01x10 - This World Inverted

Welcome home.

Isabelle: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Got a lot of stuff to work on here.

Like controlling my murderous tendencies.

Detective Garroway, I need your badge and your gun.

Who's this?

Vargas: His name is Fisk.

Internal affairs.

Look familiar?

Meliorn, the Clave has ordered that you be placed under arrest.

We rule with our heads, not with our hearts.

I'm in.

Please, just let Meliorn go.

You couldn't possibly understand...

It's you that doesn't understand, Alec.

We'll fight Valentine together.


Meliorn: You spearheaded my rescue.

I'm offering you a gift. I can help you find your father.

Clary: Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Meliorn: Welcome to the Seelie Glade, Clary Fairchild.

The remotest edges of it.

Clary: How did we get here?

Jace: There are entrances all through the mundane world.

Meliorn: You just have to know where to look.

Why did we have to come here to find my father?

Because of your necklace.

It's a Portal shard.

Tell us something we don't know.

How does it work?

When I touch the crystal and I think of someone, I can see where they are.

I'm curious, Shadowhunter, who knows so much about Portals, did you never wonder why this Portal shard doesn't behave the way normal Portals do?

Normal Portals can only take you to places you've been.

I guess I never really thought about it.

I see Isabelle is the smart one in the family.

Your Portal shard works the way it does because it's a piece of a Portal from another dimension.

Another dimension?

You're saying there's a Portal in some other universe that can take us to anyone if we just think of them?

If you can find the only Portal still standing in that dimension... it will take you to your father.

Then they put Jace in, and that can't be, you know...

Just, hold on one second.

Where the hell have you been?

Where I needed to be.

Away from you and your fiancee.

Jace and Clary are on the run.

I can't protect you if you don't tell me the truth.

I don't need protecting.

Meliorn's alive. That's all that matters.

Just... Hey, just...

[sighs] ...tell me this.

Is there any way that Raj could have seen anything incriminating?

I don't think you can call it an attack if no one got injured.

We were ambushed.

How is that possible?

Nobody outside the Institute knew about the mission.

It was dark. We couldn't see much.

There were wolves... and the others were hit with vampires.

But I swear, the one that got me... moved a lot like a Shadowhunter.

Meliorn: These trees are where the alternate dimensions intersect the Seelie realm.

Jace: How is it possible that the Clave doesn't know about your dimensional doorways?

They are our most guarded secret.

We are their protectors.

Only Seelies know of their existence.

Clary: Then why are you telling us?

I owe you a life debt... and I don't like being indebted to anyone.

What would happen if...

If the Seelie Queen finds out I've shared this with you?

I could be executed.

Well, we'll be extra careful then.

There is no "we" in this scenario.

Only Clary goes in to find the Portal. My debt is to her.

You've given us no reason to trust you, Seelie.

He brought us here.

[energy pulsating]

I knew the Seelies were one with nature, but...

Meliorn: This will establish a connection to the other dimension.

What's it like? The other dimension. Is it like this one?

It is... but it isn't.

Could you be more vague?

It is an alternate timeline, in a sense.

There, Shadowhunters and demons no longer exist.


And Downworlders have conformed to the mundane way of life to avoid detection.

What happened to the Shadowhunters?

Their services were no longer required, because they won the war against the demons, centuries ago.

Once they sealed the rifts between their worlds... [inhales deeply] their culture faded away.

Once you arrive in the alternate dimension, you will assume the body of the Clary in that world.

You will think and feel just like her.

But I'll still know I'm me, right?

I'll know I have to find the Portal?

There's a catch.

With Seelies, there's always a catch.

Your alternate self could consume you if you let it.

Is there a way to not let it?


Focus on the differences between that world and ours.

Find something or someone to keep you grounded to this one.

Easy enough.

It will be more difficult than you think.

If you don't hurry, you could cease to be this world's Clary Fairchild.

And be stuck in that world forever.

What am I supposed to do?

Just sit on my hands if Clary needs help?

Let the pack handle it.

We can't afford to lose our leader right now, with everything that's going on with the Shadow World and Valentine.

I promised Jocelyn I'd look after her.

When you killed Theo, you promised to take care of this pack.

But you can't do that if you're locked up in internal affairs or being sucked dry by some vampire.

[both sniffing]

There's something dead outside.

[low growling]

What are you doing here?

[clears throat]

Raphael has appointed me ambassador to the werewolves.

Why the hell would you do that?

Because of my close personal connection with Luke.

[growling continues]


[growling subsides]

[clears throat]

Give us a minute.

I thought me and Alaric were cool.

You were. [sighs]

Then I became Nerdferatu.

You know, I thought we were one.

Allies, brothers in arms and all that.

Yeah, it's not that simple.

Because vampires and werewolves hate each other?

Not all vampires and werewolves.

[indistinct low growl]

So, why did you really come here?

Raphael is not the most patient trainer in the Shadow World.

[chuckles] What happened?

He got frustrated with my training and told me to take a walk.

And you decided to go to the one place where you could get torn apart by wild dogs?

Seemed like a good idea at the time.


I was ordered to bring you these.


So, let me guess, your training stalled somewhere around here?

Emotions running hot?

Anything and everything makes you wanna vamp out?

It's like... it's like going through puberty all over again.

Just with less zits.

Mmm. It's the same way with new werewolves.

I just need to be sure it's safe.

Just in case I don't make it back.

You're coming back.

What do either of us know about interdimensional travel?

Little bit.

Not helping.

It's time.

Meliorn, I appreciate the risk you're taking, but a life debt requires you ensure my safety.

I'll agree to go alone... but if I find this alternate Portal, I won't be able to face Valentine on my own.

She'll need backup.

[sighs] If you find the Portal, you may come back for him.

Shadowhunters need Seelie permission to go through.

Only demons can pass through unaided.


[speaking Seelie]


newscaster on TV: ...a Brooklyn fireman heroically rescued a terrified puppy from a drain pipe in Crown Heights yesterday morning. Remy Hershel...

[energy pulsates]


[newscaster continues indistinctly]


[yelling] Where's my mother?

[chuckling] Whoa.

Is this from one of your cosplay skits?

Uh, honey?

Come in here. You gotta see this.

No, seriously, you have to let me come with you, just once, okay?

I want to see what you do at these things, all right?

Jocelyn: Val, you're not allowed to do cosplay.

You'd stick out like a sore thumb.



Wow. [laughs]

Wow, if you miss us this much, you should really leave the dorm room more often.


Right. [chuckles] Sorry.


Jocelyn: Clary... in honor of your father's Mad Hatter party tonight.


Your mom made waffles for you.

Come on, kiddo, you gotta eat somethin', right?


So, Clarissa... when do I get to meet this new man in your life, hmm?


What? I have to... give my stamp of approval, right? [chuckles]

Jocelyn: Oh, Clary, look at this commercial, it's hilarious.

Valentine: Oh, yeah.

It's so bad, it's good.

Hodge on TV: ...and almost broke when Magnus Bane helped me figure out what I was supposed to do with my life.

Now? [exclaims loudly]

I run my own dojo.

[all chuckling]

Luke on TV: After being mauled by a suspect's dog...

Magnus helped me realize that maybe the police force wasn't my calling.

So I opened up a rare bookstore.

[chuckles] Now, I'm doing what I love.

both: Thanks, Magnus Bane.

I'm Magnus Bane.

Come in today for a tarot card and psychic reading.

I'll help you find your way.

[cutlery clatters]


I have to go.


I thought you were spending the morning with us.

I, uh, have a last minute assignment due that I haven't even started yet, so...

[stutters] I gotta go.

Well, we'll see you tonight, right?


I'm sorry.

For what?

Isabelle Lightwood, by order of the Clave, you are under arrest for high treason.

What? On what grounds?

Only a handful of people knew about the Meliorn op.

And everyone knows she's sleeping with him.


You know what, Lydia? You're no better than Valentine.

But at least he had the guts to tell Downworlders to their faces he wanted them all dead.

You... hide behind the Law.

I don't hide behind it, Isabelle. I simply follow it.

Because it guards against one very important thing.

Shadowhunters fighting other Shadowhunters.

If she is convicted, she'll be stripped of her runes and banished.

I can't let that...


It's not your fight.

Hey. Where have you been?


We've been texting you for, like, 20 minutes.

Simon, get out of the sun.

Hey, what the hell?

I know that look.


Caffeine deprivation.

Come on, Tweek.

Simon, I do not have time for coffee today.

No, no, no. I know that look in your eye.

And when you get that look, I either have to caffeinate you immediately or accept full responsibility for you killing someone.

And you know how I am with blood. [grimaces]


Is that new?

Yes, I got it a couple days ago.

Oh, it goes with your dress?

Because you're getting ready at my place tonight, right?

Ready for what?

That is not even a little bit funny.

I have poured my heart and soul into planning this anniversary party for the Institute. And the theme is amazing.


Here you go, buddy.

Simon: Thanks, man.

This one's for Clary.

She's here?

But, seriously, what is with this guy and the Mad Hatter?

Visionaries are quirky crazy.

You don't get 4D Internet tech thinking inside the box.

I'm beginning to wonder if you don't have a thing for your boss.

[Isabelle chuckles]

Like, if Clary's dad would ever go for me.

Wait, my dad?

Uh... [scoffs]

No, I'm totally kidding.

[stammers] I mean, I'm not crushing on your dad, right?


Right, of course not.

That'd be totally weird.

Yeah. Mmm-hmm.

[breathes deeply]

Order's up.


We're setting up at 6:00, right?

Yeah, okay. I need your help tonight... loading.

This gig could be... huge for me.

[softly] Hey.


You wanna get out of here?



[softly] I can't wait till tonight.

[stammers] For the party?

Just shut up and kiss me.

[Clary chuckles]

[horn blares]


[gasps] Stop!

[stammers] I'm sorry, I can't.


It's funny how similar werewolves and vampires are.

Makes you wonder why we can't get along.

So, Clary getting us to fight together was...

It was practically a miracle.

It says a lot about who she could be as a leader.

She's got moxie.

She'll be all right.

Because she's with Jace?


Because she's a fighter. Like her mom.

She'll fight her way back to us if she has to.

Well, not that this Downworlder thing isn't fun... but it's not.

I just wanna go home.

You can't.

Not until you control your impulses. You understand me?

Just keep practicing.


Fisk: Luke Garroway. Don't move.

Here we go. Okay.

Just do what he says.

Shut up!

Turn around.

Nice and slow.

That's it.

You didn't think you could hide forever, did you, Garroway?

I figured I'd try.

We'll put this one down as an epic fail, then.

I'm takin' you in.

[low growl]

Calm, Simon.

Fisk: You, too.

Luke: Simon...

Stay where you are.

Luke: Simon, no!

[Fisk yells]

[gun fires]

I was ready to rip his throat out.

How'd you stop me?

Wolf reflexes.

Who the hell is this guy?

Internal affairs.

Thinks I killed my captain and a couple other people connected to the demonic murders.

Did you?

Only one.

Protecting Clary from the Circle.

Oh. Enough said.

So, what now?

Jace: If Clary doesn't make it out of there soon, you're gonna be meditating six feet under.

Meliorn: Shadowhunter, have you ever seen a Seelie knight fight? I wouldn't be so cocky about your prowess if I were you.

[low rumble]


Jace: What's going on?

Meliorn: Opening the doorway to this dimension may not have been a good idea.

Jace: On a scale from one to namaste, how screwed are we?

Meliorn: Demons are attracted to this dimension. It's defenseless and peaceful.

Jace: They like chaos and havoc. All right, pointy ears, looks like yoga time might be over.

Magnus: The Lovers.

You are in a loving relationship.

[inhales deeply]

This man has a strong hold on you.

You feel a magnetic attraction to him that you cannot escape.

Tonight will define your relationship.

Oh. [chuckles]

You hope he is your soul mate.

But secrets revealed will threaten to tear you apart.

[cat meowing]


You don't have a cat.

I have two.

Chairman Meow...



...and Church.

[low growl]

I'm not actually here for a reading.

I know you're a warlock, Magnus.

I'm a Shadowhunter.


There are no more Shadowhunters.

Haven't been for hundreds of years.

I can prove it.

All I see, Shadowhunter... is you could use a serious tan.

[sighing] Right. Bad strategy. No runes in this dimension.

I'm from an alternate reality.

If that were true... without an anchor, you'd be assimilating into this world.

[scoffs] Believe me, I am trying to fight it.

Which is part of why I need your help.

In my dimension, Shadowhunters still battle demons.

And now there is something so much worse.

I need your magic to help me stop it.

I can't help you.

My magic's gone dormant.

Then wake it up.


Lydia... can we talk?

[sighs] Is this where you tell me the engagement's off?

What? No.

Why wouldn't you?

[sighs] Can we just talk off the record?

Head of Institute hat off?


Listen, I need to come clean about what happened at the City of Bones.

Isabelle was there, wasn't she?

Yeah... and Jace and Clary.

And some vampires and werewolves.

They thought they were stopping a war with the Downworld.

Well, they weren't wrong, but I had orders.

Yeah, and I understand that better than anyone.

But I can't let Izzy be exiled for this.

In the eyes of the Clave, she's guilty.

I mean, how do you propose we get around that?

I may have something that the Clave wants.

I can give them the Mortal Cup.

Alec, you have it?

Why didn't you tell me before?

[stammers] I promised Jace.

And there's this thing with Clary...

It's... I get it. He's your parabatai.

I'm gonna trade the Cup for Izzy's freedom.

Do you think the Clave would go for it?

To keep it out of Valentine's hands, they'll do anything.

Where is it?


[sighs] This better work.

What does that do?


Hopefully... kick-start my magic.


Give it a minute?

That book is very precious.

Warlock spells preserved in all their grandeur.

Clary: It's stunning.

This isn't working.

This is the longest I've ever abstained.

[sighs] From a lot of things.

Why don't you just try something simple?

Move that.




Usually, you have a little bit more of a... flourish to it.

I do not look like that.




Magnus, we just have to find the Portal.

Even if my magic was working, I'd still need an energy signature of some kind to track it.

Maybe we try something different.

I don't know how this came into this dimension with me.

Because it's of this dimension.

It belongs here.



Oh. Now that's what I'm talking about.

We have lift off.

[breathes deeply]

The energy is very faint.

It's been dormant for a long time. Like me.


Let's see if we can wake it up.

[inhales deeply]

Can you see it?

Yes. It's in a subbasement of...

Fort Knox.

Like, literally Fort...

No, but it might as well be. The Institute.

Why is that a problem?

High tech, high security. Impossible to get into.

And hosting an anniversary party tonight that I have the hookup to.

[cell phone chimes]

[sighs] Damn.

Meet me tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the Institute. Dress to impress.

Raj: Keep it short.

Jace stole the Cup.

Izzy, did you know about this?

My God, did you help him?

The Cup is the only thing that can get you out of this.

Jace is doing what he thinks is right.

What's right?

He put the whole Shadow World in danger.

He put you in danger. We have to get him back here.

With the Cup. It's the only thing that can help you.

They've taken Meliorn back to the Seelie realm.

You can't track him there.

Not by any of the normal ways.

No, absolutely not.

You cannot track Jace through your parabatai bond.

It will weaken both of you.

Or break the bond.

Jace already weakened it.

How does he think I can trust him after what he did?

Don't say that. Please, Alec.

Think about what you're doing.

[Fisk groans]

[breathing heavily]

Simon: Good.

You're awake.

[device powering up]

[breathing heavily]

I would hate to start this with you... completely out of it.

A formalin pump?

The perfect little siphoning tool.

You wanna see how it works?


Don't be shy.

You'll be fine. It only hurts a little bit.

Until I die.


That is one of the side effects of extracting all of the blood from the human body.

You're the demonic killer.

You know, I don't... I don't like that title.

It makes me angry.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Let's get you hooked up to this thing.

Please, no. No. Hey, please.

Please, don't.

[drill whirring]

No, no, no.

Don't! [stammers]

Stop squirming.


You'll just make it worse for yourself.

No! No!

Help me!

Help me!



No! No! No!



No! No!

God... No! No!

Stay still.

Somebody help me!


Luke: Stop!

[gun firing]


[gun cocking]

I told you it wasn't me.


What's the emergency?

Oh, my God. What happened?

Kickboxing class. I thought, "Why not? Quick class after work. And, boom! Home in time to see you."

Well, you got the "boom" part right.

Andrea's foot right into my face.

She has to pick today to finally land her roundhouse?

It's... It's okay. We'll fix it.

Oh, my God.

What are people gonna think?

And then Alec worked so hard to plan this.

I just cannot not go to the party.

And what am I supposed to do?


I worked so hard.

Hey, we're gonna fix it.


But then we have to fix you and Jace, because the two of you not talking really messes with my chi.

[breathing heavily] Are you sure those are the colors?

We will make it work.

Okay, because if I don't show up to the party, your dad and Simon are so gonna kill me.

So, um... do you think you could get a friend of mine on the guest list for tonight?

Um... well, if you make this work, I'll do anything for you.

[dance music playing]

See, I was obsessed when I was a kid.

Alice looked into the mirror and fell into another dimension.

Well, it must have stuck with me, because, when I grew up, I looked into the Internet and realized it needed another dimension.

And our 4D, breaking-the-speed-barrier Internet was born.

Says my talented developer.

People said I was mad, so...

I owned it, hmm?


Thank you so much for the gig, Mr. M.

Simon, how many times do I have to tell you?

Sorry... Val.

Poker night. Next Saturday, all right?

Yes! Is Blackwell is gonna be there?

'Cause that guy is a sore loser.

Yeah, that's 'cause you bled him dry.

If you'll excuse me, I have some pressing matters to attend to.

Take care.

I love the hat.

I know you do.

[Jocelyn laughs]

May I?

Jace. Hi. Um...

Clary, what's going on with you?



I'll be right back.


Valentine: So...

This must be the Jace I've heard so much about.

Uh, yes, sir. Yeah.

Sir is for my father.

Call me... Mr. Morgenstern.

Okay. Um... [clears throat]

[stammers] Uh, Dad, this is, um, our song.

Oh, right. Nice to meet you.

It was a pleasure to nice... Uh, nice to meet you as well.


[both chuckle]

[whispers] Damn it.

Uh, Clary...

What... What's going on with you?

You... [stammers] You ran away from me this morning.


And you... you didn't respond to my texts all day, and now you won't even dance with me?

I'm sorry, okay? Really, I am.

I just... [stutters] I've got a lot on my mind.

Just one dance.

Fine. Okay.




You got somewhere else to be?


[slow music playing]

[phone chimes]

Alec: Hodge, you ready?

Alec, don't do this out of anger. Jace is still your parabatai.

Lydia's right.

I'm not letting Jace sacrifice my sister for his girlfriend's pointless crusade.

We're doing this.

And if you don't want to help, get out.

I'll help... but on one condition.


You don't let it go too far.

Now your bond with Jace can withstand a certain amount of strain.

But you have to promise me that you won't let it break.

Jace is dead to me.


Lydia: You don't know how dependent you are on the bond, or how dependent you are on each other.

I have to do this.

For Izzy.


[breathes deeply]

Prepare yourself.

This will be very, very painful.

Do it.

[indistinct rustling]

Do you hear that?

[demon growls]

[Jace grunting]

Where the hell did you get those?

The Earth provides, Shadowhunter.

Don't just stand there!

[demon growls]

[Alec wincing]


[breathing heavily]


Reach out with your mind... and your heart.

Use every strand, every fiber of you that is connected to him.

[gasps] It's working.

I can see him.


[both groaning]



[grunts] Alec!

You know where he is?


[both screaming]

Magnus: Check it again.

I told you, I'm on the list.

You're not here.

What seems to be the problem?

This one wants to crash the party.

I'll be responsible for this one.

Come on in.

To us.

Alec: And you are?

Magnus: Magnus Bane.

Alec: Alec Lightwood.

Thanks, but...

I gotta go.

Playing hard to get. I love a challenge.

[clears throat]

I need to borrow your lady.


Well, promise you'll give her back to me?

Cross my heart and hope to die.

Well, I'll have to trust you.

All right.

I'm gonna ask Izzy to move in with me.

Oh, my God, Simon. She's totally gonna say yes.

You think so?

I mean, I don't know. Maybe it's a bad idea.

[stammers] Like a really bad idea. It could be a bad idea.

Simon... [imitates Dracula] look into my eyes.

The Dracula stare.


Well played.

[both chuckling]

Okay, I'm good. I'm good.

All right.

Go get 'em, tiger.



[dance music playing]

Come on, let's go.

Who are you?

Clary, it's me, Magnus.

[echoing] Do I know you?


Okay, seriously, let go of me.

[cat meowing]

What is wrong with you?

Dude, I... [sighs]


[sighs] That was close.

You're telling me.

This way. Let's go.

[sighing heavily] Is that him?

Yeah, they're running the prints now.

Thanks for...

Just doing my job.

About that.

IA is off your back. For good.

Hell, the mayor wants to give you a medal.

[chuckles] I'll just take some time off.



Alaric: Detective.


So... how'd I do?



You shot me, like, a gazillion times.

Shouldn't have had to.

What's that? Alaric's working his magic so you're not associated with the demonic murders.

You saved our Alpha. The pack's indebted to you.

So, I'm thinking... moo shu pork for life?

What are we even looking for?

I'll know it when I see it.

What if this doesn't work?

It will, biscuit. I can feel it.


You know, if you were having second thoughts about us, you could have told me, instead of coming down here and hooking up with some random guy.

Jace, this isn't exactly a good time.


You know when would be a good time for me, Clary?


Never call me again.

[demon growls]


[Clary grunts]

What the hell is that thing?

Let's go.


Did you kill it?


It went through?

[low rumbling]

I have to shut the entrance.

More demons are coming.

What about Clary?

You said you Seelies protect other dimensions.

We do.

There is a demon in there with a bunch of unprotected people.

Let me in.


I can kill it.

If I seal the doorway behind you...

I know, the Portal is the only way out.

I'm willing to take that risk. Grant me entry.

Remember, you won't have your seraph blade.

Demons don't disintegrate in this dimension.

[speaking Seelie]


[Jace trembling]

[softly] It's okay. It's okay.

[Clary shushing]

[energy pulsating]



[sighs] You okay?

[exhales] Thank God, it's you.

Alec: Jace! Jace!

[panting] No. No.

What was that?

I don't know.

But if they're in there, they're not coming out.

Mind filling me in?

[Clary stammers]

[demon growls]


[both grunting]

[Clary grunting]

[demon groaning]

[Jace grunts]


[demon groans]

[Clary grunts]

[Jace groans]


Jace. Oh, my God!

Jace, it's okay, it's okay. Breathe.



[Jace gasping]

Where's my stele?

It didn't come through with you.

[Jace gasps]

You're gonna need more than a stele for that.

Will Portaling him back to his own body cure him?

No. Blood travels with you.

It's why your angelic powers still work here.

The demon venom is in his blood.

Then we have to get him back to the Institute in our dimension.

[grunts] No, we've gotta find Valentine.

[breathing raggedly]

Jace, you're in no condition to fight.

We might not get another chance, Clary. This is too important.

Magnus: I found it!

Come on.



[breathing heavily] You'll have to destroy the Portal after we go through.


To secure your dimension from all sides.

Otherwise, if it stays open, you'll be vulnerable to demon attacks again.

I'll take care of it... and the malodorous monstrosity on that table.

Thank you.

Well, I should be thanking you.

No... you gave me back a life. I won't forget it.

Now, go.


Think of your father.

Raj: Hey. Hey, Alec!

Alec: Just... Just wait.

What happened?

Are you and Jace okay?


Our parabatai bond, it's just... so weak.

He's like a ghost.

Alec, what did you do?

Lydia and I thought we could stop the trial if we gave the Cup to the Clave.

Lydia helped you?

It doesn't matter.


She has no choice but to go through with the trial now.

[Isabelle sighs]

It's okay, big brother. I know you tried.

[Alec sighs]

I'm sorry.

[Isabelle sighs]

[Jace groaning]



[groaning continues]

It's okay. It's okay. I'm here, it's okay.

No going back now.


Magnus was right. It's not working.

It's enough.

[Jace grunts]

What is all this?

The makings of an army.

There's no one here.

Did Meliorn lie to us?

He said that that Portal would take us to my father.

[banging on door]

[both gasp]

[whispering] Get behind me.

[banging continues]

It can't be.

It can't be.

You died. I saw it.


[softly] Jace... is it really you?

Jace, how do you know this man?

He's my father.