02x18 - Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen

My name is Clary and I'm a Shadowhunter, born to protect mankind from demons. A never-ending battle against evil, but I know who I can count on. Simon, my oldest friend. A vampire. Magnus, a warlock from Brooklyn. Luke, a werewolf pack leader and New York City cop, and Jace, Izzy and Alec, three of the bravest Shadowhunters alive. Alone, we're strong. Together, we are unstoppable. ALEC: Previously, on Shadowhunters...

It's here.

It's the Mortal Mirror.

Valentine still has the Soul Sword.

- You knew about the sword?

- I just found out.

You looked me straight in the eye and lied.

We can't trust the Clave.

We're going to need the Seelie Queen's help.

I'll arrange a trip to the court. I'm ready to take a chance.

Do you think the paddle boats are still open?

I think so.

I found a single hair in the bottom of the box.

You're Jonathan.

That's very, very impressive.

Your tracking skills.

Isabelle has taught you very well.

Perhaps a little too well.







CLARY: Lindsay...

Hey, have you seen Alec?


He should be in his office.

I just saw him there.

Is everything OK?

CLARY: Yeah, Jace and I just...

need to update him on something.

Thank you.


I was looking for Alec.

Yeah, as was I.


And now we've found him.

Urgent briefing at the Ops Center.

Perfect timing, huh?


Yeah, perfect timing.


♪ We're coming ♪ ♪ After you ♪ ♪ This is the hunt ♪ ♪ This is the hunt ♪ - (SIMON LAUGHING)

- MAIA: OK, but next time, I get to control the steering of the paddle boat. Those ducks are gonna be fine, I told you!

Only because they narrowly missed you at the last second!

Well, you know, I was helping them!


I was...

I was honing their survival skills.

Ducks are getting very lazy these days!




Full moon.

Should I be worried?






Oh, my God.



What just happened?

What kind of dog was that?


Oh, God!

I don't wanna die!

You're not gonna die, OK?

We're here to help you.

What's your name?


Bartholomew Velasquez.

People call me Bat.

OK Bat, can you stand?


We've gotta find the wolf that did this.

I already know.



Sorry I'm late, I've been looking everywhere for Max.

Has anyone seen him?

JACE: Have you tried the armory?

He's probably sharpening his blades for his first assignment.


I checked.

We have more pressing matters.

ALEC: Thanks to Dot's help, we now have the Mortal Mirror.

And you have it at the Institute, and it's...

well-guarded, I presume?

The Elite Guards are the only ones who know its location.

ALEC: It's safest that way.

Jonathan went after Elliot and Dot to get the mirror.

Now that he knows we have it, he's going to come back for it.


Report back with any possible scenarios by which Jonathan and Valentine could attempt a breach.



Is everything OK?

You told Magnus about the Soul Sword.

Didn't you?


That bad.

Milady, I now present to you Magnus Bane and Lucian Greymark.

So the Clave lied and Valentine has the sword.

Is anyone surprised?


We agree that it's time to take charge of our destiny.

We've come to accept your offer to unite the Downworld - to hunt Valentine.

- Good.

But we do it our way.

No more playing by the Clave's rules.

With all due respect your Highness, we didn't come here to start a war with the Shadowhunters.

The Shadowhunters want us dead.

You think it's an accident they lost Valentine?

I don't trust the Clave, but I trust Clary.

She told me that she and Jace recovered the Mortal Mirror to protect the Downworld from Valentine.

Your love for the Shadowhunters weakens you.

That's why your pack has lost so many wolves.

My pack's losses are because of Valentine.

After the lies your boyfriend told you, surely you're on my side.

Magnus, we came here to stop Valentine, not make new enemies by breaking the Accords.

Don't let your crush get in the way of protecting your people.

I beg your patience, your Grace, but breaking our allegiance to the Shadowhunters is a... step that requires consideration.

Decide quickly.


Once all the petals on this rose turn black...

...your time is up.

And remember, those who don't come to my side...

...will be on the losing side.



Max, where are you?

If you're out on mission alone, I'm gonna whip your...



Oh, God!

Max, can you hear me?



I tried using an Iratze rune to wake him, but nothing's working.

- What happened?

- I don't know.

I found him like this in my room.

Oh, my God...


We should send him to Idris.

See what they can do.

The medics said that in his condition, he won't be able to survive the transfer.


We checked the Institute's security camera footage.

Whoever attacked him is somehow covering their tracks.

Has he been able to talk?


Not yet.

He's unconscious.

I don't understand.

Who would want to hurt him?

I don't know.

- But I'm going to find out.

- Hey.


JACE: Look, get Robert and Maryse here.

The rest of us...

we'll find who did this.

Yeah, I'll stay with Max.

If he regains consciousness, perhaps he can ID his attacker.








MAGNUS: Cream or sugar?


Did I fall asleep?

We both did.

On separate couches.

Never fear.

I should have never taken you up on your offer for drinks.

In hindsight, liquor might have been a bad idea after being drained of all my magic to heal your friend Luke.

Not my friend.

He's Clary Fairchild's.

I've only known her five days and she's already more trouble than she's worth.

You're more than just a pretty face, aren't you?

What is that supposed to mean?

You shared your strength with me to help your friend.

It's rare to find a Shadowhunter with such a...

open heart.

I trust you.

I don't know why.

But I do...


What time is it?

I have to get back to the Institute.

Stay for breakfast.

I conjure up a mean Belgian waffle.


And if you let anyone know that I slept here last night...


My reputation's on the line just as much as yours.

I'd lose all my credibility if my people found out that I let a Shadowhunter spend the night.

Then why'd you let me sleep here?

Trust makes you do strange things.


Must be something in the air.



Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

OLLIE: Definitely the steamed dumplings.

Ooh, and some fried wontons.


Two orders.

Because you always say you don't want any - and then you eat all of mine.

- What?


You do!

- I see she drives you crazy, too.


Guess were both in the mood for Chinese.

What a coincidence.

This is Sam.

My other partner.

Nice to finally meet the famed Luke Garroway.

- Hi.

- SAM: Ollie's constantly gushing about how she hit the jackpot - on getting you as her mentor.


Hey, uh, we need to talk.

Ooh, I remember her.

The girl who's not your girlfriend?

Enjoy your wontons.

- What's up?

- It's Russell.

When he left for Philly, I thought he'd be gone for good.

But he's back.

And he scratched a mundane.




- How are you feeling?


Not so good.


I appreciate you guys helping me, but I think I need stitches and definitely a rabies shot.


Shouldn't I go to an ER?

I just called the paramedics.

They should be here soon.

What are we going to do when the paramedics don't show?

Well, we'll know soon enough if we even need 'em.


Not to sound...

judgy, but is this really how you guys normally do this?


you know, hold a scratched mundane hostage until they turn?

I mean, normally we just secretly follow them to see if they turn at the next full moon.

MAIA: We can't exactly pull someone out of their lives and be like, ¿Hey, you might be a werewolf.

Bat's an exception.

Luckily with the full moon, we won't have to wait for long.

LUKE: You sure you're up for this?

LUKE: Maia?

I'm good, yeah.


You and Simon wait here with him.

I'll take care of Russell.

From the traces of blood outside the door, it seems Max was...

attacked somewhere else, and then he came here.

He was probably looking for help.




SEBASTIAN: What did you find?

The box my mom used to keep Jonathan's things in.

It was right where Izzy found Max.

I remember Max had his eyes on it.

He was so determined to prove himself...

It's possible he found a way to use the box to track Jonathan.

Wait, all of this would mean that Jonathan found a way to get inside the Institute - without us even knowing.

- Well, he's Valentine's son.

We were trained to do the impossible.

If Jonathan attacked Max and he came for the mirror...

He wouldn't have left here without it.

Alec, he could still be in the building.

Listen, we have to confirm he's still inside.

We saw what the real Jonathan looks like.

He will be glamoured as one of our own.

Hiding in plain sight.


OK, Sebastian.

I want you and any other personnel on supplemental guard duty.

Effective immediately, the Institute's on lockdown.



We'll need to fortify security outside as well.

I can spearhead that team.

No I have it covered.

If Jonathan's still in the building, he's not getting out alive.





Where are the paramedics?

They're coming.

They're coming.

But don't worry man, you look a lot...

you're looking...

- you're looking better.

- MAIA: I know.

- Where'd you go?

He's getting worse.

- I know!



- What are you doing?

- Hey.

I'm really sorry, but...

what's happening to you, it happened to me, too, OK?

This is for your own good.

Is restraining him like this necessary?

He's turning, Simon.

Can you kill the lights?

It's like...

sensory overload for wolves.

Did you just say wolf?

What do you mean, a wolf?

What's happening?

Just do it!


Where's the damn mouth guard?!

What are you doing?

What do you need?


It's so he doesn't bite his tongue off.

- Does that seriously happen?!


That was a good idea.


Alright OK.

Is there anything we can do?




I'll tell you what we can do.

We can get the hell out of here!

They say that maybe you can hear me, (INHALING SHARPLY)

I want you to wake up, OK?

Open your eyes and wake up, Max.


SEBASTIAN: Sorry to interrupt.

It's OK.


SEBASTIAN: How's the little fighter doing?

- Is there any progress?

- I'm still waiting to hear back from Brother Enoch.

But Max already defied the odds in surviving Jonathan's attack.

If anyone can make it, he can.

Look, Izzy, you need to take care of yourself as well.

You should take a break.


thanks, but I can't leave him.

Look, just a few minutes...

will do you a world of good.


I'll watch Max while you're gone.

IZZY: I...

could use a break.

Thank you.

- Oh, Max!

- Mom!



Your father and I spoke with Brother Enoch.

He says warlock magic can't heal Max.

Our only hope is to allow the Silent Brothers to...

attempt a procedure that they only use in rare emergencies.

Kind of like a...

rebooting of the brain.

Does it involve any risks?

I'm afraid so.

Very few Shadowhunters have survived it.

IZZY: And you still think we should do it?

If we don't, Max will never wake up.

I'll be praying for your son.



♪ Hold me while I fly ♪ ♪ Until I leave soon ♪ (BOTH GIGGLING)

♪ Truth is, I'm used to ♪ ♪ Making it up on my own ♪ ♪ How long will I fly ♪ - That was graceful.

- Shadowhunter.

♪ Don't go wide eyes ♪ ♪ Are confident ♪ ♪ No, it's not the end ♪ What?

Am I doing something wrong?

No such thing.

ALEC: Well, then...


Do you not want to?


I mean, yes.

Of course I do.

Magnus, what is it?

It's just...


I lose control.


...they're beautiful.

You're beautiful.


- ALEC: Magnus!

I know I have no right to ask you for favours.

But I need you.

It's Max.

I don't know when I'm getting home.

Hopefully soon.


I love you, too.


Where is the Mortal Mirror?


As you wish.

But your wife and son will both be next.


I think it's in the sub-cells.

Look for Stillwater.





- Luke.

- Hey man, get up.

It's going down.


- Welcome.

Would you like a beer?

You should've stayed in Philly.

I'd appreciate it if you handed over the new guy ...if he turns.

We don't recruit by turning mundanes.

Not if we do things your way.

When times turn dark, rules are what bind us to our humanity.

Right, well...

From what I hear, the pack is starting to realize that humanity won't keep us alive.

What they want...

is a leader who's willing to fight.

Don't do this, Russell.


Let's do this, alpha.

But since you're all about the rules, let's do it by the book.


To the death...

for pack leader.














Come on, man!

Get up!



It's really going down.

He's gonna kill him.




The rule is to the death.

Time for new rules.



And one works of the Shu.


Actually, you know what?

Just make it six.



That's more than my mom orders for our entire family - on Christmas day!


Well, when you first turn, you are hungrier than you've ever been in your entire life.

Is that from the wolf that turned you?

I'm sorry.

I know that's not your favourite subject.

You know, I knew the person who turned me.

That boyfriend I was telling you about?

His name was Jordan.

He was the first boy who made me feel...


And for a while, life was beautiful.

Then he started getting...

weird, and...

possessive, so I broke up with him.

And I started dating someone else.

Nothing serious.

But I was on my way home from a date, and...

...it was raining.

And so I tilted my head back.

And next thing I knew, I was...

face down in the mud.


First I thought it was a rabid dog.

It was clawing...

and ripping at my skin.

And I was screaming and just begging him to get off of me.

And that's when the wolf started to change, and it was...



He just backed up, and...

...ran off and left me there, alone.

And I...

I can't help but think that...

...every time I turn, it...


is what love got me.

Maia, I'm so sorry.


I'm gonna go check on the food.

Hey, Izzy...

How's Max?

Brother Enoch said if we don't move fast, it could be too late.

I need to get back to the infirmary but I got your message about Jonathan.

What do you need?


Your whip.

You look like a man on a mission.

Winthrop Gold is missing.

My guess is that Jonathan's closing in on the mirror.


I'm gonna go and guard it myself.


That's, uh...


Jonathan and I were both trained by Valentine.

If anyone can take him down, it's me.



MAGNUS: His injuries are too severe.

Max's only hope for recovery now lies with Brother Enoch.

There's gotta be something...


Brother Enoch.

- No!

- Alec...

I know you're scared.

We all are.

But if Max is going to have any chance, we need to let Brother Enoch do this.




Good morning.


Oh man, what time is it?

I have to get to the Institute.

- Oh...

- No, I'm just kidding.

I'm just kidding.


Were you really afraid I was gonna go?




What are you afraid of?

- Acid washed jeans.

- Oh, come on, Magnus.


I'm serious.

You're an all-powerful warlock who can summon demons.

You've lived through centuries of war.

And you're immortal.

What scares you?

The key to having no fear is...

having nothing to lose.

I don't know.

I guess that's why I haven't ...opened my heart up for almost years.

♪ I've been searching high ♪ Then I met you.

♪ I'm searching low in the night ♪ ♪ Ooh ooh ♪ ♪ Does she know that we bleed the same ♪ (WATER DRIPPING)


_ Take command.















[SIRI TONE] CLARY: If you need to leave the Institute, please step forward.

CLARY: Thank you.

You're free to go.

(MAN): Please step forward.

Has the lockdown been called off?

If you can prove you're not Jonathan.


sorry, what?

We figured out a way to blow his cover.

Jace remembered reading in Valentine's journals, Jonathan can't tolerate Electrum.

Right, because of the...

demon blood.


Valentine wrote that he'd scream in pain the second it touched his skin, it...

burned straight through to the bone.

So I extracted some Electrum from Izzy's whip.

And we're having everyone hold it to see if they react.

Well, I'm very impressed.

It seems Jonathan's finally met his match.

Don't take it personally.

If you have to leave...

just hold this for a few seconds.

I was just, um...

wondering, actually, um...

If you caught Jonathan...

...you wouldn't kill him, would you?


I used to believe that Jonathan could be saved.

But after what he did to Elliot, and Dot, and now Max...

I'll kill him with my bare hands if that's what it takes.


Well then.

Shall we?

Where is he?

What happened?

What are you talking about?


I got your text.

ALEC: What text?


Sound the alarm!


Son of a bitch.

There you are.

I guess I passed your test.

See you later.




You forgot something.



Go, go, go!





Let's go around to the front!

The door's jammed!

After ten years of torture in Edom, I learnt to endure pain.


In fact, I rather enjoy it.


I wanted you...

...and the mirror.

But if I can't have both...





- I see it!

- Right in here!

Right in here!

- JACE: Clary!

Are you OK?

- ALEC: Go after him!

- Where's Jonathan?

I don't know.

- He got away somehow.

Are you OK?


Did he get the mirror?


And no one is ever going to use it to destroy the Downworld.

- What are you doing?

- Nullifying its powers.

Like I did with the Soul Sword.


What just happened?


You know, if you have stuff to do, that's OK.

- I can take over with Bat.

- No, uh...

I wanna be here.

I'm not good at the whole trust thing...

Letting people in.

And I'm not good at the whole giving up thing.

Plus, someone has to improve my paddle-boat skills and protect all those ducks.



I have the key!


♪ You're scared ♪ ♪ This fear in my head ♪ ♪ Has been there for too long ♪ ♪ We sleep now ♪ ♪ Then lay low ♪ BAT: Help...

♪ Shadows make shapes ♪ ♪ In the light, and I don't know ♪ ♪ What they might make ♪ (HEAVY BREATHING)

This can't be happening...

You're not alone.

I promise.

How'd it go?

Is he OK?


- IZZY: He's OK, Alec.

♪ So cover your toes ♪ ♪ With the jacket in your Rolls ♪ Did you catch Sebastian?


MARYSE: You almost died and that's what you're concerned about?

I should go.

Max, you take care of yourself.

♪ For a second it feels like I believe it ♪ ♪ 'Cause I forgot the way that I felt ♪ ♪ I'm trying ♪ ♪ I'm just trying to be brave ♪ ♪ Ooh ooh ♪ ♪ Ooh ooh ♪ ♪ I'm just trying to be brave ♪ Magnus...


Thank you...

so much for being here.

I'm glad Max is OK.


I'm sorry.

I should've told you about the Soul Sword.

I made a mistake.

But you and me...

We always seem to find our way back to each other.

Magnus, I love you.

I love you, too.

But as a leader, there are difficult decisions I have to make to ensure the survival of my people.

And the only thing holding me back from doing that...

...is you.



I can't have both.

Yes, you can.

We can.

Wait, Magnus...


We can figure this out.

You once asked me what I was afraid of.

It's this.

I see you busting out the Baijiu for the new pack members?

I will never be OK with Russell turning mundanes, but you can't knock tradition.

And besides, this was one of the few things that got me through my first couple days here.

- Hm.

- Other than you.

How's Bat doing?

MAIA: About as well as can be expected.

- Hm.

- But I've got him.

Alright everybody!

Listen up!

For those of you returning...

...welcome back.

To those of you who are new...

...I know you're feeling afraid.

And you won't have to go through this alone.

Welcome, werewolves...

...to the New York pack.


To those of you who are new, I know you are feeling afraid. And you won't have to go through this alone. Welcome, werewolves, - to the New York pack. - (CHEERING)

Now do you believe me?



IZZY: Saving me from Azazel...

...it must have all been part of Jonathan's plan.

I was the one to bring him to the Institute.


We're all responsible for this.

At least now we know Valentine can never get the mirror and raise the Angel.

I'm not so sure.

Look, even with our pure angel blood, doesn't it seem strange that Clary's runes would be powerful enough to destroy a Mortal Instrument?

And why didn't it destroy the sword?

What if the mirror I destroyed isn't the Mortal Mirror?

Then why would your mom give it to the warlocks to protect?

Maybe she thought it was.

We all did.

Maybe whoever made it wanted it that way.

To distract people from finding the real one.

Uh, well, the legend says that the mirror's meant to not be easily found.

That the...

the angels hold the key...


The water.

It's a reflection.

What water?

What are you talking about?

I didn't destroy the mirror.

These visions I've been having, they're a message from the Angel...

The Mirror is Lake Lyn.