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12x00 - Resolution
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NARRATOR: A long time ago, on the battlefields of Britain,

an army of enemies came together

to face an impossible opponent

beyond their wildest nightmares.


This unlikely army fought and won the bloodiest of battles.

But only just.

Their opponent had been so remorseless,

the fear it placed in them was absolute.

So they made a pact.

They split their opponent's vanquished body into three pieces... be buried at opposite ends of the world,

and vowed that the burial sites

would be forever guarded as a precaution.

The three swore an oath of secrecy.

The terrifying opponent

was to be erased from history.

The three Custodians undertook their long journeys

across land and sea,

locating isolated sites and carrying out their task

with monastic dedication.

Passing their duties down through the generations

to protect the future,

the Custodians were unyielding.


All except one, whose journey was never made,

felled at the first by an unwitting assailant

who would never know the full impact of his arrow.

And time moved on...

...obscuring the lost Custodian's body,

leaving the other two Custodians and their descendants

unaware of their comrade's fate

for eternity.


MAN: Right. Let's have a look.
Where were we?

Oh, yeah. Here we go.

I'm so glad you suggested coming in today.

WOMAN: I hate New Year's Day.

Everything's closed, everyone is hung over

and there's nothing to do.

Also, what is cooler than this?

I never thought I'd be involved in a proper find.

Even if this isn't Alfred the Great.

Well, they found Richard III in a car park in Leicester.

No reason we can't find

Alfred the Great in the Sheffield Town Hall.

No reason.

Oh, apart from... history and geography.

Yeah, I was never very good at those.



So, uh...

...are we gonna talk about it?

Talk about what, Mitch?

The kiss.

That happened.

Yeah. Yeah, okay, let's talk about that.

So... was it, for you...

I-I'm just checking, I don't want to presume,

like a... "happy new year" mates' kiss, or...


Did it feel like a... "happy new year" mates' kiss?


It was more...

- ...kissy than that, I'd say.

Oh, good. Yeah, 'cause... it was more than that for me.

- Oh, thank God!

I mean, great. I mean, amazing!
For me too!

Wow. I-I didn't sleep all night

when I got home, 'cause I was wondering.

Me neither. That's why I texted you to say come in.

Oh. Really?

- Yes! Oh...

You idiot!

- So...

...what do we do now?

I-I mean, I'm not suggesting that we... here.


Finish this, fix a time to go out properly.

How does that sound?

- That sounds awesome.

This is my favourite year ever.

Already. One day in.

- Look at this.
- Mm?

Here. Just... just below the site of the hand.

There's something here.
I just can't figure out what it is.

Oh, yeah. Let's record it and bag it up.

Context recorded, coded and bagged.
Whatever it is.


You do realise... this means those drawings could be true?

The Battle of Hope Valley?

I know you love those documents

and I know you want them to be true,

but this is more significant than that.

It's not more significant.

I mean, what if he was part of it?

Hmm? He could have fought in it.

He could be the key to unlocking what it was all about.

Or he could be nothing to do with it whatsoever.

You see, that's the difference between you and me.

- I am glass half full.
- Oh, is that right?

- %.
- Oh, yeah?

Who was it who doubted that we'd find anything in the first place?

I was expressing... (VOICES FADE)






- GRAHAM: Wow.

DOCTOR: Wait for it. Last one.

- Oh!
- See? Cosmic fireworks.


Hey, Doc, I've got to hand it to you,

that is the best fireworks display I've ever seen.

- Didn't I say?
- Yeah.

New Year's Eves in a row, which was your favourite?

- I did love Mesopotamia.
- Ah, the original.

Oh, really? So, Iraq invented New Year?

Sydney .

Watching the fireworks on top of the Harbour Bridge.

- Until you nearly fell off.
- Yeah.

, discovering that dwarf planet
with your Italian man.

- Lovely Giuseppe Piazzi.
- Mmm.


Shall we do one more?

- Yeah.
- Make it a round ?

I'm thinking Quantifer.

A little settlement on the edge of the known universe,

where it's permanently New Year's Eve every day.

They've got the best balloons.


- Is that important?
- No, not really. It's just Earth.

I leave a little alarm on, as it's your home, just in case.

- Oh, that's bad.
- What?

Oh, that's worse. That's...

...worse than worse!

Oi, what are you getting?

Something, or some things, non-terrestrial

are attempting a spatial shift.

I'm homing in on the convergence pattern.

- Ooh. Anywhere exciting?
- Sheffield.


What was that?

- Did you see anything?
- No.

Could be a rat.

I think there's something missing.

Must have taken one of the bags.

That is one cheeky rat.

I'll take a look.






Oh... my... God!

Oh! What's your name?

Mitch. Y-you just appeared out of thin air!

- H-how did you do that?
- I'm the Doctor.

These are my best friends, Ryan, Yaz and Graham.

- Hello.
- All right?

Right. Okay.

Spend a lot of time in sewers, do you, Mitch?

Uh, uh... w-we're excavating an ancient burial site.

When you say "we"...

Uh... Lin's through here.

Lin?! Where are you?

Hey. There you are.
Uh, these guys just sort of arrived.

Hi. Seen anything unusual, then?

Y... y-yeah. There's something on the wall back there.

What sort of something?

It's moved.

What did it look like?

Like a massive sort of squid thing.

Ugh. Really?
Doc, are you sure that's safe?

Can you get me something to store this in

- for analysis, please, Mitch?
- Yeah.

So, Doc?

If it was there and it's not there now,

I assume it's roaming around here... in the water.

Should we be worried?


Looks like it... it slid down this wall

and into the water.

Where are we exactly?

Underneath Sheffield Town Hall.

And where do these sewers lead?

All the way under the city.

It could be anywhere.

I want you out of these tunnels right now.

I'm putting your site under quarantine.

Yaz will escort you.

And if you see any sort of creature, don't go near it.

Not until we've worked out what it is.

Assume proximity is a risk.

Come on. Let's get you out of here.

What about the site?

Look, there are valuable historical artefacts down here.

We've been working on this for months.

We'll make sure it's all kept safe.

I've got your details now.

So we'll let you know when it's okay to come back down.

- Come on, Yaz!

That was weird, right?


I'll call the department tomorrow,

- let them know what's happened.
- Okay.

I guess we could go for that drink, though.

Not right now.

No. Right. Course. I-I didn't mean to...

I'm a bit freaked out.

I'll call you if I hear anything from them.

- Maybe we'll be back in tomorrow.
- Yeah.




DOCTOR: I've got the TARDIS scanning the sewers

for non-terrestrial life signals.

So, where are we actually going?

- Your house, of course.
- What?!

- No!
- Whoa!


- Oh, whoops.
- You've landed on my chair!

- Sorry.
- You broke my chair!

Well, if you will leave chairs around the place...

- This is my front room!
- Where's your kitchen?

I just need to get some eggs

to check the protein alignments in the goo.



Is that your intruder alert or mine?

- It's the doorbell.
- Oh, yeah. Sorry.


- Who was it?
- Wrong number.

- Intruder alert again?

- It's a doorbell... (GROANS)
- I'll go tell them to go away.

No, Ryan... (SIGHS)

- Is everything all right?
- Not really, Yaz, no.

YAZ: Ryan, you okay?

This is Yaz. And the Doctor.


(SIGHS) This is my dad.



Hi, Ryan's dad.

- Aaron.
- You weren't at Grace's funeral.

- No.
- Ryan waited for you.

You let him down.

Uh... I was thinking maybe if we could grab a coffee...

Um, yeah, right. Uh, sure.

Uh, is it all right if we, um...?

We're just gonna go out.
Is that okay, if...?

If you're needing somewhere to go,

the cafe around the corner's open.

Yeah. Yeah. Good shout. Good shout. I'll just get my coat.

Aaron, uh, can I have a word?

(SIGHS) Ryan's dad.

It's complicated.

Yeah. Dads are.

So I've heard.

So... why are you here?

New Year's Day. Turning over a new leaf.

Right, well, um... be gentle.
He's been through a lot.

- I know.
- No.

You have no idea.

I just want... me and him to be a family again.

Family isn't just about DNA, Aaron.

Or a name.

It's about what you do.

And you haven't done enough.


Are we off, then?

- See you later, Gramps.


- See you later, son.



WOMAN: (CALLS OUT) Lin? Is that you?


I made some pasta if you want some.

(GRUNTS) I'm just gonna have a shower.

Did you see Mitch?

- (SIGHS) Oh, God!
- How did it go?



Oh, my God!





What are you?

I am your pilot now.

Do not fight me. I have control of your body.

All brain and motor functions are under my power.

Please, no!

Silence! See how I control you.

- Turn!



You are my prisoner now.

You are my... puppet.


DOCTOR: Bio profiling nearly complete.

- (DING!)
- Yes! A match!

Let's see what we've got.


It can't be.

Doctor, I don't like it when you go quiet.

This is the DNA of the most dangerous creature in the universe.

Does it have a name?

A Dalek.

DALEK: Cover me.


Now, open the machine.

I must know everything of this planet's capability.

Its systems, its weapons and its armies.

Everything that must be destroyed.

No. I won't... do this.

You have no choice.

Do not struggle,

or your friends will die at your hands.

What do you want?

To fulfil my purpose at last.

A Dalek is a mutated remnant of a warring race,

genetically created and housed within a metal case.

Designed to be a relentless killing machine.

Lin said she saw a creature that looked more like a squid.

It sounds as though the internal creature

has become separated from its casing.

Well, then it's vulnerable.

Oh, come on, Doc. Look, one squid versus billion humans and you.

The odds have got to be in our favour, surely.

I always think I'm rid of them.

Never am.

Trust me, Graham.
Even if it's just one, it's enough.

It's gonna kill anyone that gets in its path

and it's not gonna stop until it's taken control of this planet.

There's an alien on the loose in an archaeological dig.

- Is that where it started?
- I don't know.

- LIN: Hi. This is Lin's phone...
- (SIGHS) Voicemail.

Lin. Hi. It's Yasmin Khan.

We met in the sewers earlier.
Can you give me a call?

Out of its shell.
It can't have got far.

But how is it getting about?



DALEK: Faster!

Increase speed. Nothing shall halt the mission.


I sense your thoughts.

That sound is no rescue.

It is combat.

Will you wind your window down for me, please, love?

Do you know what speed you were doing, love?

miles per hour.

What have you got to say about that?

You are an enemy of the Daleks.

I'm what, sorry?

You are an enemy of the Daleks.


And how are you spelling that?

Flippin' heck!


DALEK: You are a useful soldier.

Look, this one's a combination, microwave and full oven.

Both functions are the best quality you can get.

I swear, this is the best you can have.

Nah. Sorry. Not for me, mate.

This is a new thing you're doing?

Only so long a man can work offshore.

Given up being on the rigs?

Let's just say I've been examining my life choices lately.

I'm not sure if this is the answer.

Get them online, can't you?

Yep. Yes. Yes.

Except... for this one.

It's actually really good.

A mate of mine makes it.
I helped him with some of the specs.

It's the best working oven you can get.

(CHUCKLES) But I make it sound like a con.

So, maybe I'm not cut out for that.

Maybe it's... back to engineering.

We'll see.

So... how have you been doing?

Seriously? That's where you start?

- What?
- That's all you got?

How do you think I'm doing?

I know it's been hard for both of us...

Okay, stop.

I don't care how it's been for you.

This ain't about us commiserating with each other.

This is about you making things right.

This is how you talk to your dad?

I don't know, 'cause he ain't been around.

So don't come walking back in demanding respect,

'cause that ain't where we are.

What do you need me to say? Hmm?

Because I want to say it.


You say, "Ryan...

"...I'm sorry.

"I've messed up.

"I haven't been good enough.

"I've let you down... a lot.

"And I know this made life hard for you.

"And if it meant...

"...that over the years, you ever felt lonely or abandoned,

"or didn't know where to turn, or who to talk to, or how to be,

"...then I'm sorry.


"'Cause you mustn't ever think that you didn't deserve my love."

- You didn't ever think that?


Why wouldn't you?

Okay. Listen.

Here's what you find out when you get older.

There are things you've done in your life.

To others.

The decisions you've made.

Maybe when...

...things were difficult.

You get it wrong.

But by the time you realise you got it wrong...'s too late.

You can't fix it, because the damage is done.

And so you run.

Because you're too ashamed... make it right.

That's what I did.


You hid when I needed you.

First Mum, then Nan.

I'm not hiding anymore.

MITCH: We reckon th or th century.

Part of our funding came from a group

who think it could be Alfred the... Great...

- YAZ: Mitch?

Are you there?

- There you are!
- But I'm on the phone to you.

- We followed your signal.
- DOCTOR: Have you got him? Come on.

- How does it do that?!
- Oh, it's even better than that!

Deep breath, Mitch.

Welcome to the TARDIS.


Now we've got the DNA, maybe I could rig up the TARDIS

to scan for any other traces in this tiny corner of space and time.

No way!

The internal dimensions are bigger than the box's external dimensions.

- No biggie.
- No, that is quite a biggie.

Look. Got time over.

Was there anything alien-looking that you uncovered?

What? No. They're historical artefacts.

They've been there for centuries.

Wait. You're not from the Order of the Custodians?

What's the Order of the Custodians?

So, these guys reckon there was a battle.

This mythic creature was killed

and it was split and buried all over the world.

The spatial shift we detected.

Parts of the creature coming back together.


Don't tell me.

When you uncover something,

you leave it under the ultraviolet lights you had in the sewers.


Ultraviolet light activates the dormant creature,

bringing it back to life.

Did you say th century?



There's been a Dalek buried on Earth since the th century.

Waiting to revive.

I'm sorry, a what?

Alien psychopath.

- Are you kidding?
- No.

But where is it?

How is it getting about? Come on, think.

Have you told Lin?

I tried.

Phone's going to voice-mail and she's not replying to texts.

What? No.
She keeps her phone on all the time.

It's a running joke between us.
She's an instant replier.

In the sewers,
were you together all the time?

No. She went off to look for... of the missing artefacts.

That's where she found the squid.

Tell me she's safe.

I can't.

Where are you going? What are you doing?

Just follow her and do what she says, Mitch.

Lin's number is in Yaz's phone.

If I connect it to the TARDIS, we can locate her.


Getting something.

No. Lost it.

- There!

Biofix on the location of the Dalek DNA.


Cross-reference with the signal triangulation of Lin's phone.

It's the same place.

Lin and that creature, they're together.

You mean it's holding her hostage?

I'm really sorry, Mitch.
I think it's crueller than that.

I think it's using her to move about.

How can you be so sure?

I learned to think like a Dalek a long time ago.

Hello? It's us.

I need to use the... you know.

Dad, you know you can say 'toilet', you know.

Can you get to Lin?
You have to help her.

- How did it go with your dad?
- Don't ask.

I don't want him here.

Take this, will you?

You can't just leave him outside, can you?


- Oh!
- YAZ: What just happened?

It can't do that! How did it do that?!

It's blown the systems!

Shorted the navigation.

Fallback blast from the creature itself.

But it can't do that. Unless...'s a reconnaissance scout.

In English?

Recon scouts have capabilities beyond the normal Dalek soldier.

Specially advanced from the basic Dalek.

The first to leave Skaro.

Possibly the first to reach Earth.

So... it's even worse than the really bad thing

you was worried about in the first place?

- Graham! Emergency peanut butter run.
- What?

I need to grease the geotheodal locks quick.

- Chop, chop, Grandad.
- Oh. I'm just the gofer!


I'm not having this.


You gave me a fright.

I wasn't expecting... It's just...

Who has access to the archives?

Today, it's just me. Ooh! (CHUCKLES)

Most secure digits in Yorkshire.

That's what I tell my boyfriend, anyway.

Uh, I probably shouldn't be telling you that. Uh...

I'm new at this.







I know you can hear me right now.

Who... are you?

I'm your secret conscience.

Not really. We both know you don't have one.

How are you communicating?

You might have temporarily disabled my navigation,

but I still know a trick or two.

Like I know you're a refugee from the planet Skaro.

What sort of Dalek are you, anyway?

My mission is reconnaissance and conquest.

Just as I thought. Recon scout.

All humanity is my prisoner now.

In your dreams, mate.

You've got no casing, no weapons and no chance.

I have weapons.

Right. Okay.

Well, whoopty-doo.
You've got a weapon after all.

Lot of good it's gonna do you.

This planet is now the property of the Daleks.

I know billion people who may have something to say about that.

Now, you might have a weapon, but you're a long way from conquest.

Release the woman you're holding prisoner.


What's it doing?

I think it's laughing.


Now, do that again to my face.

What is this?

These are my serious text skillz.

And yes, that is with a Z.

Biotracking fused to whole projection.

Won't last long, but I need you to see

just how serious my face is right now.

But it's not just you I want to talk to.

- Lin!

I know you can hear me.

I need you to know we're coming for you.

So keep fighting.

- Mitch is here with us.
- And I'm not leaving you.

- I know you're scared.

Keep fighting!


DALEK: This feeble vessel will not fight.

The Daleks are supreme.


Yeah? If you're so supreme,

how come you let me keep you chatting while I rebooted my systems?

Here's my new year's resolution. I'm coming for you, Dalek.

Lin, hold on.

Blocking signal!

Not getting away from me now.


Where'd they go?

Did they... take the cabinet?

They've gone without me.


MDZ Research. What was it doing there?

Uh, they're a weapons research company.

The Order of Custodians claim that MDZ were buying up

any non-terrestrial weaponry on the black market.

What do you think it got there?

- I don't know.


It's blocking the biofix now.

I'm going old-school.

Tracking CCTV cameras, GPS and numberplate tracking.

It's shooting out the cameras to stop us tracking it.


He's taken out the whole junction box! Right.

Switching to satellite monitoring.

See? He can't get away that easy.

Where's it going? What's it doing?

If I knew that, I wouldn't be this panicked.


We're gonna need some help.


UK Security Helpline.
This is Polly. How can I help?

I'm sorry, what?

UK Security Helpline.

How can I help?

Get me Kate Stewart at UNIT.

This is a Code Zero emergency.

I don't know what that is, I'm afraid.

Which organisation did you say?


Unified Intelligence Taskforce.

This is incredibly urgent.

The fate of the entire planet is at stake.

I'm checking for you. (TYPES)

Oh, I'm so sorry.

UNIT operations have been suspended pending review.

What?! No, it can't have been.

UNIT is a fundamentally vital protection for Planet Earth

against alien invasion.

Yes, but when did that last happen?

Now! Right now!

What happened to it?

I'm just checking.

All UNIT operations were put on hold following financial disputes

and subsequent funding withdrawal

by the UK's major international partners.

You're kidding?

Other armed forces are available

if you can answer a couple of questions...

- help me best direct your call.

We're on our own.

- Since you're here...
- AARON: What's this?

Have a look.

When my mum died,

my dad got rid of all her things super quick.

Yeah, he couldn't bear to have it in the house.

"She's gone now and that's the end of it," is what he said. Yeah.

Funny old bloke, my dad.

Course, now I realise that was his way of dealing with it.

When your mum died, I had to go through all her stuff.

But this is all mine.

Yeah, I know. She kept it all.

She once said to me, um...

..."If anyone ever asks about me after I'm gone,

"you tell 'em I was lucky.

"Tell 'em I gave someone life and I watched them grow...

"...and I was proud."

Why didn't you come, Aaron?

Not for your mum or for Ryan, but for yourself?

I don't know.

Maybe I thought if...

...I wasn't there, she wasn't gone.

I wish I was better at life, Graham.

Well, there's still time.

Can I help you?

What do you want? 'Cause I'm busy.

The work will commence.

What work?

I shall be reborn.

Humanity will be destroyed.

All right, enough. Go on. Off my farm.

I don't care what you've been told, all that stuff's been paid for,

and I can prove it.

You will be exterminated.




DALEK: No. Do not stop. Return to the work.

You will obey. The work must be completed.

You are weakening.


You are.


You will stop this. You cannot escape me.

I... will... fight!


Satellite signal's tracked the car to here.

- So Lin's here?
- Hey! Doctor!

Has all the signs of a Dalek weapon.

That's what was at MDZ.

He went and found it after all this time.


- You don't have to come.
- RYAN: Course we do.

We're always with you.


Listen. Can you hear that?

- Help me!
- That's Lin.

I need to take a look at you.

It's okay. I'm here. We're all here.

Everything's all right, Lin.

Is she gonna be okay?

Whatever that thing secretes

acted like a plug on her neck once it left.

Otherwise she'd be dead.

I'm sorry.

You have nothing to be sorry about.

You fought and you won.

No, listen.

It's still here.

You three help her stand, get her back to the TARDIS.

There's supplies there that'll help with the healing.

- What about you?
- I'm gonna find that creature.

- You can't do that on your own.
- Always have done.

Me and a Dalek, it's personal.

Go on, get her safe.

Come on.



Blocking your laser signals, mate!

You're not fully in sync yet.

So that's what you've been doing.

Reconstructing yourself from memory...

...and remnants...

...and... spare parts.

I am rebuilt!

What do you call this look? Junkyard chic?

Earth is now under the control of the Daleks!

No. It's not. You couldn't even control one person.

Humanity will surrender!

They really won't. Trust me. I've seen them in action.

They've fought off so many things,

including the worst of their own people.

They're really stubborn. Have you not worked that out yet?

Even the recon scout Daleks, the first ones out of Skaro,

humanity bands together, vanquishes you

and buries you for centuries.

Yet I survived!


You're good at that.

But it won't be enough.

This planet is annexed!
The fleet will be summoned!

You don't have the ability.
You don't have the strength.

You are weak!

Humanity is weak!


I'm not human.

Have a scan.

Who are you? Identify!

Oh, mate.

I'm the Doctor. Ring any bells?

Sonic device override!

I'll take that as a yes!

The Doctor is an enemy of all Daleks!


Yes, I am.

You want this planet, you have to come through me.

So why don't you make it easy on yourself and leave now?

Conquest has already started!

- I have all the information I need!
- What information?

Humanity will surrender! Dalek invasion fleet will be summoned!

Total conquest of Earth predicted in , rels!


Now, I must remember...
How long's a rel?

How'd it go? What happened?

- Did you get rid of it?
- Not quite.

- How much not quite?
- Not at all.

Slightly rattled it, then let it get away.


And now it's in a tank, trying to summon the fleet.

- Oh!
- Doctor!

All right! Don't go on about it. I know.

They're really persistent.


- How are you feeling, Lin?
- Uh... shaky.

I'm not surprised. You will for a while.

But you kept fighting it. Thank you.

Take these. Three a minute for four minutes.

Don't take with alcohol, you'll grow an extra head.

That was an embarrassing party.

It was ready to kill me.

I-I could feel its hatred enveloping me. I...

Is that what it's gonna do to the world?

No. Because I'm gonna stop it.
We're gonna stop it.

Somehow. Before humans start engaging with it.

It's flying right through their airspace. Where's it going?



- Where are you?!
- In the TARDIS.

You'd better be coming to pick me up!

- Okay, fine.
- Right. Thank you!

Um... Aaron, mate, a little thing we haven't told you.

Tiny thing, so, word of warning.

You know that blue cabinet?

That is just about to blow your mind.

What do you mean?

It travels... space and time!

Come on, quick.

The Doc said you can come too, but Graham will have to explain.

MAN: Go! Go!

Take positions!

Intercepted unknown drone.

We have it surrounded.


Did it just talk?

Allocated surrender period has expired!

Consequence, extermination!

Open fire!

- Run.
- What?

Run! That's an order!

The Dalek race is supreme!




Get out! Get out!

Oh! Huge heat signal!

And a non-terrestrial form moving away from it fast.

I'm on its tail.

Sorry, the TARDIS isn't designed for these short hops.

- (CRASH!)
- Oh!

Oh! A microwave.

Who brought a microwave with them?

It's actually an oven and a microwave.


What is this place?

This is where I've been since Nan died.

Travelling the universe with these guys.

Even if we track this Dalek thing, how do we stop it?

I'm still working on that.

The Custodians managed it.

If we take the same approach as those drawings...

Those documents aren't reliable, Mitch.

Yeah, except all the rumours have proved to be true.

It's shown here.

Short version, alien psychopath in its own tank

trying to bring loads more to Earth.

I guess this is how they attacked it last time.

- What's it made of?
- Remnants of its original shell.

Patched up with all sorts of spare parts. Mainly metal.

- We can use my oven.
- It's not gonna fit in there.

That's not what I meant.

Help me break it up.




That Dalek's moving fast, but where's it going?

Ryan, help me get the element out.

- RYAN: Why?
- It's metal.

Oh, you're good, Ryan's dad.

You're almost making up for your parenting deficit.


I know where it's heading.

The biggest communications resource in the country!




I don't mean you... any harm!


Communication Headquarters acquired.

Aligning all signals to Dalek fleet.

All power will be diverted towards fleet signal transmission.

Earth is annexed.

It's diverting every bit of power it can take from the whole of the UK

to power the transmission.

It's shutting down the Wi-Fi!
The phone signals!

Whoa! That Dalek just shut down the whole of Britain's internet!

What, on New Year's Day?

When everything's shut and everyone's hung over?

What a monster.


The Wi-Fi's gone off!

Everything's gone off.

No Wi-Fi, no phone signal.
It's all down.

Not even Netflix?


What do we do?

I suppose...

...we'll have to have a conversation.

BOTH: What?!


Don't shoot!


Do you think I'm daft enough to stand here without shields?

It's safe, gang!

Hide behind your shield, Doctor!

You and your human friends, you have failed!

Say hello to a Dalek.

Signal activation in nine rels.

The fleet shall be summoned.

No, it won't.

No matter how many times you try, no matter how long you wait,

I will always be in your way, backed up by the best of humanity.

Now, final, final, final warning.

'Cause I'm nice.
I really do try my best.

Stop this signal, get off this planet.

You are not my commander!

That's right. You heard me, right?
I tried. I gave it a chance.

- You did, you did.
- Yep. Yep.

I'm fast enough, right?
I'm fast enough for this plan?

Uh, probably.

- Maybe.
- Possibly.

Well, that one needs work.

Here's a new year message for you to send.

Earth is protected by me and my mates this year and every other.

- Here we go!

DALEK: Exterminate the Doctor! The Doctor must be destroyed!

Now, gang!

Do not approach!
None of you will survive!

Aim the gun at the servers!

Weaponry malfunctioning!

- Now attach the parts.
- Weapon failure!

- YAZ: Time to run, Doctor!
- Get clear!

What is on my casing?!

The Custodians burned your shell,

and we've got something they didn't have.

A nicely designed portable combination oven.

Transformers, primary and secondary coils

going from high voltage, low ampage

to low voltage, very, very high ampage!

- Get down!



RYAN: Is it dead?


Signal never sent.

I think that was my best skid ever.

I'm so chuffed!

Well done, team.

Gang. Extended fam.



You underestimate me...


Daleks survive.

Doctor, do something!

I'm sorry, Aaron.

I miscalculated.

You will take me... to the Dalek fleet.



...and this body will be destroyed.

Doctor, do something!


Doctor! Seriously?

My decision.

Whatever you want, just promise me you'll let him go.

You are my prisoners now.

The glory of the TARDIS shall be ours.

- Help him.
- Trust me?

We've landed.

Finally, my mission is complete.

The Earth and the Doctor

shall submit before the Dalek fleet.


Doctor! What are you doing?!

Sorry, did I not mention?

No fleet. Only a sun going supernova.

And a squid-sized vacuum corridor about to pull you out into space!


You're too weak, Dalek!
You can't hold on!

Except it is holding on, Doctor!

All right!

(GROANS) The vacuum corridor's expanding! I can't control it!

What do you mean?

It's gonna take Aaron with it!


Everybody hold on!


- MITCH: Grab my arm!
- Mitch!



- Doctor, help him!


Dad! Hold on!


Dad! Dad, I know you can hear me!


He is mine now!

No, he's not! (GRUNTS)

He's mine!


Dad, I'm here for you.

I forgive you.

I love you, Dad.

Take my hand! Hurry!

Take my hand!


Leave my dad alone!


(GASPS) We've got you!

Not bad for a kid with dyspraxia, right?

Not bad at all.

I think that's everything back in place.

Next time, you go looking for anything that goes missing.

You're really going in there?
This is what you do?

Yeah. You fancy a trip?


Call me when you get back.

- You are coming back?
- Yeah, of course.

- Look after him.
- Always!

Come on, then, you lot. Places to go.

When you say "places to go", where are you thinking?

Where to next?

I was thinking...


On the first day of the year ,

across the land and sky of Britain,

an army of unlikely friends came together

to face an impossible opponent

and prevailed.

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