01x09 - Rise Up

The Cup is not safe here. We have to give it back to the Clave.

This Cup is the one chance I have at getting my mom back.

What's happening?

Looks like someone's trying to break in.

Don't move.

Simon: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Oh, my God, Simon!

The Clave has ordered me to take temporary control of this Institute.

There is a way to bring Simon back.

Alive and breathing?

That's just it. He won't return alive or breathing.

[ hisses]

I've done everything for my parents...

Maybe you should start living for yourself.

What do you want?

I want my property back.

Lydia Branwell... will you marry me, Alec Lightwood?

Drink up.

I'm nothing more than a monster.

What did I do?
(Simon runs through a dark alley, but is stopped by Raphael)

Simon: Hey! Hey!

Raphael: Where do you think you're going?

Simon: I don't know. (He looks in the cracked window of a nearby vehicle) I can see my reflection, does that mean I'm not... not... one of you?

Raphael: You have a lot to learn.

Simon: (Breathing heavily and walking away) This can't be happening.

Raphael: (Grabbing him by the shoulder) Listen...

Simon: Don't touch me! I don't have a heartbeat! I'm dead.

[b]Raphael: Undead.

Simon: You did this to me.

Raphael: No, I didn't.

Simon: You're a monster! I'm the monster.

Raphael: Look, you gotta get this under control. You are what you are now. We'll get you back to the Hotel DuMort. Get you fed. Show you around your new home.

Simon: That place will never be my home. (He screams and throws Raphael into the nearby vehicle before running off)


(Clary and Jace come running into the alley)

Raphael: I swear, if that kid ruins one more jacket...

Clary: Where is he?

Raphael: He'll be back.

Jace: You just let him go? You said you'd look after him.

Raphael: I can't do that until he's ready.

Clary: What does that even mean?

Raphael: It means he's where everybody goes when this happens. His own personal hell.

Clary: I... I did this. I put him there.

Raphael: If it helps, he doesn't even remember it was you. Those first minutes... a complete blank.

Clary: But I have to tell him the truth.

Raphael: Once you rein him in, he'll be walking, talking proof to the Clave that Camille broke the Accords. In fact, as a new leader...

Clary: (Stammers) Okay, just stop it! I don't care about your vampire politics! We have to find Simon.

Jace: We will.

Clary: He's out there, he's alone... scared... he's hungry.

Raphael: Give me a call when he turns up. He'll need my help.

Jace: I think we've had just about enough of your help. [I[(Jace pulls out his cell phone and dials someone)[/I]

Clary: What are you doing?

Jace: Getting reinforcements.
(Izzy and Alec sit on a bed in the hospital wing of the institute. Alec has an injury on his left arm that Robert is trying to heal)

Robert: Don't squirm.

Alec: I'm not. It doesn't even hurt.

(Cell phone ringing)

(Alec sighs and takes his phone out of his pocket. The screen shows that Jace is calling)

Izzy: No talking... just healing.

(Cell phone continues ringing)

(Izzy takes the phone from him and leaves the room with it)

Jace: Alec, I need you.

(Izzy is now standing in the hallway outside of Ops)

Isabelle: It's Izzy. We need you. There's been an attack at the Institute.

Jace: An attack? (Jace puts the call on speaker phone so that Clary can hear)

Izzy: Valentine created a Forsaken that went through the wards.

Jace: That's not possible, Izzy. Nothing can get through the wards. They're... They're warlock spells to defend against all Downworlders.

Izzy: Not this one. It had Seelie blood with angel properties. Jace, it went after Hodge and Alec.

Jace: Are they okay? Is Alec...

Izzy: They're banged up, but they'll live. Hodge killed it. It was after the...

Clary: The Cup.

Jace: Izzy, I'll be there as soon as I can. (He hangs up)

(Izzy sighs deeply as she hangs up)

(Clary and Jace start running down a darkened street)

Clary: [I](Panting)Stop. Stop.

Jace: (Slows to a walk. Breathing heavily) Valentine attacked my home. Alec's injured. We've got to go.

Clary: I can't. You know I can't. Simon's in danger...

Jace: So what about Alec? It's not safe out here, Clary.

Clary: Okay, did you forget how I single-handedly battled a Shax demon to protect the Cup?

Jace: (Stammers) No, I didn't, I was just... I was gonna say...

Clary: That I have a lot to learn, yes, but I don't know what else...

Jace: (Stops walking and turns toward her)Clary, you're right, okay? You're right.

Clary: (Chuckles softly) Did you just say I'm right?

Jace: Don't get used to it. Look, maybe Luke can help you find Simon. Werewolves are really great trackers.

Clary: Of course, yeah. Good idea. (Inhales)

Jace: Just promise me you'll be careful, okay?

Clary: Jace, we still have to talk about...

Jace: Us.

(Clary laughs nervously and the two of them lean in to kiss)

Clary: (Chuckles) Excellent talk.
(Alec and Robert are standing in Ops watching Magnus use his magic to check the wards)

Robert: Are the wards solid now? Nothing will get through?

Magnus: Even my magic has limits. The wards won't hold off that Forsaken attack. But my protections will slow them down.

Robert: Extra time is priceless.

Magnus: No... say that after you get my bill.

Robert: Lydia will take care of that. (Robert leaves)

Magnus: A Forsaken wound often needs a little warlock TLC. May I? Uh, free of charge.

Alec: It's okay. I'm fine.

Magnus: If anything were to happen to you...

Alec: Magnus... I'm good. All right? I gotta...

Magnus: Go? Of course. You're a busy man. And I should find this Lydia person. Payment upfront is just smart business. Where might I find her?

Alec: I haven't seen her. But if I do, I'll send her your way.

(The camera follows Alec as he leaves through Ops. Melon enters the room with Raj as his guard)

Izzy: Meliorn? (She stands from her computer and walks over to him) What are you doing here?

Meliorn: The Clave called me in for some kind of conference.

(Izzy gives him a hug)

Izzy: I'm so happy to see you.

Meliorn: Spare me. (They pull away from their embrace) Your fire message clearly stated you never wanted to see me again.

Izzy: My family...

Meliorn: Despises Downworlders? That's common knowledge.

Izzy: That's not true. And even if it were, I'm not like that.

Meliorn: I'm not here to talk about us. (He looks over her shoulder) I believe that's your Clave envoy.

(Lydia enters with a guard on either side of her)

Lydia: Isabelle, please step aside. Meliorn, the Clave has ordered that you be placed under arrest.

Meliorn: What?

Izzy: What for?

Lydia: Soliciting state secrets from a Shadowhunter on behalf of Valentine Morgenstern.

(Meliorn scoffs)

Lydia: Guards.

(The two guards that followed Lydia in drag Meliorn out of the room. Raj follows)

Izzy: Have you lost your mind?

Lydia: Me? You're lucky you weren't arrested along with him.

(Lydia begins walking away and Izzy follows)

Izzy: What are you talking about?

Lydia: It's our understanding that your long-standing relationship with the Seelie, Meliorn, may have led to the disclosure of state secrets.

(They stop in the hallway outside of Ops)

Izzy: What? No! Meliorn told me how to get into the Hotel DuMort so that we could save a mundane.

Lydia: And you told him nothing in return? Nobody is blaming you for the attack. Meliorn and the Seelies were likely working with Valentine all along.

Izzy: Valentine has been murdering Downworlders and draining their bodies for months. He probably killed those Seelie scouts and used their blood...

Lydia: Do you have proof?

Izzy: Do you?

Lydia: I have orders. That's all. I never wanted any of this.

Izzy: I don't believe you for a second.

Clary: Simon is gonna hate me. Luke, I did a terrible thing.

It can't be undone. I found my way back, your mother helped me. When he understands that you're there for him...

But how could he know that if we can't find him?

Izzy: She calls Meliorn in and arrests him, then acts like it's all out of her hands.

[blows landing]

Izzy: You're gonna hurt yourself.

Alec: I'm fine, Izzy. It was the Clave that gave the order, not Lydia.

Izzy: Are you sure about that?

Jace: Hey. You all right?

Alec: [softly] I'm fine.

Jace: I just spoke to Robert and Maryse. They're being sent back to Idris.

Izzy: What?

Jace: Yeah.

Izzy: Another "order" from Lydia?

Jace: Who's Lydia?

Izzy: She's in charge of the Institute.

Jace: She's what?

Alec: Temporarily.

Izzy: And now she's convinced the Clave that Mom and Dad aren't doing their job?

Alec: Well, maybe they aren't. The Institute was under their control when the Forsaken got in.

Jace: What are you talking about?

Alec: Mom and Dad were members of the Circle.

Izzy: What? They don't have Circle runes.

Alec: That's because they made a deal with the Clave prior to the Uprising. In exchange for their cooperation, they were pardoned.

Izzy: You're questioning their loyalty?

Alec: Valentine is back. The Circle is rising. They're under suspicion.

Jace: No way. Robert and Maryse took me in. They raised me as one of their own. I know what kind of people they are.

Alec: Are you sure? They lied to us. For years, they've been telling us how to act. That we have to uphold the Lightwood name. Well, they're the ones who tarnished it. They're hypocrites.

Lydia: You must be Jace Wayland. Lydia Branwell. You're quite the legend back in Idris.

Jace: Don't believe everything you hear.

Lydia: Did you tell them?

Izzy: Tell us what?

Alec: Lydia and I are engaged.

Lydia: We're getting married.

Jace: You're not serious.

Izzy: You were supposed to tell them "no." It's your life to ruin.

Jace: Not sure what to say.

Alec: How about, "None of this matters"? We have to stop Valentine.

Jace: Finally. Something we agree on.

Elaine: Simon, is that you?

Oh, thank God.

God, where have you been?


[trembling] I'm sorry, I was...

I'm really happy to see you.

Yeah, you and me both.


You can't worry me like that.

Clary said you were okay, but I just kept picturing you dead in a ditch somewhere.

I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you.

Please, just call me next time and let me know.

I just wanna know you're okay. That's all.



Simon: Clary.

Hi, Mrs. Lewis.


Oh, are you all right?

Doesn't he look so pale to you?

Wait, what happened to your glasses?

No, don't!

Clary: He's got contacts.


Okay, someone needs to tell me what is going on here.

Mom... [gulps] there's something I need to...

Do for me.

You won't believe this, but my identity was stolen.

Bank account hacked. [sighing]

Apparently, I am not Clary Fray.

Uh, that's awful. It happened to me last year, but...

Clary, I don't think he's well enough to go...

Simon, we have always been here for each other.

I don't know.

You know what, Clary? I think maybe another time.


I need you to help me through this.


Are you sure, baby?

Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Um...

[stuttering] You know how much of a hypochondriac I can be.


You take care of my boy.

You know how much he means to me.

Okay, we should really go.

I'll see you later, Mom.

I'm holding you to that.

And when you come home, you and I are gonna have a serious discussion about what's going on with you.

Love you.

I love you, too.

Robert: I need a word with you, now.

Were you planning on telling us about your engagement before we left for Idris?

I'm marrying Lydia, and now you know.

I think you misunderstood your mother's suggestion that you marry.

We wanted someone who would help this family, not destroy it.

You think Lydia is destroying this family?

Not the fact that you were in the Circle?

You know?

What did you think, I'd never find out?

All these years, you never said anything.

We couldn't.

Is that the best you can do?

You drilled into me that I was never good enough.

It wasn't that.

We wanted you to be better than we were.

You wanted to sweep history under the rug.

You wanted us to save you, restore the Lightwood name.

Alec, you're making a mistake.

No, I'm gonna fix what you broke.

And I'm gonna do it on my terms.


Simon: I feel sick.

Luke: Don't worry, we'll get you what you need.

I need this to stop.

I've been there before. It'll get better.

I'll help you through this.

No, you can't.

Clary, I was a regular guy.

I had a life. A regular life.

And today...

I almost tore my mother apart.

What if I do that to you?

Simon, you won't.

Get away.

Can you get the car?


Once you feed...


Are you kidding? That's what this is now?

That's what my life's about? Like I'm in a zoo?

I'm... I am so sorry!

Why are you so sorry, Raphael did this to me.

Simon, it was my choice.

You died.

Raphael brought you to us. I had a choice.

I could stake your heart or I could... bury you, and you could come back.



Clary, why?

Because I love you, Simon.

You call that love? You brought me back to this?

This nothing... where I feed, and I have to hide from the sun, and I can't bear to be by the people that I love?

Did you ever think about that, Clary?

How I would feel, what I would be?

Simon, please understand...

Just stay away from me.
(Izzy, Alec, and Jace are all in Ops Center around one computer.)

Isabelle: This is insane. We have to put a stop to this.

Alec: Yeah, well, enjoy Portaling back to Idris with Mom and Dad.

Izzy: Meliorn is here because of me.

Jace: Alec's right. There's nothing we can do to stop this interrogation.

Izzy: You're on Alec's side now?

Alec: We swore to protect each other, of course he's on my side.

Jace: I'm not picking sides. Jace Wayland is Switzerland. We have got to find Valentine. Let's let this play out, Izzy. Meliorn might have some important information.

(The camera focuses on the screen which shows Lydia in a room with Meliorn sitting on a couch in front of her.)

Lydia: Forensics don't lie. Tell me what you know about the blood in the Forsaken.

Meliorn: Have you considered that the blood in the Forsaken came from our dead scouts? Scouts sent to help you hunt for Valentine. Why do you think we would side with a murderer?

Lydia: Seelies always play both sides.

Meliorn: You should talk to your own people about playing sides.

Lydia: Excuse me?

Meliorn: You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? If only Shadowhunters had a better relationship with us... Downworlders, you'd know that Valentine's daughter has the Cup.

(Camera focuses on Jace, Izzy, and Alec again.)

Izzy: Still think we should let this play out?

Jace: I'm pretty sure that's not the cup you're looking for.

Raj: Give me a break, Wayland. I'm just trying to do my job.

Jace: Alec, call this off now.

Alec: I guess Clary's bedroom is in part of Switzerland?

Lydia: We can't call it off. We have to find the Mortal Cup.

man: It's all clear.

Of course it is.

It's not here. Let's keep looking.

What is going on with you?

Look, Jace, we have to turn over the Cup.

Alec, she's risked everything to find it.

And we've risked everything for her.

Either she gives the Cup to Lydia, or I'll do it myself.

[sighs] I'll bring her back.

But, please, let Clary be the one to give the Cup to the Clave.

We owe her that much.

It's the right call. You'll see.

[shutter clicks]

[Clary sighs]

Just drink.

You can do it, Simon.

[cell phone chimes]


[cell phone beeps]

Hey, what's with the picture?

Draw it. Now.

It's a Blocking rune.

It prevents anyone from finding you using Shadowhunter tracking.

You'll see, it'll get better.


Clary, the Clave heard you had the Cup.

They think you're working with Valentine.

Oh, my God. Why would they...

Wait, Jace, is the Cup secure?

It will be.

You need to get to someplace safe.

Someplace the Clave would never look.

I'll find you.

We'll go to Jade Wolf.

The Clave know you like family.

They'll look there first.

[sighs] Simon, we're going to see the one person who can help us both.

Have you lost your mind?

A Shadowhunter and a werewolf?

You do know this isn't a hotel?

Technically, it is.

Even starvation can't shut you up.

Look, we just need someplace secure until we can figure out a plan.

These people never listen. Don't bother. Let's go.

You should put a muzzle on that mutt.

The fledgling can stay.

But you aren't exactly welcome after you barbecued half a dozen of my people.

Let's go, please. I don't want any part of this.

Look, there isn't any place else.

You need Simon back, right?

To prove Camille broke the Accords.

What good will he be if he dies of starvation?

Fine, but the stray waits outside.

If anything happens to these two, you won't have to wait till sun up, I'll kill you myself.

Easy there, Fido.

They'll be under my protection.

Izzy: Where are you taking him?

Lydia: To a holding cell. And a guard unit will transport him to the Silent Brothers.

Izzy: You can't do that!

Alec: It's not our decision, Isabelle. The Clave made the order.

Jace: That could be a death sentence to a Downworlder.

Izzy: Are you trying to start a war with them? Meliorn's told you everything he knows.

Lydia: You don't know that. Maybe we haven't asked the right questions. Seelies often skirt the truth. If he has information on another terrorist attack, it is our responsibility to get it.

Izzy: Let me talk to him.

Lydia: That wasn't exactly helpful in the past.

Jace: But he may not know anything.

Alec, this is going too far.

Alec: We don't have a choice.
(Magnus, Jace and Izzy stand in the training room at the institute)

Jace: And neither do we.

Magnus: Let me get this straight. You need Alec's stele to open the safe, and you want me to steal it from him?

Jace: We prefer the word "borrow."

Izzy: Without his knowledge.

Magnus: No. No can do. Not happening.

Jace: Magnus, ever since Alec found out our parents were in the Circle, he's been messed up. He can't see the big picture.

Izzy: If the Clave is willing to subject Meliorn to the Silent Brothers, if they're willing to go this far... what do you think will happen if they get the Cup? This affects everyone.

Jace: Help us get into that safe. Help us stop this.

[Magnus sighs]

Magnus: You're both going to owe me. I'm talking 14th century. Gold, rubies... definitely diamonds. And Alec can never know.

Jace: That's a given.

Magnus: If we're going to do this... there's no turning back.

So this is your idea of protection?

It keeps you away from my people, and my people away from you.

Give a shout when you're hungry.

Of course, you do have a pretty decent snack right here, no?

Oh, silly me.

I forgot... you two are such great friends.

Or has that changed?

[grunting] Clary... you do not understand how this is.

[breathing heavily]

[heart beating faintly]

I can hear your heartbeat.

I can smell the blood in your veins.

And I want it.

Simon, I would not blame you if you...

What? Killed you?

Don't you understand anything?

No, I don't. And I can't.

But there has to be a way for you to stay in this world.

Maybe what I did was wrong and selfish, but... my heart was breaking.

[heart beating]

I thought I was strong.

I thought I was a real Shadowhunter.

Simon, when it comes to you, I am still just Clary Fray.

[heart beating loudly]

And you are still my best friend.

I would rather you tear me apart than watch you die again, starving and angry...



You ready now?



Here you go.

It's all about presentation and quality produce.

You see, us vampires look after one another.

We take care of our family.

Simon already has a family.

Had a family.

That's all gonna change now.

You're a Shadowhunter... he's a vamp.

You two will never be equals.

You'll have to learn that for yourself.

Hasta luego.
(Alec is in his office pulling off the bandage from his wound. His shirt is off, and the stele is wrapped up in the shirt. Magnus comes up outside the closed door to the office. He uses his magic to see through the door to find where the stele is. He snaps his fingers and the stele appears next to Jace in the training room. Jace quickly uses the stele to open the safe and take out Clary's necklace and the Cup. Once he has it he closes the safe and sends Magnus a text. Magnus gets the text and snaps his fingers, sending the stele back to it's original position in Alec's shirt. Immediately after Alec grabs the shirt and puts it back on and walks out into the hall where Magnus is standing.)

Magnus: All done for today. (Magnus chuckles) Place is secure. Not bad for a day's work. (They walk a short distance down the hall before stopping.) I thought I'd see how you were doing.

Alec: I meant to thank you for your advice. The whole... "follow your heart" thing.

Magnus: Oh, well, what can I say? (He chuckles) I have a deep understanding of the human psyche. At least, that's what Freud always said.

Alec: I'm getting married.

Magnus: Whoa! (Magnus chuckles and stammers) That's a tad sudden, isn't it? I mean, we should at least go to dinner first...

Alec: No, Magnus, family is everything to me. You have to know that.

Magnus: I get it. You're part of a "Don't ask, don't tell" culture. I'm fine with it. You're a traditional guy.

Alec: Yeah, I am. (He pauses for a few seconds.) That's why I proposed to Lydia.

Magnus: That's... interesting.

Alec: (Alec stutters) It makes sense. It's a solid partnership. For both of us.

Magnus: "Solid partnership." (Magnus laughs) That's hot! Well, okay, then. Congratulations. Marriage is a wonderful institution. Not that I would know. (He inhales sharply) Goodbye, Alexander.

(Magnus passes him and walks away, and Alec turned around to watch him leave.)
(Jace and Izzy are in the training room at the institute packing up weapons to leave)

Jace: You might wanna pick up the pace.

Izzy: You do not wanna be on my bad side right now.

Jace: Are you gonna be okay?

Izzy: The whole world is turning upside down. Simon turned into a vampire. Now Meliorn might die because of some...

Jace: It's not anything you did. They just put a bunch of unrelated facts together, and came up with a big lie.

Izzy: I wish that made me feel better.

(Jace and Izzy turn to leave, but Hodge had just entered the room and stopped them.)

Hodge: Where do you think you're going? It's a very dangerous time, and no one is supposed to leave the premises without express orders.

Izzy: Hodge, we were just about to...

Hodge: Lie to me?

Jace: Clary needs us, Hodge. The Clave is looking for her. She could be in serious danger.

Hodge: Well, in that case, I'd make a timely exit before anyone of importance notices you're gone.

Jace: We won't forget this.

(Jace and Izzy leave the room and Hodge watches them walk out.)
(Alec is leading Meliorn and a group of guards to the entrance of the institute where Lydia is standing.)

Alec: Hold it. (Alec stops the group behind him and walks over to Lydia.) Lydia... are you sure about this?

Lydia: Do you think I'd be sending Meliorn to the Silent Brothers if I thought there was another way?

(They both sigh and begin walking away from the crowd.)

Lydia: You heard about my fiance... how he died.

Alec: Yeah, it was a demon attack in Rio. They never released the details.

(They stopped walking once they were a few yards from the group.)

Lydia: We'd gotten intel about a demon threat at Carnival. The demons were reportedly at this club in the favela. But we had no idea how many there were. We got word of a warlock on their payroll, so... we brought him in. My team wanted to make him talk. Whatever it took, they were willing to do, but... I wouldn't allow it. I just couldn't stand by and watch the torture.

Alec: You made a judgment call.

Lydia: It was the wrong call. We went in blind. And there had to have been 100 demons. The whole raid went sideways, and... John...

Alec: That's how he died.

Lydia: If only I just had the guts to do what needed to be done. I can't make that mistake again. We rule with our heads, not with our hearts.

Alec: Agreed. (He sighs.) I'm in. Whatever you need.
How are you feeling now?

I'm drinking blood, Clary.

I know, Simon, but...

I never wanted any part of any of this.

The whole Shadow World.

Neither did I.

At least you're a superior being.

I'm a Downworlder.

Well... I don't wanna bite you anymore.

Well, that's good.

Simon, what if I brought you back because I wanted us both to be different?

I mean, suddenly I was this new person, and... you were still living in our old world.

Maybe I... I just couldn't fight this deep need for...

For us to be together.


Look, I understand if you hate me now.

Be angry with you?


Hate you?


What's gonna happen to us?

Luke and Raphael can't stand each other.

Every Downworlder seems to despise Shadowhunters.

Can't you see the divide?

Not between us.



It appears the cavalry has arrived.

You'll wanna use the back stairs.
(Jace, Izzy, and Luke are standing around outside the Hotel Dumort. Clary and Simon come out and head down the stairs toward them. Clary immediately runs to Jace and pulls him into a hug, and Simon goes to Luke. Luke puts a comforting hand on his shoulder.)

Jace: (Softly) Hey. Hey. Thank God you're okay. (They pull away) So this is your safe hideout, huh?

Clary: Well, you think the Clave was gonna look here?

Izzy: Can we please focus on the matter at hand? Unless no one here cares that the Clave is planning on murdering Meliorn.

Clary and Simon: What?

Jace: They think Meliorn has more information on Valentine and the attack than he's saying.

Izzy: They're taking him to the Silent Brothers.

Clary: We have to stop them!

Jace: That's the plan, Clary. Rescue and recovery.

Izzy: We get him from the guards, in and out, no one gets hurt.

Clary: You want us to go up against the Silent Brothers, and an elite Shadowhunter guard unit?

Luke: Without any backup?

Jace: Pretty much sums it up, yeah.

Clary: Is Alec coming?

(Jace and Izzy hesitate and share a glance. Jace shakes his head.)

Jace: No. Not this time.

Clary: If they're doing this to Seelies, no Downworlder is safe. But we can't go in alone, not if we don't want to be detected.

Luke: My pack will track the unit, create a distraction.

Simon: I would suggest vampires, but... I doubt they'll cooperate.

Jace: As much as I hate to agree with Simon, vamps aren't exactly team players.

Clary: Let me talk to Raphael. I think I can persuade him.
Clary: We're offering an alliance with the Seelies.

Luke: [sighing] And the werewolves.

Raphael: Why should we believe you? You killed our people. You violated our home.

Jace: You kidnapped a mundane, remember?

Simon: That was me.

Clary: Look... you were just following Camille's orders. She violated the Accords. You are a different kind of leader. We are a new generation of Shadowhunters. We believe everyone can be equal. But we have to work together to stop Valentine. And to ensure the Clave doesn't repeat past mistakes. What do you say?

Raphael: This decision requires a consensus.

Simon: I vote yes.

Raphael: Well, well, well, baby's first words.

Simon: Don't make me regret them.

Raphael: If our newest member pledges his loyalty to his new leader and joins our clan... we'll all stand beside you.

Clary: Simon's not a pawn.

Simon: No... I'm not. But I accept your deal.

Clary: Simon, what are you doing?

Simon: Whatever it takes to protect the Downworld. It's my world now.

Raphael: Then we're in.

Clary: This does not look like the City of Bones.

Jace: This is the Downworlders entrance.

Clary: The City of Bones has a service entrance. Perfect!

Simon: I hope I have better luck here than I did last time. I'm just saying.

Clary: Everyone knows what to do?

Jace: Text when you're in position.

(Raphael whistles as Luke starts walking away.)

Raphael: Stay. Good dog.

Luke: Bite me.

Raphael: Roll over.

Luke: Play dead.

Simon: Boom! (He fist bumps with Luke)

(The wolves start to walk away, but one of them bumps into Simon. This causes the vampires to hiss at them, and the wolves growl back, getting ready to fight. Clary quickly intervenes.)

Clary: Hey, enough! Enough! All our lives are at stake! It's time we put aside our differences, and work together! Tonight we're all Downworlders. Luke? (Luke nods) Raphael? (Raphael nods)

(Both groups walk away, leaving Jace, Clary, Izzy, and Simon behind.)

Simon: I guess I should expect people to hate me for who I am now. I'll get used to it.

Clary: Never get used to it. You hear me?

Izzy: Let's do this.

(Izzy and Simon leave.)

Clary: We're risking everything, aren't we? Going against the Clave, against the other Shadowhunters...

Jace: Valentine's trying to destroy the world, Clary. We're trying to protect it.

(They both sigh)

Jace: Before I forget... These belong to you. (He hands her the tarot card with the Mortal Cup and her necklace)

Clary: Did Alec give you these?

Jace: Let's just say this is where they're safest. Be careful.

Clary: Don't worry. I won't activate it... (She inhales deeply as she puts them in her pockets) now that I know how it works. Thank you.

Jace: Thank me if we make it out of this alive.

Clary: (She clicks her tongue) When we make it out.

Jace: Right.

Simon: So what are we thinking? A little encanto action?

Izzy: You know there's a rune for that.

Simon: Of course there is.

Raphael: Just watch and learn from the master.

Izzy: Remember... no one gets hurt.
Jace: Come here.

(He draws a rune on Clary's collarbone which makes her wince. This sharpens her vision and the camera zooms in on Alec leading a group of Shadowhunters toward the City of Bones with Meliorn.)

Clary: Alec? What's he doing here? Oh, no.

Jace: (Activates his own rune and sees the group for himself) Damn it. Lydia must have sent him.

Clary: Lydia?

Jace: Alec's future wife. Don't ask.

Clary: Just say the word, and we'll call the whole thing off.

Jace: No, there's no turning back now. So whatever happens, follow my lead.
(Alec is leading the group towards the entrance when wolves show up in various areas around them growling.)

Alec: This could be a trap. Secure the perimeter. Do it now.

(Some of the Shadowhunters leave to follow Alec's orders while the others continue walking with Alec. The camera pans over to Izzy standing with Raphael and Simon as they prepare for a fight.)

Alec: I'll take Meliorn inside. Just stay here. Nobody gets through.

(Alec leaves with Meliorn as the other four Shadowhunters remain where they are. Izzy gives the signal to Simon and Raphael who speed away. She throws a smoke bomb under the truck she's standing behind and into the group of four Shadowhunters. She then uses her whip to grab Raj's ankle and knock him down while the vampires attack the others. Alec and Meliorn turn around to see that the four Shadowhunters they left a few yards behind them are now gone.)

Meliorn: Not too late to turn back.

Alec: Quiet. I won't tell you again.

(They walk into a room and Alec draws a rune on one of the walls. This exposes an entrance.)

Clary: Alec.

(She walks into view. Alec turns away to ignore her and continue bringing Meliorn into the City of Bones, but Jace is now standing in his way.)

Alec: You told me you were taking Clary back to the Institute. You lied to me.

Jace: I did what needed to be done.

Clary: Alec, the Clave has gone too far. You have to see that. Please, just let Meliorn go.

Alec: I have my orders.

Clary: You and your damn orders. Who cares about orders?

Alec: See? That's how little you know about being a Shadowhunter. You couldn't possibly understand...

Jace: It's you that doesn't understand, Alec. Not this time.

(Alec shoves past her, leading Meliorn to the entrance.)

Jace: I'm really sorry.

(He tackles Alec, letting Meliorn move away and over to Clary.)

Jace: Clary, Meliorn, go, now.

(They leave and Jace is now on top of Alec.)

Alec: You always broke the rules, but never the law, not until she showed up.

Jace: You've had it out for Clary from the start. And now you're getting married, Alec? We both know what this is about.

Alec: Oh, do we? Okay. Why doesn't the legend, Jace Wayland, tell us what's it about?

Jace: It's about me! It's about your feelings. It's because you're...

(Alec cuts him off by punching him and they fight. Eventually Alec gains control and is on top of Jace and pulls out his seraph blade and puts it to Jace's neck.)

Jace: Do it. (Louder) Do it! I don't wanna be alive if we're on different sides, Alec.

(Alec lets him go and Jace stands up.)

Jace: Come with me. We'll fight Valentine the right way... together.

Alec: If we do that... we'll be considered traitors like Mom and Dad.

Jace: I'm begging you, my parabatai... my brother. Please, Alec, come with me.

Alec: No.
(Clary, Jace and Simon walk into a room in the Hotel Dumort.)

Jace: Clary, we have to go. Meliorn is a wanted man, we have to get him back to the Seelie court where he's protected.

(Clary turns to Simon.)

Clary: I wish you could come with us.

Simon: I've got a lot of stuff to work on here. Like... controlling my murderous tendencies.

(Clary laughs)

Simon: We'll see each other soon.

Clary: Before you know it. Simon, listen, I...

Simon: What's done is done. I'm a vampire... and you're a Shadowhunter. Maybe that's supposed to mean something, but... (Chuckles) ...you're still you. And I'm still me. Sort of. Enough... anyway.

Clary: (Softly) Simon.

(She hugs him and Jace looks on with a pained expression. Simon grabs her biceps and pushes her away awkwardly.)

Simon: Let's work up to hugging... because I haven't had dinner yet.

Clary: Sorry.

Simon: It's okay.

Clary: Goodbye, Simon.

(She and Jace leave. The camera pans to Raphael standing behind Simon.)

Raphael: Welcome home.
(Clary and Jace walk outside and see Meliorn and Izzy speaking in close proximity.)

Meliorn: I underestimated you.

Izzy: Is that a thank you?

Meliorn: In the Seelie world, it is.

(Izzy and Meliorn kiss and Clary clears her throat)

Jace: I hate to break up this reunion, Izzy, but we have to go.

Izzy: You're in good hands. I need to get back to the Institute, see what hell has broken loose. Try and talk some sense into Alec. (She sighs) Take care of him.

Clary: We will.

(Meliorn and Izzy kiss one more time before Izzy hurries off.)

Meliorn: Isabelle told me it was your idea to rally the Downworlders. That you spearheaded my rescue.

Clary: Don't give me too much credit. Isabelle made this happen. We just helped.

Jace: She's being modest. You're a Shadowhunter now.

Meliorn: I've been surprised by more than one Shadowhunter tonight. You risked everything to unite us.

Jace: Right after you tried to sell her out.

Meliorn: Not my finest moment. Which is why I'm offering you a gift... for your sacrifice. If you're ready... I can help you find your father.