01x05 - Blind Spot

President Reagan: Air and naval forces of the United States launched a series of strikes against terrorist facilities...

Reporter: Pan Am Flight 103 crashed into the the town of Lockerbie.

Reagan: ...savage acts of terror in Africa, Europe, the Middle East.

George H.W. Bush: This will not stand, this aggression against, uh, Kuwait.

Reagan: This relentless pursuit of terror.

We will make no distinction.

Reporter: The USS Cole was attacked while refueling in the port of Aden.

This was an act of terrorism.

It was a despicable and cowardly act.

The next song we're going to play for you is one of the good old favorites.

Until something shocks him...

Woman: I'm just making sure we don't get hit again.

Man: That plane crashed into the World Trade Center.

Thousands of people running.

We must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad.

(speaking Arabic)

Saul: What the f*ck are you doing?


Carrie: f*ck! I missed something once before.

I won't... I can't let that happen again.

Saul: It was ten years ago.

Everyone missed something that day.

Carrie: Everyone's not me.

Previously on Homeland: I got a mood disorder, okay?

I looked it up, Carrie.

Clozapine's an antipsychotic.

Only seven this time?

Raiding my samples cupboard not only enables you, it jeopardizes my license.

So... seven pills.

The terrorists are still out there.

We need Brody in the public eye reminding America that this is far from over.

And smile for the cameras.

Look at him. He's been blogged and tweeted about out of the blue.

Three days later, one of her assets reports the first Nazir sighting in over seven years.

Maybe it's coincidence.

Or maybe there's something she's just not telling us.

This intelligence your asset gave up her life to acquire, do not squander it by continuing to invade the constitutionally protected privacy of the Brody family.

You need to take down that surveillance.

We're on to the next case.

Raqim Faisel.

Faisel: He followed me to this house.

Aileen: Darling, I promise no one knows we're living here.

I still think we should leave.

Our instructions were to sit tight.

You knew this would not be easy.

I can't help but feel I'm missing something.

You're missing him.

Oh, I'm sorry!

Hey, I know you.

I'm not supposed to be here.

Hey, look, I'm not going back in if it means you can't go back in.

That's not necessary.

Maybe we can hold our own private meeting out here.

How's that sound?

It's tempting.


(chanting in Arabic)

(Brody's chanting continues)

(jet engine whining)

(whining gets louder)

(doorbell rings)

(baseball game playing on TV)

Frank: Run, you fat f*ck, run!

Christ, you call yourself a ball player?

He's safe, you fuckwit!

Geez, you freak.

Commentator: A double and a single in the fourth.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're wrong.

Why don't you just man up and admit it, asshole!

That's right, you jerkoff, I'm talking about you!

You're a goddamn disgrace!

Unfucking believable!

The only team in baseball has to pinch run their leadoff man.

How long you been standing there?

What? I can't hear you.

Oh, well, yeah. Oh, yeah.

There. Hey.

Hey. I rang the bell, like five times, Dad.

Hey, is Maggie home?

No, she had to go deal with some patient crisis at the hospital Hey, you hungry, huh?

She say how long she'd be?

I can make you a sandwich.

You want a sandwich?

I got, we got turkey, lettuce...

(phone rings)

sh1t, I gotta get this.

Uh, yeah, turkey's great.

Uh, hold on a second.


Hey, Danny.


The one surviving terrorist from the compound in Afghanistan where we rescued Brody.

Scooped him up in some shitshack in IBD.

Clean lift. Nothing broken, nothing spilt.

Okay, I'll be there in 30 minutes.


Oh! Sweetie!



Hi. You okay?

No, happy to see you is all.


Over here.

(Frank sighs and clears his throat)

Educated guess says you, uh..ou need this to go.

Sorry, Dad.

(steam hissing)


Oh. Oh, you must think I'm ready for the glue factory, Carrie.

Unplugging the iron like that.

Come on.

I'm just trying to be safe.

Did you take your meds this morning, Dad?

I did. Thank you for asking.

Bad enough I've got your sister up my ass 24/7.

Now you, too?

And just so you know, those pills are killing me.

No they're not, Dad.

Sometimes you just feel like you're spinning out of control a little when they bring you up instead of down.

That happens to you, too?

It's a good time to avoid household appliances in my experience.

I was distracted, I was excited to see you is all.


Okay, message received and understood.

I wish I could stay and help you out with the chores.

Yeah, right.

Well, you enjoy.

Drive safe.


f*ck the C.I.A.

f*ck the C.I.A.

Saul: So, how are your parents?

Mira: Wonderful. They seem to get busier and busier.

We need to get them over here more.

Too much work in Mumbai for that.

That's what they would say.

Maybe they ought to think about handing the slums project off to somebody else now.

What have you lost?

Ticket for the parking.

Woman (over P.A.): Will standby passengers...

It'll be in the car, where you always leave it.

(phone ringing)

Oh. That didn't take long.

I love you so.

I tell you that already?

Go on, answer it.

I know you have to.

Hello? Saul Berenson.

He wants everyone here ASAP.

No, no, no, on the secure link.

Get me Captain Mike Faber at the Pentagon.

Galvez: Has been alerted and is in-bound.

I'm gonna get a cab.

Oh, and Estes wants everyone to clear their schedules...

Mira, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Um... no.

I-I know what that look means, Saul, and I'm not.

I'm not angry, I'm really not.

And I hope I see you later.


Yeah, yeah, I'm still here.

All right, before the briefing starts, there's a report you need to read from the Pakistan phase of the interrogation.

I'll be right over.

Afzal Hamid.

34 years old, Syrian.

According to our friends in Pakistani Intelligence, a mid-level member of the Islamic People's Liberation Army.

Abu Nazir's group.

Which means he most likely has knowledge of Nazir's plans to attack us here in Fortress America.

Including money trail from the Hawala shop-- where it went, what it's being used for.

Estes: Which is exactly why you and Carrie will interrogate him.

With the help of Sergeant Brody.

Excuse me. Sergeant Brody?

Yes, Carrie, Sergeant Brody, who is in a unique position to establish a baseline on Hamid. Right or wrong?


Now, the interview itself will take place at a designated safe house, yet to be determined.

Brody absolutely can't be there.

He will be there, Carrie.

That ship has sailed.

Then we might as well just hand our playbook straight to Abu Nazir.

Well, the alternative might be worse.

Nothing is worse than Brody witnessing this interrogation.

The blowback will be profound.

Assuming we do what you want then-- that is, share your suspicions about Sergeant Brody-- what do you think will happen then?

Well, it might force David into a decision.

A decision based on what?

How many times must we have this discussion?

There's no evidence linking Brody to Abu Nazir.

This is a different discussion, Saul.

This is about operational security.


Okay, Carrie.

March up to his office right now.

Tell him he's been duped.

Tell him Sergeant Brody's location in Afghanistan was intentionally leaked by Nazir.

Tell him the story of his American hero has a surprise twist.

See what he does then.

My guess-- you're packing your cubicle, looking for a job in the private sector.

Don't we have a moral obligation to say something?

Our obligation is to stop the next attack on America.

Which you won't be a part of if you keep pursuing this.

Has it occurred to you at the very least we'll be able to observe Brody at close quarters in a high stress environment which we can control.

Yeah, it's occurred to me, Saul.

Has it occurred to you if we do our jobs and break Afzal Hamid, he just might give up the whole plot, including Sergeant Brody?

Well, that's a big if, Saul.

You're screwing up my rug.

Either David Estes makes the weather, Carrie, or we do.

Your choice.

(rhythmic breathing)

This can't be good.

Jess said I'd find you here.

It's urgent.

Langley needs to see you.


So you better haul ass.

sh1t, shower, shave, be ready sometime in the next 40 minutes when they come to get you.

What do they want?

Didn't say.

Eyes only classified.

You couldn't have just called me?

They told me not to.

No open line phone calls.


Yeah, no sh1t.

You went by my house already?

Figured I'd stay out of Jessica's hair.

You figured right.

Is that it?

Can't tell me anything else?

That's all I know right now, Brody.

If I knew anything else, I'd tell you.


What did Mike want?

The CIA wanted to see me.

About what?

I don't know.

(sighs, pants)

Going to take a shower.

They'll be here any second now.

Hey. Are you okay?

You know what, Jess?

Can you just stop asking me that every two minutes? I'm fine.

Okay. Okay.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to...

No, you're right. I get it.

(door opens)

Chris: Hey, Dad.

Mom said you wanted to come watch my karate tomorrow.

She did?

He's getting his blue belt.

If I pass the test.

So can you come?

Sure. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

(shackles clinking)

(engine starts)

North. So not Langley.

No blindfold or anything?

We trust you.

Sir, we're five minutes out.

Copy that.

♪ ♪

Estes, we're up. We're online.

Sergeant Brody, Carrie Mathison.

We met at the debrief a few weeks ago.

Yes. Uh, good..ood to see you.

Thanks so much for coming.

How are you settling back in with your family?


Um, can we get you anything-- a coffee, or soda or water-- before we get started?

Get started with what?

Have a seat.

Do you know this man?

Motherfucking sh1t.


Yeah, I know him.

He was my guard.

Visual recognition confirmed.

Do you remember his name?

They called him Affie.

Carrie: His full name is Afzal Hamid.

He was the sole survivor of the attack on the safe house where you were rescued.


(urinating stops)


Who's he?

My colleague.

As-Salamu alaykum.

As-Salamu alaykum.

(speaking Arabic)

What's he doing?

He's waiting to see if Hamid will say something first.

This is the first stages of an interrogation.

Not exactly.

Pakistani Intelligence held him for three days before they turned him over.

Did he talk?

I'm afraid I can't tell you that.

In fact, I can't share any operational details with you at all.

Then why am I here?

Carrie: Two reasons: one, to confirm his identity, which you've just done, and two, to provide us with information we can use to unsettle him.

To prove we have complete control.

To demonstrate our omnipotence.

Are you comfortable with that?

Yeah, I think so.

Okay, good.

Are you ready to begin?

One question.

Go ahead.

Will he be tortured?

We don't do that here.

What is it you think he knows about?

Like I said, I can't...

Divulge operational details.

Got it.


Okay, I'm ready.

You can put this on now, please.

Tap the mic twice so my colleague knows we're ready.

Do you speak English?


Does he?

Did he ever speak English to you?

They all spoke some English.

This is for my friends in Guantanamo.


Saul: We know you speak English.

Therefore, I will continue to address you in English.

Are you a religious man?

Okay, this part needs to move a little faster.

Are you good with that?

They all prayed.

They're extremely devout.

Of course you are.

Saul: This soldier was your prisoner.

When did you first meet him?


We know you didn't meet him until Damascus-- that's when the interrogations began, didn't they?

And you were part of those interrogations, weren't you?

Yeah, he was.

For how long was Sergeant Brody interrogated?




It went on for years, didn't it?

What did you do to Sergeant Brody, Afzal?

If you have a detail we could use.

He beat me with a stick wrapped in barbed wire, and he pissed on me.

You beat him with barbed wire and urinated on him.

So you're a religious man and a torturer.

What are you, Catholic?

You think your wife and sons are still alive?

There, you see that?

That's exactly what we were going for?

He was convinced we already know the answers to our questions.

Now he thinks we know if his family is alive-- information he wants.

Saul: Let's back up, shall we?

Five days ago, you're safely hidden away in Islamabad.

Or so you think.

I mean, why else have your family with you.

Then suddenly in the dead of night, you disappear without a trace.

It's not just your poor wife and children who are wondering where you are.

One man in particular is beginning to worry.

Abu Nazir.

Who, as we all know, is not your average Islamist terrorist bent on bringing down Western civilization.

No, this man has a certain style, a certain...


Let's take the case of Yasser Akram, for example.

Lifted by our British friends from a villa in Lebanon in August 2006.

Within days of his capture, his only brother.. good and holy man, is killed in a car bomb.

The Yemeni police had to ship what was left of him in a small plastic bag to a lab in Dubai just to identify him.

Not to mention what was done to..is poor parents..o his wives..nd most disturbingly, to his children.

We can protect your family, Afzal-- up to eight individuals.

But we don't have much time-- Abu Nazir is not a patient man.

You can come in now, Joelle.

(door opens)

When you're ready to talk to us, write down their names and addresses.

If you love your kids, like I love mine...

I would hurry.

(door opens)

(door closes)

(Carrie sighs)

Now what?

Now we wait for him to pick up that crayon.

When the interrogator said that he could protect his...

We already have his wife and children out of harm's way.

You can go home now; thank you for your help.

We've got it from here.

Hey, guys?

Hey, would you just let me in the room with him, just for a couple of minutes?

I just want to look the prick in the eye, let him know that the tables are turned.

You know I can't do that.

I wish I could, but I can't.

You do see that, don't you?


Look, go home, forget about today, forget about all this-- and, of course, it goes without saying...

Don't tell anybody.

Hey, but if you do find yourself needing to talk to someone, um...

Anytime, 24/7.

Good-bye, Sergeant Brody; you've been a big help today.

Estes: Hey, Carrie?


Excellent work, both you and Saul.

Doesn't get any better than that.

Let me know Thank you, Davidhe minute Hamid makes a move, one way or the other.

I will.


When you turned over that picture of Abu Nazir, he stopped breathing for a few seconds.

I know he's hiding something from us, I know it.



Well, now's the time we really could use that surveillance on his house.

Don't go there, Carrie.

Be patient.

All right, I'll take the doom watch.

You go be with Mira.

I'll call you if anything happens tonight.

Pace yourself.

Come on, asshole, pick up the damn crayon.

Jessica: Brody.

Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

Hey, where you been?

You cut your hair.


What do you think?


You always liked it short.

No, I like it. Really.

You did something for me by going to that support group, so I thought I'd do something for you.




What are you doing out here?

Nothing. Just enjoying the quiet.

Rough day?

What was it about, anyway?

I'm not really supposed to talk about it, Jess.

Not even a little?

I can't.

I'm sorry.

How's your tea?


Yorkshire Gold.

Your favorite.

It's perfect.

(clears throat)


(loud heavy metal playing)

(heavy metal stops)

(exhales quietly)

(loud heavy metal playing)

(loud heavy metal continues)

(heavy metal stops)

(loud heavy metal playing)

(heavy metal stops)

(loud heavy metal playing)

(heavy metal stops)

(loud heavy metal playing)

(heavy metal stops)

(filling cup)

(loud heavy metal playing)

(heavy metal stops)


(groans softly)

(fan whirring)

(loud heavy metal playing)

(water sploshes)

(water sploshes)


(fan whirring)

(loud heavy metal playing)

(heavy metal stops)

Saul..ooks like he's getting ready.

Eight names-- four in Islamabad, three in Lahore, one in Larkana.

That's gonna take some doing.

First we need a show of faith from you.

Do you understand what that means?

I don't know anything.

You know I don't.

That is how we operate-- for exactly this reason.

Say good-bye to your family.

An e-mail address in Pakistan.

Whose e-mail?

I don't know.

I swear to you.

Now you promise..y family..y children.

What do you send to this e-mail address?

I forward ones sent to me from someone else.


Was the location of the compound where you were holding Sergeant Brody deliberately leaked to us so we would find him?

Carrie. Carrie.

Did Abu Nazir ever meet Sergeant Brody?

(chair creaks)

First..y family.

Then we talk.

We'll be back.

Come on in.

Thank you for meeting me, sir.

You know, when I told you my door was always open, Sergeant Brody, I meant it.

Good timing-- it appears our friend in the safe house is getting ready to do business.

No friend of mine, sir.

Uh, no, no. 'Course not.

What can I do for you, Sergeant?

I believe I've earned a moment face-to-face with my torturer, sir.

Yeah, I, uh... I heard.

And I've got to tell you that Carrie was correct.

She doesn't have the authorization to let you in there with Hamid.

Do you?

As much as I'd like to...

Sir, can I stop you there, save you the trouble?


Nobody respects your operational concerns more than I do.

I did not come here to tell you that I can get Hamid talking any quicker than your own experts can.

But yesterday, I did exactly as was asked of me, hard as it was just to sit there and watch us dance around his rights, after what he did to me for eight years.

Now you're telling me he's ready to talk.

I think that means I've earned the right to at least look him in the eye, and tell him that he didn't beat me, he doesn't get to win...

Sergeant Brody...

Sir, I haven't finished, if you don't mind.

This is really important to me.

I need to do right by my wife and my kids, and I need to be fully able, both physically and mentally, to honor my duties as a Marine and as a man.

But first, I got to close the door on this chapter of my life.

That's all I ask, sir.

Please don't rob me of the opportunity to do that.

For my own sanity, if nothing else.

Sergeant, would you, uh, would you wait outside for a second?

Lorraine, will you get me the DCI.

Yes, sir. Right away.

Let's, uh...

Let's go close that door, Sergeant.

We sent a phantom e-mail to the one Hamid gave you.

Whoever it is will never actually receive the e-mail or know that it was sent.

So far, it's bounced off of a server in Rio, where it went through a re-encryption filtering protocol, then to Johannesburg-- same drill-- then to Thailand, then Finland, and now, nearly an hour later, your guess is as...

(computer chimes)

I'd say you owe me dinner, Carrie.

Possibly even s*x.

Holy f*ck.

I wouldn't go that far.

(sighs): Jesus Christ.

The 14th man gave up an e-mail address we just traced to the Engineering Department at Bryden University.

Faisel? Are you f*cking kidding me?

The professor we tailed then cleared?

Correct. Everybody stop what you're doing.

Only thing I need you to do right now is find this man: Raqim Faisel.

Faisel hasn't been at the university all day.

And he's not home, either.

What home address you got for him?

An apartment in Truxton Circle.



Virgil, I need you to look for something at Bryden University.

Yeah, today. Right now.

(door opens)

(door closes)

You beat me.

You humiliated me.

You killed my friend.

But you did not break me.

You should've killed me when you had the chance.

But now, here we are.

I'm a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, shit-bird.

How did you think this would end?

Hey! Hey, come on!


Calm down!

Calm down.

(Brody panting)

Thank you, sir.

Means a lot.

(Hamid speaking Arabic)

Virgil: Fact is, these eggheads and whatnot may be smarter than all of us put together in this room.

But what I learned over the years, when it comes to safety in the workplace, you would not believe some of the violations that I've seen.

Can't you come back when Dr. Faisel is actually here?

I'm not comfortable letting people in his office when he's not present.

We understand, ma'am.

Um, look, uh, if we damaged anything, I can put in the paperwork to pay for it.

Maybe we can help you with one or two of the violations in here.

Excuse me?

Are-Are you suggesting...

No, he's not.

Not on my watch.

Just do the paperwork, numb nuts.

(phone ringing)

Yes, we have a few potential violations we'd like to report.

That could be Dr.

Faisel calling now.



Know where this address is?


Right next to the f*cking airport.


See that new belt he's wearing?




I'm sorry I missed it.

I wish I'd been there, son.

I got caught up at a meeting.

It's okay.

Mike took me.

Yeah, I see that.

Mike: Ice cream?

No, I'm good, thanks.

Have some.

We're celebrating.

Anyway, I should hit the road.

Did your mom ask Uncle Mike to take you to karate?

Mike: It's no big deal.

I've been taking him for the last, uh, three years.

Chris: Four.

I started when I was eight.

Mike: Right. And look at you now.

A blue belt.

Pretty damn awesome, huh?

Right, Brody?

You bet.

What meeting?

I can't talk about it.

Your son did awesome today.

You should be proud.

Didn't you say you were leaving, Mike?

See you later, bud, okay?

Later, gator.

(door opens, closes)

Got any sprinkles?

Carrie: He led us right past this house just this last Tuesday.

Virgil: Which probably means he knew we were tailing him.

Should've had us do it.

Max: Dead quiet in there.

Not a squeak.

Maybe they're taking a nap.

Sometimes, I swear to God, he's my own brother, and I don't know if he's part moron or just acting like it to piss me off.

(cell phone ringing)

What's going on, Saul?

Saul: He's dead, Carrie.

Hamid's dead.


Jesus Christ, no.

Wha-- How?


Carrie, what happened?

Minutes ago.

I just got here.

Body's still warm.

How the hell is that possible?

Razor blade fragment, left wrist.

What? Where did he get that?

H-He must have had it on his person.

We missed it.

Saul, he had to have gone through at least a dozen full body searches.

The fragment is tiny.

He could have had it concealed in a cavity or under his skin in scar tissue.

Or somebody passed it to him.

Passed him what?


Admit it's possible, Saul, because we're sitting on Dr. Faisel's house right now, and there's no sign of him anywhere.

What's your point?

My point is, whoever gave Hamid the razor blade could have warned the professor, too.

A f*cking razor blade?

I want authorization to go in.

Estes wants us to watch and wait.

Damn it, Saul, there's no time!

If Faisel is on the run, we need to know now.

You have my authorization.

Move in.

Alpha team, go.

Bravo, cover the back.

Charlie team, stand by.

Here we go.

Man: House is empty.

He must have left in a hurry.

Looks like for good.

Did you hear that, Saul?



(speaking Hebrew)

(Saul continues speaking Hebrew)

(door closes)

(footsteps approaching)

I'm so sorry.


I know what you're gonna say, and you're right.

All I can say is this is not how I planned your first days back.

You must still be jet-lagged.

Why are you still up?

You should be in bed.

I know that look.

You been waiting up for me.

What's wrong?

Saul, darling, you know what's wrong-- you just more or less said so in a nutshell yours...

Wait, wait. Please not do this right now.

Do you mind?

It's been a very, um..omplicated day.

Your life is a very complicated day.

You must..e aware, Saul, this last month in India with my family I've been doing a lot of thinking.

Soul searching.

We discussed this before you left.

I can start scaling back, maybe even get reassigned, spend more time at home.

Just listen.

I actually realize now it's not right or fair to ask you to do less.

So what I need-- me, Mira-- is to make my life not just about you.

You know, you said yesterday that my parents should pass the Mumbai slums project onto someone else.

Not to you. I didn't mean to you.

Our life is here, Mira.

Our life is wherever you get sent--

Amman, Beirut, London, Aden-- often at a moment's notice, and I need more than that.

I need to make my life...

I need to make my life about my passion.

I need to put my roots down somewhere that matter to me, Saul.

(doorbell rings)

Do I get any sort of say in all this?

Are you gonna get that?


How was your trip?

Welcome home.

Uh, um, it was wonderful.

It was an inspiring time.

How are you...


I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to intrude.


It's really important that I talk to you.

It's, uh, so lovely to see you, but I didn't sleep on the plane, so I'm completely sideways. Forgive me.

We'll catch up soon.

That'd be great.

Good night.

Don't say I didn't warn you this whole thing would blow up in our faces.

Saul: What the hell?

Who let Brody in that room with him?

Who do you think, Saul?

Jesus f*cking Christ.

Yep, I had pretty much the same response.

(sighs) Brody must have identified that camera blind spot while watching the interrogation.

Saul: Just so you know, the working theory is that Hamid smuggled the razor blade inside the soul of his shoe.

Bullshit! I mean, not only did Brody contrive to get himself in the room, he orchestrated Hamid's suicide and he warned Dr. Faisel.

And we-- you and I-- let it happen.

(low grunt)

Enough on the sidelines, enough in the shadows-- we need to take this up the chain before we're counting bodies and trying to spin yet another monumental intelligence screw-up.

Don't think I'm not considering it.

Well, how about doing something about it?

Because nothing's changed, Carrie.

Wh-Wh... What do you mean, nothing's changed?

I don't see Brody giving Hamid a damn thing, do you?

Not a razor blade, not a goddamn summer cold.

Good! You know?

Get angry!

I'm over your whole detached routine.

(whispers): You're out of line.

This is my home. Get out...

I'm going to Estes with or without your approval.

Take some boxes with you, 'cause you're gonna need 'em when you clean out your desk.

What happened to the Saul Berenson that trekked the Karakoram, did three months in a Malaysian prison stared down Uday Hussein at the height of his power?

When did you become such a pussy, Saul?

(whispers): I think you should leave now.

With pleasure.

You know what?

You can keep that.

f*ck this sh1t!

(door opens)

(door slams)

(panting quietly)


(crickets chirping)


(crying): I'm sorry, Maggie.

I didn't know where else to go.

Oh, God, what happened?

I think I just quit my job.

Maggie: What? Don't be silly.

No, I'm serious.

I'm done. I'm done!

I've had it up to here.

All right, just stop. Stop.


You were so right, you were so f*ckin' right when you told me that my job would kill me one day. - Just take a deep breath.

Calm down, 'kay, Carrie?

Carrie, just calm down, okay?

Does Saul know about any of this?


No, S-Saul is part of the problem.

But you said he always had your back.

Well, I'm on my own now, that's for damn sure.

Do you really want to know the truth?

I've been on my own for a while now.


We both know you're not quitting anything, okay?

It's just the heat of the moment, it's not you, okay?

That's not who you really are-- I know you. So..his is what's gonna happen.

You're sleeping here tonight, okay?

My guest room's already made up.

The girls are gonna be over the moon to see you in the morning.


(laughs): 'Kay?

Listen, I don't care if the world's about to end, okay, you're gonna stay here for as long as it takes for you to get your head straight.


Promise me that you'll sleep in in the morning.

I'll try.

Hey, thank you.

Aunt Carrie?


What's wrong?

Nothing, sweetheart.

Did something happen?

We heard you and Mom talking.

No, girls, really, I'm fine.

Why don't you girls get back to bed and let Aunt Carrie get some rest, okay?

Can we sleep in here?

Yeah. Please?


You sure?

I'm positive.

Come on in.

Maggie: Get in there.

I'm sleeping right here.

(speaks indistinctly)


Sweet dreams, guys.




Hey, no, stay there.

Stay there.


You know, I meant it when I said I wouldn't miss your karate.

I screwed up.

I'm sorry.

Can you forgive me?

I'm proud of you.

You're a blue belt now.

You got it done, like I knew you would.

You know why?

'Cause you're my son.

What are we praying for?

Since I was four, me and Mom prayed every night..hat you were alive..hat you'd come home one day.

And now?

That you're gonna be okay.

♪ ♪

Auntie Carrie?

(whispering): Shh... Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

What are you doing?

(sighs) Nothing, Pumpkin.

I just can't sleep.

Are you worried about the bad guys?

What bad guys, Josie?

You know, the ones who blow people up.

Are you worried?

A little.

Yeah. Me, too.

I have an idea.

Come live with us.

We'll protect you.

No, honey.

You know what?

That's my job.


Go to sleep.

♪ ♪