02x04 - Series 2, Episode 4

I need what I asked for... today.

Or we'll pop round, pay Jenny a visit.

Whatever he was doing, he didn't want anyone else to know he was doing it.

Tell me that's not dirty.

He's making a decision on the roll of a dice. Who to kill, when to kill.


Whether or not to kill.



Jenny: I'm sorry.

I'm really, really sorry.

I can't talk tonight.

We've got another one.

It's started again. There's two of them.


Man: Police! Stop him!

Police! Stop that man!

♪ Love is like a sin, my love ♪
♪ For the ones that feel it the most ♪
♪ Look at her with her eyes like a flame ♪
♪ She will love you like a fly will never love you. ♪

Luther: I've got to go to work.


Yes, I have to.

Cos if I don't show up, they're gonna wonder why.

Can't afford that.

The police are not our biggest worry right now.

Toby's grandmother is.

We have to move his car.





I know what you're going through.

I don't think you do.

I just...

Only two things matter right now.

And one is, this was self-defence.

And two...

I'll never let anyone hurt you.


Now, Toby's car is still downstairs.

I don't think I can do that.

Jenny, listen to me. When we're scared, we don't think straight.

Are you scared?


But if we act like scared people, we're gonna get caught.

We don't want that, do we?


So I'm gonna need you to help me carve some time to think this thing through.


What about him?

(SIGHS) All right.

Listen to me, Jenny. While I'm gone, you've got to clean this place.

Use the stuff in this bucket, OK? Get rid of the bucket.

And I'll be back as soon as I can, OK?

Erin: I know what I saw.

Justin: I'm not saying you don't.

Erin: So what was Luther doing?

I don't know.

But you asked him.

I did, yeah.

What did he say? "Not to worry, just a misunderstanding"?

At which point, you rolled over and let him tickle your tummy.

It wasn't like that.

Then what was it like?

You've gotta help me, Justin. I'm twisting in the wind here. I don't know what to do.

I don't know which way to turn.

I'm asking for help and you're giving me nothing.

Luther: How bad?

Justin: Three dead, four injured.

Stab wounds and chemical burns.

This is the last known victim, Richard Gardiner.

Younger brother, brother's fiancée were among the injured.


No sign.

SOCO found this a few hundred yards down that way.

The killer dropped his wallet in the chase. No ID, just cash and a keycard.

Luther: Do we know to what hotel?

No. There's a lot of myths about those things.

All they contain is a check-in and check-out date.

There's no way to identify the hotel it came from.

Erin: So what do you think's going on? Do you think we've got a copycat?

No, I think we've got two killers in competition.

If we can find out the rules to the competition, we can stop 'em.

Find out what door that opens.

Sir, show me the other side, please.

Erin: There's an advert on there.

Got anything I can clean that up with?

I'll see if Benny can do something with it.

Schenk: Brothers?

Luther: No. More than that.

They're twins.

Twins with a shared psychosis.

Turning one will not be easy.

It might not even be possible without a map into their heads.

We don't even know what their names are.

Benny: I think you're right.

About what?

It's a scoring system.

You score a certain amount of points for who you kill, and then you get bonuses for where you kill 'em and how you kill 'em.

So it's a sort of a tally of experience points.

Experience points?

Yeah, a way to measure your progress through a game.

So... these men are... killing with hammers, knives, acid, because they have yet to score enough points to graduate to better weapons?

That's definitely a possibility, yeah.

And when this man has bludgeoned and stabbed enough people to death then he qualifies to kill even more people with, what - guns, bombs?

We'll catch him before it gets to that point.

Ideas as to how?

We've got this.

We think it's an encrypted password.

To what?

If we can decode it, we can tell you.

What do you need?

Benny: Well, it's a non-repeating, randomised sequence.

Like a book code?

Exactly like an old book code.

To break the code...

We need to know the book he's used to make the encryption.

Not just the right title, we need the exact edition.

So it's the password, is the way into this.

What have you got?

The advert's for the Frangipani restaurant.

I'm checking with the owners to see if they can remember which hotel advertised them on their keycards.

Find it, call me and I'll meet you there.

Will do.

I won't be long.

Mr Kasemsarn?

This is DS Gray from the Serious and Serial Crimes Unit.

I'm enquiring about an advert you put out on a hotel keycard.

Luther: You know what you're doing and where you're going?

Jenny: I think so.

What if I get stopped? Does this look like it's my car?

Don't get stopped.

Buy some SIM cards.

Don't use one SIM card more than once.

If you do get stopped, don't say a word, not even your name.

Tell the duty solicitor to call me and I'll come get you.


Oi! Don't get stopped.

All right, go on, then.


Easy on the accelerator.


All right, go on. Put your seatbelt on!



Not very good, are you, Frank?

No, but apparently it's what you do when you get to my age.

So what happened to your pet polecat?

How do you mean?

Where's Toby?

He didn't show?

What can I say? The kid's an embarrassment.

Do me a favour, Frank.

You tell him I need more time, more consultation and way better manners.


Good news is, we found this laptop.

Oh, yeah? So what's the bad news?

We need to find a particular book to break the password, yeah?


Yeah, well, wait till you see this.

It'll take weeks.

But it's not right, though, is it?

Not right how?

Well, I mean, in order for a book code to work, you need the exact edition.

That way, if you lose your book...

You can get another copy of the exact same edition.

Right, but all this, this lot here, this is all second-hand junk shop copies.

I mean, how are you gonna get an exact copy of that?

Eh? Or... or that?


I need to see another room.

Gideon's Bible.

There's one of these in every hotel room in the country.

The key to breaking that code is in this book.

Get that and that laptop back to Benny.

Are you... You know, are things all right?

You solve your problem?

I'm on top of it.

I'll meet you back at the shop.

Baba: Toby's missing.

What do you mean, he's missing?

Nobody's seen him since yesterday.

That's not missing. That's... late.

Not for Toby.

He's had an argument with Frank, so he's probably embarrassed, had a drink and decided to screw himself into a coma.

What kind of argument with Frank?

You can't blame Frank. I mean, he was doing a decent job.

Toby... Toby is out of control.

Best I can do is keep my ear to the ground.

If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

You do that.

All right.



I need you to get out of the flat now.

But I haven't finished.

Finish and get out.

Do they know?

They know something's not right.

What if they find him?

They won't find him.

But what if they do?

I need you to get out of the flat, keep your head down for a while, OK?



Sorry, Toby.

Frank: Wotcher.

Frank, what are you doing here?

Waiting for you. What are you doing here?

What's in the boot, John?

None of your business what's in my boot.

Open it.

So what are you saying, I open the boot or you shoot me?

Don't make me answer that.

Frank, you really wanna do this?

All right.

All right. You win.

Step back.

What's in that bag?

It's my work gear, all right?!

My stabby, my body armour.

Zip it open.

Come on, Frank!

Just do it!

What a performance.

You happy now, Frank?

Listen, I'm gonna go now.

Before you embarrass yourself with another senior moment, why don't you do yourself a favour?

Find your boy, slap him, take him back to his nan.

And while you're at it, you give him a slap from me.

I'm about done with all this.


Caroline: What do you want?

Frank: To help you out.

I've heard that one before.

I'm still laughing.

Listen, you've got bigger things to worry about.

What do you mean? I don't know what you mean.

It means I want five minutes alone with Jenny, ask her some questions.

She's not in trouble - I just need a chat, that's all.

You help me get that and I'm out of your hair for good. So's John Luther.


And how do you intend to make that happen?

How do you think?



She's not here.

I don't know where she is.

Jenny: How did I do?

Did I do OK?

You did great.

Did great.

Well done.

All right? But this isn't over.

Not yet.

I need you to find a place to hide.

Think you can do that?

Think I might want my mum.

Jenny, I don't think you should go back there.

But if it makes you feel better...

You're so nice.

Why aren't you married?

You should be, though.

You should be married.

All happy and everything.

No-one'll have me.

Go on.

Let's go.

When did it happen?

Justin: Six minutes.

Uniform got there two minutes ago.

And the killer?

He ran onto Lyntall Street, but he could be anywhere.

How we doing with the rest of it?

Warm off the press.

All right, cool.


Get that other stuff and get in here.


Your password was pretty secure.

Cracked it.

Liverpool Street, this happened.

See, what he's done, to compensate for a low-scoring weapon, he's used a high-scoring strategy.


Then this. People carrier. Broad daylight.

Males, right - that's good, isn't it, males?

Um... loads of witnesses.

Again, another high-scoring tactic.

His name's Nicholas.

Your name's Robert.

The Japanese have got a great word for it, "hikikomori".

It means people that withdraw from the world.

That's what you and your brother have been doing, right?

Now look at you.

Banged up, in here. Game over.

While Nick...


Nicholas... is out there, making up for all the times he was the quiet one.

He's scoring very high for audacity.


So what do you think about that?

What do you think?

Oh, I'll tell you what I think. I'm glad you asked that.

I think that you and Nicholas are very, very close.

Outstandingly so, even for twins.

You want to know what else I think?

I think there's a limit to that closeness.

A limit.

I mean, after all, you are one of two.

Eh, Robert?

You are a man in your own right.

Do you know what else you are?

What else am I?

You're winning.

I don't care about winning.

You and your brother get them strangers all right.

But when it's down to the last men standing, it's you against him, isn't it, Robert?

And I think you do actually care who wins, because you really, really want it to be you.

What are you asking me?

I'm saying the way Nicholas is racking up a great score, you won't be winning for much longer, will you?


So why don't you help me catch him?

Before he beats you.

I'll play you for it.


I can't do that.

Then it isn't going to happen.

What are the rules of the game?

It's a dilemma throw.

That makes it a straight 50/50, meaning I roll 1 to 10, I help you catch my brother.

I roll 11 to 20, you're on your own.

Go on, then.

If you do catch him...


Tell him I love him.


Don't be.

This is your home.

You're welcome here any time.

Do you want to tell me what's wrong?

Are you on drugs?

Is it drugs again?

Did he hurt you?

Did that man hurt you?


Then what is it, love?

I really want to tell you, but I can't.

Why not?

I just can't.

So if Nicholas Millberry believed that his brother had escaped...

This is how he would communicate - via the blog.

Run it past me - exactly how do they communicate?

Robert and Nicholas set up an everyday blog... by design, the most boring blog in the world.

All but guaranteed to attract no traffic.

But if does attract a passer-by...

Well, they password-protected it.

But you cracked it.

Benny cracked it.

By breaking the book code?


Yeah. Once you're in, the blog just consists of boring posts.

So what, these posts are coded?

Well, no. They speak via the comments.

Nicholas'll have an RSS feed on his phone.

So as soon as a new comment's posted, he'll receive an alert.

Which means we can control and trace the communications.

Have you got any better ideas?


Who was that?

God. Sorry, did I wake you?


So who was it?




Used to live down the road from us, on Cavalry Close.

The ginge?

No. Esther.

The one with all the boobs.

That's her.

I was supposed to go over and see her.

But I cancelled for my girl.

Thanks, Mum.

John. I think my mum may have done something stupid.

Give me two minutes and I'll call you back soon as I leave this building.

Where's he going?

He's working the case.

Yeah, in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

Why don't you just cut him some slack?

And this feels right to you, does it?

Deliberately feeding lies to the media.

Because, correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like that's what he's doing.

The media don't care if it's lies, as long as there's a good story in it.

Well, that's not the point, is it?

Can you think of a better way to get Nicholas Millberry off the streets?

Touch a hair on her head and I'll rip your balls out.

Don't worry - you're doing the right thing.

Where is she?



Genevieve... can you come out a minute, please?


Where is she?

I don't know...

I don't know.

What is going on here? If there is some kind of setup going on here, you are gonna be the first to suffer, let me tell you now. Get her for me!

Get her for me! Where is she?

I don't know!

Call her!

I've been trying. I don't where she is!

Call her again!

He's in there. Do I do it now?

Luther: Yes. Do it now. Call the police.

Don't worry about your mum.


If you want to help your mum, you need to keep it together and do as we agreed.

And don't go back in there, cos Frank might not hurt your mum but he will hurt you.

All right?


I've got to go. Keep it together, do it.

You all right?

It has to come from an anonymous police source.

Police, please. L-I just seen a car pull up to this house.

It's a silver... how do you say it? Hyund...

Hyundai, yeah.

This bloke got out and he was holding this gun or something.

No, yeah, it was definitely a gun.

Well, there's this other thing. I know this might sound a bit mental...

Shut up! All right, listen.

Call your daughter.

Tell her to be back here in ten minutes or I am gonna go to work on you. Have you got that?



Who called the police? Is there another way out?

Yeah. Up... out there.


Man: Police! Open up!

Man: Guv, got a body.

John, you clever b*st*rd.

Are we prepped?


OK, so I've prepared some entries, based on some of Robert's previous postings.

OK. What does that say?

Um, hello, basically.

Hello. Nothing wrong with saying hello.

Were you never young?

DS Gray... if you wouldn't mind?

Yes, ma'am.

DS Gray, you apprised me that DCI Luther used the fire alarm the other day as a pretext to gain access to Detective Superintendent Schenk's personal computer.

Yes, ma'am, I did.

I had IT run a report on Schenk's computer.

It shows no activity during the fire alarm.

What angle are you trying to work, Erin?

Is there a plan? I hope you've got a plan, this isn't just random game playing.

Ma'am, I'm confused. I don't...

If you're so keen to smear a superior officer, you're gonna have to be smarter than that, a lot smarter.

Now get out of my sight.

Go for a walk.

Do some serious thinking about your future in this department... and this service.


Benny: Once we've posted a comment, his alert comes in on an RSS feed on his laptop or his mobile.

As soon as he responds, I can trace his connection.

How did you do it?

How did I do what?

Guv, come on.

No, DS Gray, you come on.

Was it you? Did you do it for him?


Sorry... what he says, Erin. You lost me at hello.

Luther: Erin, what is going on?

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and still it was impossible to tell... which was which.

What was that about?

Benny: I'm not sure.

I do know that Carroway had IT crawling all over Schenk's computer archives earlier.



What do you think he's been up to?

I don't know. I expect we'll find out soon enough.

Right... let's get started.

Type in "hello".

Robert Millberry was arrested and taken into custody in connection with two brutal attacks in London two days ago.

Police have refused to comments on reports that Robert Millberry escaped from custody today and is currently at large in the capital.

The story has appeared in several internet news sites but no official report has yet been published by the Metropolitan Police.

Millberry allegedly escaped from a prisoner transfer van after overpowering a guard.

Fears are growing that there's a link between Robert Millberry and the violent massacre that took place on a London Underground station the night of his arrest.

I did it.

You did what, Justin?

Hacked into the database, cleared all the history on Schenk's computer.

So when Carroway went digging, there was nothing to find.


She was only trying to do the right thing.

She doesn't deserve to be punished for it - it's wrong.

Yeah, it is wrong.

I need to make it right.

Justin, I will.

Not you, me - I did it, so I need to make it right.

Right, he's answering. He's live.

Luther: All right, Benny, what we got?

Just give me a moment. He's connected to the blog. I'm tracing his ISP.

Got him.

Benny: He's at the Enspire Coffee Bar, Endymion Way.

John, we're closer than you. I'll see you there.

Luther: All right.


All right, what's he saying?

He's joking, saying Robert should have stuck to the no-capture zone.

Benny's asking him what his next move is. He's typed "SEAL".

Slaying Everyone And Laughing.

Luther: Stay with him, Benny.

What's he saying now?

Justin: Benny's asking him to be more specific.

OK. "Grinding MOBS". So he's talking about massacre.

Something's wrong. He's stopped responding.

Benny, we're almost there.

I don't think he's talking about knives and hammers, guv.

He's talking about carnage.

We've got to stand these men down.

It's too late.

Man: Nicholas Millberry, do not move!

Police marksmen have you in their sights.

Please stand, placing your hands slowly on your head.

He's got something under his coat.

It's not right, is it?

All right, stand down, hold your fire. Hold fire!

Right, that's a dead man's switch.

We take a shot, his hand loosens on the trigger.

Vest detonates.

How big of a blast are we looking at?

Given the bulk of that vest, we're looking at a hundred-foot kill radius.

Boss, setting up.

Assuming he maintains general bearing, we need roadblocks here, here, here.

We designate this area the hot zone.

Evacuate buildings outside the hot zone only.

Minimise bodies on the streets, clear a space, take him out.

Take him out? What about the bomb?

We're clearing the streets as best we...

What about the buildings? Look at all these buildings round here.

Everybody in the shops and offices inside this hot zone, they just fend for themselves?

What's the alternative? Cross your fingers and hope he walks right out of London?

Much more likely he's got a target in mind. They usually do.

Say he's en route to a hospital or planning to blow himself up in a primary school, what do we do then?

If you shoot him, people will die.

The question I have to live with is how can I keep that number as small as possible?


Come on!

Fast as you can.

Move it! Leave it! Leave it!


I can't intervene, it's not my call, and part of me thanks God that it's not because I don't know what I would do differently.

Look, whatever you've got in mind, we've got to do it quickly.



Erin: What's the plan, then?

There is a plan, right?


I'm John.

Do you want to play a game?

I already am.

Oh, I know.


He's wired.

Did we know he was wired?

What have you done?

Luther: In order to get to the next level , you need a lot more points.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you need a... a boss.

You need to kill a boss.

I'm the man at the end of that level, aren't I?

I'm the man that's chasing you. I'm that boss.

So if you beat me, you get to play on.

You're gonna like this.

Check it out.


Now you roll the dice.

I guess the number - I beat you, you disarm that switch.

If I lose...

You're not serious.


Look at me.

Do I look like I'm joking?


Let's play in there.

Joe, those men are gonna have to come down from that roof because they have to have a clear line of fire.

Joe, I need you to issue that order.

Bring five shooters down from the roof.

Make a perimeter round that truck and wait.

Have I just authorised the death of a police officer?

You know... I used to do this thing.

Used to play Russian roulette.

And why was that?

Well, I... I guess because I was scared, you know.

I could control my actions but not the consequences of my actions.

Does that make any sense to you?


A few weeks ago I realised that nobody can... nobody can control that.

An action leads to a reaction that leads to a reaction and it all becomes one chaotic system.

That's why I can see how you and your brother made it simple.

Turned it into a game.


I can... I can see that, it makes sense to me. Leave it to fate, to God.

To a roll of the dice.

The rest of that fuel... on you.

I mean, it... it's tiny in here.

Just do it. (GIGGLES)

Roll it.

Well, why don't you put the detonator down?

Oh, no, I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

Listen to me. You're at that end, I'm at this end.

I'm covered in fuel and you have a lighter.


Close your eyes.


(LUTHER) Come on!

OK, go.

One guess.

Are you scared?

No, I'm not scared. Are you scared?


So... what do you say?

What do you say?

All right, here's what I say.

The A between the L and the R.

Aim low.


You heard the man.

He hated the boy, but he wouldn't kill him.

I want you to find him.

Find Frank and bring him to me.


No, this is done.

We're done.

That's not for you to say.

You see, you made a mistake coming to me, cos I'm not Frank.

I never was Frank and I'll never be Frank.

What are you, then?

This is what I am.

I spoke to a good friend of mine last night.

If anything happens to Jenny or anything happens to me, she is gonna come for you with the wrath of God.

She'll take whatever you've got left to love and make you regret the day you ever came across my path.

Are we done?

We're done.

You didn't really do that, did you?

Do what?

Like, call up some totally psycho killer girl.

Her name's Alice.


I don't know. What you think?

Hmm... Dunno.

I do know you were totally epic, though.


(♪ GRINDERMAN: Palaces of Montezuma)


So, now what?

♪ Come on, baby, let's get out of the cold ♪
♪ And gimme, gimme, gimme your precious love for me to hold ♪
♪ Come on, baby, come out of the cold ♪
♪ Oh, yeah ♪
♪ And gimme, gimme, gimme your precious love for me to hold ♪
♪ Yeah, come on ♪
♪ Yeah, come on Yeah, come on ♪
♪ Yeah, come on Yeah, come on ♪
♪ Yeah, come on. ♪