02x02 - A Door Into the Dark

Isabelle: Previously on Shadowhunters.

Clary: Few days ago, all I used to worry about was getting into art school.

When you were younger, I'd watch you sketching.

It was your bliss.


I don't know if I can do this anymore.

Maryse: Valentine now has the Mortal Cup, with which he is, no doubt, raising a new army.

We are at war.

Dot, you can't trust anybody.


Valentine: Join me and my son!

Aldertree: Jace Wayland is a traitor.

You and your friends are prohibited from any further involvement.

Encanto. It's supposed to make you do whatever I tell you to.

You're the worst vampire ever.

You're feeding on innocent mundanes.

A girl's gotta eat.



You're done.

I surrender to the authority of the Clave.

You broke the Accords.

But I know you won't.

Are you gonna let her mock you after what she did?


Valentine: Ah, that's my boy.


Run, Jonathan. They want you dead.

Mom, stop!


You set me up to kill that vampire.

You killed her because it was the right thing to do.

The world's a safer place without that thing wreaking havoc.


Would you rather turn her over to the Clave to stand trial?

That is my job!

"The Law is hard, but it is the law"

"... The Law."

Yet the Clave does nothing, nothing to enforce that.

Downworlders multiply with a bite or a scratch, while our numbers... dwindle year... after year.

If we don't do something, a den like that one is gonna be on every corner on every street in the world.

This is the only way.

You're wrong.

Like I was wrong about your mother?

Look, I know you even better than you know yourself.

You... you don't know me at all.

You saved my life.

You could've Portaled me anywhere, handed me over to the Clave in Idris, but did you?

No, because deep down inside, you know that I'm right.

Clary, please let me explain.

Aldertree: Lydia.

This wasn't my fault and you know it.

You're responsible for the actions of the Institute, are you not?

Make yourself useful. Line up the witnesses.

Jocelyn: Clary.

Clary, stop!

What is wrong with you? We almost had him back.

You don't understand.

You're right, I don't.

I don't understand why you would try to kill my brother.

Because your brother, he's not who you think he is.

Honey, there's still so much you don't know.

Oh, and whose fault is that?

Everyone says that Valentine is the monster, but you... you just tried to murder your own son!

Hey, maybe we should take a deep breath and relax.

Simon, give us some space, please.

Sure thing, Mrs. F.

No. No, you're not going anywhere.

You're the only person I can trust right now.

I want you to know I'm a victim here, too.

We all are.

When I was pregnant with your brother, Valentine drugged me.

He did an experiment on the baby.


He injected Jonathan with demon blood.

Why would he do that?

He's sick.

He thought demon blood would make our unborn child strong.


And it did.

But it also made him... evil.

No, even if that's true, Downworlders have demon blood.

They're not all bad.

Clary, you have no idea how much I loved your brother.

He was my baby boy.

And I didn't want to believe it until I saw what he was capable of.



It's okay. Mommy's just cutting some pretty flowers. Okay.

(GASPS) Oh. Oh, it's okay. Yeah.


And it wasn't the last time something like that happened.

So I went to one of Idris' most powerful warlocks, Ragnor Fell.

He warned me that, in the future, your brother would only leave death and destruction in his wake.


Aldertree wants to question me again.

Why would he do that? I don't know anything.

Maybe he wants you to confirm that my mother has lost her mind.

Your mom is the sanest person I know.

Remember when she told me it was a bad idea to get the Champagne Enema tattoo?

Or she warned you that Tommy Peterson was a total assclown?

So, you're saying that my mom's right about this?

That Jace... Jace is some kind of evil flower-killing monster that deserves a death sentence?

No, no. (CHUCKLES) That's definitely not what I'm saying.

But we did see what Jace did to that vampire before he grabbed Valentine and then disappeared.


Aldertree's ready for you.

Can't wait.


Nice to see you again, Simon.

Nice to be seen.

Let's discuss the vampire den, shall we?

Yes. Completely disgusting.

I mean, ridiculously unsanitary. Who does that?

That's what I need you to find out.


(CHUCKLES) I'm not exactly in on the management decisions.

I'm... I'm more on the ground floor.

Which is exactly why I'm asking you, my friend.


After the recent unrest amongst the local vamps, I can't trust my intel.

(STUTTERS) And how do you expect me to figure that out for you?

You seem resourceful. You'll find a way.

I need answers, Simon.

And if I don't get them, I might just bar all vamps... from fraternizing with their Shadowhunter friends.


Alec, are you okay?

Pretty bold of you to show your face here.

I can explain.

Unless your explanation can bring Jace back, save it.

Alec, Jace is my brother, too.


You barely know him.

I grew up with him.

I fought by his side.

He's my brother. He's my best friend.


Alec, I want Jace back as much as you do.

I... I am not my mother.

How well do I even know you?

I mean, you show up out of nowhere, you convince my brother, you convince me... to search for your mother.

And the next thing I know, Jace is gone.

And your mother is the one trying to kill him.

I had nothing to do with that, Alec. I would never hurt Jace.

Since you've arrived, you've caused nothing but problems.

My family lost their birthright.

Izzy was almost deruned.

And now Valentine has my parabatai.

And it's all because of you.

Isabelle: Alec...

I'm sorry.

Alec, this isn't her fault.

When are you gonna realize you don't belong here?

You never have.

Isabelle: Alec...




Man: What's going on?



Where the hell'd he go?

Where the hell'd he go?

There's a clear pattern.

Young, strong, highly-skilled fighters, all abducted from boxing clubs, dojos and gyms.

Valentine must've realized that even with the Cup, creating Shadowhunters isn't easy.

He needs mundanes who are more likely to survive the conversion.

When did the briefing start? Nobody told me.

That wasn't an accident.

Your job is to stake out the potential targets, and catch the Circle members when they try to abduct them.

We capture a Circle member, we have a shot at Valentine.

And Jace. That's how we get to him before they try and kill him.

Just keep your cool in front of the boss.

You have your orders. Dismissed.


Lydia, please.

You need all hands on deck. Let me help.

Absolutely not.

Your lack of training is a liability.

Besides, you're too close to this.

This isn't coming from me.

Aldertree: Nice to see how well you had things under control here.

Lydia: Stop making this personal.

The Lightwoods are also too close to this.

With Jace still out there, it clouds their judgment.

Izzy and Alec are the best we've got.

They stay in.

Izzy... Izzy, please.

You wouldn't want to be benched on this. Let me come with you.

Alec: Did you not hear me before?

There's no place for you here.

Let's go, Izzy.

Hey, Clary, all those things Alec said about you... you know I don't feel that way.

You have every right to.

None of this is your fault.

Alec, he's stressed out.

With his parabatai gone, he's like a different person.

Alec's right.

I'm not one of you.

I'm just some girl from Brooklyn who went out to celebrate her birthday and came back with a present she never wanted.


And can't return.

You don't want to return that present.

It's a blessing.

Not for me. I just...

I want to feel normal again, Isabelle. I...

I want my old life back.

I'm sure.

But don't you get it?

You have a target on your back.

The Institute is the safest place for you.

You have a new life now.

You have me.

And that's not gonna change.

Half a dozen people disappear into thin air.

What's this, the freaking Rapture?

Where'd they go?

That's what we plan to find out.

Should we call the warlock? Do some memory wipes?

Normally I would, but... better to let the word spread, keep people safe at home.

Guess you know what's best.

We got a problem?

The pack wants to know how long you're gonna let your little vamp friend hang out in werewolf territory.

We're not a bed and breakfast.

Well, I didn't say make the kid pancakes.

Look, the boy's going through a rough time.

Much like you were when you first turned and came to me for help.

Or have you forgotten?

Good. Then we're on the same page.

Gretel: Hey!

What are you doing back here?

We thought maybe you'd moved out.

Trust me, I want to.

It's just... I'm still trying to figure out this whole vampire thing and Luke says I should remain among Downworlders...

You're not gonna figure anything out. Look at you.

You're an embarrassment to your own kind.

Why are you so angry? Is it the fleas or the ticks?



Pack leader gave orders.

Look, you and us, we're all dealing with the same old crap.

Doomed to spend our lives hiding in the shadows.

For you, literally the shadows.

So, do me a favor and stay out of my sight.

Simon: Doomed? I'm not doomed.


Hey, bud. Como estas?

Raphael, amigo!

(STAMMERS) Can I get you a pint of O-neg?

Explain to me why you told Victor Aldertree I'm responsible for a vampire den in Flatbush.

No, I didn't say that. I said that those decisions are way above my pay grade, that they come from guys at the top like you.

Now, saying it back, I can see how they came to that conclusion.

That was one of Camille's dens.

I thought that was Maria's den.

Camille turned Maria, too, genius.

And now, because of you, I'm being called in to answer for it.

Do you have any idea what the Clave does to vampires who violate the Accords?

I'm not sure I want to know. (CHUCKLES)

They nail us to crosses, then let shafts of sunlight burn off our body parts, one at a time.

Which body part?

You know what? Don't answer that.

I can probably talk to Clary.

No, you're gonna find Camille... and bring her back to the Hotel DuMort.

What? Why me?

Because you and your friends are the ones who let her out.

She's your sire.

Use your connection to her, or die trying.



If you're thinking of trying to escape, don't.

The wards around this ship would fry you like an egg.

I want to be here.

I can't wait to get out and start killing Downworlders.

Trust me. It's not as glorious as you think.

Screw glory.

I want justice.

I lost my father 'cause of these monsters.

I'm sorry.

Valentine said if the Clave did their job, he'd still be alive right now.


I see you've met Jeremy.

The others are gearing up for tonight's mission. You should get ready.


Part of our first phase.

While we're increasing in numbers, we're also finding suitable Downworlders to hold on to for research.

You should join them. They could use a good leader like you.

I don't lead hunts for innocent Downworlders.

Innocent? Like that vamp, Maria, who almost killed you?

Don't be naive, Jonathan.

See, you were trained to see Downworlders as your allies and that I'm your worst enemy.

But I'm not asking you to do this for me.

I'm asking for humanity.

The answer's no.

He just doesn't get it, does he?

Not yet, but he will.

There's one person who I know, who can convince him.


I made you black coffee with lots of sugar.

It's not as good as Java Jones, but it'll do.


Oh, no.

He said the best fighters in the city come here.

It's only a matter of time before Valentine hits this place.

You got some moves.


How about I take you home and show you some of those moves, up close and personal?

That's funny.

You really think you have a chance with her?

And who are you?

I'm the guy who's gonna put you down if you don't shut your mouth.

Why don't you come up and try, pretty boy?

I got this.

What are you waiting for? Let's go.

I don't fight girls, especially hot ones.

Then I guess it's gonna be really one-sided.

Still want to take me home?

You didn't tell me Portal travel was gonna make me wanna barf.

You'll get used to it.

Hopefully sooner than later.

So, what's the emergency?

I need help tracking down your friend Camille.

You're the only one I know who knows her as well as Raphael.

I know her better, in fact, which also means I know how stupid it is to go looking for her.

I know she could be holding a grudge about the whole blackmail...

Could be?

Camille's absolute favorite thing is holding grudges.

I forgot her 607th birthday, which isn't even...

I could forget about my 19th birthday if we don't find her.

So, please, can you take a break from your day job and help a vamp out?

Lucky for you, this potion will take a few hours to stew.

But it'll cost you.




I've been running low.


A chick did that to you?

Yeah, I'd like to see you fight that chick.

Break you like a twig.



Tell us where Valentine is.

Where is he?




She was so angry. And who can blame her?

I hate to say this, but had you come clean with her, she might've understood.

I might've understood.

Jace's demon blood? Valentine's experiments?

I mean, how could you not tell me that? I tell you everything!

I was trying to protect you!

Trying to protect me?

That's what you said about Clary when we talked about wiping her memory.

And look where that got you.

I was afraid to lose you.

Clary didn't activate her anti-tracking rune.

I know where she is.

Then what do you need me for?

To talk to her.

Convince her she's not safe in the mundane world. Not now.

Look, you're her mother.


She won't listen to me, but she'll listen to you.

All right. Let's go.

Portaling is not my thing.

Is there, like, a YouTube tutorial I can watch?

Practice makes perfect.

Wait, are we in India?

Welcome to Agra.

Wait, Camille lives in India?

Camille lives wherever she wants.

Homes all over the globe.

She's always liked to spend the winters in Agra.

She loves the smell of lotus blossoms.

Who doesn't?

Hmm. I recognize that.

Ming dynasty.

Of course I recognize it. It's mine.

Well, unless she's in that vase, she's not here. So, come on.

You said there are, like, 62 other rooms we have to search.

You go on.

I have a few things Camille never returned after one of our many breakups.

I wanna find them.

So you're not going to help me find her?

I Portaled you to India.

The rest of your sire squabble is all on you.

Now go. And find me when you're ready to leave.

Preferably after you dealt with Camille.

Right, because why would you need a powerful warlock when you've got a scrappy nerd from Brooklyn?

What are you so afraid of?

Where do I start? Elevators. Snakes. Clowns.

Raphael trying to burn my junk off...

You're a vampire, Simon.

You're tougher than you think.

Honestly, it's time to man up.

Hey, kiddo.


You have to come back to the Institute. It's not safe.

So, wait, are you on her side now?

There are no sides.

So you're okay with her trying to kill Jace?

Luke: I didn't say that.

But your mother's right. You need to get back to the Institute.

I can't help Jace. I don't have enough training.

And even if I did, I'm Valentine's daughter.

Nobody there trusts me.

For 18 years, you made me believe that I could live a normal life.

This life.

But I can't, can I?


'Cause I'm not a mundane.

(CHUCKLES) I'm not a Shadowhunter.

I'm not anything.


I thought you were dead. What happened to you?

Jocelyn: Clary!

Dot, what's going on?

Clary! No!

Wait. This... this is Valentine's ship, isn't it?

He's misunderstood.

He is a murderer.

This is war.

I want you to see something.


There are things that you can do as a Shadowhunter, but there's so much more you're capable of.

Let me show you.


Aldertree's strategy isn't working.

We've only been to one gym so far. We have to be patient.

The Circle members all took the same oath.

They're gonna keep slitting their throats before they tell us anything.

Do you have any other ideas?

Alec: Put in a request for a maritime mission.

Take out a vessel ourselves.

Alec, the ship is glamoured. It won't show up on the sonar.

Well, it can't hide from us if we run right into it.

It's a pretty big ocean out there.

Look... you know he's not hurt.

Otherwise, you would have felt something, right?

I don't feel anything, Izzy.

That's what scares me.

Simon: Camille?

Camille, are you down here?








No way! No way!


Oh, jeez.

Hey, hey, snakey.

Nice snakey. Go away, please.


Who am I kidding? I still suck at encantos!

Those veins on Dot's face. I'd know them anywhere.

They're from Valentine's injections.

He must have used her to grab Clary.

That means Jace is nearby.

We find Jace, we find Clary.

And how is a cat statue gonna help us do that?

It's not.

This is.

It's from the Adamant Citadel.

I got it from my mother.

And the adamas can track Jace?

Not by itself.

(SIGHS) We should look at the aerial drones.

We've already done that.

So we do it again.

Maybe we didn't look close enough.

Alec, I know you're upset, but this is just...

You don't know, Izzy.


I need him.

I know.

Jocelyn: Alec, Isabelle.

I have a way.

How did you get that?

Only the Iron Sisters have access to adamas.

Luke's mother is an Iron Sister.

She told him about an ancient way to communicate through the parabatai bond.

Through your linked spirits.

Oh, I see.

So you want me to help you find my brother, so you can try and kill him again?

No. I want to find Clary.

She was kidnapped by Dot.

Valentine must be behind this.

Why should we trust you?

Look, I know how much your brother means to you.

And Clary means just as much to me.

And I will do anything to get her back.

What other choice do we have?

Clary: Jace? (GASPS)

I've had enough of your mind games.

It's me.


Jace, it's me. I swear.

Remember when you taught me how to see through the glamours?

I got encantoed by that vampire.

I... I wanted to be so angry at you, but...

You took me on my first motorcycle ride.

What are you doing here?

Dot brought me.


She's alive?

Why... why would she bring you here?

She wanted to show me something.

Jace, I... I know this sounds crazy, but...

I can see the future.

No, that's not... that's not possible.

Shadowhunters can't do that, Clary...

Then I guess I'm not your ordinary Shadowhunter.

Neither are you.

I never wanted this, Jace.

I never wanted any of it.

What did you see?

The Downworlders.

They slaughter the mundanes, one by one, until... there's no one left.

And, Jace, with your demon blood, you... you're the only one that can stop them.

My children.

This is what I've always wanted.

To be with my family.

You and I are not family.

Clary, I am your father, and I do love you.

So are you gonna join Jeremy? He's going big game hunting.

We just got intel on the wolf that killed Jeremy's father.

We're gonna bring the beast back to the boat.

Look, since Jace doesn't want to go, why don't you come along, Clary?

Hone those Shadowhunting skills of yours, huh?


She's, uh... she's not ready to face a cornered werewolf.

I'll go.


Oh, God. Okay.

You're a vampire, damn it.

There's no pointy objects.

There's no fire. Nothing to be afraid of.

Everything... everything's gonna be fine.

You're gonna be fine.



Magnus: Here it is.


Magnus! Magnus!

Get me out of here!

Oh, why do they always seem to get my bad side?

(PANTING) Okay, you know what? I'm a vampire...

I'm a vampire and I'm gonna prove it.

Right now. (WHIMPERS)


Yes! That's right!

(GRUNTS) Get outta here!

That's what I'm talking about! (GRUNTS)


Hey, Magnus.

There you are.

And there it is.

My baby.

Your baby?

I created it for Camille ages ago.

The best gift I ever gave.


Well, then, maybe don't include me on your Christmas list. (CHUCKLES)

He didn't scare you, did he?

No, of course not.

I encantoed him. No big.

Isabelle: If Luke's had the stone all along, why didn't he say anything when Jace first went missing?

I'll be honest.

There are some serious risks involved.

What kind of risks?

The parabatai that initiates the contact, it can be taxing on his body... on his mind...

Izzy, it's fine.

I'm not liking the sound of this.

Taxing how?

We're not sure.

Of the few people who have tried it, not many have come back to talk about it.

Forget it. He's not doing it.

Don't listen to her.

No, Alec.

I've already lost both parents to Idris and a brother to Valentine.

I'm not gonna lose you, too.

Izzy, you said it yourself. We have no choice.

That was before I knew you can die.

No. Get up!

He needs me, Iz.

And I can't...


I can't live without him.






What did you do to me?

I'm so sorry, Clary.

Up there with Jace, that... that wasn't me talking.

I can't see the future, can I?


Valentine made me cast a spell on you so that you'd do as I'd say.

You used me.

And I have to do it again.

It wears off quickly on Shadowhunters.

No, Dot! Please, no! You don't have to do this.

If I don't, he'll get angry, and we don't want that.

Dot, remember... remember when I got grounded when my mom realized that I went to see Simon's band?

You brought me gelato from Little Italy to cheer me up.

I will never forget that.

It wasn't from Little Italy.

It was from Rome.

See? You were like a big sister to me.

Dot, you have always had my back, no matter what.

Why did you stop looking for me?

Magnus couldn't feel your magic anymore.

We thought Valentine had killed you.


He just experimented on me.

Dot, please, help me.

We may not be able to go back to the way things were, but it doesn't have to be like this.

You don't understand. He will find us.

We will stay with Magnus, hide behind his wards.

Please, Dot.

According to Luke, you need to stay near the surface.

If you go too deep, nothing can bring you back.

If you go too deep, by the Angel, Alec, I will kick your ass when you get back.

Give me the stone.


Listen, Antiques Roadshow, you got all your stuff back, but Raphael still wants to kill me, and Camille is nowhere to be found.

We might not have her, but at least we have this.

This? From inside the serpent statue?

This... helps me how?

If Camille had that snake guarding it, it must be precious to her.

Maybe you can use what's inside it to lure her back.

If you can get it open.


I wish I knew.

Whatever it is, it has wards keeping warlocks like me out.

Maybe I can, uh, you know, pry it open.

No! Not with this.

It's too important.

You know what else is important?

The parts Raphael wants to burn off me if we don't find Camille.

We'll figure it out, Simon.


When I was a boy, discovering my powers, I had no one.

I had to figure out the Downworld all on my own.

It was awful.

So... I vowed to myself that if I ever found someone in a similar situation, I'd try to make sure they didn't have to go at it alone.

So you're gonna be, like, my Downworld sponsor. Cool.

Let's not get carried away.


I said I'll try.

Even though I've lived more centuries than I'd like to admit, it doesn't mean I'm patient.



Ah, there you are!

There's only one last thing for you to do.

Kill her.

No! Please!

She's our prisoner. She can't hurt anybody here.

If only she had shown her victims as much mercy.

After what she did, we're letting her off easy.

What are you talking about? I've done nothing wrong.

Five years ago, my father was mauled to death by a white wolf.

That was you. You did that, didn't you?

You murdered him, an innocent mundane.

No, I've never killed anyone. I swear.

I'm telling the truth.

Don't lie to me.

Please don't kill me.

I've obeyed the Accords.

I'm part of Luke's pack.

We don't hurt anyone. We're not like that.

A wolf will say anything to go free, but she can never change what she is.

You let her live, son, and she will kill again... and again and again.

Clary: Jace!

Clarissa, how nice of you to join us.

Perhaps you can convince your brother to finish what he started.

Jace, I need you to listen to me.

Everything I said before, I was under a spell.


Valentine: Jonathan!


There's no way out.



Jace, are you okay?

Valentine: Jonathan!


Jonathan, come back here! There's nowhere to run!

Jace, we have to go now!


Isabelle: Alec!

Take the warlock down below.

Throw the wolf overboard.