05x01 - Episode 1



Can you breathe?


Shame, that. Turn around.

Babylon beast!

You're a lying pig, Luther!


You ain't no better than me!

- Get me out!

See you soon. Bye.

Oi! Miss.

Miss? It's Lee Peck! You taught me in English.

Sorry, Miss.

- What, did I just scare you?
- Yeah, you did, yeah!

Miss, I'm sorry...

Go home, Lee.





Oh, shi...

Miss! Miss, let me in!


Miss, let me in!

Miss! Miss, let me in, Miss!

Miss, let me in!

- Lee, go home!
- Miss, please!

I'm calling the police!

- Miss, please!
- I'm doing it right now, Lee!


♪ Love is like a sin, my love ♪

♪ For the ones that feel it the most ♪

♪ Look at her with her eyes like a flame ♪

♪ She will love you like a fly ♪

♪ Will never love you again. ♪

I'll get you fixed, I promise.

All right, all right, all right!

Hold on, just relax all right...

- Don't! Argh!

Bag him!


Oof! Ah!



George, what is all this bollocks?

Where is he?

Where is who?

- Aargh!

Where is he?!

Who, George, who?!

I don't know who you're talking about!

That's my son.


Alistair, yeah, the older one, that washes, washes the money for you.

- Yeah, what about him?
- Allegedly.

Okey dokey.

Massey, please.

So, what we're going to do is, I'm going to ask that question a maximum of five more times.

Cornelius, I have no...


Where's my boy? Come on, John! Hurry up!

- Where is he?
- I have no clue.


Now that's twice.

All right! I don't know! I don't know!

Last chance. Come on, wake up, John.


Give me that!

Put your hands where I can see them.

So, what's going on?

- You really don't know, do you?
- No, I really don't know!

Where was he? When he got taken, Alistair, where was he? Who was it?

Ah, see. Now you're fishing.

Well, if you tell me who did it, then I might be able to help you.

I'm not a -year-old girl. I take care of my own business...

[SHOUTS]: You started this, George!

I'm just doing due diligence.

Making sure you're not part of it.

What did you say?

Part of it? Why would I be a part of it?

- We've got history.
- Not that kind of history.

Says the bloke who kidnapped me and cuffed me to a radiator.

Yeah, fair dos.

So are we good?

Are we good?

He's my boy, John.

Do me a favour, let me get on with it.


I don't care about you. And I don't care about your boy.

All I care about is going home.

Leave me alone.

And tell the Spice Girls to back off as well.






DCI Luther.

I'll put the kettle on, shall I?

I see you're settling in.

Yeah, yes, of course, listen, er, milk's in the fridge.

Er, you know where everything is, I'll be back in a second.

So, how's Catherine working out?

DS Halliday? She's OK, I suppose.

Why do you ask?

You don't like her?

- Oh, it's not that, I, um...
- Look, John. This er,

Direct Entry thing, head-hunting people from the public sector. Fast-tracking them through the ranks.

None of us like it. But it's the way it is.

Give it ten minutes and DS Halliday will be

Superintendent Halliday.

Boss, are you, um, telling me to behave myself?

I'm saying that, we're the dinosaurs and she's the meteor.

So, yes.

Don't show her how it's done.

Show her how it's supposed to be done.

- Noted.
- Good.

- I hope so.

Who is that? Luther...

All right, we're on our way.

We've got a customer, boss.

DS Halliday.



May I borrow a pen?

Yeah, sure.

The killer took his eyes and cut his tongue out.

All right.

Keep it.

No, I couldn't. It's a lovely pen.

Honestly. It's my gift to you.


Er, the killer chased him from Ballarat Street.

Just round the corner.

All right.

Um, can I, can I ask? Um, is...

... is this normal?



Witness hasn't a clue as to what happened.

The victim's an ex-pupil.

Lee Peck.

He followed her home.

Next thing she knows, he's banging on the door, pleading to be let in.

Seems like the killer came from nowhere.

I'd like to talk to the witness.



Mate, um...

I need a favour.

An off-the-books-type favour.

Oh, yeah?

I thought we were behaving ourselves these days.

No, we are.

- It won't be a problem.
- Says he.

Go on, then. What do you need?

Someone's got George Cornelius on the hook.

All right, I need to find out who it is.

Why do we care?

I don't know. I, um...

It just doesn't feel right.

So, I'm just gonna have a little nose about?

And not fuss with warrants or anything like that?

No, no, no, no.

Go on, then, you talked me into it, you silver-tongued devil.


Right, so, where are we?

First victim's Paul Redford.

. Landscape gardener.

Single and ready to mingle.

- What does that mean?
- Oh.

He used a number of online hook-up sites.

Oh, let's hope we're not looking at another Stephen Port.

Lab's looking for GHB and other drugs.

But Port, he liked to incapacitate, rape and then murder his victims.

He didn't do anything like this.

Nothing similar on the books?

No, nothing close.

All right, well, you know, this isn't our boy's first disco.

I mean, even Jack the Ripper had to work up towards what he did to Mary Jane Kelly.

And our boy hasn't got to this place from a standing start.


OK, first up, um, let's see if there's an uptick on people being assaulted in public, stabbed in the groin, the buttocks with a penknife, or a big pin...

Like a hatpin?

- A what?
- A hatpin?

It's like a long pin, um, like this big.

And you use it for.

I've seen those.

And then let's check, uh, recent prison releases of men that generally fit the pattern.

What about the other victim?
Any connection?

Uh, no, it looks like an acute case of wrong place, wrong time.


What does this say to you, the, um, the eyes and the tongue?

Uh, symbolic punishment?

For what?

Intruding on a private act, maybe?

And this business? How's he doing that?

That's LEDs sewn into his hood.

It confuses CCTV.

Ah, OK, so this isn't random, is it?

Which means... there's gonna be more.




Nowhere near it. Yeah, man, yeah, man.


Yeah? Who's this?

It is I, Krampus.

- Benny?
- The half-goat, half-demon creature who punishes naughty children.

Bad timing. What's up?

- Listen, man, I need a favour.
- Of course.

- Totally.
- What? Seriously?

- No!
- Then you leave me no alternative but to huff and puff and blow your walls down.

And how you gonna do that, then?

By telling Mr. Cornelius that you're on the skim.

Well... I haven't.

And that's mad, because he'd kill anyone who did something like that.

How do you even know this sh1t?

Big lad, you need to brush up on your online security.



Yeah, oh, cool.

Nice one. All right.

Right, um, if anything comes up, you let me know, OK?

Uh, yeah, sure, cool.

- Where will you be?
- Out.

Yeah, cool, sure.


If they catch me wearing this, I'm dead about times.

He'll feed me to his dogs.

I'm not joking.

Well, don't get caught, then.

Actual dogs. He's got dogs.

Like them ' s dogs.

- Errol...
- Dobermans.

I just need to know what's going on.

All right? That's it.

I don't even know anything. Huh?

He just wants me there for bit of extra va-va-voom, that's all.

I'm numbers, mate. I'm muscle.

I just need you in the room, listening, that's all. All right?

Don't say nothing, don't go asking any questions, just, let us listen.


Everyone keep your wig on, keep schtum.


Well, we all want the money.

But my son has nothing to do with this.

It's not how we do things in the civilised world.

Or what's left of it.

All right, all right.

You get your money. I get my boy.

And that's it.

I'll meet you there, close of play.

All right.

I want this place watched, like a hen night in Saudi.

Right, off we toddle.

Are you all right, Errol? You're looking a bit peaky.


I'm good, George.


You're coming across as a bit clammy, to be honest.

Yeah, uh, I'm just, just sweaty.

It's a family thing.

On my mum's side.


Could somebody point a gun into Errol's face, please?

Just one.

Oh, mate.

Do me a favour, Errol. Lift your shirt.

Oh, you don't have to bend over, mate, just lift your shirt.

I can't do that.

Stop... All right! All right!

- Fair enough.
- Bloody hell!

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello.

What's all this then? Oh, John.

I suppose this goes to show you really don't have a Scooby about what's going on.

But you're still curious, you little tinker.

So here's what we'll do.

You can follow me, if you like.

Or you can save poor old Errol here.

Remember what happened to Harry Sampson.

Wait! What happened to Harry Samson?

What did happen to Harry Samson?

Harry Sampson, they blew his head off.

So, where do you think they're taking him?

Somewhere quiet, privacy.

Bit of distance. Bit of real estate where... Oh...

Agh! Where would they go?
Where would they go?

Where would they go?
Come on, come on, John.


Come on!



Come on, man! Argh!




Wait. What is this thing? What is it?


Ten minutes? What happens in ten minutes?

- It goes off.
- No! No!

- The key.
- Wait, wait no, no, you can't do that.

Hey! Wait!



Argh! Argh!

Minty, where are you?

I, I've got this, this, this, uh, this thing round my neck, this metal thing. I think it's a bomb, mate!

- Minty, calm down.
- I can't calm down!

I've got this thing round my neck!

Will you relax? We lost you at Tinakori Road.

- We turned on, on Brandon Street.
- Wait. Where?

- I think, then... Then, er...
- Brandon.

Ah, sh... OK, OK.

OK, I know where he is.




Oh, argh, argh!



- It's Halliday.
- Guv, where, are you?

Our tip line got a call from a consultant psychiatrist.

A Dr. Vivien Lake.

She's worried about one of her patients, quote, "escalating risk".

OK. Do you like her for it?

I don't know. It sounds interesting.

- Well, excellent. Bring her in.
- Oh, no, I've already sent a car.

Great. OK. Soon as I can, I'll be back.


Why is he in a bad mood?

- Minty!
- Over here!

- You better be alone!
- Yeah, yeah, man, I'm alone,

I'm alone, come on, man! Come on!

Look, look, look, look.
Oh, God, look, look.

Let's have a look, let's have a look. Just shut up, shut up!

Oh, God. Come on, man!

I can't open it.

What? Wait, wait, wait, there's a key!

- He threw the key over there.
- Where?

- Over where?
- Over there! In the corner!

Benny, have a quick look.

Come on!

Come on, man! Come on!

- Just relax!
- All right!

- Come on!
- I don't think I can open this.

Yeah, man. Yeah, man. You can do it!

You can do it. Yes, you can do it, no lock's un-pickable.

- What... ?
- This might be. It's pick-resistant.

What does that mean?!

It means I can't pick it, Minty! Relax!

Of course you can open it!
Of course you can!

That's not the attitude! Pick it!

Get the lock off! Come on!

Benny! How are you looking!?

Where did it land? I can't see it.

- In the corner!
- What corner?!

Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Oh, my God, come on, man.

Come on!

- Relax! OK? Just relax!
- All right!

Come on, come on! Yeah, yeah.


What does, what does that look mean?

- What does, what does that look mean!?
- Benny?

- Yeah.
- You should go.

- Come on, come on, come on!
- Start moving!

Find the key! Find the key!

Got it!

Look he's got it! He's got it!

Come on! Good! Good! Open it!

Open it! Unlock it, you tosser, you manky bell-end!

Unlock it!

Yes! Yes!

Argh! All right!

In there!




We'll make sure you're looked after until this is all put to bed.

All right?

It won't be put to bed, though, will it?

You've opened up a can of... not worms.

I don't know. Geese.

I'll sort it.

- I promise.
- Yeah. Yeah, you do that.

Because everyone knows you do magic, yeah?

Yeah, you run!

I'll find you!

I'll get you.

Dr. Lake? I'm DCI Luther.

Have they offered you tea? Coffee?

Yeah, they have, thanks.

Um, you wanted to bring one of your patients to our attention?

James Hauser. Yeah.

So, what can you tell us?

He's a very troubled man, dealing with a number of intersecting paraphilias.

He was the victim of profound and systematic childhood abuse.

Unspeakable abuse, really.

And to avoid any doubt, uh, paraphilia means?

Sexual fetishes. Abnormal sexual impulses.

And the nature of his...

- Impulses? Piquerism.
- Hmm.

From the French "piquer", "to prick".

At the age of , he stabbed a classmate in the buttocks with a school compass and experienced his first orgasm.

Classmate female?

Male. He attended boarding school.

But there were female victims during his student days.

And later s*x workers of both sexes and all genders.

He paid to stab them in their buttocks, thighs and particularly the area round the navel.

Using a... ?

Usually the point of a scalpel.

Just the tip.

There isn't a person in the world without a sexual secret, DS...


Yeah, we all have a fantasy.
We all have a fetish.

We all regret something we've done.

Or something we never had the courage to do.

So what's changed? Why come in today?

His condition's been escalating.

He hasn't made his last couple of appointments.

And last night, he, uh... turned up at my house uninvited.

He ha...

- There was blood on him.
- His blood?

I presumed so. At first. Yes. Yeah.

Self-mutilation isn't uncommon when people are struggling with extreme desire.

I went to wash his wounds, there were no wounds.

I asked him to wait in the lounge while I went to my office to call the police, take him to a safe place.

Before I could place the call, he'd gone.

He's not answering his phone or e-mails.

So, I decided to seek the advice of a colleague and come forward.

As his fantasies became more extreme, he became too ashamed to articulate them.

So, I asked if he could draw them for me.




Stop the bus!


We think it's him.

The driver tried to intervene.

We're going after him in full force.

We've got aerial units, ground units. Dogs.

We've got his house, his workplace, all of his usual haunts under surveillance.

Are you... ?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You're not fine. Nobody is.

No, I'm fine.

Well, good, he's not going home, is he? I mean, not now.

He's not gonna stop, not after this, not until we stop him.

So what next?

Play dirty.

The psychiatrist, does she seem normal to you?

I don't know. I guess she came across a bit intense.

A bit too invested in her patient.

Well, she did come forward with his name.

Yeah, but reluctantly, because I think she had to.

I don't know how deep it goes, but I don't think we're looking at a normal doctor-patient relationship.

Well, it does happen sometimes, between patients and their therapist.

They call it counter-transference.

- It can get intense.
- Yeah, good.

Whatever psychosexual thing they've got going on, we can exploit it.

Wait, can we do that?

Within parameters.


Bring her in, push her buttons.

See what pops up.

Have you done this before?


Well, something like this.

And you're definitely OK with it? Like, ethically?

I don't know about ethically.

But as long as it's legal, I'm OK with it.

Dr. Lake. We're sorry to have to do this to you, but we urgently need to know the whereabouts of your patient and we believe you might be able to help us with that.

Has he been in contact with you

- since we last spoke?
- No.

And do you have any idea where he might be?

- Where he might go to hide?
- Well, I'm hardly his keeper.

Uh, no, no.

But you do have a responsibility to him.

Which I believe I exercised by coming forward.


James Hauser's phone has just come on.

He's in Hampstead Woods.

This is Schenk.

Get SCO to Hampstead Woods and have them take up position.

And what about your responsibility to his victims?

Well, I'd imagine it's alleged victims at this stage, isn't it?

OK. Why don't you just show us?


Well, this really is a tawdry form of manipulation, isn't it?

Frankly, I expected better.

Dr. Lake. Look... you know him.

I care about his wellbeing, yeah.

I have no emotional attachment to him.

- Which is a good thing?
- Why?

I don't think he's going to stop until we kill him.

Oh, dear God. How clear can I be?

Look, I am happy to give you any information that might help in protecting the lives of others.

But it's your job to actually catch him.

I cannot and I will not help you do that.

That girl on the bus was years old!

I could tell you exactly what he did to her, before he slit the bus driver's throat and ran away.

But I don't want to hear myself saying those things.

Do you understand that?

I don't want to hear myself saying the things that your patient did in there!

Well, look I'm happy to suggest a good therapist, if that's any help?

And what if we were to arrest you?

On what grounds?

Obstructing justice.

OK, um, call me, if you change your mind.

Come on.


Oh, God, so it turns out I'm not fine.

All right, look, she's not going to help voluntarily, OK?

She's good and spooked on his behalf. You guys listening in?

I am. And you're bang on the money.
He's talking to her right now.

From where?

Hampstead Wood, acres of urban woodland, multiple points of ingress and egress.

If he gives us the slip there, we'll never find him again, John, so we need her to lead us to him.

Yeah, no, she's good and primed.

She thinks she's saving him from the Filth.

Hah! She could be right.

[DR. LAKE, ON MOBILE]: James, remember, you can control this.

You have to think ahead.

You have to think of the consequences.

- I don't think I can stop.
- Yes, you can.

You can.

You need to remember what we discussed.

You need to remember your strategies.

You didn't call me because you were aroused.

You called me because you know you shouldn't be putting yourself in this situation.

You need to remember what we talked about.

Can you come here?

Can you do that?


James, if you don't let me help you, they're going to hurt you.

And I couldn't bear that. So, please.

Let me come to you.

I'll hide you.

I'll keep you safe.


Hampstead Wood.

She's leaving.

And SCO are in position.

Stay with her.

Two minutes away.

You want him dead?

I don't care, I just want him.

She's entering the woods, just south of the basketball court.

James? Come with me, please.

You can hurt me, if you like.

All units.

On my signal.

I'd like you to cut me.

I didn't. I wouldn't, I wouldn't...

- James! Don't do it!

Go, go!


He cut his own throat!

God! Jesus Christ!

OK, mate.

I'll call it in.

You followed me.


And asking for my help, what was that?

Manipulation? Game play?


You have no idea what he endured.

What was done to him? He was a good man!

Pig! Filth!

Take her away, please, get a statement.

Oh, who do we have here?


You didn't have to cut me! Are you listening to me?!

Look what you did to my arm!

That is the last time I humiliate myself for you.


That's the last time you ever hurt me.

James better be dead!

Argh! Argh!







It's way past time you went home.

Yeah. No, yeah, sorry.

Is everything all right?

It's just... something's wrong.

It's not right.

Have you discussed this with DCI Luther?

Well, I've tried calling him over and over but he's not answering, so...

How convinced are you?

Nine out of ten.


No, nine. Yeah, nine.

Then let's go and see him together.


Luther! He knew! He must have known!






All right, all right.