use that material to dispose... dispose of bodies.

Oh, my God.


What do we fear the most?

The unknown.

The loss of a loved one.

Who do we love the most?

Who do we protect? Who do we shield from all the evils of the world?

Who do we... lie to, leave them terrified in the dark?

Who do we tell that there is no such thing as the bogeyman?

I think that...

Cameron is going after the children.


Ah. Ah.

Scheduled school bus to Owleigh High School was vandalised.

Tyres were slashed.

By the time the replacement bus...

Map that. How many did he take?

We don't know till we double-check.



Benny, get that on the map.

Boss, if I was presumptuous, overstepped the mark, I'm really sorry.

Don't be. You did good work. We wouldn't be here without you.

Ah, ah.

This is where he picks them up.

The bus stop, so this is his territory. How far can he get in what, half an hour?




Excuse me.

I need every policeman, every armed response, every helicopter, PCSO in that area looking for that van.

Get on it!




I'm on the corner of Wise Avenue, near Chaffer's Dock.

Cameron's car's still here.

I'm on my way. I'm on my way.

I told you. I told you he could look after himself.

He was well taught. Gray and I will track down the bus.

You get straight to Ripley.

All right.

DS Gray.

Yes, boss!





You all right?



We found the bus abandoned. Eyewitness claims Cameron Pell transferred the children to a second vehicle.

What other vehicle? What?

Green VW van.

D reg, possibly, although that's not been confirmed.

All right, I'll call you back.

Lost Pell and the kids. Gotta find out where they are. Car?

It's this way.

Checking this sat nav will give us a record of his movements.

He's a bogeyman, isn't he? He's a... monster.

So he does what monsters do, and that's spirit children away in the middle of broad daylight.

But how do you make a bus full of kids disappear?

Body disposal's not easy, is it? One body's hard enough.

But 10 or 12?

He needs somewhere with a lot of space. Privacy. Come and go at will.

What's this?

This vehicle's been to a Green Valley Industrial Park eight times in the last month.

That's it. Come on, that's it.

Ripley: Suspect location believed to be Green Valley Industrial Park.

It's on the old Stonewater Price dockside.

Come on, come on.



(WHISPERS) Tim, don't go out there.





Come on!




Don't let him see you. Here we go!

Hey! Don't you move. One more step and I'll spill his guts over the floor.

What's your name?


What's your name?

You know my name.

I'm not talking to you. Eh, what's your name?


Don't you speak to him.


My name's Tim.


(SHOUTS) Are you listening to me?


Is anybody listening to me?!

That's my favourite name.


He's not going to hurt you, Tim.

Pell: Yes, he is.

I'm gonna slit his little throat.

Do you know why?

Why? Because I've done it before.

If he does hurt you, I'm free to come over there and kill him.

Cos he's nothing, all right. He's nothing.

He's just a weak little pathetic man.

No, he's not.

No, he's not. No, he's not!

Too weak to hurt anyone... without wearing this!

Ain't that right, Cameron?

I swear, I swear I'm going to do it.

Don't go near the van.

Don't you go near the van! Don't you go touch the van!

Come on.

Look, I'm gonna do it!

I'm gonna...

There you go. Come on. There you go.

Let's get you out of here.

You know what I can do!

You know what I can do! You know who I am!


No-one's listening.




No, it's all you.

Cameron Pell, I'm arresting you on suspicion of murder.

You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.


So... am I in trouble?

For what? Saving schoolchildren? I hardly think so.

If I had my way, you'd be given a medal.

You did outstanding work.

So did you.

I like the thing about the micro-expression.

Corner of the mouth. (CHUCKLES) Was that a lie?

Same lie I've been telling since 1986. (CHUCKLES) Never fails.

Er... Green Valley is registered at Company House, but it's a shell.

Pell leased it from a contact of Bryson.

Gray: Boss!

Luther: One body per drum. Four drums per pallet.

Schenk: All to be shipped to India for disposal.

Paperwork's already done.

Those children would've been wiped off the face of the earth.



Have you got stuff?

What? Like belongings?

Yes, like belongings. Clothes and things.

Not much, just this.

Er... have you got a minute?

Yes, of course. Come in.

I can't believe what you did!

You're my daughter. You wouldn't be where you were if it wasn't for him.

You don't understand.

I understand I got my daughter back.

Not staying here, after what you did!

You'll do what you're told.

You can't make me!

No? And where you gonna go?

Back where you came from?

You've got no money. No friends. No life.

So if not here, where? The gutter?

Caroline... Listen.

You listening? I need you to hear this.

Go on.

These people don't want to hurt me. They need me in one piece.

I've got nothing to leverage. No kids. No family. No wife.

They know I'll do what I have to because I proved that to them today.

It's me, Mum.

If he doesn't keep on doing what they tell him, they'll hurt me.

Listen to your daughter, all right.

Cos you put her in this situation after you sold me out. So listen to her.

So what are we supposed to do?


I've got a job. A career. A life.

Your safety is not my concern! But do the right thing.

Give Jenny some money. Set her up in a new city.

She stays here with me.

You won't let them hurt her. You'll do whatever they tell you to do.

You made that quite plain.



Caroline, I'm not on their hook, I'm not gonna be a copper any more. I'm leaving.

And when these people find out, they're gonna come back and hurt you both.

Do you understand that?

You can stop them.

Arrest them.

No, I can't.

I'm over a barrel. They sent me this.

Andrei Kolchak. One of our licensees.

See that? I can't do it overnight. It needs time.

You made sure of that, didn't you?

It has to be done today.

And if I do help?

The slate's clear.

Look, Jenny, you're safe here tonight. But tomorrow, you gotta get away.

You've gotta get far away. And do yourself a favour, stay away from this woman.

Where am I supposed to go?

I don't know.

Go anywhere.

Please don't just leave me!

John, I'm begging you!

No, sorry. I've done enough.

Good luck.


Busy day?

Like you wouldn't believe.


You know what it's like.

Always on the go.

So I see you escaped.

Like a princess from her tower.

What's this?

It's my dad's gun.

You don't like guns.

No, I don't.

And there's only one bullet.

What have you been playing at?

Put it down. That's just not funny.

Alice... you shouldn't have come here.

They'll find you.

Well, they can try.

But they're Wile E Coyote. And I'm the Roadrunner.


Where will you go?

(SIGHS) I thought I'd start with Mexico.

Then there's Marrakech. Monte Carlo.

Ah, and that's just some of the Ms.

There's an entire alphabet to work through.

(WHISPERS) Come with me.

I can't.

Why not?

Because I am who I am.

And you are who you are.

Which is exactly why I'm asking.

We'd have so much fun.

That's what I'm scared of.

Come on. Yin and Yang. Bonnie and Clyde. Bert and Ernie.


You have to leave.


(WHISPERS) You have to leave.

They'll come here, you know.


Cos they're scared you'll try to kill me.

Which is the funny thing, because it's not me who'll end up killing you, is it?

It's them.

You know that.


You've done enough.

Now give it up... and walk away.

Come with me.

I know you want to. You've got a telltale heart.

We can swim with the sharks.

See the Nazca Lines.

Have you ever eaten fugu made from puffer fish?

It's fatal if prepared incorrectly. And... delicious, naturally.

I just can't.

Who is she?

It's not like that.

I know.

If it were, I may be able to understand.

You do understand. That's the thing about you.

Just because I understand, it doesn't mean I approve.

Works both ways, doesn't it?

Doesn't it just?

And didn't it always?

Come on.

(MUFFLED) Come on.


All right, then. Erm...

Living room. Kitchen, bathroom.

My room.

Your room.

Tomorrow I'll get you a bed, but tonight, you're on the sofa.

Erm, just make yourself at home, you know, you can put the kettle on.

Want one?


This kettle's minging.

It's got miningitus. D'you get it from a market?

You can get righteous kettles these days, all chrome and whatnot.

Where's he keep the mugs?


♪ Oh, my lover, won't you tell me now ♪
♪ All the things that you fear... ♪

Just do as you're told.

♪ I am lover for the first time ♪
♪ I am ready to hear ♪
♪ I am ready to hear... ♪


♪ Show me, lover, all the things you see ♪
♪ All the apples you find... ♪