02x12 - The Choice

Previously on Homeland...

I'm tired of fighting.

Me, too.

Carrie knows, right, everything about you?

She accepts it.

(voice breaking): You must love her a lot.

This deal of ours...

I think it's a way out for both of us.

You know how crazy everyone says you are?

You're crazier than that.


Saul: Not too many months ago you told me you were in love with him.

Yeah, and I was more than a little unstable then.

Carrie's been in an accident. D.C. Police found her car on 17th Street all smashed up; it was broadsided.

Is she hurt?

They can't find her.

What the f*ck have you done to Carrie?

If you want to help her, you will do exactly as I tell you.

Walden has a bad heart.

His pacemaker can be accessed wirelessly.

Send me the number or I will kill her.


Call a doctor.

I'm killing you.

What I did to get Nazir to let you go..t was you or Walden, Carrie.

What if Nazir didn't run and we're looking in all the wrong places?

So, what are the right places?

Back in the tunnels.

(both grunting)

I got him.

You tell Estes, no matter how many bullshit charges he trumps up, I'm on to him.

You know what this is really about?

Planning a hit on Brody.

How you going to do on the polygraph when they ask if you ever executed a member of Congress?

Oh, it's all coming back to me.


The good, the bad, the ugly?

(sighs) It wasn't dull.


Ah, watch the wrists.

Wounded warrior.

It's not like last time, though.

There's no secrets now.


No, it's just...


(laughing): Well, that should be a good thing, right?



Anyway, um, we should get firewood, make up the bed.


(phone buzzing)


You on him?



He's not alone.

As soon as he is, I'll take him.

And he disappears.

I know what I'm doing.

Who's he with?

Does it matter?

It's Carrie, right?


Jesus, she's unbelievable.

You never made a bad move in your romantic life?

Call me every two hours.

(beeps off)


(bird whistling)

Uh, do something with these.



Ha, ha.

I'm funny.

Well, now I know.


(opens and closes chamber)

A souvenir from our last visit.

How sweet.

(sighs deeply)


Hey, let's take a walk.

So you guys own this place, right?

From my mom's family.

They'd come here every summer.

Where's your mom now?

The day I left for college, she told my dad she was going to CVS and she never came back.

Wow, did you see that coming?

Well, my dad was pretty impossible.

He has what I have, but he just wouldn't get treated.


So there'd be a message in the stars, and he'd have to buy a camper and drive us all out to the Great Lakes for the miracle.

It was that kind of thing.

But now he's on meds?

Yeah, and he's good.

He's, he's well.

And your mom?

You'd think I'd hate her-- Maggie does-- but I understand.

I mean, living with that can eat you up.

Has she reached out to you since?

No, that part..oes hurt.

Thanks for telling me.

You're the first one.


(door opens)

(door closes)

Did you call Carrie Mathison?

No, but, uh, got you an extra milk.

Something terrible is going down right now.

An assassination.

You know I got to report everything that you say in here, right?

Report it.

Shout it from the rooftops.


Saul, just being honest-- you sound a little nutty.

Would you please just call Carrie?

You know I can't do that.

Why not?

Why not have a mind of your own, do me a favor despite your f*cking orders?

'Cause then I'd be where you are.

Thanks for the milk.


So, how do I apply to become your cabin boy?

Oh, that's a coveted spot.




Do the cooking, do the laundry.


I do hate laundry.

Keep the lady of the house stimulated.



You're hired.



Want to talk about it for real?

Yeah, okay.


Well, what are your plans?

If I don't get the cabin boy job?

(laughing): Yeah.


I'm not going to be a congressman.

You got any other skills?

Um..eah, I could be a builder.

Maybe a teacher.

My only real plan for now is to be a good person again.

You are a good person.

I really have a second chance.

I never thought that was possible.

A clean slate.

And I have you.

At least, at this moment, I have you.


Well, if we were really serious...

Well, let's just say we are.


I would have a clean slate, too.

Because you wouldn't go back to the CIA.

Oh, I couldn't.

And there's the rub.

Well... yes.


They ask you back?

Uh, no, not yet, but...

You know, I know how much you love it there.

Yeah, but, but the thing is...

No, I understand, I do.

No, you interrupted me.


The thing is, Brody...

I also love...


...being with you.

Is it possible?

I don't know.

I mean, your past..nd my illness.

I'm not scared of that.

You should be.


I told you, it's hard.

It's ugly.

Well, you're not scared of the ugly things I've done.

I am, though.

You do scare me, Brody.




You might be right.

Maybe all this will end in tears.

Or..e might make it?


(crickets chirping)

(insects chirping)

(insects chirping)

(duck quacks, birds singing)


Don't leave.


I'll be back with croissants.

In that case, get out of here.


(birds singing, insects chirping)

(screen door squeaks shut)

(engine starts)

♪ ♪


(speaking Arabic)

(Brody continues speaking Arabic)

(speaking Arabic)





Real life interferes today.

I know.

Back we go.

I was thinking, in the car...


About you.


And me.


It's up to you.

I'm in.

I have to, uh...



I wish I could have both-- you and the job.

I know.


I know, I know.

And I'll understand, whatever you decide.

I'm gonna go to my sister's tonight, see them, just play this out.



But we could be happy, couldn't we?


Imagine that.


(soft grunt)

(sighs heavily)


Is it done?



The vice president's dead.

I'm aware.

And Brody's resigning his seat.

You're telling me things I know.

So there's no threat to the nation.

He'll never rise politically.

Are you suddenly an analyst, Quinn?


I'm a guy who kills bad guys.

And you have an assignment you've apparently f*cked up.

Brody's information was good.

So f*cking what?

Perfect, actually.

We got Nazir because of him.

As for Carrie, I have never seen a better intelligence officer.

Killing Brody would kill her.

What is all this squishy bullshit?

So the only reason to kill Brody now is for you.

To cover your ass.

And the collateral damage would be to wreck a woman you've already wrecked once before.

And I ain't doing that.


Fine... if you're not up to the task.

Nothing happens to Brody.


Or you'll find me back in this bedroom one night.

Right back in that chair.

'Cause I'm a guy that kills bad guys.

(footsteps retreating)

(phone ringing)

Hi, Brody.

How's it going?

Um, fine. Fair.


Hey, look, uh, there's a memorial for Walden at the CIA later today.

Brody, I can't go with you.

I know.

I mean...

Brody: No. It's fine.

That's fine. I just need to come by, get my suit.

Oh. Okay.

Well, uh, Chris has a game at 12:00.

We'll be gone till 2:00.

All right, I'll come by then.

How is Chris?

He's not eating very much.

(Jessica sighs over phone)

It's weird.

And Dana?

We're fine, Brody.

We're just, um..rying to get on.

Yeah. Right.

Okay. Bye.


(billiard balls clack)

Man: I can do the outside.



You're not the only one ahead.


♪ Yes, it's true... ♪


Can I buy you a beer?

Why not?


♪ Never had so much trouble... ♪

Two Rolling Rocks-- this guy's favorite.

'Cause I'm cheap.

Always were.

(sighs) So, is this a peace negotiation?

I'm not at war with you.


Mike..e're splitting up-- me and Jess.

Jesus. It's tough?

Yeah. It's best for everyone.

You took care of 'em for eight years when I was gone.

You took care of 'em last week when I couldn't.

It's no trouble.

You can keep taking care of them.

If you want.

Because I can't right now.

This isn't the way it was supposed to go.




Well, if it isn't Javert.

You can go.

I can go?

That's what I said.


Oh, goddamn it.

Is he dead?

Did you kill Brody?


I decided you were right.

He held up his end, so we'll hold up ours.

So I called it off.

What took you so f*cking long?

I needed to cool off. - I needed to sit here for three days while you did?

Watch your step.


Gonna bring out your big, bad report on me?

Your five-alarm warning, what a dangerous f*cking figure Saul Berenson is?

The report is being redacted as we speak.


Why, David?

Maybe I'm just giving an old guy a break.


♪ ♪

No soccer for you?

I wanted to stay here.

How're you doing?


I know.

I'm sorry.

Where are you going?

To a ceremony for Finn Walden's dad.

Will Finn be there?


You remember that day that you were dressing in here, and you wanted me to leave?

I'm not sure...

It was the day that that lady came.



You never care if I'm in here while you're getting ready.

And then..hat she said about a bomb...

...and you wanting to hurt people.

That the war had messed you up...

Dana. Look...

It adds up, is the thing.

It is the only thing that makes sense.

I don't want to lie to you.

Then don't.

She isn't crazy, is she?

Carrie? No.

She's not.

So you were going to do those things.

But I didn't.

And I wouldn't now.

Oh, my God.


Look, I was screwed up.

That's why I hurt your mom.

And you guys.

It is like you just don't know anyone.


You know me.




Well, you look nice.

I'm overseeing Nazir's ceremony.

Mm. Burial at sea?

Seems to be the method of choice these days.

Want to come along?

Oh, I promised Brody I'd see him at the memorial service.

Then walk me out, at least.


This'll put you in line to be the youngest station chief in the history of the Agency.

How on earth did you swing this with Estes?

I haven't.

Not yet, anyway.

Well, what makes you think he'll play ball?

Because you deserve it.

Plus he owes me.

He does?

Does that have anything to do with where you've been the last three days?

That's a long story.


I mean...

Station chief?

Why do you not look thrilled?


I just have to think about it.

What's to think about?

Look, you know the struggles that I have.

Which you're managing very well.


Well, sometimes I think about a more balanced life, is all.

This is your life.

Well, I've always believed that, but...

What's changed?


I thought you said your eyes were open.

My eyes are open.

Brody has kept every promise he's made to us.

Without him, we never would have rolled up Nazir or his network.

He's a man who put on a suicide vest, Carrie.

That's who he is.

That's who he always will be.

I know everything he is.

But it's..t's complicated.

No, it's crystal clear.

You cannot be with him.

Who are you to say that to me?

You can do whatever you want.

An intelligence officer can't.

Don't you think I know that?

So you're choosing him over us?

I don't know!

You're throwing your life away.

Or maybe I'm-I'm just not giving it away, to this place.

Maybe..aybe I want other things.

Like a terrorist in your bed.

And maybe I don't want to be alone my whole f*cking life!

Like me. - Like you. 'Cause it doesn't look that great, Saul.

How does it feel?

You don't know a goddamned thing.

You're the smartest and the dumbest f*cking person I've ever known.


Excuse me.




I'm behind a lot of Xanax here.

That's okay.

You want me to see you to your seat?


All right.

Hello, Finn.

Hi, Mr. Brody.

Tell Dana I said hi.

I will.

Anything else I can do for you?

No. I'm fine, thank you.


Thanks for coming.



(speaking Arabic)

Estes: ...a man of conviction.

A man of principle.

It was Bill Walden who coined the phrase "Fortress America," who led this Agency out of its darkest hour, and in the process, transformed the very way we defend ourselves here at home.

It was Bill Walden who championed a fledgling drone program, which has since degraded Al-Qaeda to the point of irrelevance.

And it was Bill Walden who laid the groundwork for the operations that took out Osama Bin Laden and Abu Nazir.


(speaking Arabic)

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

I've decided, and I want to be with you.

What, now? Or...?


(speaking Arabic)

Chaplain: Amen.

We honor your husband for all he has done for this agency and for this great country.

What made you change your mind?

You did.

What's wrong?


Why the sad look then?

I'm not sad.

The opposite.

That's weird.


Somebody moved my car.

What are you talking about?

I didn't park it there.

I parked in Lot C.

Oh, f*ck.

...the president joins me in expressing his deepest sadness...

(massive explosion)

(seagulls calling)


(chambering round)

Don't you move.

What are you doing?

Shut up.


I said, shut up!

(panting): Oh... Oh...

Oh, my God.

This isn't me, Carrie.

I didn't do this.


I swear to you...


For Christ's sake, Carrie.

Listen to me. Look at me.

Why would I do this?

I can't see into your f*cking soul, Brody!

Yes, you can.

It was in your car.

I didn't know!

I don't believe you.


I'm gonna stand up now, really slowly.

So if you want to shoot me, go ahead.

It was Nazir who did this.

It had to be.

Nazir is dead.

Yeah, he is.

So what the f*ck are you talking about?

He played us all from the beginning.

How, by letting himself get killed?

Why not?

Because it's insane!

Think about it.

Think about it, Carrie.

What better way to make us to drop our guard?

Dam Neck was never the target.

Roya and her crew were sacrificed.


It was always Walden with him.

It was always the CIA.

Nazir would've died a thousand deaths to make this day happen.


(muttering): Oh, sh1t.

Are you okay?

You okay, Carrie?


You okay?

Hey. Hey.

(sobbing): This isn't f*cking happening.

(sirens approaching) Hey.

(grunts, groans)


It wasn't me.

It wasn't me.

We have to go.

What do you mean? Go where?

No one else will believe you.

We have to go.

We have to go right now.


Tv Reporter: ...details emerging now about the massive explosion that ripped through Langley 25 minutes ago.

Although we have no confirmation, several sources are reporting that this was an act of terror targeting the memorial service for Vice President Walden.

Oh, my God, I can't get through.

The lines are down at Langley, too.


Tv Reporter: ...including Secretary of Defense Richard Halstead, Secretary of Homeland Security...

(knock at door)

You guys stay here.

It's about Brody?

Ma'am, I'm Agent Hall.

We have a situation.

Can we come inside?

Is he alive?

Major, please step aside.

Not until you tell us what the hell is going on.

We need to search the premises.

Where's your warrant?

Major, don't make a scene.

Don't force me to make one.

Just step aside.

I don't understand.

What's happening?

Please. Just let us do our job.

Tv Reporter: ...from the president saying, "The explosion today at Langley is a tragedy."

Hang on.

"The victims and their families are in our deepest prayers."

(keys jangling)

What are we doing here?

Activating my insurance policy.


Here, let me help.

A friend, June, will meet us at the border.

She'll drive us up to Montreal, where we get onto a fishing boat which takes us up to Newfoundland.

From there, we board a freighter which will take us into international waters.

It's the, uh, gold key.

This one here?




My mom taught me to save for a rainy day.

"Ellen Kramer."

I'm guessing that's not an agency-approved cover.

You'll have to be someone else, too.

We'll stop on the way.

The guy who makes these is expensive, but nobody owns him.

Woman: Mr. Berenson, Sloane Nelson.

I'm with Defense.

The acting secretary sent me to facilitate between the Bureau and the Agency.

How many dead?

We'll be pulling out bodies for the next couple days.

How many so far?

Almost 200.



Most have already been taken to Sibley Memorial.

Who's tracking the names?

There's a list in the triage tent.

Show me.

This way, sir.

Cynthia Walden is confirmed dead.

Their son, Finn, was killed as well.


David Estes, also deceased.

I don't see Carrie Mathison on either list.

She's unaccounted for.

But she was present.

Yes, sir.

You see anyone walking away from this scene?

No, sir.

So she's presumed dead?

Don't f*cking sugarcoat it.

I understand you were close to her.

Congressman Brody was at the ceremony as well.

He's also presumed dead, but there's something else.

What's that?

Preliminary forensics suggest the bomb was in his car.

Brody's car?

The forensics team is waiting to give you a full debrief so you can brief the president.


You're the ranking officer on site, sir.

You're in charge.

Give me a minute, please?

Of course.

We'll be in C Wing.

(dialing cell)

(phone ringing)

(over recording): Hi, it's Carrie Mathison.

Leave a message.


Carrie, it's me.

I'm looking for you.

Please call me back.

Woman: ...the damage this attack has done to the highest echelons of American intelligence...

I can't listen to this anymore.

How are you doing? Okay?


Do you want me to drive for a while?

No, we're almost there.




Stand here.

And, uh, don't smile.



Mike: So, we're doing the whole disappearing act, right? Passport, - driver's license, birth certificate?

How long will it take?

Mike: How long do I have?

Hall: So the Congressman doesn't actually live here anymore?

Jessica (sighs): No.

How much longer are you gonna be?

When did he move out?


But he was here earlier today?

I told you all of this already.

He needed a suit for the memorial.

He didn't do it.

Excuse me?

I mean, that's what you're all saying, - isn't it?

Nobody's saying that, Dana.

Don't take sides, Mom.

I'm not taking sides.

No, it is obvious what they think and they're wrong.

What makes you so sure?

Because I was here, and I talked to him.


And... he was fine.

He was totally fine.

What did you two talk about?

Nothing. Just..ormal stuff.

How'd the conversation end?

It was not like he said good-bye for good, if that's what you mean.

Hall: How do you know?

Because I know.

Chris: Look.

It's Dad on TV.

Brody: People will say I was broken, I was brainwashed.

People will say that I was turned into a terrorist, taught to hate my country.

I love..y country.

What I am..s a marine, like my father before me and his father before him.

And as a marine, I swore an oath to defend the United States of America against enemies both foreign and domestic.

My action this day is against such domestic enemies.

Mike: Turn it off, Chris.


We need to see this.

All of us.

...security team, who I know to be liars and war criminals.

Responsible for atrocities they were never held accountable for.

This is about justice for 82 children whose deaths were never acknowledged, and whose murder is a stain on the soul of this nation.

f*ck me.

Newscaster: In addition to Congressman Brody's taped message, the militant group released the following statement, claiming responsibility for the attack.

(speaking Arabic)

Translator: The demise of Al-Qaeda is a myth.

For every action, there is a reaction.

Just as you lay waste to our nation, we lay waste to yours, God willing.

And nothing is too great for God.

Give me your phone.

The minute you reach out to your family-- the second-- they'll be on us like bloodhounds.

(phone ringing)

Saul: Hello?


Thank God.


You know, I-I've been trying you for hours. I...


Are you... are you okay?

I'm okay.

(sighs) We've been watching.

I-It's so terrible.


So y-you weren't there?


And, um, is Carrie..s... is she all right?


Oh, Saul. I...

I know.

I'm gonna come back.



Woman: ...this was a terrorist attack.

They only released...


(crickets chirping)

(car approaching)

Carrie: The border's in a few miles.

Yeah. We driving over?

There's a fire road about a mile before.

It's better to cross on foot in the forest where there's cover.

Then what?

A hike to Lake Selby.

It's about 20 miles.

June has a summer cabin there.


Here's the road.

(car door shuts)

Back in the woods.


It seems to be our place.



You're not coming, are you?



I want to.

I was going to, but I...

I can't now.

We came so close.

It can still happen.

One day.


I'm gonna clear your name, - Brody.


You got me here.

That's more than you ever had to do.

Hey, you're talking in the past tense.

Whatever happens or doesn't...

It will!

This was love.

You and me.

But it's not good-bye.


What, you don't believe me?

However it hurts the least.

Oh, my God.

Why do I feel like this?

'Cause you gave it up to me.


(whispers): Good-bye, love.



Check with TEDAC to make sure the bomb residue from Congressman Brody's car...

(sighs) ...matches the C-4 taken out of the..ailor shop in Gettysburg.

That'll give us a place to start.

(Saul reciting the Kaddish)

Carrie (echoing): Saul.


(footfalls approaching)