01x10 - Ellcrys

Amberle: Previously on "The Shannara Chronicles"...

Eventine: The Ellcrys will bare a seed that must be carried to a place called Safehold.


Ander: Arion, my father, all gone.

Allanon: And now you are King.

It's like he's inside my head.


The Dagda Mor.

Making me do things.



man: What are those creatures doing here?

The Gnomes come in peace, to fight the demons as our allies.


It's the Bloodfire, I need to get inside.

Wil: Amberle!

Allanon: The Ellcrys is dying.

As it sheds its leaves, a demon army forms, preparing to unleash its evil on our world.


(speaking foreign language)


Ellcrys: We're out of time, Amberle.

The last leaf has fallen in Arborlon.

I can't believe it's really you.

I've been listening to your voice since I was just a girl.

You were never just a girl.

Every step you've taken was meant to bring you here.

The Bloodfire is the earth's life force.

It's where the past, present, and future meet.

It is your destiny.

But I don't understand.

Why me?

You were chosen, like I once was.

Fate has tied us to the Ellcrys.

As I end, you will begin.


But I can save you, I have the seed.

You are the seed, Amberle.

♪ I feel it running through my veins ♪
♪ And I need that fire just to know ♪
♪ That I'm a wake ♪♪


Don't do this to me.

I can't lose you too, I won't.

No... no.


(whispers) Amberle...


Oh my God.

Wil, what happened?

You lost too much blood.

I thought you were...

But the stones brought you back.

I guess you're a healer after all.

Where is she?



She didn't make it out.

We need to open it back up.



Ellcrys: I warned you your feelings for Wil would hold you back.

You must be willing to let him go.

There has to be another way.

Oh, this is the only way.

You must choose.

You must choose to sacrifice yourself.

I said no!

I'm sorry, I can't, I just can't.

Then you have doomed us all.



Hey, what happened in there?

It's hard to explain.

But you have the seed?

But the last leaf has fallen in Arborlon.

The Dagda Mor is free.


The Princess has emerged from the Bloodfire.

She's coming home?

Yes, but the Dagda Mor is aware of her presence.

So we must prepare.

I'll send word to the Scouts.

Move the citizens to the tunnels and mobilize the army.

That would be the wise decision, Your Highness.

I'm still not used to people calling me that.

Only a king knows the weight of a crown.

30 years ago, I stood under very similar circumstances beside your father.

Did you have any words of inspiration for him?

Don't fail.

Anyone remember how to get out of this place?

I'm working on it.

And when we do, how do we get back to Arborlon?

Nobody said it was gonna be easy.

We're gonna make it, we just have to...

(creatures roaring)


The Demons outnumber us a thousand to one.

We cannot beat them in the field, which means restoring the Ellcrys is our only hope.

Allanon assures me that Amberle has the seed and is on her way.

Slanter, your men will form a perimeter and push into the woods beyond the Sanctuary.

Commander Tilton and I will take the Elvin army and fortify the Sanctuary itself.

We'll be the last line of defense for whatever breaks through.

(growling in the distance)

(gate rattling)


Wil, help me!

(creatures roaring grows louder)

We have to go!

Let's go!

Help me close this thing!

It's stuck!

(creature roaring)

Just leave it, we can outrun them!

What are you doing?!

Hey! No!

I bought you some time.

Use it!

You can't do this.

We have to go back together.

No, you have to go back.

Don't you get it?

We all have a part to play.

I'm doing mine, and now it's up to you.


Wil, stop.

No, I'm not leaving you here.

That's insane.

Wil, it's not up to you.

I'll come back for you, I promise.

(footsteps approaching)




(ax slashing)




(horse neighing)

(creatures shouting)

(creatures shouting)


(grumbling continues)

Wil, we have to go.

She wants us to go.

(door opening)

I never meant to hurt you.

It's okay, it's okay.

How can I help?

(whispers) I need you to get me far away, somewhere where I can't hurt anybody.

Bandon, I can't.

Catania... do you trust me?


Then, get ready to scream.


Give me the keys or I snap her neck.


Drop the sword.

Step back.

Just let us go, he's not going to hurt you.


Don't touch her!


Catania: No!

(neck snapping)


Bandon, stop!

Stop! No!



He shouldn't have touched you.

♪ Run boy run ♪
♪ This world is not meant for you ♪
♪ Run boy run ♪
♪ They're trying to capture you ♪
♪ Run boy run ♪
♪ Running is a victory ♪
♪ Run boy run ♪
♪ Beauty lays behind the hills ♪
♪ Run boy run ♪
♪ The sun will be guiding you ♪
♪ Run boy run ♪
♪ They're dying to stop you ♪
♪ Run boy run ♪
♪ This race is a prophecy ♪
♪ Run boy run ♪
♪ Break out from society ♪♪

Nothing from the scouts.

We should head down.

The men will wanna see you.

We were supposed to get married, remember?

Once upon a time.

Well, I never officially agreed to that.

I'm sorry it took the end of the world for me to realize what a fool I've been.

(horns blaring in the distance)

It's time.

Lead the way, Commander.

I have never been so happy to see anything in my entire life.

(creatures shouting in the distance)

(shouting grows louder)


(all shouting)

We can't get through, not on horseback.

Not without them seeing us.

No, there has to be a way.

We have to get to the Ellcrys.

All right, we'll need cover then.

We need to find somewhere safe to wait for dark.

I know somewhere, come on.



It won't be long.

I know, I just... I wanted to tell you that I... that I wish things could be different. You know, I wish we could... I wish we could have met before all this.

Hey... we made it. We're almost home. And when we finish this, when everyone's safe, we'll have all the time in the world to do things differently.

But what if we didn't have time?

Don't talk like that, we're gonna make it.

No, I know.

I'm not afraid anymore.

Eretria was right, this is my part.

I know what I have to do and... it's okay.

But I need to tell you something first.

Of course.

I love you, Wil Ohmsford.

And I'm not ready to let you go, not yet.

And I know this is terrible timing and you probably think...


I love you too.

I always have.

♪ I'm not alone anymore ♪
♪ Essential love ♪
♪ Essential love ♪
♪ Essential love ♪
♪ Essential love ♪♪

It's dark, we should head out.

What's wrong?

Nothing, it's...

Everything's perfect.

I'm ready.

Let's go save a tree.


(staff booming)



Allanon: Our hope lies in a single seed being carried here by your Princess Amberle and the last son of Shannara.

With it, we can send this demon horde back to the Forbidding.

For this to happen, we must buy them time.

We must hold this line... and defend the Ellcrys at all costs.

I know we can win this war because I have stood alongside your King Eventine and, as fate would have it, I now stand alongside his son, King Ander.

all: All Hail King Ander!

Your princess is out there, right now.

Scared... just like you.

Giving everything she has to save us all.

We must match her bravery with our own.

And if we die tonight, let us fall so the Ellcrys may rise again!

So every race in the Four Lands may have a future to call its own!

(all cheering)

(all shouting)

(chanting in foreign language)

(chanting continues)

Ander: Steady!

Elves ready!

(all shouting)



(all shouting)

(horses neighing)

Wil: Is there a secret way in?

A back door or something?

No, not this far out.

(creatures grunting)

Wil: It's a patrol.

(inhaling deeply)

(whispers) It smells us.




Die, you b*st*rd.

(all shouting)


(arrows whistling)



Perfect timing as usual.

I wish I could say the same for you but the idea was to get here before the demons arrived.

See, told you he'd be happy to see us.

The Gnomes are with us.

Are you ready to see this through, Princess?

Stay behind us and don't slow down.

(all shouting)









Ander, wait!

(Elves screaming)









What are you waiting for?

Release me!



Goodbye, brother.





Allanon: Secure the door!

Keep moving!



Run for the Ellcrys, now!


Protect the princess.

I told you we'd make it.



(laughing maniacally)




All right, where's the seed?

I tried to tell you earlier...

Oh, please don't say you dropped it.

I don't think I could take that right now.

It's me, Wil.

I'm the seed.

What do you mean?

I have to become the Ellcrys.

That's how we save it.

How we save everyone.

I don't understand.

You... you can't just become a tree.

I mean, what happens to...

No, please.


I need you to understand.

I won't make it otherwise.

(Dagda Mor roaring)

man: Door!

To the door!



Wil: Amberle, wait!



Ellcrys: Amberle.



Wil: Amberle.

Please talk to me.

I know you're in there somewhere.

Can't hear her.

Can't hear anything.

She will speak when she is ready.

Be patient, Wil.

You knew this was gonna happen, didn't you?

You lied to us.

It would not have helped if you knew.


You just decided that on your own.

What about Amberle?

Didn't she deserve to know?

Amberle made the decision, not me, Wil.

She understood the price.

So when you told me that I could protect her, that was a lie too?

You made me believe she could be saved.

Instead, I lost another person that I loved.

Saving the Four Lands in the process, Wil.

Do not forget that.

I told you that... magic comes with a price.

You didn't say it was her life!

Wil... Stop!

Leave me alone.

Your father would have been proud of your actions today.

As am I.

I had a dream Bandon was alone, drowning in a sea of black.

This is my fault.

I failed him.

We both did.

You wanted to see me, Your Grace.


I wanted to thank you for everything.

It was my duty.

I sent soldiers to find my brother's body, but there was no sign of him or the Warlock sword.

I saw him in there, Allanon.

Even in that twisted form... it was Arion.

He asked me to kill him.

The Dagda Mor's cruelty had no bounds.

Haven't been to the Sanctuary yet to see Amberle.

I know her sacrifice saved us, but I just can't believe that she's gone.

She is still with you, My Grace.

She is watching over us all.

(wind howling)


(horse neighing)


For what it's worth, I'm grateful to you For showing me who I am.

I'm sure we'll meet again one day.

I sense that our journey has just begun.

The Dagda Mor may be gone, but his presence has stirred other evils.

Then let them come.

But there's something I've gotta do first.

You're going to Safehold.

You don't know whether the rover girl is alive or dead.

The mind-reading thing... still really annoying.

I promised Eretria I'd go back. I'm not gonna lose her too.

It's you.