01x00 - Return of the Roar


Simba: Everything the light touches is part of our kingdom.

The Pride Lands.

Ruling it is a big responsibility, Kiara.

And someday, when you're Queen...

Kion: Heads up! Incoming!

[GRUNTS] Kion!

Oh! [CHUCKLES] Sorry, Dad.

Me and Bunga were playing Baobab Ball...

And Kion couldn't handle the pass!

What? A giraffe couldn't handle it.

You kicked it over my head!


And you couldn't handle it!


Yeah? Try to handle this!





Kion, I need to talk to your sister.

She'll be tracking gazelles with her friends today.

[CHUCKLES] Because I'm training to be...

Queen of the Pride Lands. Yeah, yeah.

I know all about it, Kiara.

[SCOFFS] Least I have my life figured out.

What are you gonna grow up to be, little brother?


All right you two, that's enough.

Kion, why don't you and Bunga go play somewhere else?

Bunga: Yeah! I know the perfect place!

Hey, Kion!

[IN SING-SONG VOICE] You'll never get the baobab fruit, no.

[CONTINUES SINGING] Ha! You got nowhere to go, Bunga!

Says you!

Zuka Zama!


Catch me if you can, Kion!

Game on, Bunga!

Later, Dad. Have fun tracking those gazelle, Kiara.

I gotta get Bunga!

[SIGHS] I can't believe we're related.

Kion will grow up someday. I hope.


♪ It's a good day to have some fun to run and play ♪

Chorus: ♪ Whoa oh yeah oh ♪


♪ Sun's so hot, it melts my worries all away ♪

Chorus: ♪ Whoa oh yeah oh ♪
♪ I'm gonna take it easy, got no reason to work all day ♪

Chorus: ♪ Whoa oh yeah oh ♪

Oh, yeah!

♪ I'm gonna keep on smiling, keep on riding all the way ♪

Chorus: ♪ Whoa oh yeah oh ♪
♪ Come on, I'll tell ya ♪



Everyone! Scatter!

♪ Whoa oh yeah oh ♪
♪ Come play with me ♪
♪ and we'll run free ♪
♪ Whoa oh yeah oh ♪
♪ Through the Pride Lands up to the highest tree ♪
♪ Whoa oh yeah oh ♪


♪ Gotta live for fun It's the only way ♪
♪ It's beautiful It's a beautiful day ♪

Bunga. Kion.

♪ It's beautiful It's a beautiful day ♪



♪ Come play with me and we'll run free ♪
♪ Whoa oh yeah oh ♪
♪ Through the Pride Lands up to the highest tree ♪
♪ Whoa oh yeah oh ♪
♪ Gotta live for fun It's the only way ♪
♪ It's beautiful It's a beautiful day ♪


♪ It's beautiful It's a beautiful day ♪

Whoa! [GROANS]

♪ It's beautiful It's a beautiful day ♪


Gotcha now, Bunga!

Not yet! Cheka, cheka, cheka!

[CHUCKLES] Stop it! Bunga!

Got it! Whoa...

Aww. It rolled into the Outlands. Game over.

Says who? I'm not afraid of the Outlands.

Neither am I! It's just... my dad!

He says we shouldn't... Oh! Puh-leeze!

Simba's a big ol' scaredy cat when it comes to the Outlands.

You know what my Uncles always say!

Hakuna matata.

Whoa! Huh?

Bunga? [SCOFFS] You look a little... stuck.

You kidding? It's just a tree branch.


Zuka Zama!


Now where did that baobab fruit go?


Oh! 'Fraid there's no meat left for you boys.


Janja, Janja! A baobab fruit!

Let's eat it! I'm starvelated!

What do you take me for, a vegetarian?

I want something nice and meaty for lunch!


Huh? Where'd it go...


What? What's so funny?

What are you laughing at? Tell me!

Stuff it, fur brains! Look...

A honey badger. [SLURPS]

Now that's my idea of a delightful lunch!


Chungu! Cheezi! Bring him to me!


Here we go!

Heyvi kabisa.

Bunga! Heads up!

Relax, Kion. Remember?

Hakuna... [SNARLING] Matata.

Get outta there, Bunga!

Okay, hyena.

You wanna see what this honey badger's made of?

I'll show you what I'm made of!


Hey! Lemme go so I can show that other guy what I'm made of!

Hyenas! Put Bunga down!

Pick on somebody your own size!

Kion! You want the honey badger?

Come and get him!

Let him go!

You hyenas don't want any trouble with my dad.

Ooh. Like how you'd get into trouble if you came into the Outlands?

[LAUGHS] Uh, Kion?

He's too afraid to come down here.

Yeah! 'Fraidy cat!

Both: 'Fraidy cat! 'Fraidy cat! 'Fraidy cat!

All right, yeah. Fun's over.

Janja needs his lunch.



Let him...


See ya, hyena! Wouldn't wanna be ya!

Heyvi kabisa!

What was that?

Zuka Zama!

Kion, how'd you roar like that?

I dunno, Bunga.

Wish I did, though.

Well however you did it, it was un-Bunga-lievable!

That was Kion's roar?

[LAUGHS] Yes, Nala, yes!

He is ready! It is time!

Eh, no, Rafiki. He can't possibly be ready. He's still a cub.

Simba, Simba. You heard the Roar!

I heard it. It's just... it's a big responsibility.

I need more time to prepare him.

I think you've just run out of time Simba.

You need to tell him.

But, Nala...

Listen to Rafiki, Simba.

Kion is ready. It is time.

Kion: Time for what?

Dad? Rafiki? What's going on?

Son, we need to talk...

Oh no. Dad, we already had that talk.

"Can you feel the love tonight..."

I know all about that mushy stuff!


It's not that, Kion.

No, no. Most definitely not that.

We have heard your Roar! Yes, yes!

Yeah. It was, uh, kinda different today.

Different? Different you say?


It is more than different.

It is the Roar of the Elders! When you use it, the great lions of the Pride Lands' past roar with you.

What? You mean that's what happened to my roar?

Yeah, lions in the sky! I saw that!

The Roar of the Elders is a great gift, Kion.

It will make you the fiercest animal in the Pride Lands.


But what?

No, no, Simba. It is you who must tell Kion about the Lion Guard.

The Lion Guard? What's that?

This way, Kion.

Uh, okay...

Oh, come on, Rafiki. You already know what it is, don'cha?

Come on, tell me...


It's a bunch of vines?



Look at that!

How did I not know this was here?

Dad, what is this place?

This is Lion Guard Lair.

It's the secret meeting place for the members of the Lion Guard.

Ugh! Maybe they should think about fixin' the place up.

[COUGHS] Or at least do some dusting...

Hmmm... Yes...


Ah! That's more like it. Can you show that trick to my Uncle Timon and Uncle Pumbaa?


Dad, enough with all the secrecy stuff!

You gotta tell me. What is the Lion Guard?

The Lion Guard is the team that protects the Pride Lands and defends the Circle of Life.

According to tradition, the Lion Guard is made of the Pride Lands' fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight.

So what happened to them?

It looks like they haven't been in here since... forever!

I'm afraid it's a story without a happy ending.

Both: Whoa!

Simba: When your grandfather Mufasa was about your age, his younger brother, Scar, was the leader of the Lion Guard.

Scar also had the gift of the Roar.

The Roar made Scar feel powerful.

But that power went to Scar's head.

He began to think that he should be king, instead of his older brother Mufasa.

So Scar ordered the Lion Guard to help him take down Mufasa.

When the Guard refused, Scar was furious.

And then, Scar used the Roar to destroy the Lion Guard.

What Scar didn't realize was that by using the Roar for evil, he would lose the power of the Roar completely.

Heyvi kabisa...


The Roar is a very powerful gift.

It can be used for great good.

But it can also lead to terrible evil.

Well, I'd never be like Scar. Ever!

I'm glad to hear that, son.

Because starting today, you are the leader of the new Lion Guard.

I'm the what?

You heard Simba. Ha-ha!

The leader of the new Lion Guard! It is you!

Yes! It. Is. You!


It's true, Kion.

Wow... amazing!

It is. And now, as leader of the Guard, I need you to assemble the Pride Lands' bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight.

Okay, Dad. Got it!

Don't worry. I'm gonna make you proud!

Yes, Bunga?

This is un-Bunga-lievable!

You see, Simba? And now Kion will choose the best lions in the Pride for the Guard.

I hope so, Rafiki. I'm still not sure he's ready...


Wow! Me! Leader of the Lion Guard...

Protectors of the Pride Lands! It's kinda scary...

Hey, Kion... Kion!


Ergh! Bunga!

Ready to start assembling the Lion Guard?

Huh? Now? Yeah? Huh?

Yes! Augh!

Just stop splashing me!


Oh. [CHUCKLES] Sorry, Kion.

Hakuna matata, Bunga. Now c'mon!

Time to assemble the Lion Guard!

Lion Guard? Hmm...

Dad said the Lion Guard needs the Pride Lands' bravest, strongest, fastest, and keenest of sight.

So I think I'll go ask the bravest animal in the Pride Lands first.

Kion, wait! Before you go asking whoever you think is the bravest, think about this...

I might not be the biggest honey badger.

But I know what's in my heart.

And I'm not afraid of anything, or anyone!

I know, Bunga. That's why...

I'll help the Lion Guard fight hyenas.

Or jackals! Or crocodiles! Or vultures!


Or great big rock slides or wild fires or floods!

I will stand with the Lion Guard! I'll never give up!

I'll, I'll...

Why don't you stop talking so I can ask you to join the Lion Guard?

Say what...

Come on, Bunga!

You're the bravest animal I know!

I want you to be the first to join the new Lion Guard.

Zuka Zama!

Zuka Zama, indeed.

I wonder if Janja knows about the Lion Guard.

You couldn't have made a better choice.

We're gonna make a great team!

I can't wait to tell Uncle Timon and Uncle Pumbaa.


Kion! Do you hear that?

Zuri: [STRAINING] Little help?

Sounds like Kiara's friend, Zuri...

And she needs help.

Our help!

It's our first adventure! Lion Guard to the rescue!

Lion Guard to the rescue?

Hey! Bunga, wait up!

Hold still, Zuri. Timon and Pumbaa said they know how to help.

[WHINING] Where am I gonna go, Tiifu? I'm stuck...

[SIGHS] You wouldn't be stuck if you didn't keep stopping to sharpen your claws on every other tree.

But Kiara, if I don't keep them sharp, they don't stay shiny!

Timon: Don't worry, ladies.

Me and Pumbaa have everything under control.

Timon's right. We used to help Simba get his claws out of logs all the time.

And you're sure about this?

Sure, I'm sure. If it weren't for us, your dad would still be stuck to a tree somewhere.

Ready, Pumbaa?


Okay, on three. One... Two...

Bunga: Stand back, Pride Landers!

Bunga of the Lion Guard is here!




Ow! My claw! Whoa...



Creepy crawly bugs!


Zuri! You hit the jackpot!

It's smorgasbord!


Hang on, Zuri! I'll save you!

Okay, Bunga. You've done enough saving for one day.

Bunga, I... Whoa.

What's going on?

Oh! I broke a claw! It hurts!

There, there, Zuri. You're gonna be just fine.

Oh, hey, Kiara. How'd the gazelle tracking go?

[SIGHS] We never got to the gazelles.

Zuri got her claws stuck in a tree.

[MUFFLED] And then she fell face first into a log full of bugs!

Mmm, mmm, mmm!

Bugs are so gross!

Mmm... And so delicious!

Ooh, look. Another one. [SCREAMS]

Get it, get it away!


Ow, my paw!


Hey, everyone. Everyone! Listen to this!

Simba just put Kion in charge of the new Lion Guard!

Lion Guard? What's a Lion Guard?

Dad just told me about it.

The Lion Guard is the team that protects the Pride Lands and defends the Circle of Life!

And I'm it's new leader!

I'm gonna be on the Lion Guard, too! It's un-Bunga-lievable!

[CHUCKLES] You and Bunga? Protecting the Pride Lands?

Does Dad know about this?

"Dad" told me to assemble the Pride Lands' best.

And I'm the best. Just ask me!

Well, if you ask me, it sounds like it might be dangerous.

It's worse than that, Pumbaa. It sounds like... work.

Yeah! It's both!

Eek... Work!

Gee, Bunga. I dunno...

Uncle Pumbaa, Uncle Timon, please?

Work? Danger? Definitely not.

Have you forgotten our problem-free philosophy?

It means no worries...

I know it's not Hakuna matata, Uncle Timon.

It's, it's... Zuka Zama!

Zuka Zama?

Don't ask!

What's Zuka Zama?

What's Zuka Zama? What's Zuka Zama?!

I'll tell you all about Zuka Zama!

You had to ask!


♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

♪ Life's exciting, life is fun ♪

♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

♪ A big adventure for everyone ♪

♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Life's a party and it's filled with thrills ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Don't worry about the scrapes and spills ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

♪ Pop up, pop up... ♪
♪ Zuka Zuka ♪
♪ Dive in, dive in ♪
♪ Zama Zama ♪
♪ Go, go, go ♪
♪ Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Flyin' through the trees like busy, busy bee going ♪

♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

♪ Now you know my little motto for life ♪

♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

♪ Enjoy the chaos Ignore the strife ♪

♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

♪ When life throws you a crazy curve ♪

♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

♪ Go Zuka Zama Don't lose your nerve ♪

♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

♪ Pop up, pop up... ♪
♪ Zuka Zuka ♪
♪ Dive in, dive in ♪
♪ Zama Zama ♪
♪ Go, go, go ♪
♪ Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Flyin' through the trees like busy, busy bee going ♪

♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

♪ Pop up, pop up... ♪
♪ Zuka Zuka ♪
♪ Dive in, dive in ♪
♪ Zama Zama ♪
♪ Go, go, go ♪
♪ Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Like a bee, like a bee Like a busy, busy bee going ♪

♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪
♪ Zuka Zama Zom zom zom ♪

Meh. Zuka palooka.

I still don't think Bunga should be signing up for some jungle patrol.

Lion Guard!

Whatever you call it.

Timon, Pumbaa, please.

I really do need Bunga on the Lion Guard.

He's the bravest animal I know.

Bravest animal you know?

He's brave, all right. Brave bordering on stupid.

Thanks, Kiara!

Well, when you put it that way...

Congratulations, Bunga!

We always knew you had it in you!

Oh, brother! Kion's gonna wreck the Pride Lands before I even get to be Queen.

Oh, Bunga. I'm so proud, I could... [BREAKS WIND]

Oops. Sorry.

Zuri, let's get you back to Pride Rock.

We're outta here!

I better go assemble the rest of my team...

Wait, Kion! The Lion Guard needs to stick together!

Was it something I said?

Janja, I'm hungry!

Me, too!

You two only have yourselves to blame.

To think that you were scared by the roar of a lion cub!

Janja, see, Kion's roar, it wasn't like, like a normal roar.

It was, uh... [NERVOUS LAUGH] super loud!

And the clouds! They turned into roaring lions!

Oh! So you're scared of clouds, too? [LAUGHING]

Stuff it, fur brains!

Seems we have a visitor to our humble humid den.

Janja. Hyenas.


What are you doing this far into the Outlands?

Looking for leftovers?

No, but I'd be happy to eat...

Forget it. We don't have any.

Simba's cub, Kion, managed to cancel our lunch plans.


Then you already know about Kion.

Know what?

Simba has told Kion to assemble a new Lion Guard.

Lion Guard? That's impossible.

The Lion Guard died out after Scar...



The Roar! Of course!

Of course what?

Don't you know the stories? The Lion Guard was legendary.

The most powerful team of lions in the Pride Lands.

At least they were... [SNICKERING] until Scar destroyed them!


What? A lion destroyed the Lion Guard?

Or so the story goes.


Yeah! Them lions ain't too bright!

Stuff it, fur brains!

A new Lion Guard could be very bad news for us hyenas.

And all the other Outlanders.

I gathered as much from what I overheard from Kion.

Yes. The old Lion Guard protected the so-called Circle of Life.

If Kion's new Lion Guard wins the trust of the Pride Lands, we Outlanders will...



Now, Janja. What were you saying about the Lion Guard and the Outlanders?

I was saying... with a Lion Guard patrolling the Pride Lands, it will be next to impossible for us Outlanders to take whatever animals we want for food.

Then what're we gonna do?

Ooh, we could eat each other.

No! We'll strike now.

Before the Lion Guard is ready.

And we'll take down all the animals we can.

Mmm. I like the sound of that.

Whole herds of animals!

Yeah, right!


Tonight, we Outlanders will feast.

Hyenas and vultures alike! Tonight, we strike!



♪ When you live in the Outlands ♪
♪ It's better to make your own rules ♪
♪ Ask anyone outside the Pride Lands ♪
♪ The Circle of Life is for fools ♪


♪ We go where we want when we want to ♪

♪ And we eat Yes, we eat as we please ♪

♪ That Kion can't give us a curfew ♪

♪ Or tell us to stay in the trees ♪

♪ No! Tonight, we strike Tonight, we strike ♪
♪ No one's safe So the time is right ♪
♪ The Circle of Life's gonna feel our bite ♪
♪ Tonight, we strike Tonight, we strike ♪


♪ So before this new Guard is ready ♪
♪ To defend the Pride Lands from harm ♪

♪ We'll make them all feel unsteady ♪

♪ We'll give them cause for alarm ♪

♪ Yeah! Tonight, we strike Tonight, we strike ♪
♪ No one's safe So the time is right ♪
♪ The Circle of Life's gonna feel our bite ♪
♪ Tonight, we strike Tonight, we strike ♪


All right, fellas, bring it in.

Here's the plan.

♪ While the animals are in their slumber ♪
♪ We'll be creeping beneath ♪
♪ And just like a roaring thunder ♪

♪ We will wake them up with our teeth ♪

♪ Tonight, we strike Tonight, we strike ♪
♪ No one's safe So the time is right ♪
♪ The Circle of Life's gonna feel our bite ♪
♪ Tonight, we strike Tonight, we strike ♪
♪ Tonight, we strike, tonight, we strike! ♪

Tonight, we strike!

♪ No one's safe so the time is right ♪

Nobody is safe!


♪ Tonight, we strike Tonight, we strike ♪
♪ The Circle of Life's gonna feel our bite ♪
♪ Tonight, we strike Tonight, we strike ♪

Outlanders, arise and follow me!

The Pride Lands will never know what bit them!


Target in sight...


Hey, Ono!

[GRUNTS] Whoa!

Oh. Hi, Kion. Good to see you.

You see just about everything, Ono. That's why I want to talk.

All: [CHANTING] Beshte! Beshte! Beshte!

Hey, everybody! Who wants a water slide?

Ooh, yeah!

Me, me!

Do it, Beshte!

Poa. One water slide, coming up!



All: Yay!





Also wettest...



Fuli! Wait! Kion wants to talk!

Not now, Bunga. I gotta run.

What? Why?

[PANTING] That's why.



I see Fuli's a bit occupied.

Even I can see that, Ono. But I have an idea...



You can't catch me!

Fuli! This way!

Fuli! Jump!

Beshte! Now!

Nice save, Beshte.

[PANTING] Totally. Thanks.

And as for you guys, I said I'm sorry!

I wasn't trying to be mean when I said you look funny when you scratch your heads.

Apology accepted...


Hey, guys. Thanks for meeting with me.

I wanted to talk to you because... well, I need your help.

What's the kerbubble, Kion?

The five of us are the Pride Lands' fiercest, bravest, strongest, fastest and keenest of sight.

And that's why I want you all to join the new Lion Guard.

Together, we'll protect the Pride Lands and defend the Circle of Life.

[WHISTLES] Well, lick my tail and call me a meerkat!

Hey! My uncle's a meerkat!

No offense, Bunga...

Wait! Aren't you a honey badger?

A Lion Guard? Figures.

Always the lions lording over the Pride Lands.

I suppose Simba put you in charge of this little team, Kion?

You bet your spots he did!

Fuli, the Lion Guard needs you.

You're the Pride Lands' fastest.

You got that right.

And you're supposed to be the fiercest?

Well, he is a lion...

And lions are fierce.

It's kinda common knowledge, really...

Show 'em the Roar, Kion. Show 'em the Roar!

What's Bunga talking about? The Roar?

You think you're somethin' special just 'cause you can roar?

Wait 'till you hear it. C'mon, Kion.

Show 'em the Roar!

So what is the deal with your roar?

Oh, you totally have to show us, Kion.

Seeing is believing!

Though with a roar, it's more about hearing...

Okay, fine. I'll show you the Roar.

Just, uh, stay behind me. I don't want anybody to get hurt.

'Scuse me. [YELPS]

Watch it!

Pfft. Groundlings...


Okay. This is the Roar...


What in the Pride Lands...

Ono: That was... Different.

[LAUGHS] Kion! You call that a roar? [CHUCKLES]

Didn't sound like a roar.

That wasn't the Roar! That was a squeak!

I've found him, Your Highness! Kion is over here!

See, Dad? What did I tell you?

Thank you, Kiara.

You and Tiifu go ahead and track the gazelle.

I need to talk with Kion. Alone.

Yes, Dad.

Thank you, princess.

Dad! Am I glad to see you!

I'm not sure why, but when I tried to...

Kion, Kiara tells me you've asked Bunga to join the Lion Guard.


Is this true?

Well, yeah. I was just talking to all my friends about it.

Your friends?

Kion, I asked you to assemble the new Lion Guard.

Instead you're just playing with your friends?

I'm not playing, Dad. My friends are the new Lion Guard.

Fuli is the fastest.

Beshte is the strongest.

Ono is the keenest of sight.

And the bravest, it's Bunga.

Kion, the Lion Guard has always been made of lions.

Do you really think a Lion Guard with only one lion can protect the Pride Lands?

Well, actually...

Son, listen.

The Lion Guard isn't a game you play with your friends.

It's real. The Circle of Life, and your life, will depend on who's on your team. Please, Kion.

There are plenty of good lions for the Guard.

I need you to take your new responsibility seriously.

Just as seriously as Kiara takes hers.

But I do take it seriously...


Lil' B, I think Kion needs some time to himself.

Kiara: Be sure to stay low while we're tracking the herd.

And we need stay downwind, so they don't catch our scent.

That's why it's important to watch how the grass moves.

Are we going to attack them?

No. My dad says we should only take what the pride needs, to keep the Circle of Life in balance.

If we took down gazelles just to learn how to do it, pretty soon there wouldn't be any left.

Then we'd be as bad as the hyenas.


What's Mzingo doing up there?

Vultures only circle like that when they're expecting to eat.

Kiara, look!

Kiara: Hyenas. And Janja's leading them.

Tiifu: There's so many of them!

Yeah. And with Mzingo circling over the gazelles, I have a feeling they're up to no good.

What are we going to do?

Go find my dad and tell him Janja and his clan are here.

I'll stay here and keep watch.

Okay, Kiara. Be careful!

Dad wanted the best for the Lion Guard. And I found them.

But now, maybe the best isn't good enough?

I just don't understand.

♪ Why? ♪
♪ Why even trust me at all? ♪
♪ They say the Guard is my call ♪
♪ But then come tell me I'm wrong ♪
♪ Now what What should I do? ♪
♪ And who Who do I turn to? ♪
♪ Now everything feels so upside down ♪
♪ Deep down, maybe I knew ♪
♪ It was way too good to be true ♪
♪ With all my friends looking up to me ♪
♪ Some leader I turned out to be ♪


Heyvi kabisa... Are you...

Yes, Kion. I am your grandfather.

Mufasa. I've heard a lot about you.

And I've been watching you.

You are about to embark on a great journey, Kion, leader of the Lion Guard!

I'm not sure Dad's gonna let me lead the Lion Guard.

He's worried that I can't handle it.

Kion. Simba is worried.

But he's worried because he loves you.

Being leader of the Lion Guard will not always be easy.

Then maybe Dad's right.

Maybe I'm not ready to lead. Or use the Roar.

I'm not even sure I can control it!

First it's super loud. Then it's just a squeak.

And I... I don't want to end up like Scar.

Don't be afraid, Kion. Trust your instincts.

The Roar will be there for you when you need it.

And so will I. Until the Pride Lands' end...

Grandfather Mufasa. Don't go yet.

Trust my instincts.

The Roar will be there when I need it.

♪ Maybe my journey is far from done ♪
♪ They need a leader and I'm the one ♪
♪ So now it's time for them all to see ♪
♪ The Lion I was born to be ♪
♪ It is time ♪
♪ To take the lead on my own ♪

♪ It is time ♪
♪ For something bigger Than I've ever known ♪

♪ No need to wonder The choice is done ♪
♪ Now I believe I'm truly am the one ♪
♪ So is it time? ♪
♪ Is it time? ♪


♪ It is time ♪

Kion! Kion! Janja! The hyenas!

They're attacking the gazelles!

What? Oh, no!


Mzingo's telling the hyenas which one to target next.

Smart, in a devious sort of way.

I don't get it.

They've already scored a couple gazelles.

That should be plenty for all of them.

Yeah. Why are they still attacking?

Janja and his clan will keep going until the whole herd is dead.



Don't they understand the Circle of Life?

They don't care about the Circle of Life.

They're not hunting for food.

They want to throw the Pride Lands into chaos.

And it's up to the Lion Guard to stop them!

The Lion Guard? You mean us?

What about what Simba said?

So what if we're not all lions?

I know we're the Pride Lands' fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight!

That's true.

Of course, we are.

I guess?

Yeah! Let's go get those stinkin' hyenas!

Hold it, Bunga. This isn't a game.

We need a plan to take on the hyenas.

And I think I have one.

That is, if the rest of you are ready to join the Lion Guard.

I'm in.


Lay it on us, Kion.



You are the bravest!



You are the fastest.



You are the keenest of sight.

Beshte. [ROAR] You are the strongest.

We are the Lion Guard.

And here's what we're going to do...

[SIGHS] What's taking Tiifu so long?

Dad needs to stop this! What?

Till the Pride Lands' end, Lion Guard defend!


[YELPS] Zuka Zama!


What about... Aagh!

Looking for something, feather neck?

[GRUNTS] Ooooh.

Huwezi! Nowhere to run that I can't run faster!



See what I mean?



That's right! Keep going!

Comin' thru!

And, Beshte! Now!

Outta the way!

Twende Kiboko!


Simba, Nala, look!


Rafiki: Kion's Lion Guard! [LAUGHS]

They have Janja and the hyenas on the run!

That's our boy!

[GASPS] But the herd!

Tiifu: It's charging right towards Kiara!

Oh no!


Agh! Help!

Kion! Kiara's hurt!

Okay. We need to get to her fast.

I'm the fastest there is. But what do I do once I'm there?

Just get me close! I'll take it from there.


Don't worry, Kion.

This time, yours truly has a plan!

Okay. Hurry.

This way!

Zuka Zamaaaaaa!

Kiara's trapped behind that rock.

Uhh, I can't get any closer.

Then this is where I get off! Hang on, Kiara!

Whoo! Ha ha!


Zuka Zamaaaaaa!

Bunga? Have you lost your mind?

Never had one, Kiara! Now, if you don't mind.

Scram ya, goofy gazelles! Take this!


Uncle Pumbaa taught me that one.

[COUGHS] Thanks, Bunga.

You might be stinky, but you sure are brave.

Kion! Bunga and Fuli did it! Kiara's safe!

Great! Have them regroup with us at the edge of the field.

It's time to give Janja and his hyenas something to remember.

Mom! Dad!


You're safe.

I might not be if it weren't for Kion and his friends.

I guess he knew what he was doing when he picked them.

He did, didn't he?

Look! Look!

Well, if it isn't Kion the lion cub.

You and your friends better leave now, before you get hurt.

We're the Lion Guard, Janja.

We defend the Circle of Life.

You and your kind are not welcome in the Pride Lands. Ever!



Zuka Zama! Now that's the Roar!

Oh! Did you hear that?




You win today, Kion. Next time won't be so easy.

See, Simba? You see? Huh? [CHUCKLES]

He is ready! It is time!


Yes. Kion is ready.

It is time. Time for the Lion Guard.


♪ There's a time in life when you may get a great calling ♪
♪ And it seems so big at times you feel like you may be falling ♪
♪ If you believe in who you are there's no need to go running ♪
♪ You found a place with your friends ♪
♪ The adventures keep on coming ♪


♪ For the Pride Lands ♪
♪ They're united ♪
♪ The Roar is on guard Last time it was Simba ♪
♪ Looking after the Pride Lands ♪
♪ Staying strong and united ♪
♪ And no matter where we stand We'll never be divided ♪
♪ Roar of the lions in the sky ♪
♪ Always keeping a watchful eye ♪
♪ Fierce, fast and brave and strong ♪
♪ Look out Here comes the Lion Guard ♪


♪ Look out Here comes the Lion Guard ♪