01x06 - Pykon

Arion: No Elf has ever traveled beyond the Breakline.

Without an army, you won't survive.

Which is why I need a guide.




Your help in exchange for your freedom.

You must be desperate.

Dagda Mor has returned.

The quest is more important than any one life!

You can't let your emotions get in the way!

Eventine: The Ellcrys seed must be carried to a place called Safehold.

She's not gonna help us if we keep her dragged along like a prisoner.

Are you sure you don't want her hands free for some other reason?


Fire those stones up, kid!

They're not working. Time for plan "B."



I told you I had a plan.

I deserve the crown.

No one deserves the crown.

Then I'll just have to take it.

Long live the king.


(gasping slightly)


Come on.

Where are you taking me?

It's a surprise.

I've had enough surprises for one lifetime.



Damn you.


It still works.


Climb on.

♪ She sold her heart forever ♪
♪ And now she's rusting out ♪
♪ She waits here in the garden ♪


It's fun, right?


I do have feelings for you.

And you thought you'd show me by sleeping with Eretria?


Only because I couldn't have what I really wanted.

♪ It's so unreal ♪
♪ It's... ♪


♪ It's so unreal ♪
♪ It's always... ♪♪


(laughing maniacally)

♪ I feel it runnin' through my veins ♪
♪ I need that fire just to know ♪
♪ That I'm awake ♪♪

It's okay, you're awake.

What happened?

You were moaning in your sleep, Princess.

Dreaming about the Mongrel's pouty lips, no doubt.

(chuckling wryly)

We need to go, this place isn't safe.


What did you see?

There's a storm coming.

A big one.

We need to move.

Let's go.


(footsteps approaching)

Where's your brother?

Hopefully halfway to Tyrsis by now.

He's gone to petition the Federation.

He believes that building a coalition with the Humans is key to surviving the Demon siege.

Your brother is a fool, but no matter.

We have more pressing concerns.

(door opening)

The Druid has been lying to us.

Is this...

The Blade of the Warlock Lord.

Forged by the Druid order to overcome dark magic.

Strong enough to defeat the Dagda Mor.

I thought this was destroyed after the Second War of the Races.

So did I.

But according to the Codex, it lies concealed in a vault beneath our city.

Now the Druid must have known that.

Why would he hide such a thing?

You said he could be trusted, you said that he was the only one with the power to protect...

I know what I said and I know what I've done.


But if my fears are right, then we are vulnerable.

I should have trusted you.

I'll find this blade.

And if the Druid proves to be our enemy, then we will face him together.

Thank you, son.

You're the only one I can trust.

(wind whistling)

Crispin: We need to find Safehold.

We'll rest when we've reach the Mermiddon.

Am I the only one who thinks staying the course is a bad idea?

What do you mean?

That Demon at the fort?

It knew we were coming.

That's impossible.

Allanon said the Dagda Mor had a spy at Arborlon.

The Changeling. We saw it die.

There could be another.

He's right.

We need to find another way to the Wilderun.

Crispin: There is no other way.

Those mountains are impassable.

There's always Pykon.

It offers passage through the Rock Spur and into the Wilderun beyond.


A fairy tale, Princess.

Pykon's no fairy tale.

My parents died in the dungeons of that stinking Elvin fortress.

While we argue, that storm is closing in.

If you want to spend the next six days walking around the damn mountain, be my guest!

I'm outta here.


Take us there.

How long will it take?

Half a day's climb, tops.

Try anything, and I'll let Crispin finish what he started.

Crispin: Scouts, move out.

And keep your eyes open.

(wind whistling)




You shouldn't be here.

I just... wanted to see him.

He cannot sense your presence.

Or your affection.

Then do something.

You let this happen!

Heal him or...

I'm trying, but his mind has gone dark.



Bandon: Get me out of here!

Help me!


Resist him, boy!



Let her go!


Explain yourself.

Go now.

Leave me!

The king believes that the Druid may have been corrupted by the very same demon leading the attacks.

If that's true, then Allanon may have sent Amberle into a trap.

Cat, I need your help.

There is a weapon hidden in a vault below the palace.

If the Druid really is lost, it might be our only chance to defeat the Dagda Mor.

I would do anything to avenge the Chosen, but I don't know of any weapon.

But you know this palace.

There are miles of tunnels below.

It's got to be somewhere that no one would think to look.

I've heard whispers about a chamber beneath the dungeons.

Some of the servants say it's cursed, but it's just talk.

Show me.


(horse neighing)

Slanter, wait.

Slanter: No...


My people!

Slaughtered by Demons.

These monsters don't discriminate.

If we don't unite against them, more innocents will die.

I must say last rites, to release their spirits.

It is our custom.

Tilton: We're almost at the Breakline.

We don't have time.

(lock unlatching)

We'll make time.

What are you doing?

We've been at war with the Gnomes for 30 years.

Now we have a common enemy.

This is an opportunity.

Your earthly body yields.

Flesh transformed to clay and ash to fertilize the fields.

Born anew, conveyed on wings of light, to go with our fallen kin beyond the skies of sight.

We should go.


Don't do this.

Get back.

(horses neighing)



(wind whistling)



It should be here!

Maybe it's the next peak over!

Maybe it doesn't exist at all!

Your stupidity is going to get us all killed!

Cephalo: Well, I heard zero good ideas from you, Captain!

Crispin: Here's an idea... I slit your throat and use your body to fuel our fire.

Killing each other won't get us off this mountain!


Nice-looking fairy tale, isn't it?



Amberle: Come on.

(door creaking)

(wind whistling)

(lock latching)

Home sweet home.

Wil: Looks abandoned.

Looks can be deceiving.


Crispin: Who the hell is she?

Anyone else have a problem with this plan?

Following a creepy kid through an abandoned fortress?

Not at all.


Please forgive my appearance, it's been a long time since we had any company.

You were expecting us?

Mag saw you coming up the mountain.

Where are my manners?

I am Dontes Remikin.

My friends call me Remo.

What friends?

Well, back when we were operational.

These days it's just Mag and me.

Sir, Crispin Edensong, Captain of the Home Guard of Arborlon.

You commanded this fort?

I was an officer during the war.

Now I'm just a... a caretaker.

We heard this place might offer passage beyond the mountains.

There is nothing beyond the mountains but the Wilderun.

That is no place for Elves.

We're on an urgent mission on the orders of King Eventine Elessedil.

Then it is an honor to host such esteemed guests.

I'm afraid the passage you seek was destroyed two winters ago.

It collapsed in an avalanche.

You should stay until the storm passes.

We have food, hot water.

Our provisions are meager, but they're yours to share.

Thank you.

We will tell the king of your kindness.


Please, this way.

(wind whistling)

(door opening)



A royal bath must be something.

Rose petals in the water.

Servant girls massaging your back.

Another princess joke.

What's my line?

I didn't know Rovers bathed at all?

Something like that?

Well, at least we don't lie to ourselves.

We see something we want and we go after it.

So it's Rover custom to jump into bed with every guy you meet?


It's not just guys.


Afraid you'll like it?


You and Cephalo deserve each other.

That mark, what does it mean?

I don't know, I've always had it.

I guess it's just how my first owner kept track of his property.

(distant ruffling)



What was that?

Nothing good.

We Rovers have a saying.

"Golden offers are iron at their core."

I don't trust this Remo guy.

And I don't trust you.

Your point?

That I know my own kind.

And that pointy-eared son of a bitch is lying about the avalanche.

You know, if we found this place, so can the Demons.

Maybe we should worry about that and not some Elvin janitor.

This fortress is impenetrable.

Is it?

We walked right in the front door.

I'd feel better if one of us kept watch.

No one's stopping you, kid.

Pardon the intrusion, but dinner is served.

Remo, you beautiful b*st*rd.

I'm so hungry I could eat a Troll's left nut.

Wil: Sure, I'll take first watch.

I don't need dinner or anything.


(sniffing) Smells like death.

Look at all these engravings.

Arion: This must be the place.

The Druid's book showed a symbol.

We need to locate it.

It's got to be some kind of key.

They all look the same.

This is it, this is the one I saw.

Find me one that matches that.

That's how we find the weapon.

There's one here.

Put your hand on it.

The Codex says we need to touch it at the same time.


(deep creaking)


Thank you.

Don't mind if we trade, do you?

Mine had too many peas in it.

I hate peas.


Not at all.

I've missed Elvin cooking.

It's an old family recipe.

Where are they, your family?

After the fort was decommissioned, my wife and I stayed on to keep watch over the surrounding Troll settlements.

She passed away a few years back.

I'm sorry.

What about the men and women you tortured here?

Are you sorry about them?

Watch your tongue, Rover.

It's okay.

I know the terrible rumors people whisper about this place.

We even spread a few ourselves, hoping to intimidate our enemies.


But Pykon was a military outpost, nothing more.

My parents might disagree, if I could dig their bodies up from beneath your floor and ask them.

I know you hate Elves, but we don't murder prisoners of war.

If your parents were prisoners here, we would have released them when the war ended.

Perhaps they chose to start a new life, free of their burdens.

Your ear... it's like mine.

Was your mother human?

My mother's dead.

Sorry to hear that.

So is mine.

So pretty.

What is that?

A seashell.

It belonged to my mom.

Said it reminded her of where she came from.

Have you ever seen the ocean?

It's like the biggest bath you ever saw.

Blue and sparkly.

I can stare at it for hours, wondering what's on the other side.

Have you ever been outside?

For keeps?



What... what did you do?

It can be difficult, passing the time in a place like this, just the two of us.

There isn't much in the way of entertainment.

That's why we're so excited to have guests.

(wind whistling)

Where am I?

Shh, it's not safe.

If he hears you...

(whispering) You're right.

It's not safe.

I need to go, and you need to come with me.

I can take you somewhere safe, somewhere you can play with other kids.

Somewhere you can see the sun and the ocean.

Are there seashells there?

More than you can count.

(screaming in the distance)

Remo: Come on... stop struggling!





Mag: I told you to be quiet.



(door slamming shut)

Ah, good, you're awake.

I was worried I'd given you too strong a dose.

A little Wolf's nettle to bring on a nap.

Of course... (grunting) ...if you eat enough of it, like I do, your body builds up quite a tolerance.

Your turn, Captain.


Crispin: Don't tell him anything.

My name is Amberle Elessedil.

Granddaughter of your lord and king, and by his command I order you to release us!

Bad idea.


A princess?

That changes everything.


Crispin: You b*st*rd!

My intention was to use the boy's gift to reach Amberle.

I thought he could help.

What I saw was a man overcome by evil.

You are not capable of understanding what you saw!

You're not yourself, Allanon.

The Dagda Mor used the boy to get inside my mind!

The Dagda Mor.

Of course.

The evil everybody fears, but only you can see.

Tell me, Druid, do you often commune with Demons?


What is the meaning of this?

Why conceal a weapon that has the power to protect us?

To protect you?

That sword is not a salvation, it is a talisman of evil.

A darkness that is a danger to us all.

It is you who are the danger, Druid.


It was my mistake.

I should have killed you the first time, Demon.



Finish him.

(raspy breathing)


Where did he go?

What happened?

You did it, my son.

The Druid is no more.

(Amberle whimpering)

Why are you doing this?

Remo: Because I was trained to.

I don't understand.

Please help me understand.

Many years ago, your grandfather, the noble and wise King Eventine, tasked me with the job of lead interrogator.

It was my solemn duty to extract information from our enemies.

But I am not your enemy.

Oh, but you are.

You all are.

And after the war was over, Eventine sent men here to find me.

(screws squeaking)


Imagine my surprise when they told me Pykon didn't exist.

Then they murdered my wife and attempted to kill me.

I don't believe you.

My grandfather is an honorable man.

He wouldn't...

It doesn't matter what you believe.

I know the truth.



I'm on a mission to save the Ellcrys.

If I die, the entire world will fall into darkness.

I've lived in the darkness for many years.


Darkness is my home.




No, no, no, no, no!


(crying) No, please, no!

The Halfling?

He tried to leave.




No, no...

Good girl.

No, please...

(wind whistling)


Come on, kid.

That's it.

(metal clanking)

For the forebrain.

I stick it through the nostril and tap it in ever so gently with this.



You can bear me a child, live as my wife.

Just like Mag's mother.

She was scared, too.

But after a few taps, no more tears.

But your body will be perfectly functional.



Leave her alone!





I'll leave you one eye so you can watch while I ravish her!



Thank you.



I thought I'd lost you.

Hate to break up the honeymoon, but I'd really like to get the hell out of here.

You're safe now, but we need to go.

You know a way out of here?

All right, this way.


This is madness.

We're lost.

How could I have been so stupid?

I can't believe I trusted a Gnome.

I thought I could redeem myself for failing to protect Aine.

Instead, his killer is galloping across the Four Lands to freedom.

We all failed him.

Everything changed that night.

Yes, it did.

The Ander I loved disappeared, lost in booze and anger and doubt.

But I wake every morning hoping he'll return.

(horse whinnying)


You were right.

I didn't believe until I saw it with my own eyes.

(screaming in the distance)


We're doomed.

(screaming continues)

You'll have to go on foot from here.

You're letting me go?

People deserve to know what's coming.

Now go, before I change my mind.

What chance do the Elves have against a force that size?

I don't know.

But for the sake of all the races, we must face it.

And you would do so alone?

Perhaps it's what we deserve.

When I tell my tribe what happened to me, I will speak of your honor.

In another life, we are not enemies.

In another life.

Behind there.

A siege exit.

This must lead to the pass.



Remo: I have a rule here at Pykon.

No one leaves.

Mag, come here.

It's over.

She's coming with us.

They're taking me to a new home.

This is your home!

You did this.

You poisoned her with your lies!

Made her into a deceitful mongrel, like you!

Mag: Don't!

(gasping) No!


Amberle: You b*st*rd!




She's dead.

I'm sorry.

Come on.

Help me open this door.

Cephalo: Turn it.

Crispin: Together. Come on.

One... two.



Come on, we have to go.

(wind whistling)

Is that the Wilderun?

Damn straight!

(guttural roaring)

You've got to be kidding me!

We blew that thing up!

Come on!

Get Amberle out of here, now!

We're not leaving you.

I'll be right behind you.




(wind whistling)


Come on!

What about the others?

We'll send it back once we're on the other side.


Let's go!






What are you doing?

Saving our asses.


You said we'd help them across!

And bring a Demon with them?

The hell with that!


Help us!



He'll never choose you.

So be it.

She made it, let's go!

Come on. Come on!


That thing's right behind us.

Push off and don't look back!

Don't stop!

Sorry, kiddo.

You deserved better.

Just... die already!