01x08 - Bad Blood

I know where the Cup is.

Simon: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Clary: The tarot cards. My mom must have painted them years ago.

The Mortal Cup has to be hidden inside. [gasps]

The Clave thinks our family honor's beyond repair.

It's gonna require a tremendous sacrifice.

Our parents are making plans for both of us.

[cell phone rings and beeps]

Clary: Leave one at the beep.

I need to talk to you more than I've ever needed to talk to you in my life.

I think I'm becoming a vampire.

I was wondering when you'd come back.

[Simon screams]

I got the Cup.

I don't care about the Cup.

It just looks like a wine glass.

That wine glass saved your life.

What if... what if I hadn't gotten the Cup out in time?

That demon...

But you did.

First rule of Shadowhunting... when something explodes, just keep walking.

Never think twice. Never look away.

And what's the second rule?

There's nothing a Shadowhunter can't do in heels.

Jace: Alec, what are you doing?

You can stare at this monitor all you want, they need angel blood to get past the wards.

You know that.

No Downworlder can come into the Institute.

Not without an invite by a Shadowhunter.

Last I checked, Valentine is a Shadowhunter.

The Cup is not safe here. We have to give it back to the Clave.

Give it back to the Clave? No.

Not after everything we went through to get it.

My brother is right.

The Cup is extremely important.

[Clary sighs]

Are you agreeing with me?

I'm full of surprises.

This Cup is the one chance I have at getting my mom back.

I agree with Clary.

We can't give the Cup to the Clave, not now.

We need it.

It's our only bargaining chip.

Look, I know how powerful this Cup is.

It has the power to create new Shadowhunters, control demons and even kill a mundane if they drank from it.

But I promise you, I will not let that monster get his hands on it.

There you go. You have her word.


Follow me.

Alec, I realize I couldn't have done any of this without your help.

I wanna thank you.

Don't misread this as friendship.

Since you've arrived, our whole world's been turned upside down.

[breathes heavily]

[line ringing]

Simon: It's Simon. Leave a message.

Simon, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

Been crazy busy.

We found the Cup. I have so much to tell you.

Call me back.


What the... Huh?

[loud beeping]

Jace: There's something outside the perimeter.

I told you...

Don't say it.

What's happening?

[Isabelle sighs]

Looks like someone's trying to break in.

Could be the Circle.

Told you so.

[sighs] Too soon.

Jace: Don't move.

Drop what you're holding. Put your hands up.

[Clary breathing heavily]

Oh, my God, Simon!

People will be wondering what we found outside the perimeter.

Alec: I'll go. I'll tell 'em we didn't find anything.

Nobody will come down here.

Raphael: I might be a vampire... but I was raised a good Catholic.

Isabelle: The vampires breached the Accords.

Killing Simon is grounds for war.

The vampires were not behind this.

Just Camille. She attacked Simon on her own.

And how do we know you're telling the truth?

I could have gotten rid of him, but instead I brought him here.

I don't want trouble with the Shadowhunters.

Smart decision.

I warned the mundane to stay away... but Camille gave him a taste of her own blood, and like an addict... he came back wanting more.

The only reason Simon ever tasted Camille's blood is because of you.

You kidnapped him! You drug him to Hotel DuMort. You...

You delivered him to Camille!

I never meant for this to happen.

[sobbing] Simon. Simon, please come back, please!

There is a way.

"A way" what?

A way to bring Simon back.

Clary: You can do that?

How? How?

He's a fledgling.

It's a state of transition.

Your friend can be resurrected.


Clary, no.

[stammers] So I could have Simon back?

Alive and breathing?

That's just it.

He won't return alive or breathing.

He'll be a vampire.

Jace: And not the sexed up, romantic kind.

The ugly, bloodsucking, coffin-dwelling kind.

That's offensive.


Coffin implies wooden box.

We have caskets now. They're made of 14-karat gold.

[clicks tongue] My bad.

It's almost sunrise.

Simon must be turned into a vampire tonight or staked through the heart.

And if I do neither?

His soul will be trapped for eternity.

You have till sunset to decide.

The clock is ticking.


Remember what you said to me the morning of our wedding?

We weren't supposed to see each other until the ceremony, but you... you wouldn't listen to rules.

You never did.

[sighs] And that's why I love you.

You told me our hearts... beat as one and that we would be together forever.

[energy pulsating]

I hope you've returned with good news.

The girl has the Cup.

Do you hear that, Jocelyn?

Clarissa did it.

It's evident she has your determination and my curiosity.

Did you really think I wouldn't figure it out, hmm?

You left 18 years ago with my unborn daughter.

I guess we'll just have to make up for lost time, hmm?

If she found the Cup... where is it?

Blackwell: She got back to the Institute, sir.

Lucian Graymark got in the way.

Got in the way how?

He's the leader of the New York pack now.

She's under their protection.


Oh, Lucian.

Always so chivalrous.

Robert: Valentine's getting stronger and we're just sitting here on the sidelines waiting... doing nothing.

The Clave is handling things.

Oh, that's a joke, Maryse.

You and I both know how the Clave handles things.

Alec: What's going on?


It's no surprise Jace isn't here.

Isabelle: He got held up.

Said to start without him.

I'm sure he has a good reason.

Robert: Your mother and I...

Okay, I requested a meeting at the Clave to inform them that the Seelies are siding with Valentine.

[sighs] And the Clave denied it.

What do you mean? They don't want you coming to Idris?

There are rumors that local Shadowhunters have been interfering in Downworld affairs.

But you two wouldn't know anything about that, right?



Maryse: Since all this happened here in New York, under our command, they are concerned with our devotion to our job and the cause.

But we're the Lightwoods.

Remember, the honor isn't in the name... it's in the deed.

The Clave is sending an envoy.

Maryse: Who will be coming to observe us.

And to gather information about Valentine to report back.

But really to scrutinize our leadership, so I beg of the two of you, don't do anything that would cause the Clave to lose even more trust in us.

Simon over voicemail: Clary, I really need to talk.

I think I'm turning into a vampire. I'm scared.

I'm so sorry I wasn't there.

[sobs] This is all my fault.

Clary, this isn't your...

No, it is!

If it weren't for me, Simon would have never even known about the Shadow World.

He would never have been kidnapped by vampires.

He wouldn't have met Camille. He would...

He wouldn't be dead.

A fledgling. He's in transition.

And now I am left with two...

[shudders] two reprehensible choices...

[stutters] And I can't figure out which one is worse.


If I, uh...

[stutters] if I bury Simon... what are the risks?

Clary, no. Absolutely not.

Jace, I need to know!


Raphael: If Simon is buried and he doesn't emerge... he would be trapped under the earth... starving for eternity.

Oh, my God.


And, uh...

[stutters] if I... if I stake him?

He'll die a human death.

It's painless, as far as I know.

[crying] Simon, I'm so sorry.

Alec, you think you could get my stele back?

They took it away because you nearly burnt down the Mumbai Institute.

How many times do I have to say it was an accident?

Look, Max.

[sighs] Somebody very important is coming to visit. All right?

You think you can stay out of trouble for just a couple days?

If you do, I promise I'll get your stele back.

[door opens]

That reaction time was abysmal. [sighs]

Except for you.

I'm Lydia Branwell, envoy from the Clave.


The Clave has ordered me to take temporary control of this Institute.

Wait a minute. Nobody informed us.

The Clave doesn't need to.

And, to repeat myself, it's temporary.

Nothing's been decided yet.

But I do need full clearance in order to assess how this Institute is running.

Where is Clary Fairchild?

I would hope someone here knows.

She's in the field, training.

You're telling me she's just... out and about in the streets of New York?

Valentine's daughter?

Isn't she also your cousin?

Distant cousin.

She's with Jace.

The same Jace Wayland who decided to lead an unsanctioned raid against the vampires?

I've read reports.

Jace might be unconventional, but he's our best soldier.

If he's with Clary, then she's in good hands.

I hope so.

And for your sake, all of New York.

All of your jurisdiction better be well protected.


[indistinct conversations]


[Luke shushes]

[glass shattering]



This is a bad idea.

Promise me you won't tell a mundane...


...that Simon was bitten by a vampire.

I promise.


'Cause part of our job as Shadowhunters is making sure mundanes don't...

Know the truth?

Don't know anything about the Shadow World.

Don't worry, I'm just gonna... tell her there's an accident. [sighs]

That, um...

[sighs] that Simon's not coming back.

I owe his mother that much. She loves him.

[footsteps approaching]

I haven't heard anything from Simon since yesterday, Clary.

And he flipped out on Rebecca and I.

And then just disappeared.

Have you heard from him? Or have you seen him?

Should I be calling the police?


No, don't do that. Um...

If we needed to, I would have called Luke.

I just want to know if he's all right.

I saw him. [sighs]

Oh, my God. You did? Where?

[stammering] Where is he? Is he okay?

No. [sighs] Not exactly.

Elaine: Is it drugs? I mean, he said that it wasn't, but...

Clary: Uh, no, it's not drugs. Um...



Whatever it is, I can handle it.

[sighs] Okay, look, the truth is...



Jace whispering: What are you doing?

[whispering] I don't know. Okay, this is really hard.

Be careful.

I will.

Simon got this for me for Mother's Day.

You know, 'cause he's my little... monkey.

Clary, I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to him.

Rebecca and Simon, they're all I have.

After I lost their father... [inhales sharply]


[sighs] But you were saying?

To tell me the truth...

Um... [swallows]

Isabelle: I'm not a fan.



[cell phone vibrates]


How the hell did she catch that arrow?

Alec: I have something you need to see.

Something attacked the Jade Wolf.

The werewolves' headquarters? Where did you...

Where did you get these?

Leader of the New York wolf pack.

You're friends with Lucian Graymark? An ex-Circle member?

How about we send Isabelle and Alec to investigate?

I'm sure this is linked to...

Lydia: Valentine.

I need to see it for myself.

Are you coming or what?

Clary... what happened to the plan?

Tell her that Simon's not coming home.

I tried, okay?

I just... I can't.

I'm not ready to just give up on Simon.


Would you stop for a second, think about what you're doing?

I am, Jace, okay?

[stutters] It's like my brain is telling me to do one thing and my heart another and...


Okay. Look... there was a boy... and his father bought him a falcon for his sixth birthday.

Are you seriously telling me a story right now?

Please, just listen.

His father told him to tame the bird.

Make it obedient.

That's crazy.

And the boy would spend every day with that falcon.

It would scratch at him. Make him bleed. But eventually... he earned its trust. He brought the bird to his father, to show him that the bird would come back to him. He thought his father would be proud.

And he was, right?

No, Clary. His father took the falcon and snapped its neck.

Okay, that is the worst story I have ever heard.

You're missing the point.


Yes... the boy was devastated. But he realized his father was right. He was told to tame the bird... not to love it. That's why you have to listen to your head. If I listened to my heart... I'd never be able to do my job.

Third rule of Shadowhunting... emotions cloud judgment.

Jace, if... if being a Shadowhunter means that I have to be dead inside... I'm not sure I want to be one.

I can see why all the girls in Idris are clamoring to meet you.

What do you mean?

Rumor has it you're looking to settle down... get married.

Damn it.

Let me guess. Not your idea?

Not even close.

My parents tried to set me up, too.

And how'd that work out?

Not well for them.

I made my own path. Married the love of my life... John Monteverde. Together we were going to run the Lisbon Institute. And then John was killed. Everything was ripped away. My love, my dream job...

Piece of advice... [sighs] In this line of work, the only thing worth falling in love with is the work itself.

Lydia, I'm... I'm sorry.

Lydia: It's got some characteristics of a Forsaken.

It was human.

It was runed.

Luke: I don't know.

It was more focused, more determined.

It attacked like it had a plan.

Plus, a normal Forsaken wouldn't have been so hard to kill.

It took five wolves to take that thing down.

Never seen anything like it.

We'll take the body back to the Institute, do a full autopsy.

Oh, hold up. I get that I called you...

Actually, I called Alec.

But what I didn't want is someone to come down here and just take over.

Yeah, that's kind of her thing.

Look, I know I can come across... abrasive.

But we're all on the same side here.

Can we agree on that?

The Institute has the resources to find out what this thing is.

We have an expert forensic pathologist.

Highly trained in all the creatures of the Shadow World.

Lydia: Do you have one here?

In this, uh, Chinese restaurant?

Fine. You win.

Just let me know what you find.

You think Valentine was behind this?

[scoffs] No question. It's definitely his work.

What do you think he's after?

Luke: Honestly?


So you think Valentine's going after ex-Circle members?

Luke: I don't know. It might be kind of personal.

We have a complicated past.

But of course, he could be going after the old crew.

I'm sure Valentine has a grudge against anybody who turned against him.

We'll put extra wards on the Institute.

Right, for Hodge.

And your parents.

Did they conceal that from you?

We need to make sure no magic was used to make this.

I'm calling the nearest High Warlock to come in to consult.

Magnus Bane?

To come here to the Institute?

Yes, is there a problem?

No. Not at all.

Magnus is, um... quite magical.

He's, uh, very... very good at magic.

Do you know him well?

Uh, just a little.

I actually can't wait to meet him. [chuckles]

Did you know that my great ancestor, Henry Branwell, who was the last of the Branwells to run an Institute, and Magnus Bane invented the Portal? [chuckles]


Just add that to the list of things I didn't know.

Alec. [sighs] I'm sorry.

You shouldn't have had to find out your parents were ex-Circle members.

Not like that.

You mean from you?

You shouldn't have been the one I found out from.

You know there's been a ban about talking about the Circle till now.

Yeah, how convenient for my parents.

This doesn't change how I feel about the Lightwoods.

Your family has always had a strong alliance with mine.

They've been a powerful force in the Shadow World and praised for their devotion.


My parents were in league with Valentine.

People make mistakes.

Yeah, but this one... it's unforgivable.

[bell chimes]

Luke, are you okay?

Jace: What happened?

Uh... you should see the other guy.

We were attacked by a Forsaken, if you can even call it that.

Anyway, it's dead.

It looks worse than it was.

[sighs] Luke, you're hurt.

Uh, no.

Already healed. Perks of being a werewolf.

Anyway, I called Alec.

He took the Forsaken back to the Institute for an autopsy.

We've got the best forensic pathologist in New York.

Yeah, so I've heard.

Clary, what are you doing here?

Now that you have the Cup, you know you should be back at the Institute, protected.

I haven't taken my eyes off her.

I needed to see you.

Luke, it's Simon.

He's, um... [swallows]

Luke, he's dead.


Clary, I'm sorry.

[Clary crying]

Isabelle: You almost done?

Patience is a virtue, my dear.

Isabelle: Come on. I want to get my hands on that thing.

Speaking of which, how is Alexander?

I was hoping I might hear from him.

[sighs] Putrefaction. It's decomposing.

It's just so hard to tell if Alexander is even interested.

I mean, I can't fathom why he wouldn't be.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but my brother is not exactly warm and fuzzy.

Hmm, I suppose. With Clary's arrival...

And Valentine's return...

Mmm-hmm. Running the Institute...

The envoy from the Clave...

Oh, who I hear is very impressive.

[sighs] What else?

Oh. [scoffs] Babysitting Jace.

[chuckling] And dealing with our parents who are trying to find him a wife.


It's quite all right.

I suppose Alec is just following his duty.

Not everyone gets the luxury of following their heart.


I'm gonna go deliver the preliminary findings.

It seems like you have everything under control here.

Luke, what do I do?

If I bring Simon back then...

He'll be a vampire. A Downworlder.


[Luke grunting]

It all happened so fast.

[clears throat] One minute, Valentine was behind me.

[grunts] The next, he was gone and the door was locked.

But... Valentine loves you.

You're his parabatai, his brother.

I know.

If he could do this to you... we have to stop him.

Once you get better.

[breathing heavily]

I won't. [grunts]

Luke, if you kill yourself, he wins.

And if I don't... [breathing heavily] I'll turn into a... [groans]

What if I attack you after I turn?

If I hurt you... I couldn't live with myself.

You don't wanna hurt me. Don't do this.

Your death... I couldn't survive that.

[grunting] Jocelyn, you have to go.

I won't.


You have to. It's starting.


Look, please. [breathing heavily]


Jocelyn: I can't tell you what to do.

But if you choose to live, I hope you learn to love yourself the way I'll always love you.

[Luke yells]

Luke sighs: It wasn't easy going from a revered Shadowhunter to a... werewolf.

Suddenly, I was foraging for food, unable to control my own body.

I lost my family... my friends.

But not my mom.


Jocelyn never abandoned me.

Having you and Jocelyn in my life kept me from using this.

Knowing that you both needed me.

I will never stop needing you.

[inhales] Clary... you know I love Simon like a son.

If you decide to bring him back, just know that his journey won't be easy.

So make sure you do it for him... and not yourself.


The sun is setting.

Have you decided?


[chain rattling]

[breathing heavily]


[Alec panting]

Okay, I'm back.

Oh, you don't have to get dressed up for me.


But I liked what I saw.

I have the preliminary autopsy findings.

Why are you giving this to me?

This should go to the head of the Institute.

And it is.

I'm not. And I never will be.

Magnus, it's like... it's like my whole life... has been a lie.

Now, everything I've ever known is...

It's not what you thought.


I've done everything for my parents... for the Clave and...

[breathing heavily]

[stutters] I've done everything that they've asked.

Maybe you should start living for yourself.

Do what's in your heart.

I can't believe I'm saying this.

[breathes deeply] I think you're right.


What do you want?

I want my property back.

Simon is not your property.

If you'll just hand him over, I'll be on my way.

You heard Clary. You're not laying a hand on him.

Fine. I tried to do this the nice way.


I'm glad you brought everyone here to witness your demise.

Camille killed this mundane.

Now, I have all the proof.

She's been breaking the Accords for too long now.

He's the evidence we need to show the Clave what Camille has been doing.


Are you trying to overthrow me?


I already have.

Don't listen to him.

Raphael doesn't know the first thing about leading.

You need me. I've given you everything you could want.

All the riches. All the pleasures you could desire.

Raphael: By breaking the law.

Which will only destroy us.

We can fix this.

If we just get rid of the body, this mundane means nothing.

"Means nothing"? Over my dead body.


[vampires hissing]

Lydia: The Clave has spoken.

They will be taking full control of the Institute.

Maryse: I'm begging you.

You can punish us, but our children did nothing wrong.

They've worked so hard...

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

With everything that's happened here in New York, plus your history with the Circle, and now Valentine's return, the Clave believes the Institute's at risk.

We've been trying to stop Valentine. What has the Clave done?

The answer is nothing.

He's growing in strength.

They're more concerned about removing us from the Institute.


Lydia: The law's hard... but it is the law.

We will await the Clave's instructions.

I have the preliminary results from Magnus.

No magic was used in creating the Forsaken.

I'll take them.

Raphael: Clary... it's time.

Which will it be?


[Clary sobs]

When your grandfather gave you this at your bar mitzvah, you, um... you told me how much it meant to you.

It was a symbol of the day you became a man.

[crying] Simon...

Simon, no matter what happens... no matter what... you become... you will always be that man to me.

♪ How can I say this without breaking? ♪
♪ How can I say this without taking over? ♪
♪ How can I put it down into words? ♪
♪ When it's almost too much for my soul alone? ♪


♪ I loved and I loved and I lost you ♪
♪ I loved and I loved and I lost you ♪
♪ I loved and I loved and I lost you ♪
♪ And it hurts like hell ♪

Lydia, do you have a minute?

Alec, I'm sorry about your parents, but my hands were tied.

Look, I... I know.

The law is hard, but it's the law, and I respect that.

But I've realized that...

I have to listen to my heart.

[chuckles] Let's not forget where that got me.

I know. [stutters] And I can't bring John back.

But, like you said, our families have been strong allies.

And we can use that to our advantage.

Together, we can restore my family name and we can keep the Institute.

And we'd get to run it.

Lydia Branwell... will you marry me, Alec Lightwood?

That mundane's a fighter.

He survived the vampires at the Hotel DuMort.

He survived the werewolves at Jade Wolf.

He survived accounting... for whatever that's worth.

He is a fighter, isn't he?

Look, I know you think emotions cloud judgment... and that whole falcon story, I... I don't think I'll ever be able to wrap my head around that, but... all of that contradicts the first rule of being mundane.

What's the first rule of being mundane?

[sighs] It's that love makes you stronger.

It was my mother's love for me that made her betray Valentine and steal the Cup.

It's love that makes you fight harder for what you want.


[ground rumbling]

It's happening.

[breathing heavily]

Clary: Simon.

Simon, it's me. It's... it's Clary.


[Clary screams]

Once reborn, you emerge hungry.

[breathing heavily]

Very hungry.

[Simon panting]

Drink up.


Why would you have angel blood?

Oh, my God.


[both grunting]

[breathing heavily]


[Hodge panting]




[footsteps approaching]

Oh, my God! Alec, are you okay?

[breathing heavily]

[softly] Oh, my God.

[Simon breathing erratically]


[stutters] what's happening?

You, um... you died.

I what?

What's this? [gasps]

That's blood!

Oh, my...

Oh, my... [spits]

[breathing heavily] Why can't I say...

[Simon sputters]


It'll take time to regain the ability.

There's a lot you will need to learn.

[shuddering] Oh, my...

Damn it!

[shuddering] Am I...

Am I a vampire?


[stutters] Clary, tell me... tell me this isn't real.

Tell me this is not really happening!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!


I'm... I'm repulsive!

Clary stutters: No, please... please don't say that, okay?

[breath trembling] You're still the same, Simon.

You're the same Simon I've known my whole life.

The same guy who... [stutters] loves sci-fi.

And who can recite every line from... from every Nicolas Cage movie.

[sobbing] The same Simon who carried me over the Brooklyn Bridge when I lost my shoe, okay?


No, Clary, I'm not!

Clary: Yes, you are, Simon!

[yelling] You are the same Simon! You are my best friend!

I'm not.

I'm nothing more than a monster.

No, Simon, you...

Stay away! Please just... stay away.


I'll look after Simon.

You have my word.

What did I do?

What did I do?