02x03 - A Random Killing

WOMAN: And we're live in three, two...

Marilyn Miglin started her career as a dancer at the legendary Chez Paree nightclub in Chicago.

- Many years ago.
- [laughs]

But performing under those bright stage lights, she found that her makeup was always running.

And that's how your interest in cosmetics began.

I-I thought to myself: "There must be something better."

And since there wasn't, I created my own.

We are so lucky to have you here today...

- Oh, thank you.
- ...to talk about your best-selling line of fragrances: Pheromone.

- Indeed.
- Now, I read somewhere

- that you have sold...
- Oh, dear.

...so many bottles that they now call you the Queen of Perfume.

They-they do, but I started from nothing.

Just an idea, and a longing to explore what perfume is truly about.

What is that? Tell our viewers.

Perfume is about our bodies

talking to each other without words.

LEE [on recording]: You've reached the Miglins.

Lee? I don't know where you are.

I'm still at the airport, but I can't wait any longer.

I-I'm gonna catch a taxi.

[woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.]

[sports talk show host speaking indistinctly on radio]

His fielding percentage is always at the top,

- so we're expecting...
- [car door closes]

[crow cawing]



Something's wrong.

Wait outside. Call the police.


[door creaks]

[sirens approaching]

Did you check the garage?

I'll go.

It's right here.

Wait here.

Their Lexus is missing.

[Barbara screaming]


[whispering]: I knew it.

[indistinct chatter]

[Marilyn laughing]

Well, Lee and I have always been very interested in education.

And so the idea was that we would offer aspiring women at the beginning of their careers a mentor in their chosen field.

Have you two always been so involved in each other's lives?

Oh, my goodne... [laughs]

Lee helped me paint my first boutique.

East Oak Street.

[laughs] And I wouldn't be where I am today without Marilyn.

I-I can't imagine where I would be.

Certainly not at a table like this, that's for sure.

- Not true.
- I'm honored to call you my friends, and not too displeased to having you raise funds for me, either.

She's the one. She's the one.

Please, don't ever decide to run against me.

Now that you mention it...


MARILYN: So often we are told that the American Dream is dead.

Except, I say, look at my husband Lee.

One of seven children, the son of an Illinois coal miner.

He began his career selling premixed pancake batter

- out of the trunk of a beat-up old car.
- [laughter]

And today, Lee manages million square feet of commercial property across the Midwest.

He built the Chicago Bar Association building, the -story Madison Plaza, the global headquarters of Hyatt, and as if that wasn't enough, he helped me achieve my dreams.

He is my partner in every sense of the word.

And he is so much more than that.

He is an incredible father, a perfect husband, and I'm so proud to say, without a hint of cynicism, that my Lee is the American Dream.

Ladies and gentlemen, Lee Miglin.


[Lee speaks indistinctly]

MARILYN: And he's funny, too.


LEE [laughs]: Tha-Thank you, Marilyn.

Thank you, folks.
Thank you all for being here.

That went well, I think.

- Very well.
- Mm. And...

I really appreciated your introduction.

I wasn't expecting that.

Do you remember what color we painted the Oak Street store?

What color? [chuckles]

That was years ago.

We painted it pink.


[phone ringing]

This is Lee.

It's Andrew.

I'm gonna be in Chicago a couple of days.

C-Can you hold on a moment?

Go on.

MARILYN: Lee, are you home?

LEE: Yes.

What are your plans while I'm away?

Oh, well, I, uh... I need to finish your accounts.

I'll have them done by the time you're back.

And I'll... I'll catch up with Paul... and, uh, go to the, uh, go to the office.

I will... [sighs]

I'm gonna work, Marilyn.

[sighs] I'm going to work.

That's what I do.

Isn't that what I always do?

What is it?

If you're in one of your blue moods, why-why don't you come with me?

I like it when you're there.

You do?

Of course.

I'm very proud of you.

You know that, don't you?

I... I could never stand in front of those cameras.

Well, do you want to come with me or not?

No. I'm-I'm, I'm being silly.

Well, come on. We'll be late.


Oh, thank you.

♪ Look out the window ♪

♪ When that rain storms ♪

♪ I let the wind blow up ♪

♪ A brainstorm ♪

♪ And now I'm wondering ♪

♪ Whether weather like this ♪

♪ Gets you, too ♪

♪ It may go on like this for hours ♪

♪ Too late in fall for April showers ♪

♪ So what we got here ♪

♪ Got a thought or two ♪

♪ I need to share with you ♪

♪ Here goes ♪

[door creaks]


I try.

[quavering]: I try.

[car doors lock]

[knocking on door]


[knocking on door]

Come in. Come in.


I didn't expect you to be in town.

Neither did I.

What brings you to Chicago?



Next time, a little warning would be useful.

It's sheer luck I have the house to myself.

When does Marilyn get back?

Sunday morning.

We have some time.

Can you stay the night?

Can you shut the blinds?

I have wanted to share this with you a long time, and never had a chance.

♪ It's magic ♪

♪ Without a golden wand ♪

The Skyneedle.

When it's completed, it will be the tallest building in the world.

Right here in Chicago.


, feet.

Is it one of yours?

It's my... my pride, my passion.

Oh, you're building it just a few blocks away from Sears Tower.

And taller by feet.

And there's an observation deck?

Of course.

Wait, so...

So you can look down on the Sears Tower observation deck?

You're gonna put them out of business.

Why would you want to be down there when you could be up here?

[chuckles] I never thought of it like that.

Please, that's exactly how you thought of it.

I imagined riding up in the elevator with those-- get to the top with all those families and children all excited about the view, excited about being at the top of the tallest tower in the world.

They wouldn't know who I was.

I could just roam among them, eavesdropping.

But it's never going to happen?

No, it-it-it...

I promise you this will happen.

Have you broken ground?

Not yet.

♪ It's magic... ♪

And the financing?


The Miglin Tower.

I-I-I told you what it's called.

What's wrong with the Miglin Tower?

It's the Skyneedle.

I-I want it to inspire people to reach up.

It's about that, not about me.

Of course it's about you.

It's the...

It's the tallest building in the world.

It's the Lee Miglin Tower.

It... it's not about that.

Then what are you showing this to me for?

Do you think I really want to spend all evening

listening to how great you are?

A great man with a great tower.

The modest Lee Miglin Tower inspiring wide-eyed children for thousands of years to come.

Is that what you think I want to do?

We don't have to talk.

No, we don't.

I understand what you're doing.

You're trying to impress me.

Trying to pretend that this isn't merely about money.

That this isn't merely a business transaction.

That there's a genuine attraction between us.

You can pretend, too, Andrew.



You've never been kissed like that, have you?


[quietly]: No.

How did it feel?

Feels like I'm alive.

Escorts don't normally kiss, do they?

- No, you're not like...
- Most escorts, no.

I am not like most escorts.
I am not like most anybody.

I could almost be... a husband.

Or a partner.

I could almost be.

I really could, almost.


I know it's not real, Andrew.
I'm not a fool.


you make it seem so real.


[whispering]: Let's go out.

- Where are we going?
- To make a mess.

And I don't want you to worry about it.

Come on.

I'm in control now.




[muffled moans]

[Andrew panting]

Yeah. Down.

[Lee grunting]


So... dominant out there.

So submissive in here.

So powerful out there.

- So pathetic...
- [grunts]

...in here.

But you like being pathetic, don't you?

- Yeah.
- [grunts]




[muffled groans]

I've killed two people, Lee.

Two people that were very close to me.

I know it's hard to believe.

Intellectual Andrew.

Well-read, well-spoken Andrew.


But here I am.

This is me.

Now, I know that you're not wearing your hearing aid, so I'm going to speak very loudly and very clearly

- so you can understand.
- [muffled groaning]

I want you to know that when they find your body, you will be wearing ladies' panties... surrounded by gay p0rn.

I want the world to see... that the great Lee Miglin is a sissy.

Soon, the whole world will know that the great Lee Miglin, who built Chicago, built it with a limp wrist.

The cops will know.

The press will know. Your wife will know.

Your children will know.
The neighbors will know.

Tell me something, Lee, what terrifies you more, death or being disgraced?

[muffled crying]


You know, disgrace isn't that bad.

Once you settle into it.


[muffled groaning]

[Andrew grunts]

Concrete can build.

Concrete can kill.



[insects chirping]

[siren wailing]

[indistinct radio transmission]

JOURNALIST: Superintendent!

Superintendent, was there a robbery?

[journalists clamoring]

And did Lee Miglin know the intruder?

[camera shutter clicks]

RODRIGUEZ: Carry on.

The underwear?

Was he wearing them at the time of his death, or dressed afterwards?

I can't be sure.

Defensive wounds?


No cuts or bruises to his hands, but his ribs?

Every single rib is broken.

I don't want any details leaking.

Make that understood.

Yes, sir.

We confirm only: "An elderly gentleman has been killed."

- PAUL: Marilyn.
- Hmm?

I swear to you, this had nothing to do with his business.

His business?

We all know that.

I've been through the entire contents of the house.

It was a robbery, no question.

Aside from the Lexus, a great deal of money was stolen.

While I was away, Lee's secretary delivered $ , .

That's missing, along with two leather coats, two suits, some inconsequential pieces of jewelry--

uh, Lee had gold coins.

He gave them as gifts.

They are unusual, and should be easy to trace, should the culprit try to pawn them.

And, um, a dozen pairs of new Sulka black socks.

Aren't you going to write this down?

I'll have an officer take your statement.

Marilyn, this is Superintendent Rodriguez.

I know who he is.

I happen to be friends with a great many police officers.

Do you think I called earlier? No.

I called Commander Ettore DiVito, who was present at the Wallenberg Award celebration a few weeks ago, and asked to speak to him directly.

We're all here for you.

Lee was alone.

In the house.

He was vulnerable.

It was an opportunistic attack.

He wears a hearing aid, did you know?

- No, I didn't.
- Well, the burglar could have easily surprised him.

Poor Lee, he wouldn't have had a... chance.

He wouldn't have fought back.

Mrs. Miglin, maybe we can talk at another time.

Talk now. Why not?

There were certain items beside your husband's body.

What items?

Pornographic magazines.

Homosexual pornographic magazines.

I see.

Well, they must belong to the killer.

It would mean he brought the magazines in with him.

I'm not interested in his intentions.

Find him. Catch him.

But don't talk to me about what might or might not be going through his mind.

I understand.

The killer took a bath and shaved?

Yeah. He might've stayed the night.

He must've known Marilyn was coming home.

Where did you get those?

Mrs. Miglin.

It's very thoughtful of you, but there is really no need to buy my men food.

Oh, I didn't buy it.

It was donated.

By Gibsons Steakhouse on Rush Street.

They're friends of the family. They wanted to help.

I'm sorry, we haven't been introduced.

Oh, this is Duke, my son.

I'm Superintendent Rodriguez.

Sorry for your loss.

Duke's flown in from California.

He's a Hollywood actor.

Aspiring to be.

No-- no, well, you've had roles.

Good roles.

Tell him about the film you're in.

Air Force One.

It's going to be released this summer.

Yeah, starring Harrison Ford.

Coming out July .


He plays a pilot.

A-a Russian pilot.

There are lots of pilots in the movie.

He's at the beginning of a great career.

[dog barking in distance]

Squad, I want to run a license check for Minnesota,

- - ,

Lincoln, Union, George.

DISPATCHER: - . Minnesota, - - , Lincoln, Union, George.

[radio crackles]

We've got a hit.

Vehicle reported stolen, linked to the homicide of Jeff Trail.

What do you have?

Lee Miglin's car is fitted with a phone.

But the killer's not gonna be stupid enough to use it.

He couldn't, even if he wanted to.

It's locked with a numerical code.

Okay. So?

So the phone turns on when the ignition turns on.

Regardless of whether he's using it or not.

We got two pings.
One at : Saturday night, and again, at : , Sunday morning.

Now, the Saturday night signal was transmitted from a tower located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Sunday morning one from Union County, Pennsylvania.

He's heading to New York.

His phone's talking to us, and he doesn't even know it.

Who else has this?

- Just the FBI and us.
- I want this kept between as few people as possible.

No matter what he does next, wherever he goes...

We got him.

[door opens]

["St. Thomas" by Sonny Rollins playing]

[table screeching]

Does the name Andrew Cunanan mean anything to you?



Who is he?

He worked as an escort.

He's wanted in connection with the murder of two men.

The first in Minneapolis, the second in Chisago.

- In Minnesota.
- What does this have to do with Lee?

Cunanan stole a jeep from his second victim.

That jeep was found parked on Astor Street.

A block away from this house.

I've never seen this man before.

You understand this investigation is no longer contained within the Chicago police force?

The FBI is leading a nationwide manhunt.

All we care about, Superintendent, is that you find the man responsible for Lee's murder.

An Ameritech cell phone tracking tower reported a signal at : , and another one at : .

He's on the move.

Both the Philadelphia police and the FBI are closing in.

I hope they're ready.

MARILYN: I know what they're saying.

About me.

[door closes]

"Why hasn't she cried?"

"Where's the grief? The emotion?"

"She couldn't have loved him."

"How could a woman who cares so much about appearance appear not to care?"

Eh, people say all kinds of... nasty things.

- Even at a time like this.
- Especially at a time like this.

When you're weak.

When you're down.

How dare they say our marriage was a sham?

Lee and I... shared our whole lives.

We... shared all kinds of adventures.

We rode in hot air balloons.

When I was lost in the desert...

[voice breaking]: ...he rescued me.

How many couples can say they have that k-kind of romance?


[crying]: ...loved him.

[crying]: I loved him...very much.

[Marilyn sniffles]

There. Is that better?

Am I a real wife now?


[Marilyn sniffles]

[chuckles softly]

We had a fairy-tale life.

We didn't even fight.

He didn't raise a finger.

But I will.

It was a robbery.

And a random killing.

Local radio, KYW News, is running a story that Lee Miglin's car phone had been activated and we're tracking the signal.


MAN [on radio]: Find out if that trend will continue through the weekend. The forecast is coming up after the news.

An update on the Miglin murder.

We're hearing reports that Lee Miglin's car phone was activated on Thursday, which means authorities can now track the movements of the stolen car.

Nothing further has been confirmed.

Of course, we'll keep you up to date with the very latest.

After the break, we'll have a detailed account on your weather through the weekend, as well as further updates on traffic.

[tires screech]

[car horn blares]


[engine starts]

[tires screeching]

[tires screeching]

WOMAN: All right, you all set, hon?

[people chattering quietly]

[engine starts]

[man coughs]

[zips bag]

[vehicle approaching]

[engine idling]

- [car door closes]
- [engine starts]

[engine stops]


[music playing over radio]

♪ I told you I was leaving my job... ♪

[footsteps approaching]

[door opens]

- [door closes]
- Stay calm.

No one's gonna get hurt.

I'm here to steal your truck.

Where are the keys?

Wait. Uh, leave them there. Leave them.

Get away from the desk.

Is... is there a downstairs?


Can I lock you in there?

Door's got a lock. Yes, sir.

Get on your knees.

Sir... if you're thinking of killing me, please hear this.

I'm a married man.

We have a son-- Troy.

And, sir, I'd very much like to see them again.

And I'd be grateful if you'd let me...

[engine starts]

[tires screeching]

WOMAN: We're live in five, four...

PRESENTER: Marilyn, from your family here at the Home Shopping Channel, may I extend our deepest condolences?

Thank you.

For those of you who don't know, Marilyn's husband was brutally murdered in a tragic act of random violence.

They killed my husband for a car.

Terrible. It's so terrible.

You have a few words that you'd like to say.

I... had to think long and hard before coming back to the show.

In the end, I believe it's what my husband would have wanted, you see.

His name is on these bottles, too.


He was my legal counsel, my accountant, my best friend.


[voice breaking]: He believed in me.

How many husbands believe in their wives' dreams?

How many... treat us as partners?

As equals?


We were a team... for years.

And I... miss him very much.

Are you able to go on?

When I first started selling my perfume on television...


my friend Dorsey Connors, who hosted her own television show, gave me a piece of advice.

And she said, "Just think of the little red light as the man you love."