01x16 - The Trouble With Galagos



What's next, Bunga?

(CHUCKLING) Oh, you're gonna love this one!

I call it the splash-less triple spin-a-rama dive.

Zuka Zama!



You barely made a splash.

Nice one, Little B.

Yeah. That's one dive even I can appreciate.

What can I say? When ya got it, ya got it.

You want me to teach ya?

That's okay.

Okay. Suit yourself.

And now, for my next dive, I'll attempt a spectacular...

Laini: Lion Guard! Lion Guard!

All: Help!


What in the Pride Lands?

Heyvi kabis...

Please say you'll help us, Kion!

Please, oh, please, oh, please!




Ugh. Really?

Save us! Save us!

Save us! Save us! Save us!

Hey, hey!

Easy on the ears!

Hey, there, little gally-ally-go.

Laini? What's the kerbubble?

What's gotten all you galagos so upset?

Oh, nothing. Just that...

A leopard moved into our trees!

A leopard? What?

What did she say?

But the Pride Lands doesn't have any leopards.

It does now.

He climbed up into our tree this morning.

And he wants to eat us!

So will you help us, Kion? Huh?

Speak up!


Oh. Sorry.

(SIGHS) Of course we'll help you.

Yeah, we'd never let a leopard eat you guys.

"Eating flies"?

Who's eating flies?

Stay here.

We'll go get the leopard out of your tree.

Sounds good? Oh, I don't know.

We were hoping we could stay with you.

Nothing can hurt us if we're with the Lion Guard.

Ugh! Will someone get these galagos off my ears, so I can hear what's going on?

(GASPS) You didn't miss much.

They want to stay with us.



No. No way.

Oh, come on, Fuli. They're not so bad.

You and the other galagos will be safe here.

A lot safer than if you're with us, when we take on the leopard.

Oh, good point.


Now what?


On it!

Uh-oh. We have to go.

There's a giraffe stuck in a tree.

"A giraffe stuck in a tree"?

Are there still galagos on my ears?

That is what I said.

It's... He's...


(STUTTERING) You've gotta see it for yourself.

Come on!

Lion Guard, let's go!

But the leopard?

You promised you'd get the leopard, Kion!

You promised!

And we will.

Right after we help the giraffe.

Then we'll come back here for you.

Okay. Thank you, Kion.

Till the Pride Lands' end...

All: Lion Guard defend!


I don't believe it.

It really is a giraffe stuck in a tree!

Like my dad says, "Live long enough and you'll see everything."


Oh, uh, hi.


What happened?

I was just trying to get to the last of the acacia leaves.

They're so good.


Um, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Ah! (MUFFLED) I see what you mean.

Don't worry, Shingo. We're on it.

Bunga, you'll need to climb up there and help pull Shingo free.

With pleasure.

Zuka Zama!

Okay, let's get that tongue free.


Hey, Shingo.

Your tongue's kind of bumpy.

Yeah, I know.

Hey, easy there!


I can't free your tongue if you keep moving it.


Galagos: Help us!


Aw, look who it is.

Laini? What are you...


Cut it out, you guys!



Hey, gally-ally-go!

I'm free!

(SIGHS) Thanks, guys.

(GASPS) Ooh! Is that another acacia tree?

I told you to wait at Hakuna Matata Falls!

What happened?

Everything was fine at first.

But then we heard this sound.

Was it the leopard?

No, it sounded like this. (BLOWS RASPBERRY)

Yep. That'd be my Uncle Pumbaa.

And then there was this horrible smell.

Definitely Pumbaa.

Well, Pumbaa won't hurt you.

Beshte's right, Laini.

You and the galagos should go back to the falls.

It's safer there.

Oh, we have to stay with you.


Okay, galagos.

We'll be right over there at your tree.

Stay here.

Be careful, Kion. The leopard is fierce.

Really fierce!

Don't worry, so am I.


(WHISPERING) Surround the tree.

When he wakes up, we want to be ready.


Ono! Now!




Kion: Now!


No, please don't hurt me!

I didn't mean to growl.

I thought you were baboons!



They were chasing me in my dream.

Hundreds of them.

Ooh, I've had that dream.

It's bad.

Hang on, are you the big, scary leopard?


I'm Badili.

The big, friendly leopard.

If you're so friendly, why'd you scare away the galagos?

Galagos? What are galagos?

They're the animals who live here.

You took their home.


Aw, they're so cute.

Hi, there!


They're a little scared of you.

Oh, they shouldn't be.

I didn't mean to take their home.

I just didn't have anyplace else to go.

What about your home?

You're a leopard.

Don't you have your own territory?

Oh, sure.

It's in Mirihi Forest.

That's way out in the Back Lands.

That's right.

But I really like it here in the Pride Lands.

The trees are more comfy.


Oh, hey! I have an idea.

Maybe the galagos and I could share the tree?

We'd have all kinds of fun together, right?


The leopard is not staying in our tree!

The galagos are right, Badili.

You need to go back home.

(SOBBING) Do I really have to?

(CLEARS THROAT) Uh, I mean...

Are you sure you don't wanna keep me around?

I'm lots of fun!

I'm great at games! Wanna play tag?

Not with those claws.

Badili, is there a reason you don't want to go home?

(NERVOUSLY) What? No, don't be silly.

Of course I want to go home.

It's my home.

I just, you know, uh, wanted to try a new home for a while.

And you did.

But now it's time to go back where you belong.

We'll even walk you there.

You will?

Oh, that's great.

'Cause I definitely wasn't going to wait until you left and climb up that tree again.


Oh, that would be as silly as an elephant trying to squeeze into a meerkat hole! (LAUGHING)



Laini, we're taking Badili home now.

The grove is all yours.

Uh, thank you, Kion!

Time to go.



Galagos: (WHOOPING) Hooray!

Mihiri Forest, just ahead!

Great! That's fantastic.

Hey, is anyone else parched?

We passed a watering hole a while ago.

I say we double back and check it out.

Badili, what's goin' on?

You keep making excuses like you don't want to go home.


No way!

I can't wait to be home.

Almost there. Yay!

So, thanks for the walk.

Maybe we'll see each other again some time.

There we go.

Now, anyone else think that watering hole sounded good?

Wait, Bunga. Something's not right.

Come on.

So, this is... This is all good, right?

We can go?

Not yet.





What's the matter, Badili?

Scare ya?

Um, maybe a little.

A little?

Okay, a lot.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I told you this ain't your turf no more.

I know, I know, but...

Didn't I make myself clear?

Was I speaking a language you don't understand?



So why'd you come back?

I... I... I...

(MOCKING) You... You... You... You what?

You miss me?

Forget how much bigger and how much stronger I am?

Oh. Oh, no. No, I remembered.

That Mapigano is not a nice leopard.

Yeah, but Badili can't just let him take over his home!

(SIGHS) I think he already did.

All of this is my turf now.

So you need to scram.


I did go away.

But this is my home.

It's where I belong.


Here we go. And now he's gonna tell him.


Maybe we can share it?


Why wouldn't Badili stick up for himself?

Maybe he needs someone to stick up for him.

Share it?


You make me laugh. (LAUGHING)



Enough with the laughing. Get out! Now!

Kion: I've got a better idea!

You get out!

This isn't your turf.

Oh, yeah?

Says who?

Says the Lion Guard!

Badili's our friend.

You mess with him, you mess with us.

And believe me, you don't wanna mess with us.

Why do you even care?

Look at him. He's not even a leopard.

He's a scaredy-cat!

He is a leopard.

And this is his turf.

That means you have to go back where you came from!

Or don't.

But then, we'll have trouble.

I don't think you'd like that.

But I might.



We're all friends here, right?

I wasn't gonna stay.

I was just visiting my old pal, that's all.

Great to see you, buddy.

We'll do it again sometime.


That was amazing!

(SIGHS) How can I ever thank you guys?

You don't have to thank us at all, Badili.

This is what we do.

But why didn't you just tell us a mean leopard kicked you out of your territory?

I was embarrassed.

Leopards are supposed to be fierce and fight for their turf.

But I get too scared.

It's okay to be scared.

You don't have to be embarrassed.

Actually, Mapigano's the one who's scared now.

He's already far away.

And he's gone for good.

He knows the Lion Guard has your back.

Thanks, guys.

You're the best.

Our pleasure, Badili.

Maybe we'll see you again sometime.



See you!

All clear on this side of Embamba Canyon!

Thanks, Ono.

Looks like we'll finish our patrol early today.

That's what happens when we don't have to deal with panicked galagos.

Like yesterday.

Yeah. They sure were cute though.

Sure were.

Laini: Lion Guard!


I can almost hear them now.

Laini: Lion Guard!

You can hear them now.


Lion Guard!

Oh, no. Don't tell me...

The leopard!

He's back in our trees!

I'm sure he wants to eat us this time!

Badili? No way.

It can't be him.


Bunga: It's him!


Badili. Badili!

I know how to wake him up.


(YELPS) Whoa!


Oh! Hi, guys!

Great to see you again!

Thanks for dropping in!

Badili, you're supposed to be back home.

What happened?

(SIGHS) Mapigano.

The mean leopard?

But we chased him off!

I know. You were amazing!

(SIGHS) It was so peaceful and nice with him gone.

But then he came back.


You know, I think we made a big mistake.

We never should have gotten rid of Mapigano.

What? No, you should have!

It was the best!

In fact, I was kind of hoping you might do it again?

Sure! We'll take care of him for you.

Let's go!


We're not helping Badili by scaring that other leopard away for him.

We need to teach you how to stand up for yourself.

You mean, teach me to fight?

I don't know if I can do that.

You don't have to.

We didn't have to fight Mapigano when we scared him away.


But you're the Lion Guard.

Yeah, but Mapigano didn't know anything about us.

He just saw we wouldn't back down.

But I will back down.

I'm not confident like you guys.

The only reason we're confident is because we believe in ourselves.

You just need to believe in yourself, too.

How am I gonna do that?

I'm not like you.

You're the fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest and keenest of sight!

I'm just a nice leopard that wants to be left alone.

Badili, look at me.

That mean leopard is picking on you because he knows you'll back down.

But you can still be nice and stand up for yourself.

Beshte's the perfect example.

He's a super-nice guy, but he's still confident.

And you can be, too.

But how?

I think we can help you there.

Yeah! I can help you learn to be fast on your feet.

And I can help you get stronger.

I'll teach you to be brave!

And I'll teach you to be...


I can't really teach you to be keener of sight.

(GASPS) You could teach him how to fly!

Or not.

Ono, you can help Badili with eye contact.

Looking someone in the eyes lets them know you're confident and fierce!

I see what you mean.

So what do you say, Badili?

It sounds great.

But I'll never be as good as you guys at all that stuff.

You don't have to be.

Fuli's right.

As long as you believe in your own abilities, you'll be confident enough to stand up to Mapigano.

You really think so?

I know so.


Let's do it!


♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Find your roar ♪


♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Yeah, you got the roar inside of you ♪


♪ Here ain't nothin' will frighten you ♪


♪ So, let's hear it Don't fear it ♪
♪ Let's hear the roar ♪
♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Find your roar ♪


♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Find your roar ♪



♪ Find your roar ♪
♪ Yeah, you got the roar inside of you ♪
♪ Here ain't nothin' will frighten you ♪
♪ So, let's hear it Don't fear it ♪
♪ Let's hear the roar ♪




What do you think, Badili?

Ready to face Mapigano?

I can't wait.

So when you talk to Mapigano, what do you do?

I speak calm and strong, I stand tall, and I look him in the eyes.

And if he calls you a mean name, what do you say?

I say, "My name's Badili.

Use it."

And if he tells you to go away?

I say, "No.

This is my turf."

How about if he tries to scare you?

He can't. He's not scary.

He's just a leopard, same as me.

And how do you know he's not scary?

Because I found my roar.

Better believe it.

Now go take back your turf.

We're gonna stay and watch, right?

Wouldn't miss it for the whole savannah.



Huh? Huh? What?

(WHISPERING) Way to be strong.

What? What just happened?

I happened.

I'm totally gonna use that line.

Back again, Badili?

Where are all your little buddies?

Did you bring 'em along to stand up for you again?

Nope. Just me.

This is my turf.

That means you have to go.

You tell him, Badili.

Oh. Oh, yeah?

And who's gonna make me? You?





That's what I thought.

Same old Badili.

You're nothing but a scaredy-cat.

No, don't let him call you names.

No, I...

I'm not scared.

Oh! This doesn't look good.

We gotta help him.


I believe in Badili.

He can do this himself.


You sure sound scared to me.


Well, I'm not.

I'm not scared of you, Mapigano.

(SNICKERS) Is that right?

Well, maybe you should be!


You'll have to be faster than that!


(SOFTLY) See? I have confidence in myself.

'Cause I know what I can do.

And I'm not afraid to prove it.

Oh, yeah? Well...

Step a little closer and say that!

Is this close enough? Oh, was that too close?

(STUTTERING) No, I just...

I'm not scared of you, Mapigano.

And I'll never be scared of you again.

So you should go.


Oh, yeah?


I said now!



And stay out!

Way to go, Badili!

I don't think you'll see that guy again.


Could you tell how scared I was?

Are you kidding?

You looked nothing but brave!

I'm the keenest of sight.

And what I saw was a leopard standing up for himself.

I couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks for believing in me.

No. You believed in yourself.

That's what really counts.

And now that you have your turf back, we can let the galagos know it's safe to go home.

Oh, yeah. Uh, tell 'em I said "Hi."

And, um, "Sorry."

(SIGHS) Now this is more like it!

Yep. Everything's right in the Pride Lands again.

Laini: Help! Lion Guard! Help!

Come quick! There's someone in our tree!

(SIGHS) Not again.

You're not gonna believe this.



Oh, hi, guys. What's up?

You are!

What are you doing in their tree?

I just had to come back.

These guys are so soft and cuddly!

Come here, Laini!


Give me a hug.


Maybe that leopard wasn't so bad after all.