02x09 - Bound by Blood

Previously on Shadowhunters...

CLEOPHAS: The Soul-Sword would destroy demon-blooded creatures in its path.

If Valentine has the angel...

CLARY: He can activate the Soul-Sword.

Children have a way of making us terribly vulnerable.

Don't hurt her. I will do anything you ask.

Someone has taken my spell book.

What does Valentine want with my spells?

All he said was that I had to get them for him.

And I wasn't to harm Clary.

You made a blood oath. Find Madzie.

Clary may have pure angel blood.

That's why Valentine wants Clary unharmed.

Clary can activate the Soul-Sword.


This is so weird.

(STAMMERS) Yeah. Are my fangs in the way? Because I can totally, um...

CLARY: No, no, you're fine. You're fine...

It's just the canoe's a little small to...


- Ow! (LAUGHS)
- Ooh, careful. (CHUCKLING)

Oh, I'm sorry.


I cannot believe I let you talk me into this.

(CHUCKLES) Me neither.


It's okay. I got you.

Oh, great. In that case, we'll just go down together.

Well, I mean...

I'm pretty sure this thing is untippable.

Oh, yeah?


Well, I'll just have to see about that.

Oh! Okay...




- Jace. Hey.

What the hell are you doing? I...

You know what? Don't answer that.

Here you go.

Jace, it's okay. I'm safe here.

Until Valentine stops hunting you, the only place you're safe is the Institute.

Really? I'm not sure you actually know how hiding works.

The whole point is to, um, not be where everyone thinks you are.

Trust me, I'm kind of an expert.

For an expert, you were pretty easy to find.

Just be thankful I got to you before the Circle did.

SIMON: I'm not afraid of them.

I've been working on my fighting skills.

(SCOFFS) Oh, really?

You wanna take this outside and give these fight skills a test run?


As soon as the sun goes down.

Guys, I can handle my...


- What the hell?
- SIMON: What's wrong?


SIMON: What is that?


How many Downworlders do you think live in New York?

I don't know, but they're not all your responsibility.

But you are.

I can take care of myself.

Maybe... but this is different.

You may have lived through the fall of Rome, but even the Dark Ages couldn't have been this dark.

Alexander... I know things may seem bleak, but... nothing was as devastating as seeing you standing on that ledge.

It was the magic. I would never, never...

I know, I know.

But magic can't create fears, only bring them out.

- Magnus...
- Look, you don't have to explain yourself.

I've been through it myself.

Just promise you'll tell me if things ever get that bad.


Don't you people have phones?

- We need your help.

La Chair Brulee.

I'm guessing that's not a dessert.

It means "the burnt flesh."
It's an old blood oath spell.

Then it must be Iris.

She said you owed her a favor.

At Max's party, she said I have to find Madzie.

MAGNUS: Then we better start looking.

I can get rid of the pain, but that's about it.

I'm afraid once the magic reaches your heart...

So if I don't find Madzie...

I'm dead.

No... no. Magnus, there has to be a cure.

There has to be something we can do to stop this.

Can't we force Iris to undo it?

MAGNUS: I wish it were that easy.

But blood oath spells are completely binding.

Even Iris herself can't reverse it now.


Come in.

Isabelle, you look... recovered.

I'm impressed.

It takes most people weeks to wean themselves off yin fen.

Well, I'm not most people.

You wanted to ask me something?

Do you have plans tonight?

(SCOFFS) Excuse me?

I was wondering if you'd like to join me for dinner.


I'm sorry. Are you asking me out?

(CHUCKLES) I just wanted to express my gratitude for how well you kept the Institute while I was away.

No thanks necessary. I had nothing to do with it.

But I insist.

If not tonight, how about tomorrow?


I don't know what to say.

I was so selfish, hiding in the woods like that.

You would have never went to Iris if...

Luke, this has nothing to do with you.

You always told me to read the fine print.

Well, I guess, uh, now I know why.

- Magnus find anything?
- No.

Iris' brownstone was wiped clean, but Alec just got a report from the Clave.

According to Iris, Madzie was abducted from Brady Park.

All right, we'll start there.

I'll round up some wolves and see if we can get a scent.

Great. Hey. Where are you going?

To get Simon.

If we're gonna be searching all night, we can use his skills.

What skills?

I don't know... night vision.

There's a rune for that.

Too bad. He's coming.

I need him.

Are you awake in there? Incoming sunlight.



SIMON: Clary?


- Clary!


Back off! (GRUNTS)


- Nice form.

Five summers at Camp Winnipesaukee.


Show yourself!


LUKE: What the hell were you thinking?

I know about the Soul-Sword.

I was there at the party. I heard everything.

If Clary touches it, we're all dead!

And that gives you the right to kill her?

You think this is easy? You know me.

- You know I don't want to hurt anybody!
- SIMON: Really?

That's not what it looked like.

One life versus millions.

If killing Clary is the price of saving the entire Downworld, then I'm willing to pay it.

She has to die.

That is not your decision to make.


I'm sorry.

Save it.

- JACE: You okay?
- CLARY: I can feel it spreading.

What if Maia's right?

LUKE: She's not.

- You need to find Madzie.
- SIMON: No problem.

We'll take the van.

- Luke?
- I gotta stay here.

If Maia told the rest of the wolves what that Sword is capable of, you're in serious danger.

But, Luke...

No time to argue.

Word travels fast.

I'll catch up... after I stop the Downworld from coming after you.

I'll see you soon, kiddo.


If anything happens to her...

It won't.

Trust me, I'll protect her.

We'll protect her.

Just try to keep up.

Who does he think is driving?


I thought you said you knew how this worked.

I'm trying, but the injections...

I can barely generate enough magic to create your Portals, let alone a spell this complex.

Then perhaps you can teach her.

No, she's too young.

But powerful beyond her years.

By raising Madzie myself, I'll finally have a warlock that's unconditionally loyal.

Do you like your new home, sweetheart?

I found it just for you.

And if you help me, I promise to help you find your nana.

See? Madzie wants to help.

That is, unless you'd rather I give her the injections.

- No.
- Good.

Then I'll leave you two to get acquainted, huh?


Hi, Madzie. I'm Dot. It's nice to meet you.

You're pretty.



ALEC: Do you know where Izzy is?

I was told you spoke with her this morning.

She hasn't been in the Institute since.

I didn't realize I was the keeper of your sister's calendar.

Something's wrong.

She's been acting weird ever since you sent her to the Iron Sisters.

I think you're being paranoid.

After what happened at your brother's party, perhaps I should recommend you for a psych evaluation.


What reason would I have to lie?

I don't know, but whatever it is...

Nothing's going on.

I'm just trying to help.
Now, I would ask yourself... is making insinuations about me really the road you want to go down?

Isabelle's more than capable of handling herself.

Come on... have a taste.


Although, I think it could use a little more salsa picante.

Um, a little less.

Start spreading the masa onto the husk.

That's the filling.

Wait. Aren't they both filling?


This is the masa.

And this is the filling.

(SCOFFS) But they both fill the corn leaf. You...

May I?

You know, for a vampire, you're a pretty good cook.

I should be. I cook every Sunday.

Not for myself, I... drop meals off at a Catholic retirement home in Harlem.

I didn't take you for a community service kind of guy.

I'm not.

My little sister lives there.

She's .

She can't remember who I am.

Yet I can't forget about her.

I didn't know.

Nobody knows.

Except for you.

I'm sorry, I... I said too much.

I should keep my mouth shut.


I rather you didn't.




Don't make this any harder than it already is.

Who else knows about Clary?
What she's capable of?

I don't know. Everybody?

I mean, you're too late, Luke. The secret's out.

(SIGHS) I'm sorry. I... (SNIFFLES)

I know what I did was wrong.
I did it just because I...

I... I was really scared.

That doesn't change anything.

Locking me up in here doesn't really change anything, either. I mean...

You've seen my file. You know what I've been through.

You know I get claustrophobic.

I know.

But I'm doing this for your own safety.

I don't want to have to fight you.

Me? All you care about is Clary!

That's not true.

You know that you're like family to me, too.

Then why am I in here and she's out there?

Luke, I promise you, I will not hurt Clary, just...

please don't leave me in here.

I'm sorry, I have no choice.

Luke, Luke. Please, please, please.



I thought you were different.

CLARY: Are you sure this is the park Alec was talking about?

JACE: Positive. See the scorched grass?

Someone opened a Portal.


SIMON: Nothing over there.

And without the wolves to help us pick up a scent, this is gonna take forever.

We don't have forever.
Everyone keep looking.

Maybe he can help.

Excuse me, um... a little girl might have gotten kidnapped a few days ago.

I was wondering if you've seen her.

I don't know what you're talking about.

CLARY: Are you sure?

She's about this tall, pigtails, always... wears a scarf.

Hey, where'd you get that scarf?

Nowhere. I found it. It's mine.

Do you wanna make a trade?



Keep heading north. The signal's faint, but we can still track her.

Don't sound too excited.

- It's too easy.
- It wasn't easy.

That jacket's at least two sizes small on that guy.

I'm just a great salesman.

Valentine's too smart to have not thought about blocking the signal.

If we can track Madzie, it's because he wants us to.

We'll be walking into a trap.

What are you suggesting?
That we don't find Madzie?

That's not what I'm saying.

Simon's right.

Trap or no trap, the scarf is our only option.

(STAMMERS) I can't let Valentine activate the Soul-Sword, either.

So whatever happens, you can't let him take me alive.


Clary, you're kind of freaking me out.

Trust me, I've thought about it and...

(SCOFFS) Maia was right.

What are... What are you talking about?

I would rather die than let Valentine destroy the Downworld.

I need you to promise me.

If Valentine ever gets to me...


Absolutely not.

I promise.

If it ever comes to that, I won't let him take you alive.


What happened to your face?

My punishment for helping Clary Fairchild into one of the Queen's realms.

Well, it's good to see you.

I'd say the same, but, sadly, I'm incapable of lying.

Shall we get this over with?

Careful. Seelie armor.

Means war. I noticed.

So I assume you all know why I called you here.

I've heard rumors.

Well, unfortunately, the rumors are true.

Valentine wants to use the Soul-Sword to decimate the entire Downworld, and he needs Clary to activate it.

And you have a plan?

Well, we can't defeat Valentine on our own.

But together... maybe we have a shot.

Whatever it is, we can't have him get to Clary.

I agree.

But on behalf of the Seelie Queen, I'd like to propose an alternative.

Execute Clary Fairchild on sight.

Care to rethink that?

You'd be rotting in the City of Bones had she not insisted we save your life.

Then consider this my way of returning the favor.

By killing her, I'll be saving you from yourselves.

This council is biased.

You've all allowed yourselves to become too involved with the Shadowhunters.

Jocelyn Fairchild.

Alec Lightwood.

- And you.

You've been seeing Isabelle, haven't you?

What are you talking about?

I'd recognize that perfume anywhere.

Then you're no different from the rest of us.

I'll admit, I know her charms better than anyone.

But unlike you, my feelings never affect my judgment.

My judgment's fine.

Clary has to die to protect our people...so be it.

Stay here. We'll be right back.


We're close. Very close.

This still feels way too easy.

And yet we've encountered no traps.

Although if we did... All that stuff you said about Clary...

You were just talking, right?

You wouldn't actually kill your own sister, would you?

- No.
- Okay.

But that's why I need to do this next part on my own.

What do you mean?

Clary's too weak to move, Simon.

She'd only be putting herself in danger of getting captured.

Hey, I'll use the scarf to track Madzie. I'll bring her back here.

But I need someone protecting Clary while I'm gone.

That's easy for you to say.
You're the guy with the sword.

(STAMMERING) What am I gonna do? Protect her with my teeth?

We need your help here.

- Okay. All right, I'll stay.

Just a sec, it's Luke.

LUKE: Simon, where are you?

Uh, we're still looking for Madzie. What's up?

(SIGHS) You need to be careful.

The Downworld's falling apart.

I'm guessing the meeting didn't go so well, then?

The vampires and the Seelies want Clary dead.

They'll be hunting for you.

You know, good thing you called when you did, because Jace was just...

Oh, no. I'll call you back.


You can do this.

MAIA: Is anybody out there?


(SOBBING) Anybody? Anybody?





You sure we're safe up here?

If I'm gonna die, it's not gonna be in this van.


Not on a night like tonight.

Maybe we should go looking for Jace.


If he says he's gonna rescue Madzie, we need to be here when he comes back.

- Sure.
- Yeah.

But at what point do we say he's been gone too long?

We don't. Okay?



If I don't make it...

Stop. You will.

You have to.

Think about it. I mean... a dashing, handsome Jewish boy...finally admits to his best friend how he feels after a lifetime...

and she dies a week later?

That's too sappy. Like a real-lifeFault in Our Stars.


That's not the plot of that book at all.

- Really?
- No.

Oh, I never read it. Or saw it.

I just kind of thought that's what it was about.


- Hey.
- Hmm.

(SOBS) I just need you to know that...

I'm so glad you and I...

(SOFTLY) I know.


You said you know where Izzy is?

Well, not exactly.

You know, I expect this from Aldertree... but not from you.

What's going on? And why do I seem to be the last person to know about it?

A couple days ago, I saw Isabelle trying to buy yin fenfrom a certain reprobate warlock at the Hunter's Moon.

You sure it was her?


I asked her what she was doing, but she told me that she was undercover.

Why didn't you say anything?

She's an excellent liar.

It wasn't until this evening that I put it all together.

Something Meliorn said at the Downworld meeting.

I think she's getting her fix straight from the source.

Where is she?

Careful, Madzie. Don't burn yourself, hmm?


How fatherly.

I didn't know you had it in you.

Ah, Jonathan.

I figured you'd come for young Madzie sooner or later.

Although, it's a shame you didn't bring your sister along.

Let the girl go.

I'm afraid young Madzie is quite happy where she is.

Oh, I think Iris would disagree.

She made Clary take a blood oath.

If I don't get Madzie to her in the next few hours...

Clary dies.

I suppose you're here to save her life?

I'm here to give you an ultimatum.

I'll let Clary die if I have to... but you need her alive.

You're bluffing.

You couldn't kill your falcon when you were a boy, and you can't kill your sister now.

I have demon blood.

If you destroy the Downworld, I go with it.

I'm just trying to save myself.

It's your choice... but I'm not gonna ask you again.

Either Madzie comes with me... or your angel dies.



Hey! What are you doing here?

- You can't go in...




- Alec?
- You stay the hell away from her.

You don't understand. It was Aldertree who got her addicted to yin fen.


It's the truth. I was only trying to help.

By drinking her blood?


It may have started with the blood, but it's more complicated than that, all right?

I care about her.

What did you say?


I have feelings for her.

(EXHALES HEAVILY) Raphael, let him go.


Stop it!


Alec, stop! This is my fault!

Alec, stop!

This is my family.

If you had told me about the yin fen, none of this would have happened.

- I didn't know.
- ALEC: You knew enough.

We're leaving.

I wasn't lying about what I said.


There's something about her...

I haven't felt this way in a long time.

You're so hooked on her blood, you can't separate your feelings from your addiction.

Isabelle and I are no different from you and Alec.

And I thought you of all people would understand.

If you truly believe that... see if you still feel the same when you're not getting high.

Let go, Alec! I'm staying!

Alec, let go!

Izzy, come on!

I know you think you're trying to make things right, but you're not.

Raphael's been there for me when I needed him.

Needed him?

- Look at yourself.
- He saved my life.

You didn't even notice when something was wrong.

Saved your life? What are you...

I'm not your baby sister anymore, Alec.

Just go! I don't need your help.

Izzy, please.

I said go.



Clary, Clary...


Clary. Clary, stay awake.

Stay awake.

Stay awake just a little longer... Don't go.

Hey, hey, don't cry.

I'm not. It's, um, allergies.
(SNIFFLES) You know me. Ragweed.

- JACE: Clary!
- Jace!

CLARY: Madzie.

Madzie, you're okay.

I told you, didn't I?

I couldn't have saved her without you.


Thank you for... you know, everything.

Madzie, what are you doing?

- JACE: No!
- SIMON: Clary!



Well done, Madzie. Your nana is gonna be so proud of you.

But you still have a lot more to do before you can see her, okay?

So run along.

Hello again, Clarissa.

You must still hate me for what happened to your mother.

I don't blame you.

Jocelyn's death will always be my greatest regret.

If you have any shred of humanity left, you would stop this.

My humanity is what keeps me going.

If the angels designed the Sword to rid the world of demons, I'm just ensuring it fulfills its true purpose.

(PANTING) Okay, this isn't good. Clary could be anywhere.

Not anywhere. Valentine still needs a bolt of lightning.

Great. So what's the plan?

You want me to check the five-day forecast for every city in the entire world?

You were right. Finding Madzie was way too easy.

As much as I love to hear you say that, now is really not the time.

Okay, Luke just texted me.
Maybe he can do something.

- What the hell?


JACE: Don't move!

He's dead.

Dude, that's not normal.

Even the worst of Camille's people wouldn't risk attacking a mundane on the street.

Especially not with a Seelie.

That was a Seelie?

Do you think that's what Luke was talking about?

A Downworld revolt?

No. No, I recognize that vamp. He's in Valentine's zoo.

Why would Valentine have Downworlders attack mundanes?

That makes no sense.

It must have something to do with the Sword.


Jace? Are you okay?

No. Something weird's going on, Alec.

ALEC: Yeah, tell me about it.

We have reports of violent Downworlders all over Manhattan.

I think it's Valentine.

I can explain later, but right now, I need your help.

- Is Clary...
- It's complicated.

Yeah, what's that supposed to mean?

It means we fulfilled the blood oath, but now Valentine has her.

I think he's trying to activate the Soul-Sword.

I need everyone you have to be looking for her right now.

Yeah, that's not that easy.

Aldertree dispatched every Shadowhunter we have to stop the attacks.

Well, undispatch them, Alec.

Hey, I think I know how to find Clary.



WOMAN: What do you want?

What do you want?


- Hey!




Remember me?


(HISSES) Where do you come from?

Where's Valentine?

Where's Valentine? Tell me!


Tell me!





Are you kidding me? I thought he was dead.

- He definitely is now.

Valentine must be experimenting again.

I bet there's more where that came from.

Which means...you're gonna tell us where he is, or you're gonna end up just like your friend.





Okay, I know this is an abandoned building, but it's starting to seem extra-abandoned.

Are we too late?

No. Scent's still fresh.

Someone's here. We gotta move fast.

Fan out. Cover as much ground as you can.

ALEC: The initial attacks were in South Brooklyn, so we're gonna focus our search there and then move outward.

Remember, whatever happens, our priority is to locate Clary.

Disregard that order.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Stopping Valentine from destroying the Downworld.

And yet from the look of things, it's the Downworld that's trying to destroy us.

Look, I don't have time to argue.

- Either help me, or get out of the way.
- Or you'll do what?

Remember how I said that you were hiding something?

Supplying yin fen to a subordinate...

An ex-field medic should know better.

And you expect anyone to actually believe this ridiculous accusation?

Who knows? Idris loves gossip.

And you're one Clave investigation away from treating frostbite on Wrangel Island.

From now on, I'm calling the shots.

Don't ever threaten my family again.

Now if you don't mind, I need these Shadowhunters to go find Clary.

Do as he says.



- Jace!
- Clary!

Where's Valentine?

I don't know. All the Circle members just left in a hurry.

Okay. Don't move.

Okay, we have to get out of here before...

Going someplace?

I didn't think so.

She's strong for her age, isn't she?

Madzie. Hey, please...

Please let Jace go.

Now why would she do that, hmm?

Because you wanna hurt people.

People like Iris.

VALENTINE: Don't forget... this is the mean person that got your nana in trouble in the first place.

Now, if you want to see Iris, you have to be a good little girl and do exactly what I say, okay?


Clary, run!


VALENTINE: Brave and stupid.

Sweetheart, save your magic for what's to come. It's time to go.

- I'll see you soon, Clarissa.
- Simon!

Simon, no!