02x08 - Love Is a Devil

Jace: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Alec: What did I do?

Clary, I am so sorry.

Please don't.

Can you raise my mother from the dead?

I'll bring your mother back, and, as payment, you can owe me a favor.

The deal's off.

No. You took a blood oath.

Cleophas: If ever demons overtook the world...

As a last resort, the Soul-Sword would destroy demon-blooded creatures in its path.

Demon-blooded creatures.


We have to free the angel. If Valentine has the angel...

Clary: He can activate the Soul-Sword.

Magnus: I've seen the havoc yin fen can wreak.

Isabelle: Do you know where to look for the source?

Probably one of the Night Children.

Yin fen is made from vampire venom.

There's just something I need.

Eloise: What do you need, Shadowhunter?

Look, I'm not here to hurt anyone.

I just need a little... Venom.

Someone's been a naughty girl.

All out of yin fen?

That's okay. You can have a little venom...

I'm just gonna need a lot of blood.



You're quick, but not quick enough.

Forget the venom.

Too late, pretty thing.


Release the Shadowhunter.

On my orders.


I thought you hated me.

Call it an intense dislike.

So why are you helping me?

I don't know.


The pain... It's everywhere.


What did you think yin fen would do to you?

I need something...

Something to stop it.

What you need to do is sweat it out.

Okay, over time, you'll be better off.

You need to be strong.

I can't.

You have to.

I swear, I'll never ask again.

Just this once.

Forgive me.



♪ We're coming ♪
♪ After you ♪
♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

Luke: How could you not tell me that?

The Downworld would be in total chaos if they knew what the Sword could do.

There would be uprisings everywhere.

So you're saving the Downworlders from themselves?

We never asked.

We didn't even know that Valentine could activate the Sword until we realized he had an angel.

Luke, I didn't want you to worry.

Well, it's too late for that.

Look, you don't understand, all right...

No. I do understand.

He has my sister.

What else aren't you two telling me?

The angel, he... He showed us something.

Just now, on the rooftop, he showed us both a vision of a demon that can destroy the Sword.

How do you know that's what he was telling you?

There's no other explanation.

When the demon touched the Sword, he and the Sword both disintegrated.

Luke, it was a demon I'd never seen before.

Then go find it.

I'll head out and see if that b*st*rd left any clues for us to track him down.


There. They said that was the angel.

Isabelle: It could have been a shooting star.

Are you saying you don't believe Jace and Clary?

I thought you'd be impressed.

I'm not saying I don't believe them.

It's just that no one's seen an angel in hundreds of years.

(SIGHS) So...

Did you take my advice about Magnus?

You did, didn't you?

Okay, start talking.

There's nothing to talk about.

Hey, you guys.

Hey, buddy. How are you doing?

Max! I missed you so much!

You look so handsome.

What are you doing here?

Alec. Isabelle.

It's good to see you both.



'Cause the last time you were here, you turned your back on all of us.

Especially Jace.

I was following orders.

I had no choice.

Max has some big news.

Tell them, sweetheart.

I passed my last trial. I'm ready for my Rune Ceremony.


So you finally perfected your roundhouse kick?

Yeah, and I knocked out two different instructors.

Sadly, your father won't be able to attend.

So, Alec, as the eldest male in the family, you will be in charge of Max's ceremonial party.

What do you mean he won't be here?

He's tied up with the Valentine task force in Idris.

I can't believe Dad would miss this.

Maryse: He doesn't have a choice.

We're all on high alert, especially after what that demon did to both of you and Jocelyn.

I was surprised not to see you at the Rite of Mourning.

Dad called to see how we were.


Bet you wish you were back in Idris.

I thought I was coming here to get away from the fighting.

Fighting? Mom and Dad?

All the time.

What's going on?

Mom doesn't like you having a warlock boyfriend.

And you?

Whatever, I don't care.

My mother's back.

Which means I'll make myself scarce.

No, I have something else in mind.


How would you feel about throwing a party?

Have you met me?

It is for Max's Rune Ceremony.

I think I'll pass.


I'm sure I'll love Max.

But Maryse? That woman hates me.

That's sort of the point of the party.

So that she can see that this, us, it's not going away.

You sure about this?

Why wouldn't I be?

Then I better get to work.

Mr. Morgenstern.

What can I help you with?

A potion? A spell? I'm very versatile.

In a way that makes my skin crawl.

I thought we would understand each other.

Both scientists in our own right.

I applaud your spirit, but it won't help you.

I hear you've met my daughter, Clarissa?

I had no idea...

(SIGHS) Children...

...have a way of making us terribly vulnerable, don't they?


Please, don't hurt her.

I will do anything you ask.

Yes. You will.

Simon: This isn't crazy.

(CHUCKLES) You drank blood.


You've bit a rat. It's gonna be fine.

You fought a cobra. You went to India.

You can... You can totally tell her.

It's Clary. It's not like it's a... Another cobra.

That would be something. Seriously...

Clary: Simon, are you okay?


(CHUCKLES) I'm very okay.


Do you wanna sit? I mean, standing works, too.

Okay. What's going on?

I get this weird text to meet you here at, like, 11:00 at night?

Did something happen with you and Maia?

Yes. Something did happen.


Look, Clary...

The thing is, um...

Simon, I don't have a telepathy rune.


Right. Of course not.


We've been friends...

Best friends for a long time.

A really long time.

And the last thing I'd ever want to do is screw that up.

Because it's... It's really important to me.

It's really important to me, too.

But... The thing is, when two people are friends...

People like you and me...

Sometimes feelings evolve, you know?

And the relationship, friendship, whatever it is, needs to change along with it...

Look, Simon, I... Is this because of Maia?

I don't want you to think that we can't still be best friends because you...

Because you're seeing someone.

No, see, that's... That's it!

I don't... I don't want to see anyone.

Anyone... Anyone else, I mean.

I'm in love with you, Clary.

But I realized that you might not feel the same way.

(STUTTERING) And it might get weird... It might be...


We did that.

We did.

(LAUGHING) Yeah, we did.

(LAUGHS) We did.

Was it... Was it, you know...





In the best way possible.

At the residence of Magnus Bane?

It's very kind of your friend to offer, but the Rune Ceremony is a solemn rite of passage.

For Shadowhunters.

Not some Downworlder rave.

Where does it say anything about a rave?

And why is it only for Shadowhunters?

It's tradition.

Traditions change, especially those based on ignorance.


Anyone who cares about Max should be there. And that includes me and Magnus.



If Dad were here he'd understand...

Well, he's not.

Alec... I don't want to fight with you.

This dinner, it should be about family. Our family.

What family?

You wanted Jace dead.

I was following orders.

You keep saying that.

After a while, it loses its meaning.


You're right.

Of course we'll be there.

Thank you for going to all this trouble for us.

Thank Magnus.






(CLICKS TONGUE) You're new, aren't you?


I spoil them. I can't help it.

It's the only way to win them over.

Well, I guess when you put your mind to it, you can win over just about anyone, huh?

You're talking about Alec.

Look, I've been there.

I know it's a whirlwind fling that burns so hot all it can do is flame out.

Is this what you think it is? A fling.

I don't know what it is, but I know my brother. He's sensitive.

And now that you guys have taken things to the next level...

He told you.

No, he didn't have to. We're parabatai.

No. No, no, no. No, it's not like that.

It's... I can, uh...

I can just... I can sense that he's happier.

Look, I'll make this simple, okay?

I'm never gonna let anyone hurt him.

Then we have that in common.

You think I'd invite Maryse Lightwood to my home for just anyone?


I hope this party has an open bar.



Is there something on my face, or...

No, no, um...

You're great.

Am I being too, uh...

Not at all.


So do you think anyone's going to notice that we're...

Only one way to find out.




Okay, let's go.




Can I get a beer.

I thought I smelled cocky.

Magnus must be really scraping the bottom of the bartender barrel.

Aw, you still bitter about getting your ass kicked by a werewolf?

In case you forgot, that was a three-against-one fight.

(SIGHS) Well, I'm actually happy I didn't maul you to death.

Why? So you can slowly annoy me to death instead?


Because now I know you didn't kill Gretel.

I asked for a beer.

Beer's boring. Have some sangria.

Apparently Magnus has a thing for Spain.

Simon: That is a lot of Shadowhunters.

Yeah, it's a Shadowhunter party. Are you okay with that?

Didn't think he had it in him.

Guess your date didn't go so well.

No, it went great.

I, uh, told him to make a move, and that's exactly what he did.


Jace: Hey.

Clary: Hey.


Well, you two look cute together.


We were just heading to the bar to see what kinds of blood-types Magnus has on tap.

Do you want anything?


I'm good.



Well, I guess congratulations are in order.

I guess so.

I'm happy for you.

Thank you.

Maia, um, I just wanted to say thank you for being so cool about, you know...


Yeah, just don't screw it up by talking too much.

Uh, looks like it's about time for my break.


Is everything okay?

I'll be right back.

I'm worried the empanadillas are soggy.

I gave the chef specific directions...


Everything is perfect.



I heard you like to drink.

(CHUCKLES) Welcome, Maryse.

Max, this is your night.

You do have exotic taste, don't you?

Oh, the Spanish theme is in honor of you and your husband.

Really? How so?

Alec told me that Robert proposed to you in Barcelona.

I wanted to celebrate a joyous memory.

Especially since he couldn't be here.

How sweet that Alec feels comfortable sharing our personal family stories with you.

Especially considering your... Disparate backgrounds.

How about a drink?

Sangria for the lady, a Roy Rogers for the guest of honor.


Clary! Hey, I've been looking for you.

In Maia's arms?

No... Oh, no, you saw us.


Look, she kissed me. I... I didn't know what to do.

That's it? That's seriously all you have to say?


What you said about not wanting to risk the friendship...

Maybe this is a mistake.

So you make out with Maia?

No, we weren't... We weren't making out.

(STUTTERING) We were just, I don't know, having a moment.

I cannot believe this is happening.


Clary, no matter how close we are, you will never understand what it's like to live like this.

But she does.

She gets it.

Then why did you even...

Hey! What's going on, biscuit?

It's Simon.

He poured his heart out about wanting to be with me, and then...

(BREATHES SHAKILY) He hooks up with Maia.

That doesn't sound like Simon.

Are you sure you haven't had too much sangria? It's strong.

I made sure of it.

Please. I just need to leave.

Hey, don't.

We'll figure out what's going on with Simon.

But tonight's about Max.


And Alec and Izzy.

You'll never forgive yourself if you're not there for your friends.

(SOFTLY) Okay.


Sorry. I'm just... A little jumpy.

Venom withdrawal.

Saps the nerve endings.

Oh, I'm totally fine.

Why did you call me here?

Your bite... It was so strong. But then...

Vampire venom is more powerful than yin fen.

It also wears off quicker.

That's why it was a one-time deal.

Thought I made that clear to you.

I know. Look...

I wouldn't have asked you to come back if it wasn't an emergency.

My mom's in town.

I can't let her see me like this.

That's the best excuse you can come up with?

It's not an excuse.

Excuses, justifications, call it what you want.

Trust me when I tell you, Isabelle, sweat it out while you still can.

You don't understand.

But I do.

You can get through this.

You're one of the strongest Shadowhunters I know.

No, I'm not.

Everyone thinks I am, but I'm not.

Just a drop.


Shadowhunter blood is more potent than human blood.

Okay. I can't.




Sure you can.



I don't see anything.

That's because you're not looking hard enough.


Congratulations, young Shadowhunter.

What do you say, Max?

Thank you.

Where's your warlock mark?

Alec: Max...

You were just as curious at his age.

It's okay.

I only share with my closest friends.

How much of you is a demon?

Max, enough.

That's not how we treat our friends.

Apologize to Magnus.

You can't tell me what to do.

Hey, just because you're getting your first rune doesn't mean you can talk to your brother like that.

Jace isn't my brother.


Mom says you're not even part of our family.

Jace, I...


This is your fault.

I've tried to keep Max out of it.

The hell you have. He learned this behavior from you.

If you ever want to make things right with me, you better make them right with Jace.

What do you want?

I want to talk to you.

There's nothing to talk about.

I think there is.

Max is right. You're not his brother.


You were a ten-year-old left on our doorstep.

We had no choice but to take you in.

But if I had known you were a demon, I would've done this years ago.


Raphael: Isabelle, when your mom leaves, disappear for a while.

Bear the pain and get the venom out of your system.

But it feels so good.

You feel it, too. I know you do, Raphael.

Yeah. Too well.

When I first turned, I fed on human blood.

And I couldn't control myself.

The more I had, the more I craved.

How did you stop?

I met a certain warlock...

Who cared enough about a lost vampire to help him regain his faith.


When I was a boy, I went to church every Sunday.

Magnus gave me the strength to understand that where I came from wasn't gone forever.

That I was that person.

I just had to find myself again.

I had no idea.


Go. Be with your family.

You have no idea how lucky you are to have them.

(SIGHS) Thank you for walking me here.

Thank you for everything.

Are you sure you don't want to come up?

Uh, I'm not too big on Shadowhunter parties.



Izzy, hey. Where have you been?


Hey, I'm sorry.

I feel horrible that I kept the rune from you.

I... I never meant to hurt you.

I know.

Good, because I really need to talk to you.

You ever think you know someone so well, and then they start acting completely out of character.

Clary, I'm sorry, I...

(SIGHS) I... I don't have time for this.

I'm looking for my mom and Max.

Can we talk later?


You have got to be kidding me.

Slow down, hotshot.

Get out of my way, Magnus.

Oh, no. I'm not letting you make a scene.

This is an elegant affair, not an episode of The Real Housewives of Idris.

Tell Simon that, because I can't stand here while he hits on Maia right in front of me!

I think we have different idea of courtship.

Jace, I've been looking everywhere for Mom and Max.

Have you...

Maryse just tried to kill me.


Magnus, I can't stay here, okay?

Everyone is acting completely insane.

I have to leave.

Not while you're hallucinating.

Stay right here while I figure out what's going on.

Hey, are you leaving?

I have to.

Seeing you here, drink in hand, all smiles, it makes me sick.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about you killing my mom.

Oh, my God. Jace, what did you do?

I told you, Izzy, I didn't have a choice.

Okay, the sangria may have been too strong.

She just tried to kill me, Magnus.

This will help.

She just threw an ax at my head.

Okay, it's stuck in the shelf, right there.

See for yourself.

Jace, there's nothing there.

It's right there. Why can't you see that?


Mom, are you okay?

Hey, hey, hey, don't let her up. She's out of her mind.

Jace, I came up here to apologize to you.

Then, why would you...

I should have killed you when I had the chance.

She just said it. Don't you hear her?

Listen to me. Nobody's trying to kill you.

You have to believe me. Someone's playing with our minds.

Feeding into our insecurities...

Clary: Alec. Alec, no!


What are you doing? You're scaring me.

You're a murderer, Alec.

Nothing more.

Why are you still here?

Alec, please, come down from there.

All those times you told me I wasn't a good Shadowhunter...

I know... I know you wish I was dead instead of Jocelyn.

I don't wish you were dead. You let a demon possess you?

You're weak. Please...

Okay? Don't worry. Take my hand.

Nobody's gonna miss you.

Weak. The guilt must be eating you alive. Take my hand.

(ECHOING) Murderer.

Alec! Oh, my God.

What happened?

All of a sudden, he started talking about how I hated him for killing my mom.


It's okay. I sedated him when I pulled him from the ledge.

You know what, you stay away from him. You can't be trusted.

I can't be trusted?

Now you see why I was wary of having a party at a warlock's house.

(STUTTERS) Wow. What's going on here?

Oh, what do you care? Maia is at the bar.

Yes, and Alec's on the ground.

Is he gonna be okay?

You're all gonna be okay.

Everyone just stay here. I'll be right back.


What did you say to my son?

You don't think that Alec feels guilty enough...

You talked to Clary, didn't you? That's why she's acting all weird.

Listen, I did nothing.

You bring him up here...

I did not bring him up here, I followed him.




Jace: Mom...

Simon: Um, what's going on?

Maryse: Jace.

Jace: You okay?

Simon... (SIGHS)

Maryse: I'm fine.

Clary: I am so sorry.

(STUTTERS) I know you didn't kiss Maia.

You thought I kissed Maia?

What happened here?

It seems a warlock has been having a little fun at our expense.

Maryse: Is he okay?

Simon: What happened?


Someone has taken my spell book.

You're putting your wards up?

Nobody leaves until I get it back.

I was this close to lining up a three-way and you guys let yourselves get spelled?

Is he the last one?

It appears I'm the only warlock here.

Clary: Magnus, what happens if we don't find your spell book?

That's not an option you want to explore.

That book can undo every spell I've ever cast.

From the elementary to the complex.

In new and old languages...


It's an old French dialect.


The red-haired cat.

Magnus, what cat?



I hate party crashers. (GRUNTS)



You haven't changed one bit since the last time I saw you crawling from the ruins of la Bastille.

Old French spells.

Your favorite.


Where are my counterspells?

(GROANS) Valentine!

He has Madzie, too.

If I don't go back, I don't know what he'll do to her.

What does Valentine want with my counterspells?

I don't know.

(YELLING) I don't know!


All... All he said was that I had to get them for him.

And I wasn't to harm Clary, or he'd make Madzie suffer.

Magnus, please.

I'm all Madzie has.

Have mercy. (PANTING)

After everything you've done?

Release them.


(PANTING) Clary Fairchild... You made a blood oath.

Find Madzie.

She's the Clave's problem now.

Alec: Okay, what is Valentine up to anyway?

I don't know.

(WHISPERING) It's too dangerous.

Jace, they're our family. They need to know.

Know what?

The angel Ithuriel.

Valentine was going to use him to activate the Soul-Sword.

He needs someone with pure angel blood to activate it.

Well, that doesn't sound good.

Jace: It's not.

With the Soul-Sword activated, Valentine could decimate the entire Downworld.

The angel showed us a vision of a demon who could destroy the Sword.

If we could find that demon, we could stop Valentine.

How did you two save the angel?

With runes the angel gave to me.

Jace: New runes, Magnus.

Ones no one's ever seen before.

Why did he choose you?

I have no idea.

Magnus: I might.

Years ago, a Silent Brother told me about a special connection the original Shadowhunters had with the Angel Raziel.

That they could communicate from afar through visions.

Because they were created from his blood.

Are you saying that...

Clary may have a blood connection to that angel.

And that must mean she has pure angel blood.

That's why Valentine wants Clary unharmed.

Clary can activate the Soul-Sword.

Simon: "Soul-Sword."

Strange name for a weapon of mass destruction.

Simon, we're not going to let him activate it.

I'll do whatever it takes.

Clary, you might be a Shadowhunter with all kinds of crazy abilities, that doesn't mean you can stop the inevitable.

It's not inevitable, all right? It can't be.


This news of a Downworld apocalypse, it's not all bad.

Because now, it's clearer than ever...

I want to spend every minute of every day with you.


Max: To the Angel I entrust my life...

And vow to uphold the laws of heaven.

I take this mark to honor Him...

To bring His light into me...

And vow to uphold the laws of heaven.

So I may join the ranks of the Shadowhunters the guardians of peace.


Hey, you should know...

Valentine's coming for me, isn't he?

Which means I'm never letting you out of my sight.

The ceremony was beautiful.

Yeah, Max did great, huh?

Didn't even flinch.

(SIGHS) Give me a minute.

Alec, whatever you heard me say when you were under the spell...

You have to know, I don't blame you for my mom.

I don't.

Maryse, look, I... I just want you to know...

I don't need any more apologies.

Because you don't owe me one.

I don't regret taking you in for one second.

Max was totally out of line, because I have been out of line.

As a parent, your greatest hope is that your children don't inherit your worst traits.


(SIGHS) Yeah, well, Max is still young. Impressionable.

You can still steer that ship straight.



Max says that you and Dad have been fighting.


About me and Magnus.

Max doesn't have any idea what's going on between your father and me.

Then what is it?

I didn't want to burden you all...


Is Dad cheating on you?


You can't tell Isabelle.

(SNIFFLES) She worships Robert.

I can bear it, but it would destroy her.


Come stay with us.

You and Max.


You don't have to go back to Idris or Dad.

Oh... I wish I could stay...

More than anything.


But I have to get back to the Clave.

Why? Let Robert take care of that.

Everything's different now because of Clary and the Sword.

I can't let my problems interfere with my duty.

Not now.

That's a good girl.

You and Clarissa are going to get along so well.