02x04 - House by the Lake

The name "Minneapolis" was formed by combining

The Dakota Sioux word "mni" for "water" with the Greek word "polis" for "city."

And so it's no surprise that water features prominently in the identity of this remarkable city, situated on the banks of the Mississippi River with no less than lakes.

[liquid pours, fridge door shuts]

DAVID: I know I'm not the most senior or experienced, but... no one has worked harder on this project.

[stammers] I'd like to be the one who presents.

I-I promise I won't let you down.

A-And thank you for this opportunity.

Thank you so much.


They said yes.

- [dog whimpers]
- They said yes!

Yes, they did.

- They said yes.
- [barking]

- Hey.
- I'm so happy for you.


You know, about this weekend, we both said some things we regret.

Can we put it behind us?

Just be friends?

I don't regret anything I said.

Can we move on?


- [dog whining]
- I'm gonna grab a shower.

[knob squeaks, water stops]


[leash jangling]

- [panting]
- You're taking Prints for a walk?




What you doing, Prints?


What you doing?

You're not taking Prints for a walk?

- [door buzzing]
- Who's that?


You guys are going out?

He's coming up.

I'm working.

It won't take long.

[door buzzing]

Could you get the door?

I don't have time for this.

It'll give the two of you a chance to talk about me.

What did you just say?

When you bring him up, it'll give you a chance... to talk about me.

[keys jangling]


[elevator bell dings]

- Hey.
- Hey.

How's he?

He asked me to marry him.

Are you serious?


Said I was the man of his dreams.

- [scoffs]
- His last chance of happiness.

- How'd you get out of it?
- [elevator bell dings]

Told him it was illegal for us to get married.


[doors slide shut]

He thinks you're the reason I said no.

Thinks I'm in love with you.

Oh, my God. Did you tell him he's the reason you said no?

He has no one.

He should ask himself why.

He knows about us.


No one knows.


He has this feline intuition.

[elevator bell dings, doors slide open]

You can't feel sorry for him.

Why not? You do.

Not anymore.

I never want to see him again.

Well, then why'd you even come over?

He took something from my apartment.


What'd he take?

[sighs] My gun.

- [door opens]
- [Prints whimpering]

DAVID: Prints, buddy.

- [growling]
- Hey. What's going on here?

Andrew! Andrew!

- [grunting]
- [pounding]



[Prints whimpering]


[pounding continues]

- [barking]
- [grunting]


- [barking]
- [Andrew panting]

[whimpering, barking]


[soft splashing]

DAVID: No. No.

No. No.


[shushing softly]

No, no, it's-it's okay.

It's okay.

- I promise, it's okay.
- [whimpers, panting]

It's all gonna be okay.

It's all gonna be okay, I promise.

It's okay.

[Prints whimpering]


Arms up.



[knob squeaks]

Are you g... are you gonna kill me?


But you...

you killed Jeff.

You ki... you killed him.

You killed Jeff.


I lost control.

I love you.

- No.
- Look, it's okay.

- No.
- Okay, I understand.

- Call the police.
- Yes.

- I understand. I understand.
- Call them.

- Do it now. Do it now.
- Yes, yes, yes. Okay.

[feet squeak on tile]

Come on.



Did you call?

I'll call them if you want me to.

You haven't called.

I've been worrying.

Give me the phone.

About you.

Give me the phone.

What will happen to you?

I'll tell them you had nothing to do with it.


But what are they gonna believe?

Give me the phone.

This is your apartment.

You brought Jeff up.
Y-You opened the door.

You let him in...

Just give me the phone.


[line ringing]

I'll get years.

But you'll get ten.


And I-I just... I can't, uh...

I can't allow that to happen, David.

- This wasn't your fault.
- . What is your emergency?

And I can't just allow... you to go to jail.

I-I can't allow this to... destroy your life.

. What is your emergency?

I can't allow that.

I can't.


[drawer shuts]


When the police open the door, they'll see two suspects, not two victims.

- I had nothing to do with this.
- They won't believe you.

You'll tell them.

They won't listen to me.

I'm not a killer.

They hate us, David.
They've always hated us.

You're a fag.


I-I need to-to call my dad.

Need to ask him what to do.

I-I need to talk to my dad.

If you talk to your dad, he'll have to turn you in.

Or he'll be committing a crime.

He would never turn you in-- you know that.

You can't put him in that position.

Andrew, I'm gonna leave, okay?

I'm gonna leave.

You can. You can.

Once you've thought this through.

I want to leave.

Once you've thought it through.



Were you going to leave me?


You were going to leave me.

Prints needs a walk.

He'll sh1t everywhere.

He'll-he'll start barking.

People will knock on the door.

You were just going to walk the dog?


[Prints whining]


[softly]: Come.

Come. Good boy.

[Prints whines]

Turn away.



[takes deep breath]

[Prints whines]

[whispers]: David.

[Prints whines]

[Prints whines]

[Andrew panting]


I'll come with you.

Uh, y-you don't have to.

You don't want me to come?

If-if you're tired, you should s-stay.

Do you want to walk him without me?

- No. No.
- Yes.

No, I... yes, I-I think...

- I think you want to walk him without me. -I-I...

I thought you were tired.

Do I seem tired?

Let's walk the dog.

[elevator bell dings]


[Prints grunts anxiously, whines]

Morning, David.

- Hi, Karen.
- Morning.

[Prints whines]

Oh, someone's not having fun on the elevator today.


Guess not.

[Prints whines]

[elevator bell dings]

Have a nice day, Karen.

You, too.

Are you gonna hurt anyone else?


I need you to promise me.

I promise you...no one else will get hurt, as long as you're by my side.

Well, I was thinking, maybe I could pretend that I wasn't home last night.

I went out, and...

I'm returning for the first time.

I didn't see anything.

And when... when the police arrive, I'll tell them, uh... I don't know what happened.

You'd be long gone.

On my own?

[child laughing]

Let's go back.


LINDA: David?

[Prints barking]

He would never miss work and not call.

- It would just never happen.
- [Prints barking]

[whispers]: You want to be in here when they open that door?

[Prints barking]

When they scream?

- David!
- [barking continues]

[Prints whining]

I'll fetch the keys.

[Prints barking]

[elevator bell dings]

[Prints barking]



Oh, my God.

You ready?

[takes deep breath]

Let's go.

[tires squeal]


MAN [over speaker]: Hello? Who's there?

Detectives Tichich and Jackson.

Okay, I'll be right down to let you in.

TICHICH: What do you make of that buzzer not opening that door?

No. Yeah, it's annoying.

[elevator bell dings]

I'm Detective Tichich.

This is Detective Jackson.

I'm Jennifer. I manage the building.

I'm Linda. I work with David at John Ryan Architects.

I opened the door, because we could hear

- the dog was distressed.
- David hadn't shown up for work, which is so unlike him.

Where's the dog now?

He's with me.

I saw David's body.

- This is David's apartment?
- Yes.

- What can you tell us about him?
- He's a nice man.

He's . He's a very successful architect.

He's a great guy.

- Does he have a girlfriend? A wife?
- No, he's gay.

Can you two stay here?

We're gonna need a statement.

[gloves snapping]

[exhales sharply]

Wasn't a robbery.

Any sign of forced entry?

No, sir.

Wet and Wild. Silky Pleasures.

Power Bottoms.

The hell is this?

It's a gay thing.

- So, what are we talking about?
- Guy turns up.

Maybe they know each other, probably they don't.

They do what they do.

All this... extreme stuff.

It goes wrong.

David ends up in a rug.

The other guy runs.

Doesn't steal a thing.

Golden Saber.

Jacketed hollow-point flat base.

. -caliber.

Where's the gun?

OFFICER: Coroner's here.

- TICHICH: Hey, Eric.
- ERIC: How are you?

Got a weird one for you.

So I see.

- Did they buzz you in?
- Sorry?

The buzzer. Did you use it?

Mm, no. Someone was leaving as I was arriving.

TICHICH: Craziest thing-- this guy has a buzzer that doesn't buzz you in.

You have to walk down to the front door.

- Is that so?
- Jackson doesn't think it's strange.

Eh, it's definitely strange.

One of the women want a word.

David had a friend staying with him this weekend.

A man named Andrew.

- Do you remember his last name?
- "Kononun" or something.

- Can you describe him?
- Um, he was taller than David.

He had black hair.

He just said a lot that didn't sound right to me.

Such as?

That he was a Jewish millionaire New Yorker, that his dad drove around in a Rolls-Royce, that he was building sets for the Titanic movie down in Mexico.

- Black hair, you say?
- Yes.

What color is David's hair?

- Blond.
- Blond?


ERIC: I don't want to unroll the rug here-- might lose valuable evidence.

Much better to, uh, carry it whole back to the lab, unroll it there.


Gentlemen, what color would you say his hair is?

[Jackson sniffs, exhales]

It's black.

TICHICH: David's hair is blond.
This isn't David.

It's a man named Andrew "Kunanun."

So, what do you want to do?

Means David is alive.

Means we're in his apartment without a search warrant, and we entered the premises illegally.

We've got no choice-- we pull out.

- I'm not sure we need to leave.
- We come back with a search warrant.

We do this by the book.

- We have a crime scene.
- I don't want my case falling apart in court.

Let's go.

What's going on?

Your friend David Madson isn't the victim.

He's the killer.

Come and get it.

Here we go, son.

Might be hot.

Don't burn your lip. There we go.

[bird fluttering]

That's it. Come on.

Hey, David, come on. Go.

Got him good.


David. David!


We talked about this, remember?

I explained. Okay?

Come on.


Are you mad at me?

No. Course not.

Hunting isn't for everyone, that's all.

And that's okay.

I enjoyed my coffee with you very much.

We can still go on hikes by the lake.

I don't want you to be sad.

I never want you to be sad.

[radio stations changing]

["Pump Up the Jam" by Technotronic playing]

[singing along]: ♪ Pump up the jam ♪

♪ Pump it up, pump it up, buh-buh ♪

♪ Pump up the jam, pump it up... ♪

♪ Pump it up, yo, pump it ♪

- [mouthing]
- ♪ Pump up the jam, pump it up ♪

- ♪ Pump it up, yo, pump it ♪
- ANDREW: ♪ Pump it up ♪

- ♪ I don't want ♪
- ANDREW: ♪ Pump up the jam ♪

♪ A place to stay ♪

♪ Get your booty on the floor tonight ♪

♪ Make my day ♪

♪ I don't want ♪

♪ A place to stay ♪

♪ Get your booty on the floor tonight ♪

♪ Make my day, make my day ♪

♪ Make my, make my, make-make my day. ♪

I know a guy. In Chicago.

Very wealthy.

Lee Miglin. He's a property developer.

Maybe you've heard of him.

We've worked on a couple projects together.

He's a close friend.

He owes me.

He'll get us more than enough money to make it to Mexico.

You're worried about the border.
Well, I...

I've been moving product across it for years.

It's not a problem. I know people.

It'll be a long drive, but as long as we stay under the speed limit, change the plates... we'll be okay.

You should really start thinking about your new life.

What you want to do with it.

My life?

I know you probably want to part ways once we get there.

I respect that.

But we make such a great team.

And the truth is we have no one else.

[indistinct police radio chatter]

[officers talking quietly]

[camera clicks]

[elevator bell dings]

WOMAN: Well, David's dog, Prints, was on the leash.

Normally he'd let the dog run freely, which was odd.

Other than that...

What was David's attitude towards this other man?

Did he seem angry? Aggressive?

Neither of them seemed angry.

They were, well, walking the dog.

[phone ringing]


BURTON [over phone]: Tichich. Burton.

The victim is not David, and it's not Andrew.

It's someone named Jeffrey Trail.

[toilet flushing]

She recognized me.

- Who?
- That woman.

It's impossible.

I'm telling you.

She can't have recognized you.

The way she looked at me.

There's been no news coverage.

Why would she look at me like that?

- [engine starts]
- Like what?

Like she hated me.

- Let's go after her.
- What?

Let's run her off the road and ask her.

Why did she look at you like that?

- Andrew.
- Why did you look at my friend that way?

He's done nothing wrong.

- Stop.
- He's the nicest, kindest person I've ever met. What's your problem?

Stop! Okay?

You promised no one else gets hurt.

You promised.

Whatever you say, David.

Mr. Madson?

ANDREW: I'm so glad you decided to come with me.

I'm... playing over...everything the police are gonna find out about me.

And I realize...

I've been doing this my whole life.

Playing over and over the moment that people found out about me.

TICHICH: No parent wants to hear that their child is involved in a crime.

David didn't do this.

People saw your son with this other man.

Andrew "Cunaynan."

They were calmly walking the dog while back at his apartment was Jeffrey Trail, skull smashed by blows from a steel claw hammer.

That hammer belongs to your son.

Barron is a small town.

Everyone will talk.

"Did you hear? That boy is a suspect.

"There was always something about him, that... boy."

How are they gonna live there now?

My parents.

With all that talk, who's gonna buy from my dad's shop?

I don't know this man, Andrew.

His friends in San Diego describe him as reliable, intelligent.

"Generous" is a word they use.

I know my son.

We know him.

I'm telling you-- we're telling you-- he didn't do this.

I can say with certainty there's a great deal you don't know about your son.

DAVID: Was I really afraid... when I got in this car with you, that you were gonna kill me?

I told you I could never hurt you.

Know that.

Or was I afraid of the disgrace?

The shame of it all.

Is that what I'm running from?

- [guitar finishes song]
- [applause]

WOMAN: Thank you.

[gentle acoustic guitar music playing]

You should really eat something.

It'll make you feel better.

Where are you going?

Just to the bathroom.

♪ Who's gonna tell you when ♪

♪ It's too late? ♪

♪ Who's gonna tell you things ♪

♪ Aren't so great? ♪

♪ You can't go on thinking ♪

♪ Nothing's wrong ♪

♪ But bye ♪

♪ Who's gonna drive you home? ♪

- [traffic passing]
- [car horn honks in distance]

♪ Who's gonna pick you up ♪

♪ When you fall? ♪

♪ Who's gonna hang it up ♪

♪ When you call? ♪

♪ You can't go on ♪

♪ Thinking nothing's wrong ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Who's gonna drive you home ♪

♪ Tonight? ♪

♪ Who's gonna hold you down ♪

♪ When you shake? ♪

♪ Who's gonna come around ♪

♪ When you break? ♪

♪ You can't go on thinking ♪

♪ Nothing's wrong ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Who's gonna drive you home ♪

♪ Tonight? ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ You know you can't go on ♪

♪ Thinking ♪

♪ Nothing's wrong ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Who's gonna drive you home ♪

♪ Tonight? ♪

"University of Minnesota Duluth,

"President's Award, for the architecture student with the most outstanding thesis."

- Top of the class.
- Wow.

Really is something.

But you did the work. You always have.

You put in the hours.

You deserve this.

Dad, I'm gay.

You mind if I take a moment?

I don't want to say the wrong thing.

I won't lie... and say that it doesn't make a difference.

You know what I believe.

And maybe this isn't what you wanted to hear.

Maybe you wanted to be told

I don't have a problem with it.

I can't say that.

But what I can say is I love you more than I love my own life.

Don't cry.

There's no need for that.

I do have a question.

You waited until you won this award... to tell me?

Good news, bad news.

[door squeaks]

[birds chirping]

[whimpering softly]


You're not wearing any shoes.

[Andrew sighs]

[indistinct chatter]

Remember where we met?

- Market Street.
- San Francisco.

It was a year and a half ago.

You were wearing expensive tailored clothes and drinking vintage wine.

You were alone at the bar.

You were surrounded by your high society friends.

I sent you a drink.

I thought to myself, "Who does that?

In real life, who sends a stranger a drink?"

Well, you looked lonely.

I was lonely.

Well, that's why I invited you to join our table.

You had everyone laughing.

Your friends, the waiters.

I thought, "I want to be like him--

rich, sophisticated, erudite."

That's the kind of word you'd use, isn't it?

I mean, you were throwing money around like it didn't matter.

I was hoping you'd invite me back to your room.

But I figured, what's this man gonna see in me?

Small-town boy.

I couldn't wait to invite you.

My God, the Mandarin Oriental.

$ , a night.

That hotel...

Well, we had a bay suite.

You told me you'd changed rooms three times

- because you didn't like the view.
- [laughing]

You wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge.


[sighs] Best night of my life.

Oh, I never told you this, but I took my pair of white slippers home.

I felt so cheap.

They were only supposed to be worn once, and anyone who belonged in a room like that would never take them.

I remember thinking,

"How hard do I have to work to live like him, like Andrew?

'Cause I'll do it."

Except it was all a lie.

You've never worked for anything.

It was an act.

What's wrong with you?

Is that why you killed Jeff?

You loved him.

It was so obvious.

But he figured you out in the end, didn't he?

Took him a few years, but he finally saw the real you.

And you killed him for it.

You think that night in San Francisco was great?

You just wait till we get to Mexico.

I can make way more money there than I ever could here.

And there's a Mandarin Oriental down there.

We can stay there for more than a night-- for a week, for-for a month, however long we want, with the best room.

Patio terrace, ocean view.

We can tell the cute little Mexican waiters that we're movie stars from L.A.

You can't do it, can you?

I can't what?


Why did you ask me to open the door?

[chuckles]: What?

Why did you send me down to bring Jeff up?

I don't want to talk about it.

You knew you were gonna kill him. You knew.

And you wanted me to be there.

You wanted me to see.

You wanted me to be a part of it.

You planned it, didn't you?

You didn't lose control. You planned it.

I don't want to talk about it.

All weekend, while we were eating and drinking and dancing, is that what you were thinking about?

- I don't want to talk about it, David.
- What?

Are we outlaws?

On the run, together, you and me.

- Is that it?
-I don't want to talk about this, David!

I'm nothing like you!

I don't want to talk about it.

Stop the car!

- [engine revving]
- [tires screeching]

Stop the car!

[gun cocks]

Hey... Why are you always talking about the past?!

- We had a plan! We had a future!
- Hey. Andrew...

We had... a future, David.

[brakes squeal softly]

ANDREW: We had a plan. There was a plan.

We had a plan, David.

DAVID: We still have a plan.



Andrew, we-we still have a plan.

No. No, we don't.
You don't get it. We don't.

We do. Yes, yes.

Tell me! Convince me!

Uh, first, we'll-we'll go and visit your friend in-in Chicago.

Uh, Lee. Um, Miglin.

L-Lee Miglin,the-the property developer.

And he'll give us some money.

And then we'll... we'll drive.

Across the country.
It'll be an adventure.

We'll find work... and a place to live.

You don't believe that.

- Yes, I do.
- No, you don't.

I can see it clearly.

The place where we'll live.

It's... next to the sea.

And-and we'll learn Spanish.

You're so smart, you'll be speaking it fluently in no time.

I'll be struggling, but you'll help me learn.

You've always helped me.

We'll be happy?

Y-Yes, we'll-we'll be happy.

It could've been true.


Listen to me.

It's over.

We need to go to the police.

This has to stop.

Why couldn't you run away with me?

If it had been Jeff,you would've run away with him, but not me.

You'd rather go to prison.

It's not real.

It could have been.


It couldn't.



[liquid pouring]

[liquid pouring]




[gasping weakly]


[birds chirping]

[crickets chirping]

[cricket chirping]

[engine starts]