02x06 - Iron Sisters

Isabelle: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Can you pledge your loyalty to the Clave?

No, I can't.

Jace: Valentine has the Soul-Sword.

He slaughtered the Silent Brothers.

Take my son. Kill the other one.

Aldertree: Get the sword!


Alec: What did I do?

Jace: What happened with Jocelyn, that wasn't you. That was the demon.

Clary: It's inside her.

Go back to Hell where you belong.

Aldertree: There is something that can make the infection go away.

It's called yin fen.

Clary: Mom...

Alec: Clary, I'm so sorry.

Clary: I wish I could get ahold of Luke.

Elaine: Simon!

Oh, my...


Jace: What the hell was that?

Clary: I saw this vision, so I drew it.

Let's keep this to ourselves.


Ignis aurum probat.






You let your mind wander, Sister Cleophas.


A job well done, Iron Sisters.

The swords pass inspection.

Dolores: Sisters. I have news from Idris.

The Circle has attacked the City of Bones.

Only a few survived.

Valentine has taken the Soul-Sword.

Nobody is safe.

Reinforce the Citadel.

♪ We're coming ♪
♪ After you ♪
♪ This is the hunt ♪
♪ This is the hunt ♪

Yeah, I'm not seeing it in the Gray Book.

Well, isn't that thing supposed to have every single rune?

Some of them are removed.

They're reserved for the most elite members of the Clave.

I'm not exactly elite, so why do I know it?

Maybe you saw it somewhere and you don't remember.

No, it just... It appeared, like a vision.

Like someone or something was trying to send me a message.

Maybe it's from our mom.

Clary, I know you miss her...

How else do you explain it?

(SIGHS) I don't know.

You know, I'll just go ask Izzy and Alec.

Maybe they'll know something.


Absolutely not.

If you tell anyone else, they could be in danger, too.

The Clave is quick to persecute anyone or anything they don't understand.



Come in.

Just wanted to see how Clary was doing.

But if I'm interrupting something...



Not at all.

Raphael: You've been home for, what, a day?

And already you're letting a mundane see you feed?

It's not like I invited her in.

Besides, I wouldn't be in this predicament if you hadn't just brought me the O-neg I asked for.

Do I look like a delivery boy to you?

Raphael, I have no idea what she's gonna do.

You need to fix this.


Sounds like I don't have a choice, do I?

There'll be consequences, amigo.

(STUTTERS) Wait. What do you mean, consequences?


How is he? Is he sleeping?

Everything is gonna be just fine, Mrs. Lewis.

You holding up okay?

I miss her... (SIGHS) a lot.

And then there's Luke. He's just vanished.

Luke'll be fine. And so will you.

It just takes time.

How's Alec doing?

I can tell he still feels horrible for what happened to your mom.

He can't keep blaming himself.

He's strong. He'll heal.

I see you've healed.

I've never stabbed a friend before, so I figure I at least owe you an apology, or...

There's no need.

You destroyed that demon.

And besides, I'm all healed up now.

(CHUCKLES) Aldertree cleared me for mission.

Are the Iron Sisters anything like the Silent Brothers?

For starters, the Sisters' mouths aren't sewn shut.

They're badass warriors who create all of our weapons.


I see why you wanted to be one.

If you're lucky enough to be accepted into the sisterhood, you're marked by sacred runes.

It's what allows the Iron Sisters to shape pure adamas.

The Sisters call upon the power of the angels to imbue our blades with their energy.

I hate to leave you.

Then I guess I have to come with you.

Clary, you just lost...

My mom.

I know. But I... I can't sit here and mope.

I need to do something... anything to stop Valentine.

He is the reason my mother is dead.

Aldertree: Ah, Isabelle.

A welcome reprieve from work.

Before I move out on mission, I would like to get a refill for...

Yin fen. You're using as directed?

Absolutely. A little goes a long way.

One more thing.

Clary would like to join the mission to the Citadel.

But she's not trained.

I'll keep an eye on her.

You and Clary have grown close.

But how well do you really know her?

Pretty well.

She's Valentine's daughter.

And the Clave, they've expressed their concern that Valentine may have experimented on Clary.

Injected her with demon blood as well.

There's no way.

You grew up with Jace. Never suspected he had demon blood.

I will grant your request.


But I'm gonna need you to report back to me everything Clary says and does.

You're asking me to spy on Clary?

Clary: Wait, what?

You moved your stuff back to the boat basin?

Simon: Turns out being a vampire who only drinks blood doesn't jive really well with a Jewish mother who's always trying to feed you.

She doesn't remember you coming home?

Seems a bit much to wipe her memory.

Yeah. Well, she saw me... um, in an awkward situation.

What situation?

I know I tell you everything, but in this case, just take my word. It was bad.

I just wish I was at the funeral with you instead.

I can't believe the Clave and their stupid ban on Downworlders.

You should've been able to go. Luke, too.

He still hasn't called. I'm worried.

My mom was everything to him.

Maybe I shouldn't go on this mission...

No, Clary. I'll find Luke.

I'll check with the pack. See if they have any leads.

You go with Izzy.

You're the best.



So, that's it? You're giving up on Luke?

We looked everywhere.

His trail's gone cold.

But he's your friend, your pack leader.

Yeah, well, if you find him, you can remind him of all that.

Lately, Luke's been far more concerned with Shadowhunters than his own pack.


You did not strike me as the jealous type.

Maybe I'm just getting tired of you leaving your stink around here.

Alaric, come on. What if Luke's in real trouble?

He's a wolf.

I'd be far more worried for whoever crosses his path.






Magnus: Good on jam.


Restock werewolf.


I got your fire message. What's the emergency?

Are those...


Yes. Very potent.

Good for digestion.

I'm sorry about the emergency call, but it was the only way to get your attention.

Well, since you're okay, I should probably get back.

I'm not okay... because you're not okay.


Alexander... you've been to hell and back.

And you haven't stopped for a second, taken a moment for yourself.

Magnus, we're in the middle of a war.

(SIGHS) There will always be a war.

A mission. A... a problem to solve.

Look, I speak from experience.

If you fail to grant time for the things you care about, you'll forget why you're even fighting at all.

(INHALES DEEPLY) What do you have in mind?


I got the hint, Alaric.

This is me leaving. I'm just about packed.

Maia: Looks like you barely moved in.

You sleep in a canoe?

(STAMMERS) Yeah, uh...

I guess it's not exactly Posturepedic, but it's better than a coffin, though.

Although, I've never really slept in one. So I wouldn't...

At home I have memory foam, which I really miss.

It's, uh, developed by NASA, which I highly recommend.

But you're... you're probably not in the market for a bed, so, uh... never mind.

Do you always talk this much?

When I'm nervous.

Why would you be nervous?

It's just my natural disposition, I guess.

I'm... I'm Simon.


I heard you back there with Alaric.

How do you know Luke?

Me and Luke go way back.

He's kinda like a dad to my friend Clary.

He coached my little league team.

Well, even though the pack stopped looking for Luke, I haven't.

Really? That's such a relief.

'Cause I could really use the help.

Um, we should totally...

There is no "we."

You know it's too dangerous for a vampire to hunt a werewolf while he's wolfing out.

When we first Turn, any stress or emotion can set us off. Especially sadness.

Like if someone close to you died.

If Luke's lost control, he could be out there hurting someone.

No. Luke would never do that.

I mean, can you think of anywhere he might've gone?

Somewhere removed?

Away from people?

I don't know.

We used to go camping.

Here. I'll drive.

One condition.


We keep the talking to a minimum. Yeah?



Isabelle: This is more amazing than I imagined.

I can't believe I'm actually going inside.




Speak your names.

Isabelle Lightwood.

Clary Fairchild.

Valentine's daughter.

Your father killed the Silent Brothers.

He's taken our most valuable weapon.

You must leave immediately.

Clary's done nothing wrong.

Cleophas: Allow me.

What answers do you seek?

Why did Valentine go to all that trouble to steal the Soul-Sword?

Yes, Valentine is my father, but that man killed my mother.

He experimented on my brother.

I want to stop him more than anyone.

And if we have any chance at defeating him... we need your help.

Sister Cleophas, how long have you been in the order?

Fourteen beautiful years.

I never planned on following in my mother's footsteps.

I was happy living in Idris with my sister Amatis, when my brother Lucian was scratched in a werewolf attack.

I did what I had to do to restore our family's honor.

Do you mean Luke?

Are you Luke's sister?

I am.

We must begin the purity trial.

What's that?

For the answers you seek, we must go inside the Citadel.

But we cannot allow any demonic impurities to pass.

The adamas is too fragile.

So, the heavenly energy in the water will help us determine if you may enter.

It will destroy any contaminant upon contact.

Aldertree: Your demon blood makes it impossible to trust you.

So, how about telling me why you and Clary are studying the Gray Book.

I have eyes everywhere.

What are Valentine's little children up to?

I was teaching her about the history of runes.

Last time I checked, educating a fellow Shadowhunter wasn't a crime.

It's a shame you won't have much time for tutoring anymore.

I'm placing you on ichor duty.

Do I look like a first-year grunt to you?

I can have you clean the latrines if you'd prefer.



Thank you.

You're very welcome.


I'm not much of a beer drinker, but my bartender friend swears by this IPA.

Oh, well, I'm not much of a drinker, period, but I'll take your word for it.


You hate it.

No, it's, um... It's great.

You see that? It's just like archery.

It's all about the aim, Magnus.

Who knew there were so many similarities.


Can't win 'em all.


Wait, did you do your... thing?

Haven't you heard the saying?

"If you can't find the one being hustled in the pool hall, then it's probably you."





Let's play.

Who's Clary?


Luke's kind of daughter?

Oh, Clary, um...

We met in first grade. Miss Hiddleston's art class.

She ran to get the nurse when I had an allergic reaction to clay.

So, naturally, we've been best friends ever since.

Best friends, huh?


There some other guy she's into?

Well, I mean... she was into this one guy, Jace, but it's kind of a long story.

Jace Wayland?

You know him?

I kind of tried to kill him.


Yeah, typical Shadowhunter.

They act like they're our allies, but really, they don't know what we go through just to get through the day.

Tell me about it.

You know, and just when I thought I was starting to get the hang of... it, I sank to the all... all-time low.

What happened?

Oh, now you're quiet?


Look, man, I've been through some pretty horrible things myself, so I get it.

Like what?


Okay, I've actually never told anyone this, but, um...

You know that nightmare you have about showing up to school naked?

Mmm-hmm. (CHUCKLES)

Well, after an unexpected transformation... (CHUCKLES)

I came out of it butt naked and late for calculus.



It was horrible.

What did you do?

(STAMMERS) I hid in an empty classroom until everybody left, and, luckily, I found a band uniform to wear, but, in hindsight, it probably would've been less embarrassing to just be naked.



I will raise you one.

I was holed up at home with... with nothing to feed on.

No food.

And we've been having, like, a... a rodent problem lately.

You didn't.

Oh, yeah. I did.

My mom walked in on me just sucking the blood out of a rat.

(LAUGHING) That's so vile.

Munching down. (CHUCKLING)

Yuck, but it could be worse.

You could've been sucking on a rat naked.



I suppose we both have a healthy dose of the competitive spirit.

I grew up with Jace.

I didn't have much of a choice.

Some people can't be around that energy.

I, in turn, find it invigorating, as I'm sure your exes did as well.

Lydia never complained.

I thought you knew Lydia for a millisecond before your arranged marriage.



Is she your only ex?

I just haven't had, uh... you know, time for a real relationship.

You know...

This is... This is good.

Alexander... just so I'm clear... have you ever been in a relationship?

Isabelle: Clary, you can't do this.

Clary: Why not?

You heard her. It's dangerous.

The water only affects demonic energy. We'll be fine.

But what if it's not fine?

You think I have demon blood. Like Jace.


There's only one way to find out.

Ignis aurum probat.

Clary Fairchild... you are deemed clear of all demonic impurities.

Ignis aurum probat.


Izzy! No!

Clary: Give me your hand.


Come on!


Izzy, are you okay?

What happened?

I have no idea.

Magdalena: The water does not lie... but perhaps you do.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You are tainted with demonic impurities.

I'm sorry, Isabelle.

We can't let you inside the Citadel.

No, this has to be a mistake.

She had a demon wound, maybe that's what the water reacted to.

But she's fine now. She's healed.

You are free to leave, if that is what you desire.


You go ahead. We need answers.

Magdalena: Your friend has no idea, does she?

Yin fen permeates your body.

Vampire venom churns through your veins.


You didn't know? Yin fen is made from vampire venom.

I was injured. It was given to me so I could heal quickly.

Yin fen will not heal you.

Be careful.

Maia: Full disclosure, I'd rather be hunting in the woods of Far Cry 3.


I just never would have pegged you for a gamer.

Maia: When I first Turned, I'd spend hours playing video games.

Just me and endless bags of potato chips.


I was terrified to go out.

Afraid that I would hurt someone.

That I wouldn't be able to control myself.

Well, you seem very in control now.

At least, as far as I can tell.

Yeah, well, thank Luke for that.

It's Maia, right?

You're gonna be okay.

Probably just going through shock.

How about I sit right here?

Ride with you to the hospital?

What am I gonna say, "No"? You're a cop.

I gather you're not a big fan of the police.

Probably met a few who abused their power.

Well, I'm not like them.

I know what you're going through.


I don't even know what I'm going through.

The last thing I remember, there was this girl... and...

(CRIES) Oh, God.

Did I?

No, no. She... she'll live.

We just have to watch her.

Make sure she doesn't Turn.

Turn? What are you talking about?

Are you...

Am I?


No, no. This isn't happening. (CRYING)

Maia. Maia, calm down. You have to control yourself.

Our changes are linked to our emotion.

Now, you don't wanna hurt anybody else, do you?




The first time... that's always the worst.

But you learn to control it.

You just can't give in to yourself.

You gotta fight.

And those who care about you... they'll fight with you.

I don't have anyone that cares about me.

You do now.

You smell that?


This way.

Oh, no. Are... are those...

Claw marks.


You're weirded out.


Who says I'm weirded out?

You wanna know why I haven't been in a relationship?

Because of this.


I didn't wanna feel like there was something wrong with me, (STAMMERS) because I grew up in the Institute, because...

I always knew I couldn't have what I wanted... until you came along.

Nothing's wrong with you.

Far from it.

But you're so... innocent.

In some ways, but...

I don't want you to treat me any different.

But you are different.

And it's a good thing.

What about you? I mean, you must have had plenty of exes.

What do you mean?

You know what I mean.

Alexander, look, I've lived for centuries.

I've been with men, women, Seelies, warlocks, vampires... a djinn or two.

How many?

How many?

It's not a trick question.

You can round down if you want.


If you wanna know, I'll tell you.



That... that's...

Seventeen... hundred?

Seventeen thousand?

It was all in the past.

(CHUCKLES) Ancient history.

But right now I'm here. With you.

Yeah, me and... 17,000 other memories.


I am who I am.

And you are who you are.

And all the magic in the world can't change that.

So... let's just try to make the best of it.



Man: Make it shine.

I at least thought you'd last till the end of your shift.

Why are you doing this to me?

I proved that I wasn't in league with Valentine but you're still treating me like I was.

And everyone else here is questioning my allegiance.

As they should.


Aldertree: (ON VIDEO) Final question.

Can you pledge your unconditional loyalty to the Clave?

Facilis descensus Averno.

Aldertree: I asked you a question.

Turn it off.



What do you want from me?

It's my job to make sure our Shadowhunters are protected.

To do that, they must know the truth about you.

You want me to leave.

But you don't have the authority to kick me out, so you're making my life hell.

And now you're trying to sabotage any shred of credibility I have left?

If you choose to stay, I'll have no other choice but to show everyone who they're living with.

Who they're fighting alongside.


Clary: Sister Cleophas, I don't wanna scare you, but I'm worried.

It's Luke.

Cleophas: Lucian?

He's the closest thing I've ever had to a father.

But since my mother died...


I'm so sorry for your loss.

Since then... Luke has gone missing.

He's not returning calls. He's not showing up to work.

No one has seen or heard from him.

He did love her.

Lucian always had a strong sense of loyalty.

Almost to his detriment.

My sweet girl, I fear you are right.

My brother is in danger, but not for the reasons you think.

What kind of danger?

Cleophas: Long ago, the Angel Raziel bestowed the Mortal Instruments to the first Shadowhunter.

Among them, the Soul-Sword.

Its primary purpose is to compel the truth, but it has a secondary purpose.

If ever the day came where Shadowhunters failed in their holy mission, and demons overtook the world...

(MOUTHING) Oh, my God.

As a last resort, the Sword could be activated with angelic energy, releasing heavenly light that will destroy demon-blooded creatures in its path.

Clary: Oh, my God.

Demon-blooded creatures.

Does that mean...

Downworlders. Yes.






Did you hear that?


It's probably just a deer.



Luke, no! Don't do it.

Maia: Simon!

Simon: Stay back. I got this.

(GASPS) Uh, doesn't look like it.

Woman: Who's out there?

Stay in the tent.


Luke, it's me.

Simon. The guy you taught to shave.

Go with the grain, right?



When we were kids, Clary and I, you brought us here.

We roasted marshmallows.

Clary got one stuck in her hair.

And... and Jocelyn had to cut it out.


Clary cried, like, the whole way home because she thought she looked like a boy. But you told her that... she was still beautiful, and that you would always love her.



The Sword needs angelic energy?

To activate the Sword, it must wielded by an angelic being, and struck by a bolt of lightning.

Then it's capable of mass murder.

Of killing my friends, my family.

If Valentine does activate the Sword, how do we turn it off?

It is impossible.

So there has to be a way to stop Valentine before he activates it.

I can't lose Luke, too.

You mustn't let the Downworld know what the Sword can do.

Panic and chaos could ensue.

Uprisings. We cannot let that happen.

Clary: Sister Cleophas, I need to ask you something.

When my mother died, I was given a message.

An image of a rune.

What kind of rune?

Clary: I don't know.

It's not in the Gray Book.

I need you to show me.

Can you do that?


Do you think it's possible my mother sent it?

As an angel?

Cleophas: Jocelyn was kind and loving.

And an angel to you, perhaps.

But no, she's not an angel in the Shadow World.

Our angels are beloved winged celestial beings.

So... what about my mom?

What happens to her?

That, my dear, has always been as much a mystery to Shadowhunters as it is to mundanes.

When I heard Jocelyn died, I've never felt pain like that.

Not since my family disowned me.

That's why I came up here.

So nobody would get hurt.

Nobody got hurt.


Luke, that wasn't you.

That was the grief.

(INHALES SHAKILY) She's really gone.

But we're here.

Please come back with us. We need you.

Clary needs you.

You think that I don't wanna be there for Clary?

For all of you?

But what use am I if I can't control myself?

Luke, you've gotta fight.

And those that care about you will fight with you.

For a guy so used to Portals, I have to admit, nothing beats a late night stroll through the city.

Yeah. Gives you time to think.

You must have thought a lot.


You barely said a word the whole way home.


Do you think... maybe we're too...


(SIGHS) Yeah.

We're from totally different worlds.

Different centuries.

Look, I... I should go.


Look, I don't care how many people you've been with.


I don't care how many people you haven't been with.

I hear that relationships, they, um... take effort.

I'm all for effort.


Sorry for killing the mood.

You got a spare room?

I just can't believe how close I came to being Luke's dinner.

A wolf that size, more like an hors d'oeuvre.


(SIGHS) Man, I miss hors d'oeuvres.

Oh... I miss chocolate.

Ever since I Turned, it makes me puke.

That's awful.


Simon... what you did back there, with Luke, that was, like, seriously inspiring.

Really? I... I don't think I've ever inspired anyone before.

Maia: I'm sure you have.

No, no.

Almost came to me, but just... just ran right away.

Maia: (LAUGHING) Oh, come on, come on.

Simon: What? Okay, how would I have inspired someone, tell me.

Luke: Hey, kiddo.


Simon called me when he found you.

I am so sorry I wasn't there for you.

You're here now. That's all that matters.

Clary doesn't have demon blood.

You're sure?

There was a purity trial. She passed with flying colors.

A purity trial?

How did you fare?

I almost died!

I'm sorry, Isabelle. I had no idea there'd be a purity trial, otherwise I never would have sent you.

How can I believe you?

I wanted you to heal.

So you could go on mission to the Iron Sisters, just like you wanted so desperately.

I would never cause you any harm.

But if you don't want anymore, I understand. It's...


All I ever wanted was to help you.

But now, I'm going to need your help.

If there's anything you neglected to tell me, anything about Clary Fairchild, I need to know.

I've told you everything I know.

Sister Cleophas, wait!

Return to the Citadel.

You never saw me. Do you understand?

I cannot do that.

I thought this was all behind you.

Cleophas, please. Stay.