03x05 - Stronger Than Heaven

ALEC: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Sister Cleophas, are you Luke's sister?

I am.

What is that?


- MAIA: Simon, watch out!


I'm Simon.


Do you know anyone who needs a place?

SIMON: This place is awesome!

CLARY: Jace...

Why don't you remember where you've been all night?

I think I'm losing my mind.

What broke you free of my order?


I have a rather complicated problem, and I hear if anyone can help me... it's you.

I would've sworn I knew every warlock in this city.

Oh, I'm not from around here.

And how is it that you heard about my services?

A friend spoke of you: the late Ragnor Fell.

I'm no slouch, but... what I do need is beyond my level of expertise.

Well, for a friend of Ragnor's...

I would do just about anything.

So... what exactly do you need?

Well... I'm looking for something that could make a person... fall out of love.

Is that something you could do?

I can...

but I don't recommend it.

You see, heartache, in all of its bittersweet torture, is almost always preferable to the alternative.

My elixir would erase everything you've ever felt for the other person.

It would be almost as if you've...

never loved at all.

Well, it's actually not for me.

It's for a former lover.

A soldier.

I've tried to get him to move on, but he's still madly in love, and his obsession is starting to distract him from his duties.

And... well, I worry...

what could happen if he can't focus on the task at hand.

In the rare case, I suppose...

erasing love is actually an act of compassion.

An hour before he drinks this...

you must add one last ingredient: a tiny sliver of your soul.

My soul?


Well, you are the object of his affection.

In order for the elixir to work, it must contain a trace of you.

You do know how to perform an extraction, don't you?

Of course.


Thank you, Mr.


You really are a true lifesaver.

♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the wait ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

From everything I've heard, my mother suffered in silence alone for years.

She never got the help she needed.

We won't make the same mistake.

Whatever's happening to you, we're gonna figure it out.



thinking of going to the City of Bones for treatment.

With the Silent Brothers?

They have a history of helping Shadowhunters with mental health issues.

Jace, we don't know that's what you're going through.

There's a family history.

But you didn't start feeling this way until after you were brought back.

Do you really think that's a coincidence?

I think it was a trigger...

for something that's always been there.

Look, I can't sit...

benched and do nothing.

If there is even a chance that the Silent Brothers can help, then that's...

But what if they can't?

Jace, the Clave would deem you unfit for duty.

You'd be deruned.

And what choice do I have?


I can't live like this.

I could try to talk to the Angel.


No, it's too dangerous.


If we summon Raziel, he could destroy us just for bothering him.

What about Ithuriel?

He's helped us before.

His blood runs in our veins.

Jace, if you are suffering the consequences of being brought back from the dead, then...

maybe he can do something.

Well, what are you gonna do?

Are you gonna text him?


come up with something.




Is everything OK?


Everything is great.

Just tidying up a bit.

Tidying up?

Why don't you just snap your fingers?

Well, I find it relaxing.

I suppose I'm odd that way.


You're odd in a lot ways.

Is that...

one of my shirts?


Is it...

not my style?

Or your sleeve length.



Fits perfectly.

But still, I think it would be nicer...


if I had one of my own shirts.

Oh, OK.

I think I can manage that.


- No, it's OK.

It fits fine.

It's just I was thinking...

that it wouldn't be an issue if I didn't have to go back and forth so much.

I mean I spend almost every night here.


what if I...

moved in?

Bad idea?



a wonderful idea.

For the future.



You know, I just thought...

We've been seeing each other for less than two months.

Alexander, once we move in together, our relationship will change.


We'll be even closer.

There's no such thing.

If there's one thing I've learned in the...

course of my long life...

it's to take your time OK?



Speaking of time, I gotta go.

I'm already late for a house-call.

Talk to you tonight?

- Yeah.

- Yeah!

- See you then.

- See you.



SIMON: Look, I have no idea what you're talking about!

I'm telling you, I never canceled this gig!

WOMAN: Well, someone sure did.

Show's off, end of story.

Come on.

No, no, no, no.

Come on, come on, come on!

I already loaded all of my gear into the van.

Well, can I at least get paid?



What are you doing day-drinking?

Personal day.


You guys get personal days?

What was going on there?

I was supposed to play a show tonight, but my manager called and canceled...

except I don't have a manager, and I actually really needed that money.

I think Russell and his goons are trying to sabotage me.

It could be Raphael...

or the Seelie Queen.

You know?

Everyone kind of hates me at the moment.

Popular as always, I see.


What happened?

It's a long story.

The Seelie Queen did some plant magic on my forehead, and now there's this mark there that blasts anyone who tries to hurt me.

So, you're saying as much as I'd like to, I probably shouldn't deck you right now?

Unless a full body cast is your idea of a good time, I'd say no.

But, you know what?

One for good measure?

Still, someone may be trying to mess with you the only way they can.

You obviously can't deal with this, so I'm gonna figure it out for you.

Since when do you care about what happens to me?


Oh, no.

I don't care what happens to you.

Clary does.


IZZY: Can I borrow a dress?

I need something mundane to wear.

Going undercover?

Something like that...

(CLARY): Izzy, is there something going on?


I'm going out tonight with the doctor.

Tell me everything.

It's just dinner.

I'm only doing it so he can leave me alone.

Well, then why go out with him at all?

You're right.

I should cancel.

(IZZY): Help with The Owl search.

(CLARY): Izzy, you've been working non-stop.

You can take a couple hours and enjoy yourself.

It'd be good for you.

(CLARY): Are these the victims of the Owl?


victims in total throughout the tristate area.

Law enforcement thinks it's some deranged cult brainwashing their members to kill their loved ones.

What's up?

I need to talk to your sister.


I need an Iron Sister...

and for what I have to do, I can't go to the Citadel.

What's this all about?


Kiddo, it's me.

You can talk to me about anything.


Back at Lake Lyn...

when Jace and I were battling Valentine...

Jace wasn't just injured.

He was killed.


I was holding him, dead in my arms, and...

Raziel was right in front of me.

I did the only thing I could.

You had Raziel bring him back?

I had no choice.

Luke, I've been lying.

I've been lying to Alec, to Izzy, to everyone!


it's eating me up inside.

This is not who I am.

- It's OK.

- No, it's not.


ever since Jace has been brought back to life...

he hasn't been himself.

There is something...

seriously wrong with him.

And that's why you need Cleophas?

She can communicate with the angels, right?

She can ask Ithuriel for help.




Here, boy.

Remember this scent.

Find Clary Fairchild, and bring me a sliver of her soul.



Who are you?

I live here.

Who are you?

Jace, This is, uh...

Kyle, my roommate.

Kyle, this is Jace.

He's a good friend of mine.

Friend of a friend.

Mind if I talk to him in private?


No worries.

I was gonna run to the bodega anyway.

You just went this morning.

Yeah, that was breakfast, this is lunch.

- Do you want anything?

- No, we're good.

Thank you.

I spoke to Luke's pack.

It turns out they like you even less than I do, but they did not cancel your gig.

So I'm guessing whoever's messing with you, it has something to do with that mark on your forehead.

What more can you tell me about it?

Look, um...

I really appreciate the effort, I do, but the shockwaves emanating from my forehead are all I've been able to think about until I moved in here.

This place is like my own, semi-private oasis.

So can...

So can we just play like, Call of Duty?

Or we've got old-school Mortal Kombat too, - which is pretty cool.

- Mm-hmm.


Is all this stuff yours?

No, it's Kyle's.

So is this sweet Les Paul.


This is like, the perfect apartment for me.



Izzy, I looked through everything Magnus has on de-possession.

Nothing matches Morgan's symptoms.

I'm, uh...

I'm leaving now.



"If anything will keep me safe, "it's this picture, "close to my heart.

All my love, George." (GUSTING WIND)


Oh, man.

I will never get used to that.

Of all places, why would she come here?

I brought her here.

It's my farm.

I never knew you had a farm.

I stayed here for six months, back when I first turned.

Back when my life fell apart.

That little farm house is where I put it back together.

Well, let's hope it has a similar effect on Cleophas.

I wouldn't know.

I haven't heard from her since I brought her here.

She's cut herself off.

I can't say I blame her.

Being held captive by Valentine, poisoned...

It's terrible.




It's Lucian.




You're telling me this guy almost runs you over...

- Will you stop?

- And then he just happens - to have a room in his apartment...

- OK, will you stop?

And that just happens to be full of all your favorite stuff?


I guess I just got lucky.

I don't believe in luck.

Is that his room?

No, it's this one.

Wait, why?

I told you I was gonna figure out what's going on.

Wait, what?

What do you mean?

What are you doing?


- No!

No, look!



- Please don't ruin this for me, Jace!

- Come on!

- I know what I'm doing.


Oh, see?

Totally normal.

You really think it's normal for a guy to have all that out there and none of it in here?

OK, so an uncluttered bedroom means he's trying to honey-pot me?

I mean, maybe the guy's just...

I don't know, really into feng shui.

And now you're going through his underwear drawer?!

Look, Jace, you're looking for something where there's nothing.


Maybe not.

So he grows his own stuff.

Maybe he has a card.

You know it's medically legal now.


You have no idea what this is.

And what do you think this is?!


This looks bad, but there's like, a perfectly reasonable explanation...

Hey, whoa!

Jace, what the hell?!


- Get off me!


That plant is wolfsbane, Simon.

Your friend Kyle here is a werewolf.

Aren't you, Kyle?

Who are you?

What pack are you with?

I don't have to explain myself to you.

- You really should.

- And what about me?

You've been lying to me this whole time?

I'm Praetor Lupus.

Who's that?

It's not a who, it's a what.

OK, then what is it?!

It's a secret organization of wolves.


They only intervene in special Downworld cases.

I've never actually met one.

How do we know you're telling the truth?

We heard about the blast of energy Simon unleashed on Lucian Graymark's pack.

I was sent in to assist.



Just like that, we're cool now?

He's doing his job.

I'm not a job!


The other day, when you...

ran into me, you planned that?

And this...

this apartment, it's just a trap?

We designed this place for you so you'd want to stay here...

where it's safe.

You called off my gig?


until I can figure out how to keep you and everybody else from getting hurt, - this is where you need to be.

- I don't need someone to protect me.

I need people to tell me the truth!

Well, I was going to tell you the truth...

when the time was right.

After all the trouble you've had with the New York pack, if I told you I was a wolf, would you have listened to me?


Sorry, call me crazy, but I tend to respect people that are honest with me.

You need to calm down.

Whose side are you on?!

You know what?

I'm done.

Consider this me breaking my lease.





Is now not a good time, sir?

No, it's fine.

What is it?

I wanted to report that the main systems have been updated and rebooted.


Thank you.


Is there something else?

I, uh...

actually just wanted to thank you.

For what?

For paving the way for Shadowhunters like me.

I've been on the front lines for over years, but I've always had to keep my private life separate.

If it wasn't for you, I don't know if I ever would've been able to come out at the Institute.



your courage...

sir, it's inspiring.

I mean, here you are, in this...

committed relationship, with a warlock no less.

It's loving and it's trusting.

It's amazing.


It is.


he helped us before.

And you think he could help again.

Iron Sisters do have ways to communicate with the angels.

But I'm afraid I cannot do that for you.

You can't, or you won't?

I have been trying to contact the angels, but as hard as I try, they will not answer.

- Why?

- I'm not certain.

I sometimes wonder if my own...

irredeemable actions have severed my ties to the heavens.

I'm useless.

But you, Clarissa...

you are far from useless.

What do you mean?

You may not be an Iron Sister, but Ithuriel's blood runs through you, You think I can summon Ithuriel?

No one other than an Iron Sister has done it before.

There may be risks...

but it's certainly worth a try.

What risks?

There's a chance it could anger Ithuriel.

He could lash out at her.

He's never hurt me before.

He chose those moments to appear to you.

Summoning an Angel is a whole different story.

Clary, I know this is important, but so are you.

So is Jace.

(ISABELLE): So, why did you become a doctor if you were scared of blood?

Both my parents are doctors.

And let's just say, they made it clear from a very young age that I was going to follow in their footsteps.

They call medicine "the family business." But, I mean, enough about me.

What about you?

I feel like I know nothing about you.

Except for the fact that you apparently have a thing for snakes or serpents or...

whatever that is on your bracelet.

- Right.

- It's cool.

You know, actually, I...

made this one.



I mean...

You got some serious talent.

Is that what you do for work?


You make jewelry?


I, uh...

make jewelry.

So you're an artist.


So how does it work?

Do you...

Do you work from a store?

No, uh, I actually...

work from home.

That must be peaceful.

Not at all.




live with my family.

My brothers.

We all...

work together.

Family business?

We have more in common than I thought.



Thank you so much for tonight.

I really had an incredible time.

You sound so surprised.

I just...

don't normally do things like this.


I know a great place downtown.

Hell's Kitchen.

One more drink?

Let's go.

Let me get us a ride.



- Hey!


- Yeah?

I have to go.

Wait, what?

I just remembered, I have an order I have to get out tonight.


It's an important client.


Let me at least get you a ride.

I'm sorry.

I have to go.

















Dumb, useless demon.

Where are you going, Mother?

It appears I'll have to get my hands dirty after all.



CHARLIE: Isabelle?


What happened?

- You okay?

- I...

My heel broke and I tripped.

Let me see.


You need to go to the hospital.

No, really, there's no need.


I'm fine.

Not with this cut.

You need stitches.

You're coming with me.

Is this yours?

Kind of looks like your style.

- Yes.

- Yeah?

Thank you.

Alright, come on.



This contains trace amounts of adamas, to help call the Angels.

Activate your angelic rune.


Now, repeat after me.

Ignis aurum probat...

Ignis aurum probat...

Ita probat me...

Ita probat me.


They've heard you.

What happens now?

For you to hear them, we have to leave you here.

Leave her here?

No way.

You're a Downworlder, and I murdered an Iron Sister.

How do you think the Angel's gonna react to us?


I'll be OK.

May the Angel be with you.




- Whoa!

I'm just trying to help the homeless.


Very funny.

Now, leave me alone.

I'm keeping this by the way.

Are you seriously gonna live in your van?

I don't know.

But at least my van is not going to spy on me while I sleep.


I'll find another place.

I just don't wanna be a prisoner of the Wolves Templar.

I think that's a bit extreme.

Lying to me?

I don't agree with his tactics, but Kyle did apologized to you.


I understand the situation isn't perfect, but if someone's offering you help...

you'd be a fool not to take it.


I tried calling.

I've been busy.

Magnus, I did something I'm not proud of.

You're referring to going through that box?

I'm a warlock.

I know when things are out of order.

I had no right.

It was an invasion of your privacy, and I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.



must be special.

He was.

A brave soldier, like someone else I know.

Shall I whip us up some cocktails?

Martini Mondays.

- Gin or vodka?

- Gin.



You're not jealous, are you?

You were weird before when I asked about moving in.

- Is he still?

- The man's been dead over a century.

Oh, why do you keep so much of his stuff?

Alexander, the contents in that box, they're not George's.

I only have that single photograph.

Then what is all that?

Each of those belonged to someone I loved and outlived.

A different committed relationship for each one.

Why do you keep it?

I may be magical, but my memory's far from it.

I keep those mementos to remember them by.

Look, Alec, you know my history.

I've always been honest with you about that.


Now that I've seen some of that history with my own eyes, I can't help but think...

if I'm lucky, maybe one of my arrowheads ends up in that box.

Look, I don't even want to think about you being gone...

But one day I will be.

And you'll just, move on...

I'm immortal!

It's not as if I have a choice.

I can't change what I am, and neither can you.



can we just stay in the here and now?


Look, I want to cherish this moment...

with the one I love You're right.

I love you, too.


Now, don't you go anywhere, I'll be right back with those martinis.


There you go.


That's it?

That's it.

Wasn't so bad, was it?

No, it actually kind of tickled.


You never had stitches before, huh?

Never needed them.

So, how does this work?

Who do I pay?

- Do I pay you?

- Oh, no, no.


it's on the house.

Consider it my way of saying I'm sorry, for coming on too strong before.

You didn't come on too strong.


Isn't that why you took off running?


I really did have work to do.

Actually, I still do.

I have to go.


Got it.

Why did you come looking for me after I ditched you like that?

With all the cult-member killings in the news, I...

I don't know.


When I saw you disappear down that alley, I needed to make sure that you were OK.

Thank you.

For the stitches.


It's been too long.

What's going on out there?

Patience, Lucian.

Look, I can keep my distance and still keep an eye on her.

Remember when we were kids and our neighbour got that big German shepherd?


I hated that damn dog.

You were terrified of it.

Like it was a some Shax Demon.

You refused to walk past that house.

Remember what I said to you?


You said to have faith.

And when you did walk past it, what happened?

He licked me.

Have faith in Clary, big brother.


I know I do.



Clary, you should not be here.

Ithuriel, I'm sorry to have summoned you.

I understand if you're angry.


It's all right, my child.

I'm here for you.

You've come because of Jace.

You know what happened?

I do.

I need to know...

is Jace...

the way he is because of what I did?


But returning from death has left him vulnerable.

You now face a greater threat than you realize.


I don't understand...

A great evil has arrived in the realm of the mundane.

The Owl?

The Owl has a master.

Its name is...








What are you?!







It's OK, it's OK.

You're gonna be alright.

Come on.

What happened out there?

Did Ithuriel appear?



You're back.

Forgot my keyboard.

Simon, we need to talk.

OK, but later and only if I can borrow the guitar.


Where are you going with my stuff?

I got my gig back, no thanks to you.

I go in an hour.

Are you...

are you out of your mind?

That place is gonna be crawling with wolves!

Which is why I plan on using my most ultimate weapon.

The power of music!

Do you think this is funny?


All it takes is for one of them to come at you and that bomb on your head goes off.

Do you really want to be responsible for that?

Honestly, I'm not that worried about it.

Besides, I've got you to stop them, don't I?

What are you talking about?

I'm still not over the fact that you lied to me, but I'm willing to give you a chance.

You want to help me, I'm in, - but only on my terms.

- Not how the Prateors works.

That's too bad.

I'm still gonna go on living my life.

So either you can help, or you can go back to wherever the Praetors come from...

your call.



You got a minute?


You all right?

It's nothing.

It's nothing?

Just stuff with Magnus.

Nothing I'd want to bore you with.


So how are you?

Heard you took the day off.


I've been doing a lot of thinking.

About what's been going on with me and...

I've decided to go to the Silent City for treatment.

You were the one who told me I needed to get some help.

I'm sorry.

Jace, if this doesn't work, you realize...

I know.

At least, I'll know I tried everything, right?

I'm going with you.

I'll be by your side the whole time.

You know you can't do that, they won't let you.

This is one fight I have to face on my own.



Clary, where are you?

I've decided to go to the Silent City.


Just call me.

Hey, uh...


Have you seen a Shadowhunter?

She got long red hair.

Yeah, I know who Clary Fairchild is.

Haven't seen her though.

Alright, hey!

I'm Simon Lewis.

It was a long road to get here tonight, but I made it.

Thanks to my roady/roommate.

MAN: All right!



♪ Help me ♪

♪ Help me ♪

♪ Help me ♪

♪ Help me ♪

♪ Graffitis grow on bathroom walls ♪

♪ In a city I don't know ♪

♪ I don't know, this place ain't mine ♪

Could you do a girl a favour and get me one of those?

I'd love to..

But I don't think my girlfriend would like that very much.

I didn't mean it like that, it's just...

you seem to be the only person who can get any service around here.


Let's get one.



Thank you.

Whoever she is, she must be wonderful.

Yeah, she is.

To true love.

Very good.

Now, nothing will come between us.

How do you feel?

Like a new man.