03x19 - Aku Cinta Kamu

JACE: Previously on Shadowhunters...

Warlocks, werewolves, vampires,

Seelies, they're making them all mundane by injecting them

- with heavenly fire.
- It didn't work.

ALEC: The formula must be too weak.

IZZY: Each vial of serum contains nanoparticles of Glorious. I can use them to create a new, more potent formula.

As long as you're here... I'll be fine.




Hello, sister. Join me.

We're coming.


I love you, Jace, but I won't let you stop me.

SEELIE QUEEN: While the Shadowhunters are away, get to Jonathan and pierce his heart.

I won't let anyone hurt you... big brother.

You came for me.


- Are you a Daylighter now?
- No...

I'm human.

Jordan... I want you to stay.

- For the pack.
- And how is my son?

I'm here to get him his magic and his immortality back.

- Break his heart.
- I need a break from us.

To save his life.

Oh, no, no, no. I can't lose you too, Alec.

I'm sorry.



My boy...

How'd you get here? What fool summoned you?

A father's love knows no bounds.

I could feel your pain all the way from Edom. I had to come.

Stay away from me!

You misunderstand, Son.

Oh, no, no, no, no. I completely understand.

You're here to spread your darkness, it's what you do.

No. Today, I come to give you back what's rightfully yours.





My magic...


What do you want?

What every father wants...to see their child happy.

With you there's always a price.

Not this time. In the centuries since you've banished me, not a day has passed when I haven't felt the pain of losing you.

I took your magic... to bring you closer.

That was wrong.

All I want is another chance to be your father again.

Too late.

I won't take no for an answer.

You don't really have a choice.



♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪


♪ This is the hunt ♪

I don't understand. You said if you stayed with her,

- nothing bad could happen.
- I only lost sight of her for a minute. Enough time for the Twinning rune to have taken hold.

And once I got back to her, it was already too late.

- She'd been completely overtaken.
- Jace!

Alec, where were you?!

I got the alert. You OK?

I will be when we get Clary back.

What about you? Everything OK?

I'm fine.

Number one priority is Clary.

The Clave has reinstated the kill order

- on her and Jonathan.
- What?! You can't let them do that. You have to fight it. You're the head of an Institute.

No, no, no. This is a Clave order.

We just have to get to Clary before they do.

What's the latest on the Heavenly Fire serum?

I'm still extracting particles of Glorious.

Once I'm done, I should be able to create a more concentrated serum that's much more powerful than the one we tried before.

And if you inject Jonathan with that?

That should separate Clary from Jonathan for good.

OK. That's great and everything, but first we have to find them.

Jonathan and Clary will have activated their Anti-Tracking runes. Finding them won't be easy.

It will if they come to me.

Champagne. Fancy.

Well, it is a special occasion.

You saved me, Clary.

You would do the same for me.

I would die for you.

I've spent so long dreaming of the day that we'd finally be together.

To us.

To us.


Something's troubling you.

Isabelle and the others are working on a stronger serum to break us apart.

Of course they are.

That doesn't concern you?

No one can hurt us if we get the Morning Star first.

And once we have that sword, the entire world will be terrified of us.

And they will finally leave us in peace.

But the Seelie Queen said she will only give you the Morning Star sword if you bring her Lilith's head.

Well, those were her terms.


You up for a trip to Prague... little sister?

Can't wait.


From your Shadowhunter friends?

It's from Jace.

He wants to meet. He says his love for me matters more than his loyalty to the New York Institute.

And to prove it, he'll help us get back our family sword.

No. It's a trap.

He just wants to come between us like he did before.

He no longer has that power.

I'm with you because I want to be with you.

Well, then why do you even need him?

Jonathan... you're my brother, and I never want us to be apart.

But... I'm in love with Jace.

I can't live without him, either.

He wants me dead, Clary.

Not if I tell him that I can't live without you.

To be with me, Jace would accept that.

He loves me more than anything in this world.

I love you more than anything in this world!

Isn't that enough?

I want to hear Jace out.

If you love me... come with me.



Patience is just not my thing.

Yeah. Me neither.

So, about last night...

- when you and I were both...
- alone?


Perfect timing.

Pure Heavenly Fire...


What's happening?



- Simon, don't!
- What?

Aldertree diluted Glorious's power

because its concentrated form was lethal to Downworlders.

Not to be a buzz kill, but... how do we inject Jonathan with a rock?

No clue.

What about the Iron Sisters?

They're badass weapon-makers.

- Can't they help?
- Glorious was an Angelic relic.

You know what they'd do if they knew we even had a piece of it?

Probably not grind it through a centrifuge to save Clary.

You know something? There is one Iron Sister that doesn't play by the rules.

- Luke's sister.
- Yeah.


♪ Thought I'd found a way ♪

♪ I thought I found a way ♪

Where are we going?

I told you, it's a surprise.

I don't like surprises.

What do you mean?

You're the king of them.

You know, you start waving your hands around, I never know what's gonna show up in front of me.

OK. So...

There's something... I wanted to do.

Oh, you want to lock me up?

I thought you'd never ask.

No... no.

Remember that bridge you brought me to in Paris last week, the one where people put those locks?

To show their eternal love.

Right. Well, they have a place like that here in New York too.

Look, I don't know. I... I know it's silly.

I wanted us to have a lock too.

♪ Walking out of time ♪

♪ Looking for a better place ♪

What does that say?

Aku cinta kamu.

♪ Always in my headspace ♪

Indonesian for I love you.

♪ Someday, I'll make it ♪

♪ Out of here ♪

♪ Even if it takes ♪

♪ All night or years ♪

♪ I need a place to hide ♪

♪ But I can't ♪

♪ Find one near ♪

♪ I wanna feel ♪

♪ The life outside ♪

♪ I can't find my fear ♪

♪ Isn't it lovely? ♪

♪ All alone ♪

♪ Heart made of glass ♪

♪ My mind of stone ♪

♪ Tear me to pieces ♪

♪ Skin to bone ♪




Painting at the crack of dawn?

Nothing says 'come join our pack' like a blood-stained wall. It wouldn't wash off.

Grab a brush.

You sure you don't want a colour with more, uh... pop?

Don't even.

Who saved your butt when you had your truck painted?

- Saved?
- Mm-hmm?

OK. That blue you picked is the color they use in nurseries to make babies fall asleep.

Well, it was a thousand times better than that Santa Claus red you wanted.

That red was classic.

OK? You just didn't want me riding around in a chick magnet.

The only "chicks" you'd have picked up are Mrs. Claus and a couple of desperate elves.

Don't give me that look. You know I'm right.

No, you... you just... you've got paint on your face.


- Did I get it?
- Mm-mm.

You want some help?

Yeah? OK.


♪ If you leave ♪

♪ To forget ♪

♪ If you love ♪

I can't... I can't.

♪ If you leave to forget ♪

Ahem. Ahem.

I'm so sorry. I...

I thought it was both of us.

No, it was. It's just...

I wish we could go back.

We can't.


What are you doing here?

What, you know this guy?

We haven't met.

I'm Raphael Santiago.

Former head of the New York clan.

You're the one that raised Heidi from the dead.

It's a regret I'll live with until the day I die.

I'm so sorry for what she did to your pack.

I'm here to pay my respects.

If you'll have them.

That's OK. Um, I understand. I'll just...

How are you doing that?

- What?
- You're standing in the sun.

Simon didn't tell you?


Going in unarmed? I don't like it.

It's the only way to save Clary.

If Jonathan smells a rat, you're a dead man.

I know. Listen, he won't.

OK? We're gonna have real-time intel on their exact location.

The second Isabelle is done with Glorious, we catch them off guard, separate Jonathan and Clary, and then we kill him once and for all.

Now, remember, in order for these rings to work and remain invisible, it is imperative that you stay alert.

What, do you think I'm going to fall asleep?


[Stranger things have happened.]

Yeah. Hey, um...

Look, I know you said the timing wasn't right with Magnus the other day, but... why didn't you propose?


It's complicated.

Is that why he's not here?

Look, Alec...

I can feel that there's something's wrong.

Magnus and I broke up.

What? Why?

OK. You're gonna be late.

Alec, there's something you're not telling me.

What's going on?

Sometimes, life just doesn't go the way you want it to.

- Alec...
- Please, just... go.

Yeah. OK.



I got here as soon as I could.

Where's Cleophas?

Not gonna make it.

After she helped Clary summon Ithuriel... when he died, I guess part of her died too.

So, now it's just us and a rock?

And these...

Cleophas's tools...

With them, she said you could forge a new sword with the same power as Glorious.

Lilith said that stabbing Jonathan with Glorious would sever the ties between him and Clary.

To re-forge Glorious, she said you need to mix the alloys that you extracted with molten Adamas and an angelic binding agent.

What's the angelic binding agent?

We're gonna need Jace for that.

It's angel blood, and he's got Ithuriel's.

Jace just left on mission to find Clary and Jonathan.

I guess we're gonna have to call in our pinch-hitter.

That's right! You drank Jace's blood and became a Daylighter, which means you still have traces of Ithuriel's blood in your system.

Will this involve a needle?



My sister made me promise not to kill you unless this is an ambush.

Maybe it's my lucky day.

I'm happy to see you.

But I was trained by the best, so first things first.

I came with no weapons, no stele.

He's clean.

As much as I want you with me, you killed my brother once.

And if it wasn't for our connection, I suspect you'd do it again.

I look forward to the re-match.

There will be no re-match.

I want both of you alive.

If I let you come with us, how do I know I can trust you?

The Clave reinstated the kill order on Jonathan.

That means you too.

I can't live without you, Clary. I won't.

And so if that means I have to give up everything on everything

I love to keep you safe...to keep you both safe... then so be it.

How touching, you're willing to put up with me as the third wheel.

I would never allow him to treat you that way.

How do I know this isn't a trick?

In your heart... you either know that I'm telling the truth, or you don't.

If you don't, then leave me here.

Excellent advice. Let's go, sister.

You're a Morgenstern; you know better than this.

I also know how to make my own decisions.

He's coming with us.


♪ Through your prism of love ♪

♪ I see the world in colour ♪

Can I have some sprinkles, please?

Oh, they don't have those here, Madzie.

I thought we were teaching her restraint.

I know, I know, but... that face.

♪ That love will keep me strong ♪

All right, sweet pea.

♪ And I lost my mind ♪

♪ And I made you cry times ♪

♪ I guess I got a little bit scared ♪

♪ I'm not prepared for you ♪

You know, you're gonna be a hell of a dad.

What? You don't think so?

Well, to be honest, I've never even considered it.

Why not? My father's a Prince of Hell.

He's not exactly a good role model.

Well, my dad's not perfect either.

And look at us!

We both turned out pretty OK.

So, one can be a horrible parent without messing up their kids?

Anything's possible...

♪ Through your prism of love ♪

Besides, when it comes to having a family... you wouldn't be doing it alone.

♪ Prism of love ♪


Cover what runes you can.

Where we're going, Shadowhunters aren't appreciated.


And where exactly is that?

Clearly, we're in Prague.

A soldier's more effective with details.

Did Daddy not teach you that?

You'll be filled in on a need-to-know basis.

And while we're at it, I know you're here to get rid of me, brother.

And the second you slip, I'll prove it.

And then, it'll be just me and Clary.

The way it's meant to be.

Are my two favourite boys playing nice?

So far.

I dressed to kill.

Only if the need arises.

Shall we?


Maybe you'd like to tell me what the plan is for obtaining Morning Star.

Jonathan didn't tell you?

We are going to kidnap the Seelie Queen.


For the first time in years, I was able to attend morning mass.

I sat in the sun and planted flowers at my sister's grave...

Oh, and you know that bakery that invented cronuts?

I stood in line today.


This is incredible.

Sure. If you ignore the fact that Aldertree tried to neutralize all of us without our consent.

I agree that was unconscionable.

But Aldertree's been stopped.

Think about what this means.

The life you used to have, all those times you wished you could have it back.

For the first time ever, it's actually possible.

Yeah, I'm... I'm not so sure about that.

What are you talking about?

If the serum worked on you, why wouldn't it work on us?

To stop Aldertree, we had to destroy all the serum.

It's gone... except for a few vials.

Well, where are those vials?

As, um, someone who stuck his fangs in your arm,

I know it's a bit hypocritical to ask, but, um... how big...

That's big.

Just don't think about the needle.

Imagine... you're Superman.

And Clary is Lois Lane.

And you're gonna reverse the Earth's rotation to turn back time and save her.

You watched Superman?!

When did this world-shattering event happen?

Well, you always go on about how great these superhero movies are.

So, I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

And? What'd you think?

Just because Clark Kent had glasses, she couldn't tell he was the same guy?

If I was Lois, I would have totally known.

See, that's the fun in it, though.

The hot girl doesn't see the geeky guy with glasses, until the hot girl realizes that the geeky guy is totally awesome if she just saw him for who he really is.

I guess Lois just needed some time to see what was right in front of her.

What?! Are we done?

We are.

CLARY: I've always heard how beautiful Prague is.

It's like a storybook.

We'll have to come back.

I'll take you for a boat ride on the river.

Sounds like a plan.


We're here.

Clearly the bouncer isn't happy about it.

What's Kosti Lustr?

It means Bone Chandelier.

The Queen's favourite hangout, for Downworlders only.

Wait here. I'll work my connections to get us inside.

I'm watching you.

Just... give him time.

Once he trusts you, he's like a puppy.

All he wants is love.

And all I want is you.

Clary, do you remember the first time we kissed?

How could I forget?

Please, come back to me.

What are you talking about? I'm... I'm right here.

I love you so much.

I love you too.

I have to go help my brother sweet talk us inside.

ALEC: [Jace, you there?]

- [Yeah.]
- ALEC: [Isabelle is working]

[as fast as she can to get Glorious re-forged.]

[Where are you in Prague?]

JACE: [Some club called the Bone Chandelier.]

The Bone Chandelier?

Right before the Uprising, I led a raid there to bring in some Seelie mercenaries. Security's tight.

But if we need to find a way in, I can find it.

Jace, how's Clary?

[So far so good. But things could get messy here.]

[The plan is to kidnap the Seelie Queen]

[as a bargaining chip to acquire Morning Star.]

Are you kidding me?

Is Jonathan trying to get you all killed?

[Yeah, well, me for sure.]

[Apparently, the Queen comes to this club once a month]

[to party with her fellow Downworlders.]

ALEC: [If we warn her, it'll blow your cover.]

[Our best tactic right now]

[is to get Glorious ready and then make our move.]

JACE: [The sooner the better.]

[I just spotted a Seelie with a blue sigil mark.]

One of the Queen's elite guard.

[Just watch your step.]

[They won't hesitate to kill you, Jonathan or Clary.]

JACE: [Yeah, I'll do my best.]



♪ I wanted to love you ♪

You're beautiful.

♪ I'm still here because of you ♪

MAGNUS: Who are you?


You continue to surprise me.

There's nothing to be ashamed of, Alec.

You hold the pain here.

Whatever it is, I'm here for you.

♪ Should I stay? Should I go? ♪

♪ If I didn't, you know ♪

♪ I'm here ♪

I know something's wrong.

♪ Signals ♪

Magnus, I... I love you.

MAGNUS: I love you too.

- Maybe we're too...
- Different?



Brother Zachariah.

You said you were in desperate need of my help.

I am.

What is it, Magnus?

I need you to erase all my memories of Alec.


Should I take your silence to mean you won't help me?

No, my dear friend.

I will always be here for you.

You're speaking...

Some words are too important

not to be spoken aloud.

Magnus... you've lost great loves before.

As have I.

And as painful as those memories may be, they are a part of who we are.

I know.

But Alec is different.

Losing him, it...

It's breaking me.

I owe you my life, and I would do anything to help you.

For that very reason, I must refuse your request.

How is that helping?

I can't do this on my own!

You can.

Pull the memories from your mind and send them to oblivion.

You have the magic.

You simply don't have the heart.

Because deep down, you know you'll regret it.


I don't know what else to do.


If erasing Alec from your life is truly what you want...

you'll find the strength to do it on your own.

Simon, I need to talk to you.

I know you said no interruptions, but they insisted it was urgent.

The serum that made Raphael a mundane, he said there was some left and... is it in there?

- Don't touch that!
- The serum is not there.

I'm making a special sword to save Clary from Jonathan.

I thought you already captured Jonathan. He's got Clary?

It's a bit of a long story, but bottom line, if we don't get to her soon, it...

Look, I... I'll talk to you about the serum later.

- I promise.
- Wait, so there is some left?

Yes. After the extraction for the sword for Clary, there's only one vial.

Just one?!

Unfortunately. And as you can imagine, deciding who gets it is a political minefield.

Are you saying no one's going to be able to get it?

She's saying it's complicated.

I don't understand. Why did you have to destroy all of it?

Was that really the only option? You've robbed every Downworlder of a second chance at a mundane life!

Look, We didn't have a choice! OK?

Believe me... I get wanting to go back.

I almost killed my sister and I had to make my mom believe that I was dead!

We all had lives that have been destroyed.

I'm just trying to save Clary's.



Nice chandelier.

CLARY: Whose bones are those?


Stick with me, sis. You won't become part of the decor.

Unless that Seelie sees you.

The blue sigil mark means he's part of the Queen's security detail.

Probably best we don't buy him a drink.

See? I told you he'd be an asset.


Evening, Tsunae. The regular, three shots.

All right. The Queen will arrive shortly.

She'll be seated at her favourite table.

Our opportunity arises when her head knight takes her upstairs for a rendez-vous with her new warlock lover.

That's when she'll be vulnerable.

Jace and I will take out the knight.

I grab the Queen, Clary portals the three of us away.

The four of us. Including the Queen.

Yeah, of course. That's what I meant.


What's going on? What is this stuff?

It's clearly some kind of Seelie drug. Don't take it.

Ah, surely you're not against having a little fun?


What's wrong? You know, all work

and no play makes Jace a dull boy.

We are on mission. We need to stay focused.

Are you worried about everyone?
Or just you?

Prove it.


Happy now?




[Alec, I need help.]

- Jace, talk to me.
- [I don't have my stele and I...]

[I can't focus enough to activate my Iratze.]

Are you hurt?

- [I...]
- ALEC: [Jace, what's going on?]

- [I need you to focus.]
- JACE: [I must've ingested]

[a Seelie hallucinogen. It's a silver liquid, bitter.]

Are you able to stay alert?

[I'm trying...]

Jace? Jace, can you hear me?


Glorious isn't ready yet.

We're gonna portal in and try and capture

- [Jonathan and Clary.]
- JACE: [No! No!]

[If we make a move before we have Glorious, ]

[we'll lose Clary for good.]

[I can hang in on my end. Just get here with that sword!]

You think you're gonna get away with this?

Dance floor. Now.

♪ And stay awhile ♪

♪ I wish that I could step inside ♪

♪ Your heart... and stay awhile ♪

♪ I wish that I could step inside ♪

♪ Your heart ♪


What are you doing?

You can tell me to stop whenever you want... but you won't.

♪ Step inside ♪

♪ I could step inside ♪

♪ I could step inside ♪

♪ I could step inside ♪

♪ I could step inside ♪

♪ I could step inside ♪

♪ Your heart ♪

♪ And stay awhile ♪



♪ I wish that I could step inside ♪

♪ Your heart ♪

♪ And stay awhile ♪


Sorry to interrupt the fun, but Her Highness is here.

It's time to get what we came for.

Yes, it is.


Not a word all the way back from the Institute.

You know... what Simon said, he didn't mean to take away all your hope.

But he's right. I'm not the only one whose mundane life fell to pieces. There are so many of us.

And if there's only one vial of that serum left, I don't deserve it more than anyone else.

You hungry?

I'm not the greatest cook, but microwaving frozen wontons shouldn't be too difficult.



ALEC: Did it work?

We're about to find out.

Stand back. If this works the way Cleophas described...

The hammer will activate the Heavenly Fire.

And I'd prefer not to fry any Downworlders.




You did it.


Is my warlock upstairs?

He is, milady.

That's us.

Not to question your brother's strategy, but it might be nice to have something before I take out a Seelie...

He made me promise not to arm you until the last second.

What's going on? Why are they going after Jace?

Because he's a traitor. He's been using a Seelie ring

- to foil our plan.
- No...

GUARD: You're not going anywhere.

This is our chance to get to the Queen; to get our family sword!

Who do you trust? Me or Jace?


Clary, stick to the plan!

I can't let him die!

I swear to you, he is against us, not with us!





It's a distraction!




Clary, we've gotta go! Now!

Jonathan says you're wearing a Seelie ring.

Are you trying to take me away from my brother?

Hey! Hey! Listen to me!

I'm trying to save you!

This isn't who you are, Clary! Come home with me!

This is who I am.

You try and take me from my brother again...

I will end you!



Jace, what happened? Where's Clary?

I lost her.





I gave back your magic... so you'd be strong. Not weak.

Leave me alone.

I'm in enough pain without you causing me more.

Pain is the path to enlightenment.

I know... because losing you is what made me realize that my son's love is all that matters to me.

Don't pretend to care about me!

You never have! You never will.

If that were true, I'd let you make this mistake instead of trying to stop you.

This Shadowhunter you loved... the heartache you're feeling, fight through it!

No matter how painful, those memories... will make you wiser.

You see that?





I'm here for you, my son.

I'm here.