02x07 - How Are Thou Fallen

Isabelle: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Aldertree: Can you pledge unconditional loyalty to the Clave?

No, I can't. You want me to leave.

You got a spare room?

I would like to lead the mission to the Iron Sisters.

Your wound. There is something that can make the infection go away.

Yin fen. A little goes a long way.


Are you Luke's sister?

I am.

I need to ask you something. I was given a message.

An image of a rune.

The Sword needs angelic energy?

To activate the Sword, it must be wielded by an angelic being, and struck by a bolt of lightning.

Clary: Then it's capable of mass murder.

I thought this was all behind you.



Valentine: Most traitors are harder to catch.


After all these years...

...why ignite your Circle rune, hmm?

What's your game, Cleophas?

There is no game.

I'm not a traitor.


I did what I had to do after the Uprising, but I never stopped believing in you.

You were all cowards.

Giving up the minute you thought I was dead.

Cleophas: I had no choice.

Becoming an Iron Sister was about survival.

It was that or a death sentence.

You're following in your mother's footsteps.

That's very sweet.

When I met your daughter, and heard that you were alive, I knew there was hope.

I knew I had a second chance.

And what do you know about Clarissa?

She created a rune.

Valentine, in all my training, I've never seen anything like it.

She's special.

You expect me to take you at your word?

I will prove it to you.

You know, old friend...

I freed you from your entombment, granted you shelter, and this is what you do?


Warning Clarissa is futile. You know that.

I already have the Mortal Sword.

The storm is coming...

...whether you like it or not.

Leave my daughter alone.




Hey, did you hear that?

Hear what?

That sound just now.

What sound? I didn't hear anything.

Never mind.


I mean, how would they feel?

Well, I'm glad you didn't ask in front of the sushi chef.

Well, seriously, why do they call it fatty tuna?

I mean, that's a little degrading.

Hmm, well...

I don't think obese tuna sounds any better.

You know, as much as I love Tokyo and Prague, a bacon burger from the East Village isn't that bad.

The world is your oyster, Alexander.

I got you something.


Yes, you.

Open it.

It's supposed to bring you luck and protection.

Thank you, Alexander.

You continue to surprise me.

In good ways, I hope.



I haven't had a roommate this brazen since...

Well, since Casanova and I spent the night in the Doge's Palace.

(GRUNTS) Casanova?

I'll talk to Jace. He can't stay here forever.

No, no. Nothing a little magic can't fix.



All good?


Clary: Hey, Simon, you here?



Wow, you look...


No. No, you look, uh, great.

Really? It's not too wrinkled? I mean...

I don't really own an iron, so...

(CHUCKLES) You have plans?

Yeah. I'm hanging out with, uh... with Maia.

Luke's Maia.

Well, she's not technically Luke's.

I mean, they're part of the same pack, but that's...

Yeah, right. (CHUCKLES)

Uh, so, you guys are hanging out?

Yeah, I mean...

That's okay, right?

No, that's unacceptable. I am your only friend.

It's in the bylaws. Come on.

What's wrong?


Look who you're talking to, Fray. Come on.

Something's up. I can tell.

No, I...

I just...


I had this... (STUTTERS) I don't know, this really strange experience at the Institute, and I can't explain it...

What kind of strange experience?

(STAMMERING) Look, I can... I can totally reschedule.

If you need me, I'm here.

No, I'm... I'm fine. Really.



Have a good time.

You sure?




I have to go anyway, so...

But don't worry about the wrinkles.

She's not gonna notice.



Damn it.

I need to go.

Go do your job, Shadowhunter.

I'm not going anywhere.

(ALEC SIGHS) All right.


What's this one do?



And this one?


Ooh, I like the sound of that.

We have orders. Let's go.

(SIGHS) I'm a little tied up.

Not yet, you're not.


You're welcome to join us.

I'm good.

Your loss.

I'll give you two a minute.

This is your solution? Hiding out at Magnus'?

I wouldn't exactly call this hiding.

We have obligations.


Aldertree wanted me gone and I'm gone.

So you got demoted. So what? You'll work your way back up.

You don't understand.

Then tell me.

Whatever it is, it can't be that bad.

So you're just gonna turn your back on us?

On Isabelle? Clary?

I told you I'm not discussing Clary.

She's your family. Your sister.

I don't need a reminder.


You know, you should go. We don't want you getting benched, too.

This isn't you.


Any idea what this is about?

Heard a big storm's moving in. Always increases demon activity.

And Jace is...

Not here.

He's totally shut me out.

He's not answering my texts.

I don't understand what's going on.

Me neither. Come on.

What did we miss?

(SIGHS) Let's see. The Citadel was breached.

Magdalena is dead. Cleophas is missing.

Clary: Oh, my God.

(SIGHS) Valentine?

Who else could it be?

Aldertree's heading to Idris to meet with the Council.

I'll go check with ops.

Izzy. There's something I need to tell you about Sister Cleophas.

That you told her about your new rune?

How did you know I...

Does it matter?

You should know what it feels like when the people you care about shut you out.

Izzy, Jace told me it would be dangerous for anyone who found out.

So now I need to be protected?


I welcomed you in, Clary.

Saw you through training, rescued Simon every time he got into trouble, which is basically all of the time, and after your mom...

Izzy, I'm sorry.

(SIGHS) Look, we both care about the Iron Sisters.

We need to find Sister Cleophas.

We can do it together.

I'm kind of over this whole togetherness thing.



Lindsay: What are you doing in here?

I'm here on Aldertree's orders. What are you doing here?

Oh, I was just walking to the ops center, and I heard something.

Well, now that you know it's just me, get back to work.



Magnus: Thank you, my dear.

On the house for my best tipper.

Never trust a stingy warlock, Maia.

Not when we have an eternity to acquire wealth.

I'll remember that.

What you got there?

A gift.

I can't remember the last time someone bought me one.

I'm used to people making demands.

"Reinforce the wards, Magnus." "Heal my broken heart, Magnus."

"Portal me to Paris, Magnus."



Is it from someone special?

I think so.

Are you Rufus?

What are you in the mood for, Shadowhunter?

Dream gels? Energy powder?

Yin fen.

Dancing with the devil, are we?

Yeah, I could track some down. Won't be cheap.

Whatever it costs.

Rufus, my man.

I wish I could say it was lovely to see you.

Magnus, what are you doing here?

The question is, what is Rufus doing here?

He knows he's banned from North America...




I'm here on business.


Drug dealer business?

Exactly. Trying to crack down on the Downworlder drug trade.

Isabelle, I don't need magic to know when I'm being lied to.

There's been a spike in the demand for yin fen and I have orders to find the source.

If you don't believe me, call Aldertree.


I've seen the havoc yin fen can wreak up close and personal.

Nearly cost my friend Jem his life.

Do you know where to look for the source?

Definitely not Rufus.

But if you wanna stop a yin fen distribution ring, you'll need to find the kingpin.

Any ideas on who that might be?

Probably one of the Night Children.

Yin fen is made from vampire venom.

When people get desperate enough, they go straight to the vamps.

Good to know.

This is dangerous business, Isabelle.

Be careful.

I always am.

Luke: So you met Cleophas?

Clary: At the Citadel.

I'm trying to figure out this new rune ability and...

Wait, hold it. Rune ability?

I was somehow able to create a new rune.

I didn't even know that was possible.

Neither did I.

Luke, it was the most incredible thing.

I... I shot sunlight out of my hand.

Jace said not to tell anyone, but Cleophas was your sister, and if Valentine has hurt her or worse, I...

Hold it, hold it. Clary... Clary, listen to me.


Cleo may not be the victim here.

She could be working with Valentine.

Uh, no, she's so dedicated to the Iron Sisters.

When the Circle disbanded, she had to be.

She was a member of the Circle?


I didn't realize...

And she worshipped Valentine, followed him around like a little puppy.

When I finally figured out what Valentine was up to...

I'd lost my sister for good.

We have to get her back, Luke.

I don't know. It might be too late.

No. We've lost so much. Family is all we have.

She's your sister, Luke. Don't you wanna at least try?


You're early.

Really? I am?

By about two hours.

Well, um... Well, you know how the F train is.

Not to mention my horrible sense of direction...

(STUTTERS) I can come back.

Oh, don't be silly.

Just, um, grab a table and I will make you one of my specialty cocktails.

(MOUTHS) Okay.

Isabelle: Long time no see.


You staying out of trouble?

Well, I haven't been kidnapped in a while, so...

(CHUCKLES) Quite an accomplishment.


She's cute.

Simon: Um...


There's nothing wrong with it.

Right. I'm just a little anxious.

You know what's great for anxiety?

Aromatherapy. I read about it online.

Shadowhunter blood.

Excuse me?

One quick bite... Bye-bye anxiety.

Do you mean, like, me bite you?

With my fangs?


The look on your face.

Oh. (CHUCKLING) Yeah, I bet... I bet that was a good one.



I should go.

Okay. Well, it was... It was great catching up with you.


Luke: Told you, Clary. I've used all the department's resources.

There's no sign of her.






Help me.

Bloody Mary?

Minus the Mary.

Eternally underaged, remember?


Yes. Forever in need of a fake ID.

Thank you for this.

Bottoms up.


Um, you got a little...

Oh. I'm sorry. It's...

(GRUNTS) I'm a spiller. I should have...

It's fine. I got it.

Since I was a kid, orange juice, milk...

I got it.

Hey. Hey.


I got it. (CHUCKLES)

Thank you.



Is this the only bar in Brooklyn?

Wow, you must have a death wish.

Isn't it time we kissed and made up?

Or I could just rip your face off.

That's another way to go.

Can I have four tequila shots, please?

Guess some girls are immune to your charms, huh?

You know, there's always that one rare exception, yeah.


Why are you here?

Book club.

You read?

Yeah. And so do they.


You know, I didn't think hot-tempered wolves were your type, Simon.

Maia? No, we're just, um...



It's the Simon Lewis sweet spot. Just ask Clary.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means...

...you're the safe choice, Simon.

You're non-threatening, you're easy to talk to, and you never seal the deal. Am I right?


Jace: Thank you.

I spit in one.


Delicious. Don't tease me.

Maybe, but... (SIGHS) What does it matter to you?

I am willing to share some of my wisdom. I'm feeling charitable.

(SCOFFS) Like I need your charity.

You know, I'm perfectly capable of making a good impression on my own, thank you.

Oh. I like that confidence.


Good luck.




Will you be my Obi-Wan?


Obi-Wan. From Star Wars?

It's a movie. It's...


Don't make me regret this.

Luke: Of all the places you could go, you chose to ask a Downworlder for help?

A soulless monster. A filthy animal.

Or have you forgotten all the names you called me?

Because I haven't.


(SIGHS) What happened at the Citadel?

Valentine's men infiltrated.

We tried to fight them off. They...

They killed Magdalena and took me.

(SCOFFS) Only you?

Why is that?

Cleophas: I don't know.

He brought me to New York, locked me up.

I managed to get a jump on one of his guards and fight my way out.

You can't seriously expect us to believe that.

Luke, you're not helping.

It's okay, Clarissa.

I know where Valentine's hiding.

I can lead you to him.

(SIGHS) Luke, we have to do this.

It's our chance to find Valentine.

No way.

I couldn't save your mother, but I'll be damned if I put you in jeopardy.

If we could just discuss this...

Not now, Clary.


Luke: Look.

I know my sister's convincing, but you can't fall for her lies.

She's not that convincing.

I wasn't sure until she called me Clarissa.

Only Valentine calls me that.

Well done.

Now, what the hell are they planning?

That's what we have to figure out.

Valentine has the Soul-Sword, Luke. If she can lead us to him...

Not happening.

Well, isn't that what cops do? Go undercover?

I didn't realize you had a badge.

This is our chance to make Valentine pay for what he did to Mom, to stop him before he hurts anyone else.

No. We're turning Cleo over to the Clave. They have more resources.

We need to do something now.

If he has the Sword, who knows what he'll do next.

Clary, we'll find another way.

I'm gonna go talk to the pack.

We're taking Cleo to the Institute.

Clary: Luke.


Why do you think women are so attracted to me?

Apart from the obvious.

(SIMON SIGHS) Okay, um...

You literally slay demons.

All I have is fangs.

The fangs don't matter.

Look, you gotta stop feeling sorry for yourself, and figure out what's...

(SIGHS) Lacking.

Lacking? I'm lacking?

Are you kidding?

You know what, let's, uh... Let's start at the top.



Your hair.

What's wrong with my hair?

You know, we'll circle back to that.

Why don't you just start by telling me, uh, what you do when you approach a girl.

Okay. What do you mean?

You mean, like, act it out?



Dazzle me.

Okay, um...

I'm Lewis. Simon Lewis.

No. Don't do that.

Do what?

Any of that.

This is my James Bond impression.

It's nothing like James Bond. The face and the snap... No.

Okay, so what am I supposed to do? Like...

What is that?

It's me being you.

Dark. Mysterious.

It looks like you're low on fiber.

Okay, I'll try again. Um...



If you're a serial killer.

Look... (SIGHS) You gotta learn to play hard to get, okay?

No girl wants a guy with his cards already on the table.

No girl wants a guy who can't shut up.

(CHUCKLES) I can shut up.

(STUTTERING) So I... I have to change my hair, stop talking, stop smiling. Essentially, just...

...stop being myself.


It's never gonna work.

You wanna bet?

Oh, dazzle me, please.

What are you doing?

Jace. What are you... What are you doing?

That's how it's done.


Where have you been?

Had to slaughter a horde of Shax demons in Grand Central. Could've used your help.

What are you doing?

Isabelle: Uh...

Aldertree has me on a special assignment.

I'm checking out some rogue vamp dens.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You don't seem fine.


I'm... tired.

Yeah. Um, your message said you wanted to talk.

Do you have a lead on Cleophas?

No. Not yet.

Then what is it?

It's about Magnus.

Look, um...


How do you know... In your experience, you know, when's the, uh... the right time?

Oh, my God, are you talking about having s*x?

Can you not discuss my s*x life with the entire Institute, please?

Alec, is this your first time with a man?

Your first time ever?

(CHUCKLES) It all makes sense now.

That's why you didn't want me to meet Jessica Hawkblue.

Wait, was there ever a Jessica Hawkblue?

Are you done?

Okay. (SIGHS)

You and Magnus...

You want to...

I think so. I don't know.

Alec, you care about Magnus. He cares about you. It's okay.

Just don't do what you always do.

And what's that?

Overthink it.

Like you're doing now.

No, I don't overthink things.



If it's what you want, if it makes you happy...

...then go for it.



Pretty cold-blooded, turning your sister over to the Clave.

Remember that the next time the pack tries to question my authority.

Get ready. We leave in five.

It's time.

Kiddo, it'll be okay.

You believe in what you're doing. And so do I.


Clary: Let's go!



I thought that shift would never end. (CHUCKLES)


Have you ever been around drunk Seelies?

It's, like, one shot and they're toast.

And they won't stop with the Abba songs.

I thought I was gonna lose my mind.

Yeah. Bummer.

Wanna get out of here?

Yeah. I hope you're a film buff.

I guess.

BAM's doing a Blade Runner marathon.

All three cuts. And I checked, finishes before dawn.

Are you expecting a call?

Not necessarily.

Did someone spike your blood supply?

'Cause you're acting really weird.

Weird can be good.

This isn't good.

So, when the Simon I agreed to go out with just decides to show up, tell him to give me a call, okay?

Wait, no.

Maia! Maia, wait!


Magnus: Hmm.


Alec: Jace here?

No. He left hours ago. Are you okay?

Mmm... Mmm... (CHUCKLES)

Hey, what's this all about?

I mean, I'm not complaining, but...

I... I just thought...

...you know, I thought we could take the next step.

The s*x step.



I may be experienced, but...

...it's rare that I've ever felt this way about someone and...

I worry that once we...

That if we rush into this...

That I may lose you.

What? Why would you think that?


You're not the only one that feels vulnerable.

Magnus... You have nothing to worry about.

I want this.

You're gonna have to wait.


Jace. We gotta go.

Oh, let me guess. Alec sent you? Tell him I'm off duty.

It's Clary. She's in trouble.


Where are we going, exactly?

We're close.

You realize by going against Valentine, you're risking your life?

He'll never forgive you for this.

I have to make amends.




Clary! What is it? What's wrong?



What are you doing to me?

Let go.

(SHAKILY) The sound in my head.

It's coming from Valentine, isn't it?

What sound?

(GASPING) It's getting louder!

Activate my hearing rune. There.


It's not possible.

What is it?

Tell me! What is Valentine doing to me?

It's not Valentine.

It is an angel.


Here on earth.

I think he's holding him captive.

The angel is crying out for help.



...how could you?



This is your chance to show your true form.

Together we will right all of the wrongs, Ithuriel.

His cry is so full of pain.

You said angels were rare, that almost no one had ever seen one.

It's unheard of.

Iron Sisters hear the angels whisper when we're forging our weapons, but even we've never seen one.

To communicate with one, you must be blessed by the angels.



...you are blessed.

No more lies, Cleophas.

I know you're working with Valentine.

You killed Magdalena, didn't you?


I loved Magdalena. I thought Valentine...

I thought his way was the only way to make the world a better place.

A safer place.

No matter what sacrifices had to be made, but...

...harming an angel, holding him captive...

That goes against everything we believe in.

What, and killing Downworlders doesn't?

You don't understand.

An angel is...

...pure goodness.

They're the embodiment of what Shadowhunters stand for.

If Valentine's harming an angel, then everything we love will be destroyed.

You know, Luke is right. You are not a Shadowhunter.

You are a traitor.

You're the Clave's problem now.

No! Please.

Let me take you to Valentine.

We have to free the angel.

Then I'll turn myself in.

No, why... why help me now?

Don't you see the storm coming?

If Valentine has the angel and a bolt of lightning...

He can activate the Soul-Sword.


Cleo, you hurt her, I'll drop you where you stand.

Wait, no!

Clary, get out of the way!

Luke, don't! We need her.

Eloise: Smells like Shadowhunter.

No need to worry. I'm not here on official business.

And what other kind of business do people like you have?

Looking a little under the weather.

There's just something I need.

The ultimate five-disc collector's edition of Blade Runner.

Final Cut is, like... my favorite film of all time...

...which is what I... What I should have said to you.

But you didn't.


Instead I acted like a...

A replicant?

(CHUCKLES) I did, didn't I?

And that sucks 'cause you're smart and you're funny, and you get what it's like to be a Downworlder.

And all I wanted to do tonight was prove to myself that I'm not...

In love with your best friend?

Not where I thought this was going.

But it's the truth, right?

You're in love with Clary.


How do you know?

I have superior instincts for these sort of things, and...

I also have ears of a wolf.

I hear everything.

My conversation with Jace... Pretty much every word.

(SOFTLY) Yeah.

He brings out the worst in me, at times.

(GRUNTS) I knew it from the moment you said something about "best friend."

Look, here's an idea.

Instead of trying to go out with other girls just to prove something to yourself, why not just tell Clary how you feel?

Luke said to do the same thing.

(CHUCKLES) We're highly evolved beings.

What if I tell Clary and... It ruins our friendship?

What if you don't?

What if she falls in love with some Shadowhunter, and you spend eternity obsessing over how stupid you were?

Well, you know, when you put it like that, it... (CHUCKLES)

So, are we, um...

We're cool.


But I'm keeping this.

Cleophas, did you find Clarissa?

I did. And I was right.

She is gifted.

There are things she showed me I didn't know were possible.

So... where is she?

Luke: I'm afraid she's a little preoccupied.


Let her go. This isn't her fight.

It is now.

If Valentine needs lightning to activate the Sword, he probably put Ithuriel up on the rooftop.

Cleophas could have been lying, Clary.

She's not. Not about this.

How do you know?

I just know. Trust me.





I can't believe you were stupid enough to let Ithuriel go, when we were so close to achieving everything that we wanted.

I never wanted this. To torture an angel?

It isn't torture! It's a means to an end.

I can't believe that you are siding with this dog.

Cleophas: Lucian may be a Downworlder now, but he has more honor than you ever will.


I said let her go.

You Graymarks never see the bigger picture, do you?

What's the bigger picture, Val?

Lying to your followers, killing the woman you love, destroying your children piece by piece?

Sentimentality has always been your biggest weakness.

Maybe you've changed, huh?


Go ahead, Lucian. Put a bullet in me... Parabatai.

Don't you dare call me that.

Valentine: Why not?

Because it reminds you of your betrayal?

How you stole Jocelyn and turned her against me?

You did that on your own. You killed innocent people.

No. No, no one is innocent in war.

If only I'd thought to bring a blade of silver, we could have ended this.

End it now, Lucian. Pull the trigger!

Valentine: But once you do, think about what will happen to your sweet baby sister.

(VALENTINE SIGHS) You were always so spineless.



Damn it!

We have to hurry.


Nothing's working.

Why can't we break the chain?

I don't know. Valentine must have used a warlock, some kind of dark magic.



What's happening? What are you doing?

He's communicating with me.


Clary: What was that?