01x01 - Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots







C'mon, boys!

It's lunch time, and I'm starving!

I'm always starving!


Kion: Hyenas!


I told you to stay out of the Pride Lands!

Did ya now? My stomach keeps forgettin'.

His stomach forgets. [LAUGHS]

That's a good one!


Oh, no.

[LAUGHS] That cub's got no sense of humor!

Lion Guard! Calm the herd!

I'll take care of these guys.

You got it.

We're leaving? What about lunch?

All of a sudden I'm not so hungry.

But Janja! You said you were starving!

Janja: Just run, fur brain!

That's right! Back to the Outlands!





That's right. Easy there.

You're all okay now.

Yeah! Kion's chased those hyenas back into the Outlands!

And he should be back by now.

Ono, check on Kion.




Ono: Everyone, everyone! Kion's in trouble!

Come on!


[GASPS] Kion!

Hang on, Kion, we're coming!

Little B, don't!

The current's too strong!

Ono! Keep pace with Kion!




[PANTING] Thanks, Big B.

Hang in there, Kion.

Oh, no! Kion, look out!

Rocks! Straight ahead!






Kion! Are you all right?

A little wet. [COUGHS]

But I'm okay.

But Kion, look. You're over here.

In the Outlands.

I can see that, Ono.

And it looks like I can take that trail upriver.

Don't worry, Ono. I'll be fine.

Besides, I don't have much of a choice.

I definitely can't cross the river here.

The water's way too rough.

Lion Guard! Meet me at Flat Ridge Rock!

I can cross the river there!


Flat Ridge Rock?

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know exactly where that is.

Follow me!

Thanks, Bunga! Ono!

Yes, Kion?

Better go with them.

Make sure Bunga really does know where Flat Ridge Rock is.

Affirmative! Guys, wait up!

C'mon! C'mon!

We don't want Kion waitin' up at Flat Ridge Rock, wondering where we are.


What's wrong, Little B?

Uh, nothing.

Bunga? Are you sure you know how to get to Flat Ridge Rock?

Pfft! Of course, I know. It's this way!



Wait, no, no, no, no. It's this way!


Going somewhere, Bunga?

Nope! Gotta be this way.

Well, it's one of these ways.

Too bad Kion's not here to lead us.

Do you even know where we are?

Sure! Uh...

We're lost!





Jasiri: Hello!

Surprise! [GASPS]


Didn't know I was up here. Did ya?

No, I...

I knew you were there the whole time.


Yep, I'm a hyena all right.

You lions are so clever! [LAUGHS]

Especially you, Kion.

Leader of the Lion Guard.

You know me?

Just by reputation.

The mark on your shoulder's a giveaway, though. [LAUGHS]

So, you're not in Janja's clan?

Janja? Yeah, that's a good one.

What are you doing in the Outlands?

Not exactly your territory.

I'm going to Flat Ridge Rock, so I can get back to the Pride Lands.

If that's okay with you, hyena.

The name's Jasiri. And if you are headed back to the Pride Lands, you're going the wrong way.

Uh-huh. And I should trust a hyena because...

Because I want you out of my territory.

Good. I want out of your territory. [SCOFFS]

Then you're going the wrong way!

Thanks for getting us outta the woods, Ono.

No problem. But I don't know which way to go from here.

I've never been to Flat Ridge Rock.

Neither have I.

Me neither.

Well, it's probably around here somewhere.

Beshte: All I see are grass, trees and zebras.

Ugh! I can't believe we don't know where to go!

We're the Lion Guard!

[SIGHS] This never happens when Kion's around!

Easy, Fuli. We just need to ask somebody for directions.

Hello, Lion Guard. I couldn't help but overhear.

You need directions?

Yeah, we do!

Do you know where Flat Ridge Rock is?

Flat Ridge Rock?

Oh! Is that near Ukuni Woods? Or Big Springs?

We don't know where it is. That's why we're asking you!

I see. Well, that's too bad.

I'm not sure where it is.

Now, where was I going?

Uh, maybe back to your herd?

Oh yes, of course! Thank you!

Zebras. [SIGHS]

They never know where they're going.

Hey! We could ask Mbeya the Rhino!

He knows the Pride Lands like the back of his horn.

Great. Any idea where we can find Mbeya?

This time of day, Mbeya usually hangs out at the watering hole.

Yeah! Watering hole, here we come.

[GRUNTS] Ono, you lead this time.

Affirmative! Follow me!

Fuli: This way, Bunga.

I-I was taking a shortcut.


Still following me?

You're still ignoring my advice.

About going the wrong way? [SCOFFS]

I'm pretty sure I'm heading towards Flat Ridge Rock.

Maybe so, but you can't get there on this trail.

Oh, yeah? Why's that?

The trail ends. Here!

What? Whoa...


Heyvi kabisa!


[SIGHS] How long can it possibly take to ask for directions to Flat Ridge Rock?

They've been talking forever!

Beshte does like to talk.

Yes. But perhaps I'd better go talk to him.

You get to be my age, you never know what might happen!


Sorry to interrupt. But Beshte?

We have to meet Kion? At Flat Ridge Rock?

Oh yeah! Guess I better be going.

See you later, Mbeya.

Later, Beshte.

So? What did he say?

You won't believe it.

Remember that heatwave we had yesterday?

Yeah, I remember. It was hot.

Now what did Mbeya say?

He forgot to cover himself in mud!


Why would Mbeya want to cover himself in mud, Big B?

That's how rhinos avoid sunburn. Common knowledge, really.

[SIGHS] I meant, what did Mbeya say about the directions?

[CHUCKLES] Fuli, you don't need directions to cover yourself in mud.

Just find a nice mud puddle and roll in it.

Argh! Not directions for mud bathing.

Directions for getting to Flat Ridge Rock!

Oh, yeah! The directions to Flat Ridge Rock!

I forgot to ask. Be right back.


Yeah. Kion would never forget something like that.


Hold still, this won't hurt at all.


Hey, what are you doing?

Getting you out of this thorn bush.

If you'd just hold still!

What? Why would you help me? You're a hyena.

You lions really do think all hyenas are bad!

All the ones I've met are.

Like Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu?

[CHUCKLES] Well, obviously, I'm not like them.

For one thing, they're males. Which means they're foolish.

No offense.

Not all males are foolish.

Says the male lion flat on his back, stuck in a bush.


Things would certainly go a lot better if Kion were leading us.

Yeah. But you gotta love all these flies!

Ugh. Yeah, gotta love 'em. Beshte, are you positive Mbeya said this is the way to Flat Ridge Rock?

Yep! 'Course, he also said he's never actually been there.


Everyone! There's a ridge up ahead with a flat rock on top of it!

It's gotta be Flat Ridge Rock!

Zuka Zama! Kion, here we come!

This time, I'll lead the way. Comin' through.

Fuli, slow down!

How can you lead us when we can't keep up?

Thanks... I guess.

You guess?

Well, yeah! You could have told me the trail ended before I went over the hill!

Yeah. But then I wouldn't have seen the leader of the Lion Guard rolling down a hill!


Okay, you've had your laugh. Now I'm lost.

Can you tell me how to get to Flat Ridge Rock?

Follow that trail. It'll take you to Flat Ridge Rock.

And back to your beloved Pride Lands.

Thanks. [GRUNTS]

You're limping.

I'm fine.

Just a little sore from the fall. I can handle it.

Okay, tell ya what. It's kinda my fault you're hurt.

So I'll stick with you until you can see Flat Ridge Rock.

Okay. I mean, if you want to.

What I want? [LAUGHS]

I want you out of my territory!

[GRUNTS] Yeah, well, me too.




Hi, guys. What kept you?

I even had time to clean up.

Uh, Fuli? Usually Kion wouldn't get so far ahead that the rest of us would have trouble keeping up.

Oh. Sorry, guys.

Wait! This is Flat Ridge Rock?

Well, this rock is pretty flat.

And it's on a ridge.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!

I know this place! I've been here hundreds of times!

You know, there's a great shortcut we could have used!

All: Bunga!



See that? That's the Circle of Life for you.

Wait. You think I don't know about the Circle of Life?

Well, you are a hyena.

Look. I know Janja's clan is greedy and eats more than their share.

But most hyenas respect the Circle of Life!

We're the clean-up crews.

Picking up after all the sloppy eaters.

We hyenas eat what you lions leave behind.

Oh. I guess I never really thought about it like that.


Of course not. You think hyenas and lions are so different.

But we're not!

We're more similar than you think, Kion.

Sisi ni sawa.

You're saying we're the same? No, I don't think so.

♪ You think that life is one big game ♪
♪ You joke, you laugh, you take no blame ♪
♪ I'm telling you, there's just no way that we're the same ♪
♪ You got to look past what you see ♪
♪ Try not to judge so easily ♪
♪ Believe it or not you're a lot like me ♪
♪ Say, believe it or not, you're a lot like me ♪
♪ Sisi ni sawa means we're the same ♪
♪ I hear what you're saying but you need to explain ♪
♪ At the end of the day it's like water and rain ♪

♪ Sisi ni sawa we are the same ♪

♪ Maybe I laugh, maybe you purr ♪
♪ But take a look under the fur ♪
♪ Deep in our heart is what matters for sure ♪
♪ 'Cause we both know we're higher called ♪
♪ Like every creature, big and small ♪
♪ The Circle of Life should be what's guiding us all ♪
♪ The Circle of Life will guide us all ♪
♪ Sisi ni sawa means we're the same ♪
♪ Though you've got your spots and I have a mane ♪
♪ At the end of the day, it's like water and rain ♪
♪ Sisi ni sawa we are the same ♪

♪ Sisi ni sawa we are the same ♪

♪ Never thought that we'd see eye to eye ♪
♪ I can't imagine why ♪
♪ It's very easy if you try ♪
♪ Still to me, they're brand new thoughts ♪
♪ Not to judge hyenas by their spots ♪
♪ Sisi ni sawa ♪
♪ Sisi ni sawa means we're the same ♪
♪ Forget about the past when there's nothing to gain ♪

♪ At the end of the day it's like water and rain ♪
♪ Sisi ni sawa we are the same ♪
♪ Sisi ni sawa means we're the same ♪
♪ Forget about the past when there's nothing to gain ♪
♪ At the end of the day, it's like water and rain ♪
♪ Sisi ni sawa we are the same ♪
♪ Sisi ni sawa we are the same ♪

♪ Sisi ni sawa we are the same ♪


What's wrong?

We're in Janja's territory.

And, believe it or not, we don't get along! [LAUGHS]

Don't worry. Flat Ridge Rock is right over there.

You're almost home.

Asante, Jasiri.

Thanks for your help.

Sure. Bye, Kion!

Hey, Jasiri! If you ever need my help...

Help? From a lion? [LAUGHS]

That's a good one!



Well, well. If it isn't Jasiri.

Thought I told you to stay off our turf!

Just passing through.

So move. Or do I have to move you myself?


Big talk, coming from someone who's all alone!

Okay. I'll take another path.


So, you figured out that only three of you didn't stand a chance against me.

C'mon, boys.

Let's remind Jasiri what happens to someone who wanders into our part of the Outlands!

Jasiri: These all the hyenas you got, Janja?



Me first! [LAUGHS]



[LAUGHS] Who's next?



[GRUNTS] Enough playing around.



[GROANS] Kion?

What are you doing here?

I'm here to help.

If you say so... but I got 'em right where I want 'em!




Yeah, I can tell.




Kion! Behind you!

Nice move, Jasiri... Oh!

Thanks. You're not so bad yourself.

For a lion. [SNARLING]


Looks like we're cornered.


Got you now!

Kion: Jasiri, get behind me!


What? Why?

Trust me.

Can't believe I'm trusting a lion.

Don't know why you're in the Outlands helpin' a hyena, Kion.

But it's the last thing you're gonna do. [LAUGHS]

Get 'em, boys! Gotcha now!

Yeah! [LAUGHS]



Zuka Zama! Kion's in trouble!



Uh. I hate that roar.


Come on, boys!


[LAUGHS] Look at 'em go!

That was the funniest thing I've ever seen!


Okay, that roar thing?

That is definitely something we don't have in common.

I've seen you in action. You don't need a roar.

You know, I never thought a lion would help a hyena.

Well, not all lions are alike.

- ONO: He's over here!



Back off, hyena!


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Take it easy! She's a friend!

She is?

I... I am?


[whispers] But she's a hyena.

I know. But not all hyenas are like Janja.

Some of them are good. She's one of them.


She got me through the Outlands.

And he saved me from Janja and his clan.

Well, any friend of Kion is a friend of ours.

You should have seen her take on Cheezi and Chungu.

She was fierce.

Huh. I like her already.

Sure is nice having Kion lead us again.

Even if he is walking behind us.

Well, I better get back to my territory.

I'm sure your roar doesn't scare off Janja forever.

[CHUCKLES] If only!


Bye, Kion. It's been fun.

Bye, Jasiri.

Maybe I'll see you again sometime?

Not if I see you first. [LAUGHS]

Hey guys, wait for me!