02x09 - Two Hats

President Reagan: Air and naval forces of the United States launched a series of strikes against terrorist facilities...

Reporter: Pan Am Flight 103 crashed into the town of Lockerbie.

Reagan: He has sanctioned acts of terror in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

President George H.W. Bush: This will not stand, this aggression against, uh, Kuwait.

Reagan: This relentless pursuit of terror.

President George H.W. Bush: We will make no distinction...

Reporter: The USS Cole was attacked while refueling in the port of Aden.

This was an act of terrorism.

It was a despicable and cowardly act.

The next samba we're going to swing for you is one of the good old favorites.

...until something stops him.

Carrie: I'm just making sure we don't get hit again.

Man: That plane crashed into the World Trade Center.

Thousands of people running.

We must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad.

(speaking Arabic)

Saul: What the f*ck are you doing?


Carrie: I missed something once before.

I won't... I can't let that happen again.

Saul: It was ten years ago.

Everyone missed something that day.

Carrie: Everyone's not me.

Saul: Previously on Homeland...

Why have I never heard of this guy?

Virgil: Who? Quinn?

Just check him out.



I'm being asked to be part of an attack on this country.

I'm through.

Brody just blew it up.

The whole operation's dead.

As long as his cover isn't blown, he's still in play.

Brody. Give me the keys.

I'm trying to keep you from spending the rest of your life in a cage.

This deal of ours...

...I think it's a way out for both of us.

Roya: Yes?

I want to explain.

I'm glad you feel that way.

Turn around.

We're leaving.

She knows.

Tighten up the follow vehicles now.

We cannot afford to lose him.

You say you want another chance.

This is it.

They just grabbed him.

They're loading him into a helicopter.

We're losing him!


They're gone.

They're... they're gone.

They're just gone!

Go ahead, say it.

It's 12 hours since we lost Brody.

Eight since Roya Hammad got back from wherever they flew him to.

Saul: No comment or second opinions about any of this at Langley, either.

Terrorist chatter across all hot zones virtually nonexistent right now.

Okay, I'll say it.

He's dead.

We don't know that for sure, Carrie.

If not physically dead, operationally dead.

And time's ticking away.

We have to talk about moving on.

The only move we have is to roll up Roya Hammad.

Unless Brody's not dead, and is somehow still in play with the terrorists, in which case lifting her burns him.

Be his death sentence.

That's a lot of ifs and maybes.


Just putting all the cards on the table here.

We've got to bring Roya in.

Let's do it.

Mike, can you do it?

Don't, Saul.

I'm okay.

♪ ♪

This is where we say good-bye, Nicholas.

Forever, if all goes well.

You know I cannot do this without you.


You have Allah's trust, and therefore mine.

Allah knows more than anyone can how strong you are.

Pray for me.

And you for me.

(speaks Arabic)

(speaks Arabic)

(heavy breathing)

(door closes, engine starts)

(talking indistinctly)

Brody: Hey.

Do you have a pay phone I could use?

Wait, do I know you from somewhere?

No, I don't think so.

A pay phone?

Not since last century.

Well, do you have a cell phone I could borrow?

(phone buzzes)


Brody: Hey. It's me.

Jesus, where have you been?

Carrie, I need you to go get my family right away.

Okay, and take them somewhere safe.

We've been going out of our minds.

I don't care where.

I don't care what it takes.

Can you please, please do that for me right now?

Carrie: Yes. Where are you?

What's been going on?

I'll call you back in an hour, once it's done.


Leave Roya in play.

Cancel the lift.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. This man has been off the radar the past 12 hours, in the company of known terrorists.

We need to be extremely f*cking vigilant here.



I... he asked me to..o move his family somewhere safe.

He's alive, asking us to protect his family.

That's a check mark in the plus column.

Carrie's right.

Stand down the lift team on Roya Hammad.

What number was Brody calling from?

Uh, 443 area code-- a Baltimore cell.

Run that number.

He said he'd call back in an hour, once the family's safe.

Saul: If there's a threat to them, what happens next has to look like just another day in the burbs.

Yeah, no CIA footprint anywhere near that neighborhood.

Whoever we send in has to be somebody the Brody family knows and trusts.


(doorbell rings)

(knocking at door)

I'm coming.


Jess, don't panic.

Please, just listen.

Do as I say.

Everything's fine, but...

Is it Brody?

Is he all right?


I haven't seen or heard from him in two days. - The CIA sent me, Jess.

There's a threat.

A threat?

What threat? To us?

Well, it's to do with something Brody's working on with the CIA, or else it would be him standing here.

You mean like a terrorist threat?

Mike: It's not specific.

This is just a precaution, so...

No school for you guys today.

You're going to come with me.

We're coming with you where?

Somewhere safe.

Go get your brother.


This is bullshit.

If my dad wants to move us, he can come here and explain it himself.

It's not your dad, Dana; it's the CIA.

They were the ones who called me.

Trust me, it's my dad.

Everything that goes wrong right now is my f*cking dad, - so get out of my room, Mike!



Hey! You don't talk to me like that.

I'm here to help, and you damn well know it.

I'm not asking, and nor is the CIA, so get your sh1t together because it's happening, and it's happening now, even if I have to carry you out of here kicking and screaming.

(cell phone buzzing)


Brody: Are they safe yet?



Can't discuss that on an open line.

Remember where we first met?

And I don't mean your office.

In the rain?

I'll see you there in 30.

(whispering): Come on.


Let's go, man.

Let's go.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

Virgil: The point is, until today, this look into Quinn that you and Carrie asked us to do was feeling like a big f*cking jerk-off.

Everywhere we looked, he checked out.

Till today?

What happened today?

We tracked down where he lives.

Took a peek into his apartment.

sh1t, Virgil.

Told you to check him out, not break into his apartment.

Show him, Max.

Anti-intrusion devices everywhere.

Man lives like he's ready to bounce at a moment's notice.

That's it?

A CIA analyst is a security-phobe?

His personal life's a little wanting?

Virgil: The field office is one thing, Saul, but I've never met an analyst that lives like this.

Max: Do you know what that is?

It's a rifle-cleaning kit.

That pull-through cable tells me that it's a rifle with a long-ass barrel.

Virgil: A sniper rifle.

Anything else?

One personal item.

We found it tucked away in the only book that he has.

Her name's Julia Diaz.

Easy to trace because she's law enforcement.

Philadelphia PD.

Find out what precinct she's in and get me the address.

Whoa! This is sick.

You're stocked up on groceries and some half-decent wine.

If you need anything else, pick up that phone, hit one-one.

We're in the apartments on either side.

Is there anything else you can tell me about this threat?

All I know is that your husband is working with the CIA on it.

It's standard procedure for us to move the families of any high-profile people who are working on operations like this to safe houses.


Is there a specific threat to me and my children?

Not that we know of, no.

But we don't take chances.

This is the most secure place that you can be.

Okay, Jess?

Chris: There's a TV in every room.

Every room?

No way.

Yeah. They're all big-screens, too.

(door opens)


Where have you been, Brody?

Where's my family?

They're in DC, safe.

You have my word.

Thank you.

Of course.

I thought I was dead, Carrie.

It's really good to see you.

Well, where did they take you on that helicopter?

I don't know.

40, 45 minutes.

Very fast, very low.


And dark.

Away from any signs of civilization.

We have to hone in on all of the details now.

Every little thing.

I was taken to see Abu Nazir.


He's here.

Carrie, he's here.

He's in America.

And he's planning an attack.

Wait... Abu Nazir?

How is that even possible?

Jesus Christ!

So they wire you to the car battery.

What do you do?

I told them to kill me now.

Because..hatever reason Nazir has to torture me again is...

f*ck him.

After all I've been through, f*ck him.

Saul: You dared him to kill you right off the bat?


Then what happens?

They leave me there.

They don't turn on the battery.

I just sit there for a couple hours-- three maybe, I don't know-- sweating it out.

Then finally the door opens, and Nazir walks through with tea.


Yeah, the threat of torture was a test.

And I think this was, too.

We have become unsure of your commitment to our mission.

"Our mission"?

I don't know anything about a mission.

I did exactly what was asked of me-- nothing more, nothing less.

You saved my life in Beirut.

No one asked you to do that.

What is it, Nicholas?

What is troubling you?

I wanted to avenge Issa's death, not kill innocent civilians.

What if it's the will of Allah?

Neither of us know the will of Allah.

You taught me that yourself.

Each of us must decide what we can or cannot do.

So now you must decide.

What is your will, Nicholas?

Brody: I tell him my will is close to breaking.

Saul: Did he ask about your recent...

...specific wavering with Roya Hammad?



I told him I'd underestimated the love I have for my family.

And the fear for what would become of my wife and kids after I was gone had blindsided me.

How did Nazir react to your concern about your family?

Your wife and children have nothing to fear..f you stay true to yourself.


A clear threat.

Did he ask you anything else?


Did he say how he got into the country?


Did he say about the why of it?

My choice was simple..un, hide and wait for death like a cowering animal, like Bin Laden; or die taking the fight to the enemy.

Carrie: And the specifics of this fight are?

Tomorrow afternoon, the vice president and I are scheduled to greet the Special Operations group returning from Afghanistan.

At Dam Neck Naval Base.

300 soldiers to be reunited with their families.

Nazir plans to hit the homecoming.

How the hell is he gonna do that?

It's a locked-down, classified event.

All I know is what he told me.

He said he can't do it without me.

He said I'm essential to his plan.

And your essential part in this attack is what?

To convince the vice president to allow one reporter to cover the event.

Roya Hammad.


Is there anything else?

Brody and Nazir: Allahu Akbar.

(both praying in Arabic)


That's it.

Estes: Wait here, please.

Let's go.

(door opens)

Estes: Thoughts?


I don't know.

It all feels too easy.

He could be lying; Nazir could be playing him to misdirect us, lead us into a trap.


It's possible.

By his own admission, Brody's in a confused state.

Spent 12 hours in the company of a man who has considerable power over him.

What do you think, Carrie?

I think the symbolism of murdering 300 American soldiers in front of their wives and children is quintessential Nazir.

It's an idea worthy of him.

Elite troops just back from killing Muslims on the battlefield, just when they think they're out of harm's way?

So, with that in mind, if Nazir is planning to use Roya Hammad to breach the base, what are we looking at?

There's that trunk of explosives they pulled out of the tailor shop in Gettysburg.

What, 'cause that'd be as simple as replacing her news crew with terrorists and launching a Mumbai-style attack?

Uh, or a combination of the two.

Carrie: Bottom line is we can't not follow up on this, David.

Nazir is in our sights.

We have to play this out.

They don't believe me.

In 90 minutes, the vice president will be in your office, at which point David Estes will brief the two of you on these latest developments.

He'll protect your deeper involvement, of course, and you'll do your best to look surprised.

Do you believe me?

I do.

Because that's all I care about right now.

Different phone, same number.

Think you're the only one who understands this fucker needs watching like a hawk?

How about Carrie?

She understand that, too?

Carrie: Want to call your family?


I'll just have to lie to Jessica again.

They're in good hands, though, right?


And tomorrow, all of this will be over.


What's that look?

I thought it would be easier for them if they were with someone they knew.

Let me guess...

Mike Faber.

Your call?

My call.


I thought so.

Is Dad in the CIA now?

Is he going to have to leave again?

I don't think so.

All we know is that he's helping them with something for now; it'll be finished soon.

They playing?

You know what, honey?

Can you do me a favor?

Go set the table for dinner while we wait.

Go on.

I understand you're angry, Dana.

I'm not angry at you.

In general, then.

Hey, I'm mad at Brody, too, Dana.

I can only imagine what it's like for you.

You know, sometimes...

I really just wish he had never come back from that stupid war.

Don't say that.

I mean, ever since he's gotten back, everything has gone to sh1t, and it just keeps getting worse.

We all come back from that war with some kind of wound.

Did you?

Mike: Sure.

For eight years, I thought I lost my best friend.

It's like I left him behind back there.

Chris: Table's set, Mom.





Little unorthodox.

Mr. Vice President, we have a situation that concerns both you and the congressman, and not a lot of time.

A few hours ago, we received intelligence from two separate sources in Beirut that Abu Nazir's terrorist network is planning to attack the Special Operations group homecoming at Dam Neck tomorrow.

We've got to divert the transport, cancel the event.

Sir, we believe, with your help, we have an extremely high-percentage shot at killing or capturing the terrorist cell and stopping the attack cold.

With my help?

This is right in your wheelhouse, sir.

I'm listening.

It all hangs on the CNB correspondent Roya Hammad.

I know her, know her well.

She's interviewed me several times.

Sir, we believe she's working with Abu Nazir.


Based on verbal information from the same assets on the ground in Beirut.

Roya Hammad's a terrorist?

We believe, strongly, that not only is Ms. Hammad the delivery mechanism for this attack, whatever form it may take, but that she also intends to film it for broadcast around the world.


What do you need from me, David?

Officially allow her the access she's requesting so that we can monitor her movements, catch the entire cell red-handed and roll them up before the attack can actually happen.

Where's the White House on this?

I'll leave that with you, sir.

I'll take care of the director.

What do you think, Nick?

One question, sir.

What happens if the plan goes wrong?

If this isn't done and dusted before you leave the residence for that base tomorrow morning, then we divert the troop transport and cancel the event.

Which, I assume, would blow your entire operation.


Sir, there is one more thing.


We have good reason to believe that Abu Nazir is here, in the United States.

How the f*ck did that happen?

That can't go further than this room, Mr. Vice President.

Get me these terrorists, David.

Yes, sir.

(door closes)

Make the call. Do it now.

(phone rings) Hello?

It's me.

Vice president said yes.

How did you manage to convince him?

I told him that if he wants to officially nominate me as his running mate, then there'd be no better time and place to do it than at the naval base in front of the returning troops.

Roya: Very clever.

Our friend will be pleased.



When the plane lands at the base, I'll be with my cameraman.

You should find a way to be with me.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

Brody: Yes, I do.

Roya: See you tomorrow.

That's a bomb.

She just told him how to stay out of the blast radius.

Stay with the cab.

I want all eyes and ears on her until this thing's over.

We'll alternate in six-hour shifts.

I'll take the first one.

That leaves me with the doom watch.

Okay, so congruent triangles.

Have you ever heard of the Donkey Theorem?

Okay, give me the book.

We'll look at it.

The capital city of the most powerful country in the world.


The sh1t that goes on out there.

Thank you.

For being here.


That woman was right.

This is only half-decent.

So, I figured you'd take the guest room.

Oh, I'm good with the living room couch.

Take the guest room.

The kids will come in with me.

You called for me, sir?

Officer Diaz?

And you are?

Richard Keller.

Good to meet you, Officer.

What can I do for you today, Mr. Keller?

Richard, please.

Is there somewhere we could speak in private?

What about?

Your son.

Actually, it's more about his father, John Sr.

Who are you?



Come with me.

I haven't seen John since John Jr. was born, so that's four years.

But he sends you money?

Am I right?

I've upset you.

(clears throat)

I'm sorry.

Occupational hazard.


I'm a cop, sir, not a moron or a criminal.

So if you're looking to find some tax beef on me, write me a letter.

I can go get myself a lawyer, and we can do this right.

Maybe it's not with you that we have a discrepancy.

Maybe it's with your husband.

We were never married.

Does he have anything to do with your son?

Does that have anything to do with you?

If, uh..f you could give me John's last name, for the record.


I can confirm it for you.

It means you go first.

Understood the meaning.

And since we're, uh, being all open and honest here, Richard, how does the IRS get that picture of me and my kid?

Has something happened to him?

What is this all about?

You're not IRS, are you?

If you'd like to check my credentials, be my guest.

Well, I'm sorry to bother you, Officer.

Have a good night.


You watching him?

He's at his station, doing his thing.

John X, aka Peter Quinn, is about to get a call from the mother of his child.

(phone vibrating)


What did he look like, this man?


No, don't worry about it.

You did fine.

I got to go.

Is Carrie still here?

Carrie: Yeah.

I got to go deal with some personal admin bullshit for 30 minutes.

Can you cover for me?

Me, cover for you?

It's 30 minutes-- no big deal.

Sure, not a problem.

(door opens, closes)


You got him?

He took a bus.


He's a slippery b*st*rd.

He just got off.

He, uh..e ditched his jacket and put on a hat.

Now he's getting on another bus.

♪ ♪

He's, um..e's talking to someone.


(shutter clicking)


♪ ♪


♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪


Where have you been?

You look wasted.

I'm just old.

You'll get there sooner than you think.

See you at game time.

(beep, door opens)

Max is on him.

So he met some guy on a city bus?

You know him?

Dar Adal.

Dar Adal?

That's Dar Adal?

That's him.

In the flesh.

I knew him 18 years ago, when I ran company missions we don't talk about into Somalia, from Nairobi Station.

If Quinn reports to a guy like Dar Adal, he's no more an analyst than I'm in Hair Club for Men.

So what's he really doing on this task force?

I don't know.


(indistinct chatter)

You're early.

You're welcome.

FBI liaison, two operations officers from the Special Ops group.

The rest is in the memo.

Carrie already in position?

Since 6:00 a.m.

Along with two follow teams across from Roya Hammad's building.

Waiting for her to get on the move.

Tac team?

Two blocks off.

We sure it's just Roya in this cell?

What about the other three in the, uh, news team?

Here she comes.

Apart from a DWI and a minor drug charge, they check out, but until we know for sure, everyone's a terrorist.

Carrie (over radio): We're moving.

Black Town Car.

Plate number L484K7.

We got eyes on her news van?

Rolling follow team.

The camera crew just pulled in to a restaurant two miles north of Dam Neck.

Van's clean so far.


How is everybody today?

Holding up.

Right, guys?

Guess what.

I just got clearance for you to give Congressman Brody a call on the satellite phone.

He could probably use a call now, and we figured you'd want to check in and let him know that you're all doing fine.

Okay, great.

Just family talk, though. "Hi. How are you?" That sort of thing. No mention of the CIA, please.

(phone ringing)


Hey, Dad.

It's me, Chris.

He knows it's you, dorko.

What's going on?

Just eating breakfast.

Uncle Mike made huevos rancheros.

Great. Say hi to him.

Dad says hi.

So, uh, are we getting out of here soon?

Sure, real soon.

This place is so cool.

Hey, listen, that's great.

I'm just running out to work.

Can I have a quick word with your sister?


Bye, Dad.

Bye, Chris.

(whispering): Talk to your father.




You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, Jess.

Where's Dana?

(whispering): I don't want to.

She's, um..till sleeping.

Well, give her a kiss for me.


Tell her I love her.

She knows.

What about you?

You okay?

Brody, can you tell me anything about what's happening, what you're doing?

Only that I'm glad you guys are safe.

And it's all going to be over real soon, and we'll get back to the way we were.

She's entering the restaurant.

She's at a window counter with her camera crew, where she has a line of sight with the news van.

Looks like she's ordering breakfast.

Where's he going?

Liaison with the FBI in the field.

FBI liaison?

An analyst?

He's wearing two hats today.


Carrie: All call sites, stand by.

Possible bogey.

Wait out. Wait out.

Blue SUV.

Fits the description of the one Brody saw Sandman get into yesterday.

Unknown number of passengers.

Estes: Is Nazir in it?

I can't tell.

The windows are tinted.

I can't see inside.

Now they're just sitting there, waiting.

Who's really running this operation, David?

Excuse me?

You or Dar Adal?

And Quinn.

Who is he really?

What are his orders?

He's here to kill terrorists, Saul.

Just like all of us.

Carrie: Stand by.

There's movement.

Okay. Okay.

Carrie: The first person out of the vehicle is Nazir's munitions guy.

Stand by.

And three I don't recognize.

One more still in the van who I can't see.

They're opening the back of the news van.

They're moving what looks like camera batteries.

Now they're doing something at the rear of the vehicle which I-I can't see.

They're switching the camera batteries.

If that's the device, it's at least 200 pounds.

Tac One, Tac Two, Tac Three, move now. Over.

Show me your hands! FBI!

Carrie: Bogey on the move.


Carrie: Got him.


Going in to confirm it's Nazir.

Stand by.

Waiting for confirmation of Nazir.

Show me his face.

It's not him.

It's-it's not Abu Nazir.

It's not him.

Sandman is not here.

We do not have Sandman.

Estes: Stand down.

You still need him.

I say again-- stand down.

What the hell are you doing here?

Watching your back.

We got them, Brody.

Your information was good.

Got them all?

All but Nazir.

He's still out there.

So, believe it or not, I am your best friend in the world right now.