01x01 - Storm Advisory

Niecy, are you pregnant again?

There are too many damn kids in this family and not enough people feeding them.

Of course she's going to keep having babies if you keep taking care of them.

Mom, put this on.

Come on, come on.

I just wish she'd go on and die.

Please, God, if he's mine, just give me a sign.


How do you forget about a wife?

You're Mary Jane Paul, right?


Oh, I love your show.

Did you know that me and your husband have been sleeping together?

Finding someone to love you.

Can't put him on your little calendar.

I was wondering if you might be up for some consensual s*x.




Lisa... Babe.


Lisa, what did you take?

What did you take?

Come on, come on...

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Did you take all that?


Okay, okay.

Okay, okay.

It's okay.

Come on.

Just sit down, sit down.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I got you, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Thank you, officers.

Thank your security company.

That's Mary Jane Paul.

She's on TV.

♪ When you need to smile ♪
♪ But you can't afford it ♪
♪ Go and point it out ♪
♪ I'm gonna steal it ♪
♪ When the floor is more familiar than the ceiling ♪
♪ I will break in late at night ♪
♪ Shake up how you're feeling ♪
♪ I'll never stop ♪
♪ Breaking the law for you ♪
♪ I'll never stop ♪
♪ Helping to pull you through ♪
♪ Whatever it takes to get what you need ♪
♪ Ignore the laws Ignore the police ♪
♪ I'll never stop ♪
♪ Breaking the law for you ♪
♪ When you're taking steps ♪
♪ But you need to go faster ♪
♪ We can speed through streets ♪
♪ So the shadows can't catch us ♪
♪ When the corridors and all the stairs ♪
♪ Are making you tired ♪
♪ I will come for you ♪
♪ Set the building on fire ♪
♪ I'll never stop ♪
♪ Breaking the law for you ♪
♪ I'll never stop ♪
♪ Breaking the law for you ♪

If we were talk specific about Hurricane Kenny, you'd have to understand it was a cycle...


Hope I didn't wake you.

First good night's sleep I've had in days.

And then I woke up and smelled the most heavenly thing.

Cinnamon rolls.


I know you didn't pull it off with my pantry supply.

More like $1.59 from the corner store and 30 seconds in the microwave.

I don't know what to say.

Say next time you call me before the storm rolls in, okay?

I'll try.


I promise to try.

I know you're not going into work today.

Can't be depressed and unemployed.

Besides, it's such a relief to focus on someone else's problems.

I feel you on that.

That was not about you.

That wasn't about me.

That was not 100% about you.

I'm sorry.

All right...

I'm out.

I'll wash these and get 'em back to you, okay?

Mary Jane?

Thank you.

♪ My darling ♪
♪ You give me something that I need ♪


♪ I promise ♪
♪ You know I'll never leave ♪
♪ Can you tell me ♪
♪ oh girl you're the one ♪



♪ Tell me anything just to... ♪

I needed that.

Hey, what happened to you?

It's okay.

Cut's not even that deep.

Thank you for staying.

How's she doing?

Paramedics said she was just trying to knock herself out for the night.

She needs help.

She has help.

She needs a psychiatrist.

I think she's just lonely.

You get any sleep?

Mmm... a little.

Want to get some more?

See, the thing is I have less than 30 minutes to get myself pretty and out the door.

The thing is I've never seen you look prettier than you do right now.

Mmm... is that true?



All right, you got five minutes.

You expecting somebody?

Uh, no.


They're probably just lost.

Wait, where are you going?

Going to see what they want.

♪ I got a bad boy and that's all right with me ♪

How you doing, man?

What's up, bro?

Something I can help you with?

Just was pulling over to send a text.

Come on, man.

I just saw you trying to punch a code in.

Wrong address.

Take care.

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ What's the fun in playing it safe ♪
♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Think I'd rather misbehave ♪
♪ Your way ♪
♪ I'm just a bad girl that's why we get along ♪


Yeah, you were right.

Guy was lost.

Yeah, I figured.

Probably selling insurance or something.

Hey, so listen.

Tonight, Esperanza Spalding has a concert and guess who got two tickets.

Are you sharing information or are you inviting me someplace?

No, I'm just letting you know.

Of course, I'm inviting you.

You want to go?

Is this a date?

Come on, Mary Jane.

No, when you say you got tickets, is that, you know, you got them with the intention of taking me or was it like, "Oh, I got two tickets and anybody who's around, I will take..."

I tell you what, I tell you what.

One more question and the tickets are off the table.

Okay, I'll go.



Hey, Mom, is everything okay?

Your father's out golfing and Patrick and that woman he sees...

You mean the mother of his child?

Her name is Tracey.

You should try using her name sometimes.

They're at Costco.

They'll probably come home with a new barbecue and sweatshirts for every last one of us.

Mom, I got to get out the door and to the office.

Let me call you from the car.

Wait a minute now.

It's your turn to drive me to the doctor.

No, Patrick didn't tell you, Mom?

We switched... I'm taking you next week.

It must have just slipped his mind.

Let me try you in 10 minutes.

Just give me 10 minutes, Mom.

Where the hell am I gonna go?

I'm sick and old and stuck up in a window looking out at everybody else's life.

All right, I'm gonna hang up now, Mom.


I'm sorry, where were we?

We were just about to give into our base instinct.



But it looks like we have a diminishing window of time.

So what you should do is call me later.


And we'll figure it out for tonight.

Have a good day.

You too.

Kara, talk to me.

It's not good, MJ.

Charlie just got fired.

What do you mean Charlie got fired? Our Charlie?

That's right.

Are you serious?


You better get your ass in here.

I'm coming in right now.

All right... Sorry.

Five minutes...


Five minutes.


Five minutes.


Come on.

Don't touch me.

Let me just explain what I was trying...

What are you gonna say, huh?

What are you gonna say, Andre?

You bumped your head and forgot you were married?

You forgot a wife and kids?

You're married.


Are you crazy?

No, I'm not...

No, no, no... No.

Every time we kissed, every time we made love, every promise you made me...

Was real.

No it's not!

It's real.

No it's not!

Step aside.

Can we go somewhere and talk?

That's two cups... You and David back together?


Is that him?


♪ Don't blame this on him no no ♪

I'm sure you've all heard about Charlie.

I'll be honest... One of the worst days of my career.

He had 30 years of media experience.

He helped us launch this place and as they say, manure happens.

Now this thing starts way above me and they are all over my ass so I am going to be all over yours.

We're going to be rolling out a series of changes.

I'll be scheduling meetings with each one of you individually and, uh...

Hurricane Kenny has just been upgraded to a Category 2.

We'll talk more in our meetings.

For now, let's get on this breaking news.

Looks like the storm already hit here.

It's gonna take a damn miracle to get me out of here in time for Max's recital.

That's today?

Yep, that's today.

Hey, hey.

Uh, so I figured it out... Job security.

I'm coming out.

It worked for Don Lemon, right?

Baby, gay is the new black.

It's old news and no one cares.

Nobody cares about what?

My book.

Your book?

What's it about?

Going down with the ship at SNC.



Sounds like a real page-turner.

How does it end?

Everyone drowns.


MJ, I'll talk to you later.


I can't stand him.

Frickin' eyebrows irritate the hell out of me.

You think he arches them?

Never mind.

Forget about it...

Anyway, listen to me.

We need a plan.

Katrina was really great for Anderson Cooper.

You know how they had him out there in all that weather?

You're not sending me to Florida.

Mmm-mmm... You ever see me in the rain?

Uh, actually, no I haven't.

Yeah... And there's a good reason.

It's called edges.

Let somebody else blow in the wind.

What about that girl we use, that local girl?

Um. we used to cover the Florida polls.

Lindsey something.

Lindsey. Lindsey Holmes?

She was hungry.


She was like, 12.

She's young and eager and ready to prove herself.

She'll do anything.

Okay, well, maybe.

Mary Jane, got a minute?

I wanted to introduce you to a huge fan.

Anything for you, Lance.

All right, I'll go track down this 12-year-old Lindsay.

Mary Jane, this is Avery Daniels.

Avery, Mary Jane Paul.

So nice to meet you, Mary Jane.

I'm a big fan.

Lance, you don't have to babysit us.

Sorry... Avery, you know where my desk is.

Yes, I do.

If you came here to threaten me...

Excuse me.

Last time was all you.

This time's mine.

Have you, um, have you seen my husband since you confronted me in the pet store?

No, I haven't.

Oh... that's funny.

Because I know he called you... on Wednesday at 7:14 p.m., Wednesday 9:51 p.m., Thursday 8:20 a.m., Thursday 12:45 p.m., Thursday 1:18 p. m....

Shall I go on?

Look, I was hoping we could have a conversation based on truth and not more lies, Mary Jane.

Have a seat.

I know I told you to keep him, but I went away for the weekend and I thought about it.

I need to know what I'm up against.

You ever been cheated on?

'Cause let me tell you, it's not fun.

When I lie in bed thinking about you and Andre...

I have been cheated on.

So you understand why I need to know.


All those times you had s*x...

I'm guessing it was a lot.

How long ago did you meet?

About four months ago.

And you always come?

You really want to go there?

I do.

I always come, yes.

Do you mind if I ask are those your real breasts?


Does he go down on you?

I mean, do you let him and does he offer?

It's required.

It's called reciprocity.

Does he ever take you out?



What kind of things do you do?

Mostly movies.

His marketing events.

Late dinners.

A gym.

Is that where you met?


Have you ever met my children?


Any of his family, his friends?

Is there talk about wanting a family with you?


We never really talked about the future.

Not really.

Does he love you?

He says he does.

He only said it once.

Why wouldn't he?

You're so good at what you do.

If you could tell me where the ladies' room is.

Down the hall and to the left.


Hey, Mom.

You forget about me already?

I was gonna call you right back, I...

What's going on...

Is everything okay?

I'm just making sure you got to SNC in one piece.

No, I was going to call you back.

Mom, it's been one of those days.

If I didn't know you any better, I'd think you were tired of me.

Is that it?

You tired of my lupus?

Oh, of course she is.

She's freaking Superwoman.

I know you got a lot going on.

You're busy with your news and it must be hard to pick up the phone and talk to me.

Listen to all my problems.

Why would you say that, Mom?

'Cause it's true.

I know it is.

You don't have to say it.

Hey, Mom, Kara just got here.

She needs to talk to me about a story.

I know, I know.

Hi, Helen!

Why is she yelling?

Are you hanging up?

Yeah, I gotta... no, I gotta go.

It's really important.


Call me later?


I'll be right here.


Got nowhere to go.

Yep, all righty.

You call.

All righty, all righty.

If you remember.

If you have ti... Bye.

Government officials ask that all residents comply with all safety precautions including emergency evacuations in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

We're live with Bill on the ground.

Yes, Mary Jane, you can see the weather's really starting to move in here.

We've got the emergency vehicles here, starting to do their part.

The Red Cross is on site.

They're moving people into the emergency shelter.

We've even got the National Guard here.

I'm standing here with Sergeant Lou Arlington of the National Guard.

Lou, how successful has the operation been?

Come on...

What's going on?

Got it.


All right, MJ, Lindsey pulled through.

You're live in five, four, three.

I love that little girl!

She might look five, but damn, she is hungry.

Thank you, Lou, and a special thank you to all of our National Guardsmen.

But while many residents of the area are evacuating as we speak, some are making a different choice.

Live with us is Lindsey Holmes, also in Fort Lauderdale.

Go to camera two.


Roll bumper.

I'm here with Harry and Barbara Shelton.

They are determined to weather Hurricane Kenny from right here at home.

Is it true that you have survived four of the worst hurricanes on record?

Uh, yes, ma'am.

We survived Andrew in '92...

Have them close in a little bit more.

It's too far away.

I want to see their faces.

But this is our home.

We raised three babies in this house.

My understanding is that the National Guard has already asked you two to leave.

Yes, they've been around twice.

We know our rights.

They can't force us out.

And one of the officers asked us if we would write our social security numbers on our torsos so they can identify the bodies.

Scare tactics, plain and simple.

Oh my God.

You hear that?

People say you are making a selfish choice.

What happens if your predictions are wrong?

I guess if it's as bad as they say, we're ready.

Right, Barbara?


I'm Lindsey Holmes here in Fort Lauderdale.

Back to you, Mary Jane.

That's Barbara and her husband Harry Shelton, trying desperately to hold on to their memories.

And pull back on the crane shot.

Nice and slow, right?

Not fast like your s*x life.



You're out.

You can't leave, Lindsey!

Come on, we need you.

Guys, I'm out.

I don't feel safe and I feel responsible for the crew.

Lindsey, Lindsey, honey, don't you get it?

That is the story.

Are you listening to me?

It's not safe.

We'll send the National Guard to your location.

You heard them.

They're not coming back.

It's too dangerous.

Just leave the camera, Lindsey.

We can't afford to lose another camera.

Hey, come on.

We might get something good.

Come on, Lance, where's your huevos, man?

We gotta take risks here, people, okay?

Can't be afraid.

As of right now, only three Category Five storms have hit the United States since the record keeping began.



There's my handsome boys.

Look how nice you look.

You look great.

Aw, how you doing, baby?

You nervous about your solo, Max?

No, I'm ready.


It's gonna be great.

You look nice, John.

Thank you.

You look tired.


Just saying.

It's okay.

Never mind.

Never mind.

Okay, you guys ready to go?

Yes, okay.

Just give Mommy one minute.

I'll be right back, okay?

Good... You're both here.

I need you to clear your schedules.

Stay on the air as long as this thing is headed inland... Got it?


Anything you need.


Remember, stay focused.

Originality is key.

Here I go, breaking a little boy's heart again.

♪ Finders keepers ooh Hey, guys.

Um, I have a little bit of bad news.

♪ Being braver than you Hey, David, it's me, um...

I've got some bad news.

Greg just pulled me aside.

Look, it's not about putting in extra hours, I swear.

It's Hurricane Kenny.

Uh, so I'm not going to be able to make the concert.

Let me know you got this, okay?



Not clear. Are we going to the package or to Mary Jane?

Yes, I'm calling from news channel SNC.

We need someone to check on these people.

Yes, we understand you're having some weather.

Yes, I'll hold.

Hey, Kara, I got him.

Yes... Take us to the Sheltons.


Harry and Barbara Shelton, are you still there?


Still holding strong.

Mr. and Mrs. Shelton, this is Kara Lynch, I'm the executive producer of Talk Back on SNC.

I really appreciate you guys talking to us and we'd like to connect you with Mary Jane Paul.

She's got a couple of questions if that's okay.

Why are they even there?

Lindsey left a camera.

We gotta get them out of there.

Call the National Guard, Kara.

Don't you think we've already thought about that?

We've already asked the authorities to go back, MJ.

They're trying, Mary Jane, but there are no guarantees.

Okay, you know what we're not gonna do?

We're not gonna shoot one of those videos where we watch people die.

We are not that desperate, guys.

You're overreacting dear.

Here we go.

You're live in five, four, three, two.

If you're just joining us, I'm talking to Harry and Barbara Shelton in Fort Lauderdale.

How are you two holding up?

There's our live feed.

Storm's picking up for sure.

Harry, is it possible to see anything else outside your window?


Power lines are down.

All the streetlamps are out.

It's pitch dark in every direction.

Keep 'em talking, Mary Jane.

Harry, our sources tell us that the rains have reached torrential levels and emergency responders are reporting rising water levels on all the roads.

Where are you exactly in your house?

We're in our hallway, away from the windows.

How do you feel at this moment?

Are you afraid?

I just trust the good Lord to keep us safe like He always has.

I appreciate you talking with us, Mr. and Mrs. Shelton.

Keep it going, MJ.

Don't you dare cut away.

Barbara, Harry...

This is good!

Barbara, Harry?


MJ, keep it going.

I swear to God, if you sign off, you're going to be sitting there in silence, honey.

I'm not cutting to commercial.

It's your call.



What was that?

I don't know. Harry?

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside still waters.


We just won an Emmy!

Great job, people...


Hey. Kara, we just lost the feed.

What do you mean we lost the feed?

What's happening?

Harry and Barbara Shelton?

Guys, what's happening?


It's not us.

Oh God, please tell me we can get them back, Robert, come on.

For all of those watching, please bear with us.

These are extreme and unpredictable weather conditions.

Camera's dead, Kara.

Could be waterlogged or crushed by debris.

Damn it.

MJ, we lost the feed.

For all of those at home, we have lost camera feed due to the storm.

We will certainly keep you informed as the story develops.

Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Sheltons.

Back in a moment with more coverage of Hurricane Kenny.

Oh man, that's not good.

I hope they're all right.

We're out.

Make sure you get those scrims cleared now.

We're gonna need 'em for tomorrow.

Damn it!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Before you say a word, you have to see it.

You were amazing.

We used them, Kara.

What if we did?

You don't think it's a good idea for us to air this tonight?

What about all those families out there who will take the next storm advisory just a little more seriously?

I mean, we might have saved lives tonight.

Stop. I know you don't actually believe that.

Yes I do.

They could be dead for all we know and we used them for ratings.

I don't know about you, MJ, but I really need my job.

It's my face out there, Kara.

It is my reputation on the line.

And I just saved our asses so you're welcome.

Don't... don't even try to begin to defend this.

What we just did was despicable.

No wonder things went the way they did over at CNN.

I'm sorry.

It's cool.

Ladies, really good work tonight.

Right on the money.

Kara, may I see you in my office?

All right, I'm gonna level with you.

Your show hasn't worked out as well as we hoped.

What's wrong with my show?

It's the news.


Look, maybe it's sensibility, maybe it's the content.

The good news is we like you, Mark.


Greg, I know my numbers haven't moved, but...

I thought we were doing a great job without a marketing campaign.

It's not about a marketing campaign, it's your show.


We'd like to know if you'd consider consulting on Mark's show.

Of course.

All right... That's it.

Call "Never Answer."

Calling "Never Answer," mobile.


How's everything up at SNC tower?


Kind of tired.

But the good news is my status has been changed to "on call" so I was thinking I could pop open a bottle of good wine and you could come over.


I would love to do that.

Thing is, I'm already headed out.

Oh, I can meet you somewhere for a drink.

Unless you're meeting someone.

Yeah, yeah, I am.

Oh, okay, cool, you know, have a good night.

I don't see Dave Butterfields in your contacts.

Perhaps you meant one of these: Dave Dave or Dave Grant.

♪ Sitting here feeling kind of crazy ♪


Is she in the car with you?

No, not yet.

Are you having s*x with her?

Is that a question?


Well, then, yeah.

I mean, I have had s*x with her in the past.

I don't want to be presumptuous about tonight...

So you're having s*x with her and sleeping with me at the same time.


What is so funny?

You. You, Mary Jane, you're funny.

You say that like you're not sleeping with the guy from the gate this morning.


Dude has a code to your gate and you're not sleeping with him.


We went out... Okay?

Yeah, we went out.

But I'm not sleeping with him.


I asked you to go to the concert tonight, you couldn't go.

Because I was working!


And so now I'm having dinner with someone who I occasionally have casual s*x with.

All it is is that I made other plans.

It's not that big a deal.

Oh my God, I called you like, two hours ago to tell you I couldn't make it.

So you know what... Don't even try that.

Those tickets were not for me.

Those were generic lady tickets.

I'm not going down this road with you, Mary Jane.

Oh, isn't that convenient?

Bye, David.

♪ Sick of being so mistreated ♪

This is Mary Jane.

I got your text and your call.

You can take me off your plate.

I'm fine.

I think it might be a good idea to see the psych...

I'm fine.


I'm still going to check up on you though.

♪ 'Cause I don't want to crash now ♪
♪ I'm afraid that I'm going nowhere way too fast ♪
♪ I can't hear what you say ♪
♪ I'm in a conversation with my past ♪
♪ Well maybe I wasn't brave so much as brazen ♪
♪ But it got me through ♪
♪ And somehow the path that I've paved ♪
♪ Just keeps leading me to you ♪
♪ But I don't want to crash down on the floor ♪
♪ Hold your breath and fall apart ♪
♪ You made a simple mistake ♪
♪ and now you're paying for it with your heart ♪
♪ Some of us make our own beds ♪
♪ But we can't afford to lay in them ♪
♪ Remember I've always said you should leave me alone ♪

Oh, this day just keeps getting better.

Are you out of your mind?

You think I meant for all of this to happen?

It just happened, Mary Jane.

You had me break one of my rules, Andre.

What rule?

I don't have many, but sleeping with a married man is definitely on the list.

I didn't plan it! You act like I planned it.

I spent months getting excited about the possibility of a life with you.

A life with you, as if.

Oh my God, if my friends knew.

If my family...

This isn't me.

She knows.

I told her.

Your wife.

She knows about us.


Give me your phone, Andre.

Give me your phone.

What's your password?

I'm not giving you my giving you my password.

You have naked pictures of me on this phone...

I erased them.

You think I would do that to you?

The pictures are...

I wish I could trust you.

Give me your password.

It's your address.

Come here.

You have a really beautiful family.

I'm sorry.

Your kids, oh my God.



I'm sorry.

Can I do this?

Why are you...

Can I do this?