01x06 - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia - The People v. O.J. Simpson

Lawyer: Your Honor, opposing counsel has had two weeks with this request.

Judge: Counsel, an explanation why it has to take place here and not in the brief.

Lawyer: Your Honor, my client has taken Ms. Clark's request for increased child support very seriously, and thus...


Lawyer: I'm sorry, Your Honor.

May we ascertain whether Ms. Clark has some sort of respiratory issue?

Oh. Objection.

Sustained. Oh, wait...

Your Honor, Ms. Clark cannot object.

Judge: Ms. Clark, please remember your place in this courtroom.

And it's not as an officer of the court.

Of course. Yes.

My apologies to the court, Your Honor.

Counsel, continue.

My client has more time than money.

He is being reasonable.

Rather than pay added child support to pay strangers to take care of the children...

Oh, for God's sake!

Judge: Ms. Clark!

If you continue to express yourself outside of protocol, I'm going to hold you in contempt.

I'm not Lance Ito.


Lawyer: Thank you, Your Honor.

(horn honking)

(elevator bell dings)

Oh, God...

(quietly) sh1t.

Excuse me.

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.



I'm really very late.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I'm sorry.

Honored you could join us today, Ms. Clark.

My apologies to the court, Your Honor.

You okay?

Chris: And after the toast with the tequila, what did the defendant say to your sister?

O.J. grabbed Nicole's crotch and he said, "This is where babies come from and this belongs to me."

Nicole just acted like... like it was normal, like she was used to that kind of treatment.

Shapiro: Objection.

Calls for speculation.


(sobs quietly)

Was he angry?

When he grabbed her crotch in front of everyone and said that?


That's just the kind of person he was.


He wanted everyone to know that she was his property.


This is ridiculous. What does this have to do with anything?

I can stop this.

It's too much.

She's crying on cue and they feel it.

It's backfiring.

Are you okay, Ms. Brown?



(sniffles) It's just so hard.

Court will resume Monday at 9:00 a.m.

We stand in recess.

(indistinct chatter)

That was strong.

You know, Johnnie, it's Friday.

What that jury just heard?

It's gonna sit with 'em all weekend.

I certainly hope so, Chris.

I certainly hope so.

♪ Darling now ♪
♪ You made me change my mind ♪
♪ Can go no further ♪
♪ 'Cause you got me chained... ♪

(engine stops, keys clatter)

(music plays on television)

Reporter: In the O.J. trial, Nicole's sister, Denise Brown, on the stand today.

Emotional, stirring testimony.

Will it make a difference?

We'll get into that after the break, but first, let's get into a subject from the O.J. trial that's got front pages sizzling, Marcia Clark and the clothing that she wears.

Dolly Sugarman, style expert and author of Looks Aren't Everything, They're the Only Thing, here to tell us what she thinks about how Marcia Clark prosecutes style.

Oh, Jesus.

What gives?

Dolly: Well, what we see with Marcia Clark is frump incarnate.

Guilty as charged.

Reporter: Uh, it's a look, that's for sure.

Dolly: This is not a look, this is a cry for help.

And can we talk about that hair?

Travis: Mommy!

Hey, sweetie.

I knew you were home because I could smell smoking.

Travis, what are you doing up?

Mom! When I got home from school today, I ate the rest of my lunch, because it was still in my bag, 'cause I forgot all about it.

(laughs) Is that so?

Do you ever eat just some of your lunch, sometimes, and then the rest later?

You know what?

I do.

Me, too.

Do you want me to come give you a hug?

Travis, there is nothing I would like more in the world.

♪ Darling now... ♪

You give such a good hug.


♪ Don't break this little heart of mine... ♪

I'll be right in.

♪ There's no greater love... ♪

Smoking's gross, Mom.


That it is.

♪ You walk with your head in the sky ♪
♪ Darling, don't ever pass me by ♪
♪ I ain't going no further ♪
♪ 'Cause you got me chained and bound, oh, now ♪

(boys laughing)

♪ Taller than the tallest sky ♪
♪ Sweeter than a grape on a vine now ♪
♪ Can go no further ♪
♪ Because you got me chained and bound, now, now ♪
♪ So glad, I'm so glad, I'm so glad ♪
♪ I'm chained, I'm chained to your love. ♪


You're not gonna like this. It...

Really, Gordon?!

A petition for primary custody?

Come on, Marcia.

You keep calling me, asking me to pitch in.

This is only temporary, until your trial of the century is over.

Marcia, please, just let the lawyers handle this.

I am a lawyer.

Why should I be penalized for doing my job?

Why should the kids be?

I am more than a great mother to them.

You know that! You've said it!


When you're there.

Right now, they spend all their time with babysitters.

Now, how is that in their best interest?

You know why I have to work so hard?

Because I have a family to support.

At least they know one of us is there for them.


Carl, take a look at these two notecards of Shawn's.

Police disciplinary actions based on race.

Those points fit our narrative.

Anything else...

(door creaks open)

I'm so sorry I'm late.

I ran into Geffen, and... the whole Sue Mengers thing.

I-I... I'm sorry.

Johnnie, you were saying?

I just wanted to impress upon everyone... and-and I'm sure Bob would agree... that the most important thing is the story.

Now, Marcia's got the ball and she's telling a story, but instead of responding to her story, or refuting the story, we need to be telling a more credible one.

We need to gather the jury around a fire and tell a better story.

We need to make them believe.

Now, where's that folder?

Uh, the one with the Three Stooges at Rockingham that night, yes.

Do you remember this story?

I don't remember a thing about it.

Why is that?

And so what did you do next at Rockingham, after seeing the blood in the Bronco?

Uh, at that point, we went from the intention of notifying Mr. Simpson of the death of his ex-wife to a concern that his residence might be a crime scene.

We were concerned for the well-being of Mr. Simpson himself.

Thank you, Detective.

Good morning, Detective.

And a question.

Is it a normal procedure for three detectives to rush from an ongoing crime scene investigation to the home of the former spouse of the victim simply to notify that person that someone whom they used to be married to has been killed?

Well, every situation is different.

And there were children involved.

Johnnie: Hmm.

And at the Bundy scene, didn't Detective Fuhrman inform you that Mr. Simpson and the victim had a history of domestic violence?

Is that not right?


And so you all find out and proceed to Rockingham because Mr. Simpson became a suspect for you at that time.

Not simply... what?

An ex-husband to be notified.

Is that fair to say?

Vannatter: No.

That's not why we were there.

Is it normal for so many of them to go for a notification?

I have no idea.

I've never heard a point made of something like that.

It made the detecs sound shady.


Shawn: I don't know.

The jury thinks the cops cut corners to convict a guilty man, he's still guilty.

That's not gonna get them to acquit.

No, it's not, but that's not today.

Today we make them think these cops lie about little things, so that tomorrow we can show them they lie about big things.

Even if they're doing it for what they think is right.

That's where we pull. That's where the daylight's at.

Now... if, right now, they think he did it, that's fine by me.

We'll get to that later.


Sergeant Tommy.

(both laughing)

I haven't thought about him in years.

You remember how they used to set up him up at... at Papa Christo's?

(laughs) The ouzo!

The ouzo...


They'd fill a whole goddamn coffee mug with ouzo for him.

He'd be bombed by noon.


What is he doing?

No idea.

I never run into Tommy D since we moved out to Simi Valley.

Oh, yeah?

Simi. Is it... is that... is that nice?




Spend all day in this mess and then you get home and...

That is wonderful.


Bailiff: Court is now in session.

Detective, in regards to taking Mr. Simpson's shoes, you did not book them into evidence that night.

Is that... is that correct?

That night I couldn't have, no.

What did you do with them?

Where were they until you booked 'em into evidence the next day?

I put them in the trunk of my car.

(gallery murmurs quietly)

So you took them home with you?

I did.

Detective, where exactly do you live?


Simi Valley.

Johnnie: Really?

So you took this evidence home to Simi Valley?

Simi Valley.

The home of the officers involved in the Rodney King beating.

That is correct.

Johnnie: How long were Mr. Simpson's shoes in your home in Simi Valley?

Approximately six hours.

Six hours.

In Simi Valley.

(gallery whispering)

Detective Lange, remind me, how long have you been with the LAPD?

28 years, 18 as detective.

Shapiro: Hmm. Long time.

So something was said earlier that is confusing to me.

In your lengthy career, how many times have you taken evidence from a crime scene home with you overnight?

Difficult to say.

Okay, I'll rephrase it.

Have you ever taken home evidence overnight?

Other than the night in question.


Not that I can recall.

Shapiro: So let's be clear.

In all your years as a detective, this is the only instance that you took evidence from a crime scene, you put it in your car, you drove it home and didn't book it until the next day.


(quietly) sh1t.

Female executive: I say we think big.

Preempt our entire daytime programming.

Proctor and Gamble just doubled their buys at ABC after they announced they're going live with O.J.

How many shows did ABC preempt?


The entire daytime slate.

This is better daytime soap than anything we've got.

I'd sure as hell rather watch O.J. than some dumb doctor having an affair with a nurse.

Let's do it.

Clear the slate.

Chris: Simi Valley.

Look on the bright side.

At least Fuhrman doesn't live there.


Yeah, but, uh...


I don't know.


I think they're looking forward to Fuhrman.

Well, they shouldn't be.

Fuhrman is a far from perfect human being, but his procedure that night was pretty damn perfect.

He can describe the events in question three times in a row without missing a note.

He's gonna come off like Jack Webb.


Oh, Darden.


You need to be confident in the strength of what we have, okay?


What you need is some study break.


Oh, no, no, no.

(music plays louder)

Hmm-mm, turn it down.

♪ I'm taking care of business ♪
♪ Woman, can't you see ♪
♪ I gotta make it for you ♪


♪ I gotta make it for me ♪

Stop! Stop it.

(turns music down)

I cannot afford to be accused of having a good time right now.

Well, who's gonna begrudge you of having a good time?

Oh, who?


Um, everyone.

Ito. Gil.

Larry King.


My pain-in-the-ass ex-husband, who's looking for any excuse to take my kids away from me.

Well, at least he wants to help raise 'em, right?

That's better than some dads.

You know I've got a daughter?



She's 15. Really beautiful.

Lives up in Oakland.

I wish I...

I wasn't exactly around as much as I wished I'd been.

I had to move down here for my "big job."

Guess as I got older... started to have some regrets.


S-Saw things more clearly.

That's what happens.

Or is supposed to happen.

I'm trying to fix things.

And now that I'm on TV, I'm the cool dad.


("Who's That Lady" by The Isley Brothers begins playing)

Ooh. Ooh, now, see...

I like this one.


Then come here, woman.



♪ Who's that lady? ♪
♪ Who's that lady ♪
♪ Beautiful lady ♪
♪ Who's that lady? ♪
♪ Lovely lady ♪
♪ Who's that lady? ♪
♪ Real fine lady ♪
♪ Who's that lady? ♪
♪ Hear me callin' out to you ♪
♪ 'Cause it's all that I can do ♪
♪ Your eyes tell me to pursue ♪
♪ But you say, look, yeah, but don't touch, baby ♪

(both chuckle)

♪ Nah, nah, nah, don't touch ♪

Man: OK, We're taking a poll. Is Marcia Clark a bitch or a babe?

Come on, let me know. Call in and ring my bell.




I vote "Babe".

♪ Who's that lady? ♪
♪ Sexy lady... ♪


Good morning.


Well, you seem ready to rumble.

That I am. Prepped all night, only got two hours of sleep, but I can tell you every single moment of what's gonna happen in that court today.

I'm ready for anything.

Your Honor, the people will now call Detective Mark Fuhrman.

Your Honor, may counsel approach the bench? We have a situation.

An incredibly urgent matter.

Your Honor, we have a crisis regarding our witness Miss Rosa Lopez. Miss Lopez has left the state.

Counsel, what are you asking for?

We need to hear her testimony out of order.

Wait, what?

She's here now, but we can't compel her to stay.

No way. I'm in the middle of presenting the People's case.

That's the way this works. People make the case, defense responds. You don't get to override that because you've got witness problems.

We've all got witness problems.

Yes, Marcia, and I look forward to you parading out your witness problems. Your Honor, I don't know how we don't have grounds for a mistrial.

Your Honor, this is silly.

They're just trying to kill my momentum.

(sighs) All right.

I think we need a hearing to establish.

I'm going to dismiss the jury for the day so we can do that.

Thank you, Your Honor.

All right, it's 3:10 now.

I think we're going to be going late tonight.

Marcia: Your Honor.

I cannot go late tonight.

May I ask why not?

I have to take care of my kids.

Johnnie: Your Honor, are we really going to risk losing this witness because of a babysitting problem?

Ms. Clark, I've just dismissed the jury.

I'm sorry, Your Honor.

I do have the power to have my courtroom open late, if need be.

Of course, Your Honor.

We'll recess until tomorrow.

Mr. Cochran, make sure Ms. Lopez is here.

All right, we stand in recess.

(gavel bangs)

Gil: I'm saying it makes us appear unprepared.

How could we be prepared for Rosa Lopez?

We weren't expecting to cross-examine her for another five months. Who is she, again?

She's the housekeeper, the one for Simpson's neighbor.

She says she saw the Bronco outside Simpson's house at 10:15.

What does that do to your time line?

I will handle it.

Well, it looks like you're losing control in there.

Me? Ito is the one who's lost control.

He's a total media whore.

If you want to know which way he'll tilt, just watch the talk shows from the night before.

Look, that is something you can't control.

Stop watching so much TV.

If you listen to all that noise, you're just gonna start bringing it into the courtroom.

The trial's in here, it's not out there.

Now, that-that thing about not going late... is that true?

Yes. I have to get home, like, now.

I will put the boys down and I can work from there.

I can.

Okay, well, if you think you can cram all that prep into one night without the resources you have here, uh, Mar...

It's your call.

Listen, the-the stuff in the media about your appearance... I'm sorry.

It's... it's awful, it's inappropriate, it's sexist, it's horrifying.

Sukey and I are just... we're appalled when it comes on TV.

It doesn't make things easier.

I'm sure.

Having said that, I...

Maybe you could... I...

I can put you together with a couple of terrific media consultants, and...

Uh, yeah.

Get back to work!

Marcia: Hi, Sugar-Bear.

No, I'm sorry.

I can't come home yet.

What's wrong?

Well, why is he crying?

Well, sweetie, work it out.

Tell him he can watch his cartoons for 30 minutes and then it's your turn.

You know how to read a clock; he doesn't.



Have fun, and I will call you in a little while.

I love you, too.



I have a favor to ask of you.


Tonight. Now, actually.

Look, can you do it or not?

Thank you.

Very much.

Scott, Lucy, in the conference room!

Let's go over the Lopez prep.

Mr. Cochran, is Ms. Lopez present here today?

She is, Your Honor.

And do you anticipate that we can hear what she has to say in one day?

I would expect so, Your Honor, barring any acts of God or further child-care crisises from Ms. Clark.

(chuckles softly)

Your Honor.

I am offended by Mr. Cochran's remarks, as a woman and as a mother.

Mr. Cochran may not know what it's like to work a 70-hour work week and also take care of a family, but I do.

And many other people do, too.

To belittle my child-care issues in your courtroom is unconscionable and totally out of line.

Marcia: Ms. Lopez, just to confirm your occupation, you are the housekeeper of Mr. Simpson's neighbor, is that correct?


Mr. Cochran has moved the court to disrupt our schedule because you threatened to leave the country, since you're being hounded by the press.

I stay just for today for Mr. Johnnie.

Tomorrow, I fly.


So when did you make this flight reservation for El Salvador?

This morning.


Yesterday, Mr. Cochran stated that you had had one then.

I did.

And I didn't.

I make it today.

Marcia: Ms. Lopez, we called the airlines.

They don't show any reservation for you, at all.

Not for yesterday, not for today, not for tomorrow.

Because I'm going to reserve it.

As soon as I leave here.

Marcia: So then, (clears throat) Ms. Lopez, could you please explain to the court why you are filing for unemployment when you say you're leaving the country forever?

(quietly) You need to get this woman off the stand.

What the hell is going on?

Marcia: In your first statements, you saw the Bronco at 10:00 p.m.

But now you say it's 10:15.

So which is it? Did you see the Bronco at 10:00 or 10:15?

Does it matter?

Yes, it matters very much. It's why you're here.

Please answer the question.

Ms. Lopez, a shrug is not an answer.

So which is it? 10:00 or 10:15?

Whatever Mr. Johnnie says I said.

No. Not what Mr. Cochran says.

We need to be told what you saw.

No me recuerdo.

Ito: Ms. Lopez, in English please, unless you need a translator.

I say I don't remember.

Marcia: You don't remember?


Good enough for me.

No further questions.

(quietly) "Mr. Johnnie"?


(crowd cheering)

Yeah, Marcia! Go, Marcia!

(shutters clicking)

Marcia, that was a gut punch you gave in there today.

Any comment?

The stuff about my child care... Johnnie was way out of line.

I got a little hot. He can take it.

Johnnie, are you happy with Lopez's testimony?!


Absolutely. We're here for the truth.

Johnnie, would you have time to speak about your own history of domestic abuse?

Considering the issues presented in this case... particularly the impact of domestic violence... my editor thinks that you and your past are fair game.

Hey, I'm giving you a chance here.

Thank you.

We're printing it soon.


Call me.

Gordon (over TV): Hello. My name is Gordon Clark.

I'm the former husband of Marcia Clark.

This thing about needing to get home from court early yesterday was a fraud.

I was with the kids.

She worked late.

It's classic Marcia.

I'm telling you this because I am sick of her using our children as pawns.

Jesus, Gordon.

This is our private life.

(shutters clicking over TV)

(phone ringing)

Woman (over intercom): Mr. Cochran, she's on line one.


It's Johnnie.


Barbara: I'm here.

The L.A. Times reached out to me today about us, and I thought I'd discuss it with you because they may be calling.

They've called.

You talked to them?

I told them I'd call them back, after I got my recollections together.

Funny thing is, I was gonna call you anyway.

I sold the apartment building on South Vermont last month, and even though I got it in the divorce, it occurred to me that maybe you should get the profit.

Seeing how it was your pet project.

It's a lot of profit, Barbara.

It could make you quite... you know... quite comfortable.

(buzzer blaring)

Now, I know Lopez didn't go as planned, but we couldn't risk the...

Oh, the...

Did-Didn't go as planned?

Oh, the crazy cleaning lady wasn't as planned?

Well, I certainly hope that sh1t in there wasn't as planned, Johnnie.

O.J., it's a blip. It'll be out of the papers by Wednesday.

Good to hear, Lee, good to hear.

But I won't be out of this jail by next Wednesday, now, will I?

Will I?

Huh? What I just saw up there... that-that ridiculous woman up there... was completely avoidable.

O.J., these things happen.

Oh, don't give me that "sh1t happens" routine, Bob.

On the... on the football field, in life, in my businesses, when I see a absence of performance, I deal with it.

I deal with it harshly and directly. You know why?

'Cause I'm for real. Hear me?

I'm the Juice.

And when I see an absence, like, a lack of leadership, I lead.

Now, is that what I'm gonna have to do here? Huh?

Huh? Mr. Johnnie?

I want to know...

I need to know in advance what you guys are doing.

You hear me?

I want to know what happens next from now on so I can weigh in on it. Well, I'm sure that Johnnie's associates will arrange a briefing for you every day.

All right, okay, fine.

Y'all go. I'm done with you.

When I have pent-up anger, what I use is boxing...

When I want to hear from you I'll rattle my zipper.

Now get the hell out of here, Bob.

What do you really want, Marcia?

I'll do anything for you.

Something different.


I've never had to think about anything like this before, so...

I'm a little nervous.

The only thing you need to be is the best version of yourself.

And that's what we're here to discover.

Oh, I've got it.

I did it for Farrah, and I'm gonna do it for you.


World, prepare to meet the new, real Marcia Clark.

♪ ... Kiss from a rose on a gray ♪
♪ Ooh, the more I get of you ♪
♪ The stranger it feels ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ And now that your rose is in bloom ♪
♪ A light hits the gloom ♪
♪ Of the gray ♪

(indistinct conversations)

Good morning, my brother.

Yeah, about that.

Your readers must think these two are the only black men in the courtroom who are trying to do their job.

Oh come on now, Chris.

No, why the double standard?

You don't think a black prosecutor contributes to the black community?

How? By helping the racist LAPD enslave a strong black brother up from the ghetto?

Symbol of success, superstar athlete, entrepreneur...

Who spends his days playing golf with old white men and his nights sleeping with young white girls.

I mean, O.J.'s a symbol for getting the hell away from other black people as fast as he can.

(scoffs) Whatever. We all have our peccadillos.

You miss the point.

The police are trying to pull him down and put him in chains, like they do with any black man who rises up.

I'm sorry, Dennis, excuse me for interrupting this black thing, but come on... cops out to get O.J.?

O.J. hosted pool parties for them.

Thank you, sir.

Fellas, you all keep not getting it.

And you ignore this sh1t at your own peril.

Oh, Lord.


Good morning.

See you guys in there.

God damn... Who turned her into Rick James?

Thank you.

(indistinct conversations)

Ito: Good morning, Ms. Clark.

I think.


(clears throat)

(cash register dings)

♪ Ooh, who am I what and why? ♪
♪ 'Cause all I have left ♪

Cashier: Next.

♪ Is the memories of yesterday ♪

Uh-oh. I guess the defense is in for one hell of a week, huh?

♪ 'Cause nobody loves me ♪
♪ It's true ♪
♪ Not like you do ♪

(elevator bells dings)


Detective Fuhrman, how do you feel about testifying today?

Good. Maybe a little nervous.

Why is that?

Well, a great deal of attention seems to have been diverted from the evidence and the facts into more personal issues.

I couldn't agree more.

What did you see when you arrived at Bundy?

From the approach we could see the female victim, and there was a great deal of blood in the cracks of the tiled walkway.

Officer Riske used his flashlight to point out several items.

And what did he point out to you, sir?

Well, the male victim, for one, and an area where he said there was a knit cap and also a glove.

We entered the scene from the rear, as there was so much blood. Not disturbing the evidence was paramount.

It's a very careful process, isn't it... dealing with a scene like this?

Yes, it is, very.

It's methodical and deliberate.

And when you entered the rear of the Bundy residence, did these bloody shoe prints go all the way out to the alley? They did.

I then noticed a blood smudge around the doorknob on the interior of the gate, as well as a partial possible fingerprint around the knob area itself.

And what did you make of that?

What any detective would make of it.

Someone had fled the scene, bleeding.

Marcia: And while Detectives Vannatter and Lange were at the gate at the Simpson residence on Rockingham, attempting to reach someone inside, you noticed the white Bronco?

Is that right? Yes. It was parked strangely.

Jutting out.

Uh, as I got closer I noticed a small spot above the driver's side door handle.

Marcia: And what did this spot look like?

It had the visual properties of blood.

And did you look inside the vehicle?

I did.

I then noticed a package with a shipping label.

It said "O.J. Simpson".

I then showed Detectives Lange and Vannatter what I had observed and, in discussing the situation, we became concerned that it was possible Mr. Simpson himself might also be in danger.

Injured, or worse.

Well, that makes total sense.

What did you do in response to this reasonable concern?

I went over the wall and around to the gate and manually opened it.

Mr. Kaelin then mentioned that he had heard a crash or a thump on his rear wall. He thought it was an earthquake.

(speaks Spanish)

They should bring Kato back on the show. He was so great.

Carl: All right, all right. What do you-what do you call a lawyer gone bad?



That's good.

Shawn: All right, okay, that's...

Know what that is?


No. That, right there is Detective Mark Fuhrman's tombstone.

I've already planned his funeral.

He'll be dead and buried before he even knows what hit him.


What are you talking about?

I'm talking about nigger.

Excuse me?

I'm going to ask that racist son of a bitch Fuhrman point-blank in a courtroom under oath if he ever uses the word.

If he ever has used the word.

If he denies it, the jury will call bullshit, they won't trust him.

If he admits it, it's even worse.

Check and mate. He'll be chasing teenage shoplifters around the Beverly Center by Christmas.

That's actually not half bad.

Damn right.

That's the most powerful word in the English language.

And I'm going to impale him on it.

Well, uh, you just make sure you can walk, Lee.

(indistinct conversations)

Marcia: Detective, could you tell us what you see here?

These are photographs of the area I was inspecting behind Mr. Kaelin's residence.

And in them is what I then identified as a possible glove.

What did you do then?

I approached it and I looked at it.

Did you touch it?

I didn't touch it.

I looked at it.

Could you describe its appearance?

It appeared somewhat moist and sticky.

Parts of it sticking to other parts.

Marcia: Okay. And what significance did you attach to the glove when you saw it?

Well, it looked very similar to the glove at the Bundy scene.

And the sticky substance seemed blood-like.

So, Detective, as an MP in the Marine Corps, what were your responsibilities?

They were varied.

Lot of hacking D and D's, huh?

What does that mean, Mr. Bailey?

Oh. That means arresting drunk and disorderlies.

Sorry, Your Honor.

Slipped into some Marine-to-Marine talk there.

Detective, did you take a glove from the Bundy scene and then wipe it on the interior of the Bronco?


You did not?

No, I did not.

Couldn't you have fit this into a plastic bag, then put it in your sock?

And then place it at Mr. Simpson's home, so that you could find it?

Uh, no. That's nuts.

I object to this line, Your Honor.

This has no part in any search for the truth.

That's not the glove from this case.

It's a different size and a different make.

This seems to be some fantasy woven by the defense, for which there is no factual or logical basis. It's as dishonest as any number of Mr. Bailey's tactics have been.

Excuse me? Are you accusing me of lying in courtroom? How dare you?

You can't get away with lying, Mr. Bailey. Not in this case.

There are too many people watching.

Ms. Clark, may I please see those gloves that you have over there?

This is a Brooks Brothers size small.

They were out of extra-large, Your Honor.

Size small.

Must be Mr. Bailey's.

(scattered chuckling)

Let me, uh, state very clearly... and I should point out that if Ms. Clark thinks that hand and this glove would ever work together, then her eyesight is as bad as her memory.

Your Honor, the prosecution has opened this door rather deliberately... Mr. Bailey, I would advise caution.

Please continue.


I will ask a different question.

In describing people, Detective Fuhrman, do you use the word "nigger"?

No, sir. I do not use that word to describe people.

Have you ever used the word "nigger" in the past ten years?

Not that I recall. No.

You mean if you called someone a nigger, you have forgotten it?

I'm not sure I can answer the question the way that you phrased it, sir.

Let me put it simply.

Are you saying, under oath, that you have not addressed any black person as a nigger or spoken about black people as niggers in the past ten years, Detective Fuhrman? Yes. That's what I'm saying.

Oh, my God. This is insane.

Can he say the word "nigger" on TV?

So then anyone who comes to this court and quotes you as using that word in dealing with African-Americans would be a liar. Would they not, Detective Fuhrman?

Yes, they would. All of them, correct?

All of them.

Thank you. No further questions.

(Ito sighs, clears throat)

All right, at this time I would like to recess for lunch.

Court will resume at 1:30 p.m.

We now stand in recess.

Call up Brokaw.

I want a one-hour special tonight. Prime time.


Yeah. You wanted to see me?

Marcia? Y... Close the door please.

What's up?

Have you seen this?

Fuhrman says he never said the word.

They've got nothing on him. No, not-not that.

It's, uh... a picture of you on a beach... naked.


That's not possible.

Oh, my God.

This is a fake, right? I mean, we can hit 'em with a lawsuit so fast they'll...

No. It's real.

It's my ex-husband.

We were on vacation.

Gordon did this?

No, I... I had a husband before Gordon.

Oh. Okay.

All right, well, listen. We can, uh... we can...

I'm due downstairs.

This court... will recess until tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

All right, we stand in recess.

(gavel bangs)

(Marcia crying)

I'm not a public personality.

This isn't what I do.

I don't know how to do this.

And those other guys... they're... flashy hot shots.

They're used to it.

But I...

I just can't take it.

You'll do fine.

No, I won't.

Yeah, I know it.

♪ Can go no further ♪
♪ Because you got me chained and bound ♪

And if it helps any... you do look mighty good in that picture.


♪ Can go no further ♪
♪ Because you got me ♪
♪ Chained and bound ♪
♪ Oh, now ♪
♪ So glad, I'm so glad, I'm so glad ♪
♪ Oh, I don't have to worry no more ♪