01x02 - The Descent Into Hell Isnt Easy

All the legends are true.

narrator: Previously on Shadowhunters...

We protect the human world from the demon world.

You're deceiving her. For as long as possible.

Take her memories.

Dot, open it.


You'll never get the Cup.


Someone kidnapped my mother!

You know more than you think you do.


I got you.

Clary: Could you deglamourize, so my best friend doesn't think I'm losing my mind?

I need to keep you safe.

I can get us help.

Simon's voice echoing: Clary.

[breathing heavily]

Clary, come on. We gotta go.

Simon, I think Jace can help us.

[sirens wailing]


Come on.

Simon: How do we know this Mick Jagger-looking guy is even gonna try...

Jace: Mundane, we do not have the time.

Clary: Come on, Simon. Let's go.


I know. Trust me.

Simon: He's, like, burning himself.


Simon: Buddy, what's going on, man? I'm not your type, man. I don't even...

[Simon muttering]

Where are we? [Stammers]

What the hell?

Clary, is there a war going on that I don't know about?

There is now.

I think my mother's at the center of it.

Jace: You coming?


Simon: What is this place?

There's a lot of gear in here. What'd they do, rob a tech shop?

So this cold-blooded killer is gonna help us?

He's not a killer. He's protecting us.

Specifically, you. It's sort of our thing.

Simon: Your thing? You guys have a thing?

Clary: He means a Shadowhunter thing. That's what they do, protecting humans from demons.

Simon: Demons, right. That makes perfect sense, 'cause there are demons running all around New York.

Jace: That is the first correct thing you've said all day.


officer: NYPD.

Clary: Won't they find us?

Jace: No. Our wards will deter them.

Officer: Police.

Jace: And the NYPD will do their typical mundie thing for a few hours and then the area will be clear.

Alec: What is going on? Why is there a mundane in the Institute?

Jace: [sighs] A Circle member followed him to get to Clary.

Clary: A Circle rune, just like the guys that took my mother.

Simon: What exactly is a Circle member and why are they trying to kill us?

All we know is... a long time ago the Circle led a revolt.

A lot of Shadowhunters got killed... including my father.

Alec: And since the revolt we've been forbidden to even hear about the Circle.

Clary: But, how is that even possible? It's your history.

[scoffs] Says the girl who didn't know she was a Shadowhunter?

Clary: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. And now the only person who knows the truth is missing, so I don't care about your rules or what's forbidden, I'm... There's got to be someone out there who can tell us why they've taken my mother.

Jace: There is. You coming?

Clary: Yeah.

Jace: No, no, no. Not you.

Hey, we're a package deal.


Jace: There are runes all over the training room floor that would kill your mundie boyfriend.

Clary: He's not my...

Simon: I'm not, like...

We're, uh, just friends.

Best friends.

Simon: Yeah, and I'm tough. I can handle runes. So, uh, bring on the runes. [scoffs] What exactly are runes?

Izzy: They give Shadowhunters our demon-fighting powers.

Simon: So hot.

[clears throat]

Simon: The rune. [Clears throat]

Izzy: [chuckles] Don't worry, Clary. I'll watch over the best friend. In fact, I was about to make breakfast.

Jace: [inhales] On second thought, the runes might be less lethal.

Izzy: [sighs] I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Please excuse my brother's lack of manners. This is Alec... and I'm Isabelle.

Simon: Lewis. Simon, Simon Lewis. Two first names. Am I still talking?


Jace: See? Best friend's safe and sound here.

Clary: Jace, if anything happens to him...

Simon: Go on, I'll be fine.

I think. [Chuckles]

Where are we going?

Training room.

Jace: Hey, uh... don't eat the food. Dangerous.

Clary: Jace, coming?

Jace: Yeah, I'm coming.

Where's Magnus Bane?

Keep moving, warlock.

[woman grunts and pants]

Now, what were you gonna do with that warlock?

Is that part of Valentine's plan now, huh?

Humans, now warlocks?

You're nothing but a traitor. [Chuckles]

A disgrace to the Circle.


The only disgrace is that there's a Circle at all.


But I hear that your membership is dwindling.

You killed Konrad. I know it.

I didn't have the pleasure.

You can blame your allegiance to Valentine for that.

Now, let's make a deal.

You're gonna tell me some secrets and I'll make sure that you don't end up in the morgue like your boyfriend, Konrad.


[car alarm blaring]

[Luke grunting]


[tires screech]

[car alarm continues wailing]

[indistinct chatter]

Who is that guy?

Jace: That's Hodge Starkweather, our weapons trainer. And, more important for us, a former Circle member. After the uprising, Hodge repented and he was sent to live and work here to make amends. But he's forbidden to ever leave the Institute.


[weapons clanging]

[Hodge grunts]



Clary: Uh, I'm Clary. Uh, Jocelyn Fray is my mother.

Hodge: Well, she was Jocelyn Fairchild when I knew her.


And she was one of my best friends.

Clary: She's been kidnapped... by someone named Valentine and his men.

Jace: By the Circle, Hodge.

Hodge: But that's impossible. Valentine's dead and the Circle died with him.


Clary: What's happening?

Hodge: I swore a vow never to speak of what we did. This is the Clave's way of making sure I keep that vow.

Clary: We can't torture him, Jace. Is there anyone else we can ask?

Hodge: If the Circle really is back... and they've taken Jocelyn... Our leader... our leader of the Circle was Valentine Morgenstern... [winces]

[rune searing] [stammers]

Hodge: We thought he wanted to protect humans, like all Shadowhunters. But we never realized the lengths which Valentine was willing to go... the people he was willing to sacrifice.

[rune searing]

[inhales sharply]

Hodge: Most of humanity would die if we carried out Valentine's plan.

Clary: But I... I still don't understand. How does my mother relate to any of this?

Hodge: [sighs] Jocelyn was a member of the Circle as well.


[stutters] I can't believe it. My mother, she...

Hodge: The important thing is that Jocelyn left the Circle. And so none of this even matters, because Valentine died in a fire years ago.


Hodge. Hodge.

I'm sorry, but we can't ask you to do this.

Clary, we don't have a choice.

[sighs] You understand that, Hodge, right?

Hodge: [panting] Jace... is right. Valentine nearly destroyed the Shadow World and humanity along with it. If he'd gotten the Cup...

Clary: Wait a minute. My mother told me she hid something from someone. If it's this Cup...

Jace: Clary, the Mortal Cup is the most important object in the Shadow World.

Whoever possesses it can create more Shadowhunters.

And in the wrong hands... control demons.


Hodge: If Jocelyn hid the Cup from Valentine, then she's in more danger than you can possibly imagine.

[rune searing]


Jace: Hodge.

[Hodge yelps]

[breathing heavily] I hate to make you suffer like this.


I'm so sorry.

Your mother was only trying to protect you.

And now you must protect her.

Stop Valentine... before he destroys us all.

[breath trembling]

Clary, but...

Clary, look, will you just calm down?

Calm down?

Really, calm down?

Okay, Jace, you might be some kind of emotionless G.I. Joe, but...

Jace: What is a G.I. Joe?

Clary: A soldier who doesn't understand human emotions, who doesn't know what it's like to lose someone, to lose your own mother.

Jace: You're right. I never knew my mother.

[stammers] I didn't know.

Jace: That's precisely my point. You don't know anything about this. You don't know about me, you don't know about my life... [sighs] ... but in the Shadow World, no training and no plan gets you killed.

[Clary sighs]

Clary: Okay, so we know that Valentine is back and wants the Cup, and for some reason he thinks my mother has it.

Jace: Could she?

Have the Cup?

I don't know.

Jace: Look, Clary, you know about runes. You've drawn them. You... you know something. Think, please.

Clary: I've tried, Jace, okay? It's just this empty blackness.


Jace: Your memory's been wiped.

That's not possible.

Is it?

Jace: Absolutely... if you know a warlock.

Clary: A warlock?

Jace: Yeah, a warlock, Clary. Immortal beings, they're half-demon, half-human. Sometimes their fingers spark.

Dot, my mom's assistant, her hands had this purple glow when she opened the wall and my mom pushed me through and I ended up at the police station.

That was a Portal.

Dot must have been a warlock. Only warlocks can create them.

Wait, so you're saying if we find the real Dot, she could help us find the Cup and get my mom back?

Unless she's working for Valentine.

Even better.

She'll lead us right to him.

Where's Simon?

[door opens]


Where's Clary? What happened to her?

We sent her through a Portal to you.

You sent her through a Portal? Alone?

She could be in limbo.

Well, I didn't have much of a choice.

I stayed to help Jocelyn fight Valentine's men and I got thrown through a plate glass window.

Who do you think glamoured the house so that the mundane police wouldn't be alerted?

Where's Clary? And where's Jocelyn?

I don't know.

All I know is that I sent Clary to the police station.

To you.

And what exactly are you doing with all that stuff?

Luke: I can't have anybody tracking Clary.

Including you.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means that this stuff is going back to the station with me, where it's safe.

[exhales sharply]

Where are you going?

To find Clary. They'll come for her next.

If anyone can help, it's Magnus Bane.


[softly] What?

You can't trust anybody.

You're absolutely right.


Simon: So, um... what happens to humans if they're... runed?

Izzy: They usually die. Sometimes they go crazy. When that happens, we call them the Forsaken. Then we kill them.


So the rune on Clary's neck...

Izzy: A healing rune. Jace used it to save her life.

Jace: So Jace knew she was a Shadowhunter?

Izzy: He was almost certain.

Where could you possibly be going?

Simon: To get Clary, to protect her from Jace.

Izzy: And why would she need protection from Jace? He's the ultimate protector.

Simon: What makes Jace so special?

Izzy: Fastest, strongest, fiercest. [chuckles] And hello, have you seen the guy?

Simon: Yeah, well, uh... sorry I asked.

Izzy: Rest easy, hombre. Clary's in good hands.

Mmm, don't worry.

There's plenty more where that came from.

Good to know. [Chuckles]

Good to know.

Simon: So the Circle... if they're as bad as they say they are, it's not good for Clary, is it?

Izzy: It's not good for any of us.

Jace: Where are you, Jocelyn Fray?


Vargas: Luke.


What's the story?

Uh, the story...


With Clary.

How's she doing?

Oh, you talked to Clary?

When she stopped by.

Oh, she was here?


I don't know.

The other day, when you were interviewing those two witnesses.

[stutters] Oh, yeah. You know what?

I had so much going on, I had Alaric take her home.

But Clary's okay, right?


She said she was upset about a boy, but my instincts tell me there's more to the story.

[scoffs] I wouldn't worry about that.

You know guys that age, they're idiots.

Just that age?


Well, some of us transform ourselves and hide the idiot within.

Well, if I ever had a daughter...

I'd be running a background check on every boy in sight.

Ah, that's some sound police work, Captain.

Clary: This is the least revealing thing you have?

Izzy: [chuckles] What? All the naughty bits are covered. A little too much in my opinion.


Clary: Where's Simon?

Izzy: Who? [chuckles] Kidding. He's in good hands with the boys.

Clary: So, um... you, Alec, and Jace are... what, like, family?

Izzy: [chuckles] Translation, you want to know if Jace and I are a thing.

Clary: [scoffs] Why would I care?

Izzy: Because you do. Don't worry. In every way, he's like my brother. Our parents took Jace in when he was ten. We trained together. Learned to fight side by side.

Clary: [sighs] A few days ago, all I had to worry about was getting into art school. [inhales] And now...

Izzy: Is this the part where I give you the pep talk about harnessing your inner Shadowhunter and accepting your true destiny?

Clary: Was that the pep talk?

Izzy: [chuckles] Basically. Clary... [sighs] Remember, you were born to do this. No matter what has happened... this is who you are.

Clary: Not exactly feeling that.

Izzy: Yet.

Clary: Okay, but now we just have to find Dot.


Izzy: And track down and kill the most dangerous rogue Shadowhunter in history before he kills us all.

Clary: You really know how to ruin a pep talk, don't you?

Izzy: Come on, let's go. Oh, and Simon is kind of nerd-hot.



Luke: Hey. Clary was here and we missed her.


The other day.

I think she saw me talking to the Circle members.

What do we do now?

I got a lead I'm gonna check out.

You work the Simon Lewis angle.

Where Clary goes, Simon's bound to follow.

Let's get out of here, just you and me.

We can get Dot ourselves.

Clary: Simon, there are demons out there, okay? Actual demons with tentacles that wanna murder us. Do you know how to kill a demon?

Simon: I'm an Internet search away.

Clary: Simon, I really don't think it's that simple.

Simon: I bet you it's not that hard.


No, Izzy.

Izzy: Fifty bucks says he doesn't approve this mission.

Alec: I don't approve of this mission. I spoke with the Clave. They're sending Seelie scouts to search for Valentine, but they made it clear, the little girl does not leave the premises.

Clary: Hey, my name is not "little girl", okay? I don't care what that Clave thing or you want, I'm going to find Dot.

Jace: Alec, this warlock could have the answers we need. With Valentine's people out there searching for Clary, she's not safe outside alone.

Izzy: Jace has a point.

Alec: Et tu, Izzy?

All right, since you have all the answers, where do you suggest we search?

Clary: We should start at Dot's apartment in Greenpoint, and there's this thrift store that she... [gasps]


What's wrong? What is it?

Clary: I, um... [exhales] Weirdly, I think I know where Dot is.

Simon: Great. I'll drive.


Simon: Unless you have, like, a Shadowhunter-mobile or something.


Simon: You were kidding about the runes on the floor killing me... right?


Simon: Wait... am I gonna die?

Magnus: Hurry up, warlocks. Last train to salvation.

Magnus! Hey.

Why haven't you answered my messages?

Jocelyn's missing and I...

I've been a little busy protecting our people from certain death.

What are you talking about?

Jocelyn's brilliant plan is screwed.

Valentine knows a warlock brewed the potion that put her to sleep.

He's hunting warlocks down one by one.

What, so you're leaving?

You've always been the quick study, Dorothy.

It's our only choice until we know what Valentine is up to.

Let's go.

No, I... I can't.

I've been Portaling all over the city looking for Clary and my magic is dangerously low. I need your help.

Are you really going to risk your life for a Shadowhunter?

[stammers] This isn't us versus them, Magnus.

If Valentine gets the Cup, we're all doomed.

Valentine can't kill what he can't find.

Last chance to save yourself.


[indistinct conversations]

[siren wailing in distance]





Dot: No!



Jace: Clary!

Clary, stop! Where are you going?

Two men, Circle members... the same ones who came to my house, who took my mom.

They have Dot.

They're gonna hurt her or kill her. We have to stop them!

[breath trembling] No.

She was just trying to help me.

Now, she's gone.

Clary, I'm sorry.

You don't understand. Dot's like my big sister.

It's not safe here.

We have to go back to the Institute right now.

So, what now? Valentine has my mom and Dot, and we're just gonna give up?

What about my memories? They can't just be gone?

There is another option.

Don't even...

Absolutely not.

I'm not afraid of the Silent Brothers.

Who are the Silent Brothers?

They're Shadowhunters with superior powers.

Who possess the ability to recover memories.

A process that can also kill you, so there's that.

Your bedside manner is abysmal.

We've broken at least 18 Clave rules and now you want to go to the City of Bones?

There's no way. I won't allow it.

This isn't our choice to make.

This is Clary's decision.

Isabelle: You can't ask her to do this.

She doesn't know what she's facing.

She's not prepared.

If anyone can tell me another way to recover my memories and still get the answers we need, I'm listening.

That settles it.

See? I told you she's one of us.

Simon: Yeah, this place isn't creepy.

Not at all.

[chuckles] Don't tell me you're afraid.

[scoffs] Are you kidding me? I was born afraid... which sounded a lot better in my head.

[Isabelle chuckles]

Alec: Let's check it out.

Jace: Wait here a minute. I wanna see if it's safe.

Why are we doing this?

We don't even know these people.


If something goes wrong... if something happens to her, that's on us.

You know that, don't you?


And you know exactly what'd happen if Valentine gets the Cup before we do.

She's lost everything, Alec.

I know exactly what that feels like.

And what's your problem with her, anyway?

Your family always used to welcome strays.

You were never a stray.

The point is, nothing's changed.

We're in this fight together. There's just... one more of us.

[sighs] I just wish my mom had trusted me enough to tell me about all this.

What is it? What's wrong?

How are you not ultra freaked out by all of this?

I guess I just always felt like there was something missing.

Some void I couldn't quite explain.

Things are finally starting to make sense.

But none of it's gonna matter unless I get my mom back.

Then let's do that.


Come on, it's all clear.

Let's go.


I'd hoped my men could have persuaded you to help us.

For someone so old, you're not too wise, are you?

See, it's very simple.

Reverse Jocelyn's spell and you'll be free to live your... wasteful, warlock life.

[scoffs] You're a liar.


You'd never let me go.

[clears throat]

But I swear, it wasn't me.

I can't break the spell.

Who did it then?

[inhales sharply]

I want the warlock's name.

See, Jocelyn may be unreachable, but her daughter is still out there.

You must want to help the girl, right?

[inhales deeply]

Maybe a little medicine... will trigger your memory, hmm?


[groans] No.



Jace: You have to understand, the Silent Brothers aren't like us.

They lack your charm and superior people skills?

Yeah, most people do.

Brothers communicate without using words, using just their thoughts.

That doesn't sound so bad.

Don't let their silence fool you.

They'll hold the Soul-Sword to your head, and with its blade, carve the truth from your mind.

If you're not strong enough, you will die.

I take it back. That sounds level ten bad.

Clary, you should know, the pain will be excruciating. You don't have to...

I'll do anything.

Walk through fire, battle demons, whatever it takes.

I have to get my mom back.

I can't... I won't lose her.

You won't.

We won't.

[sighs] I can do this.

Simon: Yeah, you can.

You're Clary freakin' Fray. You can do anything.

All right, hold up.

Surprise, surprise.

No mundanes allowed, just like in the training room, right? Wrong!

I've seen every horror movie ever made and the funny best friend who gets left behind... dead man.


You're not that funny.

But by all means, go ahead.

Of course, the minute you enter, you'll die.

Problem is, now I don't trust you.

He's not lying.


He was before.

Alec: The rune energy in the City of Bones will kill any mundane who dares to enter, so, please...

[Isabelle sighs]

The Brothers creep me out.

I'll mind the mundane.

Your sacrifice is noted, Izzy.

Simon: Talk about sacrifice.

I'm missing a financial analysis class.

I can't be here anymore, so, Jace, I'm gonna mind the perimeter.

I don't wanna leave you.

Go be a bad ass Shadowhunter, all right?

Get your memories back, save your mother.

I'll be right here... guarding the entrance to hell.

Clary, you don't keep the Silent Brothers waiting.

You got this.

They're getting to be quite the team.


No, not really.

[indistinct chatter on police radio]

Got this from the shift commander.

One of your witnesses turned up dead outside an abandoned church.

Then there's this.

[Luke groans]

Your other witness winds up dead inside a parking garage.

Look, I don't know what tore into this woman, and I really don't know what happened to that car.

Looks like the demonic murder crew's taking out their witnesses one by one.

You sure that's all it is?

Oh, come on, Captain. You've got no reason to doubt me.

Don't give me one.

You're supposed to stay under the radar.

It was self-defense.

You know I'm on the right side of things.

I know that.

I'm not sure our friends agree.

If you wanna smooth things over, I suggest you find Clary soon... or they will.

I will.

No one knows her better than I do.

[bats chittering]


[inhales sharply]

[exhales deeply]

[water trickling]

Clary: What's that?

It's witch light.

We carry it to remind us that light can be found in even the darkest of places.

And it's cooler than a flashlight.



Clary: Is that meant to be the Mortal Cup?

Jace: Yeah.

Clary: What's that say?

It's the Shadowhunter creed.

"Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies."


My Latin's pretty rusty, but I'm almost positive that's not what that says.

"For Shadowhunters, the descent into hell is easy."

That should be a postcard. [Scoffs]

It's this way.

I'm sorry... about what I said before about your mom. I didn't know.

It's cute. You assume I have feelings.

I don't.

Save the apologies for the mundanes.

Everyone has a sad song. My mother died when I was a baby.

My father died when I was ten.

I'm so sorry.


Wait, is he... is he buried here?


Circle members are considered traitors.

They forfeit their right to be buried here.

Your dad was in the Circle, too?

My father tried to do the right thing and leave the Circle and it cost him his life.

That's why you're doing all this, why you're helping me.

Valentine and his people need to pay.

I'm gonna make them pay.

For, um... for what it's worth...

I'm still sorry.

No more "I'm sorry's."

You're a Shadowhunter now.

Clary: I've drawn this before.

But I don't know what it means.

It means "clairvoyance."

[Clary gasps]

[breath trembling]

[man in deep voice] Shadowhunters...

[Clary gasps]

[breath trembling]

Silent Brother: Come into the circle.

Step away, Jace Wayland.

I'll be right here.

Silent Brother: The search of your unconscious... is a perilous one.

Please... my memories were blocked. I have to get them back.

If you are not strong enough... the Soul-Sword will kill you.

You're more powerful than you know.

Clary freakin' Fray, you can do anything.

Remember you were born to do this.

You're one of us. You're a Shadowhunter.

I'm ready.

So, is cracking someone's mind open supposed to take this long?

Maybe we, or... you should go check?

Jace has it covered.

[chuckles] Take my word for it.

The Silent Brothers are quite unpleasant.

That's not helping. Not at all.

What if Clary can't handle the Brothers?

[stammers] What does that...

It literally never stops talking.

[scoffs] Is he always so charming?

Isabelle: Firstborn.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Mmm. I feel his pain. Only son.

Mother wants me to be a CPA.

Isabelle: Hmm.

And you? What do you want?


Um... well, I'm in a band.


What type of music?

Let me guess.

Indie rock?

[chuckles nervously] Yeah.

[chuckles] Got anything on your phone?

I do. We recorded our last set. We killed. It's...

I left my phone in the van. [Chuckles]

Let's go get it.



Alec: Where is it going?

We'll be right back.


He passes the time.

Simon: I can hear you guys, you know?

[cell phone chimes]

Just a second.


Um, uh, trying to pick the right clip.


Isabelle: What was that?

I'll be right back. Whatever you do, do not leave the van.

Got it, yeah.

I'm not going anywhere. [locks door]

[sighs heavily]

[guitar music playing through headphones]


Silent Brother: The Soul-Sword reveals all.

[Clary breathing heavily]

[voices chanting indistinctly]

[chuckles] No way.



[footsteps approaching] [gasps]

Simon, I gotta go.

Luke... no.

All this lying is destroying you.

Stop blocking her memory and tell her the truth.

I can't. You know I can't.

Luke: You're just delaying the inevitable.

Clary's a Shadowhunter. There's nothing you can do to change that.

This world is too dangerous.

If anyone knew who she really was, the risks would be a hundred times greater.

Luke: What happens when she finds out the truth on her own?

And then what?

I won't let that happen.

If she ever learns about her father... if she ever finds out that her father is Valentine.

[gasps and pants]

Wait... Wait, where are they going?

[stammers] We aren't done. We can't be done.

Clary, do you know where the Cup is?


Silent Brother: Only fragments of her memory were accessible to us.

It can't be true... what I saw.

Silent Brother: Your memory does not lie.

You must accept what has been revealed.

I can't... I can't. [Sobs]

What is it? What did you see?

My mother lied to me.

She lied all these years about my father.

About your father? What about your father?

My father...

My father is Valentine.



[breathing heavily]

[straining] [lock rattling]

[Dot exclaims]

[breathing heavily]

[panting] Jocelyn.

[whispering] Jocelyn, I know you can hear me.

Clary is fine.

She's so brave... and strong.

[breathing heavily]

And she won't...

Clary won't let Valentine win.

I'm so sorry.

[man grunts]

[glass shatters]

[both grunting]

Magic a little rusty, warlock?

Should've learned how to fight like the rest of us!



[both groan]

[Dot sobs]

You were a loyal follower.

[breathing shallowly]

A brilliant soldier.

I won't forget your sacrifice.



[flesh searing]

[groans] [exhales]

You were right, warlock.


I was never gonna let you go.

[Dot screaming]

What happened? What did you find out?

Valentine is Clary's father.

Wait a minute.

You're telling me this girl shows up out of nowhere and she's Valentine's daughter?

Did it occur to you that she might be a spy?

This might be part of her plan? That's enough, Alec.

Do you think I planned for my mom to get kidnapped?

Or... or for Dot to be taken?

Or to have a giant sword dangle over my head and find out that my father is one of the most dangerous people in the world?


[breath trembling]

Where's Simon?

Where's Simon?

I told him to stay in the van.

I've searched everywhere.

He's gone?

I can't find him. [Sighs]

You were supposed to protect him!

Clary: Simon! Ugh, these mundanes are killing me.

[panting] Simon? No. Simon!

man: Is that the mundane's name?

I'm afraid Simon's coming with us.

Clary: No!

No, he's not a part of this.

Jace: And it'll be my pleasure to kill you unless you return him.

Careful. We'd be violating the Accords.

man: I'm afraid your sidekick's quite right.

The Night Children have broken no laws. We're negotiating.

The mundane, unharmed, in exchange for the Mortal Cup.


And the clock is ticking.

Tick-tock, people.

Simon: Clary!

Simon... No!

[breathing heavily] Simon! Simon! Simon! [echoing] Simon!