03x02 - Series 3, Episode 2

I've seen something like this before. The masks, the wigs...

I think he's trying to recreate something.

Do you remember the Shoreditch Creeper?

A DCI Ronnie Holland was the lead detective on the Creeper murders.

Found him dead in his hallway.


I'll call you.

I've been ordered to move you to another case.

Jared Cass, cyber-activist.

It was defaced.

Did you know who was doing it?


How's life in the Judas division, ma'am?

I want to know exactly how he handles that investigation.

If he breaks the law...

Are you saying you'd fit me up?

...I want his head on a stick.


♪ Love is like a sin, my love ♪
♪ For the ones that feel it the most ♪
♪ Look at her with her eyes like a flame ♪
♪ She will love you like a fly will never love you ♪
♪ Again ♪

Mary: I can't remember the last time I did this.

Just stayed up all night talking.

I mainly stay up all night shouting.

I find that hard to believe.

No, it's true. Honestly.

You're such a gentle man.



I don't know about that.



(GROANING) Ah, Jesus.


What's on the trolley?

Stuff for the incinerator.

Where'd it come from?

Where do you think?


Get this to Forensics double-quick. They're waiting.

Yes, sir.

So, how are you doing?

I'm all right. I'm good.

You look a little tired.

Yeah, I haven't exactly slept.

Listen, er...

I just want to make things right.

That's all.


Be careful, Justin.


DS Ripley.


Where's Luther?

He's not at home. I sent a car. And he's not answering his mobile.

I don't know where he is, sir.

This is me.



I know.

That's what happens when I turn my phone on.






Victim's name is...

Dani Lane.

Husband's Craig.

I was trying to call them when you walked in and made your scene.

Obviously you and I have got a problem, so why don't you just leave this to me?

Are you kicking me off?

Go nail Ken Barnaby.

Justin, if Ken Barnaby murdered Jared Cass, he should go down for it.

I can't imagine why you'd think I'd have an issue with that.



You found the bodies?

What do I need to know about you and DS Ripley?

(SIGHS) All it is is Justin and Erin Gray have been seeing each other.

Seeing? As in...


It's a well-known fact that she's not my biggest fan.

So I think, you know, she's been, um, filling his head with ideas.

And that's all this is?

What else could it be?

This is my house and I don't want Justin outside, pissing in.

Now, everything else gets put aside, including any grubby little fratricidal conflict between you and DS Ripley. Clear?

Yes, boss.


John: You and I have to have a very serious, grown-up chat.

Think I'd be too scared to show?

Are you coming for me?

With relish, yeah.


Can't be that much of a surprise.

So what do you want?

I want you to leave Justin out of it.

I'm not sure I know what you mean.

He's a good man, Erin.

He's a good man and he's got a good heart. Don't break it.

Not as a way of getting towards me.

He deserves better than that.

(LAUGHS) Unbelievable, seriously.

I am. I'm speechless.

How serious is it?

Do you think I'd ever tell you in a million years?


The thing about love is that it brings out the best in you but it can also bring out the worst.

All your fears, rage, self-doubt.

Don't mess around with it.

It'll blow up in your face.

Are you done?


I'm having fun, though.


No. I'm not done.


Morning, Paul. You're early.

I'm a little bit worried about Lee Harvey.

He's not happy, is he? He didn't have dinner last night.

We'll see if we can get the doctor in to see him tonight?

I'll pop in and see him.

Mr Carney... Can you watch reception?


Come on, Paul.

Good morning, Jodie, love.


So we know Ronnie Holland was killed because he could connect the Shoreditch Creeper murders to the death of Emily Hammond, Dani Lane and Craig Lane.

Yes, but he was bludgeoned to death in his own home, so if he knew the killer for what he was...

Why'd he open the door?

If we knew that, we'd be laughing, wouldn't we?

We know Ronnie Holland was fixated with the Creeper murders.

Yeah, well, you don't think he didn't keep tabs on his prime suspect.

Benny, I need you to trawl through his browser history, all right?

Phone records. Whatever.

What am I looking for, exactly?

Well, you ever get that feeling when you know something's not quite right but you're not sure what it is?

Look for that. Call me when you've got something.


Mr Barnaby? DS Ripley.

Yeah. I remember.

Mrs Barnaby, I'm sorry, I wonder if I might have a word?


So, what can I help you with?

Do you mind if I ask how it happened?

How does anything happen?

You dredged it all up. My mind was all over the place.

I was at sixes and sevens.

Did they tell you what happens to the hand after they...

Cut it off?

Burn it, presumably.

They do.

Except I got to it first.

I know this must be difficult to hear... but, currently, your hand is in our forensics lab.

So, Mr Barnaby, if there's anything you need to tell me, then now would be a good time.

Why would I have anything to tell you?

I know you're scared.

My wife has MS.

If she loses me, she's lost everything.

She dies alone.

So "scared" doesn't come into it. Do you understand that?

I really am very sorry.

Yeah, well, you carry on being sorry, DS Ripley, and if you and your ghouls find anything, come and see me again.

Till then, why don't you piss off and leave me alone?

Sorry, just a thought.

My colleague, DCI Luther...

What about him?

Did he say anything to you?

Anything about what?

Did he... suggest anything?

What suggest... What are you talking about?


Thanks for your time.

Benny: (ON PHONE) I trawled Ronnie Holland's phone records.

Checked, double-checked, cross-referenced.

Gave myself a migraine. He called his daughter in Canada once a week, the odd call to a few friends.

Then another number which stuck out.

What made you think that?

The time of the calls.

They were made after midnight. And he does this four or five times over a six-month period.

So who's he calling?

Winchford Care Home.

Ex-wife? Family?

After midnight? Nah.

So I checked to see who lived there.


William Carney.

Was he in the cold cases?

Isn't he just!

William Carney. Born Billericay, 1948.

Two hundred miles away and two years after the last Creeper murder, Carney was convicted of choking Sandra Cho to death.

She was a working girl in Liverpool.

Did he serve his full time?

Twenty-five years, every day of it.

Man's a born predator and Ronnie Holland knew it.

Did you get hard?

She was a bit nice, wasn't she?

Good legs.


Looking for one of your residents. William Carney.

He's a popular lad this morning.

Is he?

"Paul Ellis". Who's that? Family?

I don't think so. But I don't know.

When did he leave?

You just missed him.

Just now?


Benny, listen. I need you to check out a white male.

He's about 40 years old. His name's Paul Ellis.

William Carney?

I'm DCI John Luther.

Ronnie Holland sends his regards.

Does he?

What, from the land beyond?

Why would you say that, sir?

Well, he's stopped calling.

He used to like to call me, you know, when he'd had a few.

He was a devil for it.

You mind if I take a look at that phone?

I mean, if you like, I could sit here and wait for the warrant to be signed...

Her feet look lovely in that one, don't they?

Do you see the arch of the instep?

That happens when they die, you see. It... It sort of bunches up, yes?

Paul Ellis. Who is he?

Well, he's a fan, apparently.

Guv, I'm not comfortable with this.

Erin, you started this.

You got this ball rolling.

So now we have to control the direction of its travel.

"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool. Richard Feynman. Meep, meep."

We should really get a shift on.

In a minute.

I just want to get a feel of the guy.

He underlines.


We tend to underline observations that confirm our view of the world.

Give me a day with those books and I'll serve him to you on a plate.

Give me a search warrant and you can have it.

But where would be the fun in that?

Look at this. What does this say about a man?

You know what?

I love this guy to bits.


Voicemail: Hello, it's Mary. Leave a message.

Er, hello, Mary. It's DCI John Luther, from last night.

Um, yeah, I, you know, I just called to say hi and, um...

Yeah. Cheers, then. Bye.

Martin: These are cold case files pertaining to the Shoreditch Creeper murders, circa 1979 to1983.

Unsolved killings, which we believe were committed by William Carney.

We believe that these crimes were connected to the subsequent murders of Dani Lane, Craig Lane, Emily Hammond and one of our own, DCI Ronnie Holland.

The connection goes by the name of Paul Ellis.

Now, somewhere in these files, there's a link to him, direct or otherwise.

This thing with feet...

What's that about?

When I was a little boy, I read a magazine article about foot-binding in China.

Do you know how it was done?

They swathe a young woman's feet in strips of cloth, bending the toes under the foot, breaking the bones.

The way the women were forced to walk resulted in... hypertrophy of the hip muscles and the perineum.

It gave them very muscular vaginas.

John: Not very shy to talk about it, are you?

Why should I be?

Well, there's this.

At the time of the murders, you were a dustman.

They were on your route.

But you changed your pattern once Ronnie had sniffed you out.

Yes, he did, didn't he?

No more breaking into houses.

No more middle-class women. It was all working girls from there on.

Well, if you can't get steak, you have to settle for hamburger.

(SIGHS) Never quite as satisfying, though.

Nice, tender cuts of meat.

How did you and Paul Ellis meet? I mean, how'd you get together?

Well, you tell me.

Huh. Well...

How about this? You spent 25 years in prison, w*nk*ng into a dirty little sock, thinking about the day you get out and what you're gonna do to the little girls that got away.

Dani and Emily from Crosswood Street.

But when the time actually comes to it, well...

Look at you. So, you look for someone else.

I think, you know, you get on the internet, S&M sites.

Someone that wants to do what you used to do.

Someone who was younger, I don't know, fitter, stronger.

Am I making you laugh? What's going on?

You really have no idea at all, do you?

Well, then tell me.

I didn't seek him out.

He came to me.

The boy is a pilgrim.



What is it?

You want to see this.


What am I looking for?

Paul Ellis.

In 1984 you were convicted of the murder of Sandra Cho.

But before that...

Ronnie Holland liked you for another murder.

The murder of April Saunders.

April was a prostitute working out of a council flat in Camden.

The killer strangled her with stockings, bit her feet and stole her shoes.

April was arrested several times and she used aliases.

April Edwards and April Simmons in 1980.

But she was arrested twice and used the alias of April Ellis.

Turns out Ellis was her maiden name.

Ellis, Saunders, whatever we want to call her, April had a son, aged 12, Paul.

And he was hiding in the wardrobe when his mother was murdered.

He saw the whole thing.

Can you imagine that?

What that would do to the mind of a young boy?

Watching you murder his mother?

John: We're on our way to his house now.


What do you want? I'm not your performing seal. I'm busy.

Luther paid a visit to her.

Apparently, he's worried I might break your heart.

What did he say?

What did he say?

He knows something's wrong.

He's just still trying to work out what.

Oh. Holy crap, though.

How did you get on with Barnaby?

I spoke to him and he looked at me like I was mad.

That hardly matters now.



Luther's sniffing around, so we need to move quickly.

Meaning what, exactly?

You've got to make a full statement, on the record, today.

Catalogue everything Luther ever did.

Every lie he told, every law he broke, everything.

All right, then I need a deal.

That can't happen, Justin.

No, it has to.

I'm not losing me job for anyone. Not him, not you.

I want proper assurances and that means legal assurances, or the deal's off.

Yes, yes. John, this is...

Joy Harris. Divisional surgeon.

You understand this is a very sick man?

Sicker than you know.

Which means he's under my duty of care.

He's fine. He's had his meds. He's got oxygen.

But the stress of arrest and interrogation...

Are you joking? You're going to use this to shut me down?

The minute he becomes symptomatic, I'm pulling him out of the interrogation.

How long have I got?

I got the remains of the hand to Forensics.

They reconstructed Barnaby's finger well enough to get a match.

So nick him, then.

How'd you do it?

Come on. This little boy here, I mean, he should really hate you, shouldn't he?

I mean, you killed his mother.

You think she was a good mother?

Oh, I think she did her best.

She was a deranged slut.

Do you know why Paul was in that wardrobe?

Because it wasn't voluntarily, I can tell you that.

He spent a lot of time in that cupboard.

Heard and saw more than any young boy should.

Didn't take long before he started creeping about, breaking in, stealing shoes, underwear.

Peeping into bathrooms. And so he did what any monster would do.

And what is that, hmm?


Find his creator?

Well, his first stop was dear old Ronnie Holland.

Of course, Ronnie remembers the broken little boy with the dead mummy.

So he takes pity on him.

He says "I know who did this to you. I know who did this, son."

So Paul turns up on my doorstep so full of rage he can hardly speak.

Don't try it. Don't you keep trying that.

Don't you keep sucking on that thing.

I didn't make him what he is.

You're playing with me.

That was his mother.

Don't play with me.

"Your mother did it, Paul, your mother did it."

All I did was shape the clay.

I'll turn that oxygen machine off, I tell you now.

All I did was give him a sense of purpose.

Oh, yeah? And how?

How did you give him that, hmm?

I explained how much fun it was, you see, killing his mother.

How do you pick your next victims?

Tell me how you do that.

I like to think of it as one for the road... (CHOKES)

He's using his oxygen mask far too often.

He's under too much stress.

Who is she?

She's lovely.

I can't wait for you to meet her.

Who is she?! Who?!

This interview is over!

John: Who is she? Where is she?

She should be at home round about now, I imagine.

Who is she? Who?

Step out, please.

I know you like to win and you're going to have your win but who is she?

Feet like a princess.

Who, actually, who?

Tell me who she is!







Hi, babe. Yeah, I'm home already.

Oh, brilliant. Er, spag bol.

Yeah. Did you speak to Ayesha? Did she tell you what happened?

I know! Okay.

All right, see you in a minute. Bye.

Jodie? Babes?

So I spoke to Ayesha... Jo?

Huh? I'm in the shower!

Do you need a wee?


No, I'm all right.



Hello, babe.

Oh, God, I'm so tired.

I know. What a day. (CHUCKLES)

Hey, I got loads of food and, um, and some wine. So...

Great. I'll start chopping the onions.

Yeah. I'll be down in a sec.

Benny? Get me the Winchford Nursing Home personnel office. Now.

Couldn't stand it, could you?

You couldn't stand it, all these pretty nurses thinking you were some weak man.

But you're gonna show 'em who you really are, hmm?

Nicely done. But you may be a little late.

Get him outside. Get him out of here. Get him out of here! Now!

What, and you didn't even know?

Not even.


Well, that's the thing.

You see quite a lot of dirty old men and whatever.

You catch them glancing at your boobs and stuff.



With this bloke, it's like he was looking through your skin.

Mmm. I'm just popping to the loo.


So what time's Ayesha home, then?

Half an hour ago.

Do you think she's stopped off to see what's-his-name?

What, Steve?

No, not Steve.

No, the weird-looking one.

What weird-looking one?

You know.

The one that looks like... Who is it? Paul Daniels.

Jamal? Jamal does not look like Paul Daniels.

Jamal's fit.


I don't know about "fit". I wouldn't give him a "fit".


Did you actually hear that?

Ayesha? Are you home?


You can't be serious. What...




Babes, what are you doing?

Well, it's not as if there's actually anyone there.

No. It's just a thing.


The house settling.





So not funny.


Evie! Stop it.


Right, that's it. You're in big trouble.




It's Paul, isn't it? Oh, you don't have to do this!

Please. We won't say anything. We won't tell anybody...

Ayesha: Hello?

Anyone home?


Hope you don't mind, Paul, but I gave Ayesha a call.

Asked if I could sneak up here with her.


Well, go on, say something.





John: Hey. Stay down, now.



All clear.

Benny: Mr Carney!

I've got a message for you.


Ken Barnaby, I'm arresting you for the murder of Jared Cass.

You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.

Hello, Ronnie.

Voicemail: DCI Luther. Leave a message.

Hi. It's me, Mary.

It's Mary Day, from last night.

So we seem to be crossing messages. Um...

Anyway, cool. Speak soon.

Or not.


You ready?

Yeah. I'm ready.

This is what you wanted.

You called him a dickhead?

Benny: Well, that's what he is.

Yeah, well, you won't hear me denying it.

Benny, that phone I asked you to trace. Anything?

Yeah, it's been on the move a lot, but it's made three long stops at Lasseter Avenue in Stepney.

Oh, yeah?

What do we know about Lasseter Avenue in Stepney?


You started working with DCI John Luther in January 2009.

Is that correct?

That's right.

And what was the first investigation you both worked on?

A home invasion. Murder. Suspect's name was Alice Morgan.


I'll see to it.


What are you doing, John?

It's DCI Luther, actually.

All right, girls?

Well, well, well. This is where it all goes down.

Secret Squirrel Central Station!


Hello, John.

Do yourself a favour, mate.

Get out of here.

Or what?


Shut up, Mr Ripley.

You might just spoil my good mood.

So, has my operation got a secret name? Like a codename or something?

Mmm? No? That's not very covert, is it?

Do you remember that show This Is Your Life?

It's like the big red book.

Except for all these people are dead.

Well, most of them.

Don't make it any worse for yourself.

And who are you, exactly?


DSU George Stark.


I tell you what, George.

You're a big man.

And I'm tired.

But if we are gonna take lumps out of each other, it won't be the first one I've had tonight.

And someone's gonna have to find out.

Your boss. My boss. And then they'll ask why, how I just walked in on your... operation.

And how I walked out of here with all the evidence you've got against me.

What's that gonna do to your reputation, eh?

Now, you can continue if you want.

Chase me down.

But if you take me down, I'll take you down even faster and even harder.

George: (ON TAPE) You started working with DCI John Luther in January 2009, is that correct?

Justin: That's right.

George: And what was the first investigation you both worked on?

Justin: A home invasion. Murder. Suspect's name was Alice Morgan.

She was the daughter of the victims.

Do you want me to go through every case we worked on?

Course they do.

George: If you would. I know it will take a while but...

Justin: Yeah. That's why I want to get the big stuff on record, while my mind's clear.

George: Okay. That's why we're here.

Justin: Right.

I just want to say, for the record...


Justin: ... that, in my experience, DCI Luther is an outstanding police officer.

I'm honoured to have worked at his side and I consider this investigation to be little more than a fishing expedition and a witch-hunt.

While, arguably, I've seen him cut procedural corners, DCI Luther has never, to my knowledge, broken any laws, either in pursuit of his duty or otherwise.

I've been honoured to work with him.



What time do you call this?

I'm sorry, did we, erm...


(HESITANTLY) I'm sorry. It was a joke. Kind of a bad joke.

It's just... I tried to call...

You know, you tried to call, then I tried to call and...

Look, um... Okay, so last night, it was...

I don't know what it was, um... But it was, it was...

Yeah, it was...


And I don't want to play games. You know, I'm too old for that.

I'm not like, well, old old, but I'm too old for that.

I'm not a game-player.


'Cause neither am I.

Shall we just stop talking?


Let's stop talking.



♪ Early this morning ♪
♪ When you knocked upon my door ♪
♪ Early this morning ♪
♪ When you knocked upon my door ♪

Don't move!

♪ And I say, hello, Satan ♪

Hello, Mary.

I think you should stay away from me.

♪ Me and the Devil ♪
♪ Walking side by side ♪
♪ Me and the Devil, now ♪