03x09 - Familia Ante Omnia

CLARY: Previously on Shadowhunters...

LILITH: The vampire with the mark.

You gave it to him because it's the only thing that can banish me. I want it gone!

MAGNUS: Find Jace.

Bring him out with you.

JACE: Lilith's torturing me.

She's gonna find me.

She's gonna make me do worse.

- She's gonna kill me.

- You're coming with us.

We have to go.



ALEC: She took Jace.

SILENT BROTHER: Bring in the accused.

If Jace was dead, how is he alive now?

After my father killed Jace, I used the wish to bring Jace back.

Clarissa Fairchild...

you are hereby sentenced to death.




♪ Down in the deep ♪

♪ Where the sirens sing ♪

♪ And hide in the muddy water ♪

♪ Blood on the hands

♪ And the moonlit sand ♪

♪ But I'd die just to keep them under ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, gonna bury me ♪

♪ Broke in the night ♪

♪ In the colourless light ♪

♪ And the cold of an empty bottle ♪

♪ Drunk on a song ♪

♪ Of a lie gone wrong ♪

♪ You only find when you hit the bottom ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, gonna bury me ♪

JIA: Every month, the Gard holds a culling of its death row inmates.

Today, you all have been chosen.

Charles Freeman.


You are guilty of colluding against the Clave with former Consul Malachi Dieudonne, and of killing Clave soldiers.

Do you have any last words?

Long live the Circle.


Turn and meet your fate.



May the Angel have mercy.





♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪



Any word from Maia?


Mate, I'm...

I'm so sorry.

I'm not your mate.

Mates don't lie to each other.

And they definitely don't move in on your girlfriend.

So you heard what I said to her?

Every word.

You know...

It was selfish for you to tell Maia how you felt.

You made her question everything.

- Including me.

- That's not what I was...


Look, just...

save it.

From this moment on, we are strictly Praetor-Praetee.


Well, in that case, here.

The Praetor finally determined what the symbol on your head is.

"The Mark of Cain"?

As in Cain and Abel?


The salt at Lilith's hideout was the final piece of the puzzle.

It led our archivists to biblical sources, where they found this.

"Whosoever slayeth Cain shall have revenge taken upon him sevenfold." Whenever someone tries to hurt you, they get hurt seven times as bad.

Lilith's disciples came at you with death blows.

- Hence...

- Death, sevenfold.

You know, we learned about the Mark of Cain in Hebrew school.

God cursed Cain for killing his brother, so Cain would have to wander the world in misery.

Well, actually, our sources show that ancient Seelies gave Cain his Mark.

That explains why it's so twisted.

Why would the Seelie Queen want to curse me?

Maybe she wanted the ultimate bodyguard.

What if we use the Mark to break Clary out of prison?

No one can stop me.

I'm basically invincible.

I know, but let's just think this through.

Any soldier that came at you would be blown to bits.

You really want that blood on your hands?



How long since you've eaten?

I don't remember.

You know, I've been so worried about Maia, and now Clary, that I...

haven't really thought about it.

It's empty.

- I can run and grab something...

- No.

- I can get my own bag.

- No, no.

Hey, hey.

Simon, let me do this.

Hey, if not as your mate, then...

then as your roommate.


You're the head of the Institute.

Can't you demand to know what happened with Clary?

I've tried.

The Council is freezing me out.


Sorry to interrupt.


Looks like someone needs a coffee.

Oh, no thank you.

I already had six.

So, I was up all night researching the dark magic that Lilith has been using on Jace.

I may have found a way to free him.



Based on your descriptions, it seems Lilith has Jace locked in some kind of a mental cage, and the only solution is breaking that cage by blasting Jace with enough magic to eviscerate her presence.

Do you have the power to do that?

No, but I will.

In the Book of the White, I found a synthesis spell that'll allow me to temporarily channel

- the magic of other warlocks.

- How many warlocks?

I'll need at least about a dozen to match Lilith's strength.

I'll have to call in some favors, but...

this should work.

There's just one tiny catch.

We'll need the High Warlock's permission to organize something on this scale.

JIA: Trevor Hayes.

You are guilty of violent assault - on mundanes.

- Red?


Is that you?



The cuffs suppress warlock abilities.

I couldn't hurt you if I wanted to, not that I would.

I heard what you did, stopping Valentine's wish.

You don't deserve this.




No one does.

This is barbaric.

Even the barbarians weren't this cruel.

After everything I've done, this is how it ends...

burned at the stake for not doing magic.

What are you talking about?

The Consul moved up my execution because I refused to perform a spell for her.

The Clave hires warlocks all the time.

Why ask you?

Because necromancy is my specialty.

But even I know no good would come from resurrecting Valentine Morgenstern.

Jia asked you to resurrect Valentine?


She wanted to question him about a demon.


She tried to dig him up.

But I said I don't care if Lilith is the devil incarnate.

Anyone is better than that Circle b*st*rd.

He took my Madzie away from me.

Let him rot.



The weapon you requested.

This should keep Simon busy for a few days.

And keep the Mark of Cain far from Jonathan's rebirth.


- Wake up.


Where the hell am I?!

Somewhere safe.

You're OK now.

I'm not OK.

I was walking with the Praetors, and that guy killed them and then stuffed me into a duffel bag!

He saved your life.

You're welcome.

My apologies for the rough mode of transport, but we know you didn't inherit your Sire's immunity to sunlight.

My sire?

You know Simon?

The Daylighter recently killed two of my progeny.

Oh, that doesn't sound like my Simon.

I know that you loved Simon.

That you devoted yourself to him.

And he promised he to protect you, only to send you away.

How do you know about that?

I know a great many things.

Well, he thought that, um...

He thought that I was out of control.

As opposed to under his?

My ex once told me the same thing.

And I wanted to change to please him.

Just like you.

But then I realized that no woman should ever...

kneel to a man.


Well, damn right.

He just doesn't appreciate the bond that you have.

But you can change that.

I can?

Oh, yes.

Do as I say, and Simon will kneel to you.



Clarissa Fairchild.


You are guilty of using the Angel Raziel's one wish for personal gain...

and of knowingly deceiving the Clave on the matter.

Do you have any last words?

I know what Iris Rouse refused to do for you.

I can do it.

What are you saying?

I've created runes that can open portals, take down wards, and deactivate Mortal Instruments.

I can bring Valentine back to life.


We inspected Valentine's body and grave.

There's nothing Lilith could want...

other than the man himself.

He despised demons more than anyone.

What's the connection?

We're about to find out.


How exactly does this rune power work?


it comes to me when I'm in danger.

And sometimes, I have to reach for it.




feeling some resistance.


This is not the will of the Angels.

But it's my will.




Thank you all for showing up on such short notice.

Anyone got eyes on Maia?

She left town yesterday.

Personal reasons.

You didn't know?

We're going on a mission without her.

I called you all here because Clary Fairchild has been arrested by the Clave.

They're holding her in a secure facility in Idris.

And we're gonna break her out.

Once a Shadowhunter, always a Shadowhunter.

Let me get this straight.

You want us to go to Idris to rescue a Nephilim?

She's my daughter.

But you know the second we walk into Idris, we'll set off the wards and be put down like dogs.

Not if we go through the Brocelind Forest.

The wolves there have a tactical advantage.

All right.

Well, partner up with them.

We're staying here in New York.

Clary killed Valentine.

If it wasn't for her, the Downworld would be extinct.

Look, we're grateful she saved our lives.

But that's exactly why we're not running into a suicide mission.

This isn't a request.

It's an order.

We're not soldiers in your personal army, Luke.

We're family.

Can you honestly stand there and say that Clary's life is more important than all of ours?

I get it.

She's your daughter.

But we're your family too.


You walk out that door...

you lose this pack for good.






What's happening?


You're in the Gard.

How is that possible?



Your return is only temporary.

You'll be back in hell soon enough.

I wasn't in hell.

I was in the dark.

There was nothing but shadows, Oh!

I was a shadow.

And I knew it was all over.

It's time for the questioning.

Please escort Ms.

Fairchild back to the courtyard.

Her work is done.


is the only one I will speak to.

I will not tell you a thing.

Do you understand?

But my daughter...


Clary will question you first.

But the Clave will be watching.

Lilith, Queen of Edom, here in New York City?

That's a terrifying prospect.

It is indeed.

My Institute is hunting her as we speak.

But she's proven rather...


More tea?

Yes, please.

Té rojo is my favorite.

Lilith has taken a lieutenant using some form of mind control.

A Shadowhunter.

Our goal is to break him free, so that he can tell us everything about her plans, her location and her weaknesses.

But this will require a...

great deal of magic.

You want my warlocks to confront this lieutenant?


Only one.

Magnus Bane.

He has found a spell that allows him to channel the magic of other warlocks.

He'll be the only one in danger.

Of course, we would never move forward without your blessing.

The Shadowhunters have a duty to fight demons, but the warlocks do not.

By helping you, we risk making an enemy of a Queen of Hell.

Lilith isn't even a threat to us.

Yes, she is.

She corrupted the ley lines, endangering warlocks all over the city.

That issue was resolved.



And while you gladly took the credit, we both know who really purified those ley lines.

Maybe your people deserve to know the truth too.

I risked my Institute helping the warlocks.

If you have any honour, you'll return the favor.

El honor es en el acto. I will speak to my people about this at once.

Rabbi Abromowitz.

Simon Lewis.


Yeah, that's...



Um, thank you.

My mom's doing very well.

Uh, I was calling with a question, actually, about the...

about the Book of Genesis.



Do you remember the Mark of Cain?

I know how he got it, I just want to know how did he get rid of it?

He never did.



That's fantastic.


thanks anyway, Rabbi.





[Guess again.] Heidi.

I didn't know they let you make calls in the Praetor Lupus.

[Yeah, the Praetor wasn't really]

[like, my thing, so I left.]

[And now I'm at your place.]

That's funny, I...

I don't see you.

[Oh, but I see you.]

[Those big brown eyes.]

[You were such a precious little baby!]

[I could look at these photos all day.]

You're at my house?



That was fast.


- But I'm faster.

Have a seat.

OK, just...

please, Heidi, don't...

don't hurt them.

I'm the one who tricked you.

I'm the one who got you sent away.

It's my fault.


So just...

I forgive you, Simon.

You do?

There's nothing you could ever do that would make me love you less.

Can you say the same about them?

Of course.

They're my...

they're my family.

They'll always love me.


Then why haven't you told them your big secret?



I think that you're scared.

Deep down, you fear that they'll never...

accept the real you.


So, let's find out.

Time for a good old family dinner.


So you created a necromancy rune, just like that?

I underestimated you.

Clarissa, you are my greatest creation.

Not Jonathan, not Jace.

You are.

I was never yours.


How do you know Lilith?

What makes you think I do?

She's in this realm, planning something big, and it involves digging up your grave.

I know nothing about that.


I do have a decent alibi.

- You tell me, or I swear I...

- Or what?

Jia's men will kill me?

That's inevitable.

Why use my few extra minutes of life to help the Clave, huh?

This isn't about helping the Clave.

This is about...

doing what's right!

You still believe in stopping demons, don't you?

Prove it.

I don't know why Lilith wanted to exhume me.

But I admit I did summon her once, many years ago.

- Why?

- She is the mother of all demons, and that makes her blood a very potent ingredient.

So I requested a vial.

For Jonathan.


You injected him.

I knew if he received her blood in the womb, Jonathan would be the ultimate weapon.

A warrior under my command, with the strength of both angels and demons.

Why would Lilith agree to help you?

Because in exchange, I gave her the one thing she always wanted.

The one thing she could never have.

A child.





Oh, Catarina!


I'm just sending out my instructions for the synthesis spell.

I'm halfway through my Rolodex.


Oh, I know that face.

What is it?

Lorenzo forbade the warlocks from participating in your spell.

And he asked the High Council to do the same.

- Why?

- He didn't say.

He just threatened to send anyone who disobeys to the dungeons of the Spiral Labyrinth.

At least I can count on you.

Normally, I would risk prison for you.

It wouldn't be the first time.

But I can't bear the thought of leaving Madzie alone.

I'm so sorry.

Don't be.

Sweet Pea needs you.

This is Lorenzo's fault.

We both know if the warlocks can't give you the power that you need, there's someone else who can.



His help always comes at a price.

I'm not that desperate.

So what are you going to do?

I'm going to talk some sense into the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

This is an emergency.

I need to speak with Isabelle Lightwood.


I'm Simon's Praetor, Jordan.

I need to speak with you.

It's OK.

So, do you remember that vampire Heidi?

The charming blonde who attacked me at the Hunter's Moon?

She escaped from the Praetor Lupus last night.

How could you let that happen?

I didn't let this happen!

She was being escorted by three Praetors when somehow she broke free and...

She killed them all.

I think she has Simon.

I left home to grab some blood for him, and when I got back, there was broken glass everywhere and no Simon.

Are you kidding me?!

You're supposed to protect him!

Look, I just really want to find him.

OK, I can't find his scent anywhere around town.

His phone's off.

And I was thinking maybe you could use Shadowhunter tracking.

They deserve to know the truth.

I'm trying to help you.

You're living half of a life.

Your friends and family don't know the real you, what's in your heart, but I do.

And you could live an honest life with me, but then you hide your true nature for them.


Just trust me.

They wouldn't believe me if I told them.

Oh, but you're not giving these smart women enough credit.


- Hey...


So, I've got some big news.

Don't do this.

Simon is a vampire.

What do you think about that?


Simon, who is this woman?!

She's a vampire.

Just like me.


She's a freaking lunatic.



Don't be rude.


That's your name, right?


Look at me.


You just committed a second degree assault, all right, and that's a class D felony in New York state.

That means a sentence of up to years.

But look.

Hey, hey.

Look at me.

Now, I could to talk to the DA, but I can only do that if you let me and my children go right now.

A lawyer.

I respect that.

You need evidence to believe something.

- No!

- Stop!


No, no, no, no, no!

No, don't!

Please don't!

No, don't!



ELAINE: Oh, God!

ELAINE: What's going on?!

Rebecca, are you OK?


HEIDI: Any vampire will feed if they're hungry enough.

And your son is starving.

Lilith is in this realm because of Jonathan?

The timing can't be a coincidence.

She wants to reunite with her son.

Jonathan is dead.

He is?

Jace killed him.

What more could she want?

Do you really think death would stop a Queen of Hell?

It didn't stop you.

She's going to resurrect Jonathan.



This interrogation is over.


But I still have so much more to say.

If your guess is correct, and Lilith truly is raising Jonathan, she may very well need a part of your remains.

Why else disturb your grave?

Kill him.

And this time, incinerate the body.


I will not go back to dust and shadows.

JIA: Kill him!


Step aside!

Step aside or I'll break your Consul's neck!


Let's try this again.


You are my ticket out of here.

It'll never work.

You'd need an army to escape!

An army?

All I need is Clarissa.

Let Jia go!

Come with me.

Why would I do that?

Because I know what that colour means.

You'd rather burn to death than escape with your father?


What about your friends in New York?

They need your help!

You can't give up.

You're a survivor, just like me.

I am nothing like you.








it appears I can't be killed.

That's some rune, Clarissa.





See you, man.


I always knew you were a snake in the grass.

You lied to Alec.

Now, don't be catty, Magnus.

You asked me to speak with my people.

And I did.

You threatened them.

I strongly advised them to stay far away from your vendetta.


A Queen of Hell is loose.

We're trying to save lives.


You're trying to save Jace Herondale.

I know Alec's parabatai is the one under Lilith's thrall.

Unlike you, I don't let Lightwood charms affect my judgment.

It's true.

Alec has a personal stake in this fight.

If Jace dies, part of Alec dies too.

That's not my problem.

But Lilith is.

She poses a threat to this entire city.

As High Warlock, you have an obligation to consider the Shadow World's best interests.

I don't need your advice.

I took this position because you couldn't handle it.

You let your heart dictate your actions, and that will be your downfall.

I'm not giving you an ounce of power, Magnus.

I don't care if you have to watch the man you love wither and die.






Attacking one's superior is grounds for banishment.

The only thing superior about you is your ego.





You're done, Bane.

You're done!




I would never feed on my mom or Becky or anyone else, for that matter.

It's the only way they'll believe us.

Just a little taste...

Please, don't hurt him!

- Don't touch him!

- So what's your game plan?

You're gonna make me feed on my family, and then what?

And then we'll be free to start a new life together.

What makes you think I'd even want to do that?


I didn't even want to turn you.

We have eternity, so you'll grow to love me the way that I love you.

You're obsessed with me.

There's a difference.

You just can't see it because you've never been loved.

- That's not true.

- You've told me as much.

Why else spend your weekends and nights getting high at bleeder dens?

It's because you needed an escape from your pathetic, miserable, lonely life.

Shut up.

And when you met me, you saw me as just another escape.

The nice boy who's finally gonna love you like you think you deserve.

You don't deserve my love.

You're nothing to me.

You're just trash!

Do it.

Please, do it.

Do it.


You almost had me, but she warned me about your little Mark.


The Seelie Queen?

So I can't harm you directly.

I just have to get creative.


Please, please!

Listen, Heidi!

Heidi, take me.


Please don't hurt her!

I won't hurt her.

Go to your brother.
















Simon, are you OK?



It's me.











IZZY: Simon?

You have to stop!




Give her to me.

She's still breathing.

Thank the Angel.

She's going to be OK, ma'am.

You get away from her!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Don't you touch her!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

You hurt her again and it will be the last thing you ever do, I swear to God!

You stay away from her!

You stay away from this family!

I swear to God, I will kill you!



You're a monster.




You've reached the voicemail of Magnus Bane. Please don't leave a message at the tone. I'm centuries old and even I think it's outdated. (BEEP)

I'm at your place.

I need a portal.

Get home as soon as you can.

It's an emergency.



Detective Garroway.


Mendez, Greer.

How's your night?

Better, now that we've found you.

You haven't been answering your radio.

Yeah, I...

I've had some family issues.

You know how it goes.

Family issues?

That's interesting.

You said the same thing about your partner Olivia Wilson after her mother was killed.

And now she's MIA.

Going out of town, Luke?

Oh, this?

I'm just returning some equipment to a friend.

Let me go drop this off upstairs, and then I'll come back down and we can finish our discussion.

Afraid not.

You need to come with us.

Lieutenant wants a word.







Oh, God!




MAN: Don't move!

WOMAN: Over there!





Loyal Circle members.

You are here because you were ready to die for me.

But I have come back!



We'll fight our way out of here!

By this sign, WE CONQUER!



You OK?

It's been a day.


We have no leads on Lilith or Jace, no word on Clary.

Is something burning?

It's me.

Things got a little bit heated during my talk with Lorenzo.

I'm afraid the warlocks are not an option.

So that's it.

Jace is trapped in his own personal hell, and I can't get him out.

He asked me to kill him, and I was too selfish to listen.

Oh, Alexander, stop.

I have to kill Jace.

And I'll be damned if I let anybody else do it.

There's still a way for me to obtain enough power to cure him.


What is it?

My father.



I can't imagine what you're going through.

After what Heidi did...

What I did.

This isn't your fault!

Heidi manipulated and tortured you.

But I'm the one who fed on my own sister.

Becky will be OK.

She just needs a transfusion.

I tried to live a normal life.

But there's nothing normal about me anymore.

The way my mom looked at me...

She was right.

I'm a monster.

No, you're not.

You're a good man, Simon Lewis.

And we're gonna get through this.









That'll never work.

Just stay back, Clarissa.

You are not going to stop me!


No, I won't.

I'm coming with you.

Oh, I'm afraid that offer has expired.

I was protecting the Consul.

But now...

I have to protect my friends.

They need to know about Jonathan's resurrection.

If that means escaping with you, then so be it.

All right.

Open the door.







This time, you're not coming back.

But you will never be rid of me.


are a Morgenstern.


I am.

But I'm also a Fairchild.




Please, you have to destroy Valentine's body.


What are you doing?!


My Queen needs Valentine's flesh.

And your heart.

Get up!