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03x10 - Erchomai
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IZZY: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Jace is trapped in his own personal hell, and I can't - get him out.

- Alec...

I need you to kill me.

There's still a way for me to obtain - enough power to cure him.

- What is it?

- My father.

- Asmodeus.

Any vampire will feed if they're hungry enough...

and your son is starving.

- No, Simon!

- Simon!

You get away from her!

I swear to God, I will kill you!

Please, you have to destroy Valentine's body.

What are you doing?

My queen needs Valentine's flesh and your heart.

For thousands of years, I was unable to bear a child, but then Valentine asked for my blood for his unborn son. He sent him to me.










My precious boy...

Stay away from me!

It's all right.

There's nothing to be afraid of.


I'm just like you.

Who are you?

I am your mother.

I'm so happy your father finally sent you to me.

My mother hates me.

That's why she left us.

That woman who abandoned you, Jocelyn Fairchild, is not your true mother.

My blood...

is what made you so special...

so powerful.

And your father punished you for it, but I won't...

because I know what a gift you are to this world.

I love you more than anything.

And I will never let anything bad happen to you.



Mother loves you.



The heart is on its way, my child.

It is finally time.

♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪



Three second head start and you didn't try to run?

- I'm disappointed.

- What's the point?

You're just gonna catch me again anyway, right?

Let's go.

Did you kill Alec and Izzy?

Did you?!

Answer me!

I don't take orders from you.

But you do from Lilith?

She is my Queen.

Keep moving.

We can run all you want.

It's only a matter of time before the guards from the Clave get to us.

That's why I activated your Anti-Tracking rune.

Let me talk to him.


Give him back to me.

I can't lose him again.

There is no version of this where your Jace wakes up and comes home.

Jace, if you can hear me in there, I will never give up on you.




The life you knew is gone.

You belong to Lilith now.


(WOMAN): Forgive me, ma'am, if I misheard you, but did you say that your daughter was attacked by a vampire?


I did, and I know how that sounds.

But it's the truth.

And then these friends of his showed up and helped him escape, and he...

Let's go find a coffee.

No, no!

I need to stay here - with my daughter.

- Ms.

Lewis, she's in good hands, and fresh air will do you some good.


People are gonna think she's insane.

- This isn't your fault.

- How is any of this not my fault?

I've ruined her life.

I'm sorry.

Can you ask your doctor boyfriend to check in on Becky?

He never quite made it to "boyfriend." Oh.

I got tired of lying.

Mundanes and the Shadow World don't mix.

You're preaching to the choir.

Excuse me, miss.

Paramedics came in with Rebecca Lewis.

- Where is she?

- Are you family?

Yeah, she's my sister.

Thank you.


Smith to radiology, please. Dr.

Smith to radiology.



Give me something...

Anything that makes sense of why you were found on the street with a crossbow and rappelling gear.

Look, last time I checked, having a hobby wasn't a crime.

No, but obstruction of justice is.



You know, hopefully you're just covering for your partner who may or may not have skipped town after murdering her own mother.

Ollie is innocent.

If she's so innocent, why were her prints found on the murder weapon?

Maybe you should be asking yourself why somebody would want to frame her instead.

According to Internal Affairs, that answer's staring me in the face right now.

They're looking at you for what happened to Wilson's mom...

and a few other deaths too.

Based on what evidence?

Other than what we just went over?

How about the disappearance of your last partner?


Or my predecessor who died on the job while you were investigating the Demonic Murders.

I put that suspect in the morgue.

Then where's the body?

Or did your perp just get up and walk away?

You're gonna have to take that up with the coroner.

Look, Lieutenant, I'm sorry but my daughter needs me.

I gotta go.

Oh, your daughter?

You mean the one that vanished from existence?

It's been hundreds of years since you banished your father.

What makes you think he'll even listen to your request?

Let's just say he owes me one.

For what happened with your mother?


and for everything in the years that followed.

I was living on the streets.

I didn't know who or what I was.

Asmodeus took me in.

Nurtured my darker impulses.

And taught me the "proper" way to be a warlock.

And why'd you listen to him?

Because he was the only one in the world with eyes like me.

He was my father.

Look, at least give me the time to call in back-up from the Institute.

We don't even have Lilith under control.

Another Greater Demon gets loose, it could put the whole city at risk.

Fortunately for the good people of New York, my father won't be traveling top-side.

What aren't you telling me?

This pentagram isn't for summoning Asmodeus to Earth.

It's for sending someone to Edom.

In this case, me.

Absolutely not.

We need my father's help.

And the cell service down there is terrible.

This isn't funny!

Would you prefer I act as terrified as I feel right now?

This is insane.

Tell me Jace isn't worth it.

Let's get this over with.



You're gonna make it back.

You hear me?

Why wouldn't I?

Look what I have waiting for me.


I love you, Alexander.

I love you too.










Come on.

It's not much farther now.

That's what you said blocks ago.



Get up.

Just give me a minute.

I haven't stopped moving since Valentine's interrogation.


Stop moving.

You're gonna need your stamina.


Let's go.







Hey, I'm here.

Are you OK?


It's a hell of a hangover.

What happened?


Did you do this to Mom too?


It didn't come to that.

I am so sorry.

I've read enough YA to know what happens.

So, how long is it until I turn?

You won't.

I promise.

You'd have to have died with my blood in your system, then get buried, and then...


feed as soon as you crawled out of your own grave.

Oh, Simon...

You went through all of that alone?

You died?

Medically speaking, yeah.

Well, I guess...

all of your sketchy behaviour makes more sense now.

How did I not know about this sooner?

You and Mom both did.

I had a vampire friend hypnotize both of you to forget.


Can you do that too?


And I...

I will totally do that for you too.



Simon, I wasn't there for you once.

And I will never not be there for you again.

I'm your big sister...

and I'm always gonna love you.

Warts, fangs and all.



How did Mom take this?

She tried to kill me.

And now, she's telling everybody about what I really am.

What do we do about that?





Who dares enter the lair of Asmodeus unannounced?

Be still my beating heart.

Is that my beautiful boy...

or do my eyes deceive me?

Hello, Father.

My son.

Magnus Bane.

High Warlock of Greenwich...

here in Edom.

Not that it matters anymore, but I was the High Warlock of Brooklyn, not Greenwich.

Well, you'll have to forgive me for being out of touch.

It's not like you write.

Or call.

Or perform the occasional blood sacrifice.

Well, you'll have to forgive me, considering how we left things.

I can only assume that your presence here means you've finally come to your senses.

About what?

Banishing the only person who ever truly cared for you.

You think I came here to apologize?

A demon can hope, can't he?

I plucked you from obscurity and poverty, and turned you into the man that you are today.

I'm the man I am today because I finally saw you for what you really are...

a prince of Hell.

You didn't seem to mind at the time.

I didn't know any better!

There isn't a single thing from our years together that doesn't make my skin crawl.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but...

you'll get no apology from me.

Then why have you come here?

Why re-open this wound?

I came here to ask you for your assistance.


After coming into my home and insulting me like this?!

What kind of fool do you take me for?

The kind whose love for his chosen son might outweigh his pride.

You know, you can stall all you want, Luke, but you're going to have to give a statement sooner or later.

Look, Lieutenant, I don't have time for this.

If you have evidence, I'm more than happy to call my union rep.

- Don't do this.

- Otherwise, I'm out the door.

Don't push me.

I'm sorry, but I gotta go.

Then you're suspended pending further investigation.

I've been calling you for an hour.

What was that all about?

A problem for another day.

What's up?

Lilith just used Jace to break Clary out of the Gard.



Remember that image Simon sent you?

The ritual markings from Lilith's church.

- What about them?

- Whatever the ritual is, Clary's a part of it.

- How?

- I don't know.

Alec just got a tracking hit on her.

It's faint, but she's - definitely back in the city.

- All right.

Let's go find her.



The prodigal sister has arrived.

The family resemblance is striking.

To tell the truth, I just don't see it.

You're a sassy one, aren't you?

Sorry for the delay, my Queen.

Valentine's rib.


All that matters is we have everything necessary to begin.


My Owl is going to need his energy.

Thank you, my Queen.



Anger isn't a good look on you.

Neither are those clothes.

Get her cleaned up and into a change of clothes for her brother's rebirth.

Perhaps something blue.

That's what your kind wears when the lost return, isn't it?



- No, no, no.

It's OK.

- Please, don't kill me.

- I'm all your sister has left.

- No, it's OK.

It's OK.

I know...

I know how hard it was for you to lose Dad, but...

but what I'm about to do, it...

it has to happen.

It has to happen for your own good.

- Don't.


Don't panic.

- Please, don't.





Just listen.


Your son, Simon...

he isn't a vampire.

That's just how you're dealing with your grief.

There was an accident.

But your son felt no pain.

And in his last moments...

In his last moments, he thought about how much he's gonna miss you.

♪ Every day, every night ♪

And, no matter where he ends up in his next life...

♪ It wasn't right ♪

♪ Silence says it all ♪

He will never stop thinking about you.

♪ Close my eyes ♪

♪ Years go by ♪

♪ Endless lows, empty heart ♪

He will always love you.

♪ What if I was wrong? ♪

♪ Now, it's colder than it used to be ♪

♪ I call, but you don't answer me ♪

Simon Lewis is dead.

♪ When the time is dark ♪

♪ I'm holding on to what I see ♪

♪ Waiting for a chance to breathe ♪


♪ And I feel it closing in ♪

♪ It's the truth that always kills me ♪

♪ But I don't know how to win ♪


Raising Jonathan from the dead...

is he really worth all the murder?

The things we do for our children.

Besides, the mundanes killed by my disciples will do far more for this world in death than they'd ever do in life.

And yet you need me alive.

How does that work, exactly?

I mean, you can't really just borrow my heart.

Oh, I'm afraid that's exactly what it's like.

But the heart isn't what you think.

Jonathan needs to share your life force in order to breathe again, so I might hold him once more.

Losing Jonathan...

hearing him call for me with his final breath...

was the single most painful moment of my very long life.

You say that like you loved him.

Why wouldn't I?

Demons aren't capable of love.


A failing of frail human imagination.

Demons live.

We die.

We feed.

We lay.

Why wouldn't we love like you?

I need to care for Jonathan like you and your father never would.

If there's one thing that Valentine and I can agree on, it's the fact that the world is a much better place with a monster like Jonathan dead and buried.




My son is not a monster!


Just little demonic power to help free my friend, that's all I'm asking for.

Why would I ever give you the means by which Lilith could be banished back here to lord over us all?

Edom may not be Marseille, but it's a hell of a lot less miserable with her gone.


Name your price.

"There is a time "when we all must return to live in the houses of our fathers." Rule beside me.

I never should have come.

Say what you will about the time we spent together, but you have to admit, you enjoyed every minute of it.

I was a child!


I have never once come here to ask you for anything.

There must be something else I can give you.

Actually, my son...

there is.


you deserved to know what was happening with Jace.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

"A problem for another day." Do you think Clary was actually here?


- Yes.

- Jace's or Clary's?


It's probably what set off Alec's tracking.


Do you think Jace did this to her?

Clary might have done this to herself.

She's leaving us bread crumbs.

Lilith's hiding in a mundane building?

[Yes.] The trail led us here.

She's trying to put as many bodies as possible between her and anyone with a mind to stop her.

[Any word from Magnus?] We might be on our own.

I'm sure Magnus is just waiting to make some sort of dramatic entrance.


Let's hope so.

Thanks for the intel.

I'll call Izzy.

She and Simon

- [will meet me there.]

- Bring me a blade.


I'm gonna ask you to sit this one out.

Against the Queen of Hell?!

[You're gonna need all the help you can get.] Please, Mom, for me.

[For Izzy.

For Max.] Let us do the heavy lifting.

We pull this off, Jace is gonna need you.




I know the timing sucks, but we need you.

Lilith has Clary.

- No...

- And the one thing aside from Clary's Sunlight rune that has proven to work against Lilith's disciples...

My mark...

which Heidi somehow knew about.

I thought...

I thought the Seelie Queen told her, but what if...

what if Lilith freed Heidi?

Simon, if you can't do this, everyone will understand.

- OK?

- No!


I just lost my mom.

I'm not losing Clary too.

ALEC: Simon's been in the building forever.

What's taking him so long?

Alec, it's a high rise.


I tried to get as close as I could without anyone noticing, but...

my vamp ears couldn't hear Clary inside anywhere.

Lilith must be concealing her location with some kind of glamour.

Let's find out.


- What does that one do?


It allows us to see currents of supernatural energy.

So, if we can't see the shark in the ocean, you can still see the waves it makes.



Lilith has portal wards on the perimeter...

and she's redirected ley lines to the top floor.


I've never seen magic that strong.

With or without Magnus, we have to get Clary out of there.

Look, Lilith's gonna throw everything she has at us, including Jace.

For the record, I'd rather not vaporize Jace if he tries to kill me, but I can't control how this thing works, or the fact that he'll probably try to kill me during the fight.

That's a good point.

I have another way you can be helpful.

What am I gonna do with a steely?


I've heard it both ways.


The fire alarm just went off downstairs.

The mundanes are evacuating the building.

There's no fire.

Luke Garroway is leading a strike team from the Institute.

Is the Daylighter with them?

Why do you care if Simon's here?

Keep them away from my boy.

Avoid the vampire.

Kill the rest.



LUKE: Remember, you see any Disciples, stay non-lethal.

We might be able to restore them eventually.

Zero body count is gonna be a lot easier without any mundanes in the way.

Looks like the plan's working so far.


Building's been emptied out on our end.

All clear back here.

Heading to meet the fire department.


Looks like security's the last one out.

Which means we've got about five minutes before emergency response gets in the way.

Here's to hoping Lilith has a short fuse.

How do we know if she takes the bait?


Call it a hunch.





He's still in here.

And he's prepared to die for it.

I won't hesitate to fulfill that wish.


I could kill you with my magic right now...

but I'd rather make Jace watch as I tear you apart with his hands.


Hey there...


You really think that can hurt me?

Only one way to find out.












Your boy is crying, you know.

- He's begging me...


begging me not to do this.



I know you're in there...

It's OK.

I forgive you.

It wasn't you.

I'm sorry we couldn't save you.


They say the worst pain a Shadowhunter can feel is the loss of his parabatai.

Come here.

It's time for Jace to finally feel it.











Stay with me!




Mom said...

you'd make a dramatic entrance.

Wise woman.



Magnus, please, you've gotta fix him!

I can't.

You can't?!

What do you mean you can't?

My magic...

it's gone.

I traded it to break Lilith's hold on you.




it wasn't you.


I'll take care of him.

I'm going to get Clary.

Jace is coming for you.

They all are.


Let them.


I bet Jonathan can't wait to see them again.




As you live, so shall my son.










How are we gonna take care of those guys?

We just have to buy Simon some time.



Miss me?


Let's get the hell out of here!

No, wait!


We can't let her bring my brother back to life.

- Sebastian?

- Jonathan.

- Two brothers?

- Same guy.


Cool, cool, cool.


So, what's the play?

Lilith is afraid of that mark on your head.

But it's defensive, not offensive.

We'd have to get her to make a run at me, but she's smarter than that, isn't she?

Not when it comes to her son, she isn't.


I need a stele.


Alec thought you might say that.





Get away from Jonathan!

Why would I do that?

"As I live, so shall your son." You wouldn't.


Foolish child!


Do it, Simon!

End this!










♪ Like gravity ♪

♪ From underneath ♪

♪ We can't outrun ♪

♪ Our destiny ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪


♪ There's no escape ♪

♪ When fire meets fate ♪


♪ There's no escape ♪

♪ When fire meets fate ♪


What happened?

I think Lilith got sent the hell back to Edom.

Simon did it.

♪ When fire meets fate ♪

♪ There's no escape ♪


♪ When fire meets fate ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ There's no escape ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ There's no escape ♪

♪ It's in our flesh ♪

♪ It's in our blood ♪

My mark...

there was an explosion...

♪ There's no escape ♪


It's me.

It's me.

It's me.

It's me.


Where is she?

Where's Clary?

I killed her.

Clary's dead.

♪ There's no escape ♪

♪ When fire meets fate ♪

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