02x06 - Fallout

Previously on Colony...

You get us something from that suit.


Holy sh1t, it worked.


This should be up with our hosts.

I had no idea that was here.

Talk to her. She's the one that brought it to me.

Who are you?

I'm just an assistant.


My reign is coming to a premature end.

I want your boss to replace me.

And what's the price?

I want at least a level three job in the Authority.

This column means that he's at a labor camp.

I'll be right back.

[dramatic music]

[muffled indistinct chatter]

[birds chirping]


Sit still!

[indistinct chatter]


I-I don't-- Who is he?

No, I don't.

No, I don't know who that is.

I haven't seen him.



[indistinct chatter]


[shouts in Dutch]


[dramatic music]

Morning, Jake. Are you done?

Yeah. Searched all night.

No cameras or mics.

Thank God.

You're a lifesaver.

Happy to help.


Thank you.


Watch your back.

Thanks, Will.

If someone would have walked into that room while you were on the computer--

I know, but when I saw Bram's name...


Unknown file format?

I guess you can only open it on an Occupation computer.

What if that file had information on-- on where Bram's being held or-- or how long?

When his release date is-- how--

I know, I know.

It's okay.

I'll take it to work. Try to open it there.

Whoa, you said that work was a viper pit.

It is. But...

I'm a snake charmer.



I'll see you at home.


[siren blaring]


Stop there!


Get him!

[men grunting]

Three weeks. [sighs]

Three weeks of... stale air... bloody American baked beans.

Can't stay here.

We have to trust Broussard.

Screw Broussard.

Think he gives a sh1t about us?

Then where the hell is he?

You know where.

No, I don't.

And neither do you.

Guys, we're getting close to something here.

Have a little faith. [coughing]

Mm, I'm fine.

You don't look fine, mate.

It's nothing a little vacation won't cure.

I'm thinking Bahamas.

Virgin Islands has better snorkeling.


You should take a rest. You've been at it for days.


[wheezing breath]


Hey! Oh, God! Hey, help me.


Hey, hey, hey, hey.


Ah! Jesus.

4456, verify your location. Over.

Copy, Home Sec. 4456 coming up on...

Suspect spotted off--

[gate buzzes]

Hurry it up.


[keys clacking]

[suspenseful music]

Betsy. Just the woman I was looking for.


I need a favor.

A little help accessing case files.

The new boys in tech are taking their time getting me set up.

Can you help me out?

I can't.

Betsy, come on.

I'm-- I'm sorry, I can't.

This isn't the place you left.

These people are... different.

Jennifer was tra--


What about Jennifer?

Do you know what happened to her?

She was transferred.

That's what I heard.

If they found out I broke the rules, it's just--

Hey, no one's finding out anything.

You know me. I'm on your side.

I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.


Thank you.

[computer beeps]

[keys clacking]

[computer beeps]

Good morning.

What are you two conspiring about?

I was just walking Will through the new system procedures.

Why would you be doing that?

Agent Bowman isn't authorized to use the computer system.

How in the hell am I supposed to do my job?

If you want something, you put in a request through the proper channels.

That's not a very efficient way to run a department.

But it is a secure way.

And it allows everyone to focus on their job.

You, for example, are a bloodhound.

And there's no point in teaching a dog to use a computer.

[loud bang]

[footsteps approaching]

[knock at door]

[pounding on door]


[pounding on door]

Are you crazy?

Do you have any idea how dangerous this is?

What are you doing here?

We need your help.

[exhales sharply]

BB's sick. He's really sick.

What do you mean "sick"?

He's spitting up blood.

He's... collapsed. Got sores all over his face.

What does Broussard say?

He's out. He's always out.

He's trying to make contact.

Listen, I know why you did what you did.

I know you're trying to get back to your family, but things are totally out of control.

We are stuck underground in a bunker like prisoners.

Eckhart's totally spinning out, and now BB, I think he's dying.


I have to get him to a hospital.

You can't do that. You can't do that.

His face is all over the bloc.

I know.

But it's BB.

[indistinct radio chatter]

[tires screech]

Badge, please.

Go ahead.

[indistinct radio chatter]

Stop right there!

Show me your badge.

Did you know that LA's Deputy Proxy was coming for a visit?

No, I did not.

Well, this is depressing.


Mr. Deputy.

Maddie Kenner.

We've met.

Your ex-wife's ex-assistant, as I recall.


So to what do we owe the pleasure?

Eh, it's just a routine inspection.

Want to make sure things are running smoothly.

And Maddie was hoping to see her nephew.

He's one of your workers.

His name is Bram.

Bram Bowman.

He's at the distribution center.

We'll have someone drive you over.


Thank you.

No, thank you.

[indistinct chatter]

Excuse me.

Oh, here you go.



So, you...


You gonna be okay?

I think so.

All right.

[brakes hiss]

[door opens and closes]



You brought her?

Hey. Hey.

She's here to help.

We can't trust her.

Simon. Simon.


We have to.


He's in here.





I'm here.

What has he been doing?

He's been working on that gauntlet that we stole.


[phone ringing]



Hey, it's me.

Charlie's got a stomachache. Can you get away?

It's kind of a bad day.

He's really sick, Will.

Bring a car.

[line disconnects]

Where are you going?

My kid is sick.

He doesn't have a mother?

Oh, by the way, I had your friend transferred.

Betsy, right?

Thank you for calling her out to me.

Calling her out?

"Order and duty."

When Betsy decided the rules didn't apply to her, she identified herself as a problem.

I owe you for that one.

[indistinct radio chatter]

What's wrong?


One of his cell came knocking on my door, asking for help.

And you told him you were done.

It's not that. One of them's sick.

Will, he's really, really sick.

That's not your problem.

It is if they take him to a hospital.

Broussard's not that dumb.

Broussard isn't there.

It's just the kids.

And I'm scared about what they're gonna do.

The Occupation is watching us.

And my new partner is up my ass.

One wrong move--

I know.

Will, if we don't step in, they will get caught.

We will get caught.


Go ahead.

Help yourself.

I'm sure it's not easy to get the good stuff all the way out here.

I'm on the clock.

And... you know how seriously I take my job.

You don't blame me for your current situation, do you?

Remember who set you up in that cushy new office of yours?

You and Alcala, you made promises.

And I kept them.

They were lined up around the bloc to bury you and I talked them out of it.

So maybe you want to show some gratitude, huh?


You're right.

So... what can I do for the Deputy Proxy?


Well, this place is critical to the success of the Colony.

I just wanted to see how things... worked.

[soft chuckle]

Uh, we both know you didn't come all this way to inspect the latrines.

Well, there is a special shipment coming through your camp.

It's headed off-planet.

I think I might know the one.

But there are some very serious rules about who's allowed to inspect shipments from the Global Authority.

In my experience, friends sometimes bend those rules for other friends.

We are friends... right, Alan?

BB, report to the loading dock in five minutes for an off-load.

BB, report to the loading dock in five minutes for an off-load.

I saw Snyder coming out of a warehouse on the other side of the loading dock.

I think that's where they're keeping the shipment.

Yeah, we know.

We think he uses a keycard to access it.

Have you seen one around his office?


Let's go!

That wasn't a request!

[gate buzzes]

Aunt Maddie?

Oh, thank God.


What? What is it?

It's nothing.

What the hell happened to you, Bram?

It's nothing. It's a loading dock accident.

I'm fine, okay?

[sighs] I brought you something.

Here, take it.

[gentle music]

What am I supposed to do with this?

I-I figured the food wasn't so good.

I thought it would help.

You want to help?

Then get me out of here.

[sighs] It's not that simple.

Hey, hey-hey-hey-hey, it's good news about Charlie, right?

You didn't hear?

I've been a little out of the loop.

He's home.

Your dad found him in Santa Monica and brought him back.

Do Mom and Dad know where I am?

Yeah. Yeah.

Then why haven't they done anything?

There are rules, Bram.

We are trying. I promise you.

You won't be here much longer.



[knocks on door]


Hey, Doc. I need to talk to you.

[indistinct chatter]

This isn't a good time.

It's important.

This is the Green Zone. You can't just barge in here.

I need you to take a ride with me.

[scoffs] And why would I do that?

Look, Doc, our boys played Little League together, which is the only reason I didn't come with an APC and an assault team, break your door down, and have them drag you out of here in front of your family.

[children laughing]

I did you a favor today. Why don't you do me one?

All right.

Grab your medical bag.

My medical bag?


[suspenseful music]

Step down.


Step across.



Who is this guy?

He's a doctor.

Can we trust him?

We can trust him to want to keep his good job and his Green Zone house.

What the hell is this?

Who are--

You're the Resistance.

Hey. Take it easy, Doc.

You're just here to see a patient.

If I cut you loose, you're gonna behave yourself?




How is he?


How bad?


He has high fever, tachycardia, hemoptysis.

Why? What's wrong with him?

How the hell should I know?


Look, it doesn't seem like any of you are presenting symptoms, which excludes any pathogen, but without lab tests, there's no way to tell whether this is food poisoning or esophageal cancer or one of a thousand possibilities in between.

How do we treat him?

You get him to a hospital.

We could take him.

He'd be blown the second the hospital staff see his face. There's no way.

Then I don't know what to tell you.

He's just a kid, Doc.

He needs your help.


The Authority seized my medical offices after the Arrival.

If we could get back there, then maybe.

All right. Let's try that.

Whoa-whoa, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up.

We can't tempt fate by having you two up there.

What do we tell Broussard if he comes back?

Someone else is handling his problem.

All right! Move forward!

[indistinct radio chatter]

[device beeps]

[ominous music]

Just giving the Deputy Proxy the tour.

[device beeps]

This is all going off-planet?


And Global's shipment?

[device beeps]

[gate buzzes]

[suspenseful music]

Let's open her up.

Be my guest.

Come on, help me.


What is it?

You know, they say... faith requires having belief without proof.

This is proof.

[radio static]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[keypad beeps]

We're clear.

We're gonna need his jacket and his shirt off.

All right, here we go. Up.


You're okay, sweetheart.

All right.

Here we go.

I got you.

How did this happen?

I don't know.

Well, it's a mess.

[radio beeps]

Disturbance reported.

Additional units requested at the Western Food Bank.

[monitor beeping slowly]


How you feeling?

Only half dead.

Well, that's twice as good as before, right?

Have you talked to the doctor yet?

Just waiting on a few more tests.

It shouldn't be long.

Rest up, okay?

What have you people gotten me involved with?

All of his blood cell counts have bottomed out.

Add that to the vomiting, the skin and lung abnormalities, the loss of hair--

What is it?

It's been a long time since medical school, but sure as hell looks to me like he's been exposed to radiation.


When would he have been exposed to radiation?

That's exactly my question.

Have you been trying to build some sort of dirty bomb?

No. Of course not.

Well, whatever it is you've been working on, I suggest you stop, before you all end up like him.

How long does he have if we keep him here and pump him full of pills?

48 hours.

At best.

And it's not gonna be pretty.

[wine sloshing in glasses]

We can't just leave him there.

You had Snyder eating out of your hand.

If you told him we were taking Bram home, he'd have no choice.

Look, I understand why you're upset.

But you got to look at the situation objectively.

Where are Bram's parents in all this?

Where are the sacrifices that they're making?

Your brother-in-law works in law enforcement.

If there were strings to be pulled, I mean, he'd be pulling them, don't you think?


Maddie, we've come... so far.

And now we have position.

We have power.

To risk our family for someone else's would just be foolish.

We are so close to getting everything we want.

[breathes deeply]

We just have to be patient.

[dogs barking in distance]

This is your stop.

I did everything you asked.

I tried to help him--

We're not gonna hurt you.

But understand this.

You've helped the Resistance.

As far as anyone who matters is concerned, that makes you one of us.

[camera whirring]

[camera beeps]

What are those?

It's insurance.

Imagine someday the Redhats come knocking on my door, asking questions.

I want them to know just how helpful you've been to the cause.

[vehicle door closes]

What happened?


[somber music]

Thanks for bringing me home.

I love what they've done to my place.


Watch your step. Watch your step.



Is there anything I can do?


We can't, Katie.

I know.

Even if we dropped him at the Green Zone gates, best case scenario-- they'll just get him healthy enough to torture.

Then he gives up you and everybody else.

There's no good out here.

He wants to talk to you.


You're lucky, you know?

The two of you.

Not everyone gets what you have.


What do you need, son?

When I decided to fight, I knew it meant I probably wouldn't live to be an old man.

I guess... [coughs]

I guess I sort of fantasized that if I did die, I'd at least make a difference.

That's the thing they don't tell you.

There's no glory in any of it.

I know.

But I still didn't think I'd go out like this.

I just want a soldier's death.

Please, Will.

I know it's over.

If Homeland catches up to me, I can't run.

And I won't be able to hold out.

I-- [coughing]

You don't know what you're asking.

Yeah, I do.

Are you really gonna make me die like this?

[coughing and wheezing]

[somber music]




Please hold. Your call is important to us.

Please hold. Your call is imp--

Alan. This is a surprise.

Uh, a pleasant one, I hope.

I'm afraid I actually don't have long.

You know how it is.

Oh, uh, of course.

Um, I-I just thought you might be interested to hear about the visit I had today from one Mr. Nolan Burgess.

I see.

And what did he want?

He was very interested in the Global Authority property that recently came under my protection.

And who could blame him?

It's fascinating stuff.

Those shipments are supposed to be strictly eyes-only.

That's exactly what I told Nolan.

But given my lowly position, who am I to deny the request of the Deputy Proxy?

What did he see?

I made sure to only show him the empty ones and that seemed to satisfy his curiosity.

For the moment. [clears throat]

I know Nolan very well, which means I know his ambitions.

He isn't satisfied with merely being the deputy to a bloc governor.

And that's why I felt it was my duty to alert you about his visit.

You know, in-- in case his actions have broken rank in any way.

Well, thank you for the call, Alan.

I appreciate it.

I'm at your service.

[neon sign buzzing]

[muffled chatter and music]

This belongs to you.


It was the RAP gauntlet.

He was exposed to something.

And then he wanted to go out like a soldier.

Where were you?

I was... working.

Everything takes longer now.

Can't just walk down the street anymore.

Your whole cell almost fell apart today.

You need to be there to protect them from themselves.

I never asked for this.

To have my face plastered all over the bloc like some kind of revolutionary.

No, you didn't.

But it's who you are now.

You took those kids under your wing.

You put them on the run. Now you have to lead.

They're not ready.

So get them ready.

You need to get your house in order before it comes down on all of us.

[ominous music]

[door opens and closes]

It's fine.

We can trust him.

Show him.

He can help.

All right.

What is it?

It's our chance... to change everything.

[suspenseful music]

[laughing] This is ma-- madness.

What are we even doing here?

Nothing we have done this far has made the slightest bit of difference.

And the one thing we thought would help might in fact be killing us!

We don't know that.


Then why are we sealing it in a lead-lined box?

Because Broussard is right.

We are in it now. We have to keep fighting.

Enough of this sh1t.


[door opens]

Simon! You can't--

[door closes]


[sirens wailing]