01x13 - Morning Star

Jace: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Jonathan Christopher. "JC." Jace.

I don't know who I am anymore.

There's darkness in me.

Clary: In the alternate dimension you showed me a book of spells, and this was in it.

It must have been the Book of the White.

Alec: We can use the bookmark to track the owner of the book.


It's Camille.

I want my property back.

Simon is not your property.

Raphael: Camille killed this mundane.

He's the evidence we need to show the Clave she's been breaking the Accords.

[vampires hissing]

Alec: I'm getting married. I'm a Shadowhunter.

This is about family, and tradition.

Magnus: What about love?

I can't do this.


You have the Cup.

How could I not know?

I spent a lifetime not knowing who I was.

But, Jace, the one thing I know for sure is you are not a bad person.

You're not Valentine.


I should have killed him.

And yet I can't shake the feeling that he was right.

Jace, Valentine is my father, too. We are the same...

No, we're not, Clary. No, we are not.

Jocelyn raised you.

I was raised by Valentine, and a pair of baby booties isn't gonna change that.


Look, I can't even begin to explain what happened in our past, but our mom can.

We are so close to waking her up.

You want answers as badly as I do, we have to go back to the Hotel DuMort and talk to Camille.


Fine. Where's Simon?
(Simon is walking down the hallway to the Institute and getting ready to leave. Clary and Jace come up behind him.)

Clary: Simon, wait!

Simon: What's going on?

Jace: We need your help.

Clary: The Book of the White. It contains the spell that can wake my mom, but she hid it so Valentine can never find it.

Jace: We have a lead.


(Clary holds out the bookmark they got from Ragnor's place.)

Simon: The Bookmark of the White?

Clary: It's a piece of the book itself. Magnus tracked its owner to the Hotel DuMort, but... [sighing] it belongs to Camille.

Simon: Okay, um... [inhales deeply] I'll set a meeting with Raphael.

Clary: Thank you.

Have you spoken with Lydia?

No one's seen her since the wedding.

Mom, come on.


Mom, I understand you're upset, but this is...

Calling off the wedding would've been one thing... but kissing that warlock in front of the entire Institute?

You've embarrassed all of us.

Why? Because he's a guy?


The fact that he is a guy, as you say, is the least of my worries.

Then what's the problem?

That you chose Magnus Bane.

His reputation precedes him.

And even for a warlock, he's a bit of a lothario.

Alec, there's so much that you don't know about him.

Well, then I plan to get to know him.

And if you have a problem with that, then I suggest you deal with it.

Now, I have to go find Lydia.

She's probably packing for Idris in your father's office. What she did...

Saved my life.

So I should go thank her.

[sighs] On a scale of one to ten... how unpleasant was it?

Off the charts.

Yeah, I've never seen them so angry.

Just give them some time.

You're immortal. Time is on your side.

After what I did... I don't think they'll ever forgive me.

Don't underestimate a parent's love.

You don't regret it, do you?

[sighs] Everything happened so fast.

I didn't have time to think.

I just wanna make sure Lydia's okay.

Now I owe her so much.

We owe her.

What she did was nothing short of heroic.

Hey, look, maybe we can slow things down?

Why don't we start with that date you owe me?

Yeah, let's do that.

I know this great Ethiopian place on 44th...


Go get help.

You're gonna be okay.

[weakly] Hodge...

Clary: How's Lydia?

Alec: Better. Magnus is doing what he can to help her, but it's bad. And the Cup is definitely missing.

Jace: [inhales deeply] So is Hodge.

Izzy: Maybe he was attacked, too.

Clary: Maybe he's the one who attacked her.

Isabelle: Hodge? No way. We've known him our entire lives. He would never do that to us.

Jace: I led him right to the Cup.

Alec: We treated him like family. How could he do this to us?

[keyboard clacking]

[video fast-forwarding]

Clary: That's how. What is that ring?

Izzy: Looks like he's talking to someone.

Jace: And I can bet who it is.

Clary: Valentine.

Alec: Well, that explains how he deactivated the Punishment rune, but it doesn't explain where he got the ring.

Clary: You think someone smuggled it past the wards?

Jace: Maybe. Hodge wasn't the only ex-Circle member around here.

Izzy: Look, I know I don't always see eye to eye with my parents, but I know they're not traitors.

Jace: Really? Isn't that what you just said about Hodge? It'd have to be someone we trusted, but if there was an intruder inside the Institute, we would have found them by now.

Clary: What about the Forsaken attack?

Alec: No. We killed that thing, and I didn't see a ring.

Izzy: He didn't have one during the autopsy, but... maybe there's something in the footage.

[video fast-forwarding]

Alec: Go to the other camera.

Jace: There.

[keyboard clacking]

Clary: So, it wasn't a random attack.

Jace: He was just the delivery boy.

Alec: If he gives that Cup to Valentine, he'll create an army of Shadowhunters. With that kind of power behind him, he'll kill thousands.

Izzy: He'll kill thousands just creating the army. Most mundanes won't survive that.

Clary: We won't let that happen.

Jace: I'm gonna make sure of it.
I believe you have something that belongs to me.

As we agreed... [sighs] ...old friend.


You've done well, Starkweather.

You have earned your freedom.

Thank you.

It's been a long time since I've been able to breathe fresh air.

To see the outside world with my own eyes.

Well, take it all in.

The world is about to change.

[liquid bubbling]

Valentine: Let the Cup purify this blood.

Only the worthy shall survive.

I'm ready.

Then drink.



Is he dead?


He's a Shadowhunter.
Clary: Jace, what are you doing?

Jace: Every second we waste here, Hodge gets closer to Valentine.

Clary: [stammers] Hey, we're a team, all right? I know you're mad right now, but Hodge could be dangerous.

Jace: Two of us, one of him. Check the math, but I'm pretty sure he's outnumbered.

Clary: What is with you? Would you just talk to me for a second?

Jace: Lydia, Hodge... All this is happening because I didn't stop Valentine.

Clary: Jace, you cannot let emotions cloud your judgment. Your words, remember? When I first wanted to find my mom, I didn't care about anyone else. But you were the one that taught me that it's about a world that's bigger than us.

Jace: That's why you need to wake her up. She was his prisoner... and his wife. If anyone can stop him, she can.

Clary: Jace, listen to me...

Jace: You can do this.

Clary: Maybe I can. But it's not about me, it's you I'm worried about. You cannot let Valentine's evil poison you!

Jace: He's my father.

Clary: Actually... he's our father.

Jace: You don't get it.


Alec: Jace... How are we gonna find Hodge? He didn't leave anything we can track. I might be able to ask Magnus for help.

Jace: You need to stop thinking with your stele, Alec. There's more than one way to track.

Luke: This is my fault. He walked right past me, Jace! Yeah, if I'd have known... Yeah, I'll be right there. Hodge Starkweather. Hunt him down. I want him found and I want him alive.

[low growling]
Raziel's blood runs through your veins.

You're now the first in a new order of Shadowhunters.

[sighing] I have given you great power... but I expect something in return.

Jonathan and Clarissa... find them.

What do you need Jace and Clary for? We already have the Cup.



I promised you your freedom, Starkweather.

Nothing else.

Have I not proven my loyalty to you?

You've only proven your willingness to betray it.

Do you really think that I would allow a traitor into my ranks?

I brought you the Cup.

You've served your purpose. Now you're free to go.


You promised me protection.

The Clave will never stop hunting me and you know that.

Well, now that I have the Cup, the Clave's days are numbered.

I'm a man of my word.

The Clave will no longer bother you.

And you will no longer bother me.

Now, I suggest you enjoy your freedom before I change my mind.

Raphael: For Shadowhunters, you don't seem to do a lot of Shadowhunting.

Izzy: [scoffs] There is more to the job than killing demons.

Clary: We need to talk to Camille. We know you have her here. We tracked her to the DuMort.

Raphael: It's true, but I'm afraid she's a bit tied up at the moment. Is there something I can help you with?

Simon: Just a second. [sighs] Look, I know this sounds crazy, but we have to let them talk to Camille. She has a spell book that could wake up Jocelyn Fairchild. Valentine might have the Cup. The entire Downworld's in danger.

Raphael: She's far too dangerous. Or did you already forget what happened last time you "talked" to her?

Simon: It's not like she can kill me again.

Raphael: You said it yourself... if Valentine has the Cup, the entire Downworld is at risk. Camille will only make things worse.


Raphael: I'll bring you what's left of Camille's things, but speaking to her is out of the question.

Clary: [scoffing] Her things? This isn't the kind of book she would've just left sitting around.

Raphael: I'm sorry... but that's the best I can do.

Clary: We're supposed to be allies.

Raphael: And we are. But Shadowhunters have no business interfering with the Night Children's affairs. You may look to the Clave for justice, but the vampires look to me. Camille stays where she is.

Clary: You're making a huge mistake.
[wolf growling]

[distant wolf howling]

[wolf howls]

[wolves howling]


Jace: Where is it?

Hodge: Jace... I'm afraid you're too late. Valentine already has the Cup.

[both grunting]

Jace: How could you?


Hodge: It was the only way to earn my freedom. I'd been caged long enough.

Jace: Caged? You were our teacher. We treated you like family. We loved you!

Hodge: Family? Family? The Lightwoods cut a deal, Jace, to have me punished for crimes that they themselves committed. Don't you see? I was their prisoner! And besides... let's be real for a moment. You can't win. [chuckles] I taught you everything you know.

Jace: Not everything, Hodge.

(They begin fighting, Jace with his double sided seraph blade, and Hodge with his Chakrams. Jace disarms one of Hodge's chakrams, and Hodge slices off one side of Jace's blade. Jace kicks him to the ground and slices off the hand Hodge has his remaining chakram in with a yell. Hodge writhes in pain on the ground screaming before looking up at Jace who shows no remorse. Jace goes to give the final blow, but Alec comes out of nowhere and tackles him to the ground.)

Alec: It's over!

Jace: It's not over. He's a traitor. He deserves to pay.

Alec: You nearly killed him!

Jace: Maybe I should've killed him! He sided with Valentine, Alec. The Clave let him go once before and look where that got us.

Alec: What are you gonna do? You're gonna kill every ex-Circle member, even our parents?

Jace: Robert and Maryse aren't my parents.

Alec: You said it yourself. They raised you. They are your parents! Just calm down.

Lule: There's a dungeon in Idris with your name written all over it.


[Hodge groans]


Valentine: It's good to see you, Jonathan. I've been expecting you. I figured you'd find Starkweather. I've trained you well.

Jace: You don't know me.

Valetnine: I raised you. We're not so different, you and I.

Jace: Hodge had it coming. You kill innocent people. I'd never do that.

Valentine: Not yet. But it's all a matter of time. The Clave has failed us. They've failed all of humanity, but you knew that as well as I did. Every day, the demons get stronger, and soon... there won't be enough Shadowhunters to fight back. The Cup can change that.

Jace: The Cup destroys more than it creates. Our job is to protect the mundanes, not to kill them.

Valentine: Well, losses are acceptable when the alternative is extinction. But come with me. Together we can use the Mortal Cup to save the world.

Jace: Oh, I am coming for you. We have unfinished business.
So these are all of Camille's things?

All I could find.

But she has hideouts all over the city.


I thought you were looking for a spell book.

We are.


Where are your friends?


Give me a second. I gotta deal with this.

No one told me anything about a new prisoner.

That's because you're not advisor to the interim chapter president.

I mean, you can take it up with Raphael if you want, but, uh, I wouldn't... wouldn't wanna tell you what happened to the last guy that challenged him.

Don't go anywhere.


Did you really think this stall tactic was going to work?

No... but I thought this would.

[Raphael chuckles]

Typical Shadowhunter... always underestimating a vampire.

Sure this will work?

Izzy's a pro.

By the time that vamp finds Raphael, we'll be long gone.

[grunts] Let's get this over with.

If anyone catches us, we're dead.

Some of us already are.


Alaric, we've got Hodge. Call off the rest of the pack.

We're gonna need a pickup.

We're at the subway station near Bergen.

Yeah. I'll see you in five.

How's Hodge doing?

He'll live.

It's Jace I'm worried about. Valentine really messed with his head.

What, at Renwick's?


He went through a lot recently.

I thought we had settled it, but something's killing him inside.

I don't know what it is.

This is all too familiar.

I saw a similar thing with Valentine 18 years ago.

Jace isn't Valentine.

Not yet. We gotta keep an eye on him.

All right.

Where'd they go?

What do you mean?

Once we open this, there's no going back.

Everything we've done to unite the Downworld goes out the window.

I wish there was another way, but if Valentine gets ahold of the Cup... there won't be a Downworld left to unite.


She's dead.

Well, yeah. What'd you expect?

She's a vampire.


Not so fast.

What took you so long?

Excuse me?

I knew you'd come back for your sire, just like you did before.

We're forever linked, you and I.

How do you know I don't want to stake you?

Do you?


I do.

But that's not why we're here.

Where's the Book of the White?

The book of the what?

The Book of the White. Big, white spell book.

Kind of explains itself.

Never heard of it.

And yet we tracked it to you.

Darling... what would I possibly want with a spell book?

[scoffs] We don't have time for this. Put her back in.

Okay, okay, okay.

You said it was a warlock book?

Yeah. I think my mom gave it to you.

She ran an antique store.

Vampires sell that sort of stuff, right?

All the time.

But if your mother was even half as charming as you, I'm pretty sure I'd remember her.

What about Dorothea Rollins?

She was my mom's assistant.


Oh, but of course.

She was our favorite customer.

So your entire life has been paid for by my antiquities.

I guess that means you owe me.

Do you know where it is or not?

It's in my apartment on the Upper East Side.

My own pied-a-terre.

I can take you there... but you'll have to get me out of here first.

[exclaims softly]

Or you can leave me in here, and never get the book. [sighs]

Totally up to you.

[Clary sighs]

[cell phone rings]

Alec: Where the hell are you?

I'm going after Valentine.

Go help Clary.

Alec: You're acting crazy. All right?

Whatever Valentine's telling you, it's not true.

That's just it, Alec.

It is true.

He's my father.

He taught me how to fight. Not to be weak.

You can't let him control you like this. This isn't you!

It is me.

It's always been me.

He raised me to be a killer.

Now I'm gonna make him regret it.

Go help Clary.

She needs you.

No. No. No, no.

You don't have to do this. All right?

[stutters] You're not a... Jace?

Where's Valentine?


Why don't you ask him yourself?

I saw you take the ring.

And walk into a trap?

I don't think so.

[chuckles softly]


Tell me what I need to know... or you're gonna lose the other hand... one finger at a time.

[panting] You're just like your father.

Then you know how slow your death will be if you don't answer my questions.


[breathing heavily]

Where's Valentine?

Simon: Okay.

[sighs] Simon, it's 6:00 a.m. The sun's almost up.

No problem. We'll go downstairs and take the tunnels out. Come on.

Going somewhere?


You should have stayed put.


I'm disappointed in you.

I... I guess it's too late to put her back in the box?

Raphael: I'm afraid so.

Our alliance is finished.

The Accords may prohibit killing mundanes, but they say nothing about sunburned vampires.

Simon's betrayed us... just as Camille did.

They deserve the same fate.


Kill them.

[vampires hissing]


[breathing heavily]

Isabelle: Seriously, guys?


[breathing heavily]

[sighs] Typical vampire... always underestimating a Shadowhunter.



[all hissing]

[sighs] I think I'd have been better off just staying in the coffin.

But you didn't. We got you out.

Technically, I got you out.

Noted. Now, tell us where the book is.

Patience, my dear...

Enough! Just because we got you out doesn't mean I won't kill you right here.

There's still one more thing I require of, um...


A Writ of Transmutation.

What the hell is that?

A document stating you asked her to turn you into a vampire.

Signed and sealed in your blood, of course.

Haven't you had enough of my blood?


And I definitely don't want the Clave to falsely accuse me of killing mundanes.

You want Simon to pardon you?

No way. You killed Simon.

The least we could do is return the favor.

And yet... the second I go up in smoke, so does any hope of you finding your precious book.


It's okay.

So where do we get this document, huh?

I can't imagine you have many friends left.

I know a guy.

So, Magnus, how long has it been?

One hundred? One hundred fifty years?

One hundred and thirty-eight. Oddly, I haven't missed you.

Of course you have, my love.

All right, you two can catch up later.

Right now, we need to find the Book of the White.

And you will, but not without payment.

You of all people should understand that.

Of course.

And what is it you require?

A clean slate.

She wants a Writ of Turning-Me-Into-A-Vampire.

And we need you to draft it.

Hmm. I thought I was done with you.

We'll never be done with each other.


I'm gonna call for backup.

Simon, can I talk to you for a minute?

You don't have to go through with this.

If you want to go out there and stake Camille through the heart, I will hold her down while you do it.

I don't even care about that anymore.

Nothing matters but Jocelyn. We have to wake her up.

She loves you so much.

[chuckles] She was always kind of like a second mom to me.

Remember when she got me that sealed copy of Battletoads?

[chuckling] Yeah.

I didn't even care that she opened it. [chuckles]

She just wanted to watch us play.

But Simon, Camille's dangerous.

If you sign this thing, we'll just be setting her free to kill again.


She's not half as bad as Valentine.

Your mom beat him once.

If Valentine has a weakness, she knows it.


Or... maybe she is it.

But... we have to at least find out.

I guess it's not just me that needs my mom.

It's all of us.

You're still upset by my dalliance with that short-lived Russian?

Upset? No.

I gave up feeling anything for you over a century ago.

Love is fleeting.

Even more so when you're immortal.

And yet true love cannot die.

But people can.

People are more than just toys for your amusement.

Hundreds of years old and still so naive.

You wouldn't know what to do with love if you found it.

Or do you think you already have?


Angel blood.

Well, this is awkward.

Where's the book?

It's complicated.

[Magnus chuckles nervously]


I have it.

And she's graciously offered it in exchange for her freedom.

And her freedom requires a lip-lock?

We don't negotiate with prisoners.

Camille: Prisoner?

I beg to disagree.

You see, I'm your only chance at saving the world.

You need me.

You certainly have a type, don't you, Magnus?

He's cute.

Too bad it won't last.

Say that again... you won't last.

I'd say he's about 20 years from male pattern baldness.

I don't have time for this. Where's Clary?


Alec, did you find Hodge?

Yeah, but Valentine has the Cup.


We're too late.

Where's Jace? Is he okay?

He went after Valentine by himself.

It's like he's totally lost it.

I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen.

We need to find Jace.

He's in a dark place. We don't know what he's gonna do.


Luke is out looking for him.

Jace wants us to stay on mission.

That means we have to find the book.

Simon: He's right.

We have to wake up your mom.

It's our only way to stop Valentine.

Ready to sign?

Take us to the apartment, give us the book, then you can have your pardon.

I wouldn't have it any other way.




Where is he?

He was here.

Where is he?

I don't know, he was here!


Ah, Jonathan.

To what do I owe this surprise?

I've reconsidered your offer.

First you want to kill me, then you want to join me.

Seems a bit convenient, don't you think?

Do you want to meet me or not?


But on my terms, not yours.

'Cause I've taught you better than this.

Always strike where your opponent is vulnerable.

See, fighting you directly could prove... difficult.

But your friends...

Well, your friends are a different matter.

[line ringing]

Pick up. Come on, pick up.

You've reached Clary's phone. I'm not here, but you know the deal.

Damn it. Where are you?

Leave one at the beep.

Clary, call me as soon as you get this.

[cell phone beeps]

I thought the underground parking was nice.

Wow. You've got a lot of books.

I've got a lot of time on my hands.

Welcome home, Madame Belcourt.

Isabelle: This place creeps me out.

Alec: Yeah.

Let's check the perimeter.

Good idea.

If I know Camille, she'll have a trick or three up her sleeve.

Clary: I still don't get it.

Why do you have this place if you live at Hotel DuMort?

The DuMort has too many rules.

Think of it like Gracie Mansion.

It's the official residence, but it doesn't mean I have to live there.

[sighing] This place gives me the freedom to indulge in certain... proclivities.

You know, the mayor has the same problem.



Come with me.

On the dotted line.


Thank you.

He did what you asked. Now give us the Book of the White.

I'd love to...

[inhales sharply] but I can't.

I have no idea where it is.

Dot gave it to you.

I'm sure it's here somewhere.

But if the idea was to hide it, telling me would defeat the purpose.

Dot must have put it somewhere when I wasn't looking.

So we have to search the whole apartment?


That's the spirit.

Although I'd start now. I've got four more rooms just like this one.

[cell phone ringing]

Good-bye, Simon.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.


I wish I could, my little caramel.

But don't worry... we'll see each other soon.

[sighs] I hate when she does that.

Jace? Are you okay?

Where are you?

At Camille's apartment, Upper East Side.

Alucard building, 13th floor.

You're in danger. Valentine's probably already on the way.

You need to leave, now.

We are so close to finding the Book of the White.

I'm not leaving without it.

Clary, you need to leave!

You said yourself, we have to stay on mission.

You need to leave now.

I can't.

[cell phone beeps]

Clary. Clary!

Damn it.

I wish my mom had left us something. Some sort of clue.

Maybe she did. Did she ever say anything about a book?

[sighs] I don't think so.

And if she did, she erased my memory of anything to do with the Shadow World.

Well, there's got to be something.

Maybe the clue has something to do with color, you know?

White is the absence of color, so... Or is that black?

Simon, just let me think for a second.

Clary, that's a cookbook.

I've seen this before.

Chicken cacciatore, remember?

My mom used to make it all the time.

How could I forget? Even better the next day.

The gift that keeps on giving. It's...

Clary: Maybe more than we realized.

Is that what I think it is?


Clary: This is it.

You did it!


We gotta go. He's here.

Clary: Let's go.

Simon: Come on.


So good to see you again.

Where's your brother?

You think I'd tell you?

You won't have to.

Stay away from her!

Isabelle: Simon!


Jace: Stop!

This time you're not getting away.

Finally ready to kill your own father?

You abandoned me.

I was protecting you.

You weren't ready then, but you've grown.

You've become the warrior I've trained you to be.

You trained me well.

And yet, I still have so much to teach you.

I brought you here for a reason.

Look, fight me, and watch your friends die.

[Alec grunts]

See, you are strong, but they make you weak.

Clary: Let us go.

You can have the book. We won't be able to stop you without it.

Ah, Clarissa. [clicks tongue] So like your mother.

Willing to do anything for those that you love.

I'm touched, but... the book was never part of my plan.

I want you to wake up your mother.

I know that you'll both join me eventually.

It's fated.

You ready?

If I go with you... promise me you won't hurt them.

You have my word.

This is insane.

I'm sorry, Clary.

Jace... what are you doing?

You can't be serious!

[voice breaking] Valentine is wrong.

[stutters] You're not like him. I'm not. You're not!

You don't know that, Clary. You don't know that.

Let them go.

[breathing heavily]


Get back, get back.

Alec, I mean it.




What are you doing?

Saving your life.

If you enter a Portal not knowing where you're going, you'll be stuck in limbo forever.


At least we got Hodge, right?


We have to find Jace.

He thinks Valentine did something to him.

Raised him to be evil, but...

But I know Jace. He's good.

He's tough. He can handle himself.

Besides... knowing Jace, I give it a week before Valentine's [chuckling] begging us to take him back.

Simon, not now.

We'll save him.

What Valentine told Jace about his friends making him weak, that was wrong.

Love makes us stronger.

You saved me from the vampires.

Without you and Jace, I wouldn't be here.

We'll save him.

I promise.

Thank you.

Whatever you do, don't lose hope.

I love you, Clary.

I love you, too, Simon.

I know you don't want to hear it, so I'll just say it once.

Whatever I felt for Camille, it's ancient history.

Almost literally.

Yeah, but what she said about you being immortal... she's right.

You watch the people you care about age and die.


I may be the High Warlock of Brooklyn, but... even I can't see the future.

They're ready. [sighs] They moved her to the Ops Center.

Good. We need the space.

Jocelyn's spell is very powerful.

♪ I hear it calling ♪
♪ Down in my soul ♪

Do you really think this is gonna work?

Let us hope.

♪ It won't let go ♪

[fingers snapping]

Magnus: Jocelyn!

[speaking Chthonian]

♪ Wake me up ♪
♪ Won't you wake me up ♪

I got you.



♪ Caught in a bad dream ♪
♪ Wake me up ♪
♪ I want to feel the sun ♪

[chuckles] Mom.

[voice breaking] Mom!

I've missed you so much.


I'm so sorry I didn't tell you about your past.

No, not now. I have had enough for one day.

We can talk about all that later.

Right now, I just...

I just really need my mom.


Jocelyn: It's okay.

[loudly] Join me... and my son!

Pledge me your loyalty!

Together... we can preserve our race and rid the world of the demons who plague it.

You are the chosen ones.

The new breed of Shadowhunters!

[faint cheering]