01x03 - Fury


Stay back!

Run, Amberle! Run!

(Fury hissing)


(sword clangs)


We have to go! Now!

My aunt!

She's gone.

This can't be happening.

Is that...

It's a Demon. A Fury.

There will be more coming.

We need to leave.

♪ I feel it running through my veins ♪
♪ And I need that fire just to know ♪
♪ That I'm awake ♪♪

Tell me what's going on.

How did that thing find us?

Honestly, I don't know.

No one even knew we were headed here.

The Dagda Mor's agent in the palace will stop at nothing to finish off the Chosen.

Finish off?

What happened to the others?

Tell me!

They were murdered.

Two nights ago.


Allanon: We must take you to the Ellcrys immediately, otherwise many more will die.

Amberle, wait!

Way to go.


(horse whinnying)

(surf crashing)


Leave me alone.

I can't.

Druid's orders.

I know how you feel.

I, uh...

I lost my mom last week.

I tried everything... every elixir and potion I could get my hands on.

I thought I could fix it, that I could save her, but, uh... I couldn't.

I never knew it was possible to miss someone so much.

Back at the cliff... thank you.


You're braver than you look.

Oh, don't mistake terror for bravery.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Lorin.

I'm afraid to go back to Arborlon.


Because of the Ellcrys?

Because of what I did.

I caused this.

(Allanon groans, thuds)


(Allanon groaning)

The Druid cave... take me here.

I can't stop the bleeding.

I need to suture it, or...


You must get her to the Ellcrys.

No, I'm not leaving you behind.

Forget about me, boy.

You must keep her safe.

Hey, hey, Allanon!


All right, come on.

Hey, where are you going?

The Silver River.

Its mud is famed for its healing properties.

I should stay with Allanon.

No, you're coming with me.

I promised him I'd protect you.



Glad to see you're coping well, my son.

Had reports of attacks on Elvin farms and villages in the Westland.


Any word from Amberle?

I should never have trained her for the Gauntlet.

You indulge her.

Same way her father indulged you.

There was nothing that Aine would not do for his baby brother.

Including giving his life.

Now is not the time to dredge up painful memories.

If our sins are coming back to kill us, we might as well get them all on the table.

Son... Gnomes murdered your brother, not you.

You wish it was me that died that night instead of Aine, don't you?

See, I wish the same thing, every day.


Why you? Excuse me?

Why did the Druid pick you to protect me?

No idea.

Did you know your ears turn red when you lie?

My last name is Ohmsford, but according to Allanon, I'm part of the Shannara bloodline.

Wait, you're a Shannara?

That's incredible.

Every Elf knows the story of Jerle Shannara by heart, the great warrior king who united the Four Lands with his magic.

Yeah, well, they didn't talk about that very much out in the Vale.

Not a lot of Elf fans out here.

Yeah, I'm beginning to see that.

Look, I'm no warrior.

And I can guarantee you there's no magic running through these veins.

I'm heading to Storlock as soon I get you and Allanon back to the palace.

What if I don't want to go back?

I'll help you save the Druid, but after that, it's better for everyone if I just disappear.

No, it's not. Come on.

(water rushing)

This is it.

The Silver River.

I assume you can swim?

You get dunked as often as I did growing up, you learn pretty quick.

Hey, what happened to "eyes up here"?


(gasping and panting)



Naked and wet again, I see.


You two know each other?

Your boyfriend and I spent a magical night together.

That night was far from magical.

She drugged me, then robbed me blind.

I need those Elfstones back!

Be nice. If it wasn't for me, you'd be dead.

All right, whatever your issue with me, let Amberle go.

Not happening.

I've got unfinished business with this Elf.

Our paths crossed in the woods.

Enough! Time to go.

Eretria, please, our friend is dying.

I need to apply this mud to his wound before it's too late.

Well, your friend's out of luck.

Look, there are Demons out there.

I know it sounds crazy, but you have to believe me.

They could pick up our trail any minute.

Demons? Do I look stupid?

Actually, yes.

But he's telling the truth.

You think you're better than me.

But out here, you're nothing.

Just two stray dogs.

A clueless mutt.

And a stuck-up bitch.

Collar them!

♪♪ ♪♪

I really don't think glaring at her is gonna get us anywhere.

I just can't believe you fell for some half-baked Rover seduction.

She saved my life.

She also stripped you naked and robbed you.

That wouldn't have happened if she hadn't batted her well-trained lashes at you.

What? Please. She's not my type.

Your ears are turning red again.

My uncle warned me Rovers can never be trusted.

No matter what they say, they always have an agenda.

When you've spent your life being judged for who you are, you try to keep an open mind about people.

You two fight like a couple of old Gnomes.

Eretria, listen, you don't know what's at stake here.

Set us free and give me back the Elfstones.

(horse whinnies, Wil grunting and groaning)

A Demon attack is probably the best thing that could happen to you.

Don't make me get off this horse.

This is your plan? Insult her?

Just follow my lead.

All right.

You wanted a rematch, let's do it.

I'll pass.

You intimidated by an Elvin girl, is that it?

Have your man take off my collar, and I'll need a sword...

Oh, come on!

Thought she'd never shut up.

Put her on the back of my horse.

That wasn't even close to a fair fight!

Well, the world isn't fair.

Why are you doing this?

Like she said, I'm a Rover.

I think there's more to you than that.

You're wrong.


(girls giggling)

Hey! Get out of there.

Meet my father, Cephalo.

Why is he collared like a dog?

Untie him.

This isn't how we treat a guest.

Forgive my daughter.

Her brain is no match for her beauty.

The Elvin girl I was with...

She's safe.

It would be better if Amberle and I left.

We need to get back. A friend needs our help.

He think Demons are hunting them.


You have quite an imagination, don't you?

Rest assured, you and your friend are well-protected here.

Somehow that doesn't make me feel safer.

There's nothing to be afraid of, Wil.

We're the same as you.

We all want the same thing... peace and prosperity.

We don't have much in the Vale, but we never resort to stealing.

The Elves left us no choice.

They're the real thieves.

Drove us from our homes.

You don't have to justify yourself to me.

I'm just your prisoner.

I know it's been hard for you, Wil.

Too human for the Elves, too Elvin for the Humans.

But here you would be accepted.

Are you asking me to become a Rover?

I'm offering you much more than that.

We're a family.


I'm giving you the opportunity to join it.

I understand you want to be a healer.

Your skills would be valued here.

I appreciate the offer, but...

Don't answer now.

Walk around.

Get to know everybody.

Give me your answer tonight at the feast.



(chatter and laughter)

Is the Elf girl ready?


And why is that?

Look... sell her, make her a slave. Do whatever you want.

I don't care.


I kill to survive, not for sport.



I teach you everything I know and yet you still come up stupid every time.

Eretria, I need you to put on a convincing show.

Unless the half-breed thinks you're willing to gut her, he won't tell me how to unlock those Stones.

And I really, really want those Stones.

And once you get what you want?

Then you'll do to her what I'll do to you if you continue to disobey me.

So, I guess at that point, yeah.

I guess it will be killing for survival.





How's your head, Princess?

What do you care?


Wait, where's Wil?


Look, I wasn't lying before.

I need to get back to...

Yeah. Yeah.

Back to Arborlon.

Save that for someone who cares.

You really don't like Elves, do you?


And the fact that it's a shock to you makes me hate them even more.

Here are your choices.

Put these on and we fight to the death.

Here are your choices.

Or punch me in the face and make a run for it.

Why would I do either of those things?

One, because you want to live, and the other, because you want to die?

What, and I'm supposed to trust that you're helping me out of, what?

The goodness of your heart?

When and if I kill you, I want it to be my choice, not his.

This is not gonna be my life.

Well, I can't leave Wil.

We have to get back to our friend.

You don't really get it, do you?

If you want to survive in this world, you need to start taking care of yourself, because no one's gonna do that for you.

Maybe you're right.

But I have a better idea.



(punches thudding, people cheering)

Relax, Wil.

Your friend's in good hands, I promise.

She'll be joining us shortly.

Now, about my offer, have you considered it?

I have... and I'm afraid I can't accept.

Like I said, I need to get back to my friend.


But this life isn't for everyone.

Amberle: Wil, it's a trap!

Let him go!

You didn't think this through, did you?

Shut up.

It appears I've underestimated you, young lady.

Or overestimated you.

Let him go or your daughter dies.



I'm begging you.

Please. Please, don't.

I... (sobbing)


(others laughing)


Stop, stop! Please!

Just tell me what you want, and I'll do it.

Open your hand.


I've heard the stories about your father, Shannara, but unlike most folks, I actually believe them.

Now, you show me how to use these Stones and I won't kill her.

Listen to me, these Stones are just stones.

Does she live or does she die, Wil?

I swear to you, even if they were magic, I don't know how to use...

Wrong answer!

No, no, no, no! I have no idea how to use...

(Fury roaring)

(people shouting and screaming)

Amberle: Fury! Run!






Is he breathing?

You worry about your own people, I'll take care of Wil.

What are you gonna do, girl? Kill us both?

I think you've already proven you aren't up to the task.

Actually, I think I'll just kill you.


Just give me the Stones and I'll let you both walk away.







You two are supposed to be in Arborlon.

Well, Wil insisted on trying to save you.

He used the Elfstones.

Allanon: E zhal e yenola verana shef, er e yonyeara e lushe an Oros shef.

He almost died saving me.

Blaming yourself is worthless.

The Stones are his burden to bear.

This is only the beginning.

More will come.

And what makes you think Wil and I can do anything to stop them?

Because you share a destiny. A greater purpose.

Yeah, and if you're wrong?

The events leading us to this moment have been unfurling for centuries.

Wil lies here because he has yet to reconcile who he is with who the Stones already know him to be.

You ran the Gauntlet trying to find your place in life and yet destiny had already found it for you.

Everything, all of this, is not happening because of you, it is happening to you.

And the sooner you accept that, the better.


Calm down. Calm down.

It's okay.

The Fury?

You used to Elfstones to destroy it.

My instructions were to take the Princess to Arborlon.

Come, we've wasted enough time.

I'm feeling fine, thanks.


(horse whinnies)

(flies buzzing)


(breathes heavily)

Did Demons do this?


(Wil vomits, groans)

(thumping and banging)

Are you okay?


(thumping and banging)

(thumping and banging)

What are you doing?

There could be a Demon in there.

Or there could be someone who needs our help.

(clanging, Amberle grunting)

(muffled shouting)

Tell us your name.


Wil: Who locked you in the cellar, Bandon?

My parents.

Why would they do that?

It doesn't matter now. They're dead.

Aren't they?


I heard the Demons first.

Then my parents' screams.

I couldn't help them.

I couldn't save them.

It's not your fault.

It's not.

He's coming with us to Arborlon. He'll be safe there.

I think that's a bad idea.

And what's a good one?

Leaving him here, chained up with his dead parents?

I cannot read this boy's thoughts.

Either he's hiding magic or he doesn't know he has magic.

Without reading him, I cannot guarantee your safety.

He's coming with us and that's final.

Come on. You're coming with me.

(voices in distance)

Where are you off to?

I delivered you Wil and that was our deal, okay?

Now I'm getting as far from here as possible.

I have neither the Stones nor the boy.

That's not my problem.

What's this?

You got this from that Elvin girl, didn't you?

And if she was wearing this, she just wasn't any girl.


So beautiful, yet so disappointing.

You're never gonna let me go.


Elfstones... equal... freedom.


Lie to me again and I'll kill you.


(Elves whispering)

The Princess.

Don't worry, you're safe here.


I'm... I'm sorry. Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Make sure he's fed and clothed.

Anything he needs.


Allanon: There is an enemy within these walls.

That is how the Demon knew to find Amberle at Pyria's.

You must double your security.

The Princess must never be left alone.



Uncle Ander!

Thank God.


You scared the hell out of me.

I scared the hell out of myself.

The Elvin Council is gathered in the King's chamber, and most of them still blame you for what's happening to the Ellcrys, so I'm afraid the warm welcome ends with me.

Wait, why isn't Amberle going straight to the Ellcrys?

Because she abandoned her sacred duty as a member of the Chosen.

Only the Elvin Council can grant her permission to reenter the Sanctuary.

That's crazy.

That's why we have to address the Council, tell them what we saw.

Uh, look...

I told you I'd get you home safely, but that was it.

Yes, you did.

You... you kept your promise.

Good-bye, Wil Ohmsford.

Good-bye, Amberle Elessedil.

Let me guess.

You're gonna tell me I'm making a terrible mistake, that I'm letting down Amberle and abandoning my duty to the Four Lands.

That pretty much covers it.

I won't let those Elfstones turn me into my father.

Then I shall hold on to these until our paths cross again.


It's been interesting.

Actually, it hasn't.

It's been a total nightmare from start to finish.

This is where my journey ends.

Wil, wait!

You can't leave Amberle.

Did Allanon put you up to this?

Don't worry, she'll be fine.

No, she won't!

Bandon, I'm done here, okay?

She's home, safe and sound.

I did what I said I'd do and now I'm done.

I can't let you do that.

If you don't go with Amberle to Safehold, something terrible will happen.

How do you know about Safehold?

Please... Wil... you have to trust me.


(pounds staff on floor)

The Elvin Council is called to discuss the crisis of the Ellcrys.


The Ellcrys is dying.

As it sheds its leaves, a Demon army forms, preparing to unleash its evil upon our world.

(council members muttering)

Let me assure you, these Demons are real.

Not only did they kill the Chosen but also my aunt, Pyria.

The Ellcrys will bear a seed.

That seed must be carried by one of the Chosen to a place called Safehold.

There it will be immersed in the Bloodfire.

Only then can it be returned and the Ellcrys can be reborn.

As the only remaining member of the Chosen, the burden of this quest falls upon your princess...


(council members muttering)

My father taught me that magic died years ago.

I was wrong.

Yet now he asks us to believe in fairy tales.

For all we know, this is nothing but a plot by the other Races to bring us to our knees.

The Dagda Mor is the only one plotting here.

Demons are your enemies.

And she is your only hope.

We cannot put the fate of the Four Lands and the Elvin people in the hands of this Druid and my niece, whom I love dearly, but who has run away from her duties once already.

Amberle didn't run away.

She was trying to protect you.

Commander Tilton, escort him out now.

By Elvin law, you are not to lay a hand upon a member of the royal family.

I guarantee that this half-breed is not a member of this family.

No, he is not.

He is the last son of Shannara.

Let him speak!

Wil: Thank you.

Look, I know what you're all thinking.

That the things you're hearing are too incredible to be true.

But magic and demons are real.

I have seen them with my own eyes.

Quite frankly, all I want to do is run away.

Then I met Amberle.

She might have been frightened, but she's also incredibly brave.

She didn't have to come back, but she did, for all of you, the people she loves.

And if I had to put my faith in anyone to save the Four Lands, it would be her.


Don't even say it.

I think these belong to you.

Eventine: Now...

(thumps staff)

I put the question to you, esteemed members of the Council.

Will you allow Amberle to return to the Sanctuary and fulfill her sacred duty?

(council members saying "aye")


Eventine: Amberle Elessedil, you turned your back on the Chosen and your duties to the Ellcrys.

I did.

And now you wish to carry its seed to the Bloodfire.

I do.

According to the Codex, the Ellcrys must be satisfied of your commitment to this quest.

If you pass the test, it will give you the seed.

If you fail... you will die.

Are you willing to enter the tree?

I am.

I wish I could go in there with you.

I know.

Thanks for coming back.

I figured Allanon would get lonely.

And it turns out I enjoy staring death in the face at least once a day.

Your ears are turning red again.


(rumbling and crackling)