03x03 - What Lies Beneath

CLARY: Previously on Shadowhunters...

We're here to help you move out.

Simon, watch out!



What just happened?!

Alec told me that Robert proposed to you in Barcelona.

How sweet that Alec feels comfortable sharing our personal family stories with you.


Hello... father.



WOMAN: Together, we will usher in a new dawn.

There are others waiting for you.

Bring me my virtuous disciples.

Look, it's for a good cause and % of the cover goes to charity.

Just tell your friends it's open bar.


I'll send you an invite now.

















What's going on, ma'am?

I was attacked by some... beast!

He threw me to the ground...





JONATHAN: Who are you looking for, Jace?

I'm right here.

Right under your little angelic nose

- It's you.

- In the flesh.

It's exhausting, isn't it?

Always being one step behind...

CLARY: Jace?

Are you OK?


I'm... I'm good.

It's four in the morning.

I just got back from patrol, but what are you still doing up?

I have to go through the rest of this surveillance footage.


By using your Stamina Rune?


Jace, at some point, you've got to get...

I can sleep when I find him.

You also have to take care of yourself.


Seven mundanes have been murdered in the last hours.

I think I know who's responsible.

You ID'd the Owl?

The Clave has no record of an owl-faced demon.

Or a demon that possesses people that way.

That face has to be a glamour.

For who?

Who'd want to hide themselves?

I think the Owl...

is Jonathan.

♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

LUKE: All right.

Well, Just give me a call if anything changes.


Please tell me he's OK.

He's pretty banged up.

You broke his hip and shattered his knee.

Oh, no.

Well, at least wolves heal fast.

Not in this case.

He's not healing the way he should.


They wanted me dead before this happened.

Just lay low, and steer clear of the Jade Wolf.

I'm gonna go smooth things over with the pack.


I don't understand.

I didn't even touch him.

You didn't have to.

It was your forehead.

It was glowing...

with like a... mark or something.

It looked like this.

"Though you walk in the daylight, darkness will follow."


The Seelie Queen, she said it to me before she tattooed this on my face.

Where are you going?

To pay her majesty a little visit.

Simon, wait.

She gave you that mark before she let you go.

You going back could be...

Exactly what her messed-up little Seelie brain wants.

She could trap you there forever!

I can't just crawl in some hole and hide.

Maybe Clary's seen this before.

Look, I have to find out what this is.

Whatever that vampire did, Glenn may never walk again.

Well, he shouldn't have come after Simon in the first place.

You're defending him?


I'm just saying that the wolf was out of line.

You all were.

What the hell do you expect?

You put a filthy vampire under our noses, allowed him to sleep with our women, what's next?!

Maia is not anyone's woman.

And drop the bass in your voice when you talk to me.

We're werewolves, Luke.

Having a vampire here is asking for trouble, let alone one with that kind of power.

Look, Simon said he didn't mean to hurt anybody.

I believe him.

He's a good kid, all right?

I get it.

He's like a son to you.

But you get this: We're your pack.

We're the ones you're supposed to protect.

And I will.

I just don't wanna act until I know exactly what's going on.

Sooner or later, you're gonna have to pick a side.

There you are!

Good news: the Core is off the ley line grid and free of demonic corruption.

That's good news.

Thank you.

All righty then...

I'll make myself scarce.

We just got a fire message from Mom, saying she's "dropping by" for an impromptu "family dinner." Those are a lot of air quotes.

Mom doesn't just drop by for anything.

IZZY: Yeah.

We're thinking it has to do with her and Dad.

They're finally making their divorce official.

My condolences.

It's for the best.

Problem is, instead of just being sad like a normal person, she starts trying to fix everyone around her.

Which usually includes grilling her children on everything she thinks is going wrong in their lives.

So... where are you holding this suspenseful dinner?

Definitely not here.

The Institute tends to bring out her inner Inquisitor.

How about my place?

Magnus, you don't have to...

I insist.

You can have the place all to yourselves.


You should be there.


Think about it: if Magnus is there being his usual charming self...

Mom won't have time to interrogate us.

I am charming.

You don't think it's too much?

"Too much" is my middle name.

Look, clearly this is important to you.

Ergo... it's important to me.


ROSA: Of all the workers in the nursing home, you are my favorite one.

I don't work at the nursing home, Rosa.

I'm just a friend.

Oh, whoever you are, I'm having a ball.

Me too.

You know...

there's someone you remind me of.

My big brother!


What was his name?


You know him?


He's told me stories before.

When you were a little girl, your family moved here from Mexico City, and you were terribly homesick.

Nobody seemed to notice...

Except Raphael.

And whenever you were feeling down...

he'd sneak you up to the roof and...

point at all the stars.

And he said...

They're the same stars in Mexico.



But then he ran away.

He never said goodbye.

No, no!

He did!


The night he left he, um...

snuck into your room, and...

gave you one last hug.

I don't remember.

Oh, no.

He... he did!

He did.

He couldn't say why.

And it broke his heart to leave.

And he promised you if you ever felt lonely, all you had to do is look up at those stars...

and know that your big brother was out there, thinking of you.






Is she downstairs?

I have never seen her like this.




I know it's bad to play with your food.


I was bored.

Being cooped up against my will and all.


You need your rest.

You're still adjusting.


Trust me, I'm adjusted.

Thank you for bringing me back from the grave...

but now, it's time to meet my sire.

We talked about this.

You can meet him when it's time.

It is time!


I've been going to bleeder dens since I was .

I know more than you think.

And keeping me here and...

burning me... that's not normal.

Either you can let me go.

Or I can make you.


If you want to go...

I can't stop you.

Well, that wasn't so bad, was it?

I'm just gonna take this little guy for the road.


I'm sorry.

You sure this is what it looks like?

I mean, I know I'm no Picasso, but...

Actually, Picasso was an abstract...

Never mind.

This is what I saw on his forehead.

Well, it's not in the Gray Book, which means it's not a Shadowhunter rune.

And Magnus has never seen anything like it.

And the Seelie Queen said only a Daylighter can withstand it.

Does this library have a Daylighter section?

I'll see what I can find, but...

this may be more of a vampire question.

Remember back in fourth grade when Tommy Weismann kept picking on me?

Until you knocked him out.



True story.

I was king of the nerds for a day.

What I never told you was that that knock out was actually an accident.

I ducked to shield my new glasses, and my elbow caught him in the face.


I had a similar showdown with Cindy McCallahan...

but my knock out was intentional.

I guess I miss the days when our biggest problems were -pound bullies and the threat of being suspended.



I need to talk to Clary.

I'm a grown vampire, Fray.

I can handle this.


Did you get any sleep?

This is Morgan Young, the Owl's latest victim, except she escaped before he possessed her.

How'd she manage that?

She got him in the face with pepper spray.

That wouldn't affect a demon.

No, it wouldn't.

It means the Owl is part human, the same as Jonathan.


Look, we've tried how many times?

There's been no activity on the Connection Rune.

They never found his body.

Because he's probably in the middle of the ocean somewhere!

Jace, you saw him in that river.

Jonathan was dead.


So was I...

until you brought me back.

Do you think this is because of the wish?


Ever since Lake Lyn, I've been having dreams about Jonathan.

Which are probably just that: dreams.

Like your dreams about the Mortal Mirror?

They all ended up being true.

Maryse wants to have dinner with Alec, Izzy and I later on tonight, but I think this is more important.

Morgan is throwing a fundraiser for disaster relief.

If I know anything about Jonathan, he will be there to finish what he started.

Then we should tell the others.


He had spies in the Institute before.

I don't want anything to tip him off.

When he attacks again, we'll be there to stop him.




Oh, yes.

What happened?



I just called to give you the news.

You didn't have to come.

No way I was gonna let you go through this alone.

♪ Tell me ♪

♪ What to say ♪

All my life...

I had to watch at a distance as each member of my family grew old and died.

But Rosa...

she was everything to me.

♪ When you run ♪

♪ Though you should stay ♪

When's the funeral?

During the day.

Tell me when it is.

I'll be there.

Rosa was a beautiful soul.

Someone should be there to honour her.

Thank you.

You're a good brother, Raphael.

Rosa was lucky to have you.


♪ Brick by brick, you build your walls ♪

I think it's best if you go.

It's OK.



promise me you'll ask for help if you need it.

♪ Brick by brick, you build your walls ♪

♪ With no one there to break them ♪

♪ Take your time and tear 'em down ♪

♪ Make room for something greater ♪

OLLIE: Another attack by the guy with the owl face.

This time, the victim got away.

I was thinking, could this be a warlock?

I told you.

Don't mention stuff while we're here.

Nobody's listening.

But they might start if we keep whispering like this.


I won't mention it to anybody who doesn't absolutely need to know.

What do you mean "need to know"?

Whom else did you tell?

Well, obviously Sam.

She's my partner.

And emergency contact in case I get mauled by a vampire or something.


Sort of.

I don't think you appreciate how much danger this puts her in.


you want to show me that file?


Look at you.

It's not easy finding something cute that can accommodate a weapon.


have you...

have you noticed anything...

different about Jace?


Well, you do see him a lot more than I do.

What's wrong?

He thinks the Owl is Jonathan.



He keeps having these dreams about him.

He thinks they're prophetic.

What do you think?

I don't know.

He hasn't been sleeping.

He's been using his Stamina Rune to stay on mission.

When you don't sleep, your mind can play tricks on you.

- Yeah.

- Has he told Alec?

He's afraid that once word gets out, it'll tip off Jonathan.

I'm coming with you.

What about your family dinner?

If the Owl is Jonathan, we've way got bigger problems than missing dinner with Mom.

There's no way I'm letting you guys go out there alone.

Are you sure this is exactly half a cup?

Cooking is an art, not a science.

If that were true, then there wouldn't be instructions.


Now, this is an old family recipe.

Izzy and I found it right after my grandmother died.

My mother was inconsolable until the day we made her this stew.

That was the first time that I saw her smile.

Well, you're a sweet man, Alexander.

And so adorable with radish in your hair.






How is that?


- Mm!


- Yeah?




Oh, God!


Izzy... texted.

Out, out, out, out.

She's going on mission with Clary and Jace...

which means that it's just me tonight.

Just us.




Remember, my mother is on edge and that means avoiding any sensitive subjects, like my dad, or like that I turned down

- that job at the Clave.

- Or the fact that you're dating a dastardly warlock?



I'm sorry.

Am I being terrible?

No, no, no.

You're just tense.


Drink this.

I'm OK.

- You're OK?

- Oh, I'm OK.


You're OK.

My boys!


Oh, oh, oh...

I'm far from being a boy, but...

I appreciate the sentiment.

My apologies.

I should respect my elders.

Can I get you a drink?

How about a round of Magnus' famous cocktails?

This is your mother on edge?



Beautiful night.

Or not.

Raphael, I need to talk to you.

Not now.

I wouldn't be here if I didn't need your help.

I said...

"not... now"... Daylighter.

Funny you should mention that!

Some really strange stuff has gone down and I was wondering if it might be because of that...

Daylighter legend you talked about.

Your little "lost boy" act doesn't work with me, Lewis.

If you knew me better, you might find I'm actually pretty lost.

Twice I offered to help you...

if you told me how you became a Daylighter.

And twice you refused.

Which, from your perspective, I get.

Super frustrating, right?

But the thing is I really don't know.

And it might help if you tell me a little bit about this Daylighter legend...








Are you OK?

Stay away from me.


I'm serious.

Truman Capote was a total closet warlock.

And he never knew when to leave.

"I'd like to stay here the entire night drinking cognac and regaling you all with all my stories." Well, you do know how to host.

Oh, please.

Tonight was all Alec.

- Really?

- Mm-hmm.

That stew was incredible.

Who knew you could cook?

Well, I've made that for you before.

Ah, how could I forget?

Alec and Isabelle made this for me when they were little kids.

To see the looks on their faces when they brought it to me...

It still warms my heart.

But that stew!

I still have nightmares!


I thought you loved that stew.

Well, I do now!

Whatever you've done to the recipe, it's unrecognizable.

Would anyone care for a digestif? Mm... no, thank you.

I'm probably embarrassing Alec as it is.

Oh, we're just happy to see you in such good spirits.

We thought you might be upset...

what, with the...

divorce and everything.

I've made my peace with that.

But your instincts are right.

I do have some unpleasant news.

I wanted Isabelle and Jace to be here, but...

you need to know.

In light of Malachi's coup, the Clave has reopened its investigation of former Circle members.

You had nothing to do with Malachi.


based on a review of my actions in the Circle, the Clave has reclassified me a traitor.

- What?

- They're stripping me of my runes.

In a few days, it'll be announced that I have been exiled from Alicante.

This is completely unjust.

You've given your life to the Clave!

I'll go and check on the desserts.

This is total hypocrisy.

What about the Pangborns?

The Blackwells?

Do they keep their positions?

What about-what about Dad?

He was assigned to the LA Institute - as part of a deal.

- That is exactly my point!

He gets a slap on the wrist, not exiled!

Please, don't make this harder than it already is.


My punishment is more severe because my crimes were too.

Back in the days of the Circle, I was convinced Valentine had all the answers.

I recruited many good people...

including your father.

And together with Valentine, I orchestrated all the bloody details of the Uprising.

But you got out.

Only after I knew we were doomed.

Once I saw Valentine for who he really was, I couldn't believe what I had done.

I vowed to devote the rest of my life to the Clave.

But the charges against me are just.

That's very noble of you, Mom.

But if you're not going to fight this thing, I will.

Even if that means stepping down from the Institute.


Seeing what you have accomplished as Head of the Institute...

nothing has made me prouder.

The Clave's always had its faults.

My generation nearly destroyed everything in our passion to fix it.

Yours will have to be wiser.


The Owl could be anyone.

Remember, he might not look like Sebastian Verlac.

Keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

All right.

IZZY: Let's split up.


Don't let Morgan out of your sight.

OLLIE: I can't wait to meet the Shadowhunters.

Do you think they'll be glamoured?

LUKE: I don't know.


You really don't understand how dangerous this is, do you?

This all started with me getting scratched by a werewolf.

So... yeah, I think I get it.

No, you don't.

Back then you were just a mundane who had a freak accident.

Now, you're playing with fire.

And if you're not careful, you'll get caught between forces you can't even begin to understand.

And I won't be able to help you.

Sounds like you're speaking from experience.

His name's Simon.

A little awkward.


But mundane...

until he got caught up in the Downworld.

What happened to him?

Did he die?

You could say that.

I understand that knowing about the Shadow World is a huge responsibility.

You need to trust that I can handle it.





We met at the hospital.

You were assaulting a vending machine...



How're you doing?

Are you friends with Morgan?



Well, you seem to be staring at her.

Oh, just...

you know, people watching.

Well, I'll leave you to it.

Actually... before I do, I have to ask for your number.

Sometimes I don't take a hint, so "no, go away, please" is a perfectly acceptable answer.

Look, you're a nice guy, I'm just not...

But "no, go away, please"?

Just give me your phone.

Simon, it's not worth the risk.

I have to get this thing off me before I kill someone.

The only people you're hurting are people who are trying to hurt you.

Is that such a bad thing?

It's terrifying.

- Fine.

- What are you doing?

Coming with you.

You can't.

What if she tries to keep you captive again?

Maia, this is my problem.

I have to do this alone.

You better come back to me.

You hear me?

That's the plan.

All right.

My Lady...

your favorite Daylighter's coming.



You know, there are worse things than being locked out of the Seelie Realm and getting drenched.

We're going to figure this out.

You've already done so much.

Simon, I care about you!

So until you tell me to back off, I'm going to be right here, wringing out your jacket.

Got it?


Let's get you some dry clothes, warm blood and a shower.

What about the mark?

Just try not to piss anyone off and we'll deal with it in the morning.




Awfully confident, aren't you?

Coming after me, all alone.


Why Morgan?

What are you doing with these mundanes?

You never could beat me in a fair fight, could you?

Looks like we're about to find out.

Ah, there it is...

the famous Morgenstern swagger.

Or is it...




It's hard to keep track of exactly who you are, isn't it?


We are much more alike than you think, you and I.

I am nothing like you.

You are exactly like me.

Except, of course, I'm stronger.

Spend enough time in Edom, it has a way of...

toughening you up.

I look forward to sending you back.

Says the unarmed man.

Go on, then.

Do it.

Come on, now.

Don't waste my time.

There's a rather attractive redhead I'm dying to speak to.


Did you see where Morgan went?


I hope Jace has her.

IZZY: Isn't that Morgan's phone?

Oh, no...




CLARY: Morgan!



Izzy, watch out!







Is it you?


Show me your face, Jonathan!



Thank you again.

Tonight couldn't have been nicer.

You're welcome anytime.

And, um...

I'd appreciate if you could keep our conversation between us.

I'd like to tell Isabelle and Jace myself.

Of course.


I suppose we'll be seeing more of you?

I'd like that.

I may have had my prejudices in the past...

but seeing you stand by Alec?

It's what every mother wants for her children.

Thank you for loving my boy.




Anybody there?

SIMON: Luke... what are you doing here?



I, uh...

It's OK.

I understand.

I'll come by tomorrow and, uh...

pack up my stuff.

Look, if you need a place to stay, I can...


You've done enough.

I don't want to cause you any more trouble.

I'll see you around, I guess.



I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

I'll be all right.





What happened?

She's gone.


Poor Morgan.

She's the last person who deserves to be locked up.

CLARY: It's for her own safety.

Where is Jace?!

Still no word?

I'm starting to get really worried.

He should've been back by now.

Maybe he went to look for the Owl.

Without checking in?

Well, one thing is for sure, The Owl is definitely not Jonathan.


How do you know?

I got him with my whip.

The electrum didn't react.

Well, if the Owl's not Jonathan, then...

who could it be?


WOMAN: There you are, my owl.


Yes, my loyal disciples, let your demonic life-blood flow into this sacred tomb...

so it may nourish my precious boy...

and prepare him for his rebirth.