01x10 - Gateway

Previously on Colony...

I did some research, and there's all kinds of specialized equipment at USC and up on Mount Wilson.

But it doesn't matter because we're locked in here.

What if we aren't?

They found a tunnel under an old DWP substation that leads right into downtown.

We can exploit this, set a trap for whoever's using the tunnel.

I know what you're going through.

I have a daughter.

She matters more to me than anything.

This is a special book.

It has all kinds of secrets in it.

Your son Charlie is alive.

Those assholes were close enough to take a picture of my son, and we still don't have him home.

How long you been spying on me, lying to me, selling me out to those killers you work for?

I did it to protect you.

Bullshit! You did it for you.

You could fight with us.

We could fight together so that our kids don't grow up in this.

Train is inbound.



[tense music]

♪ ♪

Do you have any food?

Please, I'm hungry.

I don't have anything.

I said I don't have anything!


[chokes and gasps]

[siren wailing]

Run! Go!

Stop! Don't move!

Get out of here!

Go left! Go left!

Move it now!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Down here!

Move! Come on!

[sirens wailing]

Hey! This way.

♪ ♪

Let's go! Over here!

[siren wailing]

Up ahead!

Which way did they go?

I don't see 'em. I've got no visual.

They're gone, sir.

Hey, Charlie.

Check this out.


[gun clicks]

Let's take this stuff to Solomon, trade for some breakfast.

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

[knock at door]


Long night?

Yeah. What's going on?

The Resistance kidnapped a VIP.

It's all hands on deck.

I stopped by Beau's place on the way over here.

He was gone.

I don't know why I'm on the outside, but it's not cool because when you screw up, it's gonna blow back on me.

You were on the outside so it won't blow back on you.


[tense music]

♪ ♪

Good morning.

My name is Helena Goldwyn.

I am the chief of staff for the Governor-General.

Early this morning a VIP coming into the bloc was attacked and abducted.


It was one of our Hosts.

Where's Snyder?

I will personally be running this recovery operation.

Everything now comes through me.

You should know that this is not a good situation.

During the Arrival, two of our Hosts were killed in Dallas.

That city is now a flat sheet of glass.

We have a brief window before they take action.


Then go out there and find it and whoever took it.

[indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

We're lucky you didn't bring down the whole bloody tunnel.

What happened?

I-I think I missed an exponent when I did the calc.

You think?

It worked.

It worked? You killed it.

You sure it's dead?

Do I look like an alien doctor?

It sure as sh1t ain't moving.

We need to dump it.

You're not serious.

Our target was a live human, one we could interrogate, not a dead RAP.

Do you not understand the value of this thing?

We know literally nothing about it.

What can we learn from it?

Tons of stuff like how it breathes, how it communicates.

Whether it's a carbon-based form of life.

Yeah. How it interfaces with its environment.

Maybe it has a weapon too.

Every Redhat in the bloc is about to come gunning for us.

Are we ready to risk our lives for that?


We need to get out of the tunnels.

Back to the loft.

We'll wrap it up and carry it out.

File formation, bounding overwatch.

Never be more than 20 yards away from cover.

It might have a locator.

You're just telling us this now?

If they can track it, why aren't we surrounded by Redhats?

We're underground.

BB, you got the RF meter?


[meter hums]

♪ ♪

[meter buzzes]


We can block the signal.

How? How do you do that?

A Faraday cage, right? We just need to cover it, right?

Anything metallic.

♪ ♪

What about this?


♪ ♪

Wait, wait, wait. Let's check it right here.

Let's just check it.

Put it down. Okay, okay.

♪ ♪

[meter clicks on]

♪ ♪

[meter clicks off]


If you're wrong, we're dead.

Are you sure?

♪ ♪

Sure enough.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

I like soap.

That's not a cereal.


I know, but you can't get any.

I like the other cereal better.

What's the matter?

The Resistance kidnapped a VIP.

All hell's about to break loose.

We got to get the kids somewhere safe.

I can get them into the Green Zone.

I've been working for the number two in the political wing.

He'll help me.

I'll take care of it.

Good. Okay, that's good.

Go pack some things and go now.

What about Katie?

You deal with the kids. I'll deal with her.

Okay, go.

All right.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Hey, no school today.


You're going up to Green Zone with Aunt Maddie.


The bloc's going on lockdown.

Do you know where Mom is?


What did she tell you?

You know what she's been doing, don't you?

I have an idea.

Where is she?

I don't know where she is!

I'm serious!

I know you think we're on different sides here, but we're not.

The difference is I know what I'm doing, and your mom has no idea how bad of a situation she's gotten herself into.

She's in real danger, son.

I can help her, but I need to get to her right now.

She gave me a number.

Let me come with you.

I can help.

You can help me by getting to the Green Zone with Maddie, Gracie, and Hudson.

♪ ♪

[keypad tones]

[phone line trilling]

[phone ringing]

♪ ♪
♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[sirens wailing]

Shh! Go!

♪ ♪

Five blocks in an hour, and more Redhats every minute.

[curfew siren wails]

There's a curfew in the middle of the day?

They're putting the city on lockdown.

[curfew alarm echoes in distance]

Hey! Get out of here!


Go back to your places, please!

I told you to step back!

If you all have a pass, just hand it to me.

♪ ♪

I don't know! Please calm down!

Who's next? Who's next?

All right, buddy, just stay back!

Stay back!

Hey! Hey!

Stop that guy!

Hold it!


Stop him!

Get out of here!

Come on! Do you have a pass?

My name is Maddie Kenner.

I work directly for Nolan Burgess.

You're not on the list.

Call him!

♪ ♪

Mr. Burgess, I have a Maddie Kenner in line with two minors, and--

Three minors.

I only see two, lady.

Bram! Bram!

You're clear! You're clear!

Bram left.

If you want in, it's now or never.

Go! Next!

If you don't have a pass, you're not getting in!

Let me see your pass!

You are not on this list!


Let us in!

I've got papers!

Please, you are not on this list!

Let us in!

[overlapping shouting]


[siren wails]

Hey, hey, stop!

Hey, stop!

Have you seen my dog?

What the hell are you doing?

Your dog? It's curfew, lady.

Hands up. Turn around.

You're under arrest.

[muffled gunshots]


♪ ♪

Get in the car.

♪ ♪


It's all right. It's okay.

It was them or you, all right? What we're doing is important.

You're gonna tell yourself that, and you're gonna breathe.

Okay, all right, you're right.

You're okay.


♪ ♪

["Dharma Lady" by Geronimo Jackson]

♪ ♪
♪ Dharma lady ♪
♪ How you been? ♪
♪ Are we lovers? ♪
♪ Or we just friends? ♪
♪ I believe ♪
♪ Oh I believe ♪
♪ I'm in love again ♪

I'm looking for Cynthia.

♪ ♪
♪ Oh your kissin' ♪
♪ It feels so right ♪
♪ But you had another man ♪


♪ Holed up last night ♪
♪ Ahh I believe ♪
♪ Oh I believe ♪
♪ I'm in love again ♪
♪ ♪

Hello, Cynthia.

What are you doing here?

You know Proxy Snyder?

I'm her father.

Can you give us a minute?


[somber music]

♪ ♪

Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is for me?

I'm out as Proxy.

♪ ♪

Things in this bloc are about to get bad.

Very, very bad.

This is a transit pass.

You can leave the bloc, start a new life.

If things are so bad, why don't you use it?

There's no place that I can go where they won't find me.

But you?

You can get out before this city is plunged into the dark ages.

♪ ♪

Take it. Please, Cynthia.


After the way you treated Mom, I promised myself that I was done with you.

This included.

♪ ♪

I'm sorry.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Welcome. Oh, my.

Who are these lovely creatures?

This is Hudson, my son...


My niece, Gracie, and that's Minny.

Hello, Hudson.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Up top.

They don't-- you guys wouldn't want to go for a swim, would you?

I do.

You do?


Okay, great.

Well, I'll tell you want. Olga's in the kitchen.

Why don't you find her and ask her to take you to the pool?




I'm glad you're here.

It's about to not be very safe in the flats.

My nephew walked away before I could get him through the gate.

What's his name?

Bram Bowman.

Then the best that we can hope for is that Homeland picks him up.

What the hell is going on out there?

The Resistance abducted one of them last night.

One of who?

So now what?

Snyder's out as of tomorrow.

The Governor-General's gonna select a new Proxy to run the bloc.

What does that mean for you?

You tell me who gets the job, and I'll tell you what it means.

I've got to pick a side.

I just don't want to pick the wrong one.

Then you support everyone until you absolutely have to decide.

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]


The VIP had a tracking device that should've gone active as soon as they were above ground.

So either they're still underground or they're jamming it.


How'd they pull it off?

Take a look. We have surveillance video.

Primary shooter is a black male.


No mask.

He wasn't even trying to obscure his face.

His partner appears to be a white female.

You can see her from this angle.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

So what are we gonna do about this?

Go check that trap too, right down there.

I'm gonna go find our VIP.

♪ ♪

[knock at door]

Ready to go?

They blew the curfew sirens.

It's fine.

I just came all the way from the Green Zone's west gate.

The Redhats are all doing other stuff.

We'll be fine.

Look, it's not that far from here to the tunnel.

I want to know what's up there.

Don't you?


♪ ♪

[indistinct radio chatter]

That's three drones coming in from the south.

I hope this is working.

They responding to us?

Well, we're not dead yet.

Jesus, look at them all.

Turn north on, uh, Highland?

Yeah, about a half a mile, then you're gonna--

[tires screech]

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

[deep rumbling]

Oh, my God!

Holy sh1t!


♪ ♪

Is this our fault?

♪ ♪

[distant gunfire and explosions]

[somber music]

They're destroying our city.


What's the point of killing people who had nothing to do with this?


They're reminding us who is the bug and who is the kid with the magnifying glass.

♪ ♪

Who are they replacing me with?

I don't know.

♪ ♪

Just promise me it isn't that asshole Gill.

♪ ♪

What's gonna happen to me?

I've always liked you, Alan.

I'm sorry this didn't work out.

♪ ♪

[door closes]

[tense music]

♪ ♪

[explosion in distance]

♪ ♪

Come on. On the table.

♪ ♪

One, two...

[both grunt]

♪ ♪

On three?

One, two, three.

♪ ♪

This a big Faraday cage?

We didn't know how much passive surveillance the RAPs had, so we sealed the lab.

[knock at door]

♪ ♪

Did you ditch that car?

We need to talk about what's going on out there.

They're blowing up buildings because of what we did.

Every second we hold on to that thing, we're putting more people at risk.

This is exactly why they're bombing the bloc, to pressure us into giving that thing back.

So you don't care how many people are killed?

How many people have the RAPs killed since the Arrival?

At least we're doing it for a purpose.

Can you get us something from that suit, something we can use?


I'm certain of it.

[phone rings]


Who's that?

[phone continues ringing]

Let me get it.

Did you give someone our phone number?

My son. For emergencies.


Where the hell are you?

♪ ♪

I'm working. Is everything all right, honey?

Honey? Do you have any idea what's going on out here?

No. What's wrong?

The whole damn bloc is being blown up because of what you did.

Now where are you?

You need to call your father, have him take you and Gracie and Hudson and go up to the Green Zone.

I need?

You need to tell me where you are.

Can you do that for me?

Maddie already did!

That's great to hear.

I'll be home soon. I love you.


♪ ♪

What the hell was that all about?

That was my family.

That phone traceable?

Hell no.

My son is terrified.

Things are getting worse out there.

All right.

We all know what's happening outside, but that's because we have one of theirs.

Our losses are going to continue, so let's make sure our efforts are not in vain.

Let's get back to work.

You guys grab the feet.

I'll grab the head.

♪ ♪

I need you to track this number.

Should I ask how you got it?

You wanted to be on the inside?

This is it.

♪ ♪

[keys clacking]

♪ ♪

Is this a joke?


The address listed for this number, it's this building.

♪ ♪

You know, trust is about a lot more than just one-sided favors.

♪ ♪

What's that?

Resistance code book.

♪ ♪

Holy sh1t.

What do you think it is?

I think it's a freaking dead alien.

Body armor seems to be some kind of alloy, but this fibrous mesh, this is-- this is pliable.

Mmm, check out this membrane at the nape of the neck.

We need to cut it open.

We don't know what's inside this thing.

Yeah, exactly.

What if the suit isn't protecting it from us?

What if it's protecting us from it?

Are we seriously debating theory right now?

Do they know what they're doing?

Science is rarely elegant.

Cut it open.

♪ ♪

47, 9, 9.

♪ ♪


We got the message off the woman Lagarza killed in the market, right?

Must have been what called her to the meeting.

The message mentions a "special opportunity" with a "new engineer."

The kind of engineer who might be able to block a tracking signal?

Do you have the surveillance video?


♪ ♪

[saw buzzing]

♪ ♪

Try again.


There they are walking toward the woman who was killed.

Wait. Right there.

Broussard reacts to something.

He starts to move away from Quayle, then he speaks, but not to Quayle.

Pull wide.

There. That guy.

Okay. Let's find out who he is.

[saw buzzing]

♪ ♪

It's Simon Eckhart, English expat, degree in aeronautical engineering.

Before the Arrival, he was the founder and CEO of a startup that was making micro drones.

His home and business address are both listed as a loft on Fairfax.

♪ ♪

I need a 20-minute head start.

You know why I'm asking.

I'm the reason we got that guy.

Just let me get her out.

♪ ♪

20 minutes.

I owe you big.

♪ ♪


What can I do for you?

As I'm sure you already know, my reign is coming to a premature end.

I want your boss to replace me.

How's he gonna do that?

Helena needs to convince our Hosts that this bloc can be salvaged.

This is the emergency protocol that the Transitional Authority used in Seattle.

They quelled an uprising with minimal population loss, which pleased our Hosts.

How'd you get that?

The Governor-General up there was a friend of mine.

Your boss needs to bring this plan to Helena and convince her that he's the man to implement it.

I guarantee she'll be receptive.

And what's the price?

I want at least a level three job in the Authority, and I want to keep one of my houses.

I'll see what I can do.

"I'll see what I can do"?

After all that I've done for you?

No, I'm sorry. Nolan, that's not nearly enough.

Alan, it's just a big ask, you know?

And I don't know where all the cards are gonna fall yet.

But you have my word. I'll do whatever I can.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

[gunfire and explosions]

They're starting again.

We don't have anything yet.

Let's just try this.

Like that?

And then-- hold on.

It's over, Eric. We got to let this go.

[saw buzzing]


That good?

All right.

♪ ♪

We've been approaching this the wrong way.

We're trying to brute force it, but this is tech, not mechanical, so--

[indistinct chatter]

This is so not rocket science.

Let's try something.

Whoa, sh1t.

Oh, nice one.

Do that again.




Oh, look at that.

This must be its communications protocol.

What does that mean?

It's how it interfaces with its hardware.

This is huge.

That's great.

Yes, but we're going to need both its male and female ports if we're going--

[banging on door]

Katie, open the damn door!

It's Will. That's Will.

Will? Who's Will?

Her husband.


[bangs on door]

I'm not here to argue with you.

All I want is what you have in there.

Is it alive?

I don't think so.

Jesus Christ, Katie.

Who else is with you?

I'm alone.

I bought myself a head start, but it won't last long.

They're coming for all of you, and I'm not gonna be able to stop them.

Did you hear what I said?


Give me the RAP.

The rest of you left before I got here.

You already made your point.

You can't win.

I know.

The whole city's burning down out here.

Is that what you wanted?

Never. Never.

You have minutes.

You have to get out now!

Let me talk to them.

Leave them! I can get you out.

Unlock the door.

Katie! Damn it!

[pounds on door]


I want to know what the hell is going on, and I want to know now.

My husband works for the Occupation.


Is this a setup?

Did you set us up?

Calm down. It's not a setup.

Then how did he find us?

He's good at his job.

Will's an ally.

He's been feeding us intel on the Occupation.

That wasn't something you felt like you needed to disclose?

He came here to warn us.

Homeland is coming with everything they have, and when they get here, we will not be able to hold them back.

We need more time.

You don't have it.

They're right behind him.

Broussard, we're close.

Ten minutes.

In ten minutes, they will all be dead.

We have something, Eric.

Make the call.

Five minutes.

This could be our only chance to examine a RAP.

♪ ♪


No! Katie!

[machine beeps]

What are you doing? They're gonna find us.

You broke containment? Why?

Why would you break containment?

Save your lives.

Save us?

They're gonna nuke us.

Not if we leave right now.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Let's go.

♪ ♪

Please go.

♪ ♪

[aircraft humming]

Oh, no.

[aircraft whirring]


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[helicopter whirring]

[somber music]

♪ ♪

Nice work.

Was anyone inside?

Just him.

♪ ♪

Thank you.

You have no idea what you prevented by finding our VIP.

Told you I could find anybody.

[helicopter whirring]


This will get you through the Santa Monica Gateway.

Go find your son.

That Transit Pass was authorized under my authority, so if you're gonna use it, I suggest you go now.

♪ ♪

You're an honorable man, Will.

Don't let them take that from you.

[helicopter whirring]

♪ ♪


You're looking at the chief of staff to the next proxy governor.

Oh, my God.

I saw an opportunity, and I took it.

Oh, congratulations.

This is gonna be so good for us.

Oh, my God! No way!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, they can be loud.

That's okay. I like it.

It makes the house feel more alive, and I know why they're so happy.

I brought someone here to make them feel more at home.

Come here.

Come on.

Hey, guys.

Hi, Mrs. Kenner.

Lindsey. What a nice surprise.

The best surprise.

Come on. Faster.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Through here.

♪ ♪

[low rumbling]

Did you hear that noise?

Yeah. It's the wall.

I mean, it's amazing.

Hands up!

On your knees!

Get down!


Get on the ground!

Give me your hands!

Go! Move!

Stay down!

Come here, now.

["The Cold" by Exitmusic]

♪ A cold arm ♪
♪ Returns the stolen ♪


I'm leaving.

♪ A new start ♪

Just give me a couple minutes.

♪ ♪
♪ A red light ♪

I need you to come with me.

♪ ♪
♪ Hey, you ♪
♪ An early fall descended ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Hey ♪
♪ You are alone ♪

Sir, the exclusion zone is straight ahead.

You and your vehicle will both be scanned before you can enter Santa Monica.

♪ You are alone ♪
♪ ♪
♪ I read it in the paper ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Hey ♪
♪ You are alone ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Other than this song ♪
♪ I've been silent ♪
♪ And stoic ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Crazy, I denied you so ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Sing another song ♪
♪ Ah ♪
♪ ♪