03x16 - Stay With Me

Previously, on Shadowhunters...

FEMALE OFFICER: On the ground, Garroway.

Hands on your head, face down.

So, you're just gonna take the punishment for someone else's crime?

Yeah. I'm sorry, kiddo.

Who did this to you?!

Caelestis ignis.

Latin for "heavenly fire".

It's the name of an off-the-books Clave program


ALINE: I heard your brother was in New York.

You let him go.


JACE: Clary! Hey!


What are you doing?!

JONATHAN: It seems our rune has brought us together.


You are, of course, aware that there are risks.

OK? I can give you the transfusion of magic, but whether or not your body accepts it...

I can take care of myself.

- ALEC: Magnus!

- Magnus!





These waffles are unbelievable.

Even better than your French toast.

I've been getting good, aren't I?


I'm thinking about taking the next step.



Careful. A man can get used to this type of treatment.

Oh, you haven't seen anything yet.


Care to dance?


Oh, I'm just remembering Havana.

Salsa dancing at the Tropicana?

I still have nightmares of your two left feet.

Oh, it wasn't that bad.


I've been practicing.

Really, now?




Magnus, I do believe you're speechless.

I'm a lot of things right now, Alexander.


Magnus, stay with me.

I'm here.

ALEC: Stay with me.

MAGNUS: Slow down.

Slow down!


Magnus, stay with me!

Stay with me! Come on!


Come on, Magnus. Stay with me. Come on!

What happened?

Catarina, he... he just collapsed.

I don't know. You have to do something.

He's not breathing.

IZZY: By the Angel!

ALEC: Hey, Magnus. Magnus!

Can you hear me?!

- Stand back...
- Please, I'm right here!

- Stand back!


ALEC: Catarina, is he gonna be all right?

CATARINA: Come on, Magnus!

Hang in there!


♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪



How'd it go?

Fantastic. One dead end after another.

None of Mirek's clients have the Morning Star blade.

There's one name left.

At least, I think it's a name.

It looks like it's written in some Seelie language.

What is it?

These are letters from the ancient Seelie alphabet.



Our Queen goes by many names... some of them not very well known.

I had no idea that the Seelie Queen took an interest in antiquities.

Will you arrange an audience with Her Highness?

I can try.



Clary. Hey.

I'm fine. I didn't feel a thing.

Good. OK, that's good.

What'd they do to you?

They couldn't do anything.

The demonic tether that binds me to Jonathan is...


stronger than anything they've ever seen before.

OK. Well, look. That...


It doesn't mean we're out of options.

Look, you... you saw that illustration with me.

Michael separated himself from Lucifer.

That means there has to be a way.

Maybe we go straight to the source.

Are you talking about Lilith?

She gave me the rune.

She's gotta know how to remove it.

- No.
- A warlock can summon her.

- We can...
- No. No. No.

- Look, we just got rid of her,

and it almost cost you your life.

I don't know what else to do.

Look, when I saw Jonathan last night, I couldn't call for help.

I couldn't walk away.

I couldn't do anything!

And after what happened with Aline, and the fire, I... I...

I can feel it, Jace!

It's this darkness. It's growing,

- and I...
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, listen to me.

You are a good person.

And there is no rune that's gonna change that.



Magnus, I... I don't know if you can hear me.


This is my fault.

I was selfish.

When you first lost your powers, and you said you were OK with it, I...

I didn't think twice.

I guess I was just so happy that maybe we could... grow old together.

♪ I want to love ♪

♪ Like a man ♪



♪ I'll build you a home ♪

I guess I just didn't realize... deep down, how much you were suffering.

♪ Give my new body a chance ♪

Magnus, I love you... more than anyone in the world, and...

I'm... I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

♪ I fought the world for your hand ♪

♪ You're all I have ♪

May I come in?



♪ You're all I have ♪


Did you manage to... make contact with the people at the Spiral Labyrinth?

Yes, and I shared the test results, and he agreed.

Magnus's body is rejecting Lorenzo's magic.

Rejecting? What do you mean?

Think of it like a failing organ transplant.

Each time Magnus performs a spell, it puts a tremendous strain on his body.

He got lucky this time.

He will regain consciousness.

But if he uses magic again, even for something small, he might not survive.

Why can't you just... fix him?

Why can't you just take Lorenzo's magic out?

I wish I could. The only one who can reverse the transfer is the person who gave it to him.

Lorenzo did this on purpose.

Alec, there's no way he could have planned it.

With magic transfusions, there's always this possibility.

No. He knew how desperate Magnus was.

He took advantage of him.

I'm not gonna let this son of a bitch get away with it.

You need to settle down.

What's the Shadowhunter saying?

"Emotions cloud judgement"?

You lose your temper with Lorenzo, he'll have less incentive to help.

Like it or not, Lorenzo Rey is Magnus's only hope.




Hey, Fray, he's gonna be OK.

First Luke goes to prison, and now this.


Why is everything falling apart?

Hey. Hey. Hey, Fray.

Hey! Fray!

What, Simon?!

What, are you gonna make some joke to try and get me to feel better?



I can't live like this.

Jace, we have to do it.

Do what?

Clary, what's going on?




I spoke to Catarina.

She won't summon Lilith. Too dangerous.

Well, can... can we find another warlock?

There's no one else we can trust.

What about me?

What if I use my rune ability to summon Lilith?

The runes were designed to give us the power to fight demons, not summon them.

Look, I know it's a long shot... but if I can create a rune that can bring back the dead, isn't this worth trying?

(SIGHING) What other choice do I have?


Let's say we manage to summon Lilith.

What's to stop her from escaping?

Or attacking us?

The Malachi Configuration.

It was built to contain greater demons.

Right, but not the Queen of Hell.

We need a contingency plan.

A way to send her back to Edom if she gets loose.

The Mark of Cain.

Yeah, the Mark of Cain would be perfect...

- CLARY: Yeah!
- If you still had it.

Yeah, I don't, but Izzy and I both know someone that does.

Do you think you can convince Cain to cooperate?

Well, I mean, it seemed like he liked me. It's worth a shot.

OK. Let's say we summon Lilith, and we manage to trap her, and Cain is willing to help.

The only problem is...how do we get her to talk to us?

Don't worry about it.
With the upgrades I made to the Malachi configuration, that shouldn't be an issue.


I'll go talk to him right now.

I'll go with you.




Charming, isn't it?

It's one of Mozart's lesser known works, but certainly one of my favorites...

You should've seen the look on Wolfgang's face when I told him what I really thought about his Mass in C Minor.

We need to talk.

Hang on, this is the best part.



What can I do for you, Mr. Lightwood?


Magnus has fallen ill as a result of the magic you gave him.

I did warn your boyfriend of the risks involved.

He assured me he could handle it.

Well, he can't.

And I would appreciate if you would take the magic back.

Yes, I'm sure you would appreciate that.

But he brought this upon himself.

Not my fault the pompous old warlock falls by his own hubris.

Why? Why do you hate him so much?

It's simple.

All my life, I've had to sit by and watch while the world lavished praise on Magnus Bane.

The Prodigy. The High Warlock who could do no wrong.

Green isn't becoming on you, Lorenzo.

You have no idea how hard I've had to work for everything that I have.

That man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

His celebrity is not based on talent.

It's nepotism.

Lorenzo, you're right about one thing.

Magnus is beloved.

And when word gets out that you wouldn't help him, purely out of jealously... how do you think the other warlocks are gonna feel?

I guess we'll find out, won't we?

Oh, you b*st*rd. I swear I will...

- You'll what?

I believe we're done here.

You can show yourself out.

You've never been in love, have you?

I'm over years old.
Of course I have.

More times than I care to admit.

Well for me, it's only one.


He is my world, and if he dies...

Look, Lorenzo... he's no threat to you. OK?

He doesn't have his powers.

Just... please.

Please, help him.



You have a visitor.

Jonathan Morgenstern.

I see...

Show him in.

But first, let me slip into something a little more comfortable.


Your Highness.

Is this any way to welcome a guest?

Jonathan Morgenstern.

I would say it's a pleasure to meet you, but alas, we Seelies cannot lie.

I am not your enemy.

Whatever quarrel you had with Lilith, that has nothing to do with me.

I'm only here searching for...

For the Morning Star sword.


I know all about your little quest.

Then perhaps you could help me out by handing it over.

I'm afraid you have more pressing concerns.

You see, your mother came into my court and slaughtered dozens of my subjects.

Delivering your head to her on a silver platter will be a fitting revenge.

That demon is not my mother.

And I assure you, I have no loyalty to Lilith.

It's why I left her to rot in Edom after she was banished.

How noble.

Nevertheless, there is a debt to be paid.

Blood for blood.


And what if I can offer you a better deal?

I'm listening.

Your realm will never be safe as long as the Queen of Edom draws breath. But... if you offer me the sword as payment... that silver platter of yours... will soon bear Lilith's head.


Lucian, your face...


There was a guy I put away a few years ago.

I handled it.

For now.

All this stress, this pressure.

What if you can't control yourself?

What if you turn?

It won't happen. I knew what I was getting into when I decided to do this.

What's all the stuff?

You knock over a library?

Uh, I brought you some reading material.

Turns out Elliot was a closet mystery buff.

There's piles of these hidden all over the shop.

Wait. You went back?

You, my friend, are looking at the new owner of Ouroboros Books and Antiques.

Oh, well!

Maryse Lightwood, entrepreneur.


I never would've gotten the idea if you hadn't dragged me down there, so... thank you.


What is it?

I don't want you to visit me anymore.


You said you wanted a fresh start, and now you've got it.

You've got your whole life in front of you.

- Me?

I've got this.

That doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

It's important for me to see you move on... to see you be happy.

I am happy.

Just... consider me your Book of the Month Club.

I am not gonna turn my back on you, Lucian.

Not now.

Not ever.


Cain should be right around here.

Hold on.

IZZY: What is it?

All clear.

Not a rat in sight.

My hero.

I heard about Raphael...

You OK?


If I hadn't let myself fall for him...

I think things would've ended differently.

Maybe, but then... maybe you wouldn't have had that time together.

You know, after seeing what Jace went through when he thought Clary was dead... watching Alec fall apart over Magnus...

I'm not sure I want love in my life.

Not if it hurts like that.



That was insensitive.

You and Maia just broke up.

(CHUCKLING) It's fine. Maia is where she should be: with Jordan, at the Praetor.

Besides, I don't know if this whole love thing is really for me. I mean, no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to make it work.

You know what?

Let's make a pact.

Single for life.

What is that?

It's a pinky swear.

You've never done one of these before?


But it looks, uh... serious.

It's very serious. I mean, the consequences of a broken pinky swear could be dire.

This is the most sacred vow anyone can make.

I love sacred vows.

Let's do it.

We should, uh... keep moving.




Is it even possible to kill a demon as powerful as Lilith?

In Edom it is.

Every demon has their weakness.

What's hers?



Are you sure that's where you want to summon her?

An abandoned power plant?

It has the strongest ley line convergence outside the city.

And we need to do this away from a populated area.











Absolutely not.

IZZY: Please!

If things go sideways, your Mark is the only thing that can banish Lilith back to Edom.


Why can't you just do it yourself?


You... you managed to remove the Mark.

It wasn't easy.

The only reason I succeeded was because Isabelle was there to help me.

I could help you get rid of yours too, coach you through the whole ordeal... if you're willing to come with us.

I won't stand before Lilith ever again.

Why do you fear her?

You're invincible!

No man is invincible.

She seduced me once.

Made me kill my own brother.

Look, Cain, I get it.

I was in a similar situation...

with a vampire named Heidi.

She manipulated me... and I was so hungry that I fed on my sister.

And my mother watched the whole thing.

The guilt... never fades.

It's unbearable.

SIMON: It is.

But... sometimes, to overcome your demons, you have to face them head on.

If you want to make up for your sins of the past, sitting in a sewer isn't gonna do it.

Cain... this is your chance.


Magnus, can you hear me?



There you are.

- Ah...
- Hey.


There you are...


What happened?

Oh. Well, you got very sick, but everything's gonna be OK.

Just hold on. Here. Let me...

- get that for you.

Ah. A man could get used to this type of treatment.

Oh, but definitely not this wardrobe.

Right. Let me get you a change of clothes.

Oh, no need.


Alexander, what...

What's he doing here?

Using Lorenzo's magic is what got you sick.

Catarina says that if you use the magic again, even a little bit, it could go horribly wrong.

The only way for you to get better... is for Lorenzo to take the magic away.


No, Catarina's just being overly cautious.

Trust me, I feel fine.

No. Can we just get a minute, please?

NO! I'm not getting rid of my magic.


Magnus, you stopped breathing.

Your heart stopped. I thought you were gone.

I'm so sorry for scaring you.

I was clearly adjusting to Lorenzo's magic, and I must have overextended myself.

I promise I'll be more careful from now on.

It doesn't matter how careful you are.

As long as you have Lorenzo's magic, you'll be living with an ax over your head.

Oh, could you stop being so morbid?


Look, I know how important magic is to you, but is it really worth dying for?

Magnus, answer me.


How can you even say that?

I am nothing without my magic.

You fell in love with Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn.

Can you honestly say that you don't feel differently about me?

Look at me! Can you honestly say you like this?!

Yes! Your powers were incredible.

But that's not why I fell in love with you.

I fell in love with you because you're wise, and you're generous, and you're brave, and you're incredible!

I just...

When you walk into a room, there's a spark in you, magic or not, that lights up everything and everyone around you!

And... and... hey!

I won't lose you!

I can't.




It's you.

Hello, Mother.


You came back for me, my sweet boy.

Of course I did.

When I rose and realized you were gone...

I was devastated.

And yet, you took your time... leaving me here to suffer.



When that wretched Daylighter blasted me back to this realm, I was weak... my powers diminished.

Asmodeus... he took full advantage.

That cat-eyed cretin, he took my crown, and he bound me to this room with magic that he took from his son.

Mother, I had no idea.

If I had...

I would've come back right away.

What was keeping you so busy?

Clary. She ran away. I had to find her.


I'm afraid that rune was a necessary evil.


No, it's not evil.

It's beautiful.

She called you a monster, Jonathan.

She wanted you to stay dead.

It's different now.

Your sister will never love you like I do. Believe me, if you didn't need her life force in order to live, I would have taken her heart and ripped it out of her chest and crushed it in my hand!


How dare you speak to your mother like that?!

Mother, I'm sorry.

Please, forgive me.




CLARY: Thank you so much for coming.

I know how hard this must be for you.

I have spent centuries cowering in the dark... it was finally time to come into the light.


Good job getting him here.

No problem.

Now, go away.


Look, I don't have time to babysit you.

Without your... your Mark, you're defenseless.

Defenseless?! Do these look defenseless to you? (HISSING)

Are you kidding?

Look, we're a package deal, me and Clary! I'm not going anywhere.

CLARY: All right.

I'm going to open a summoning portal inside the Malachi Configuration.

Once Lilith surfaces, she'll be trapped inside.

If she breaks free, use your vamp speed and act as our shield.

I will do my best.

Everyone keep their eyes open.

Don't take any chances.


Whenever you're ready.


I think I have it.






Mother, let me help you.
I'll set you free.

We can defeat Asmodeus together.

Why do I not trust a word you say?

I'm telling you the truth.

I realize I never should have left Edom in the first place.


You're the only true family that I have.

Mother, I love you.

I have waited so long to hear you say those words...









Welcome back.


Are you ready?

You understand once I take back my magic, that's it.

I cannot give you another transfusion.

Just do it.




Lorenzo... thank you.

Yes, well...

I hope you know this changes nothing.

I'll be keeping the apartment.

Oh, fine.

I have everything I need right here.



So many familiar faces...

Son of Adam...my precious Owl.

How lovely to see you both.

And you... the girl who stole my boy's heart.

You put that rune on me and Jonathan.

Now, you're gonna tell me how to remove it.

Why would I do that?

Jonathan... that ungrateful b*st*rd, tried to kill me.

As far as I'm concerned, you two deserve each other.

Enough! If you're not gonna cooperate willingly, we're gonna have to make you.







Ready to talk now?



(SCREAMING) There's only one way to break the bond between you two.

You've heard of Michael and Lucifer?

Huh? Lucifer possessed the Morning Star blade, but Michael... had a sword of his own called Glorious.

It was imbued with heavenly fire which gave it the power to purge demonic energy.

Heavenly fire?

By stabbing Lucifer with Glorious, Michael was able to nullify the rune's power,

and break the connection.

Where is Glorious now?


Glorious was destroyed

the moment Michael pierced Lucifer.

Its blade was shattered into a thousand pieces and lost to time.


There is no hope for you, Clary Fairchild.

No! You put that rune on her, you're gonna take it off!


I told you, there's nothing I can do!


Jace, stop!

Jace, stop! I think she's telling the truth.



Watch out!



Hello, sister.

You stay away from her!


Clary, wait!

Remember what happens when you get close to him.


Simon, I can't just watch this!

SIMON: You don't have a choice.







As happy as I am to see Clary,

I'm here for Lilith.

I don't care why you're here.

You're not getting away.


And how do you plan on stopping me?



You don't learn, do you?





You hurt me, you hurt Clary.

- NO!






Son of Adam...

Release me.







Lift that sword... and come to Edom with me.


I need your Mark to protect me from Jonathan.

Do me this one favor...

I'll bring your brother Abel back to life.

Cain, don't listen to her!

She's just trying to manipulate you like before!

You have my word.

I promise.




Forgive me.




Help me!







Jace! Are you OK?

Where did you send him?

Where he belongs.


No. No. No.







It's way past visiting hours.

What's going on here?

Who are you?

My name is Scott.

You look tired.

Probably haven't had a good night's sleep since you got here.

I sleep fine.

Because your conscience is clear.

We've had our eyes on you for quite some time, Graymark.

Always admired you.

My last name is Garroway.

You've dedicated your entire life to helping others, which is highly admirable.

But this latest move, getting thrown in prison to protect the Shadow World, that is true dedication.

Truth is, a man like you is wasted in a place like this.

Get dressed. It's time to go.

Look, I don't know who you're working for, but in case they didn't tell you, there's a murder charge.

What murder charge?

Your record has been expunged.

All the open cases, they're now closed.

How the hell did...

You answer to the Praetor Lupus now.



Those restraints will stop him from hurting himself.

As long as he's here, you'll be safe.


When we were out there, there was a moment where I felt compelled to help Jonathan.

And then, I heard your voice.

It snapped me out of it.

The same thing happened with Aline, and with the fire, and today in the Infirmary...

Every time I get close to the edge...you pull me back.

What are you saying?

I didn't think I was strong enough to fight the rune's influence.

But... maybe, with your help, I can be.


I hate the idea of you being connected to that monster forever.

You shouldn't have to endure that.

Hopefully, she won't have to.

Do you remember when Lilith mentioned "heavenly fire"?

Yeah, it's what gave Michael's sword the power to purge demon energy.

What about it?

The sentry who was killed, he said the words "heavenly fire" in Latin before he died.

Alec and I asked mom about it and apparently, it's the name of an off-the-books Clave program.

You think someone at the Clave knows about Glorious?

It's possible.






Alec. What a nice surprise!

I thought I'd actually stop by and see the place.


I'm proud of you.


It's really coming together, isn't it?

There's actually something I wanted to talk to you about.

What is it?


Magnus had a little health scare.

He's OK. Everything's fine.

But, when it happened, it made me realize how much he means to me.

And that I... can't live without him.

That's what love is.

I'm so happy you two found each other.

Me too.

And I need the family ring.

I'm gonna ask Magnus to marry me.