03x17 - Heavenly Fire

- Previously, on Shadowhunters...
- CLARY: You put that rune on me and Jonathan. Now, you're gonna tell me how to remove it.

(SCREAMING) There's only one way to break the bond!

Michael had a sword called Glorious.

It was imbued with heavenly fire.

IZZY: The sentry who was killed said the words heavenly fire before he died. It's the name of an off-the-books Clave program.

Someone at the Clave knows about Glorious.

As happy as I am to see Clary,

- I'm here for Lilith.
- You're not getting away.

How do you plan on stopping me?



JACE: Where did you send him?

- CLARY: Where he belongs.
- NO!

Magnus! Somebody get help!

CATARINA: Magnus's body is rejecting Lorenzo's magic.

You understand once I take back my magic, that's it.

MAGNUS: I am nothing without my magic.

ALEC: How can you even say that?

Magnus is fine, but it made me realize how much he means to me, and I need the family ring.

I'm gonna ask Magnus to marry me.

♪ Back in Colorado, baby

♪ years we were childish, playing ♪

♪ We had time ♪

♪ To make good nights ♪

♪ We push back all our problems lately ♪

Two bedrooms, an absolute must.

Spacious closets, required.

♪ Make good nights ♪


Uh, yeah. Yeah, that sounds great.

Is something wrong?

What? No!

No. On the contrary.
Everything is perfect now that you're back to your old self.

Well, let's not get carried away.

I just mean now that you're healthy.

So, I was thinking we could have dinner tonight, on the balcony, view of the city.

The head chef can prepare something special.

Oh, how romantic.

May I ask what the occasion is?

There's no occasion.

I just thought it would be nice.

What? I can't do something nice with my boyfriend?


I am one lucky man.

Not as lucky as I am.

OK. I'll see you... tonight at o'clock!

I'll be there with bells on.

♪ 'cause I'm all right, yeah ♪



♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪


Did he say anything?

No. Underhill's been questioning him about the Morning Star sword, but he refuses to speak to anyone... except Clary.

Let me in.

Clary, if you get any closer to him, you're only gonna strengthen his power over you.

As long as you're here, I'll be fine.

Then right here is where I'll be.




Don't worry. I won't bite.

Where is the Morning Star sword?

I missed you too.

Where is the sword?

We know it's capable of opening a rift into Edom.

Is that why you want it?

To release demons?

It's a Morgenstern family heirloom.

It belongs in the hands of its rightful owners.


Your boyfriend is keeping an awfully close eye on you, isn't he?

Do you think he feels guilty about leaving you alone at the ice rink?

I'm not here to chat, Jonathan.

So, if you're not going to answer my questions, we're done.

Have fun in the Gard.


I'll tell you everything you want to know... if you just stay here a little longer.

I'm listening.

I didn't even know you existed, Clary, 'til not so long ago.


I'd been in Edom for what felt like an eternity.


Hello, son.

Did you make a new friend?

Why is there a Manibus demon here?

I thought they never get banished back to Edom.

They don't.

But unfortunately, this one came across a Shadowhunter wielding angelic light with her own hand.

How is that possible?


No doubt one of Valentine's experiments.

And now she's a threat to all demon-kind.

I thought the other Jonathan, the piano playing one, I thought we were my father's only experiments.

There is another.


Her name is Clarissa Fairchild.

Or should I say Clarissa Morgenstern, her true name.

Your sister.

I have a sister?

She's an enemy... bound to the Earthly plane.

I want to meet her.

I made you aware of her so that you can protect yourself, Jonathan.

A sibling's love is weak and easily destroyed by envy.

She will abandon you.

She will betray you just like your father did.

JONATHAN: That was the first time I ever heard your name.

Clarissa Morgenstern.

It was like music to my ears.

I felt something that I had never felt before.


This has nothing to do with the sword.

Of course it does!

That moment changed everything for me.

I realized that you were the only person that I needed.

I felt it.

Finally, I had someone to fight by my side.

Not against me. Not in spite of me.

But with me.

Everything I do, I do for you.

I want the Morning Star sword for you.

For us.



- One sec!

- One second!



Or you can just let yourself in too.
That's cool, I guess.

I need to ask you something.

- OK.
- And I completely understand if it's not something you're comfortable with.

But I didn't know who else to turn to.

OK. Yeah. What is it?

I need your help to save Clary.

Of course. Whatever it is, I'm in.


Now, I'm placing you under arrest.

(SIGHING) What was so urgent?

I'm very bu...

What is he doing here?

I was able to de-crypt the chip I extracted from Sentry Greenlaw. I think it holds the key to breaking Clary's bond with Jonathan.

Greenlaw smuggled out prisoner profiles?

And they're all Downworlders.

They've been redirected from the Gard to project Heavenly Fire.

Heavenly Fire... as in Glorious?

If the sword still exists, there's a good chance it's being kept in the same facility where these prisoners are being sent.

This place is totally off the grid.

The only way to find it is to get someone on the inside.

But not just anyone... a vampire named Zeke Russo.

Who is that?

ALEC: You're kidding me.

This file has all the specifications needed to guarantee a transfer to the facility.

No, it's too dangerous, especially with the Clave involved.

- I know the risks.
- Don't worry.

I'll be following him with a Tracking Rune.

Plus, these Seelie rings will help us communicate telepathically.

- Seelie rings?
- These rings were used by Valentine to communicate with Hodge right under our noses.



[The ring will glamour to look like your skin]

[as long as you're awake and alert, ]

[so don't forget that you're wearing it.]

[Invisible psychic fairy ring. Check.]

So, once Zeke's inside, all he has to do is get the sword?

The moment he has Glorious, I will be standing by with a team to extract him.

Trust me, Alec.

We can do this.


Zeke Russo?

That's me.

It's in your best interest to follow my orders in here.



Watch your ass in there.

They usually like to fry you.


Where the hell are we?

Not quite hell. More like purgatory.



What could Simon Lewis possibly have done to end up in here?


I need you to call me Zeke.

- Zeke?
- Yes.

I killed an old lady in Queens.

- You did what?!
- Zeke did. It's a cover story.

- So, you chose to come here?
- Yeah.

I'm looking for an angelic blade called Glorious.

It's supposed to be burning with Heavenly Fire.

- Does that ring any bells?
- Guards don't typically share

- information with their inmates.
- Come on, it's a giant flaming sword. It has to be pretty hard to miss.

- What's happening?
- Get away from the door.


Freitag. Elle Freitag.

No! No! No!


- Where are they taking her?
- NO!

I don't know. It happens every few hours.

Wherever they're going... they never come back.

IZZY: [Simon?]

Simon, are you there?

[Yeah. And I found Raphael.]


[He's OK, but it's as bad as we thought.]

[They're taking prisoners one by one, and they never come back.]

[Do you have our location?]

(SIGHING) No. Their wards have been reinforced.

My Tracking Rune doesn't work.

[Any clue to where you are?]

[Dark cell. No windows.]

That's helpful.

Look, I'll try my best to find out who authorized Raphael's transfer.

Hopefully, it could lead me in the right direction.

[OK. Whatever you do, do it quick.]

I'll be there as soon as I can.


If the black site is so top secret, how are you getting your intel?

I have an asset on the inside.

An undercover prisoner.



He's a good friend.

He could be in grave danger.

So... you want me to use my mom's security clearance to figure out where it is.

- Kind of.
- Isabelle, you know I can't...

Remember that summer in Alicante, when you forged Jia's signature to get you, me, and Alec out of field training for the day?

We were kids, and my mom wasn't even Consul yet.

If she catches me, she will have me de-runed.


Besides, why would I help Clary after she almost killed me?

She acted that way because of her connection with Jonathan.

Look, if we can sever that connection, we can finally kill him.

And get justice for your cousin.

I need flowers, about two dozen roses by PM tonight. Thank you.



You're nervous. Why are you nervous?

What? I'm... I'm not nervous.

Yes, you are. What's going on?

I'm, uh...

proposing to Magnus tonight.


Are you serious?! Alec, congratulations!

You're about to make Magnus the happiest man in the world.


I just want everything to...be perfect.

Listen to me. It's not gonna matter what you do or what you say when he realizes

he gets to spend the rest of his life with you.

You're hiding something.

I'm not.

You don't want me to know what your plan is.

It'll make me hate you.

You can't hate me. I'm your brother.

And I would never hide anything from you.

So, how did you hear about the sword?


She told me about it.

I had been in Edom just a few years.

I was still naive enough to think that my time there was temporary.

Must you do this?

- Please, please.

I don't want to be burned anymore.

You will grow to love Edom, my son.

I'm not your son.

And I don't belong here.

I want to go home.

There must be a way for me to go home...

Enough is enough!



I'll tell you the only way out of Edom.


Because you're part human, someone on Earth must use a very special sword to slice through this dimension and release you... along with a slew of other demons, of course.

What sword?

Where is it?

Your guess is as good as mine.

It first belonged to Lucifer.

But now, it goes by the name Morning Star.

Someone will find it.

And they will rescue me.

You foolish child.

Lucifer entrusted the sword to the Morgenstern family, which means that only someone with Morgenstern blood can wield it, and that means you... and Valentine.

And if my memory serves me correctly, Valentine abandoned you here with me.

Your mother.

Jonathan... there isn't a Morgenstern alive who cares about you.


Nobody is coming for you 'cause nobody loves you like I do.

You're wrong.


Help me!



Are you OK?


So, the sword can only be used by someone with Morgenstern blood. That's good news.

ALEC: Which means it doesn't matter what he's planning.

As long as we have him locked up in here...we don't have to worry.

I was able to access Raphael Santiago's prisoner profile.

His profile has the same prefix as the other Heavenly Fire prisoners, but, weirdly, his transfer request was put in after Raphael arrived at the Gard.

Who would be interested in Raphael?

Was Gia mentioned in the file?

No. Of course not.

Whoever's responsible for this is doing it behind my mom's back.

Who else was there when the request was put in?


The only person at the Gard with high enough clearance to pull something like this off is...

IZZY: Victor Aldertree?




Raphael Santiago.

Where are you taking him?


No. Take me. Please, take me!


It's my time.

Raphael, no...








That light'll burn.

What do you want?

Where did you get this?

It's a priceless Russo family heirloom.


It's a Seelie whisper ring.

Developed for Seelie spies to aid in the French Revolution.

Agree to disagree.

Trust me...

I know what I'm talking about.

You're a Seelie?

Half. Dad's a Shadowhunter.

Mom's a Seelie.

So, what?

You think a couple of runes makes you better than the rest of us?


Then why are you torturing fellow Downworlders?


I don't know what you're talking about.

I guess some Seelies can lie.

I heard the screams.

You have no idea what you heard.

Then explain it to me.

Where is the Heavenly Fire?

Why are you really here?

I told you.

I'm a natural born killer.




I'm so happy you called.

Well... a table in the private Clave dining room?

You're doing well for yourself.

I've actually been named HSD.

You're the new Head of Scientific Development?

Congratulations. How did that come to be?

Well, I'm a dedicated Shadowhunter.

Well, whatever it is you're doing, I'm sure it's brilliant... just like you.


Thank you.

You know, I'm surprised you wanted to see me.

In retrospect, I regret what I did to enable your yin fen addiction.

I'm sorry.

I appreciate your apology.

But, um... you know, part of my recovery is learning to forgive.

Well, I'm happy to see how far you've come.

You look... wonderful.

So... what's the latest in the sci-tech division?


It's a little too early to fill you in on the details, but let's just say I'm on the verge of a... major breakthrough.

Oh... You can't tease me like that!


Tell me more.

I've already said too much.


Excuse me. This is the Institute.

By all means.



Oh, God...


What are you doing?

I'm looking through my old sketchbooks.

When I was a kid, I had this reoccurring nightmare.

It was terrifying. I would wake up screaming.

My mom thought that if I drew what I was seeing, it would help me deal with it.

You dreamt of a boy in a burning tower.

There was this evil queen that kept her prince locked in a burning tower, so that he could never love anyone but her.

And I was the princess that was supposed to rescue him.

Every time I would climb that tower, and just as I'd reach the top...

I would fall.

I never made it to the top.

I couldn't rescue him.

I can still hear his screams.

It was him.

The prince was Jonathan.


Maybe I was supposed to save him... but I didn't.

- I couldn't.
- Clary, hey.

Even if this was a message from the angels...

- you were just a kid.
- Yeah, but if I had known, if I could've saved him, then... maybe... maybe he wouldn't be who he is today.


It was already too late.

You couldn't have changed him.

You still can't.

Jonathan is who he is.

I already told you. My name is Zeke Russo.

I killed a mundane in Queens.

Who are you in contact with?

I told you. No one.

Fine. Then I am calling my supervisor, who will not be as kind as I am.

Please, do that.

I look forward to meeting them.









Raphael, is that you?!


Are you a Daylighter now?


I'm not a Daylighter.

I'm human.



A gray hair...

I have an idea.

Tell me. After-dinner digestifs back at my place.

I have the most beautiful view of the fountains from my balcony.




Work. I should get this.

[Simon, any news?]

[Are you OK?]

[Simon? Please tell me you're OK.]

- What is it?
- There's a vampire here who's not who he says he is, and he's communicating with someone on the outside.

[He's asking about Heavenly Fire.]

Send me his file.


Don't let him out of your sight.

[I'll be right there.]



I don't understand.

What happened in that room?

They injected me with something, and my body felt like it was burning from the inside out.

And just when I thought I was dying...

I suddenly became human again.

It's gotta be the Heavenly Fire.

They gave me the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

You think this is a gift?

It's more like a theft.

Iris Rouse?

They took my magic, what made me who I am.

They stole my very soul.

All these Downworld prisoners, they're having their powers taken away, their traits.

Warlocks, werewolves, vampires, Seelies.

They're making them all mundane by injecting them with Heavenly Fire.

So, the Clave's had Glorious all along?

Just a fragment of the sword, but enough to create a serum.

This is the Clave's perverted way in rehabilitating the prisoners?

Aldertree, not the Clave.

And it gets worse.

- How?
- Aldertree is planning on using the serum beyond the prison population.

He has a plan to slip it into the water supply in New York City as a trial run...for worldwide disbursement.

So all Downworlders get cured whether they like it or not?

Do you have the location?
I have the coordinates.

OK. Go get backup. We have to get Simon out of there.

[Simon, are you there?]

[I hope you can hear me, ]

[because you need to know what's going on.]

The thought of living the next...

odd years without magic?

I'll take death by actual fire over this heavenly stuff any day.

At least when they kill you at the Gard they do it quickly.

I gotta get that heavenly stuff to save my friend Clary.

Hello, Simon Lewis.

OK. You got me. My name's not Zeke, and I didn't kill anyone.

I just need the Heavenly Fire to save my best friend's life.

Only reason I'm here, I swear.

Look, I thought I was here to help people... rehabilitate the prisoners.

I just found out that I was helping Aldertree create a weapon of mass destruction against Downworlders.

Aldertree? Victor Aldertree?

Your friend Isabelle filled me in.

He wants to dump Heavenly Fire in the water supply and turn every Downworlder into a mundane against their will.

You can't let him do that.

I don't plan on it.

Look, I might be a Shadowhunter, but I'm a Downworlder too.

And no one gets to take that away from me.

But I can't stop him by myself. I'm gonna need help.

I'm in.

So am I.

He's not getting away with this.

OK. Isabelle's sending back-up, but Aldertree is already onto the two of you. We need to destroy the supply of Heavenly Fire. Now.


We have to get back to the lab.

OK. How do we do that?

I'll distract 'em.

- What are you doing?
- Go!

Ah! Oh! Clave bastards!

Don't you come any closer!



I have a team standing by whenever you're ready.

[It's worse than what we thought.]

We need to get Simon out of there.

Now. I'll send you the coordinates.



You never said goodbye.



Not bad for a mundane.

I might've lost my strength, but I'll never lose my will to fight.

Where's Glorious?

The Clave secretly obtained a shard from the Marianas Trench decades ago, but it disintegrated in the process of making the serum.


Is that what those vials are?


Yeah. Most of it's in a bunker beneath the facility.

Thank the Angel for self-destruct mechanisms.

Hurry. This door is not gonna hold much longer.

SIMON: Scoot over.

After the years of work I put into this project,

I won't let you and Simon Lewis ruin it.

So, what are you going to do?

Have me killed... like you did with Sentry Greenlaw?

Join me, Isabelle.

Be part of the revolution.

You're delusional.

The world will be a safer place once it's free from demon blood.

Without the Downworld, we can focus on protecting mundanes from demons.

Like we were always meant to do.

No one will ever be poisoned with the abomination that is demon blood.

And what about those that are born with demon blood in their veins?

They'll thank me for the favour.


- _


RAPHAEL: The guards are standing down.

Here. Give this to your friend.

It's not Glorious, but it's the next best thing.

Use it for something good.

I hope it's enough to save her.

It has to be.

Thank you...

I don't even know your name.

I'm Helen. Helen Blackthorn.

Thank you, Helen.

We owe you one.


I know your wife was a werewolf who went feral and attacked you.

But it doesn't justify stripping the Downworld of who they are without their consent.

If I could go back to that moment and cure Eva,

I would still be holding her in my arms today.

Well, I'm sorry you couldn't save her...but this fantasy of yours is not the answer.

It's no longer a fantasy, Isabelle.

I can't let you do this.



Victor Aldertree, by the order of Consul Penhallow, you're under arrest.

GUARD: Let's go. Come on.

You're Helen Blackthorn, aren't you?

And you're the Consul's daughter.

I'm in big trouble, aren't I?

You did go behind the Clave's back and allowed a maniac to concoct a plan to cleanse the world of demon blood... but I admire you.

Without you... well, there might not be a Downworld, at least not in New York anyway.

I didn't do it because I'm half Seelie, you know...

I never said you did.


So, you think this can separate me from Jonathan?

I have to run some tests, but yeah.

That's the idea.

I can't believe you guys did this.

Without you, we would have nothing.

Fray, we'd do anything for you.

Especially if it means disconnecting you from your creepy brother.

Well, we have Heavenly Fire.

We don't know where the Morning Star sword is, but the only two people who can use it are right here at the Institute.

Aldertree will be prosecuted for his crimes against the Accords.

And Jia is considering commuting Raphael's sentence, along with the other Downworlders now turned into mundanes.

It's the least they could do.

All right, well, if I'm no longer needed here, there's somewhere I need to be.

I need to see Jonathan.

I'll come with you.

You know, for a second, I was worried you weren't going to make it out.

Me too... but thankfully, I got lucky.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

What you did today, putting your life on the line for the people you care about?

It's pretty badass.

You're pretty badass too.


What's wrong, Jace?

Are you jealous of our bond?

I feel nothing towards you.

We found a way to destroy the Twinning Rune.

You won't be down here much longer.


- It's not possible.
- JACE: It's more than possible.

It's inevitable.


You won't do it. I have so much more to share with you.

I'm your brother.

Clary, don't let them do this!

You almost killed my brother.

You killed a dozen Shadowhunters.

People I trained with.

She wants you gone just as much as the rest of us.


I'm sorry, Jonathan.

I'm sorry.

This is the way it has to be.





Lilith was right.

No one's ever coming for me, are they?

You were supposed to be my princess.













You know, I really love this pre-war architecture, it is just gorgeous.

Just like you.

Have you been drinking?

Well... apparently, I lost my warlock tolerance for booze, and... hmm.

How much have you had?

A lot.

Why? Are you judging me?

No. I'm just... concerned.

I've never seen you like this.

No. Neither have I.

Did something happen?

Oh, you didn't hear?

I lost my magic.


And I'm just coming to terms with how useless I am without it.

Magnus, you're not useless.

Oh, easy for you to say.

You're at the top of your game with an institute of Shadowhunters at your beck and call. Me?

Well, I'm just a has-been warlock who isn't good for anything, except comic relief... and drinking.

But hey, I'm a mundane now, right?

Just like you've always wanted.

All I've ever wanted is for you to be happy.

Well, I'm not!

What am I doing?

You put this beautiful night together and I am picking a fight.

It's pathetic.

It's OK.

You're just... you're going through a hard time.

Please, Alexander.

Don't make me pretend this is just a phase.

Because it's not.

What I'm feeling now... it may never pass.

For as long as I live.

I should go.

I've probably killed both of our appetites.

Stop. Stop. Listen.

Magnus, I love you. Can you just, I just want to help.

- I know you do. But you can't.
- OK, listen.

- You have to just stop!
- Alec, let me go!

- Please, stop. Just listen to me.
- You can't help me, Alec!

Listen to me for a second! Listen to me!

- Just let me be here with you!
- You can't!


- Please... please...

I'm sorry...