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03x08 - A Heart of Darkness
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IZZY: Previously, on Shadowhunters...


He was possessed.

The demon is Lilith.

You will bring me the flesh of his father.


LUKE: How the hell are we gonna contain him? IZZY: Malachi Configuration. A type of cage for Greater Demons. Clary, what are you doing?!

I'll cover for you.

Now, go fix him!



Drop your stele!

Hands on your head!

LUKE: Ollie's contacts have been seeing an influx of people loitering around this intersection.

So you think that's where Lilith is hiding?




LUKE: First floor is clear.

There's no one else down here.

SIMON: These possessed mundanes...

I've hurt people before, but I've never turned anyone into salt.

Look, we don't have time for that right now.

We need to find Ollie.

Do you understand?

The Daylighter could ruin everything.

We will protect you, Mother.

You can't.

Where are the intruders now?


If the vampire's still here, we should leave.


We stay right where we are.















Where are we?

How did you do that?

No one will stop me from bringing my boy back.


♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪





It's no use trying to escape.

The trap you're in was designed to hold a Greater Demon.

Well, that's not very nice, trapping your brother in a box.

You're not our brother.

And don't get too comfortable 'cause we're gonna bring him back.

You and your undying love for your parabatai.

I hate to burst your bubble, but when I was sent to your family in Idris, I was a desperate kid.

Pay no mind to him, Alexander.

The only reason I became your parabatai was to make sure there was a roof over my head.

He's just trying to get under your skin.

Or maybe...

I just prefer not to coddle your latest soldier boyfriend.


We got your call.

Any news about Clary?

You almost killed her!


She gave herself up to the Clave trying to protect you!

Still jealous she picked me over you, huh?

By the way, that kiss at the Seelie Court...

we never got to compare notes.

Let me in there!

I'll throw you off a building!

Come on!

Come on, Simon.

The Jace in that trap is not our Jace.

We need to focus.

All right?

If the Clave finds out about Clary's wish to Raziel, we might never see her again.


All right.

Do we have anybody in Idris that can get us information?

Well, we stole from the Clave's armory.

So if they've figured that out...

They're not gonna tell us anything.

So what's plan B?

I'm gonna try to get some more intel on Clary.

The best thing you can do?

Go back to that abandoned building and see if you can find some clues.


I'm not going on a demon hunt while my best friend is in prison!


Clary risked everything to save Jace.

You want to do something for her?

Help destroy the demon that caused all this mess.

But I want to know as soon as you hear anything.

You got it.


No one can find out about Jace's possession.

If Clary's able to keep a lid on her wish, we can't blow it.

Speaking of Jace...

we need to talk.

Now, If we wanna bring Jace back, we have to get through to him using the strongest connection possible.

Which is me.

I'm in.

Whatever it takes.

I don't think you understand.

This isn't like the last time we tried to use your parabatai connection to help Jace.

If you go in, Lilith could get her demonic claws into your soul as well.

I have to do this.

Of course.


But if I help you and I lose you..

I know.

It's just if...

If I don't get Jace back, I...

Without him, I'm...

I'm nothing.

Then we'll do this.

But you're not going alone.

So I can go with Alec to save Jace, even though I'm not his parabatai?

It's possible, but it would require more magic and give you less time inside.


I'll take the chance, but I'm not putting Izzy in that kind of danger.

The last time you tried to use your parabatai connection, you were in a coma and almost died.

Jace was the only person who could save you.

And this time we won't have him to bring you back.

What exactly do we have to do?

You have to find Jace and bring him out with you.


When you find him, you all have to be linked.

Now, I'll have one shot to pull you all out together.

So it's settled.

Let's go bring back our brother.

MAN: Bring in the accused. (TENSE MUSIC)


Place your hands on the Sword.

The last time I touched this sword, I destroyed some of its powers.

To kill Downworlders.

It can still draw the truth.




Why did you come to Alicante?

To steal the Malachi Configuration.

Seems the sword's working just fine.

My Owl went to retrieve something vital for my son's rebirth, and he should have returned by now.

Find out what happened.



Is it safe for you to go out?

What about the Daylighter?

He has been endowed with a very special power.

A power that makes him indestructible.

So how do we protect you and Jonathan?

By going back to the place where all my troubles first began.

It's time for a visit to the Seelie Queen.



No big deal.

While Luke's finding out about Clary, I just have to hunt down the Queen of Hell.

Well, I'm coming with you.

I've been training Brad.

He can cover my shift.

You don't have to.


I can handle this.


Queen of Hell, no problem.

Sorry I asked.

I didn't mean to burden you with all this while you're dealing with the whole...

you know, Jordan thing.

Clary's the one that we need to worry about now.

I'm fine.

I know you keep saying that, and you probably are, and I know you say we'll talk about it later...

And we'll talk about it later.

Right now... bigger fish to fry.

I am so sorry to interrupt.

I'm looking for Simon.

What the hell do you think you're doing here?!

- Simon...

- No, no!

I got this.

Look, you have no right to show up where Maia works or be anywhere near her.

Jordan's here because I asked him to stay and finish working on your case.


No way!

I know you're just trying to take care of me, but you don't need to be around him.

So leave!

That's what you're good at!

Jordan and I talked.

He left me to fend for myself.

I'm not gonna let him do that to you.

Look, I'm really sorry about how things went down.

All right?

I do care about you.

And I wanna help.

We have a demon to hunt.

Come on, Maia.

You are gonna need backup.

I'll come too.

This is all the backup we need.

- You know that.

- Hey.

I know you're just trying to look out for me, but if we're gonna track down Lilith...

Two wolf noses are better than one.

LUKE: Elodie, please. I can't reach Jia.

If you could just get a message to...



- Thank you for showing up.

- Of course.

Should we go outside to talk?

Eh, it's all right.

Around here, if the Clave kicks you to the curb, you're considered good people.


You said they're holding Clary in Idris.


What did she do?

The more people who know, the more risk there is for Clary, so...

Does Jace know?

I tried to reach him earlier, but I haven't heard back.

He must be worried.

Out of his mind.

You know Jace.

He's a survivor.

What can I do to help?

I need to get to someone inside the Clave.

See if I can negotiate Clary's release.

Well, then a de-runed ex-Circle member is the last person you should be talking to.



You're my only hope.

There is one person...

the woman Robert was having an affair with.

Annamarie Highsmith.

She's still in Alicante and has ins.

Look, I didn't mean to bring up...

My competition?


I was over Robert long before he started straying.

She's actually a decent woman.

She can help.

It's worth a try.


It's work.


I'll get this done.


Thank you.

Hey, what are the chances I could get a beer in here?


Let's go.

You guys were always the smart ones in the family.

You really think you can save Jace from Lilith?

I don't know how long I can maintain the connection.

So find Jace as soon as possible.

Why do you wanna save Jace?

He's your main competition.

- Hmm.

- You may share your bed with him, but if your precious Alexander could only have one of us, who do you think he'd pick?

- Shut up.

- It's OK.

He's just trying to distract us.


Oh, yeah.

Whatever you do, don't lose focus.





You know, your boyfriend's right.

Focus is the key.





He's doing it on purpose.

Yes, to prevent us from entering his mind.


We have to find another way.

I have an idea.

Portal me to the Institute.

Why were you digging up your father's body?

I wasn't.

Then who was?


It was Jace.

Jace Herondale?

Then why did we find you in the cemetery?

Because I helped him escape.

Why was Jace digging up Valentine?

I don't know.

Did Jace kill Imogen?


I think so.

Why would Jace kill the only true family he has?

He's not in control of what he's doing.



Because he's been possessed by the Queen of Edom.

How did that happen?

Music, anyone?

- Yes.

- No.


Hey, do you want my jacket?

You can totally have my jacket.

I'm fine.

Sorry, are you cold?

I don't feel temperature, so sometimes I forget.

I said I'm fine.

I am so sorry.

I just remembered how cold you...

you always used to get.


People change.


Looks like we're almost there!

Isn't it amazing how like, Sixth Avenue is awesome at this time?

No traffic...

All right.




Oh, brave.

No more box?

We needed the Malachi Configuration to trap you.

We're not gonna let you use it to hurt our brother.


And now you think this can hold me?

Valentine used them to hold an Angel for years.

I'm no Angel.



How much longer until Magnus is ready?

No time like the present.

Let's do this.



No, you don't wanna do this...



- Jace...

- He needs me!

- For whither thou goest...

- I can't leave without him.

Soon, we'll officially be brothers...

nothing can change that.



We're in the Institute.

Inside Jace's mind.



- I got you!

- No, you didn't!



Two against one.

Come on, Lightwoods!

Show me what you got!

We're all Lightwoods.

We're a team.


This is what happens when you have a softie for a sister.


Oh, really?

- Hey!

- Oh!

I remember this.

This was the night Mom and Dad went on mission in Geneva and we snuck downstairs to train.


You're learning.

And what's the rule when our team goes into battle?

Three go in.

Three come out.





Don't take them away too!

What just happened?


What the hell?


Stay close.


We can't lose each other.

Is that the Jace we need to bring back?

I don't know.

He didn't disappear with the memory, which makes me think that he's the real Jace that's trapped in here...

or at least a part of him...

And the memory of us that burned away?

Maybe part of Lilith's torture is taking away everything he loves.









Your people fought bravely, but...

bravery is no match for power.


You have no heart.

Never did.


I apologize for coming in without a direct invitation.

Before your predecessor became my sworn enemy, I did have one outstanding offer for tea.

Better late than never.

You look stunning as always.

Edom's done wonders for your complexion.

And you're clearly eager to send me back there.

Don't be silly.

Endowing Eve with Seelie beauty was all the revenge my people ever needed.

You killed my Disciples.

I killed your knights.

I've come to see if you'd like to cut your losses.

I'm sorry for your pain, but I never ordered anyone to do harm to your people.

Not directly, as always.

But I don't have time for sleights of tongue.

The vampire with the mark.

You gave it to him because it's the only thing that can banish me.

I want you to remove it.

I gave him the mark because he's a Daylighter.

Seelies have always been the protectors of anything in nature that's special and unique.

My son is special and unique.

And I am his protector.

The Mark of Cain.

I want it gone.

There are certain things that I, too, want gone.

Sadly, we don't always get what we want.



That was the only reason I was playing nice.


Do that and you'll never find your precious Owl.

That's right.

I know where he is.

How did Jace become possessed by Lilith?

How did Jace become possessed by Lilith?

He was vulnerable.


Because Valentine killed him at Lake Lyn.

You mean tried to kill him?


He was dead.

If Jace was dead...

how is he alive now?




You want the truth?

I don't need your Sword.


Let her speak.

After my father killed Jace he summoned Raziel to compel a wish.

But I killed Valentine first...

and used the wish to bring Jace back.

Do you have any idea what you've done?

Since the time of Jonathan Shadowhunter, we have battled demons with the reassurance that if an insurmountable evil were to take over the world, the Angel's wish could save us.

You've taken that away.

To you, an insurmountable evil is a world overrun by demons.

To me, it's the mass murder of all creatures with demon blood.

Any wish that has the power to cause that kind of destruction is not a gift.

It's a curse.

I'm glad it's gone.




Tell me.

Clary's on trial under the Soul Sword.

I gotta get to Alicante.

I gotta break her out.

Of the Gard?

That's impossible.

There's a wolf pack in the Brocelind Forest.

I'll head over the mountains to Idris and enlist their help.

You know better than anyone the Brocelind wolves are feral.

They can't be trusted.

The last thing Clary needs is to lose the only real father she's ever had.

I've already lost Jocelyn.

I'm not losing Clary too.




Well, I guess if you're the Queen of Hell, this place feels like home.

Just stay with me in case we run into any company.

Is that salt?

Yeah, this was me.

So you blasted Lilith's henchmen into salt?

Not on purpose.

This thing just goes into...

high gear around demons, I guess.

I smell blood.

I do too.

Lots of it.

But it's not normal.



Is there a scent you can pick up to track?

I wish, but this isn't from just one person.

Yeah, I'm getting a mix of like, .

Maybe more.

So what's this for?


I don't know, but...

I think there's something inside.


The top comes off.

Grab the other side.




It looks like some sort of cocoon...

MAIA: Decorated in strange symbols.

It's Enochian.

The ancient symbols are for blood...


and heart.

This is part of a demonic resurrection ritual.

I'm gonna send a couple shots of this to Luke.

Call him with an update.

All right, there's no reception.

I'll call Luke from outside.

Since when do you study ancient demonic languages?

Like you said, people change.







Who are you?

Stay away!

It's OK, Jace.

I'm not here to hurt you.

How do you know my name?

You're Lilith.

Give me back my brother and sister!

No, I'm not Lilith.

I can take you to your brother and sister if you come with me.


You're gonna make me disappear.

Just like you make everything disappear!

You can trust me.

The only people I trust are Alec and Isabelle.


their friend.

Otherwise, how would I know this?

♪ Il y a longtemps que je t'aime ♪

♪ Jamais je ne t'oublierai ♪

Maryse used to sing that to us every night before we went to bed.

And you always sang the English.

♪ I have lost my dear friend ♪

♪ Which I did not deserve ♪

♪ I have loved you for so long ♪

♪ That I'll never forget you ♪

Come with me.







I tried not to.

I tried every time.

It's OK.

All right?

None of this is real.

Lilith's torturing me.

She's punishing me.


I'm gonna get you out of here.

All right?

No, please!


I can't...

I can't kill you too.

- Please, I can't...

- You won't.

You won't.

You won't.


I'm not part of Lilith's mind games.

I'm real.

This is...

this is real.

We're OK.

Are you really here?




I've got you.

All right?






SIMON: Jordan says the symbols are for some sort of resurrection ritual.

What do Lilith want to be resurrecting?

Whatever it is, we need to stop her.

What about Clary?

Have you talked to anyone in Alicante?

I got the information that I need.

Don't worry about Clary.

I'll make sure she's safe.

Safe from what?

What'd you find out?

Listen, I'm handling it.

I might be gone for a bit, but it's OK.

Luke, where are you going?

What's going on?

You just gotta trust me on this.

I do, but...

Please, isn't there anything I can do to actually help?

Yeah, stay on track with Lilith.

See what this ritual's all about.

I gotta go.


You gotta wonder what requires so much blood to resurrect.

Why are you doing this?

You said to look after Simon.

That's all I'm trying to do.

Don't play dumb.

I don't need your jacket to keep me warm.

And I don't need you telling me that you've changed.

Look, I'm sorry.

I guess I just want you to know that I'm not the same guy that left you alone that night in the rain.

I don't want to hear it.

You know, the day you got your butterfly tattoo...

I wanted to tattoo that Sanskrit on my arm, because I thought it looked cool.

You gave me crap about it for not knowing what it meant.

"Meaning matters," you said.


That's why I joined the Praetor.

Because things matter to me now.


their troubles...

their pain.

I know you don't want me around.

But you matter to me.


And you always will.

I said stop!

It's taken everything I have for me to put you behind me!

Why won't you just let me hate you?!



- Maia!


Maia, freeze!


I got you.


It's OK.

I got you.

I got you.

It's OK, Maia.

You're safe.

It's OK.

It's OK.


Everybody just...

leave me alone.



Alexander, if you can hear me...







We have to go.


I can't.

What are you talking about?

She's gonna come for me.

She's never gonna let me go.


We'll stop her.


But we have to get out of here.

We're running out of time.

You can't.

You can't stop her.

No one can.

There's only one way to help me.

There's only one...

one thing you can do.



I need you to kill me.




I've tried.

I've tried so many times, Please, Alec.

I'm begging you.

- Jace...


- I need you to do this for me.

- Alec, please...

- Never.

You're coming with us.




I did all those things.

I threw Clary off that rooftop.

I possessed all those mundanes.


Whatever it is, it wasn't you, Jace.

It's Lilith.

It doesn't matter.

If I go with you, she's gonna find me.

She's gonna make me do worse.

And you won't be able to stop her.

You won't be able to stop me.





If you love me...

Do it.


Do it!

I'm begging you.


Izzy, no.

Do it!



Three go in.

Three come out.

Please don't let her take me again.

I won't.

I promise.



I don't look kindly on people who take what's mine.


Go ahead and kill me.

But don't hurt Alec and Izzy.

Tempting offer...


If I didn't fear starting a war with your father, I would happily oblige.








She took Jace!

I'm sorry.

I couldn't stop her.



He begged us...



He begged us to kill him.

All the terrible things Lilith made Jace do...


He said if she takes him back, she'd make him do much worse.

Now Lilith has him again, just like he said she would.


We promised him we wouldn't let her take him back.

You did all you could.

We promised him.

♪ Put on a brave face ♪

♪ Act like an earthquake ♪

♪ Didn't come right in and tear it up ♪

♪ And everything we've built ♪

♪ Inside this beautiful and safe space ♪

♪ Here in this room ♪

♪ Where you should be ♪

♪ I'm losing sight of you ♪

♪ A stranger simply passing through again ♪

Going somewhere?

I know you told me to...

leave you alone, but...

I've never been very good at following instructions.

I just...

need to get away for a while.

Clear my head.


I can relate.

So, before when you...

When you ran off...

the stuff between you and Jordan...


Things are just so messed up right now.


I just need some time.

Can you give me that?

♪ Again... ♪

♪ Again... ♪

♪ Oh... ♪

♪ Hearts aren't supposed to hurt like that ♪

♪ Hurt like that ♪

♪ They're not supposed to break so fast ♪

♪ Break so fast ♪

♪ They say that time's a healer ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ How long is this burn supposed to last? ♪





Do you have anything you'd like to say before receiving your sentence?

If you were at Lake Lyn...

and it was Aline instead of Jace...

what would you have done?

I know your mother raised you as a mundane...

with the idealistic belief that love comes above all.

If I'd been at Lake Lyn, we'd still have Raziel's wish.

Because being a Shadowhunter is about sacrifice.

That's the one thing you've never understood.

But maybe now you will.

Clarissa Fairchild...

you are hereby sentenced...

to death.


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