01x04 - Blind Spot

Previously on Colony...


Come on!



Whatever you're going through we're going through together.

I love you.

I'm a Collaborator, Katie.

You are protecting our family.

Our choice is clear, my friends.

Resist or die.

There's a woman running a unit.

I've seen her type before when I was deployed.

Ex-CIA, if I had to guess.

Tell Katie her intel needs to outweigh the damage hat her husband is doing to us.

They have this huge database of information and more importantly, hey have a woman who knows how to manipulate it.

Who is she?

First I want to make a deal.

My husband is never harmed, ever.

[laughter, chatter]

[pop music]

Hey, man, it's too early, man.

No, no, no, no, you're always complaining.

What's up, Dee?

What's up?

Dee, you gonna smile today, huh?

♪ bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do ♪
♪ what you gonna do when they come for you ♪


He sings the same stupid song every single day.

I just think hat they should make a show about us, busting down doors and kicking ass.


What do you think, Dee?

[bell rings]

Against the wall.

We're looking for Marla Nelson.

Room 201.

This way.

[Redhat radio chatter]

Class, we talked about--

Stay seated-- sit down!

What's going on?

You need to come with us.

Why? What for?

[chuckles] You know what for.

No, look, his is a misunderstanding.

I was just using Bradbury o explore--

Hey, leave her alone!

Shut up!

She didn't do anything! Let go of her, man!

[class gasps]

All of you, be quiet!

[class gasps, screams]

Get in your seat now!

In your seat now!

Please, I have wo little girls at home.

Just give me a chance o explain.

Hey, you hit that kid pretty hard back there.

Don't be such a pussy.

Copy. Additional units in sight. Over.

[sighs] What do we got tomorrow?

Same sh1t, different day.

[hip hop music]

♪ ♪

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

Okay, babe, let's do this.

You know who else gets your special medicine?



No he doesn't.

He does. I swear.

It's what makes him big and strong.

A spider made him big and strong.

Want to stand up for me?



All set, kiddo. Ya did great.

Are we gonna run out of medicine?

No, no we're not.

Don't worry about that, okay?


[metal grinding]

Anything new?

Pattern's getting clearer.

Homeland uses he same key groups of guys in the same concentration every time they move a VIP.

If we're prepared, we'll get our opportunity.

What about Katie?

If her operation doesn't work...

It'll work.

So Lindsay's coming o hang out with you and Grace again today, right?


I want you o mind your manners.



Come on.

Hey, it's Ration Car Tuesday.

Hope everybody's having lots of fun out there.



Hey, Hudson.

Good-bye, babe.


What you drawing?

A kitty cat.

You look nice.

Something special going on today?

Ah, we'll see.

[pop music plays in background]

[knock on door]

Beau said you needed o talk to me?

Close the door.

Come with me. I want you to see this.

This is everything we know about he Los Angeles insurgency.

You think all these cells are operating independently?

I do, despite what Snyder and the others want to believe.

People have a psychological need o find the super-villain, but in my experience, reality is a lot more complicated.

So who is Geronimo?

That's a very good question.

You've never brought me behind he curtain before-- why now?

Well, you were forced o take this job, but there are legitimate reasons for you to be doing it.

Morality's complicated for people in our position.

I was in Iraq after the invasion, and in hindsight, we had a window of opportunity before everything urned to sh1t.

Maybe if we'd shot he first five guys who looted he National Museum, everything would have been different.

[sighs] Or maybe not.

A million people died in the Iraq war, and for what?

Is the life of the average person better or worse?

So right now, the resistance is just a nuisance, but if, in six months' time, all these groups coalesce around Geronimo, it's really gonna be dangerous.

Do you think hey can do real damage?

Well, not to our visitors, but to us.

To all the people living here in this block.

I mean, if this resistance miraculously managed o do something meaningful, do you have any idea he kind of retribution hat would rain down upon us?

There's no version of an effective resistance.

There's just misguided idealism hat leads to death and despair.

Can you come with us, Mom?

I have work to do, bear, but...

I'm sorry.

I will catch up with you guys later.


All right, kiddos.

Park time.

Bye, Mrs. Bowman.

all: Bye.

[children playing in distance]

[glass shattering]

[whispers] One... wo... hree... four...

[rapid beeping] five... six... seven, eight... nine... en.

[rapid beeping continues]

[rapid beeping continues]

Hi, this is Katie Bowman. I need to speak with my husband.

It's an emergency. [breathes heavily]

[paramedic radio chatter]

[electric thrumming]

I'm fine.


She took him to the park.

It's okay. They weren't here.

They weren't here.

I'm sorry.

[background chatter]

Look, I have to go inside.

It's okay.

[background chatter]

Have you checked the basement?

Hey, how you doin'?

Just dandy.

Katie was home when it happened.

This wasn't just about scaring me.

Nah, middle of the day. Bold move.

Hey, where are they going?


Are they searching my house?

It's protocol.

Let's just take a walk.

You know how this goes, man.

Just let 'em do their thing. It's bullshit.

Sooner started, sooner finished.

Are they searching our house?

It's protocol.

We found this.

It was probably in the bomb-- an old Indian Head penny.

Looks like Geronimo was sending a message.

I wonder how he knew I was working with your team.

What? You think I'm involved?

I don't know, are you?

Are you serious?

Hey, hey, hey, let's just chill out.

Um, Mrs. Bowman, my name is Jennifer MacMahon.

I need you to come down o our office.

Not gonna happen!

It's okay, Will.

No, you don't have to do this.

She wants to figure out who bombed our house.

So do I.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Please, come in.

Why don't you take a walk, hmm?

Let me talk to Katie for a minute.

Right this way.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

This way. Thank you-- next.

All persons entering he Green Zone are subject to search.

All right, go.

Step forward.

Remain in line at all times...


...and proceed through the gate when instructed.

[electronic blip]

All right, keep moving.

All persons entering he Green Zone are subject to search.

Remain in line at all times...


...and proceed through the gate when instructed.

Turn around. Arms.

All persons entering he Green Zone are subject to search.

Remain in line at all times and proceed through the gate when instructed.

Let's go, grab a bag. Move along.

You-- next. Come on.

Lucky day. Administrative pull for you.

I'm happy to meet you.

I wish it were under better circumstances, of course.

It's been a long day.

I understand.

I want to assure you hat you and your family are going to be perfectly safe from now on.

How do you guarantee that?

Homeland Security is speaking to your neighbors, letting all of them know hat if anything happens o you and your family, everyone will be held personally responsible.

Sorry, what?

And we've assigned a block captain.

It's Patrick and Joanna Hart.

They live two doors down.

They're gonna be assigning watch duties and having regular security briefings with our team.

I promise you, everybody on the street is going to be very concerned for your safety.

In other words, our neighbors are gonna be scared shitless of us.

They're gonna learn o respect your position in the Authority.

So take me through what happened.

Uh, I was upstairs.

Doing what?

Folding laundry.

And then?

Um... I heard a crash in the living room, I ran down the stairs, I saw the fire, I grabbed he fire extinguisher.

You keep one in the house?

Yeah, under the sink.

And the attacker-- what did he look like?

He was dressed all in black with a mask over his face.

But you did see him.


So this attacker hrows a bomb into your house and waits for you o run all the way downstairs and grab the fire extinguisher and then lets you get a look at him?

Are you asking me o explain the motivations of a man who was attacking my family?

Maybe he wanted you o see him, send a message.

Well if the message was to terrify me, it worked.

How did you and Will meet?

Uh, he came into my bar in New Orleans.

When he was still a Ranger stationed at Fort Benning.


So, Will joins the FBI, and you move four times, and you wind up here in LA.

Don't you miss the South?

It's why I opened the Yonk.

That must have caused some stress in your marriage.

Sorry-- what does any of this have to do with finding who fire-bombed my house?

Will's in the FBI. You're running a bar... not to mention that you're a very attractive woman.

Men must have been hrowing themselves at you.

I don't know what you're getting at, but Will and I rust each other.




What happened?

I don't know.

What'd she ask you?



U-uh... I had to go through everything three times, and-- and--

You know what? It's over. It's fine.

I really want to go home.


I'll get you a ride.

Mrs. Burgess.

I heard about he work you're doing.

It's really inspiring o see how concerned you are with preserving hese important works of art.

And you are...

Maddie Kenner.

I'm filling the assistant job you requested from the pool.

Photocopy these museum records and file them alphabetically by artist.

I think I can handle that.

What'd you say to my wife?

[sighs] Sit down.

In all the different jobs hat I've had, I've always been valued for being able o see the truth about things.

But that's become a lot harder since the Arrival.

We're taught lies about he greatness of our hosts, lies about all the good things hey're gonna do for us.

Lies which we are forced o regurgitate.

Why are you telling me this?

Because hat's our world now, Will.

We lie to everyone.

We lie to our friends and our colleagues and our family.

We lie out of fear. We lie to protect ourselves.

Because hat's how we survive.

But when lying becomes this pervasive, if becomes a lot harder o see the truth.

Homeland found these in your son's bedroom.

Apparently, he's been aping Geronimo's broadcasts.

Let me fix this.

If these tapes were o get logged into the system, here's nothing I could do.

But if they're sitting in my drawer...

Appreciate that.

I suggest hat you go back home and be sure that these tapes aren't the only thing hat you've missed.

[neighbors murmuring]

"Corn beans began o sprout a huge stalk up into the clouds."


Are you okay, Mrs. Bowman?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

It's lucky you asked me o take the kids o the park.

Thank you, Lindsey.

Why don't you, uh... why don't you head home for the day?

See you tomorrow, kids.

Bye, Lindsey.

Why did this happen?

I guess... because sometimes people do bad things.



We need to talk.

Some asshole bombs our house so the Redhats can wreck my room?

What do you think you're doing?

You've been recording Geronimo?


They found your tapes.

A lot of people do it. It's not that big of a deal.

It's a huge deal.

They can make whatever hey want out of this.

You do anything else?

No, I just made the tapes.

I didn't do anything else.

You tell anybody about my new job?

No, of course not.

How do you know when the broadcasts are happening?

How do you know when to tape them?

It's in the posters.

Whenever new posters go up around the city, it's a signal a broadcast is coming.

This is a code.

It tells you the time and date of the next message.

You figured this out yourself?

Me and some of my friends.


So what's gonna happen o me?

I'm gonna fix this.

[distant conversations]

[distant chatter]


I thought Broussard was gonna be here.

He's working.

These are photos of people coming and going from the Green Zone.

Point out Will's boss to me.

I need a guarantee hat my husband will be safe.

Broussard already made that deal.

I need to hear it from you.

You need?

I believe in this cause. I have proven my loyalty to you.

But I cannot live with a gun pointed at my family's head.

He won't be touched.

This is her.

Her name is Phyllis.

[radio channels changing]

My fellow Colonists, welcome to day 348 of our occupation.

This morning I want o talk to you about Ocho.

He's a simple man who grew up in Eastern Los Angeles.

He walked to his bus stop thinking about what he could trade or what he could do that week o make ends meet; to put food in the mouths of his frightened and hungry family.


Talk to me.

Looks like we've got a right on Crenshaw.

And that was when he truck rolled into his life, and this truck was bound for the same place Ocho was-- the Green Zone.

Left on Washington!

45 seconds. We gotta do this now.

Listen up.

The signal's converging at the next cross street.

What's there?

A library.

The attack was meant only o take food from those who had everything and redistribute it o those who had none.

[exclamations, people yelling]

By the time Ocho heard he first signs of the drones, it was already too late.

My fellow Colonists, brothers and sisters, hermanos y hermanas, if you never hear my voice again, I want you to remember the words of Frederick Douglass.

If there is no struggle, here is no progress.

Power concedes nothing without a demand.

It never did, and it never will.

Go, go!

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

The one thing hey cannot take from you, my fellow Colonists... is hope.

Get on your knees!

Do it now!

This is 5855.

Come on!

Target acquired.

Gimme your hands!

Copy that, 5855.

We're good.

All right, copy that.

I'm getting out, all right?

[background chatter]

[workers murmuring]

That's Geronimo.

[PA announcement in background]

[door thuds shut]

[elevator clanks]

Your friends fire-bombed my house his morning.

My wife and kids were home.

It's a shame they missed you.



[loud thud]

Easy, Will!

Who's Geronimo?

I'm Geronimo!






[tense music]

♪ ♪


Thank you so much. We'll take it from here.

Come on.

Let's go.

Time for us o get out of here.

I communicated o our Hosts hat we captured Geronimo. They were very pleased.

You spoke o them directly?

Well, no. Through Helena.

[knocks on door]

Yes, come in.

There he is!

My all-star.

Great job today.

It's not him.

What? What are you talking about?

Call it an educated guess. It's not Geronimo.

Did you observe he interrogation?

I don't need to see what goes on down there.

That guy we caught was doing pirate radio, yeah, but...

I seriously doubt he's the mastermind of your insurgency.

Is this true?

Well, we'll have to see what the interrogation yields, but I trust Will's instincts.


I already passed he news upstairs.

You know, dismantling insurgencies is all about breaking links in a chain.

This might not be what we hoped, but this is progress.

I guess I'll put he champagne on ice.

[sighs] Guess Snyder's not he first difficult boss you've had to deal with.

Not even close.

He'll get over it.

You told Georgina Anderton hat she was getting he Ai Weiwei?

The Ai Weiwei got sent up after the Arrival.

We don't have anything else o send her with that kind of cachet.

What about he Hockney?

It's a lesser Hockney.

You think she won't know that?

David Schwartz had an Ai Weiwei.

He lived up off Coldwater.

How do you know that?

Because I used to work at the gallery hat sold it to him.

Yo, anything?

Nothing yet!

The detainee said his is where he picked up he radio scripts.

He would have said anything o get out of that room.

Hey, Will!

Check it out!

[radio chatter]


What are you looking at?

[sighs] The Green Zone.

Where do you want this?

You can just leave it right over there.


So, you were right about the Schwartz' house.

What other big collections are still out there?

I'm not sure.

Would a more permanent position jog your memory?

My son is a diabetic.

We've been having trouble getting his insulin.

That would never be a problem if you were a member of my staff.

I might know the location of a few more collections.


But if you work for me, you work for me.

Do you understand?


Be here at 9:00 AM omorrow.

Han Dynasty.


Was actually once a part of the Great Wall, or so they told us in Beijing.

[exhales] Antiquities aren't my specialty.

You are...


I'm working for Charlotte.

My wife has excellent taste.

Would you like some more?


I have to get home.

Maybe some other time?


Geronimo's in the Green Zone?

Snyder's not gonna be happy.

A lot of people aren't gonna be happy, but I'll handle it. You just better be right.

I'd bet on it.

I, um... I destroyed your son's tapes.


Why, you wanna check the drawer?

You might be he kind of person hat kept 'em for leverage, but not in that drawer.


It's a shame how few people we have who we can really trust, isn't it?

Very true.




You all right?

Long day.

What's the matter?

How are the kids?

Uh, Gracie's still a little scared, and Bram's...



I love you.

I love you too.


What happened o the beach photo?

Did it get broken in the fire?

No, your clumsy wife managed to knock it off the wall and break the glass.


I'll fix it.

You better. I love that photo.

I gotta open the Yonk.


I'll finish this up.

You okay to say good night o Gracie?


All right.





[tense music]

♪ ♪

Hey, Dad.

Hey. Remember this?

Yeah, Charlie's birthday.

Um, about the tapes...

I took care of it. You're okay.

Thanks, Dad.


What about Geronimo?

What about him?

Do you know why I listen to those tapes?

Because Geronimo is the only person telling us hat someday hings might change.

I know you're good at your job, Dad, but maybe with Geronimo, you don't have to be so good.


Come have a drink with me.

Shouldn't this be "the Yok," not "the Yonk"?

I mean, the "N" is after the "K."


I like "the Yonk" better.

Fair enough.

I brought my own. I hope you don't mind.

What are you doing here?

Please, Katie, join me.

This was my husband's favorite.


Ed and I took a trip up the California coast o celebrate our fifth anniversary.

All the way up PCH o Point Reyes.

He planned the whole thing.

The bed and breakfast, he oysters on the beach, and the hike along the cliffs.

We didn't see each other a lot then.

I had been working out of Ireland for a long time.

The work was hard. [sighs]

Some of us sought external comforts.

Mine was an officer in the British Special Air Service.

I rationalized it by telling myself hat I needed it o stay whole.

Ed didn't know what I'd done.

He never found out.

He loved me too much.

Why are you telling me this?

Will reminds me so much of that.

He's a tremendous professional.

He's smart.

He's competent, driven, funny... and so in love with his wife hat... he doesn't see her for what she is.

Was that the first time hat you'd seen someone die?

I don't know what you're talking about.

The people that you've gotten involved with are not who they appear to be.

These kinds of movements prey on idealists like you.

You want to make a difference, but they will use you and cast you aside.

They will destroy your life without conscience.

You're wondering if you have a choice.

You don't.

You work for me now.

[radio chatter] _

ID, please.

Thank you. Go ahead, ma'am.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

Tomorrow morning at 8:30, please.

[cell phone rings]


[alarm chirping]

[keypad beeping]

[alarm stops]

Snyder is as expected.

Well, today was obviously a misstep.

I have a new asset.

I think she'll be very valuable.

Hmm, I don't know.

Their perception of time makes that unpredictable.

Hello, my sun and my stars.

How was your day?


I'll be right back.

We'll read.

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

Please, kill him too.

[silenced gunshots]


[silenced gunshots]